The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on March 2, 1926 · Page 14
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 14

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1926
Page 14
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rOURTEEN BRIDGEPORT TELEGRAM, TUESDAY, MARCH 2, 1926 ItEMOVAL NOTICE! MADAM VERA Will be Located in Her New Beauty Parlor On the Second Floor of the Meigs Bldg., Cor. Main and Fairt'ield Avenue, on or about · MARCH 1st Where She Will Give Personal Attention to H Mil TUKSMVtl SHWU'OOIMJ s-vi,p TUT. XTMKNT ·\ 101,KT it vv M.WKT1H\J XKSTIiK li rKUM Wr.YT W \TETl WAVK MAIU'KL WAVF, 1! M i l DVK1NU MASSAOK F.I/KCTUOTiYSTS AVAVF, KlXns OF K Vlll \\ Olllv AN1 HIGH ORAPK SW ITCHES MADAM VERA I'.uropenn Rrodnnto MEU.S BUlljDING Room 220--Second Floor Kiitranoe Falrflcld Avo., ami Matn St, XOBLE :U«a IUUDGKPOKT, COXX. Richest in Cream* Mjokfor the clean silvery wrapper IO« -« PJ_ A I N AND A L M O N D GIFT CREATIONS We are showing Trays, Service Pieces, Lamps, Candlesticks and other Gift Creations, m full iepresentajtion of the dominant fashion trends executed with ' -aftsmanship "\vhich caiinot be matched in this maiket G.W.FAIRCHILDSONSjNCl Jewelers and SilvcrsmiVHs | MAIN AT ARCADE BRIDGEPORT I Feel Glorious! Nicest Laxative, "Cascarets" lOc OBITUARY Mrs. 11»7.. The funeral of Mrs. Josl^ Diaz. \ v l l e of 0iaz. aui) Plus ,-ili'oet who died yesterday at her home, w i l l be held ftrom the J. II. Curio!) f u n e r a l horn*, 240 Washington nuc, at 2:30 o'clock tomorrow a f t e r noon. Burial will be in IxikeUew cemetery. She Is survived by lien- hxisband, limll Ola/., nnd a daughter, Nellie, Uavim Thomas t*iin. The funeral ot Thoui IB bavin, 399 Gregory street, who dle,d o n ITrlUuy was held ye-sLfrrday inor-H is "' * o'clock 1'roini hla homo a n d f r o m Sacred Heait c h u r c h at 0:30 o'clock with o. solciinn high maad of isqulem celebrated by Rev. T. P Moonej .v.s Rlstod by Rev. Jumes Kllllan as d » i - co« und Rev. Hugh Can-is aa sub- dencon. As the bendy was (brought Into the ehui-ah the choir sang "Abide With Me." At Uie offertory Miss Theiesa O'Urlen w.aeiod "Avo Maria," while after mast, Mrs. Charles Ogren; ll'.ss O'Brien «»d "William Chew »ans "Rock of Ages." Burial i\as in bt. Michael's cemetery w h e r e the committal «crvlre was colwkieted by Father J'oonev and Father Kllllan. The pallbearers weie Daivlel Klley, Rohent \Vhelan, Wllllalm \ l,udi;y, Th'omaa JR-Hugh. James Hlckey a n J J o h n Sullivan. Mrs. Mnry MfAvoy The funeral of Mrs. Mary McAvoy Coughll,n, widow ot 1'atrick Coughlin, 433 Llndley street, who died Fiiday, was held from her home yesterday morning at 8:30 'O'clock and Horn St. Patrick's church at 9 o'clock with a sold'nai high mass of requiem. Rev. J o h n C. l^mch was celebrant, '.-^It-led by Rev. Mk'lwiel Thompson as deacon and ReV. Charles Hosoy is sub-doncon. As Abe body was (brought into the churoh the choir sang "Thy Will Be Done." At the ofterloiy Mrs. Mary Meehan a-endcrfd "Avo Maria." After the mosa Joseph AVeiler s!\jig 'Beautiful Land On IIAgh." As Ihe}, was taken from the church X t u r c r My Prod To Thee" -\\asiplny- ed by Mrs. Lillian Kehoo on organ. Burial was In St. Michael's come- ter\-. The pallbearers were Thomas Illg- gins, Thomas GillespJe, John O'Brien, James Thomas and Joseph English. Mrs. Kathleen V. Murphy. The funeral o£ Mrs. Kathleen V. Murphy, widow of David A. Murphy, who died, an Saturday, will be ibeld !roun her home, 1135 Pembroke street, tomorrow moruiingr at 8:15 o'clock and frairn St. Chaa-les' church at '8:43 o'clock. Burial will be in Calvary cemetery, Brooklyn, Is". Y. She is survived by two sons. David A. M u r p h y , and Walter J. Murphy, ind a daughter, Mrs. Kathleen V. Sitapleto-n of Montlcello, N.-Y Mrs. Joint Bellucci. The funeral of Mrs. X. Bollucci, forty-two, wife of John Brel- ,ucci, who died Friday might, will be isld this afternoom at 2 o'clock from he.r Ihom*, 53 P t oirter streot, fe.nd 'rom St. John's Episcopal church at 2:30 o'clock. R«v. Stephen Fish Sherman -\vlll omclate. Burial will be In Lakevlew 3 John Francis Seaman. The funeral of John Francis Seaman, sixty-seven, who Jled Satur- v at Ws home in Upper Stepney, will foe held from the home of his son. George Seamon, 50 Bunnell street, this afternoon n,t 2:30 o'clock. Burial will be i.n Lalceview cemetery. «· Mrs. Wllbert ti. Vtliltney. The fumeiral of Mrs. Maria E. Whitney, wife of Wil'bert L. Whit- nev, who die.d Friday, was held yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock fi-om her hosme. 101 Main street. llev. Cha.rles AV. Simpson of the Bridg-eport ChrlstHn union, omclat- ed. Burial was In Lakeview cemetery. Staiiislovas Kalrls. The funeiral of Stanislovas Kairls, forty-seven, who died Friday night, will be held this morning at 8:30 o'clock from his home, IS Columbus couit, and from St. George's Lithuanian R. C '.church at 9 o'clock. Burial win be in St. Michael's cemetery. Jame s Murray. The luneral of James Murray, 1GO Hawley avenue-, was held from his home yesterday afternoon ut 2:30 o'clock. Rev. William Horace Day, of the United chu,rch, officiated. During the service Mrs. Clarence I^egere H-ayes rendered "Some Time We'll Understand" and "Rock of A#es." Burial was in Mountato Glove cemetery. The (pallbearers were William Penney, W. A. Coulter, , William Tesch, A. Kull, JI. J. Kelly, and George Matthews. Mrs. Angel tun Dawsey. The funera^of Mrs. Angjelhia Dawsey wife of Albert Dawsey, 3 60 Glerad'ale avenue, who died Sunday, will be held from the funeral home of Charles L. Dennis, 542 State tli-pet this morning at 8:30 o'clock and fiotn St. Anthony's church at 9 o'clock with a high mass of requiem. Burial will be in St. Michael's cemetery. Mrs. William Card. The funeial of M.a-s. Mattie Card, wife of William Card, a. prominent rTf^er of the :*ewfleM M. K. church, was held yestendav after- ·ioon at 2 30 o'clock. Rev.~E Foa,T Pipei- of ti-e Xewfield M. E. I church officiated. The paUbeaie-s were O. A. Jones, G Law, R. B.lght, D. Clark, M. Braiaiey and A. Waser. Don't stav headachy, bilious, ton- Btipated. sick' Onp or t u o pleasant, candy-like "Cascare's' a n v 'Will gently stimulate j o u r In c" zind jltttrt your bo« el.s Th ri you \ \ i l l both look and feel ci»ai , s \ \ e « t refreshed, your head clea, r-tomach risht, tongue pi''.k and your skin IJpcausp ohferj-, harmless "Casca- rets ' never gripe, inconvenience or siokpi "Cj^cart ts" hah become the U i i K t s c fetimir laxative in the world fo - m e n . women and children. Buy a box at any d r u g store. POST AND TELEGRAM WANT ADS ALWAYS BRING RESULTS Icel)orn Rowell. The funeral of Freeborn Rowell. eighty-eight. Tiho died Frldaj, was held froim the service rooms of Wilmot aind West, 884 Lafayette street, yesterday afternoon. Rev. Charles TV". Simpson officiated. Burial was in Lakeviie-w cemetery. Mrs. Edward J. Roach. The funeral of Mrs. Mary Sullivan Roa,c,h. wife of Edward J. Roac'h, who 'died Sunday, will be held tomorrow m o r n i n g f r o m hei home, 115 Midland avenue, at 9 : 3 0 o'clock and from St. Ann's church with a solemn high imuss of requiem. Burial will be in St. Michael's cemeteiy. Besides her husband, Kdward J. Roach, f o u r sons, Edward F., ,]ames A., Stephen II , and G-eorge W. Ro.ich; two daughters, Mrs. Mary Kiliia-n and Miss Elizabeth Roach, a n d two sisters, Mrs. Nellie Francos of Shelton n id Mrs AnnJc Jt\ an of Derby, SUI-MVC. Kenneth Thontphon. Tho funeia.1 o£ Kenneth Thonxp- son, twenty-two, -ivho died at Fort Slocum, N. Y., on Sunday will Oi held fro.m tho Stratford Ccuiisrega- tlonnl oliurch t o m o r r o w a f t e r n o o n it c 2:30 o'clock. Tlev. II. S. W-iIte- hprtd, pastor erf tho churon, will of- ClclatP. He w a s the son of Frank TJ., and Cnrric \V. Thnmpaon, o.f West Broad street, Stratford. PETTY BURGLARIES ARE REPORTED Several petty burglaries that have rcrPiilly hcpn a aoui'oe of much troublte to the riollcf clrtpnrtmenit wtn-e reported yc«lerdaj. In none of tlv breaks exropting one, was there anv loot obtn.inod. For the second tlmo w l t n l n two iweelt.s tho Red Cross h e a d q u a r t e r s at 39 Cn'inon slroet wna broken I n t o over tho w e e k o n d . Tho bi-(ak via 1 ) rcpoited lo UIP polife vpstcrany rn'ornlrtg Nothing was t a k e n nl- t h n u g h ' t h e safe had been tampered wilh. Tlv AVpit Knd library wn« broken i n l o over tho weekend. Tho loot ctin- Histod of' 10 cents takeh f r o m the cash rcfsJstcr. J Ooldberg, pnoprlptor , of th» Sport Cento^ shon at 79 F n l r f l Irl avenue, reported that his etoro Wat r n t p r c r l over the w e e k - e n d Several tents n n d a blcrole were stole-.!. VITAL STATISTICS Births. "Diyilel and Mnrgnreit Tmorito, Stratford, a daughter, February 12. Charles amid Theresa Krhardt 126 Beers street, a son, Februaiy 20 'Spbastino and Maria Vecchione, 1903 Main street, a son, Feb. 28. Michael and Krystlna Hoduka, 161 St'orllng fclrecit, a son, Feb. 25. Paul and Sollma Dc.-ilng?n, 94 Prince street. i daughter. Feb. 24. A r t h u r nnd Frances M u l l e n 200 Pine street, a daughter, lAclbruary Peter and Amna Parum, 101 Cross street, a son, Februaiy 22. Frank and Josephine Cxornola, 41 Orchard street, a son, February 22 A n t o n l and Tekla Kajma, 22'1 Hallam street, a daughter, February 22. Walter and J-iOTrain* Rubmimen, 20 Biooklawn avenue, a son, February 22. O-eorge and Anna Rnhrtg, 142 Wales street, a son, February 21. Alexander und Stanlslava Homin- skl, 243 Atlantic street, a son, February 26. Robert and Mabel Hail, 83G William street, a daughter, February 20. B^njaimln and Biesste Bailer, 202 Morgan avenue, a sou,( February 20. Peter and Laura Scianna, 11S8 State strvet, a son, February 19 Harry arad Rope Dober, 313 AVil- liam street, a daughte'-, February 19. Joseph and Michallna Zwirbla, 467 Helen street, a daughter, February 17. Joielph an,d Amtn-Ierziuto Ta-rtaro, SyReilly street, a son February 17. Heniry jwl Emily Mitchell, 908 Hallett street, a eon, Februa-y 17. Marriages. Lawrence Hadght, twenty, 309 Bast smejiue, and Rose iGoTnibert, twenty-two, 43 AA'ashington avenue. Michael Macanda, twemty-four, 581 Pembroke «treiet, and Mangle Frasco, sixtee'i, 9 Reilly street. Joseph Du'r^vin, twenty-five, 186 G*orrge street and Ethely i Cleever, eighteen, 31J Atlantic street. TAX BLANKS RECETV'ED NEW HAVEN, March 1.--(AP) ISevised income blank forms for rewdwrts of the Con,necrticut internal revenue district were received by the collector's offloe today. They will be distributed at once. {Telegram Daily Pattern Service (sophisticated Model. Design No. 399--Sophisticated Model far Sophisticated tastes. The flare la achieved through gathered fulness at sides. It jiffocts a froml and back panel, which always gives a slender lino. It features a high Up collar and full sleeves with cuffs that UP in bows. Vhe vftsteo adds a tailored note. It is fashioned of beige crepe silk, with large rings printed tn bright frioon. Plain preen silk is Utied for contrasting Sheer crepes, satin crepe and Pallle crepe, are other suggestions. Cuts In sizce J 6 yrs., 36, 38, 40, 42 and 44 Inches bust measure. Th« 36-inch size takes 4 3-8 yds. o£ a6-inch material with 1 yd. of 27-Inch contrasting. TVJoe 1 So in stamps or coin (coin preferred). Pill out the coupon below, giving name, address, size desired, etc. Either write or prirt name plainly to avoid mistakes. All patterns are 15 cents. Address all orders to Pattern Editor, Brldg«- p o i t Teleg,ram. Enclose coin or stamps when ordering patterns. Name , Address Pattern Number Size "LADY LUCK" KILLS GERMAN MOVIE PRODUCER BERLIN. March t.--Max Nivelli a well k n o w n film producer, died today, a victim of "T.,a.dv Luck." Nivelli was plavtng a game of chance. When he reaped heavy w i n - nings, his excitement caused apoplexy and death followed. Advertisement. Telephone Nohlg 155-J The Letters of Natalie I heard a song sparrow Sunday, tinkling in the distance--the loveliest song in the world. At least, at this time of the year! I can hardly -nrite for- admiring my new ring, a rare piece of luck. The Happiness Gift Shop, 1126 Broad St., is celebrating the anniversary of its opening toy a package sale, every package 50 cents. Values of contents start at 75 cen,ts and go lup all the way to $8 Wonderful things for bridge prizes in linen, brass, handkerchiefs, all sorts of things from regular stock. Edith's package -\\as a lovely wrought iron fernery that had been $4, and mine a hand-wronight sterling silver ring ·with Chinese cut atone, Pekin blue, that had been $5! The color reminds me of the Swis lakes. You remember how we used to look down on Lake T h u n from Beatenberg far abo^e, and say that somebody must ha\ e put a great deal of blueing in the water? Wouldn't sou like an afternoon ·walk again, watching the Niesseu turn purple toward sunset? Then turning around tor the Alpine glow on the Jungfrau, Moench and E1ger? Beatenberg is a place I want to go oack to, 'uhen Harold and I make :he trip we're ^saMiig for. The Bridgeport Trust Companj's new Travel Bureau will arrange for our passage, passpoits, hotels, autos and all those details. Harold brought home the newest atlas, published bj Rand-JIeNally, 'rom Chamberlin . Shropshire's, 39-45 Cannon street, to supplement he guide books WP are htucH Ins. This new "Columbian"' atlaa is up o 1925, the -\\hole world for only 12.75, including a detailed study of he U. S., with latest census figures, Ir. At mother's place at Plastings- on-Hudson there Is an old atlas lubllshed a b o u t 1830. Our c o u n t r y ooks funny in t h a t ' T h e y talk about 1 great new continent at the noi th pole_ which, if it's real, will probably house the leading nation of the world sometime, I ' m ' n o t joking. Not a f t e r reading about l i f e on Atlantis, with most of Thirope still under ice and snow ---But spring, s u m m e r , a u t u m n , winter are the ch.uigvs we k n o w nore about. The sprinp housoclean- ng Impulse is beginning to show In ne. I'm getting the f u r n i t u r e in ?ood repair. The "Ko-E-zy" -\arnish .sell i t the H u b e r t A-t Glass Store at 233 J o h n M r p e t is w o n d e r - ful for home use, dries over night and so easy tp use. A n d , once thlnss are finished again, ih«y are going to stay so! The OKT./T way is to have this store put plate glass tops on tables, dressers, b u f f e t s and everything possible. They do it beautifully. The Crawford laundry, of course will take the b u l k of, housecleanlnij? out of the house for me--rugs, curtains, hangings pillows. Ami won'l I be glad when I can send them our winter blankets, winter coats and wool dresses fo r cleaning? Our last year's spring clothes are Y waiting fresh in the cedar chest from dry cleaning last fall. This Uuindiy takes all these tilings for cleaning on the\regular visits for our laundry bunMe. I don't even have to make an extra telephone call. More time foi Kaster shopping! T told you about the lo^elv shoes I bought in Meigs Co.'s Women's Store. Yesterday in this stoi'e I found just thp shade of "Gothim" Gold-Stripe silk stockings to match woodland rose ?1 85 There 30 cliff aicnt colors in this wonderful make of stocking, with tho gold stripe that prevents runs. Moonlight, shadow, mauve t a u p e and woodland rose are among favoren shades. And the store will have stockings dyed to match, any unusual color without extra charge. Oh, Mr. A.--, He c imc to Oi.mer that nlgl.t and d i o p p e d In again about teatimo yeterday. This being Lent, I h a d n ' t a. bit of cake In tho house for tea, but what man w o u l d n ' t prefi? r s-andtt idles m a d e j-om n u t t y W h i t e Rose b r e a d ' Cut t h i n with orange m a r m a l a d e for illins, he ate quantities of them. Prcttj .soon w e ' l l be looking forward :o tho'sc incomparable "hot cross" suns t h e White Roso bakery has such ,1 reputation for. Mr. A.-- Ls leaving sonn Cor Be»r- m. His f i r m is s e n d i n g ].ii n across. Well, If 1 can't travel right now, I can get a t h r i l l bv trying on my new hat from D. M. Read's, -nhieh camp (ill the wav fro m India. At le.uvt the straw did. balibuntl so f a s h i o n a b l e now. This is a "Made- Ion" hat, black, -\ci-y smart "Patrician" hats of close f l t t i n s pedalino straw art charming and so arc, crocheted visca.s from Paris. Uoth turban and larger shapes i \ i l ] be worn Arwl foth dark and gnv colors, At all prices, f r o m $3.95 to $27.50. T h a t song: sparrow again! I'll go m a i l this and look for Urn. l.o\ o, WHILE THEY LAST! i ^WW T-W1 m V Y V t k V I T* A TV f IVE TUBE RADIO SET Complete With Standard High Grade Accessories Special Price COMPLETELY EQUIPPED so HADLEY'S FRIENDLY TERMS The Quantity At This Price Is Strictly Limited Here is a remarkable value in radio sels that is made possible through a fortunate purchase. A five-tube radio set, complete with standard accessories, all ready for operation at a price heretofore unheard of. The set is powerful, highly selective, wilh three stages of tuned radio frequency. The price includes installation in your home. WHAT $79.50 BUYS IN THIS RADIO SALE One five-tube special radio set; Five standard tubes; One 60 ampere hour wet battery; One set of 45-volt dry "B" batteries; One loud speaker; Aerial equipment. ALL INSTALLED IN YOUR HOME Domestic Electric Vacuum Cleaner Club Terms $1 Weekly j Complete With All Attachments Regular Price $39.75; Special Sale Price At Friendly Terms The Domestic electric vacuum cleaner will do everything that more expensive ·vacuums will do--and the Domestic will do its \vork well. It is light in weight, hut most substantially built, and comes complete with all attachments. At this price and on Hadley's friendly terms, it is a real value in household accessories. tir v w s tLr TO 9 P. M. BROAD STREET AT JOHN. TM 9 p - * ' By tl» OWoui "lt.n««t" To BARBADOS, RI3 DE JANEIRO, I MONTEVIDEO, BUENOS AIRES Calling northbound et Santos · and TrlDidad FORTNIGHTLY SERVICE BT 8. S. Voltaire 8. S. Vaub.n S. 8. Vandvek S. a. Ve.tri. , Apply Sanderson Son, Inc., 2fl Broadway, N. Y , or yourlocal agent LAMPORT HOLT LINE Ealaftllahcd M Teara *' VALUES The Radford B. Smith Co. 00-94 Kim Mr-ot ew lot heaty tin-Wish towels 4 for $1.00 Colored Borderi IjxJIcs' $1.50 Corset Hra«slcro COMBIXATIOXS^ 14 tocii FIvOOU BUl'MTI-N nlth lone liuncll* «1 19 00 IKART SCHOOL CIULDROT ARE SICKLY Mothers who rain* Utdr own oomtort and tba welfare of tbetrehiMno, should never be without a box o(M«M»er GnjrB Sw««t fa****** tot children tornae throughout the MMon. Tbty Break op Colda, Refo- lato the Bowels, Belter* r v»d jo***«ooo, ^^»-»»«(^w- tion,Teethlni;DlKnIen, DOITt ACCtn Hradacbe and Stomach Ant sukaiuuCC Trmil]l"-TiiJtjr]im. . er 80 rears. Tluji fietntrrs All Drag Blont. Dfit't terrti

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