The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 13, 1948 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1948
Page 13
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: r *' ti Jjltai. BBftf :ommumtyClub leeting Set For urt, January 14 41 V * , -Community will meet Wedn.esd.tty for dinner at the Burt hotel hi sfeVen p. m, Surt Fii?emeh Elect * The firemen met Thursday ev- • ening; election of officers was held with Paul Olsori elected as chief; Allen Hinekley as assistant chief; and George Mantis, sefai-e- tary. The next meeting is an oy- - ster stew February 12. Meinier Out of Hospital Gus Meinzer was released from the hospital in Rochester, Friday, but he is to remain there for a time. Mrs. Meinzer hoped to come home for a while as soon as she could see how he gets along out of the hospital. Al Burt Funeral^ - '. Mrs. Anna Vinaas and sons Leo ..and Lloyd, and Mr .and Mrs.Bur- Titpn Isenberger,. all of Dos Moincs, . Attended the funeral of Albert Jchrader last week Tuesday; the * women are sisters of Mrs. Albert Schrader. Relapse From 'Flu' Dr, Guy Clapsaddle entered Park hospital, Mason City, last .week Monday; he is suffering a ^elapse of the flu. •Kriethes On Visit ,, TrMl \ and Mrs. Paul Kriethe Jr., Washington, D. C., and Eugenia Kriethe, spent Tuesday visiting Mrs. Al Staehle and .with friends - i.l jn, Algona. Mr. Kriethe has be§h in the employ of the government the past seven years, but is now being transferred to Denver, Colo He and Mrs. Kriethe and their young son have been visiting his mother and Sister in Owatona, Minn., the past two weeks. lit, A V I: ? il J ary , sewin g meeting will ffibe 'Wednesday. Jan. IV at the "home of Mrs. Walter Lockwood. Mrs. Ed Larsen entertained the T?, nd , Circle Tuesday. Jan. 13. Walther League 'met Thursday fevenmi? at the Lutheran church with Paul. Analise and Betty |G t ebkin,as hosts. «L-i-.»>rjto. ••!•_-.' xOh - Bgpjf$tf£hic; B^JCISI. wetjK,-jn.*¥\.j6;ona>'takinlf' -- °, f Mrs. Paul^lley who was- with the flu. > ' j ' ^ V , -Mrs. Al Staehle entertained the members .of ..Her, .bridt^ foursome fi Friday, at a one o'clock dessert s lunr-heon. . , *< Mrs.. J:, -L. Miller. Mrs. E. P. 'Fredncksbn and Mrs. Howard VMcMijllen were Mason City visitors Tuesday. , Willis Vogel and M. J. Wolf visitors in Minne- -apohs, Wednesday. Mrs, S J. L: Miller and son Mr ^nd Mrs. Clark Miller and baby spent Thursday visitine MV« <? H. GiU'in-Havelock S P 1 . • Mrs, George Manus entertained ! the, members of the Bid-or-Bye i'Bndge club, Thursday evening. Mrs^ 'Anna Reimers. 'Margaret Reimers and Catherine '•" Manus were'guests; with Margaret Reimers winning high score' and Mrs, Martin Gfejse, low. Birth'da'y Circle meets Thursday^ Jan. 15, with Mrs. Henry Werner,. , ( - MK.ahd Mrs .Glee Bullock were visito£ }n, Emmetsburg Wednesday evening where they called on Mrs. Tony Stoeffel, who had beet? confined to the hospital a fe\V davs. Delmar Angus has been ill since Tuesday with pneumonia, He was • some better Friday afternoon, . The Melhodisf Church ' ' ; Burt. Iowa William S.-Handy, Pastor Sunday, January 18— , Sunday schdol, 10 a. m, Talk The, Presence of God, Mrs, F. L! Pratt, Methodist Membership Tickets, W. S, Handy, s .'-Morning wprshjp, U a. m. Ser- m ?.$ ^y'the, pastor, "Where Felidvlrshlp Gei-Toge'the 1 r ) 'Mon day, Jan. lo. - 4 Yauhff Adult Rally, Garnet Methodist Church, Stlflday,.'Jan 18 fdr a'll .whB are interested in yoUHg adult work, < • / >•' the W. S. C, S. meeting. Wednesday.; Jan. 7, was undeV-thc di- tgctioH of the new president Mrs waiter Cflmpttey. A very iriter- festirig prdgrdm was presented by Mrs. Dean, Andrews. : iii , The,members of the congregation are asked to reserve Feb-,1822 for tile John Clinton meetings, ' The Sunday school setfm- hev/ recbrd.for, attendances Sunday Jtin. 14, 110 were present. J3uri.i>Jes£y1*rTart Church •Ray K. Hill, Minister ^ SUnda'y, January 18— > , •' '"' 10 a, m., morning worship, sermon, "Come and Sec". 11 a. m., Sunday school. Adult topic, "Man's Need of Gdd".--* 0:30 p. m., intermediate -Westminster Fellowship. 7:30 p. m., senior Fellowship . , St. John's Lulhera Burt, lowa Ferdinand Reith, Sunday, January 9:45j Sunday class. , 10:30, divine ,On January 8th t|e^annual meeting of the congreg|lapii ? was held, in which the folloWiHg'Were elected to office: chairrjffi;'Ralph Bicrstedt; elder, Le^®ch'fftidt; treasurer, Herman Ra^ufr'sfe'crc- tary, Wilfred Radig; fiha.ifce Committee, Martin Dreyel^Rudolph Peter, Henry Schroedef^'T red Schmidt, Richard Lavpehz,';and Floyd Koepke; Christmas Committee, Raymond Lavrenz and Robert Schmidt; chief ushers Emil Eimers and Carl Reynolds- ushers, Max Bierstedt, Donald Eimers, Emil Hasse Jr.. PaullHas- se, William Mads6n Jr., m'kene Meyer, Merlin Madscn> and'^Heri?,?, 1 ] Rachut Jr -! organist, Mrs. Wilfred Radig; assistant organist, Miss Evelyri Meyer; bell ringer, R. A. Bleich. It was decided to continue the solicitation of funds for an organ. 4 New Students AtBurtSehaol Burt—There were four new 1 sttU donts joined the Burt school, last week .They are Paul, dardl, Way- he and Corinne Kern. Three a>e in the grades and Corihrte is & sophomore in high schbol. They came here from Jefferson, Iowa, Mew JV, Hi Teacher 4 Leo Gocders. the new teabhef m the junior high, is a graduate us Iowa State Teachers college and formerly tattght in Knoxville, At present he is living in Algoha. Basketball Results Both the boys ahd girls basketball teams were in action last week. The boys played St. John's of Bancroft ;on the local floor and were beaten; the boys second team won their game. The girls journeyed to Seneca Wednesday night and. won by" a score of 54 to 34, playing the best game of the season. Burt led most of the time, steadily increasing then- lead to the final whistle. , TT " T ? , Jlv Hi [b°ys playe.d Seheca Jr. HI in the opener and came dut on the short end of a 24 to 11 •score. Saturday afternoon they played St. John's at Bancroft. ""v The boys and girls teams both plav at Lone Rock on Tuesday evening and Friday they play Swea City at Swea. Plan Pep Club The cheerleaders, Palma Joy iettt'StiVdS Olson, CarJse plans iv. u » *.£* \**uik/ Which will irichide re from eaclibf , thfe' ,,m M a ^ tyvi blesses and the jUttlbf High. ,¥Hls is possibly the first, attempt' tb form a club of-this iypfe al BUrt and it should bolster team and school spirit. More information on this' will be followed albng .With the names of the class representatives. They were on the way to Mason -tty. Mrs. Koch a fofhier teacher is back irt thg pro'fe&ion tqabh- hg intermediate, grades at Hod- ttan. Last fall she was p'fersiiad- id to .substitute' uHtil d teacher fould bb Hitfed, and she's Still bri ;he job. Kathferlhe is taldrlg a tindefgarten cbufse at Nebraska Weslbyari uhlVersity frohi which her fndther was graduated. , Wesley, Oh Western Trip HOSPITALS {,-*• ,..-> t x • ':Fobf Comfort Remedies 8 t For Every'Foot Trouble. FOR SALT - GRAIN i / YOU KNOW! FEED-COAL BURT CO-OP. ELEVATOR Mixers of Felco Feeds Phone 35 t tot. and Mrs. Henry Hayerly left. Tuesday morning with her Uticid, Mike Raskopf of Marshalltbwri, for an auto trip to the $est coast. They .will visit, IHfe Pfete. Mflvferlys at Corortaddf the W. F; Healys at Palo Alto> i§ the former Dor- Hayerlys . Mrs. Etealy i§ the for otHf . HavbrlVi the Fred dt SabfarHbmb, Joe Kleinpeter at Los Arigeles, and other relatives t . . . _ tfep. kbch On Visit ICOSSUTrl AAWfc7X-A A.TV.L* Dec. 30—Mrs, jf. R, Darnell, Algona, gn 1 !; Mrs. J. A. Lenlsch, Algona, girl.. Dec. 31—Mrs. koberl Foster, Algona, 5U1IU, gLI'l. • Jan..2—Mrs. Wrn. Fett, Algona, boy. Jan. 3—Mrs. Iryin Eischen, Luverne, girl; Mrs. Mike Stoffcl, Bode, boy. Jan. 5—Mrs, Waller Boeckholt, Algona, girl. ) - T .« Altq,Rei)resentative Frank Koch "* *t*i..-.r « . . .... •j—"i r^ &'*!& ^ end and 'hte daughters Katrjerine and Barbara were irt AlgaH& briefly Tuesdjiy^. .Phone 4 insurance Farm Liability , ' Automobile Pickups Trucks and > Tractors see NELS J. NELSON PHONE 15S Burt, Iowa THANK 1 • For your patronage^fhevpast six years. I have''s^Sfp'rny Bau'ty Shop to Elaine/Uppen arid liuth Meyer anc(iU;jt(iiow they will be glad to ser-ve^ybu. \ •<—--•-» i MRS. HAROLD BECKER 4 Going?" Are i. m. "Christ's Offei ' to Youth", U. The official board \vill meet a , the' chUrch' Friday, • Jah, "16 31 7:30 p, m, .' . uft /r Daniels Harness - ., ., *• % ir* *v t RANGE Mahicures tluding " v ,, §§ Shampoo an^ §ft 95c Permqnfi'nts, RUTH MEYER and LOIS' and < RICH'S ^ , ' f GoodF6od ahd Good Service Is Our Mottp OPEN ; SUNDAY SCHRADER'S HARDWARE BURT f Armory Tangle At Esfherville Esihervillc—A movement here to vote ahd Sell city bohds to erecl an atmory for a National Guard company met with competition Which threatened to kill the proposal. Thirteen interested citizens rep- tesenting the city council, the city planning commission, the ideal school-board, the county Farm Bureau, the county fair board, the PTA, the National Guard unit, the Chamber of- Commerce, and other organizations met to discuss the proposal. A building to hotlse riot only Farm jrJaiyarylS, .1 m. Al§8n« ,U^lf tt^>1 •*—" '""•* ' "-^ . II . i .1 . I.... .. .Jd'.r.M>l««hiiE&J«i« .ij. S'V/JS iti * tA - Wu.^1^ but also the . ht; ' See Us Today at ijtt WAYHE 3-tine SICM NEALY HARDWARE AND HATCHERY BURT, IOWA ouueimieimeni, conventions, Basketball toufHameHts, ,'fttllef-skat- ing, service clubs, and othei' public purposes with-a .capacity of 3000 to 5000 pedple dt & time/was discussed, arid dstiiiiates of^ the cost f&hged from $200,000 to a half million. , , ,' ' bdhsideratibh Was other present arid flrdgp'fedtlve b'ohd- mg which provided or contemplates burdens fbf about all tax- •payers Would starlet loff consensus df« oplfifofl; therefore td b'e* ' building would !,„... . ed as a stock, riot" bo" tion. Is Seriously til Whitfenjore: . Mri, . Ed^l Greinert is rep'orted /sefl 611 "* 1 ^ tit- li nil f*>*^-M.< j_i / J^J^—.^/ij- J, i at her home, e offlf you high quality chicks from good siock, by l?L PUl !!? ta 4 f e l 6St6d r ^ ady fa * ou ^ hatchery '*' •*.. 1 ', accuracy guSrartlfeed on sexed' chicks* * ' rouh Good BREEDS to CHOOSE FROMJ Bi&" Yeof 'ftouttd Poulity Servide. Wayhe Feed, NEALY HATCH Eft Y PHONE sa OR 77 6 They'HGei All Right- ; Betduife Thsir •' • — MitK i Is Corning From . JSurt Cream Station Phone 160 i Popular ModeSs ^^~%***«H(tfc ^*4 ^^ wMflfe-rfL ^ 3i ^ c \ i -" oi CORONADO f'f STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! ij,~~ x ' (2 sferfti-rrdliers) . ^•s ( ' ' ' • ,—Sefe—•' '.' CLIFF HOLDING WAttT TO BUY AND SAVE! •T' '•- ' " J ^ •AM-tit*- Swings Porocffe o'forte Here Vttf Pt*F(«WANCE— BOTTOM PRICE COMPACT RADIO \ 'i^f^ MW "Bo« Boost" cir- euir/to reproduce the lowed notes. Full 5-in. '**}*>'*** Pta* imt. 6 tubes. Specially Priced At . (payable monthly) Plenty Nkei And What A Value! i Eyes'Rigfif! — For Special Savings t MODERN STYLE-STREAMLINED PRICE RADIO » *• Specially Priced At 3ANK & \ t ( At this ijme of the year a great m^iny of our people are making the necessary arrangements for re-financing their farm loans, - We wish to call •ihe attention of these folkg to t the many ftdvajif- ages of f r$vwg you? farm Ip4jt wtlji ybm Hank, Here are sSrh? 8f the fn|n^ ad^i to with le who 1, Yovr , ydUr . elt ifi Iji'em. -, , • *-- • ;"; f ".'; 1 > :,. -'- ; 2, All of, the papers ore kept here and may be irifpicM pt dhy fimei --~ v 3, icw Ihterei! rabs, " ' ' -'~ " '* 4 Very liberal paymerjt optjani. tivfyrrr ti^iviiiiFM ix^ ypyi'" with ."The Rbng- w. Pin, < rich tohe—• ^^fufne—ond 9leoi^itnQ -walrajit-flriish cabinet, A •W^^bbie nfedel. - 2.9$down 1.25 a week (payable monthly) 5ef T/»s One Toc/oy.'j *» t . m ••mm an ^ ' ^ HATS OFF!-TO THESE ?vAl t -*<5 IN QUAUTY CORONADOS! >^5i?> t v2^H?^?3 ^v-lS s?*j *" A ft. -• "•- 5 ' jt.-fca.Tp «!tiJ'9KV* «Y,er ,on 9 A,"MA|STHO'? ( - ,,.Bedptlfo|j (> -18tbC4ntvry-5ty(« "*" cabinet, Nolsfti freevreeeption with fM, Smooth, silent record- sf* ch^naer,«»»> i'» * B. "RHAPSOBY'* ondloo^atthe|»ic«! , C».. A 4.L> "*i_^l_ /l •St_ } { othonie any where, flick ivory plastic cabinet, 5' ALNICO l r ^?p«aker, A "super" value),»,,,,,.,.,,,, in f or vigbf/, if i *ff*>.. ,JN Yfi. ifel Ywr |U ^^••••B* 1 ( " J.T- *" -. • « ^fc{' f ^^i&Mifll

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