The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 13, 1948 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1948
Page 2
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U|Sper Del Mbfwi* fuetday, JanUary >$pf State Aid Slated To County Schools Kossuth county school districts Will, share in state aid to schools for "transportation, supplemental aid, only the transportation aid is paid in fulls according to County School Superintendent A.' E. Lauriteen. That sum is $23,097.40 of th<5 total. Suppleemnlal aid claims are being paid on approxi- matdly'zOe on the dollar, and general aid claims at 90c on the dollar. The amounts of aid to be distributed to each school district is listed-as follows: District Tfttal Algbha Ind. $ 13,084.53 Bancroft'ilnd. 758.20 Buffalo'Corts. — 3,300.14 Burtjnd. 2,294.24 Fentoh Ind. 1,206.50 Grant Twp. Cons 1,615.22 Lakota Ind. 1,504.60 Ledyard Cons. 3,203.88 Lone Rock Ind. 1,720.26 LuVerne Ind. 1;921.37 Seneca Cons. 1,958.22 Swea City Cons. 4,519.15 Wesley Ind. 9800.32 Whittemore Ind. 721.02 Burt Twp. 943.19 Cresco Twp. 847.93 Eagle Twp. 1,303.04 Fenton Twp. 979.60 Garfield No. 6 Rural _ 75.44 German Twp 1,951.55 Greenwood Twp. 558.42 Hebron'Twp. 1,546.86 Irvingtoh'Rural Ind.__ 1,101.91 Lincoln Twp. 1,891.80 Ledyard Twp. 921.34 Lotts Creek Twp. _-_ 1,229.09 LuVerne Twp. 1,556.66 Plum Creek Twp. 1,020;07 Portland Twp. 1,868.41 Prairie Twp. 1,555.94 Ramsey Twp. 911.99 Rividrdale Twp. 466.77 Sherman Twp. 1,207.02 Swea.lTwp. - 1.492.45 Union Twp. 1,354.05 Wesley Twp. 1,686.35 Whittemore Twp. ... 837.57 Springfield Rural 'Ind. Buffalo No. 7 Rural Ind. Buffalo No. 8 Rural Ind. Buffalo No. 9 Rural Ind. Harrison No. 2 Rural 'Ind. Harrison No. 3 Rural Ind „;,,-,• SenecajWo. 7 Rural Ind. Seneca No. 7 Rural Ind. the town hall in LiiVerrie. '>tThe hostesses will be Mrs. H. D. Ristau and Mrs. Robert Hardcopf. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Merkl^ and daughters Alice Mae and Frances went to Saint Paul, Mnin., Friday, January 9, and visited until Sunday with Mrs. Merkle'g parents, Mr. and -Mrs. Henry Geis. Alice Mae Merkle. who is employed there, returned to her work after spending , the holidays with her parents here. The Merkles drove home a new automobile. ., Mrs. Lawrence McDermott of near Goldfield spent Thursday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beigger. Other guests olj the Beiggers that day were Mi\ and Mrs. Robert Randall and son Mike, -who will after March 1 occupy the tenant house of the Bieggers and assist with the farm work the coming year. Dr. .and Mrs. John M. Skogmo were -visitors in Fort Dodge Friday. , • Otto Ristau has returned to his home at East End, Can., after spending two months visiting his brother William, sisters Mrs. 'Elsie Steussy, Mrs. Charles Hansel- maft Sr,, and Mrs. Baessler, , „ *'„/ « ,The Ladies sotletjr 8f *ftfe Lu- tHeten church Sfrveti Utmdi in the'-chtmiK footfts.MohdaV to the reJa'tives of -Cecil SRpHftg df Eagle Grove, <Vvho WSs' buried Adrian Goehring, Des Molnes, came Monday evening ,to visit his wife and son Craig, who are living 4his winter with -Mrs*. Goehring's.parents, Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Miller. Mr. and Mrs. .laverne Wittmeier and family and Mrs. Wittmeier's mother; Mrs. H. t>. Ris- taii, were visitors in Fort Dodge Tuesday. They went to have & medical check on the eyes oi Gary Wittmeier who suffered cuts from glass in his eyes last fall. Mrs. Max Black spent several days the past week in Cleat- Lake. t ...... .._. ..—..I -Earl Neal, his son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Genard Towne, returned Wednesday from a seven weeks trip spent in California visiting a brother of Mr. Neal and also points of interest enroute there and back. Mrs. Mary Genrich, Who suffered a stroke at her home here two weeks ago and was taken to the Lutheran hospital in Fort Dodge, was able to return to her home here Saturday. Mrs. Genrich, who lives alone, is past 80 years of age. 1,038.22 343.80 230.19 203.85 17.66 156.18 115.60 240.77 Medins Write Of Trip Thru West 'Mr. and-Mrs. Sam Medin wintering at -Newman, Calif., have written friends of the fine trip west and the enjoyable visit they are having. The Medins bought a new car for the : trip which was the first real vacation for Mr. Medin in 25 years. He is off duty from Algona creamery employ. Mrs. Medin wrote that the go- ign trip covered 3,291 miles and took them ; 10 days to make. Their route was by way of the Bad Lands, Black Hills, Big Horn and Shoshone mountains and through Yellowstone national park. At Great Falls, Mont, they visited Mr. Medin's sister Judith Dixon. At Mayville, Ore., they stopped to visit relatives of their son Carl's wife, Mr. and Mrs. Art Martin. Mr. Martin grazes cattle and sheep on .a 20,000 acre ranch. Last part of their drive was along the Pacific, through the Giant Redwood forests, down to San Francisco and east to Newman in the San Joaquin valley where the son Carl Medin lives. That valley claims to be the largest dairy producing valley in the world outside of Los Angeles. Mrs. Medin said "There are creameries every where, and milk plants such as ' Carnation, Golden States Ltd. etc. People of this valley are mostly Portuguese. Seems funny to go down and hear people speaking in a different language. "We found Carl's all well, and the boys Don and Bob good sized youngster. Carl works for the Golden State Ltd. as plant superintendent. 'We are enjoying the nice weather here. We can see the mountains to the west of us and to the east. California is nice but we will be glad to get home in the spring. I surely miss ed the fall fishing at home and \ Florence (Mrs. Walter Bleich, a sister in Plum Creek) tells me it "Ijas been very good." Corwith Girl Weds Soldier Corwith — Bonnie, youngest •daughter of Frank Clapsaddle, here, was married Thursday, Dec. '•11. .to,. J.ames Bogard at Corpus Christi, Tex. Bogard is a soldier, ' but expects" discharge in a few months, and the couple expect to reside at Pueblo, Colo. Bonnie tlpd her brother Dale have been ' employed two years at Corpus Christi. She is a Corwith high school graduate. Home'From Korea C01.*'Rager Johnson just arrived jn the States following 13 months at Seoul, Korea, tried to wish his parents here, Mr. and Mrs,-Walter L. Johnson, a Happy New | Year. He telephoned from Camp Stijoeman at Pittsburg, Calif., but when the Connection was finally made the folks were not at home. Not expecting a call they were at their daughter Mrs. Merlyn Webb's for th^ day. Roger called again Saturday-and that tjme he talked to his parents. ^'He said he is due to be discharged but since there are 5,00fli,finishing their enlistment he thought it would be two or three weeks before processing is fin- •NO. 82 OF A SERIES Presenting The farmers x>f Kossuth County F. H. Froelich In the picture above, we shave F. H. Froelich and one of his young sons, lee, age one and a half years. While we had no: trouble getting Mr. : Froe- the proper;pose for getting his,^picture drawn, we had to keep young Lee's attention focused out the window-on ! horses in the'barnyard, to keep his head still for the few moments it took to sketch him in'-the picture *on his dad's lap. F. H. Froelich is called "Shrimp" by his close friends, probably due to the'fact-that he stands 6 foot 3 inches in -height. He farms a half section about 5 miles straight-east :of JAIgona in Irvington township. F.-H. has been on the place four years. •He started his farming career .working-for his father-in-faw, the late Henry Eischeid. Mrs. Froelich is the former Evelyn Eischeid. The couple was married in 1939, and--have six attrac- five youngsters. They are Donald &; Bonny, -7; Judy, 5; Oscar, 4;'Lee, TVi; and Linda, just three months. Mr. Froelich says his crops were 'good enough' this past year. He had .some 140 acres of corn which averaged out at 45 bushel.'Oats, however, were not so < good, he says, making about 30 bushel. He feeds 40 head of steers and has 90 fall pigs. In the words of this Kossuth farmer—'"48 should be .a good year." SILENCE IS GOLDEN My Banker, He's As Silent As The Sphinx About the Personal Affairs-of Borrowers—That's What We Mean About The 'Confidential Banking Service' Rendered at the IOWA STATE, IOWA Yoyr Safe *nd Con«d«ntla| §ank RALPH WILLER, President GILMOHE, Ceshier ROY McMAHON, A»*t. Sle P 6«, Tit^'iIiK^^^^ A »i i» 1 1 ^jfff \ , «off fftttie afid-ta itfeaftd eti the place 1 «Wfrf»|M»ffci ;~^ * fflWffin^HNlmni- j&uildirrg'H >t ' v " * i *ti&&A. mwm Ffff^j^f^ Cue »****? **. at" i.-a-A- .»»jj Jx..i4 Ktjjrijfts ?#*_i. .. T*. i* ,WVW J3H1*« rfWWttt' tmM, i*aw.,, .««_ - .*«**«,./*^i.3S* ~,*k yj . »#h,A&d& , and if pr.opess' i The past three year's their sdft .&t fll ? * .^ ^, ; John 'R. has .farmed with his . ______ should 'be >eSdy fof tfBd - i.,,:, ,• - ,•."„. .,':,„ „•;, ...... '• — v.«y . , i j.t'JJKiV-ii • Many good used trertrdr f tires cheap. | Check yotfir tires -over'ccire- ,,,,!,. ,.. t..'^ MIIIf (IIIHMIIIMIHIMIIIII TH6 SOIL AND kNiFt WEEDS THE PLOW THAT SA«iS THE SOU fully now IN ONLY ONE OPERATION With the Exclusive, Patented, Graham jCbmbi- nation Chise) and -Knife 1 Attachment. Fully adiustable to any depth. Knives overlap enough to cut all vugeta- (i on , ' * Manufactured bV n^-Trr"' 11 ;, I I. No»hln» 10 Or»l The GRAJIAW-HOIME PtOW CO., , NC ./ ,o. %%% .„ P. O. Box 20$o")\3, d JAm.irlllo, Texas/ *d|ui»m.tiit ,luf« »'•»•"•< *«» il*wli»» a.'Pf«»»nM Iroilen by Watur • " ul " to u " " >•" see us soon as ;. we a re/giving bargains to s reduce our I used tire stock, i ASK FOR tytE FOLDER AND DEMONSTRATtON -\fatci Your Hammer Mills and Burr Mills A GOOD LINE OF USED MILLS ON HAND These will pay for themselves quickly out on your farm. We are putting a real CLOSE-OUT PRICJE : on them for a limited time.- Grinding all your feed will . certainly profit ^ou at present prices of feed. _ ' ' *' I '• ' ' . . v . . . — 'Wobbly frames, worn shovels and loosd \ hearings waste power jand shorten the* •• useful Mife of your equipment. Now'/* .ahead of tl^ active work Seasbn, is the J time to go over your equipment, replace "• needed parts,'and'get needed repair work done. Bradley Bros, shop experts ready to take care of-your job. Avoid the Spring Rush JLET BRA'DLEY'BR0S. ^DO YOUR REPAIR WORK Ceent Mixers Heaters ^Machinery •• "M-JA *\\) KJ ai")^ 4 !" i*»f'jj": J - ' V'tL JH^K^T"*t*'k-» m< If Size C^lihdef-'Com' ShfeTpi's v J ,. DelldvalMilkers,andSepai;dt6rs Pehl Blower :for 404t. Silo 2 H. P., T^ee^Fourths & 2 H. P. Electric Motors •j\ New EkchangeMotortfor B or C , Intermediate Sections With Chain for New Idea and Little Giant Elevators New'Idea Overhead Wagon Hoists Tractor Cabs Tor All Tractors , (Price these before you buy) 2-Wheel Rubber-Tired Dairy Cart , Tank Heaters . Heated Hog Waterers Mills Bale Loaders Land Rollers 12,14andl6Ft.Gates, Speed Jacks Post Mole Diggers levator Hoists 2 Wheel Trailers ** * ^ j ator Cradles Hammer mi I Is and Belts --^>s ; Stock Water Tanks i ' Used Machinery ---VM , « , " •14 PLOW ROCK .ISLAND 2-16 TLOW BURR MILLS HAMMERMILLS 14 f T, DISC NiW J, D, DUMP *AKi MB^ODEt RUBBER4IRSD AUTO STEER WAOON IHG 6-FOOT HfRSJE MOWER IfSS THAN YEAR OLD PICK-UP ATTACHMENT FOR*eiEANER COMBINE 4-WHEf |.'-f R^UCR WIWBOX, €WiAP IHC F-30 TRACTOR ON RUBBER ^'H^WCTRIC MOTOR NQv*lP J» 0» PICKER CMC N\QTO$ AND TRANSMISSION / NEW^ffHfOP'M^NORi 1OADER *,^^»^» T , r < OARDEN TR^^fOB WITH AU ATTA^HMINTS f«OI^?f4 NOW \ Jf You Dolt'Now/You^Won't Have to "Wait Your Turn" Next Spring ' <your Spring -.mcichinery -andVractor repair Work and -tuning' up "done now, while our shop scan ..give ' <you r; the very'best of/service. V/e are equipped inithe ?BrqdleyiBros. shop to t do any repair job from "simple ••welding to majbf overhaul and rebuilding. The Spring »work'season will be here before we know it. 'Rhone us or see us now-for a repair schedule :on such jobs as welding, aligning, .parts replacement, painting, etc. for>and 'deliver your tractor'to your farm ••after repairs are made. ' • 41 Schedule Your Work WithUs:Now! TRUCKS 3USED FARM TRUCKS '1935 CHEVROLET LW.B, Truck with 14 fool -flat box winch, 1 - - - 1935 -CHEVROLET S,W,B, Truck with very good combination grain' box and stock rack. 1934 PLYMOUTH Pick-up Truck, usable anc/very cheap, -same • price ,-you woul'd p»y,-, for rubber-tired vcagon s.mT;box, You -unit plus ,, -See us- right «way for 9 gopd used 'ftrwok, - * ,.:;•>*, • . . I-P ' Allis Chalmers r —ri «. *»"—'}""^-"'"'""'" I T ~""*™""'"* "•»' 7< • 1 «*}-,- ' ; , - • <Ar.f. A Harris «.»«'{ ' * •. Tj^ V f ' * "- --", % " yj i^.\£ {. -' **** *i- -t -> 5 "" '*(* """** * ^" s ' Slf *•* t" --~ ±. ' _ \.-> ^ f f -~. "" ~* •*, ft r*l ~ " ff £ "" J -^ *. f. *- — ji> 'i*^'

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