The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 13, 1948 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1948
Page 4
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WVf ?,' r-ft 1 *' tl / j '^ J * t -3<?3>V UfJper D&s Mbiftes, TUesdhy, January, 13, 'ritish War Bride Has A ijtor From Her Ofd Home fthe's'' a "long, long way < OJTI home, is Mrs, Louis K"nt of the Doan neighbor- i jod northeast of Algona; i>if last week it didn't seem H far, for she had a visit u ijn her sister's fiancee, Jim'll! tyre, formerly of Wat- ',ivl, England, her own "'ioino town' iftrs. Kent and a young nt wrr.<* passengeis on the Jt bride's ship to leave Aland for the United lies "two vears ago She if Ku-sstilh county's fust i luidrl «iml airivfd on i:><« nl the coldc-st days of :r wliulo winter. At that ae k iuh a VIM! as she had t week wouldn't have seemed possible to her. Now she has prospects of having a sister living in the States v for when Jim Mrtn- tyre goes back to England to claim his bride he plans (o return here with her. Of course Mrs. Kent is hoping they may decide on Iowa for their home. Mr. Me.Intyre was in the British armv seven years, When he returned home, the family moved last June to Canada. They spent Christmas in Des Mo i nes with a married daughter and sister, and being so near to Mrs. Kent, Jim came to see her Mr. Melntyre and his father are in construction business in Canada. , Tosdames Harry and August , e\ md the lattri s chilclien .1 to Ch.ales Citv Thursday. ,sit relatives: a', and Mrs, T. C. Fielder of •;ter City, were Monday ;ts of the A. A. Sterlings. Fielder is a sister of Mrs. mi 1 , UT,. Raul. Wille is confined to with, pneumonia but is now \\hat un)ii(i\ed She it, ho- eari'ti for by her cousin Mrs. • Graham nf Burt. vi- and Mrs. Willard Zeigler .i Francie spent Sunday at i\vick with Mr. and Mrs. Mar•:• Ncrcm. sister and brother- -'-v.v nf Mrs. Zeigler. /;, J. Pool, of the Boisford iiKi- .''nrrl. and John Ferguson. ••••rpsontim; F. S. Norton & Son. nUejiding a lumbvnnan's .-ivonUn'n at Minneapolis. ?onry Fursl recently had sur-V at Mercv hospital at Fort ,:ige. He 'is now r;-ctiperating home and in a few mon- days ••Kicts to lie back at work. .'it. and Mrs. Jos Bestenlehner nf 10 St. Paul. Minn.. Satur.- Id attend funeral services ,;uk;y for Mrs. Herbert Whit- iv. Btistonlohner. .vnvnet'Will, son of Mr. and :>•.• Walter Will, has as guest Victor Peterson of Nebraska with whom lie became acquainted when they were in the navy service Ann Fechner returned Thursday from her annual spring buving trip to Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ulfers went to Emmetsburg, Friday, to visit Mr. and Mrs. Tony Stofl'el. brother and sister-in-law of Mrs. Ulfers. The Stot't'els operate a cafe there. Mr. and Mrs. William Simmerman recently returned from Harlan, where they had spent several days with their respective parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Zimmerman and Mr. and Mrs. William Dae. , The Rev. 3. T. Snyder. former Fenton Methodist pastor, is to speak at Hie local Methodist church next Sunday. He now resides at Storm Lake, and is ex- oeutive .secretary of the Northwest Iowa Conference's pension fund. Mrs. J. B. Winkel, her mother Mrs. Frank Capi-sius and Mrs. William Dodcls. accompanied Mrs. Lawrence Winkel and. Bob to Fort Dodge. Friday, where they visited Mrs. James Torna- baiie. sister of Mrs. J. B. Winkel ither friends. » TUESDAY, JANUARY 13 !-.•>. I Lcinct Turner and Van Heflin in : ^-"GREEN DOLPHIN STREET 7 " * 'WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY, JANUARY , LOVING HIM * \ PLUNGED THEIR i v, LIVES INTO THE •»- DARKMt?<7HAT SURROUNDED HIM! , Hoceni' guesife of i Mfc attdi ' J. M. Ulfh'lu wore Mr, and, Mr* Cfus Jensen of 1 Fort Dodge, Pearl Walker went lt>. Des Mbines, Saturday, fbr __a few ,dnys visit with Vera man. Ji M. Thilges Has returned from Rochester, Minm, and is recovering nicely from major surgery. Mf. and Mrs. Hbm«* Boevers and Kay of West Bend wore recent guosts of Ml-, and Mrs. B, A. Thorpe. Mr. and Mfs. W. H. Shafp have had as recent guest; Mi-s. Alice Paxton ol Storm Lake, mother .of Mrs. Sharp. Bud Barnard, manager of the local Gamble Store, will leave January 14 to attend a merchandise show at Marshalltown; la, James Kuecker, of West Bend, grandson of Mrs. J, E. Walker, is remaining with Her while at work for the Woidenlioff com* pany. . Mi-, and Mfs, J. S. Thomas spent last weekend at; Des Moines with> Mr. and Mrs, L. R, Gampbelli parents of Mrs, Thomas. > Mr. and Mrs. Chris WallUkail had Mr. and Mi-s. Cecil Pate of Eagle Grove as guests Friday. Mr. Pnto is a brother of Mrs, Wallukait. .» Mr. and Mrs. M. M; Morrow came from Audttbon last week bringing back the hitter's moth> er, Mrs. F. S. ; Norton, who had been visiting there. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Slrayer have had as a guest the past six weeks the latter's father,. Sam ZtMitner of Delavan, Minn., who recently returned home. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wegener Wednesday were Mr. and Mrs. Warren Thompson of Lone Rock. Mr. Thompson is a nephew of Mrs. Wegener. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Westling had as visitors one day last week the former's brother and sister- in-law. Miv. and Mrs. John Westling and Doris of Fort Dodge. Sunday suopsr guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lindhorst' wero Mr. and Mrs. Leland Wildin. Lee Davis, Mason City, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kinsella, Mason City. Bort Miner, vetoran Algona PLUS WACKY QUACKY" Nickel Tales By Norih- western Bell TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY I?.o3e Bowl Game FRIDAY, JANUARY 16 SATURDAY, JANUARY 17 and what an,«ffair it was!) John HODIJI George MUEFH¥ Frances ADDED Oeao Eve Arden rosicti'iit who has been having sorious lung trouble during the last 1'cw months, was taken to {hi- state university hospital last week. / Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Thompson had as guests last week Sim- day the .latter's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond 'Larson and family, Renwick. Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Vander Waal went to Sheldon. Friday, where they visited Mr. and. Mrs. Luster Landhuis, brother and sister-in-law of Mrs. Vander Waal. Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Waldera have as guest Mrs. O. R. Kieffer of Jamestown, N. D., who came Thursday and will remain a week. Mr:;. Kief for is a sister of Mrs, iWaldera. ' Botly ^nn and Eula.Mae Pearson, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Pearson of Hampton .•••went' last week Tuesday with their maternal grandparents, Mr. and MIT,. G. A. Sharp. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Tuttle wont to Perry, Wednesday, and returned Thursday. Mr. "Tuttle transacted business and Mrs. TuuJe visited her parents,. Miv and Mrs. G. A. Burrell. Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Vohs had as dinns-r guests. Sunday, Mrs. Luella Thompson and Charles of Hardy, Bessie Thompson of Wcr- ster City, and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Vohs. Carol J.\n rjncl Jimmie of West Bend. Viola Heller, who had been at Okinawa the past year, arrived at San Francisco, Calif., a few weeks ago and from there came to visit the B. A. Thorpes. Her plans are indefinite and-she will remain hen; till making a decision. Mclvin Rieken was taken to Iowa City Tuesday for a checkup following a back injury which hi- suffered in November while doing some heavy lifting. Mrs. Rieken will go back to Iowa City in two weeks to see him. Recsnt guests of Myrtle Turnbaugh and her brother Bert Turnbuugh were Mrs. Agnes Kulosar of Sioux City, daughter of Mi-. Turnbaugh and Mr. and Mrs. Clotus Turnbaugh, his son and daughter-in-law of Buffalo CVnU-r. Mr. and Mrs. Bob McCullough have as guest Mrs. William Record, sister nf Mrs. McCullough, who rami- Friday and will remain several days. Mr. and Mrs. Hot-ord had formerly lived at Cedar Rapids but are .moving to Indianapolis. Ind. Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Miller recently returned to their home at Grinnell, following a visit with Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Crawford, sister and brother-in-law of Mr. Miller at Minneapolis, Minn., coming from there to visit Mr. Miller's mother Mrs. Mary Miller and cither relatives. Mr. and Mrs, Earl Taylor, ac- (•(inipanied b.V Mrs. C. E. Dearchs. Mrs. Mary DeGraw and Mrs. J. M. Ulrich went to Mallard New Year's day to attend the final rites for Mrs. Elizabeth Kress. 84, who had been in failing health for some time. She was. a cousin of Mrs. DeGraw. Mr. and Mrs. Clair Winkie are planning to move to Hayfield, Minn., March 1, where they have a farm. For the past few years they have been living with Mrs. Ben Winkie, mother of Clair who has needed their care. It is possible Mrs. Winkie will accomr pany them, but so far, no defir nite plans have been made. Recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Casey were Prof, and Mrs. Robert Lowrey of Sioux City. Prof. Lowrey is music instructor at Morningside college and he and Mr. Casey became acqpaintr ed when the latter was a student' at Iowa university and played trombone in a musical organization instructed, by Prof. Lowrey. . Mf. And Mrs* Rox. Taylbr Hhd as weekend' guosta ; Miv. John flroUHftrd? of, iS ;sibwiy, GuerfSi art ififr Vigils §Htf f fofdS- last wee& SUridfcy, 'Mh dridl Mrs., MblViri, Qlsdfcr 0& . and; Mfs> JaHHt and 'tamore spent* SUnday at, with Mta, Ji c: mtij, Jbhtt- Thuli Mrs*, Agnes liaiillby, Saturday, from JJedyardj, where she had' aeoompanie'd' Mts, £$*• ward McGUire of Bone Rock; tb visit'relatives of "Mi-s, McGUire;. that "anything can, happens 5s well establishedi in the minds- bf, Dr. and'Mrs, Don.Grettio of (2hi«- cago, 111., son'in-law, and, daughter of Mi-, and, Mi-s. G, L. \fbhs, A recent letter from, them* tbld of an electrical storms, unlocked for at this time of year,, which struck a sizeable areaj of, Eftst Chicago on New Year's morning. Mfs. James Walker accompan* ied Mi-: and Mrs. Kenneth Pry" or and Bobby Jim to Alden Ffi' day, where they visited Johnson's father and his Mrs, wife, Mr. and Mi-s. Joe Johnson. From there they went to Iowa Falls tb visit Mrs, Jbhnson's daughter and son-in-law. They were gone over the weekend. Mrs. R. H, Loveall of Brazil, Ind,, sister of Mi-s, Dick Sbrem sen, returned home Sunday fol^ lowing a two weeks visit here, most of the time having bean spent at Graettinger with Mrs> Elizabeth Morlan, . mother ot tlie. women, Mrs..Morlan is;with j Her son-in-law and 1 daughter,. Mr. and Mrs, Bob Slmonsen, Mrs. G., E. Towne spent' Christmas at Birmingham;, with her son-in-law and ter, Mr. and Mrs. Robertt Glap per. Mrs. Clapper accompanied) her home, arriving. Thursday,, and after a visit here, Mrs, Clap* per will; join her husband, and; both will again, return toi New York, where they had been: living. Jean Thorpe, daughter of; Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Thorpe, had, asi house ettest recently B. D. Kuchel of Kinssley. Upon conclusion of his visit here, Jean accompanied him home for a visit with<His- parents, both young folk returning hero later. They have now returned to • Iowa City, where they are students at the university. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Casey have returned from Evansville, ind., where they had. visited; the for- yi£ iteT< ttrjss;,.. s m< - ilM m|r llhotype ofieratfefi- ' ft* WRittembre GHttnlpibll, Ulttt •bumsrttiy, employed; By. the ffileae ^ MSrron Gi, Mi WriiieHtlil W&kt o*ef« . gttestr Saturday, at! ionB with. Her-daughtefrattdi seh in»-lb\v. Mr. and! Mrs, (SfefaWl An •gus> Mh andi Mrs. 1 Angus, J6J»i land Jane, left- the fil-att off tha iweek fbr lios Angelbs and 1 Sfttl jDlegoj Calif., where,' they.- will ! visit a few weeks, wlthi Mh and EdVvai-d TotosUo; andi Mf», jand' Mi-s. Eugene Angus respeat lively. Tdbako-is'Sisistetvaf Mrs. Angus arid Gene Angus is T a •brother of Gerald! I Orvillb Wicks recently,teturned !from California, where He am) this brother Everett- of 'Jewel t had flown to* attend the Rbsc Bbwl Igame, having been- able tb' ac quire tickets through' their brother-in-law, Vance Easier*, a .student at« U> C. L. A\ They vis* ited Mrs. Clara Hblin, mother of Mfs, Orville Wicks, and other relatives, During her husband's absence, Mrs, Wicks and liarry remained' at, Kanawha f with) Her sister and brother-in-law. Mf. and Mrs. Chester ScHoBy, returned home Friday fronv a six weeks trip tb Califbrniai Mi-s, Schoby's son, Bob Hicks, who had' been, emplbyed in a bank, came back'with, them for a short' visit. At Phoenix the Schobys stopped for am overnight visitt at 'the W. J; Bournes and: foiind them well Mrs. Otis Paddbck and Her daughter Patsy of Phoe* nix called on the Schobvs while they were atlBbUrne's; Mrs, Padi- dock is the former Gladys Tribon of Algona. Relatives of the; late "Brad" Means family, former well: known: Algonians of many vears' ago who later moved! to Minne,- apolis. Minn,,, have 1 received word, of: the death of;-Mrs, Stanley Bezoih the former, Mabel; Means. Mrs. Bezoir/died! in: Wisconsin; details not given, aridiwas taken to Minneapolis for- burial beside her late husband; She is survived by her daughter Marian, husband and son; who: live on the west' coast, Mrs, Means was a daughter of: pioneers, Mk, and, Mrs. James Henderson; and; was a sister of the. late Thomas: Henderson. Whittemoire Boy Now In Korea S-Sgtl Arthur S; Dahlhauser; mer's parents, Mi-, and-Mrs. E..E.T-scnr of' Mi-, and Mrs. Peter J! Casey,, and- are now with Mfs, Dahlhauser, off Whittemore, Ia: f IT HA* TWO BASIC OBLIGATIONS AND SECOND, PUBLIC SERVICE SIGNIFICANTLY WOMEN AND IN PERSON Off THE, STAGE FEARLESS HYGIENE" COMMENTATOR W? I T H AV S T A R T II HUB* MESSAGE! . Casey's parents. Mr. and Mrs. C'. : E. Dearchs. Weekend: guests of the Dearchs were another daugh- and D,es' ter and her husband, Mr. Mrs. Duane Compston of Moines. Mr. and Mrs, L.. G;. Fuchsen' and Mr. and Mrs, Ted Fuchsen' of> Whittemore spent' the week-end at- Mason. .City atr the hom» off Mr;' antirMl-s." W;:D;' > McGaifl'ey.f is serving with the Army, of;' pupation in Southern. Korea. . He is located approximately 20 i miles; from Seoul, the; capitoli city of 'Korea. S-Sgt: Dahlhauser.- enlisted' in the army on October: 5;, 1946;. at 'Fbrti Gook, Neb., . and has been: in; Korea 11 months. He is 9 graduate' j>f-,WestrBehd t : e 1 'High' ' ychoM' Bass : "6f ! 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Also i availabja in U" size (U" x 36.'''x« 25?) with d,pwbl»,dpon., Cabinet' w!th< steel top< and; doybl*;- bowl.'5Izc^66'/ wide,3$"' hi 0 h, aS'^decp-Qnu^*" cytlary drov/er,, on*:- 6" and f»fp.» 12"' drpiverf. Thr?a-d?wt'-w|tl»'. 36^' (y/i^'c) stprog? 5paco;Ltn» t'sr- tiuk,. A)?«- «si^|% It W ste* (54* * 36? L*f#, *- '£' S"i

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