The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, January 20, 1948
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3 EBS* vO , r t/3 l J * * '#? * ^ , I <* '., *<-'L"'. ? '- ,i •, . <• ,>, .'M'".' »*, .*. Iflfvi'lle, W'icks h 'ihe only _. SfldH'.We!vt!'rtm Into who saw the Rose\ Bowl game. His Fnv" wl> iS i a graduate student |iftd'part'time teacher, he got the ^tickets, and Orville sat in the U. - "' " sitidbnt section ... "1 went Irix and enjoy the came," ho •tout those U. S.'C, Students :«" me jumping up and down _-r afternoon. They Were always , Cotfihg Up -With a school cheer, ' "$$?'$* something and of course ;,M4'to join Hght In." He also .said/they tore up the goal posts ' -*** the game, and. fans on the !,£•«* -out of thC'sWcftitm had little \Bits,,of Wood, (emblemdtic o „• something or other' ,' . , who ,,am6ng'U. S. .c. fans'wbuld want i to' f dtnpmbet that-'49, to 0 past- i»g.. . • ' » » f AL66NA, IOWA, TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, W8 Buildogs Spurt to Overpower Iowa Falls, & ,1 An Algona girl who attended a ,recenti international youth fellowship-conference in Cleveland ,was telling a group at Burt of a .Speech made by Dr. E. Stanley 1 Jones.' The young lady said: Dr. Jones] said if it's a case of love affirs't sight you'd better take a ..second look." And the girl added:, j'Tve found that true." - ^ \ i i * * i, . i-' Paul Lindholm is preltv i quidk on the trigger. Dick • ,J EVerds was the Rotary ' i speaker, recently, and the , Song leader asked, how about , a .Song, and which 'one.' Ev-" ards,>spoke up and said he i thought singing was a good - idea?, because , he wouldn't -. hava to speak so long . . . ,\ then 1 ,iHe song leader asked '• how'.many verses'of "Home.' on ;the Range." "All of ,' them," yelled Paul. -.Philip Wander, who has been farming near Fenton for the pas ' > 40 years, was in the other day > • He's .planning a farm sale, which will bring to an end his 40 somi J fyears, of farming, which is i ^Ipng, -Ipng time., *"';•-'• 1 *.. *,*';>-•'"' ;<Maybe sonie^of you heard Al «r&ti Bunkofske'of SweaiCity on ^fB^t Breakfast Club program Have Undisputed Second Place In Conference Vp^bfefpre^the'^micrdphonejifouric KThaVs' .where." MStall^om £ero,ws;, isn't it." CAlbW rep r lledi |"You get, -the corn "grows so 'tal! I'aUiavci to hold my boy up in the |air'to get „ the ears." ,Brenaman |by,the Wav. was originally from ftCedar' 'Rapids. ' r-;c : ', - * * * 'V-Had^ lunch'the 'ot^jer day with i S ;> ' B -( Bleic1 ! 1 o£ Burt and Louis LThoresjon ;,: . they had just left r aJCounty Mutual meeting,'where G.-B; had. been named a director \fL'-' "Tj 1080 fellows eat pretty light at noon, we want to state— souj) and'pie.- **"(' \ ' * * * ,t, Some days you just can't ',,win in the newspaper busi- • -ness. /-First w.e ran into, a 'suggestion of a-libel suit . . . .then we played Ray Beam, ish end Joel Herbst on a*pin-' bell,,machine to see who bought 'the suppers and you know who lost,, . . and then 'iri the windup the car .{'wouldn't start 'and' Johnny ;Hopkins came in for a tow •/job. j He says water in the^carburetor doesn't work r, as well as gasoline. A torrid last quarter gave -Algona high its fifth victory in six conference starts, last Friday night at Iowa Falls, by a score of 36 to 30. The game gave the Bulldogs undisputed possession of second place in North Central confer-' ence standings, and took the local quint over one of its toughest assignments with flying colors. ' ' Algona started slowly and Iowa Falls led 9 to 8 at the first quarter, and 17 to 12 at the half, in the third period 'the Bulldogs began to roll and hit a 27' all tie at the end of the'third quarter. Rebound Play Excels Coach Gene Hurtz said he was superior reboun play that brought ,his team through in the final period Srapser, who in addition to be ing high point man, played stellar defensive game, tea'mec with Lauritzen and the pair us'ec their height to good advantage at both backboards. - Crapser had two men guarding lim most of the eveningf -and still poured in eight bucke'ts. In the final minute of play lOwa Falls lost two of its regulars via the foul route, but it was after Algona had taken a leac that seemed tp insure Victory. In,a preliminary-second team game, the Algona seconds losY to Iowa Falls, 36-to 17. Two Games This W6ek . This'week/will be a'n active JJity, /and'-jFriflay they/ mcjetiWeb"-* ster'nqther" cb'rife'rerice thriller.''-Webster City recently defeated a Sioux City-'high' team, and after a slow start has had a s,tring of consecutive victories. Game surrmiary: Algona (35) fg % "pf Crapser, '. '_ 833 Sigler : 1-0 4 Lauritzen. 232 3ouglas ___„ 0 1 0 Skogstrom ,__'! 222 Waldron * 013 Sonifh PhiWfis Street Still Booming ",?'<'• < . .' », ," ''" iMimMniai , *^ That South Phillips Street business expansion came in for quite a bit of publicity in 1947, and it ooks as .though the story isn't toing to come to a halt this year. Which is our way of saying that hree business projects, all of hem resulting in construction of lew buildings, are going to fur- her the business section f this bustling part of Algona. Shown above are these new mits/either constructed, or in the process of construction. At the left is a view from Phillips St., of the new Harms All-, pas Co., propane gas plant: This $45,000 project was recently completed. The building shown at the left contains the filling manifolds, cylinder testing and repair dept. as well as cylinder storage. Ihe middle picture shows the 18,000 gal. storage tank. The small building contains two pumps evacuating pump for unloading tank, cars, and-one for cylinder •filling. Glenn Harms is plant manager, Herman Waller is retail- manager, and June Stevens is bookkeeper. In the picture at the right are shoWn two new buildings on the west side of Phillips. The one at thcf left is the new general auto repair building now occupied bv Merle Wellendorf. It is 34x50 in kite, with one-third of the area having a basement. The new building is next door to the frame structure formerly occupied by Merle, before and after the war until the new building was completed. During the war he just closed, the place up and served in the navy. • Dwaytte Jensen, another up- and-coming young Algona man, is building the structure shown at the right of Wellendorfs garage. It,is 50x61 in-size, and will be a warehouse and office for the 7-Up distribution business operated by Dwaync in this area. He's been at it for a number of years, but has been handicapped by space requirements, which will be solved when he is able to occupy the hew building, which should be shortly. It has special loading facilities in the center; of the building, and also an unloading ramp along the north side of the building. (Algona Newspapers' Fotos). .Democratic Kossuth Farm Bureau Is Tops, State Membership Despite intense cold- and a po tential blizzard, Thursday even ing of last week," over 200 Farm Bureau members, men and worn en; turned out .to attend- the Vic tory Party'held in 'the Burt high school auditorium. After late memberships had been, turned in prior to the meeting, it was found thst Kossuth. county,, as of , date,'leads ihe .state^in total , Farm .Buraa'u.,,,memberships.' E!!a B. Ouarton < ' t * *. " * )ied January 15 At Burbank, Cai. ov/a Falls (30) R. Surls B, Surls •lanson ittlejohn _: Surls Hurst larty. 13 10 fg •« 'p — 3 " 3 ' — 3 — '2 _._ 1 —: o , 0 'O 1 0 r *, ^The car situation is really get ping "/desperate, Over at Poca- {jontas the other (Jay a fellow ppplied,.for a motor vehicle li- "•"JgS;. 'o«' his STANLEY 'fftMEfl, 1917 touring model. r.v, e '- boiler, has been rebuilt and he s planning a trip in it to California] next fall. • • „ , r ' •*-«-.*' Si. -1-iC"--y -r-T--.,,T*.w «_,.,., t ««»f **«1Z V4* r e ^??L w ^ nepda y-w#t ol d u s Be DIDN'T, "destroy, any ;gtpre" By. ! we, Seems in, \the l V"r{ew neighbors" writeun., n't'priffnla n* , writeup,, a^coupje of es Jjfcame garbled and it read > way, The store WBB destroy |- byyftre, but not by G to Ufona. qjenn.' , MorpQcp, Arabs srcrestrjetin? tQ. pne wile, Jp - Arab could buy tones; the 12 '6 15 • For complete details -of • other spprts events' in 'Kossuth county, including bas-* l^etball tournaments, turn to the sports, pegd, vnside, • this issue, Clear Lake defeated "Hanrpton, 42 to 36, in, another conference tilt last Friday, Webster City edged Clarion,, 35 to 33, 'and Eagle Grove rode over Humboldt, 42 to 27. Conference standings: Team 'w, L. Clear Lake \ r 0 0 Algona ,._„,! 5 1 Iowa Falls _,'. ,,. 4 . 2 Webster City ,-.,.„ 3 3 Humbpldt ,-,,- „,.-- 2 4 Eagle Grove ,_L 2 > 4 Clarion ' , „ 'i -, 5 Hampton' „„„.,.,„_.„, r 5 Fire Hits Wesley Produce Building -early Saturday paused' considerable loss '. ry and feed Jp the building - of ;he Robinson' Prpduce, - CQ, ': of Cprwjth, located fa Wesley,' ; Fire wag ^dispovered in ''the anQh qfftpe '' and QWt I a 1 , p. The b ain Str at Wes}ey Algona friends of many years were-shocked Friday to learn that Mrs. Ella' B.' Quarton had died at Burbank,-Calif., .Thursday, Jan.. 15. Mrs. Quarton suffered a fatal apoplectic stroke Saturday, Jan. 10, and was taken to St. Joseph's hospital, .presumably at Burbanki 1 where she died: The news reached Algona in a message from Dr.. L. C, Nugent, formci Algona, dentist, to his sister Mrs J, D. Lowe. The message raid that no fun oral services would-be held a B,urbank, but sometime in the spring or summer the' body will bo brought to Algona for rite and burial beside the gravj of Mrs, Quarton's husband, the late Wm, B, Quarton, former district court 'judge who died in December 1941, > Mrs.' Quarton and her son Sumner D. Quarton, had just gone to Burbank, having arrived at Christmas time from Sarasota, Fla., where the daughter Helen lives. They intended •> to make their home with the Nugents, Mrs, Nugent being the younger Quarton daughter Florence.^ The- Nugents have lived at-, Burbank since nhoy. left Algona. ' 'i 'Mrs, Quartoo, the daughter of Mr, and Mrs. 'David R,easer. was bern at Oskalposa, la,, April 22. J863 ; and at death was -in her 85th year, She grew up at Os- kalo/isa,, attended ' -the - city sqhpols, then attended Oskaloosa college, a,nd it was at this' college now has 2296 paid members fo 1948. Still After 2,500 Kossuth, also, was the firs county in the state to reach its assigned quota. The county or ganization, however, is still driv ing for 2,600 members. Purpose of the party was to celebrate reaching of the membership goal, and also ,-to' make awards to various* outstanding leaders for iheir '^contributions of time anc J 6BS A.-. "' '* the '<W J -»- ''v-» VHi'M rcfr'ite , • i- w*" 3 '*"»« 5 v*i IM*S* &W' fywjf* y«w» *w» ifSftl / v '%* it"" "-->/ ^ '^ • ", ." ^IM^p? tot '|||t,,wif^i;^ that she jnet had previpusly bee|\'a student the sa,m§ 'institution,, • • Bpmance developed a'nd W- sujted in marriage at' Osljgiopsa Sept- il5, 1?8§, 'Mr.' Quavtprv had b,eep graduated-tfrpna the "state »^^.fe ^hjiberaf j»rte "»A8»A'> top' 'awai'dl of 15 gallons of ice cream. .The township reached tjie' quota 6 Vfe hours after kickotf- meeting. ' -* Township Awards •": Eight .townships won awards for atto'nding lOu percent of their organization meetings. The townships wore Burt, Fenton, Plum Creek, Prairie, Whitte-^ more, Wesley, Portland and Sen•-•ca. , An award of $10""wont to Plum Jreck foi' having the most men, 27, at the kickoff meeting. Seneca and Whittemoru tied lor bcc- oi>d place. Harry Storey, regional organ- zation director, brought a mcs age of congratulations from the tate organization, and V. B Hamilton, Hampton, former state ccretary, .was the guest speaker Entertainment numbers were >resented by Albert Kastncr o Holstein, with whistling numbers, and lunch was served' at the close of the evpnmg. ecker, Kinsey con- 'Election Year Promises Action; .GIO.P. Quiet icre will be contests in the i j_ j. * s . * .... *_ |atic ,'brimary ; in." Kpssuth ^^•^iS^^^RtViasfi Mrs. Edeiman, Lpne Rock, Dies Mrs. Ida Edeiman djed Monday, Jan, 19, at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Dave Weber, near Lone Rock. Funeral services will be held Wednesday, Jan. 21, at 1:30 at her daughter's home and at 2 p.m. at the Methodist' church in Burt. T.he Rev. W, S, Handy WJU be. in charge, Arrangements are 'by "Jhipman's. The body will be taken to Mitchell, S. D., for burial in the family plot. Mrs. Edeiman was born Oct. 10, [869, at Calamus, la. On Dec, 25, 1890 she was married to Samuel Sdelman at Lost Nation, Nine years later the couple* moved to ^lankinton, S, D., and l*ei^ tp Vfitebejl^ ' . • t fof „• There Hhey, made their 'homo until tl)e death of Mr.- Edeiman, Apr, -27, 1922, In,l93fc Mrs.rfcT , , , , . •nan pame to Iowa and at intervals made home with daughter, , Survivors are the daughter, \irs, Weber and a son fay at ' B \.PO'_ -T^SS^-JB' ^7 i Street,' .7^—my •j--p»'\ :P-JJ -rsu 1 ** ;w«-n , ?»*<rr« jytefff.ft$«SJ* :&, «anspns -ppw 4iye.^f}}}s. wft? t% 1 '»™»'" h "-» yil,th.e home on Sou SJfflP y'js^' 1 TS! s "^".*ffe** l '.P¥t^ 4! iltJMf^i: \Nimt «fc- . ^rta^4|^|g^^b^|g, w^m^mmwkmf^ w. Mwa wJi^fefQwIwll "•:«% ym am, to r~"* ~" WiwrMgfA ,-. - —, e ITT •7'^'~T r* •*»»*• f l^^ ^Y fVJMV ie. Tflere are gJlsQ 'seven grand- nudren and^ pne great-grand- cnuq, a sisver lvir§. Lora Mpnville, }a., and ft brother,' toempei*, pt Ch^i'oHeeT ding Mr p|, 't here, ' mpmber ^, Rapier' B.W-'"Pl the . sisterhood -he' ' {«hUW/fliral^TQ tne %^^F^Srace,.no W , sja^ "1? &®wm9<M^ sw- •' *-" J»V r^ t ^^f^W^ftr^tt lffi %B? Mr"" Wzn.,,J. 1 Becker announced himself last w"eek as a candidate for clerk of the district coUrt, and E. S. (Duke) Kinsey announced himself Mon- dSy as a democratic candidate for county sheriff. Becker will oppose Mrs. Alma '(•arson* in the primary, and iinaey will oppose 'Ralph Lind- lorst, present deputy sheriff /er A. J. Cogley. The latter s not a candidate for re-election. Mr. Becker has been a Kossuth esidont all his life. He was for- •nerlyin the dry cleaning business here with his brother, Henry. They sold out in 1937. For the past 4!£ years he has been manager of the U. s. employment office hero, from which post he/resigned early this year, He has tv/o sons, Dennis who lives, in Webster City, and Bill, an army sergeant who is expected home from Europe in a few weeks, and a daughter, Mrs. Helen Anderson of Algona. Former County Auditor Duko Kinsey is no stranger to county politics. He served as county auditor fronv'^937 until 1942. At that lime he became manager of the Algpna hemp plant until it closed iif°1945, He has been engaged in 'the insurance business since That time. Mr. Kinsey lives in Algona, but is a former resident of Bancroft, where in his earlier years he wos a prominent baseball player and fan, Indicates Lively Year Th,e',announcement of the two new candidates indicates that the coming political year is going to be a'lively one. With the exception of a candi date for county attorney, the democrats now have a full cpun- :v slate of candidates, assuming Casey Loss runs fo? re-election as state representative. Other candidates, as yet unop pos^d, "in the democratip primary, are RoseUa Voigt, county treasurer; Mrs. Clara Walker county recorder; and Leo Im- merlall, cpunty auditor. No inen- Uon 'of any other candidates has J >e i^>'/ Jr<?4j ?u ed J n * ocal P°J» tic al talk'irpm the democratic carnp Mamas, Papas Of Seneca Show Kids How lt f s Done Seneca: Cold winds . and zero .weather are no obstacle to the mamas and; papas of Seneca, when "it' comes to having fun and settling the annual question of who plays the .best basketball. Seneca residents turned out en masse, Wednesday ^evening of last week, -tp 'witness the two contests. The. road* through, Seneca Was the, dividing line In the selection of -teams With-a mama and papa team Irom^north and K^J$&£s&lte!&<-'"- J fcffsihsWcl, The-first-game-* the, ladles. , ' ' \between • f w. J Dated In Next Locally Rallying to the cause of the south, were Mesdames" Clarence Osborn, Otto Wilberg, Henry Loolt, Caleb Hartshorn and Herman Geilenfeldt. Mary Patterson was also called into action and was to rally to the cause of the other side if and when the going became too much for any individual player. ' Opponents' from the north were Mesdames, .Charles Eeye, James Doocy,' Sheldon Merrill, SfeS ^ rrti_'_ _ . i j • . rumors are, lew "as to candidates,, none having' a§ yet announced themselves. ; New -\ryn~$:f. ~ (a ».»-=• rnnfratuyes gpgprdmg- Four new sale dates have been innounced since a'week ago. Complete listings arc now as ollows; Jan. 21—Garrolt Johnson mile west, hqlf mile south Grant twp. Consolidated school. Preston & Clark, auctioneers; Swea City State'bank, clerk. Jan. 22—Cecelia Bcrgcr, closing out sale, 3 miles south of Wesley, Herman Brummond auctioneer. Jan. 22 — Jim Brophy, complete closing out salo, 4Vi north of Algona. Colwcll Bros., auctioneers; Iowa Stpto bank, dork. Jan. 26—Wm. Hanselman, 3'/^ miles east of West Bend. Complete closing out salq. Colwell Bros., auctioneers: Iowa State bank, 'West Bend, ! clerk. Jan. 27—Roman B, Wilhelmi, 1 w*5t, 1 south of. Wesley. Herman Brummond, auctioneer; Exchange State bank,Wesley, clerk. Jan, 28—Edwawi G, Hof, % mile east and 2 Vfe miles north of LuVerne, Herman • • Brummond, auctioneer; Farmers State bank, LuVerne, -clerk. •*• ***- — v. wo- u wvrjfe V*4* ^<C|Ji *.JT lead which they'held, to within a few seconds of the'final"whistle ,when an opponent's field goal snatched seeming > victory a'Way, 18 to 17. ', The papas chose up sides, wif'a Cassie^Klpcke Choosing for the north and Henry Looft for the south. Rounding out Klocke's team were Russell Kauffman, Ted Jensen, Wayne Lynch, Leo Crowley and Glen Cage. On Looft's team were Clarence Osborn, EUwyn Lock\vood, Chas. Lockwoocl, Marian Fish and^Earl' Crouch. The north team won by several points—how many was a question. James Arbogast officiated the ladies' game, and Kenneth Bollig handled the men's game. Both emerged without iniury. Patients As Of Monday Morn Doctors Work . On Kossuth Hospital Solution Another hospital, \ crisis fronts this community,' •'/",', Monday morning acceptance of new patients at the Kossuth hospital was discontinued. The ac*£ tion was taken -by- Mrs. Dora Bo- ,5 lin of Manchester 1 , lessee of the ' hospital, who has>bc'ert operating it under an agreement with Kos-' suth doctors and the county •, board of supervisors. ',' Her action resulted from diffi--' culties that' have' been develop-' ng for some -time in operation of ! :he hospital, it was said. .' '' Hope For .Solution Mrs. Bolin said she was offer- • ng to sell her interest to» the doctors. Local medical ^doctors J n the meantime said that the ' natter had arisen so suddenly hat they could not immediately , solve the problem, but they indi- •' catcd that action was being taken and they hoped to be able to„, announce a Solution' within a*' few days. "; r In the meantime, at the < General Hospital, it was' * stated that they.were oper- - f ating there at near, capacity, j" but that every effort would <be made to speed turnover '. to make way if necessary for ' emergencies. , ', ( Patients in the Kossuth hosV pital as of Monday Vwould be\ ' cared for until th.ey" 'were 'dis- \ missed' by .their '.physicians, or V able to be,, moved somewhere,I else, Mrs. Bolin said. '. * 1 •' j, ., ' M * In terminating .her, part of 'thc\ ',< ?£ ntra u ?t '-> j^ rs ' > B °H^said..j?shel^ .thought of runnirI£Mefplai a-t^cojj.yalesd""'' • t!i " <J1 * (nftftjjpgpg Jan. 29—George F. liesch, 2 north and 2Vi east of West Bfend, Col well Bros., auctioneers; Farmers State Bank, Whittemore, clerk. . /Feb. 3—Fred McWhertcr, V- south, 1 east, '/ 2 south of Whittemore. Colwcll Bros., auctioneers; Iowa State Bank, Algona, clerk. Feb. 5—Philip A. Wander, 2 south, 3 /4 west of Fenton, com- olete closing out sale. Carl Hansen and Fred Flaig, auctioneers, Feb. 17 — Loss & Mawdsley, complete closing o'ut lS 5 southeast of Algona. Colwcll Bros, auctioneers; Iowa State Bank, Algona, clerk. Feb. 21—E. C. Marty & Sons, Spotted Poland China hog sale, been r! . ' ":— j*—*•*•* A ***e ^ v this week, it- was«s<Ud. Says -It Lost 'Money.' '-* ' There have been' 14 "employes at the hospital; including' three trained nurses, six'Jnursc aids and five institutional" helpers, There were about 30.beds available, but Mrs. Boliri,'sate-she lias been averaging' only '-about' 7 % patients these past-fbw .months, and that as a res'ult"she'was- dp- crating at a Joss., .,-,'v V,< ^ ' Kossuth county has'^becn-Vay- mg a monthly, fee"to; enable,'the county tO' t hayc Jteplncp,-,t6 'card for county patients. The county supervisors had- no time, as of Monday, to work put a solution to their own individual problem Local medical, doctors in \ the meantime said they -were 'taking ,' or sending their patients needing hospitahzation 'to; other' points 4 One doctor delivered tWo'babies I in Fort Dodge, Monday <morning. ' Mrs. Bolin returned to- Man- $ Chester, Saturday noon. WhenS the hqspital ploscd, -Monday, 1 there were 12 patients 'in beds/ , New HospUal'Plans,'? ' ' .Meantime, a checkup with members of the local hospital,.' committee interested in 1 the new ' Mercy Memorial 'hospital here,-,? said that plans for. the'-'nowH,,,, structure - were , on architect's ifr* drawing boards at present: ' ,\<K ?! 'position of; fifth" en LuVerne. Taylor & MartiH, crs State bank, LuVerne, clerk Bag 37 Lb. Prairie Wolf »n .rfW'B»TNWIW"»•*» • 1 fffSaaatfatjatA f Jiiy JgSm^tb feaiggf /-^ ffiff! fe^p^^aaiwA'" tit in a traa. last nrenlr-Jrhu *V> a. < • • acted federal legislatien, is also, ' encouraging. However, the mat- /• • ter has,to move slowly, and the * * Iowa plan has still to be, -ap- II'' proved-by the federal b^ath'dffi^ partment. -A"fte r , . and be fp 'themsejv^ both state Hurt,; boy tpedicalt ley,.surgical..

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