The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 13, 1948 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1948
Page 3
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tlfe, n i «?j *>? with fito. ef. tt^ceam-g'the meeting the 1 members Mad dinner" a| the "Bur* bpean hotel,, flfo timtf was spent socially, and Mrs. Buena Hotter, wlio. is moving- ta • Bfflfflstsbufi soo«r was presented ,wlth a gifts -, Mf ( 'andf MM, ftobert .Simpsoft entertained' Mr, and Mri. Al LifiHter and, Mr. and Mfs. a Tom Brufts at <a New Year's Eve party, Cards Were played and lunch -,w&6 sewed. *0 Mr, and Mrs, & M, Jtuber-ah* * nounce the engagement and an'•»X proaohing marriage,- of • their daughter, Kathleen . Louise, to •,4," Robert Detriok, son'of Mr. ah« •Mfl C, ft; fietrldk, _ v will take p"lace. early •<*K. ,.; Mef*y Mijf6rs Club-* Mrs. L. J; Maluete .to the members Mixers" Sewing afternoon., idl'e Hour The "Idle Hour" meeting Wedhesdayka! January 14,; with "-'*- fd.hofrte Sunday, .That day the following relatives- came" to call bh thern: Dr. afld Mrs. <J. W. ai paternal. frbfn Clea . —jar Lake,'and dfii u«e and aunt, Mr, and} Mrs. S\ Mason of,Masoft City, iHUslft.Thui finsased- Ostrflm m ;r r : c ,-^ ; -I 'f j < '{A «' &I I »-j V |iV»< Hew. James -R. Darnell, 15 terrial revenue collector, and Mrs.,Darnell, former Algona teadher, are " " ' first child, burn i Kosstith hospital; and' the- baby, Paul Jfear S nailing. &ut lebt ijau. 6|boi# we, table.) anci natfdna that tA- nat inna- iebt uau 4,|b,ai£ tPie, cen ,. Funeral Chapel Ambulance Service ' V" •£?;* V . ; .• . :^>,'W?"^':,A?f j*daip eitt| The- Rlv« ill? have & lUnfch We ,14, a'fc the . 'oft Algona. jcharge and, the, used- to bu>. kiti m addition t&. gifts- kitchen shower, " eentiy aefjUirfed.' terson sch6olholis6 .longer used- for school ,.„_„ jThey are equipping- it f(Jt|»h munity social center, .-„ ' Th&-Pium>,Cree-k W&fheji's'e,M will nieet Wbdnegday, »f|ln,4''fe r 'tii 2i30 p, m, at Mrs 1 , wmv guson's. Hostesses, will'I*. *dames Earl 1 Zeigles, ffUliUSi 1 'arid;Harry Felter.' Roll-call ;be answered by naniihg v ',a I book recently reatli/, v y*. ; Eileen Thul, above, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. N, Thul of Algona, is engaged to wed Eugene W Mullei* of Whittemore, daughter 1 of Mrs. dlara Muller. The bride-to-be is a graduate of St. Cecelia's acadahiy,' and Mr, Muller graduated from Whittemore presentation academy. The wed- cling Will April, take place early in Mrs. Vaughn HoslesS— , Mrs, T. H. Vaughn entertained the "Eight Specks" card ' club, Wednesday evening, High score prize was won by Mrs. Beecher Lane and the' travel prize went to Mrs. W. J. Sigsbee. Baolized Sunday,*—' Jeanne Carole, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Green, was baptized 'Sund&y, Jan, 4, < by Father Mallinger at St. Cecelia's church here. Sopnsors were Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ludwig. The baby was born Dec. 23. Royal Neighbors, Elect-The Royal' Neighbors have elected officers, and they will be installed Thursday evening, Jan. "2: * Mrs. Ruth Heller, Oracle; Mrs. Maxine Potter,, vice-Oracle; Atha Hardgrove, past Oracle;, Mrs. Ben Potter, recorder; Mrs/V-erna Jensen, receiver. Mrs. Myra Ostrum, Chancellor; VTrs. Bernitis Lynlc, marshal; Mrs. Fern Hardgrove. new manager; Mrs. Alma Marshall, inner sentinel; Mrs. Catherine Cook, outer-sentinel. Mrs. Potter, Mrs. Jensen, and Traop , New officers fot< ,-Giri -Troop 5 are: President," Downy; vice-president^ j Hutchins;. secrela'rjf, " Shierk; scribe,, Anne ©'. Other members k of "the, v.v-.^, are Betty Jane Asa", BeVgriy Bty*. •ant, Jean-Oelinger,'K-arM " " ney. Leona Erickson, " Herbst.x Beverly HoVey, Kearney, Ka,thryn. '1 Karen Keuchenreuther,. ,line Dlame Anne,-O'Brieh/M Jane Beid,; Dorothy, l^p Sohrecher,!Judir 'oini Strayeiv' 1 *'"* 11 ^ Thompson, K Lou.. B'dllard; • -ford, Betsy Lundh, Dorothy Ditswotth'.-Siwi, Elleh, Shore.- > • ,;/ ' ,' \' ; * f ,'VTfoops leaders are 1 Mrs; J&rnes Merryman and MfS. 'R' ( Ci D.6W41, Members of the troOP-committee 1 includ^e Mesdames Tim«- O'Bri'dh, G..'Powers, ,C. HutchinS, '3fill. Downy, and 'Theo, Herbst, The troop meets at 4 o!clook On ,Mbn- days after school. ' », " '\ . , ijjf ' Ninfh Anniversary—, r, . ', \ i.-^/ _ Neighbors called, Friday evening to help. Mr. and 1 ' IWrs.^Eldo.'rt Shaw, Algona,' .celebrate^ theW , In 'a '.beautiful' double ring wedding, Cifere^ony; Wednesday, January 7,,. -Ethel Arndorfcr, daughtep-of Mp; and Mrs. George Arndorfer-'of Wesley and Alfred Kohlhaas,, son. of Mr;, and Mrs. Henry W,.;Kohlhaas of St. Joe were united, "in /.marriage by Rev/ i n st; Benedict's Catholicf.'church,;-! The b>ide>-wore a white satin [own' With -lace' .inserted, waist ;nd> train7.-a|Bo'lgng s'leeves and w^etheart 1 neclfline, Her fingertip veil f el n from a' satin rose budded, 'crowns With- centers of. seed V P'earlsj.', 7. 'She ; a!8o I wore three strands, ofr> pearls., gift of. < •' The bride's arm bouquet was Tuesday! Jaftuafy 13, yellow mums and white carna- • •-- •" --•«•- lions, with tin^- flowers over- han|ingi The bridesmtaid's flowers were also white carnations and yellow mums. Ralph Kohlhaas, brother of the groom, was best man. Ushers were Harold Bormann and Leon Mary Rosella played "Marche Solennelle" as the bride entered the church, and accom- Berger. Sister partied the St. choir. Benpdict mixed Acotoyles were Leo McCarthy. Paul Grandgenett, Darreli J)owns and Richard Grandgenett, The wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride's aurtt, Mrs. Herb Arndorfer. A three-course wedding dinner was served to 80 friends and relatives at the parental home of the bride. The bride is a 1946 graduate of St. Cecelia's academy. Until her resignation November 1, she, had been employed as bookkeeper for the Funk & Deim Plumbing shop in Algona. Mr, Kohlhaas is a graduate of the St. Joe school and. is engaged in farming with his father. The hewlyweds entertained at a wedding- dance at the Corwith Lesion hall the same evening. After a v .,week's weddinj? trip to the Great Lakes and Chicago, they will reside on the groom's uncle's farm near Corwith. Messrs, and Mesdanies G. Ji Dancl, Russell McDanel, Newtoft Scott, Leslie ttoss, Vjctar. A " gate, Roger Hunsely, ana : hor, Pauline and' James Sparks, Algona; Mr. ahd Mrs.' Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Gibson and Virginia, and Ar.vid Scott, Sioux Rapids; Mr, and Mrs. Frank Boyanoskey, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Boyanoskey, La Mr, and Mrs. Irvih Carlson Beth Stahfield, Boone; Mr. and Laurens, and \$. 'bridesmaid' was Rosalyn Arndprfer, <siste'o|^h«; bride. Wed 20 Years— •Mr, and ; Mrs. Archie: McDanel celebrated thoir 20th wedding anniversary, Sunday, and dinner Was served at noon to-61 ; relatives, those attending being Was He "Overcome" When he saw me this icon in ihai new house dress I got at Kresensky's yoslerday—-only $3.50 and the nicest •loth. It's a print and hould wash—Fruit of The Lobm they are. fes—only at Kresen- ky's—you can get tv/o 'or$6.50— Buy Now. at dinner" wefe £afi6 let. of the — , • l * rt ™"*«i O"***.v »^» Mpw ^ i>*iv<4<i\ ninth wedding anniversary. Thej diversion was 500, t and,' Ruth. Harlan and' John Sabin v/gte, high, Evelyn Alexander "$$[[•• Chester Robinson, were .loWi; atiu Jerome Eisenb^rth vyo'n travel. '. Are Club Hostesses— • '. • ^•„>'•• Mrs. Maity 'Becker;--assisted]* by, Mrs. Alfred Grill, entertained'the RiVerdale -Friendly cldb'MJan. 7.' SK'^Jfe? "&M &*'Wt!& , Mrs.. Becker. Threei < gi)es'tsi.-Mfls.' A,1V,:~* Tr«..»*^ iiir^_ T\ . Tf*, *»•',y rt/5' tained by Schneider ... the home of theVfori • We will accurately diagnose—to the best of our ability—the repairs, need- ed'on. your, car. If you request it, we will give you in advance our, analysis of the work to be done. • We will write up your; order clearly, completely and legibly* and-secure your authorization to do the work before starting. „- • We will "perform all 1 the work on, your car qs efficiently 'and economic- • ally as possible. We will replace only those parts which in, our judgment need replacing.. ' • We will* road-test, your ear often' the work is done and. before we,return the car to you, if the nature of the work requires ih. • We' will, endeavor to have your car ready, on. time. If the work takes longer than we estimate), we will ad>vise as far in advance as possible. i/ • We will provide you with an; itemized bill; showing exactly what work is done and what' it, cost. Wea will gladly explain any item, or item* that are not clear, to,you,' ._, - • Mrs,i. June' MoMurray.- jscore 'prize for. v I Agnes'' McBride _ High scoring" men were, ~. 'Willey-and Jake Weaver?-"" ' Mr - and '-M rs - 4'" Ml -' Andersoh ;«nd Kenneth Dooley wferei'-W< |c,ommittee in chai-ge t ,The -he* .meeting' will be.Jpn:' 21;' 'f6llb,w«i by Bingo. Mr,' aft'd^Mrs.'^h'^ster Willey..will serVe./.,-, ,'',,'• " , A '\ meeting. was!. hfeld >M Mon Jin, 12, '•at'the,;hdmejbf 1 'M/s., liatt jPalRje^ 1 . to 'didcuss^lans a ."Ji",,'-'' ,'•.-'; me'A »'>*.«' • V1 ^ ' l i"'^ ' ( ' '* f ' ,;,The Missionary soolel^ first .Lutherani, c^urcK^ dntertaihed • Thursday.; a £* -,a?30' p.-• mri at• tite , h ' Ole with 1 , Mrs, Hans (Presthua and Mrs.' AJber,tj (^''-'-'-"--^ • ii ant hostesses, i . ^ ".. ,,; , ^ . D. A: Hi'MeeHha- . v The D, £, -Ri (ijicjjjpjj- 'jgopsi uodav) for* a luncheon''at { J <W, K, Ferguson's.' Hb^egseg' 'iVTesdames -W. G. --^- -* '^rid Eai _„ ..„ w^li; be '"Imaginative M;. T ..™ bv Mrs,,H8rolfl.GHmore'-art'd^ We Want To Deserve Your Business Permanently WeBack JUp This^Ple^e With Actipn WeWf lcQme;Your Suggestions And Criticisms •Efficient Repair Wt Wfint tatMMMaln Th? nee ifi,. **il\ ^^r^ '» > ^ Y&ur Big Opportunity! i TO'BUY A. LARGE LOUNGE CHAIR TRIM CLUB CHAIR PART OCCASIONAL CHAIR END-LAMP AND COFFEE TABLES 'r,.:,i;V 'H',H) V' $16.75 $22.75 $24.75 $59.50 $69.50 $89,50 4 Occasional Chairs k J NOW Occasional Chairs— , , NOW. Occasional Chairs '. , L NOW Lounge Chairs ? _\J NOW Lounge, •£hairsLl..C—• f NOW tosm'ge 'Chairs., _•;„ -NOW Platform Rockers— ^ ^_«NOW, Platform Rockers.. NOW End Tqble5__,_^»-.,.._.,.,_NdW Coffee Tables™.^^.^^..^..jslOW Cocktail Tables ™ m , w ..JNOW;; Lamp Lamp $59.50 $12.75 $ 7,50 $10i75 $13,5Q y $13,75 $ 8,95

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