The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 13, 1948 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1948
Page 20
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Corn Borer Menace On March In Kossuth Area tti : t '!•• European corn borer U8tis have increased tremendous ly in Iowa within the last year, ftfthual fall survey figures released this week by Dr. H. M. Harris, JOWa State college entomology department head, and received By A. L. Brown, county agent. The survey, conducted jointly by i the State Department of Ag- riculture, the U. S. Bureau of Entomology and Iowa State college, showed that corn borer populations have built up until they now infest every county in the state. Heaviest infestation continues to center in areas of best corn production, Harris said. However, the spreading of the borers to all parts of the State 30TH ANNUAL STATMBNT DECEMBER 31, 1947 ALGONA FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION ALGONA, IOWA ASSETS First Morlgjigc Loans ... ... .... $ FHA Title 1 Loans __________ IIIIIIII.IIIIII. Loans on Passbooks & Certificates _______ III U. S. Government Bonds & Treasury notcsll Cash on hand and in banks _________ ^ ________ Stock in Federal Home Loan Bank _______ II. I Accrued Interest on Investments ________ I Furniture & Fixtures less depreciation Other assets _______________ 1,186,045.97 3,411.38 1,502.92 591,593.93 76,969.15 29,600.00 2,205.99 2,019.40 64.98 Total Assets $ 1,893,413.72 LIABILITIES t Members' Share Accounts $ 1,703.444.30 Loans in Process _ _ 61 751 09 Unearned discount on FHA Title Moans "I. '449 16 Specific Reserves $ 3.338.13 Federal Insurance Reserve 34,751.42 Reserve for Contingencies ... 70,29591 Reserves for "G" Bonds 15,75500 Undivided profits 3,628.71 ,$ 127,76917 Total Liabilities . $1,893,413.72 1947 Dividends paid S29.977.42 Each Share Account Insured up lo $5000 by Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. Investments — Saving Accounts — Home Loans Modernization Loans OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS H. R. Cowan President M. G. Norlon Vice-President C. R. LaBarre Secretary-Treasurer Murray J. Mowers Ass't Scc'y-Trcos. Jessie L. Smilh Cashier ' Jean Miner Ass't Cashier M. P. Weaver Frank Kohlhaas, H. M. Hauberg Hon. G. W. Slillman • W. A. rosier means that wiestcrn Iowa faiw- ers and those in other parts who had not previously been bothered must how becbme "corn boter conscious". This wide spread /of the borefs presents a potentially permanent problem to farmers" fn all sections of lovva, Harris feels. The sufVey also disclosed d higher percentage of young fall borers'than normal. This increase in 'young borers was probably due to the late spring, Harris bel'ieves, Because of the late, mild fall, these late hatched borers will probably get through the winter without being killed, he said. Highest infestation was in Bremer county where an average of 469 borers per 100 stalks of corn was reported. Lowest population count came from Page and Osceola counties with an estimated 2,8 borers to each 100 corn plants. The infestation in Kossuth county, according to county extension director Brown, was 50.2. Immanuel Church At Sweet City Has Annual Meeting Swea-Eagle 4- At the annual business meeting of the Imman uel Lutheran church, Tuesday ev ening, Jan. 6, pastor A. M. Youngquist reviewed the work of the church in his annual report. An unusual number of babies have been baptized during ' the. year, the number being 33. One adult was baptized and 26 adults were received into the church The congregation now numbers 449 confirmed members and 147 children. The Sunday school enrollment is 150, including Bible classes. The financial secretary, Harvey C. Larsen, reported a grand total income aside from the building fund, of $9,229.39. The treasurer A. G. Eggers reported a grand total of disbursements amounting to $9,441.74. Of this amount, •¥4,011.21 has been sent to missions, charities and Christian education outside the local congregation. There, is a balance of .1690.88 in the treasury.' The' three missionary societies show a grand disbursement of ^918.14. Of this amount $396.40 has been received in memorials. The Ladies Aid has had a successful year, having had an income of $1,445,40. They have paid the cost of sending out nearly 1100 pounds of clothing for relief purposes and have given $875 to the building fund. The building ' 13 !,, now a grand total of ,27n. The Gocl's Acres plan has brought m much of this, and it I has same plan be adopted •'! Orvilfe ThoHbft oaiai v was ruiseu, anc ftus for the past year .._„ The following off leers elected: deacon for three y Os N car Berggrenah, and Saffi i,ar son; if or, two yeiir terms, Rw An* derson and Ole KVamsdale fol* the one year term. Trustees for three ifear term, DP/C. C. Aftdersoft a Archie DitsvJ6rth; Sunday geht^ superintendent, Mrs. " • Albert Swanson. • ••• • - ™"«ii Griffith Archie gitsWort A. B, Tweeten, Qerfrge^ Roy Pehrspn, Cecil Thol-sen, Auditing committee. 'Orville Thorson, Leonardo- Appel Wayne Thompson, Lloydll'o son. Nominatiftg committee, !Mrs. Archie Ditswortlv Albert *EgVers Earl Kvamsdale, John Kyletti 0* car Lmde, Mrs. A. B. Tweereft. Delegates to Augustana synod- P. A. Holcomb; alternate, Mrs. J. J. Anderson. Delegate to Iowa ei 'A j C< T£ c P rg , G Nyttnh,'.-alter- * Adolph Anderson. Delegate to Northern district meeting: Ru dolprr Peterson, alternate' Clif ford Anderson. - - •• BANCROFT Banns Announced The banns of marriage wore' announced for the first time at St John s church for Lorraine Lappe and Lester Higby.,., ^ Mr. 'and - Mrs,.A.-J. Bcrens and Barbara-'of Bancroft, returned Saturday* from Chicago' where they had been visiting since Christmas eve, f . Kenny and Clarence McGuire Francis Menke, and Ralph Kahle all of Bancroft, attended a - bas ketball game- at -Mankato ,Sun dav afternoon. Greenwood 4-H club girls held a meeting at'the home of Eilun Sclultz of Bancroft, Saturday afternoon. Bobby and Billy Fox of Bancroft, drove to St. Paul, where .hey attend St. Thomas college Dick Garry and Billy Kennedy accompanied them. Ruth Torrine who attends school in Indianola, and Lyle Tor•me of Algona returned after .pending their Christmas Vaca- lon of their mother, Mrs, Perry Torrine of Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie McGuire if Bancroft visited Monday at he home of Mr', and Mrs. 'Ben •cooter of Algona. ,•. Mrs. Mary Hill of Iowa City Tuesday, January 13 COWAN BUILDING SUPPLY CO Algona, Iowa HAVE A BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN v;- HEYMER VENETIAN BLINDS Available in wood, flexible steel and aluminum slats. Custom built to fit your windows. Prompt service. Call for free estimate. Available, in flexible steel and aluminum slats. Custom built to fit your windows. Prompt service. Call for free esti- estimtae. S TART with a "Kitchen- nider" cabinet sink, n great work-stiver in itself, liuilt to highest quality standards in glciunhiif whili' enameled steel, "Kitehenaiders" have acid-resisting porcelain lops, and are available in different models to fit your own plans. Special features include twin-bowls, dish and vegetable spray, silent doors and drawers, ample storage space. Spotlessly white floor calii- nets and wall cabinets in all sixes and types, to fit any home. These Youngstown units will bring new beauty and convenience to your kitchen. No expensive remodeling needed. Low'AIonthlij Terms, BY MVLLINS YOU CAN INSTALL IT YOURSELF! Permanent, easy-to-clean baked enamel wall covering In a raised tile pattern that looks like expensive ceramic! Has a smooth, svashable surface, stays "new looking" for years. Won't crack or blister, never needs refinishing! In a variety of exciting colors. Bring in your wall measurements today. _ We'll be glad to give you an estimate. In convenient 54" wainscot height, ONLY QQp 9 iq. ft, MAGIC CHEF THE RANGE YOU CAN DEPEND ON ASK ABOUT OUR CONVENIENT PAY PUNS FOR EASIER BETTER COOKING More women cook on Magic Chef than on any ocher range. Why?'Because more* won) en know ihe cook in t and saving at}v(»ntagfs of Magic Chef's 48 cooking features. Bcfpie ypi< buy any range, let us show you «he new Magi? Chef,. BUILPIN© SUPPLY CO, Phone 27§ Alg^na, Henty Mefik€,of BaHcrdftls &hfegef O f>th^ Re Sirtee. the first, 6f IW . , ear, Mr. Bfid-Mft; ^ Quihftof Af- dla,- la., Viiltied 6V6f Nf!^ Years at .the hoffig of 'Mr^tiifift'g . Bfid|et ^UlhM of ' ^ Mrflfid' Mrs. biek Wfelp and Barbara , Mr. and Mrs. Ddh'Shll- IthgtoH* ahd Jimfiiy .and Nancy Visited • Sunday at the'-hbme of Mr, arid Mrs. E. JT, ShilUngton of Bancrdft. > Mr. afid Mrs; E. J. ShillingtOfi are 'the parents of Mn Don Shillinfeton and Mrs. Welp. ' Mr, and. Mrs. 'Wendell -Ringsdorf arc thd parent^ of a son born Saturday. This is their first child. Ctefo 'flit* to*Bft> fwttmsffifti Yeltfs" guests at W,/%Hlfitfer'!i f Mrvafid Mm, >*Wrh.,- Zfrnifemhftft were everting yiistdfs at BrWitt Brink's, Mr. artdf tt& Awjhie'Voigt, soft g, W.hittettibrfe'' Mr/ fcftdfofs. RUseh,* a«d* Mi*,' and'' M?tf, Meyer 1 wer"e Monday even- liitf-Visitors at W. A. Leinihger's. s < -•Mesdames-Earl' Weaver and Harold Zimmermann Visited at Wedding of Edgar t Ann Arbor. -Mich., Mrs: - Wm. yj.nit.-iiaviii.ti, Wls 1 .) also L his ttiother Mrs. H. P> _..jr,- Uake Party- Minn, itjjrned to Mt.'.Vernon'Sun- , be*.able U6 jokc'about it now; UutMt wasft't funfty when it h&tjpertdd. '*Hb drove tb Fbrt Ddge,, gkrkbd hid &$ & While, then"drove to.TMorc whefo he was ai-rkstfed for-'cfif theft. He'was ho thief, h6w,ever» and proved- it when he drove ^back to Fort Bodg"e and found his oww car where h6 had left it* The tw6 cars were exacitly 1 alike and he had driven Off in, the other car thinking it was hjs own. * . • i "^ * u ' New power for four BUICK! +*'t. < * Today's Power, Today's Performance, , , • f r * ' Today's Zip-lor Buicks up to Fen Years Old! M AYBE fliis sounds ^00 good to be true. But it's a fact! " ' " Evert if your Buick dates back as fat- as 1937, you can have a hoodful of factory-fresh Fireball power—a sleek new power plant that's the same as the engines going into the latest ; cars, Yes.^t's all new', with the latest Buick engine featurQs h } fi yoti. read about—Hke precision cylinder boring, Oil-Miser rings, Stratoflow cooling and so on. <•'>' &' Everything about it is brand-new7 : A new carburetor and air cleaner help make every drop of fuel give Up all „ its power, A new distributor, complete with vacuum and centrifugal advance, puts new snap in your get. away x and new pep in all driving. A • r,wiring harness preven'ttfx 1 * lessf And .tucked in tlfe^ 1 $$*>."•'T- r "V$'iN?£' ls a " ew sl "oVWe „'„* B*IM!"^Wl^^ 0 <K in fi mor ° ' mMrifift&&Mtf''<> f . - .-s«, &<i%,~$?ti-^<?M'A ' » , l ,„.<!.*/ „ -„„ can get a new engine like this * because engine productio"n\ls riot » held back by the shorta^c<of sheet r steel which limits compiefe-car production, I- '„ ^ i ;** So we're able to put one of these honeys Into your car and make it young"again^-give it new power and performance that will get you set for thousands and thousands more carefree miles. ', How much does it cost? Not nearly what you'd expect—of ten'less than a comprehensive overhaul. And it's a'mighty good investment because it makes your, car worth so much more when it comes time to turn It in. ' r Nice proposition, isn't 1 it? Surely, worth talking -over. Won't you* cpme , in and^let us give all the details? f. < ' Y l&J Bring Your Car to KIRK AUTO LUBRICATION „ WAS BATTiRY SiRVICE MQTOR OVERHAUL MOTOR TUNi-UP WHEEL BALANCING KIRK AUTO Complete line 1ST US SIHO YOU

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