The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 13, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1948
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WA, tUISGAY, JANUARY 13, 1048 clerking, „ )U know, quite,,a bit animals'b'e- - r VsMCJasTWcok; 'Carl Was g OVdtfJdsltrecords oli, a little Rblfe ,'m-evided, 'tori that purpose. s6ddenm,hVscnsc r d that all K , jurct atouftd him ,\< < ho look" »,Jd yp~4he cfowB had moVed else- J """"re-^but 'Standing , right -in' t'>Bf< { hinV'atid' looking' him •oMcJght'Hirt theieycf was a big bull. ',;£ Carl fnpvcd ttio, and fast, . hVror of "The New •I 5.s' L66fc'\HliVt«<<iho other night >' /'alt^ibBstfetball game*' here,, ., „ . numbed of ' /pfeit#.youn8'girls, homo from ' , a ,bit *«f.;,i>. "The New /Wee/ You/- NEW NEIGHBORS ^Thursday's Weather, you 1;'Wa^ f !iVery;warm dnd*melt- ,'. WtTran into P. L. Stain- iDtaok of Whittemore, who was all Miles"". ,,.>'"Tve been in town for ^1 "full,hburi"-he said, "talked to leveral fellows • I know, and nayen't\been' in an argument or ''got-into'any cussing in the whole time.'! So maybe }is a good thing [,!>lto have a-little sunshine now and T/hen,• ' u £ Relatives came 1 to Algona for 14 Christmas 'dinner, and >,brought"^ r |our,dressed and wrapped ducks With them) as,their contribution '•$ ,jlo ^the, festive, feed." There was room for onlyi one duck in, the ^cebOxJ > so the other four- were placed in a h c"old spot in4he'base- ment entrance . . . .' but. a bit 1 '* Hater, one of the boys decided to ^lean/up the..basement, and did, md; the three' ',* ducks Went into ;he- furnace, - We, never. did hear "hat H. E. Stephensort itold his Howie ucks. I \ who threw in the path 'erased that of a \ nunis ( le/fr!! | h a >*.Sheriff A.-' J/Cogley an'd'CoUn- ity^ttorney,.H. W. -Miller.vwere 4 , . expefienc'esi in^tnakmg i <s£ori % fl&gf r$epiSfpHMff* : ;,dice~games, courting'arid'ge:. ^ efal .whoopee kndlhiirrah 'on 1 'Jmore^than one'occasion. ' • When they saw a patrol car .behind them, 'and thought it was aft&rjthem, a 1 pair of local men .stepped on it a bit and taiKed over the situation before they stopped .. . then'the'patrolmen I ar9und and told thern he , only wanted to notify, them that jjbne'of their rear 'brakes was froz- v «nn> vn( j the wheel was on fire Was that a relief! " , When a recent /jail, sentence -handed put, officers jokingly 'that the sentence was in the Whittemore jail" ;. ; i : "OH, no, J ^offender* "it i ¥ A' '! A '. >, ' >•-,'.-' jiot that," said the isn't ''Sanitary." .We're , waiting for> Leap Year stories, but so far none have popped p t< Supervisor Terms ^ • t Of Thr4e Are ; , ,,To Expire ' , -' Among othe'r things, 1048 is to be a political year, and ten county and one district poll* tical office' will be filled by, voters in addition to casting ballots for national and, state officers^ Three Of those',whose ,&6tmty terms of office are expiring have indicated they will be candidates for re-election this year,' 1?Wo more could not be reached foi comment, and the remainder had not definitely made ''up""' their minds. 3 Supervisor Races Leo Lmmerj.aH, county auditor, said Monday he would be a candidate for re-election. Likewise,' Rosella Voigt. county treasurer, 'and Clara Walker, recorder, said that they would be candidates. Three supervisor posts will be up for balloting. t They are those of Andrew Reding, Algona, first district, who is filling out the term of John Fraser, who' died in office, W. A.'Schram df.Titonka, whc is third district supervisor, and Slyron Johnson," Swea City, fifth district supervisor. , Johnson's term of office does 'not expire until Jan. 1, 1950, but the election must be held this year. Terms of Reding and ex"pire ( Jan. 1, < reached 1 for comment' on- ,the*if offices. '^Cogley is'' a >, Miller a republican, Mrs. Alma Pearson, plerk of the district court,j"is undecided. She is a democrat, filling" out' the term of Mrs.' Helen* White, who recently resigned >to join her husband, who is in the army. * Rumor has it that several potential candidates for office are sounding out the political winds, but no pfficial announcements have come from any of them. Legislative' Situation Casey Loss, democrat, 'member of 'the state 'house of representatives from Kossuth, .is likely to be a candidate again,- . ^sources close ',to his political views" stated, although he has not publicly announced himself. , ' >• Duanc E. Dewel, state scnatoi from the 49th district, 'comp'ris- ing Kossuth, Palo Alto a,n^ Em- v Long's Studio Photo Glen Harms, plant manager for Harms All •> Gas company here Mrs. Harms, and the son Bobby are pictured above. The Harms family are this week's new neighbors/ sTlloy'oame id Algona Nov. 1 from >Charles City where Mr Harms was "district manager foi the Tifelity jLife '•Insurance com- pa.rvy;.< For^cxen years before going,to Charles City he was employed,by his brother Lcland in a/Propane bottle gas plant at Allison. >Mr. .Harms', was' born'jit Allison and was; graduated front the highs* school;, ^ there,/;* and fed^fesISSfi&Jb'WSte de"stroS ? ed"the, ., rison.and'following-a fire which destroed the < store •>; he >' i started wojrkihg for his brpth'&r. J „ <• Mrs. Ha'rms is the fdrmer Alibe Springer of C"harlc!S ,City. Mr. and Mrs, Harms were married in 1934 at the Little Brown church at Nashua. Their first home was at'Allison. Their son Bobby is a fourth"grade pupil" aVth'b Bryant,'school. . family lives-in '-a home they' bought on -NO: '• Williams street. -- .,••-•' w lvWe, thought for-a-minute that ''Henry Wallace was running the • pcoreboard, and keeping time fr*"down'.at the basketball game the otherljnJght , , , a closer examination 'revealed that it was'Carroli fhupe/high schoolteacher ut there is a resemblance. S the Blewie says that , 'are like people , , , the sap js^elther'always running up or it's /always running down,, l£ * V»M » nJ ?f% -.We." see where Molojov ,>!'', made a speech and said the ^aiprnic bomb was no longer "- a secret. Gosh, we didn't rjhiflk it was a secret after the "-* <?ne Descended on "'" Not Im'ving much elss» io HP, or money on, 'it is with, 'we ^ note plans 'v psmen. to bwild, Missouri lines , met counties, will also probably be- a candidate to succeed 'himself, although no public • announcement has been made. He is a republican. ' • ' ' County officers' in the ''courthouse are paid a yearly salary of $3,000, Supervisors §re paid on a per diem basis, and members of, the legislature arc paid $1,000 a sessioij, , ' < ^ • Richard Skilling, Irvington, Dies Richard J. Selling died suddenly Monday tnorning a,t o'clock at his farm home of Irvinpton, following a He suffered a first strokt in 1942 but .made a good recoyery, ancT had ,been fairly? well and Active since until Ijjst He was ther^ stricken with a second stroke, and -a fin^l on,e pn Monday. ' - /•' v *.^ Funeral' 'services sw^ijl fe§. held Wednesday t 'Jan, 14,' at 9;39 a, rn, at St. Cecelia's, chyrch, er J, M, MaUinger will arge and J?wrl vary cemetery, are by McCwUoughs, Three/New Farm Sale Dates Listed 'Three'new sale dates arq announced this' week, one by -Ed,ward. G, Hof and the. other by 'Garrelt Johnson,, as, shown below. , • •• • Several farm sales'will also be" 'found in-today's paper. ". Jan, 14—Mrs, Joanna 1 Vaskc, 'south of Bancroft, Holstcih sale. Charles Quinn,' auct joncer, Jan. 15—Gertrude 'Ackcrman, k west of Burt and- rVa- north, Fraser and Quinn, auctioneers; Burt Savings bank, cjerk. • 'Jan. 20—Fred G,'Byson, 4 east and 3% north of Algona, Lou Matern, auctioneer; hank, Algona, clerk. Iowa State 21 — Garrelt Johnson, mile west,, half mile south Grant twp, consolidated school, Preston & Clark, auctioneers; Swea City State' bank, clerk, ,Jan. 22— Cecelia Berger, closing out sale, 3 miles south of Wesley. , Herman Brummond, auctioneer, , - ' Jan. " 22-»-Jim BrppBy, , com plete. closing out sale, north of.Algonat ..Colwell Bros,', auc» Uoneers:-Iowa State bank, clerk. "- " '•• i, 3ft ..... Corn- closing put sale,. <- Qplwell,, auctioneers; Iowa ' State bank,, West-Bend., el' J?n, 27.-?.Roman B, •Jan. 26*~Wm, east of 'West Bend, What! Again? Whittemore: On Nov. 18, 1946, the. families of Mr. and Mrs. Vern Plathe of Rodman arid Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Plathe of Bode* greeted new arrivals, who were named LaDonna and Marilyn. The little g4rls were cousins, the fathers 1 being brothers.' *• ' iBut, ^, Mo/fday morning, • 5 ; at,the,]y[cC,r.eery hos-, "agfa,in5, becam^'^jparents; each ' •• "greeting" another new' daugh- * Jer.' ' Mrs.' Vernon-Plathe is the 'former Dorothy Mergen, arid Mrs. Arthur ^ Plathe is the 'former Helen" Yoimgwirth. ' A Correction The Algona Upper -Des r Moines issue of Dec. 10 carried 'a story written by Wm. C. <. Dewel regarding 'the spectacular financial success of Ralph M. Ballard, Redwood Falls, Minn.," and a former Algonan. The story was based on a report in the Red^wood Falls, Minn., Gazette, and 'information received from,a local' man who 'was a supposed friend of Mr, Ballard. The Upper Des Moines regrets misinformation carried in the story. Basically, the story was intended to show that in, free America a man can rise from the ranks to affluence, power and financial success. The story erred in stating that Mr, Ballard had • once picked' chickens at Swift's/ and that- a friend had initiated Mr. Ballard into the rendering works business, There were alsto several other references in the, story that Mr, Ballard says were not so. There was no intention of embarrassing Mr. or Mrs. Ballard in the story, and this newspaper regrets \ the 'incident, and voluntarily retracts the story in full with due apologies, Thra» Announce For GdttijtyOffice In 1948 Ballot Political Talk Sfirsi Parties Eye Nominees tip To Figure W State Tax 0| Your Income Compute Same Before But : igure Different .Ttat how individuals 1 shoulc figure their slate income tax was explained in detail-in .a. news release from the State of Iowa Tax Commission, a few days ago. ItiwiJl not be possible <o have (lewl^orms prmted-in tirrfc for filing of 1947 returns, it was stated but instructions on how to figure the conect tax are given. t A-gpecial legislative session recently sat the state income tax at 75% & of the full tax. 4 New Dependent Credit Ta"Jtpaycis snould go ahead and compute their tax in the normal 'ashjon and at the old rates (1% to 5%), and then enter as item A of form IT-1, 75% of that amount. Frpm the amount of tax thus determined, the credits for personal exemptions and dependents may>- be deducted at the revised rated, as follows: For a single individual $15.00. For husband and wife, or head of tfie family, $30.00. Fdr each dependent, $7.50. Irglieu of the $7.50 credit for a dependent, in the case of a father, motljdi or grandparent dependent upon the taxpayer, a deduction of $450 for each such dependent may/'be made in computing net incolne. 1 ,f Who Must File single individual, or if *- -id "not living with SECTIONS^S PAGES Say Violations Of New Year , . . "Jiving with 1 spoulefarid having a net taxable income" of $2,000 or over; or if the combine'd net taxable income of both' spouses, living together, is $2,000 or over shall make and file a return.' -State income tax returns must be filed by the last day of March. ForHhc past several years the state has discontinued sending individual blanks to taxpayers, but has .been distributing them in centralized locations where taxpayers may obtain them. In Kossuth county a large supply of blanks is now available on the rpgister in the courthouse hall,- and they may also be obtained at banks and from lawyer's offices,-, as well as other similar sources. Eleven Cars Are . Newly Licensed Business' at the motop~ vehidle clerk's desH at |he, court JIOUSQ ' slowed -^ considerably -last week, -Eleven new cars, two, trailers ,and four used cars -were Jipensed. „ %, , -, ,- *, - Of ' the -1 1 new cars,' eight , of them .were ... „_„ New owner? 1 are i t- . . Chevro}e.^Jrvjin CJejsson, ten- ton; Qhfton/Hftuge,* Elmore, SJ. Stephens, Al» Algoua; fiUmuutttoaww 'Farm Lqkotct Farmer Granted Parole F,' J. 'Adams, a' 'Lakota, la., prisoner in a Minnesota state prison since last November, 'Was given,an unconditional and full pardon by the Minnesota state pardon board the past -week. Adams" case attracted national attention when it was learned that' the sheriff 'and county attorney at Fairmont 1 in Martin county, Minn,, were among those urging his release from the penitentiary, Shumway, Kelly and Frjstedt represented Adams and Mr. Kellv, made a personal plea before the Minnesota pardon board, Adams, well known liyestock merchant in the Kossuth county town, had been sentenced to two and one-half years' on a grand }arpeny> count, resulting from the issuin'gjof two cheeks totaling $4,62^. ' His bank account- was not sufficient to cover them and he was arrested.) It was shpwn that "Adams was unaware that his checks, were worthless, since he had parried' a 'sizeable bank account, bnt that his popr book^ keeping methods caused the err ror, Jfle was considered a reputable Dealer .and his arrest and imprisonment 'caused .much criti^ "stpfy pf'his rflP9§e from carried in Jarge dai* New Custodian For State Park Here Takes Up Duty Police From .,„... It Wds Private At a special meeting of gona city council;- 'last „ evening,- the class "B" pemit -for' the sale of beer in thc^Hotel'Aj- gona was suspendod'by.tKe'co^unj irby unanimous' yotel-,' T -^'(^.^'^ Decision'to suspenH- tne' T ;;bcer;'' permit .resulted frbftl*fe/lcged 4 Vi.o^ ' lations of the c%/b'e'e?> ordih'ahc| <", by the hotel the f hightpbt f1 T}BCt 31, 1947. and>arly in the'yn'dpf ing of Jan. 1, 1948.'-^- >'* ,*'jj^-i'' The license stfspen i sion;De'came *• Call State /Park in Algona has a new custodian. He is H. G. Lathrop, pictured here, who. comes to Algona from Dolliver State JPark, Fort Dodge, where he 'has been custodian for the past 18% years. t i, He assumed his-new post Monday. He and "his'wjfe, and his 10-year-pld son, ,are now getting settled ^in'lthe' custodian's ..residence. ,'"" ' —MESSENGER Photo Mr. Lathrop replaces Robert Norton, who recently resigned as custodian here, to enter a civil service position. Mr. Lathrop's r.ecord of 18 V6 years at one park is believed one of the longest periods of continuous service records of any park "custodian now employed by the conservation commission. Dolliver park is jiow about 6QO.acres.KCaU State park'is 130 acres in size."",- , ' n Value Sell Farm property ' in Kossuth :ountv is -now worth' more* than 176,697,000, and rural' 'homes icr'c and throughout the , state are in thp^best condition in his- ory, according - to- a report just •eleased by the, Tile Council of America;, ' ', ' „, More than 86 per cent" of'farm Iwellings in 'Iow4 and the North lies, '.'\throughout the State?,, Central states arc in "excellent ondition or need" only, such v min- ir repairs as painting,, or general maintenance, the 'report ' revealed. Only 69.9 per cent were in good repair in 1940. ' The report was based on Bureau of the Census surveys. • ' '"The rise in 'fa'rm incomes and property values since- 1940 nas been accomplished by a great in"crease in the number 1 of rural homes equipped with such modern conveniences ,as electric lights, tiled baths' and showers and running water,'.' said F, B. Ortman, chairman of the Council's residential construction committee, Electricity, for instance, has gone into hundreds of thousands of rural dwellings in this state and others' in the North Centrt^ ; area since' 1940, > Ortman 'noted. More ~ than 65 per cent of such farm homes now have electric lights, in cpnlrast to 39.4 'per cent in 194,0V More than 33 percent of rural dwellings in the. No^th Central region today have running water and 22 percent , have private baths, according , to the Tile , '17,3 per ' 'Victory Forty 7 A Victory, celebration party is 1 being planned -for the Kossu'th Farm Bureau members 'to be held at Burt, in the school gymnasium. Thursday evening, Jan, 15. All Farm Bureau members are invited, and a program is being 'arranged. The• affair,.is to start at 8 p. m. > , A total of 2260 members were signed up for 1048.' 'The 1947 membership in the county was 1963. , • • , Elaine Linde, Swea,City, will present 1 numbers on ' the 1 , harp, Albert Kastner of Holstein, will present whistling numbers, and singing and other musical numbers are also 'being arranged. V, B. Hamilton, former state secretary of the'Jowa Farm Bureau, will be -the 1 speaker of the evening. / lt Prizes are also awarded, Five Fines Here in Minor Courts Five men were fined in Justice J, B, Johnston's court, the past $ew years, one ,of th&n twice. * •, Albert R, Willrett, Lone Rock, was fim$ $2.50 and costs for fail- • dim, headlights. ' Wm. Durant, Algona, paid a fine of $2,50 and costs for a stop effective at 1T p,, m'.Vlast' satins day. The Fine Room-,wast hot selling beer, Monday. ' /;",/«';''i Hotel Officials Bert- \< '/? High officials of the'^oW H6- tels, Hotel Algona operators, were here Monday'and in."conference with attorneys' 'on • the matter. It was"reported'that, a conference was slated - between Boss officials and f attorneys/ and , city police and City, Attorney'J. \t D. Lowe. '''•', "V^Y- „ " "* '• L. A. Randolph', * manager £ o'f i; ' f ij the Hotel Algoha,* said'^thatAthe ' " hotel had allowed a private/pa'r- tv to take place in Ihe,' \ hotel,' New Year's evo, in a^ room^'Ah 1 • the basement formerly -occupied- by the Algona Junior Chamtfer • of Commerce, j ' ^ t T '* i,,^'% , He said that 11 when/city'?police appeared and asked" to -Jbo «al-; < lowed- to .enter dhc."toom,*he ±e- fused permission,on-thc<rgMunds , that it..was a.priyajte^pajtl^'^S' * However,' city* police/hadj'a ,dif^ • fercnt -viewpoint -'"•"---'~-- i - ji -' »*-« had »taken pla r cc| ao^iuiiuwa.M. „ -,. 1—The permit;' holde* \ suffered and permitted '^anpin,?- upon^th'e, " an'd i an"5$he'?i'''bUildihg< covered by said penjnltMn Violas, tion of Sec. 21 of ^Ot^inrncb No; 296. 2—The permit ^holder offered, < $•) beer for sale tl upon^Said« premises lljl after the hour of 11 p:"m. rfn'D'ec.' s sign violation. C, P. Rutle^ge, Des Moines, Council report. , cent had running" water and 'only, 11.3 percent private Fiys Licenses To ' charged with reckless operating of a motor vehicle, was fined $9 and costs, E, L, Nprman, Rqtland, paid a fine of $2 for excessive speed and mother $2 for passing at an intersection, plus costs v New Yard Manager Elmpre; Edw, J. M^nyer, Ledyard, ha.s been -made manager of tl>e -Rock -Island lumber, yard here. He is a War 8 veteran,' has a family, and has -bad lumberyard experience a^edyard Blue* Earth, ,.•,."•'' 31-. 3—The '.permit, holder ted- consumption^.of *"" said prcmisi ll-p.;fn. on' 1947 . . . 4 The t/v,yYtr^ ] jt w ;* 1 *^4jt4,K ted,, minors to soryeJipeer- ^ said premises 1 irT'violation^of dinance 5— ij permit hpldqr offered beer for sale artd'^sojd .' certain" beer in a room »wholly,' shjat^off from view from the F-gtrect'j 1 , or other place aridy.jjplus^d,' 'access thereto to the ciiy^ppUgCA inSxiok lation of ordinance* ~. i |?S'*»«w^ ( if, 6— The perm\t",hpidea;fsuf$redl and permitted the^se^of gin and whiskey in the' pJaje^fcL business covered by« thQ; .Rertft lowed what is cpmrftQi le " i1 "'""" therewith: with a copy of the city ordinance, with respect to ttya salip-of." and warned in ~ J bers -of the city of Algona, lo Whereas, jt _ advisable-*and tp'-' ests of "-- "'•--*-' that as that there cient cause" th' fore, Be it r> council \ Cummings Store IriJityliSold "" '"' ifVari '

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