The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1948 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1948
Page 7
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V> ptileamiTtiiHttpj^ Gilmore City Contest , ,i .GUfflore • City's high school MjWfes.flingi team fell before the L|Algona; mat squad, last Friday ,;*eyeniflg,.'by a score of 26 to 16. v ;It Was a reversal of an earlier , ^season's match, in which Gil• i*more'.Gity won, 22 to 18. I I ^Goadh Leon Martin was well Jlpleased - with the sowing of his 4team, and is looking forward to Jjtthe Iowa Falls match, there, this ^coming Friday "evening. f' Summary of results: .•if- 95.. lbS.- ta ~ w Rcilly (R) decision erf },Whittlesey, 4-0. = <H 105—Richardson (A) threw |, *Dunn, 1:32. 112 Ibs.—Black (A) won by forfeit. ' * 118 Ibs,—Fisher (A) and Brad•ley, draw. 12 3 Ibs—Wcbster (A)- .threw McCormick, 5:02. , i 129 abs.-Griffen (G-C) dccis^ toned Lashbrook, 2-0. M .135 lbs.-Egli (GC>,-,tlrew mngs, 5:23. . 0 ' j 45 , l bs -—Bradley (G£) dec^ 3 loried Cook, 3-0. -Vg T| ioried Dodd, 5-3. , • , GC1 " 165 Ibs.—Rieken ' (A) decision- ed Bowden, 3-1. n ? vy '^; Ennen (GCh,decisioned, Bahr, 3-0. 't County Boys' Cage Tourney Is Next Week ~t ?u ^ for the count .v boy? bas- •Ketball tournament have been iSet. The north half tourney will ' '2£ en ^ Swea Citv ' j£ »n- 28 and '29, and the south half meet will -be at LuVerne, Jan. 28 and 29. ' 'Friday and Saturday,.-Jan. 30 ;and 31, the semi-finals and finals -of winners from the two .preliminary tourneys will play in the rAleona high gym. Pairings for the south '-half •tourney at LuVerne follow: , LuVerne vs. Burt; Wesley^ Bye; Titonka, bye; Whittemore vs. Algona sophomores. The • Algona first, squad will not be able to compete, due to a conference •.tournament on the same dates In the north bracket, Swea ' City meets Seneca. Grant battle, Lone Rock and Fenton meets Lakota in the first round. Led•yard drew a,bye. Bancroft Orders • tf*"i . Whittemore high wa^the sev-i enth victim in 1 Istarts as of last 1 _ . ,„„„... ..„ ^ + MKHI I,*! no <_»j. ictBL •Wednesday, for * St. Cecelia's ' Academy basketball '-te'am. B The,, Academy -wontffB? Ib 37, Baseball Lights , -,,4 n . ,order for completi iW|lightirig s for the Bancroft ut ball field was signed recently - U y k the Bancroft park board. ' The new (system w;ll be equal to or supeHor to any night baseball •lighting system in the state. ' ' ' This is one of the projects in , connection with the new Community Memorial Park at' Bancroft. There will be 120 completely enclosed- units mounted on poles 80 feet high. It is estimated that about $15,000 will be required to complete the baseball field, including grandstand and lighting system. ; A committee to handle team affairs for the coming year has also been named and consists' of Lawrence -Becker, > Wm. Welp Richard Menke, ( Joe Donahue' Joe: Murray, V. J. Lattimer and Donald Murray. — > . -__„„_...^ . TT u*i^ij»/ | i,\J U I i but not; until .the jrnltfdle 6! the; third quarter did th^localS be-> gin to roll,- and. they :gfthei|'d 38' points in the last half.? Sc&re at' halftime was 19 all. y" Y A The game was JullftJf, fduls, a total of 52 being calle^* perhaps a new. local record, a'ild at 1 "least a new record for this/season. ' • Summary: St..Cecelia's, (57) ' fg ft Winkel _'_£ 3 Bieser ~. 6'~~~$ Thuente "".3 c White _•' V.6 2 Winter ~.Jj?'Z 2 Erpelding, Mar. i^O 0 Wilhelmi i.___jrO • 1 Erpelding, Mau. J'O' 0 Elbert ____ IIII1.0 0 Harig _. _ o 0 Pf 3' •4 4 5 4 1 3 0 ,0 0 1 2^ * 11 94 ;i Whittemore ,, .jfg'ft p f E. Maahs _. " 1 " 0 5 .Kramer. ____,. 10' 4 5 Wehrspan __• 2 3 5 C. Schmeling '_._ 0 0 3 W. Maahs __. __i 035 Rochleau o 0^0 iVoight , __„ i___-o ' 0 1 txri^UA*'— -4rtV»i J f\ n ISflL r---i— o^>,o> a i._'i o' ? 'o- 'Cr imelirig •„..:__. 012 '\; '!>•,)' \M " i — — — T .. , >• - ' • '13 11 28 _ ,In, the ,-preliminary .game, the junior, team 'of' St.' CSceliaT'de- feated'-Presentation juniors from Whittemore, 25 to 16.' • ' Meet, Jan. 21 .Pairings for Hhe rioi'th half Kossuth bounty girls',basketball tourney were : announced , last Week by Supt. Cook' of Lakota. The meet starts We"dnrtfesday ftight, Jan. 21. "' ' ' , Grant meets Lone Rock in the only game the first flight. : Thursday night, Ledyard will play ,the Grant-Lone Rock win^ ner, and Seneca meets Lakota h the second contest, Friday ftighk.the ^winners anc losers meety-and .tKe. winner o that-top game-goes to Ekirt, Sail urday, to play >the winner of th^ south half'itourney. New Cooperative Breeding Ass 7 n A co-operative breeding association for Kpssuth county, -organized recently with 85 county members, will formally begin operations next v .Mpnday, Jaii;'26. Chief purpose;' Of -:,the organiza tion is to enable members to' use artificial insemination methods int-dairy herd'breeding,; which will enable :-au.'tjiembers. to • .improve their herds from proven sires, and also'to eliminate -the dangers otherwise necessary:,; in farm .breeding.'„' V- Headquarters;'6fr-the Kossuth Breeders Co-Op.^aS'- the organization will be officially ' called, will! be' at the -. Burt creamery, where Don Krugerj* technician, will be in charge. -<$He comes: to Kossuth from Sheldon. The-'Kossuth Co-Op.- will,begone of five county groups affiliated with the Northwest Iowa -• Federatioriv- il of Breeders' Cooperatives, rShelg don, Floyd Bode,, director,'/sa'id. Other officers ..are " George : Hanna, Lone Rock; -Frank Droessler, 'Bancroft; Leander Menke, Swea- City; and S. F. Blome, Ledyard. /The following 'breeds will be serviced: Holsteins, Guernseys. Brown Swiss and 'Shorthorns. Herds of present members total 825- cows.-' Insemination charge wilT be $7, good s for three times'. The membership fee for joining is $5. _ Officers of the new organiza- •tion said they would welcome inquiries from other interested farmers. * ~ M *-°—~-—— ~~ t ^ ~ =.*.*—~..~~in i i Fii m i iiiyiMm an'iiMl in iVi i fllrnrriTi nrin /Wee/ Your NEW NEIGHBORS Girl To Wed Whittemore , Youth In April v Whiiiemotfe-— Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Thul, Algona, announced the engagement of their daughter Ejleen, to Eugetie W. Mueller, son 1 Of Mrs. 1 Clara Mueller/ Of Whitte-' more. The bride'is'a graduate from St.- Cecelia academy,' Algona, and Mr. Mueller -graduated trom Presentation academy. The Wedding will 'take place- early in! April. " " '• , ' rs, William; Rooney,' fjjent ••&•: few?, days last i Week in' Whittemore, /after -coming frOm Cedar Rapids. , Mr/'fRoohey has •just completed his 'state barber examination in -Des' .Monies,- and will enter ! the barber -trade in' Armstrong. • They Amoved to their new home in the northeast part of .Armstrong Sunday afternoon,' MaUrirte Borman who has been employed in Spencer since December spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Borman. Burt Girls In Cage Victory Over Lakota Academy Upsets Ft. Dodge Quint But loses; S :' The 1 girls' conference leader from Lakota for the .past few years ran into, trouble .,at *Burt and lost the highly prized traveling trophy of' the conference to a-Burt girls' team last Friday night at Burt. The game, •, played before' a near capacity crowd, was never, in doubt as the Burt'girls jumped intorthe lead " "t: the start and were -never hreatened, feBurt piled up a lead of 18 to 4 the-half.way .mark and. quick! s ,after the half increased' the tj> 20 to 4 before. .Lakota ;ed to-hit but Burt *ept ,pace jendjng .with the score -38% to ^2Jy ^Theoretically, the, ,tro^hy.,chsi)geA thands after the game which was- Lakota's first conference loss of |}e season, but the Lakota coach, 'HeaFing!* damage to the trophy, •Ifft the,trophy-in Lakota for the "The trophy- has- been irted to Bvipt ,^u/itVi«"A j, it is, now bish Basketball is'an unpredictable' game, ,anol last/week' proved it for,.St. Cecelia's Academy.«here, Last Friday night theVATgona Academy; team went'to'St 1 . Joe and lost 'a contest, 37, to 22. Sunday, • on the'local court," the St. Cecelia crew .took .. on - Sacred Heart of Fort Dodge, 'wKicTThad beaten St, Joe twice and Algona once,, and,had not lost a'game in 11-previous starts. And St/Ce-' ;elia'^ won, 33 to^28, •• , , f jt .made,;a season- record of« .eight wins; and-five defeats, fop the'locals, and jt ajs^ ^jpfured' .their, -obtaining, new-.^uiow oj&m-l J—^J i 'TTI_ 11.' . »» * \ vlsWur tlB***** '^ ' i ;~.'r ~^ ' T* 1 "™! 1 **, *^*^**^* **'vfiGy won eight games' J on, their, schedule, -, , -The;. Academy -was ^ust, plain cold, against str Joe, ''.*and was , • *-' ^" i * " "*•! * "*4V4 WC43 pretty, badly outscored from the ' Game-summary; fjt ».*x White 1 •3 0 0 0 O 1 10 Justice Court Cases Handled Ten J. P. court cases were dis ipoS'ed of the pa'St few days by J B. Johnston. '. Robt. Pifer, Algona, .chargec swith drunkenness, waS'tiried"^, ,'and costs, and $20 was'suspended . Stanley Riedel, Burt, paid a ,flne of $2.50 and costs' for Jailing to dim headlights. 1 Ralph G. Abbott, Newport •Minn., was fined $25 and costs for not having a chauffeur's licensed : Lee C. Jacobs, George, was fined $2.50 and costs for going 80 m.p.h. on. ice. ; Iver L Johnson, Spirit Lake, was fined $2.50 and costs - for speeding. i, Floyd Myer, Cylinder, charged with improper passing-, was fined $2.50 and costs. . Gerhard Hantelman, Fenton, Pharged with speeding, paid a fine of $2.50 and costs, Arthur W. Schultz, LuVerne, for f j 11 !". 8 to dim headlights, was fined $2.50 and costs. • Wayne M. Elbert, Whittemore, with no car muffler, was fined $2.50 and costs. ' Raymond Sankey, Wesley, charged with failing to dim, was fined $2,50 and costs. 2 Algona Women Undergo Surgery i Word has been received by Mrs. A, M. Anderson that Mrs. C. A. iHeard, formerly of Algona, has submitted to major operation at a Rochester hospital. She can be reached at Colonial hospial. Rochester, Minn. , Also H, E, Miner will undergo surgery. He can be reached at Ward 33, University hospital, Iowa City, Iowa, 1 ' j " . " Long's Studio Pholo. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lodden,* pictured above, are the first commut- ing.neighbors to be introduced as new comers. Mr. LOddert is operator at.the.big new REA plant at Galbrailh. Mr. Lodden was born at Story City but when he was four his parents moved to Estherville.' He grew up there, attended school, and was/graduated frorm high school at Estherville. 5 He/entered naval service Oct. 15, before Pearl Harbor, and was discharged Dec.. 10, 1945 Sfpljowing duty in both the,Pacific and Atlantic areas. 'He started ;Working in Jan. 1946 as stationary engineer for theJREAiat Pocahontas. '., . > •;..- Mrrand:-Mrs. Lodderi:.\vere married Sept. 18, 1946. Mrs, Lodden is the former Agnes Helgoland of i Bncelyn, Minn. She graduated from, the Bricelyn high school and la,ter from-a-nurse training'coui se n Naeve hospital at Albert Lea. - - , -. Following graduation shef. did private duty inursing at Mmneapo- .IS* 1 - , -. .. . . . . ^ _. ^ .» _.Mr, and Mrs. Lodden are members of Trinity Lutheran church. ,Yhen they came to the Galbraith ijob in June they couldn't find a, Mace to live. Then theyi,began ilooking- : for a-house or apartment n'Algona/ I ^i./Luck wag with them'and they found rooms-at W. A. Vigar's some time after they moved in, [Mr. and-Mrs.\LOdden learned that their next door neighbor-at Pocahontas was a sister of Mrs Vigars Nazarenes Plan Wstricf Meet •» Here Thursday "9 •' 4- 10 •*-»»,.'!• iwyjf \Jfft j' , "&Xff** Zi*^ Df -Thilges,- 'a,' ^-'--^f "•* 0 " P 2 •Bormann ;,C-(b' 0 ' l M P Guire ^...,'.^i^' * o - 3 Gales „ •-„„,„..5 v i 4 W --; ,.,,^»a o -o $** .^r^—rJ, ^ , i * >. . I *""**' ™~^ re—P KMl,< 4 SHOES FOR BOrS AND GIRLS 'S NEWS, WE WAWT ITI " t " ' I- > u-l. Ill "U •" t 1 boys ,by the by'the s<jp,re of 2? well ' :, WW (HMD, M Bend-Woden. / At Renwick: Bode vs, bye; Duncombe vs . bye; LuVerne vs> bye; Renwick vs. Wesley; Coiv with vs. bye; Goldfield vs. bye; Ottosen vs, bye; Vernon twp, '(Renwick) vs,' Woolstopk; Bode vs. Duncombe; LuVerne vs, win» ner '.Renwick'Wesley; Corwith vs. Goldfield; .Ottosen Vs, winner Vepnpn twp>Woolstock- Pictured above is Jhe Rev Remiss Rehfeldt of Des Moines Iowa, district superintendent o: the Nazarene church. He will be in ^Algona, Jan. 22, to attend a zone rally of Nazarene churches ;o be held at the local church on Z. McGregor st. • Delegates will DC here from Mason City, Britt, Tort Dodge, and Webster City. Services will be at 2-30, 7:00 and :45 p. m, The Rev. L. E. Mather is the Algona pastor. Music for, the ervices will be furnished by a minister's district quartet which accompanies the "district superin- endent. i Pastors in the group re the Rev. Wilmar Lambert, Waterloo; Paul Noble, Atlantic; Forrest Whitlatch, Shenandoah, nd Lyle Moyer, Des Moines. > \ No' Price Increase Many people have inquired if the 'Algona Newspapers intend to increase their subscription prices, that being quite a popu- ,lar thing at this time. The ansj- wer is that the papers DO NOT intend to increase their subscript- tion cost, at this time anyway. ' Reese And Fiddle : :The Plum;Creek Farm Bureau ,met at the community room, Friday, Jan. 16. In spite of extreme-' ly cold weather there,was a; good 'attendance.: Harry; Fetlter .the new chairman, opened <the meeting. Mrs. Clifford Etherington accompanied by Mrs. A. L. Brown led community singing. Reports were given on all Farm Bureau activities. Neva Allb'right music sponsor had Chris Reese j entertain with his fiddle. It was I a repeat performance for Mr Reese and everyone enjoyed see ing and hearing him agam. Bob Kruse of Algona entertain ed with card tricks. An amateur he had some mystifying , tricks even to making the cards disappear, and change their spots. The coming year the date ui . meeting will be the third Thursday of each 'month ;lnstead : of the third Friday. .. .„ ' ^^ Hr? Brown gave" a ''taTlci' i 'orr"f}ie ^arm-Outlook for 1948,- and.Mr iCiley conducted a farm quiz' Fol- owmg adjournment there was a* social hour and lunch. JUES.- WED,- JAN. 20-21 BARBARA 3TANWVCK •' ADOLPH 'MENJOU '<GOl.DEN.BOY" ^ Qo-Hii 'MOE E.' BROWN 'SHUTMY BIG MOUTH 7 James" • Mueller son of Mrs.- Gra<5S Mo^lleT, arrived iri Wftitte- more, Tuesday/ evening after taking state, barber exams in Des Moines, He has just completed his course in barber school iri Cedar Rapids. ' Mrs. George Yeager, of Fenton< visited here last week with Mrs, G. W: Wehrspan, ahd the home of her brother-in-law and sister, Mr/' and Mrs. Robert Finnell. Ctyeats at a dinner Saturday evening at the Sterling Sirnonsoh home were a newlywed couple, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hovland,Rolfe, ' * Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seely, and Mr.-, ahd Mrs. Bert Seely and son; Kieth,'-attended a party at thd Loyal Young home in Plumb Creek Township where the See-* ly's once lived. .-Mr. : and .Mrs. Leo Spilles, Algona, visited at the home of the former's brother,. Mr. and Mrs Frank Spilles, Thursday evening. Their daughter, with four of heV friends, attended the basketball game at the temore. Mrs. sSsL.v. „„ word that She, , r „„„, grandmother as 1 a* |6fP.t Jan. 9, to Mr. ahd Mil Swaiison, in Columt Kenneth is" thfe SOH;&. mn Mrs. Jesse Swarlgbrt, forMet 1 ;' temore residents. MEETING at &00 '•';•£• Townsend Club FUN FOR ALL At FOLLOWING- -PUBLIC IS WELCOME^*!* TUES. - WED. - THURS., JAN 20-21-22 in V^'Vi^ef „. vxfctlVkTrLi Tr « Of ^19^ UNIVEftSA BS«&$?*K ^ '.I*'/ TtfURS,- FRI. - SAT. k JAN. 22^23-24 SIX GUNS flBLAZE! •In a battle , ^orrsily^^' i& Buys Buff Cafe Vlrs. Geo. Bell Suffers Stroke Mrs. Geo. /Bell suffered a stroke] Saturday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. L. Martin. Her] left side was effected,'- Monday she was taken by ambulance to a hospital at Jamestown; N. D., which is not far from her own home at Eldridge. She also has a daughter, Mrs. Geo. Harris, living at Eldridge. Mrs. Martin has spent most o& the time the past three years with Mrs. Martin. Mrs. IVJartm *was recently hospitalized and is unable to care for her mother.' There was no hospital care available for her here, she was sent to James-ii town where she could be near the other daughter. ROLAND CULVER SPRING BYINGTOM RICHARD HAYDN THOMAS GOMEZ PORTER HALL .4 --FRIDAY.- SATURDAY; JAN. 23^24 ,„._ - * RAYMOND HIAHON CHRISTINE.MclNTYRE A MONOGRAM PICTURE ^BUSHPIIIOT" Added Serial- ' , - . '"XI^G ^OF - FOREST -RANGERS" TIME OUT! ^fRIESI^RlrS- .' , '; -.SPORTS- CENTER. Mils. Nettie Fisher has pur chased a cafe at Burt and movee there Monday. Her daughter Mrs, Nora Garner, and grand daughter Mrs. Gordon Giddmgs will take over active operation o 4he came. Mrs. Fisher and Mrs Garner will occupy the apart ment pver th,e cafe, SHOE S'iORE WiAttWm«uui Yi a.,., .'//nn .,1.1.^1 iX NEWS . ' TEASE" fi-» t^M HsJ^tr Cedrk Hardwkko ' Alan > Joseph Callsia • George SUNDAY - MONDAY, JAN. 25-26 If' w m» IN , THEMOflf/HSKYJ £e £fotaEOM:~~>~ t " t TECHNICOtOR! WILLIAMS 8* I P PUeANT€-MetcBlOR,f MOM SPtA(HE« ITt MUtlCAL STAW m * ill ACROISTHE JCJJCEM / 8 ™ 7 ' IN A GAVANPOAlA'j ENTgRTAINMENT I $.'*L \k^4 fcJ

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