The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1948 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1948
Page 17
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pHf^/pf^^ man flew" down landing" left 6n' Monday. Me is sn[M. J>? at the veterans administration. ' V> 4 <*) d Of School At-Wesley/ "ey~-Supt, dhasf. Mulling « home Tuesday evening Deftisbn where he Had at- I J .fended the funeral of his father Xwhb*Hied>Dec. 24.,Mrs, Muliittftnd \ 'S6ft Jim had also been at Dehisoh for a visit but they "returned m ttirne for the opening of the public schoolTue_sdaymorning. Mrg _ ft(Jg6 pfrffe> flf c u _ Prbffl ttavy £"" Marguerite Pfeffer of s Des ,—... Garman, son'of Mr, 4 ahd Moi , nd ' § y ist \ ted t, s ? V f a *t d $? ,? e " Mrs", August barman, arrived £^ ly ^ the Dfl ^ L; * fe , ffe , r SSSf t S h U e1^y W t^d d £ r !? £p and Mrs George. fallof Saipan about ^months, i&n^ind^hiao^effe fix-Resident 0« Visit % u through the holidays.' , Ted Doerr of fisti Frnnnieinn Seaman 2-C Edward Lorenz, Calif, visited acqSmtaSs & W° £ a^hding" school iruMem^ several days over* the holidays P nis > Tert "'. sbent-a few days re- He is a formeTWsley resident' ? ently I* the pal>ental MnM^lius and had visited a Son at Canton, Lo ,7 n ?,home. Ohio, and relatives at'Britt. , Ma ,i"i lyn - a P ^F 1 ^eiler, . ,, daughter and son of Mr. anjd Mrs. Return To Michigan Julius Seller of 'Sexton, i were 4 . _.. /•- ^ = guests several days over the holidays at the Ed Downs :hom,e. Douglas Downs was also a guest at the Seiler home several days. Fa,thej ,Gerald Wingert of Remsen visited his parents TVIr, and Mrs. Lawrence Winger.t several days over the holidays'.' " RobertxKirkpatrick, who is taking a cpurse in refrigeration and air conditioning at a trade school in Chicago, visited his mother Mrs. Lucille' Kirkpatrick and other relatives and friends here and at Algona over the holidays., Alf Studer submitte4 to a nose operation at the MeVc'y hospital in Mason City Tuesday of last week. , ( , ' Mr. and Mrs. Ed Downs attend" I Mrs. Charles Ama, W, at fitonka Dec, 30, Mr. and Mrs. M, T. Rye of Forest City were Sunday, Dec. 28 gueste at the L. li. Lease horne. The women are'sisters. ( Don Kraus We'M to > Emmets- ftetchens a week. "New Year's 6:30 dinner guests at the Sam Alne home, were Mr. and Mrs. Horace Leland. ' \ Haakons.oh Mrs. ft'ufus Johnson and Mrs. Ray Johnson left for their home at Battle Creek, Mich., Tuesday .following a two weeks visit here With Lease relatives. The former's j ', mother, Mrs. Susan Lease is' recuperating nicely at the Kossuth hospital in Algona from a broken , hip, , s it ' ^ Barber Student Hpme 'Kenneth Dwyer who is attending a barber school at Des Mpincs - Spent several days here with his family over the holidays. " Father, Mother 111 Bobby Joe and Mary' Ellen Kelch of Superior are at the home of their grandmother Mrs. Viola h, Studer as their mother Mrs. Ju- liUs Kelch was in the Holy Family hospital at 'Estherville last week for treatment for erysipelas. Mr. Kelch was also ill with a strep infection of his throat and ihis sister Mrs. Oswald Lallier of Algona went up Tuesday to assist with the care of the two months old twins Jackie- and Judy. Guests At Mullin's Guests at the Vee Mullin home several days over the holidays were' their son and' daughter-in^ law Mr. and-Mrs. Thayer Mullin ed a house party at p ns ffie Ferd' of Minneapolis, Minn. • Student Nurse Home v Patty Erdman,/who is taking v nurse's, training at St. Vincent's « hospital, Sioux City, visited at her parental Alfred Erdman home over/-the Dec. 28 weekend. Her sister' Mary" L'ee of Dayton, Ohio, spent the holidays there too. . Mr. and .Mrs.. Matt Becker observed their 25th wedding^ anniversary Saturday, Jan. 3 with an, 8 o'clock- High Mass 1 , at' St. Joseph's Catholic church. Undergoes Surgery ' Mrs. Milton Bebo submitted to surgery Tuesday morning at Merin/Mason T 1City~ Mrs. ' . Tr.ene - Studer is caring for 'the family arid the household duties. Guests At Garner s - ' Mrs. Alf Sluder, Bud Studer and- George Prema were New YearV.dgy guests at the Leo Young Home &t Garner. Flvs Down On Visit ~~ .Dr. T.' J. Pfeffer of Minneapolis visited his brother, Dr. L. L. Pfef- Brethorst home New' Year's eve. Mr. and Mrs. Matt 'Becker attended the funeral of ihis niece, one year old Mary Lpu Thul, at Ledyard Saturday. ' Holiday guests at ' the Emil Wester home were Anna Wester of New York, Leila of Des Moines, the-Karl Westers of Aipes,' Mr. and Mrs. Carl Westergards and George Jarvis of Fort Dodge. Dec. 28 weekend guests at the Fred Diekmann home- Were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bush i and three children of Wiggihs, Colo. The women are former classmates. Mr. and Mrs. Harold. Price and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jarvis attend,ed a 500 card party at the Kenneth Perciyal home at. «Algona Saturday evening of last "week. The t men are employed at the Percival garage in Algona. ..j Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Johnson and son yisited' the Charles 4JJalver- sons at Edgeley, N. D.,< anolEuella •Zeuhl at Plahkington, N. D., last week. , ^ Mr. arid Mrs. Ray CarlspAjliyed .BANCROFT James Reisdorff of Denver, Colo., Al Hejsdorff of Mofitrose, Colo., and John Reisdorff of Columbus, Nebr., spent New Year's day" at the hbme of Dr. and Mrs. f. J. Sgdtt of Bancroft, Father Joseph Powers, C. S. C. of St. Thomas' college fit St. Paul, and Lester FiScHbadk ,of St. Paul "- visiting at the hdffle' ,pf Mrs. of" Bancroft is A. H. Fuchs. Kay, Carmean spendin, her unci son of a week at the home of e and family, Wayne Ma_____ Austin, Minn. Mr.' and fttrs." dlyde fikhart and o sons,' Mr. and Mrs.'j,oMh Welp ' two , and Joann, Chris Biehn 'arid Mr. and Mrs. Qharles Welp all of Ban " ' dro'ft spent New -Year's day at the home of Mr 1 , &M ]Mrs, F. J. Welp. Louise PresthUs' of Algofla spen ( t Tuesday and Wednesday at the Ijome of Meredith Austin. Mrs. M6ry Schumacher, a nurse at the Des Moines veterans hos- plt&l, sftent a fe % w days over New Year's visiting at the hom0 of Jkth andI Mrs. 1. F. Engesser. ' ' ..c,,,,,,,^,, „. ^., spem a tew Mr. and MW. James Dopey and'.days visiting at the homes of rel- Lowell of Austin, Minn., spent Now Year's day at the home of Mrs. Mary McGuir'c. Fred Br6ss of Minneapolis, Minn., and "John Ostcndorf of Muscatine, Iowa, spent a few days over New Year's at the Francis Bradley home. Luann, Joan and Michael Marlowe spent New Year's day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Deiteririg. Mrs. Alfred Menke, who has been in the' hospital at Fort Dodge after undergoing an operation, returned to her home Wednesday. Mrs. Herman Wonderlick and Sherry of Council Bluffs spent the Christmas holidays at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lampe. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wilhelmi of Washington, D. C., spent a few atives In Bancroft and Algona. Mr. and Mrs. C, C, Inman and daughter Alice spfent a few days last week visiting at the home of friends in Sioux City. Richard and Lucian Anthony of Kansas City, Mo., are visiting for two weeks at the home of Frahcis McGregor. Denise Marlowe visited New Year's day at the Bert KollascW •fn*iwt ' v ' farm. \ Mr. and Mrs. Leohard Klocke and family of Burt, Mr, and Mrs. Leroy Naurhan 'and- son of Elmore, Minn., and Ernest and Donald Nauman'of Burt spent Ne'W Year's day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Nauman. Agnes Quinn of Lone Rock spent a few days last Week visiting at the home of her grandmother Mrs. Bridget Qulnn. J. J. Sherman left last Tuesday for Los Angeles, Calif., where he fuesday, will visit for six Weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lappe are the parents of a son born at the Holy Family hospital at Estherville last Tuesday. They now have two boys and one girl, Roman Wilhelmi of Wesley and his brother Francis have purchased the K. & H. super service station at Bancroft from Alfred Menke. Mr. and Mrs. August Brandt and Irene Johnson gpent a few days visiting in Minneapolis. Mr, and Mrs. Harold Glienke and Gaylene spent New • Year's day at the home of Mr, aha Mrs, Leo Smith. A Driving Record? Whittemores Kenneth Kuecker accompanied by a friend, Austin, at the Johnson home lasti,,we'ek' and she worked at the Exchange 'State Bank. '• The members of the Free Evan- •gelical church are holding'a'Series of prayer services this week at 1:30 p: m. each-day:'Monday at Ole" Florh's, -Tuesday '"ail Lfester Larson's, Wednesday at Marion Paulson's and Thursday at Henry Swarison's.' ---••' The W. S-. Q. S. will meet Wednesday, Jan. 7, Hostesses will be .the Mesdames Chas." Ki'aus, Paul Erdman, Erriil Wester, Martha Welter and Ella Dolan. Mrs. H. Ostercamp will haveAthe lesson on "Prayer". fj' Mr. and Mrs. George Ama attended the funeral of his mother ,-,in t t. Ti|C. BIDS MUST BE $g HAN.DS OF lIITTCHISOXi ROR NOT I.ESS THA5S T (I'HE APPRAISED VALUE THEREOF, PRIOR TO ,TA> T . 15, 1948 ' f ; "' In order to carry our tlio terms of the Last IViH and Testament of JAW)\e Treptow Hawcott , , V FOR SALE 80-Acre FARM Irnrhediate Possession * *'" % . Described as follows: The Eastone-h^f (E^;of east, quarter two (33), $ ; Cownty, Iowa, E^);of the of Section fe'lw lBf(rtei'Ji Jipusp with t, five nfoiiiMn/fwt.'fliMv* Imp ', ele^|0^ -tiflMip ;|»^ r i^epV ' « "_ , 'L">-' ,- i '!','--(• '. f * ' F -;"._ •'*. ' j; '5. Kuecker. Lotts Crlek,fftt'i m. ori Sunday* • Tfte turns driving, the 11 ^ which aecovfnts f something HJH a average pefson wldd , about four houfs" !i " i -* here to ' RiebHoll %Sfte Burt — The ^erfte' were Christmas .day guests'^, Thos. Ryans, Williams, The i, men are sisters'. Mrs, Sue* Kfe'it son Dick, and daughter Harp were guests of the Riebhoffs *"' evening. 4 *«Hs^*4*4^*^44f****4*44ff*^.^*«4**4*****4****f4*^*f***44***t^ To Close Out the U. B. Frank! Estate STARTS PROMPTLY AT 12:30 P.M. At the U, B. frqnkl fsjctfe farm, first place south of Irvingtpn, or 4 south and 2 East and Vi soufh of Aigona. J.ynch Wagon on Grounds. Including 4^1?Jgl? Qf$de fclpjistein cpws and 5 head high grade Brown Swiss. This herd has been culled for yst 4 yea/s'f rojnjeirigmal he^of ^0. Averaged putstqndingiy high in butterfat production this past year. |.ist|n- cjudes 1^ first cgif heifers, 29 of these cattle bred to Hurrtboldt Breeding Ass'n. Twenty of cows springing nov/ and 12 will be fresji by,c|ate of sale. Balance will freshen early in summer/, or sooner. Also Surge ?-unit milking machine; Deiavql separator, 1 yr. old; pails, cans, complete dairy equipment. ^ 20 HE AD 2-year-old HEIFERS ' ' ' ' - * ^ * ' ? in sp f rifig.Ajl^olsteins,T.|, and Bangs tested. These heifers are all from top producing cows and goodsj'res. \ v , * mipf^^^*^ fm i Cross n *f 1fl>Jhf,bydgfc in A-l shape, 1943 model/folly equipped wjf er and lights; 1 Oliver '<7Q" tractor ind ?w!tjv " ' T t i ^^ f'j, pletejy pverhauled in past year, f r and lights; 1 42-foot Mttle <?iaqf llev|iifo"f? \\re4 horse spreader; I Mtchfield rubbfr tired tratf^ninim£1 __*__'.. I * * *. f • • • . » " • ?A • /. . U . ^ ,,' "CJry_'?'-^.^T^^: a few a,eed 16«ft t£9 nwn^rous to mention Also |TiRM|; Ca«h ©r See Yopr Bpnktr fefqre Sab. ^t'i^^'f *, «ti 4f *1 j { ' r , Jj»" 9 " -* /•\,^ ' - \,» 4< ^ ^^A , W"4"S * 2% r * ^ *e? * >&i' >-i - . -.

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