The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1948 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1948
Page 5
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•"' v . "' ''" J - 1 " 1(/ - : AV : - l : J' f • ftAGti-ARD, Editor ,, , \ .|U;BsvWALLE&, Managing Editor A , '^^^J^WfiL, Business Manager ,.C. S. ERLANDER, Advertising Manager ( we have all admired, and r&- Flanagan, the Catholic priest out jar ,the City of Omaha 1 , Ne&faska, n has beeft praised by ail Churches 'ful work irt caring for And oducat- --„ —.,.™.^. jhd errant boys, and gaining their Jove by4W4*Wndneto When they had ftd friends in the *${&< e of Ipwa had a man like Father head of the Eldora Boys f raining ould bo little trouble in- controlling have caused so much grief lately, If Flanagan school the the boys' Father F |{in has cared for 6,500 boys in the At this t: school ul givc 500 of hi ; ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVE ,'National Advertising Service 188 W. Randolph' St., Chicago, 111. . I St/SSCRIPTlON RATES IN KOSSUTH CO, M. Jrie'Vear, in advance... v —-$3.00 Upper Dos Moines and Kossuth County , Advance in combination, per year $5.00 ''Single Copies i iQc SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH Dnc Year, in advance $4.00 Upper Dos Moines and Kossuth County Adva'nce in combination, one year $6.00 No subscription fess than 6 months. > ; ADVERTISING RATES Display Advertising, per inch — *L..A9c OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER 'thirty years hfe has been in charge of his school. 16 school had 430 boys. 'A new high 1 be completed this year, This will lanagah room for about ,1,000 boys, ~~ ,,, rt o°l &ge and 500 of g»de school age. All boys ; 0f.$h'atever cplpr or creed are welcome at his sch0Pl n -The'whole secret of Father; Flanagan's great sllCTOSB'With his youngsters, is that he makes the, boys understand that they have at last found a friend that truly loves them. It mtiy be noted in this connection that Algona's St.'Cee"$lla'j|£8Jiurch for a number of years had'a young priefyiFathcr Sweeney, ,who hrad a great love for boys and did them ah immense amount of good during his',stay here. Father Sweeney some day'fftfght become a worthy'successor of the beloved '< Boyltown man, who has done so much good in Ihc world. J.W,M, * * * ' ' AND HIS GIRLS It hanr-bccn some time now since wd have* noticed any matrimonial news of that "marrying millionaire" r ^orrfmy Manville. If We remember n\ rt\* l\ t, J t_ „ lii'il. Al__ _ 1_ _ j »j. f. .1 n i 4 '. < ONfTHISANDT^AT— [ An Indiana Universiiy professor has just published a book based on interviews with' 12,000 males, 1 The title of the book is "sexual Behavior in the Human Male." This is to be followed by a sefcorid book, after 12,000 interviews with females. We judge the professor has found a hobby that is ,far from boring, and also Hf keeping him well posted on what is going, or isn't. ' * One tbJng he ^discovered is interesting, He says that 30 years ago "petting involved fewer persons arid Was a less highly elaborated activity than it often is today. But behavior of the older genera, tion, was so*nearly identical with the behavior of the present-day youth, that no significant differences are shpwn"," fl * Imagine inlerviewing i 12^000 people and find, ing out that things along this line are just 'about \thc same as they were 30 years ago. ' V ;*•*.•.* Along wilh Ihe question of how many billions " We* should provide for the European Recovery p'rogram, a group is agitating for government sub- /for'a bigger and better Merchant Marine, jis suggested that the, government, i.e. taxpayers, 46 Vessels and spend 300 million, which buld be half of the cost. The other half would E5me* fronv private enterprise. taxpayers should have to put up half rightly the h|lt time he Was heard from he had just dispbsedj|>f his eighth wife and paid her off after a two <|fy or so "honeymoon." What can be the matter with Tommy? Perhaps he is enjoying a' much necdcdlyivacation. *•' roa'd, t . We had supposed that: Tommy spent most of his spare time in Hollywood where matrimonial be encountered at every turn of the ive|er it may be that ChaWey|Chaplain ,.. 'njjtoo strong competition or"their more youthfuUcotHpetitor, Errol Flynn, has'stamped the girls out there and has them secreted somewhere in the desert, where it may be harder for Charlie and Tommy to.find.thqm. However, upon consultation With our old friend, Chris Chfischilles, who usually keeps up on such matter, we find that Tommie really makes his home in the east somewhere, and only makes trips to Hollywood when he runs out .of girls back there. -«• / AndftKen, we no'vv run onto a seventh wife, a show ?|ir,i> &|SUnny" Ainsworth, aged 23, who is just no\v; iujjig for divorce. And here we have been crediting Tommy with eight wives. Beg pardon Tommy but it is hard to keep the 1 record straight. J.W.H. .* * * GOVERNMENT MEN GAMBLING • "Tit mayj^etthat Harold Stassen, former popular governor of Minnesota, and now one of the leading ' candujajt^s for the republican nomination for president' o'f the United States, will not attain his ambitiorij "but 1 in , the meantime he is certainly administration, down y at CfffllS HEfcSfi A LIHle of This, a LiJJl* at thai; Not 11 will be f efttembefed ifat! 1943 Governor Hicftenlooper ...., ed the Algona Gulper* Associa'i tion, and now that he's a serlatoi? he still gulps his coffee the Gulpers Club. And I propose 'tdf keep up the. tradition of gulping governbrs and so I signed up Governor Blue arid here's the letter he Wrote about it: Office of the Governor, Feb. 3, 1947 Dear Mr. Reese: I received my membership card in ihe order of Amalga, mated Association of Coffee Gulpers. ' Thank .you very much for if. I assure you I am doing my share of work in continuing ihe honorable iradiiions of the organization. Cordially yours, Robert D. Blue, Govenor. * * * Then, loo, there are 50 Iowa senators and 108 Iowa representatives and every state official in the capitol building, members of the Algona Qulpers because the clubs are not organized in the Various senatorial they are in the districts like home Gulper ment ' mbled ° nthe from' speculation in futures, but herotofoi-c it has been regarded as highly dishonorable. Secretary" of agriculturFClinton P. Anderson, has deri'ied that he lia buying^ that" he of the government future in to'anyone. Stassen had hinted .d let Mfc'- friend, Edwin W. Paulcy,' a with' expecting that the ship .owners build their /. 7 &m B *T ' •,," %,',, an ° « )m(moa1 ^ >wn. vessels. They don't operate them, for plea- - ^arkel^^won millions of'dollars. Mr Stassen fure, they run them for profit, and that being the , ' caimsthfetthis gambling has been one of the prm-. 'iase why a government subsidy should be provided c! f al cau ? ra , of th f' nfl f«», which has no* reach- difficult to undcrsand cd a P ° mt > whcre tho lnte S rit y of the whole fiovern- ditticult to unclcrsancL ^ • mcnt-financial structure is>t stake. It seoms that ' . « ,? . ,, '' , thmj i^sMSI 1 ^ preventing government ..officials II may be cold, bui noi'cold enough io freeze - - - \ . - . . - ictivity in Union tvvp. Out there, a host of folks preparing,for a townstiip Farm Institute, tcn- tativ,elyi set 'for Feb. 26. /• To Mr", .'and Mrs. DeLos Gardner, Floyd Gardner, T. E. Lagcrstrom, Mrs. Roy Sarchett, Homer Podds, Wni, McKim,' Fred Plumb, Kenneth l\^trayor,'__Harley Troufman >and,a host pf others jvho.arc working on the project, congratulations. J,. Life Is what -you^make it, and in Union twp. they; are finding fun 'and accomplishment in a y/orthwhile community project aimed, at bettering •general farming standards, * ' * '« * "^ WERE ENORMOUS TAXES GO. \ There is a Minnesota representative in the |;esont congress who is showing a great degree Stassen' snpufcl be commended by all honest men >for cxp'pKufb^bf the government" gamblers," and it wilL'nptfftu.rtihim.-jn ,his candidacy forvpresident,' It sometime seems that whWjoHn Garner left the 1 cabinogtjB^gnejgjypars ago he left it very much im- proverlsR'd'tnS charapter, • -, , J.W.H. ,*'.*'*. I SUPFCpINQ THE WORLD particular friend of President Truman, in on future buyi^^f grain by the government"., Pauley ig reputcdMo liave won millions of "dollars on the grain matkef from his advance knowledges • It wifrnot be amazing if some of the heavily burdened taxpayers out here in the "sticks" take serious-.offense at the Washington, gamblers who clainvto? b£?t%ing to stop the wild inflation which has rea9hed«ah alarrning point, while at the same time thejyaro making •millions by aiding in the tall prices. However, this may be, Mr. , something rather unusual in'these days ^wild-eyed'spending of the people's money. Rep-t |preser)tative-Knutson, who is a republican and IScJandjnayian to boot, v is advocating firing of PjOOO to a million political hangerson in "Wash-. |ton, ^He says ^hat if one million of these para- Is ,were fired we would 'still have more federal |plpyes in' Washington than there, were in pre'!days when the New Pealers swarmed in the and.'over-flowed Into the alleys, million of these loafers/laid, off .would s'ave pverburdened taxpayers of the country -at |two and. a half billions annually in, salaries fQuld'go a long ways to relieve the boys who urning in all "they make-to the government !>ay usejes's hangers-on in the national capital. Bern's tjjat the present; administration cannp.1^ ..... ,,_t. Independent: Someone has figured it put that World Aid, will cost— the present wprld fgmily $376. Later world aid will, be 1 -'pensive, , This of course is presuming ily will bear ' an equal share of * tlie ^ aots are that n °ti°ne family even that ^c the aid! . ,,,,,.. s . 4 , . .:,, •stand .that the taxpayers of thp country wjll ,, « ,„ in ten can bear its share, and the resuU wjll be- that- some , families will ' contribute several thpi ?and(dod ild aid " ,*.« ** W;ld aid andji high percent wjll ,vj:v, , '* % •' * *o ! t' j'' r o contribute nothing. Where 'do you -stand? "Are ypii this senseless waste of their bart-eapnea, / R ^orkwjjdfown a horn'e? Then you are one of - l fll T yS> f u t U m 7- beC ° me 6Vld f^ l hJ ? or families in the higher brackets, ' ^when the. ejection returns-are Counted t\\at ,\^ ' ' « > , -, 1 |'|epple'o| the cpunjtry are,not as dumb a§ they •' ' ' sr * •* * L " ' to be by the'fat boys down at Wash- J ' W ' H ' NO *'#> PROFITS K( . - . M States SteeJ'has i'just,.-"' I^OUt Its th»Vd quarterly,diyi?Jend, !l ' '''•MS an ndepender,t;t}e' ^^'P^wjEJS 51 ti b ^ pomicaUy.foxy, beRten>-arpur»d t^' bvish about l)is ctegrly ststed his .vi^Vs, on 'every major |m,mw?)j,,fipr8ise, of, its jnge 1839. fw ttfe first n i ne e. first time "tbat^v" | r the ' town. So it is that those of- you who ,belong to the Coffee Gulpers may well be proud of your' membership because on account of there are a lot of big bugs in this United States who carry Algona Gulper Cards, so to speak. ' « « n . .Over at Whitiemore ihe Gulpers have really organized their own ; Gulper Club with J. . B. Gee- Ian president; Mike Besch, vice president; E. O. Rusch, secretary 1 ; John Uhlenhake, treasurer; (being a banker he's got a place to keep the dough) and the 'board of directors is made up of A. D. Brogan, Frank Bestenlehner. Bob Gehller arid Tom Kelly. Francis Mullen heads a committee to select the theme song for the ois ganizatiqn. John Uhlenhake wanted this job but I know he can't sing for sour apples hence he'll remain vice president and justice of the peace. A * <!• The feminine Gulpers of Whii- tem ore have also organized, with Mrs. .Francis. Mullen, president; Mrs.!, Tom Kelly, vice-president; Mrs. J. B. Geelan, secretary and; Mrs. A. D. Brogan, treasurer. The directors are- Mrs. Bob Gehler, Mrs. John Uhlenhake arid Mrs. Mike Besch. Mrs. E. O. Rusch will select the theme song for the club. ' *_• *. •.* 'The more I- ihink aboul it .the less e I'm inclined., to want to run for 'mayor 'because" 'on account Jof I'd Wanf/tb-pfnch; 5"> couple ";of birds, who drove their car on the ma'in 'drag in "such a sweat that they almost bumped into my ja- loppe and then they'd get mad at me,: and I don't want people mad at me. But I've noticed several instances wliere drivers are in a hurry to go some place and with nothing to do when they got then arid <' always it's on a resident street where - there are no cops. And Clark Scuffham told me he'd be glad to have some of his friends move, into Algona for ten days so thev could vote for me too, Maybe I'd be smart if I con fined my political ambitions to running for dog catcher, so to speak. T » * ' And Sim Leigh came io 'the-of fice the other day and addressed me -like this: "Hello, , Gabble Mouth." And then he welcomed me back to, Algona and said that he' incoherent gabble had simmered somewhat during the past years I had been away, And maybe Sim has got something, there. Time was when he and I 'gabbled to each other and sometimes it was a question which was the best gabbler, so to speak. But Sim offered to buy the gulpjhs? and' which shows he isn't too disgusted with me, 1 ' # * . * Looking through ihe telephone book the other, day I found 30 names and judging from the spell-' ing. they must be Danes 'and I'm in favor, of we Danes getting together and -sort of organizing and starting a, singing groijp -and making "Forgangen Naf Vop Sultne Kat" the theme son of the Danske Dane Club, so to speak, I judge by the way, they spelled thei narnes, with an "e" the followin, were of Danish descent: Dona Christensen, Forrest Christensen Roy Christensen,, M. P. Christian sen, Anton Didriksen, Martin DJdriksep, Soren Didriksen, An drew Hansen, Q, P. Ha^seri, -Ed Hansen,' Lpuis Hansen, Pete Hansen, Rasmie Hansen,- Wade Hansen, Christian^ Jensen, Duane Jensen, Vernon Jensen, Walter Jensen, Wendel Jensen, Jack Ketelsen, c, M. J^nudsen, Jens Kjjudsen, Qtto JKnudisen, A. E >-Lawitzen, Jewel} karsen, Arthur Olsen, George, Olsejj, pipfe Soreo- sen, Mabel Sprensen, Mrs, Mary Sprensen, fpny gprengen and me Reese, though mx name, ain't in the fcopk yet, Of cpur$e there max be other, Qanes here, and. U isn't always. a» f'e" that indicates P^pe because qn account 9f nej Waller p,r Pjisiie Pswel , are' Dang ? eyert « they;hasv.e m V ,|fl to/speak,. g w t M's get "to, getiigrLwe orgsmzmg' ajjd go some ,P.a B e fftnk puts/dej i8.tef;%A^-^, : ' Mf. and Mrs, 8, $, Holcomb nad < as recent guest Mrs. Osa Lee. of Chicago, 111., Who remained a couple of days. , i M'^ and Mrs. fi. t. Wilkins are leaving next week for a month's •vacation in Florida. They expect to Visit several'places. '• Virginia Thompson and Crfrol Finn entertained t a group ol ,'friehdsi at an evening party", Sun- ,dayi, Guests were Jack and Jill Clafcsaddle, Madohna McGuire, •Barbara Hardgrove, Chloris .Sko^stroro, Joyce /Brand, Calvin Curtis, Kenpqth Peterson, Marilyn; Thompson and Darlene Lee, •The; evening ,w'as spent at games 'and ' light refreshments were served. fj&r ihe first iime . in several weeks following a heart attack, M. P. Haggard-iwas-ablfe 'to» be downstairs ofte day last week. His sister Mrs. Al Palkenhafner. who has been bedfast several weeks with the same trouble, is also improving sjowly. Mrs, John Evanslon, 111., is Wednesday, is to consult a specialist, in regard to an ear ailment and corrective ep- purtenahces. W. J. Fuller Returned Sunday from Orleans, Neb., where he had attended funeral services for his mother, Mrs. Margaret Fuller, 83. Those frorii cut of town attending the last rites for Mrs. Willard Gregson last 'week Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Pickering of Eldora, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Grtjjson, brother-in-law pnd sister-in-lsw of the Mr. Gregson, and Mr. and Mrs. Leo ^ The Rev. Earl Burgess Went io GretHiiM uj. * "1'inri'jii, /us pai'diiii*. Des Moines, Monday, for a three- day conference with Bishop Cuarles W. Brasnaras, ' beih & joined there by other district superintendents. Mrs. Burgess had Tuesday, January 2tir, 1948 Algona been at Sac (Jity the past Several day* with her father W. H, trWifi who had been sick with the flu, Siftce he has 'recovered, Mrs. Burgess joined her husband at Fort Dodge and went with him to Dos Moineg. The ttev. 0. W. Brand, of the Methodist church, is considerably improved from his recent and somewhat lengthy attack ol sciatica, but is still not able to fill his pulpit. Substitute ministers have been "pinch hitting" for him the past several weeks. returned '''Mbridayj 111,, -where t Thursday, al American G held at ihc LdSalle Mrs. A. Jf. gona s ona at Brown's dairy,*? "fl lipped Sunday on- "ice t ftiS yard. In the resultant), f ft)I * she* broke her left wrist v fcavid, 14 K>, , , Mr. and Mrs. John Ha.nselffla;ft>4§? rdcovoring from an ear .infi&tipft* which began Several «dayg. 4 ^gd.;',,. • NM! •b na c££oft Io. ma&e. each i Piaivlabb tri&uta and a jnetnawi' bictui'a in dearth, oi patatlveb and ftfiendb. i the n<>ji-t, Bree/ Like Hybrid CHICKS Try Hy-Line Chicks op our recoiiimenditi6tt« Share in the benefits of Hy-Line pullets' ili-y&i egg production ability. Hy-Line (locks fiehfeMll^ lay 5ft% to 80% for the entire production y«'Af, Annual Cock averages of 200 eggs per Hy-Lifle are common under farm conditions. '" 'if We Invite Your Most Seorcn/rig Inquiry 1 ' * Representatives In This Territory Are" MR. BOWMAN (ALGONA PRODUCE) '" WALTER VANDT, WHITTEMORE ^ > GROTEWOLD FARM STORE, BUFFALO CENTER''. « Roy B. Johnson, Prop ' ; ' For immediate possession—improved 160 acres in Cresco township, four miles from Algona. ' ' ' Also the J. A. Browneil estate residence on North 1 street; also 5-room modern dwelling on W. State. Funeral Chapel ' Ambulance Service This house laughs at winter , Turbulent 'fronts of Arctic air sweep Jn 11 'from the north. The mercury huddles down in its bulb, Icy-fingered winds claw and clamor about the hprne* ^f America ... but this house f insulated with E«il*Piclw|!n»u|ation, laughs at winter,,, !nsid« It, all to. jummery and serene* • , „ .. Wheabwying Eagle-Picher Hpme Inswlation/ our customeri ,\ ' f . V'* 1 thickness in all sidewalk and ceiling?.* It is~ accordance with , rigid Eagle-Plcher fa?«ory-engineere'd v specifications, 4. Proper ventilation is installed wherew J i >;;„, $4f, T M necessary,. 5. You receive a'signed Certificate stating'tliatV .' P^I'^V^fS rCOMP^TE-inJulationjpbhas^eWdon^ - ',. '*' **** i< *** .Why^dread the appro«?h of winter? "Make/this winter", and e-very,winter pne of comRlete hqme wmfori," wi(h%« f ; "' i«Ul«. |, Initiation |f pneumaticolly :-.^l

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