The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1948 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1948
Page 16
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w ^i't ' Upper , foestfay, A Proceedings 1lKQt)T-AK NOVRAIBMU SESSION A, D. 19 IT VlKTll DAV Docnnilicr !), 1047 'JMir lion id of Hiipoix iiois of KOH- sntli ..I', lown, met In .vogular dPHMlni. piiisunut ID adloinninenl Avllb ilio fdllowlng' members t>'w- i-nl: Huprivlsois Anrttpw KodliiR, \V. K; .-Afct.liiinuld, \V. A. Hrlirnm, .1. B\ .Qliliin iil'.d M. L. .Idhiison. Alollon ninilp by Quiiui hml seconded by Kt'lirniii tluil Hip. Mount of Hnpijl'vljtoi.'s apjirove ciiiKl'iict fot 1 Hie ,pnri'.bns(> of 2n aui'OH of gnvvel land from I'. A. (Inni-do, In ^'14 of Hor. 0, 'l'wi>. ftll, KibiiKO :H, lOminel County, ' lown, mid null •f.irl/.p. Ilie tJliiill 1 - mnn of Hie Monvd to Mlwn «nld ron- • trnot niul d-eod on bplinlf of Kos-sulli I'punly. Ayes: All. Nny.s: None. Motion cnrrlpil. Mollm: made! hy Ue.dlng' t^nd sec- ulided l.i y Schrafn tbal Ilie. rollowInK ilnihuis'c asspKsnipntH ln^ levied on (lie fo ) 1 o w I n 14- /dralmiK'p dlslrh'ls, nnd llinl «iimc' lie-spreiul on (lie lax llslK for c'idli'clloii vvllli Ilie 1!MT tuxes to hi! paid with 1xl nr.d -lid Imlf of luxes In 1!)|S. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Met Inn e.nrrled. (See record for resolullon.) I'KlirUNT OP JlKAINAOlO OKKIIN'AI. hlSTKU'TS ASSM"1\ Uraln No. 12 .11 til iis.sessment .......... 1'"% Uriiln No. ii!i - SI I; tiKsesHiTK'lil • ............ lOOd Dm In No. 1'2 !Hli assessment ., ........... 2% Drali: No. SI! !M li assessment ............ :!% IJi'iiln No. 111! nssessmi'iil Drain No. Kin filli axHessmen t ............ Tir/J, Alotlon imide li\- .lolinson and see- ondeil liy K.-ilhm Hint Ilie official liond of Iji'o .1. I ninierl'a 1 1, l'oui:ty Assessor, l-Ix-c n'fieo, in tin- amount of $10011.1111 be approvcil Mild placed mi file. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion cnrri'i'il. n motion ail ioitrnmor.l was taken until December -'_. Ill IT. at 1 ::!() o'clock I 1 . XI. \V. !•;. McDOXAl.D, Cliairmnn lioard of Sniicrvisors. Allest: 1,. .1. IMMKItKAI.U County Auditor. 1 .lIl'Ifiri.All NnV.KMI'.Ki; SESSION A. D.: 111-17 SIXTH MAV Deeemlicr L'L'. Ill IT Thp rinard of Sinn'rvisni-s of .Isos- sntli ('ouiity, Iowa, met in regular session pni-stiar.t. lo ailjuiirnment wllli tin 1 folliiwliiit members present: Snper\-isors .\oilre\\- Ueilln.U', \\". 10. .McDonald, \V. A. Scliram, .1. I-', (.jninn and XI. I,, .lobnsoi:. Xlol ion niaile b>- lleilini;- and seconded b.\- Qninii :i dr;nrai;-e iissessinent be levh'il on ilrain Xo. Hi!, 'Ith assessnienl. nf ~*r/ f of oriii-iiiiil Aissesstnent, ar.d that same he spread on the t.-ix lists for ciillecllon \vitb the 111-17 la xi;s to be paid with 1st and -nil half of taxes in 1HIS. Ayes: All. Xays: Xone. Motion curried. (See record for resolution.) Xlotioi: made by Seliram and sec- by Johnson Mint (he Hoard of Hupe,t'vl)»rir9 of KosmiUi County, lown, adopt Hesolutlon conllrmlnR n«HCSimpnl8 on the. followli-R Joint DinlnaRc lllitilels as arled on by I he Joint Hoaids of llnncoelc ComHy nnd ,tC.ossutl. County, that said rtM^pMMmpiitM he spread on the drnln- ngp trtv llsm and to lie collected with the 11)17 (a\pM payable In 1DIS Axes. All. Nnjs: None. Molloti carried. (See record for resolution.) IOlN'1' I'KIU'ICMT OT' 1 DUVINACU'J ORirilNAl, UJSTltlCTS ASSA-l'T. IfnneocU No. 2-KosHUth No. 3d, Sill asscssmoiit. , . . Zr/ n Hancock No, :l-,l<.ossuth Xo. -1(1, Slh assessment. ... \CL On mot. Ion tho Hoard proceeded lo audit and allow domestic animal claims. Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Seliram that the payment of the Domestic Animal claims allowed nl this meetluK' of 11. e pf-r- sons as llsled Immediately follow- IiiK hi; ratified, allowed and eon- firmed.' Ayes: All. Nays: Nor.e. 'Motion carried. JKMHSTIC ANIMAL FUND Prank Donl.le, chickens killed liv foxes ............ Not. Allowed C'tti'l P. (tallies, lambs killed by does ............ . .Nol Allowed Clifton Reiisclmter, sheep klllefl by does ..... Alfred U Christ, sheep ' killed by dog's ............. ,Sereal De.C,eeler, sheep killed by di>K-s ............ David I-!. 1 Lynch, sheep killed by 'ilows ............. lOlsle \Vllhelml. sheep killed by doss ........... . Cbas. (.'. I nma n. sheep killed by doss ............ William Prll/., slieep killed by dofj-s .......... Orville lloldret:, sl.ecp killed by doss ............ I'Mw. Hornuinn, sbeeji killed by dnp-s ......... : . . . Illln Kabul, slieep killed by ilo.u's ..................... I'!. II. Ivesler. sheep and duck killed by doss ....... Henry 10. Dontle, sheep and dnc'ks killed 'by dows ...... I. eo Crou'lcy, linjv killed by ilo.n-s ..... . T; .......... Porresl 10. U'illls. lion- killed by (lull's ............ Pi-.ed llysiin. IIIIK killed by doji's hanreiH'y 1 I'restbus. chickens killed by do.H's ............ A. K. .lohrson, chickens killed by dou's ............ A. .1. k'ramersmeier, chickens killed by dof-'s ............ Alice .lor.iven.scii, chickens killed by doss ............ Marvin Slnionsineier. cl.ick- ens killed by doss ........ ['""erd Koppen. chiek-cns killed by diiK's ............ Pi-ark W.' I'.abliiiR-, ehickeiis killed by I!OKS ............ (!. (i. XleParland, chickens killed by do«-s ............ John (I. Ciirdcs, chickens killed bv dog-s ............ D. XI. XleCulre. chlck-ens killed by do.H's ............ . Allyn Hi-ink, chickens kllft'd by doss ............ 21.12 Win. IVierson, chickens $ 30. 01) fifl.OI) IS. nil 2r,7.'l" . r.n.fld .10.00 l»-0(l 1KI.OO . 10.00 I-I.OO .122. (It) 2S.OO S;!.2Te HO. 00 .10.00 Sii.fiU .IS.rtn fiO.OO 27. no f,0. «0 1H.OO Ui.Od 1S.T:" klltpd In- dogs f. M-,00 T,i-nnder SPPKMd, Chickens killed b> dog-* .. ., In.uO (looiRO F. Alke, chickens T- killed by dogs 22.00 Vltgll /Minor, clucks nnd gpps6 killed In dogs OH,00 l.ponaid Mp>or, ducks killed bv does 20.00 Uile (Kiev, geese killed bv doe*- • • • s - 00 Unison it Pel due, tnikpys killed bv dogs inti.on dllbpit M. Cordp-», tnrkpvs killed bv dogs (130.00 on motion ndtauiiment \\ns ink-on until DeccmbPi 2!l, 1!)I7, at- 0:00 o'clock A M. \V. 1-:. McDONAljD, ChninTmn Hoard of Supervisors. AHeM: T,. J. iMMMnFALU County Auditor, UKCUtLAl! NOVKMH10U SRSS1ON A. D. 1!M7 SKVKNTH DAY December 2!), 1!)I7 The l.lonrd of Siipervlsor.s of Kos- Riitl-. County, lown. met; pursnnnt to ad.lourr.mciil In regular session. The meeting was culled to order by tli-e Chairman and IbP roll being called there were prescn.l \V. R Mfiboiuild, Chulrtnan, in the chair, and Ih-e following named Supervisors: Andrew Itcdlng, \V, A, .SPliram, .I. K. (.-Jnlnn nnd Si. I.. Johnson. Absent None. " I Motion made by Qttlnn nnd K<|C- oniled by Itodlng l.lial the. motion made by Quinn and seconded by lledlng on d'nto of November !!rd, 111 IT, as to the snle of Uor.ds for Construction, and ,lO(]iilppriig of .[<iKs.suth Con.nty; Colirl . llotisp : be now cancelled alui rescinded. Ayes: All. -Nays: 1 Mot lor. carried. KKSOMTTION providing for the. advprlis-emenl of $ri011,000 Courthouse l.tonds. \VHI-;IM-:AS at a sperlnl election held jji and for ICossulh Counly, lown, on September U, 1.H47. the. voters ofjSald Counly approved the proposition of ;U(miing bonds in HIP sum of $iiUO.(ion,'l'or the purpose of paying the. cost Of (.•(instrucllng and courthouse on thp i slip In the City Counly: and contemplated runry n I u re In nunn'rlPii.1 order: .-$15,000 on December I, 1!)!!), $25,000 on December 1 of each of Ilie years 1!)50 to .inoo, Inclusive, and $MO.O(IO 01; December 1. of eac.ii of the years lflfi.1 to J!>ii7. liicHislve, all bonds maturing on and after December 1. lilfil), being optlonn.1- for redemption prior lo maturity 01: December 1, 1!)BS, of on any Interest payment dale ther-e- after: and \VI-IHItl5AH 7t Is necessary nt this time (but said bonds be advertised nnd sold: N'ONV TH10 UK TO I MO, lie 11 and II Is Hereby Hi-solved b.v the Hoard of Snp-iM-vlsors of ICossutb County, Iowa, as follows: Section 1. That Courthouse Tionds ol' said County In the amount of $-,(10.1100 to be dated Fehrunry 1. IlllS. and ma luring as set forth in I he .pi'e.'iinble hereof, be advertised l'or sale by the County Trensurpr at 2:"0 o'clock I'. Al. on Ilie 1-1 Ib day of .Inrunry. HI IS. and thai said I'ounty Treasni-er be and -she Is equipping a. tio.Wt present conrtlj " if Algsnn It:! U'lirSlilOASiC^ffl Is cimlemiih I hat said boij'fl.-S be da led Pebri: I. 111-IS, and that they shall mnl S ttotlrq "b'i .. k week fot !U IPIVH K\'i) eonsqei wPOilw MUl Oti tnte Samt) dny of ortcli wnek In tho Al&drtft. t/pj5er nes Moir.pi, n newspaper JHIbllsh-fid and ht general eltpuwllofi In Ko'sstttb County, Iowa, such adv^vtlsflfrtpnt to bp In the form customarily «mriloypd for that pVirpORe, Kpctlon l i, That nil prlar rosoln- tioiis or ordpi-s, In so rnf as sump mnv be In conflict herewith, Iw nnd the sumo ilio heteby vepotllpd, and that tbH resolution Sball ,Sts pffec- UVP forlbwllh upon lt(i piW.snKc and Motion wtm mtudc 1 by . .1. P. Qtilnn n ml aeconded. Ivjf ; f visor Ar.drpAV RpnltiR that the fiu;e- rpsolutlon lies ItUVrtituced, to IIP read, ftlirl wovpd the adoption Iliprpol', nnrt dftet' title pon- sidpi'iitlon HIP Cimirman put HIP iiupstlon on tho motion and llie roll ,bc4tifr cnlled thp following nitmed Hupprvisors volpd^. • / > Ayp; supervisors Andro\v 'Itpdlng. \V. A, Sphratn, J. .li*. Quinn, M. U Johnson,nr.d \V. !•!. MpDonald, chfllr- man. Nav: Nonp, Wliprpnpon thp Chairman dpclnr- ed Hip motion carried nnd HIP resolution duly passed, • npprovpd ntid adopted tills !!Dth day of Dpcpinber, ( 'AV. K. MCDONALD, cimirmnn luiard of Supervisors, A Most: . T* J. IMAPKltKAIjU .County. Aiidltor. Motion made b.v Hchriim nn« scc- ondpd by Quinn Hint .the. transfer made b.v Hie County Auditor, December 10, 1017, front'tho fond <;oti- slrucllon fund to tlio road tnaln- tenhncp filnd In Ib-e amount of $:il.:i 10.00 bp nnd Is ban-by approved, Ayes: All. Nays: Nonp. Motion carried. Motion made by QujhH and seconded b.v Johnson I hill the Hoard of Supervisors recommend to (ho Iowa Slate Highway Commission (hat HIP following highways In Kossutb Counly, Iowa, be addocl to the Federal-Secondary Itond Syslcms: Heg'. at S\V cor. J7-.0'-l-:iO;-llipnce North 7 miles; t'eK nfUbe NW cor. 17-9.",-:)0. A lotnrof 7 mllcsk Hc-g. nl S\V enr. 1ri-!)5-2S; Thoncp l-'asl :t mllps; ler. L at SI*, cor, 1»i-Oti-28. A total of ;| miles. l!eg. at S\V cor. 11.0*05-27: I bonce North I! miles; ler. lit the N\V cor, l-HS-27. A tola) of fi miles. Meg. at l!y. crossing i/ t mi. North of S\V cor. :! I-l)(l-27;: thence 'North 7 .':-•! miles; ler,-'at N\V'-cor. 27-117-27. A tolnl of 7 :l-l nilleK. .- ' Heg. at SW. cor. 18-OG-28;Uheii(ip North S miles: tor. at N\V >cor. 7- 07-2S. A total of S miles. Heg. at HW cor.' 1i>-!)7-2!): thence North (1 miles: l-er. at the NAV cor. 22-9S-29. A total of fi miles. Meg. nt S\V cor. 9-II8-2.S; llipnpe North n miles: ter. nt. .tho NW cor. 21.-9H-2S. A total of ii mllop. Ileg. at SW cor. fi-0!)-2'J; HIPIICK Mast 7 miles; tor. at 810 cor. 5-99-2S. A total of 7 miles. l!eg. at S\V cor. 20-1.00-29: thence Knst 4 miles; ler, nl Hie SK cor. 2:1-100-2!). A tolnl of -1 mli-es.- Ayes: All. Nnys: None. Jlollot: ciirrbMl. ;i .'. Are Not Out of Date!!! MOTOR CAR which seems to be dying, can be restored to life within a few hours work by mechanics who know how to moke hair-line adjustments. FROM A SET OF NEW SPARK PLUGS to a complete overhaul, our service department is ready to Figure what you need for satisfactory and smoothly-operating transportation. THE ECONOMICAL TUNE-UP..... WANNA SEE ME COME TO wAfiof-wi SAffrr COUNCIL is needed at regular intervals by every car, regardless of'its age or make. Quite frequently it gives you results which seem like a modern miracle. Also, EVERY car, new or old, needs a regular front wheel alignment check-up on our exclusive Bear equipment. TAKE YOUR TIME IN WINTER-TIME Take your time in winter-time, because ice is just plain slippery. And that's dangerous when you are driving to.o fast. So reduce your speed to conform to the condi* tion of the road. Expect the unexpected. Keep your mind on the road ahead, so ypu'll be ready for that emergency .around the next corner. You can't stop on an icy dime. wesL.ln1.-l' wcwt -Ilio'; within -.,- .--1-, who WP'ro also repi'OSWi Rrnnstad, Attorney At W, MnhoiH-, UoKli»tpre.d ThPio. was ntSo p1>e Rhnwiwny, Attofrey, ,ftt I-.ftM'., I 1 ,, Ho In lifhnlf of tlfp Tlip mnttPi 1 ' was dter'upsed by pat UPS prossnl .and. the , folio.* .-.„ n«iepmp»it wfti fliutlls* nccelH*d ( by nil part IPS involvpd, 1'hnl n rcw U" dl-nltt lllo 1)6 )Ald; In tho rond dllob from npprofelitl ly Rtillion 6fo. -10 (o station NcS nnd thai tin? present 1B" flralrt be lowerpd from approximately 8tn» lion No, fid lo fit at ton 'No. " n - Tljnt. lateral No. S of drainage tll»tr|ct' No. 170 bp chppkpd for r.opall'S ,nl road prosstng on wpsl side of fon,P<s HUP, nnd that Intprnl No. 2'of drntn- ngc district No. 170 lib eltttfKoil for; I'ppnlrs. ' It was further ofdored Hint « de* nuind in wt-ltltiK bp mrtdn uiian Ibn Hoard of Snppi'vlsol-s of Kossu,!!! Oonntv, lown, by UIP liindo\yt:al's within Drnlmigp plstrlft No. 1,70 asking thai an PXnct cnpv of HIP written demand bp fol'wni'(,1p,d to iC. C sclmrliich. Con.slruotlon lOnRlneeri and Joe Ncedlps, Contractor, bv IbP County Andllor, ami that the Hon,rd takp tvhalpvpr stpns ncipeisn.i • asalnst C. C., CollstrUP- llon I'li»Kln<<er. and Jne,NppdlP>, Con- frnctor. In order to gel some iicllhti on t-i'construe.tlon nnd repnii- of .snld' drnlnngo district. i On motion ndjonrr.mpnt, wn« Itiko" until Decpmber :11, 10-I7, a! fliOO o'clock P. M, *- i \\'. JO. iMcDONAljlX Cbnlrntnn Hoard nf Sitpi'i vKwrs. i ,-•> ' ^- ... MYEH liy ttp'dlflpf nnd i-rtin thai'.Ute NYIRS CAP! A .MS tri'lccl cnrrfc'd. Motion ._.„. onded by Scli Cout'.ty Asaess'or In n.tjd f. Counts', lown, bottlHntntf 1JI.1S, its itirifle -by.-U .*T. /•imi»ii \» AiMnhi*. Avrt&J J .Count!,' ydlltor, Atyju All. tollrtti .carrlcM. None. , . .On nidUpn.ttoririi ad,1ouj'iic\d "Sl,no ^' C '' WV .15. ttf dbotf AiLn, .CUB It'inn u' ' Attest T,. J. <M^ TR *ifJ£f ^^tlllgll^^' ^^^flRp *^HW^^ *B^B* ^^F ^^H^^ Sales . DODGE-PLYMOUTH . Service South Phillips Street WHIOKKAS, Comity, Iowa, is I be owner In fee simple ol ce.rtaln real estate, locntpd In iJnion Township, Kossnth County, lown, known us All Unit ..part of . SH '/i ol the N\V'/i nl' • Sec-lion Nino. '(.!)), in Tnwnshlp Ninety-six (tllij North of Itang'e. Twenty-nine (2!l) • West ol tlH> .Mh I'. M., lininiilbd and described as follows: LtPKlnnlntj nt a point .1:127. -I' south and .1 ISS.ti 1 .east oi: Hie. Northwest corner of said Section 1 !!: thence, south five degrees oasl 1.811': thence south slxty-rlne . degrees wt-sl 1!)S'; thence soutli 'one fili'Ki'cMj east !):!.8'; tiienco south 75 decrees east :!28.2',; tliencc north <I7 ..detfreos east :i:'2.7', thence north 82 -'Jleurees east 222.1'; thence north •S : ileg'rees ; thence north 87 decrees thence north twenty decrees thirty inlnntes wesU .ten -nnd one tenth feet; Ibence due west 1-!H' to the point of hCKlr.nliiK. talnliiK 1 four and fifty-five di'i-dths (-l.fiO) neres, and title wns acquired by virtu .Wiiminty Deed dated June and , recorded js|n llie^ -gf flee t issjltli CouMM; IJecojMi'r n r flT**'I92!)rffi Hook™), l wliicb :deed was made, .-execo delivered to Kossnlh Co/)n by Caroline MeMnlinn nnd. llcJIabon, wife nnd linsliancl XVHHIJKAS, said real ostiite was pnrcha.s-ed by Kos^utb County for the ffrnvel nod rond material -con- lained In said trncl; and WMUKKAS. KosKiith County bad sole use of said real estate, until .said K'i'nvel and road nmtift'lal ;'Js i •exhausted, and when ilio snivel ard road material contained in said i tract is exhausted it Is to revert to | the .original .sub-division i from whence it was taken as per agreo- melil at tho time -said tract was purchased by said county: arid \VJ-I KIJKA.S, that after having inspected the said premises Hie Hoard of Supervisors of Kossnlh County find; that the gravel and road material contained in said tract iw practically exhausted Find Hint there remains only a, limited supply of gravel nnd road material in said gravel pit. , x • NOW, TIIKKKTORE, Be It and It- Is ITerehy Itesolved by the Board of Supervisors of Kossnth County, Iowa, Hint Chairman W. 13. McDonald be and h-e is hereby authorized and dlrectel to execute and -acknowledge for and on behalf -of Kos- -sntb , County, Iowa, a Quit 'Claim- Heed conveying Kossnth County's interest in the hereinbefore described real estate unto Delyle W,' Nelson, present title holder of Ui& real estate containing the parcel of land described herein. IIIC IT FUUTHRR niSSOLVBD, That the said deed having now been •executed and acknowledged It is hereby approved by the Hoard of .Supervisors of Isossuth Counly. Iowa, and that its approval be spread upon the minutes with the yi-a ard nay vole thereon. Motion made by Seliram and seconded by Johnson that tho foregoing resolution- be. adopted. Upon roll call the vole thereon resulting as follows: Ayes: Supervisors Arclrp.w Reding, \V. A. Schrani, .1. F 1 , Qulnii, M. L. Johnson and Chairman \V, K, McDonald. Those voting nay wore: None. AVhercupor Hie Chairman declared the motion carried and Hie resolution duly passed, approved and iidoptecl this iUth day of December, 1B-17. , i , : Motion made by .lolinson and seconded by Seliram thai 1). I,. 'l,efferl be appointed e.rgineer on Lateral 6 if Urainnge Hisiriet No. S3, and that i« be Instructed, to make examination and report as to Hie necessary' repairs on said lateral and that lie iresert his findings thereof to- th<; Hoard of Supervisors at the earliest los.sible dale. \ Ayes: All. Nays: iN'one. Motion carried. (See record for rcsotnliun. ) Moiion made by Quinn ar)4 seconded by Scbram that Alma.' Pearson be appointed , Clerk of the District Court of KQSSUth Coui-ty, Iowa, beginning as. of fgujmary 2, }'J4S, (o fill Hie vacancy afftj.runexnlrecl term left by the resignation of Helen White, Clerk of iho Dlstriot Court effective us of January 1, 1918. Said appMiulinen!.' sljall continue to bold until the next regular election as provided for in Set-tjon Ci).]l of Hie Code of Iowa, 1U-1U, or until' u successor Is elected ard qualified. Ayes: All. Nays: None. llotipn carried. Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Quinn that tin County Auditor be arU he is litreby dl- rectecl to notify tlia board gi U'Us- tees of each Jowuslilp lo " doll a meeting of' the- township trust'pes of their respective towiihhips for the purpose to prepare their township road program for the year 1918, and to select a representative to meet with the Board of Supervisors for the purpose of adopting a roftcl program for the year 1948, on the IStli day of February, 1948, at 9'30 o'clock ,4. •. M., Jr- tbe Court Eoom, Algona, Jowa. Ayes: All. Nays: Nona. Motion carried. * * On motion and vote the meeting adjourned *intll 2:30 o'clock P. M. 2:»0 q'cloclj P. il. The Board Qf ^upjervlsprs met suftiit to adjourrment lu .session with the following members present: Supervisor* TV. E McDonald, Cbalrmau, Jn tho chair, \V. A. Seliram, J, 9. Quinn and M. L. .Tohr- son. Absent; Supervisor Andrew Itedlne. In tne Matter pf prainage "Ko' * " *' FUNERAL HOME ' \ WHERE RRVE^UUNCJB MD ENSHRINE A SACKED MEMOJIY" Ambulance Service D.ay Phone il. AlgoiMi, Jowa I sit.,,^ Jo^ K>|-s|i! ' "- ' -'• " ' J..M.JI-- Lj -.(- After a long, hard tlny's work on the farm, Thad's iden of ho\v lo spend an.eyenihg is to take , off Jiis shoes, and r.elax ,with a ( inello.\v glass of beer. But his niissiiis has othei 1 idcap. After being in the house all clay, she's all for walking to ,the village, 1 if it's only for a soda. Likes -to &cc people, catch the latest gossip. But Thad says, no, his feet hurt I Began to .cavtse uripleasajitne'sS in home. Huif Andy's .GnVden ,Tflv,cr,n,>'!Wiad .d|n j'elaX iVith,lite glapS o.f'beef^rtijd the missu/can alsa chat vd^> thu neiRhbors there. ^afcK fi^ta (o,r her) own ,M;ay. ' „ V •" Worked, tdo! -In fact, now'thef v fnissus likes an occasipnaji te,tm)ei'- ate glass.of beer hei'se\f. And T.hadu finds it's pleasanter to.e.hjoy'.hiB becv with^'opd comp.anions^vathei*^ than alone. In fact, his feet stopped linrtingitoot - ,•• ' ' U Then Bill Webster.comes up with •n idea. If Thad takes the IIUH^US lo Hnviiiff decided t6>anlt fa,rifUij.g a.nd ijrt.ove to {towfi, we will sell ttie following described jpr ( oj)ert idM asptl^rtptit thetpr^iipo^^a <l$ piles &sk>»n$ tyvitte noyth of Algona; or 7 miles soutli nnd/ .inlioV-wiiM ofSurt, o^. '.* :'.',•" • " . " ,'' •'... .'^ •..'>-.. .!,"Kr-i •-..•' 'A ' ' - . SALE TO START AT I O'.CLOCK 27 HEAD OFICATTILE Six Shorthorn, 2 Jf olsteln a,nd 1 Swiss cow, s,o,rae ar,e fresh jiojv, ot.hers to ( be fresli by sale d,ajte,j A Shortlioru heifers, ,to Ue Jf^sh"j)y tite fljrs.t ,of 5£arqU; 5 hejfe^s a^d ^teers/ about 1 year .oldj 2 r*d Slior,t- horn Mulls about 1 yr. oldj 1 purebred &*&&& SbyfrTMifp. J).ull, about 2 yrs. oldj 4 fall calves aud 2 . calves. (All the above cattlie a>« . ty .tested and R»ugs vaccinated.) ' 1 sorrel a good watched i 2 IHEAD o^ HORSES 2 gelding, 7 yjs. ,oM? 1 «,o,ri;e v l m^re 8 yf«. old? both are well broke, full brother and sister and tied team. ' • 4 . fc' 'A'liV i J 'J , $>?>& iJ-lAl f- fti 1 £ ll£|teji^ld|ljlL$4$|i j,^ 22 HEAP OF HOGS 22 & 1C Ton Spot-tea I'ojkhd China ppsvs, due to larrpjY in Jttarchj 12 /all p|gs. 7 HEAP OF |HEEP ,ewes and ? Jambs. Co'ty brooder house, inch boards and seywa) pt hog IIOUHC; Kftofjlogr. hog house? 0x16 hog liouse, some plank; s,ome 1- 4 -»• »i- -' JHAY About 400 bales of wlxed tofty; jihojit >?0fl bajes of second Cutting alfftlfa Jliay an,d gome loose Imy In (he barn. (All tjie abov.e hay w,»» ftut ,l.n '^ " A - ~'" "~' '" —'" ""—' jls jjnder cover.) MACHINERY s'uth Coui?t^*Iowa. njeellng wag C. C. e ? se tractor 21 piUl-type John ft, ppriabje hoisi; Detour wpe4 hjgh wheel wagqn; Kitchen cabinet; S*fe»lwi buttetj « combination, ulectrU', wood sp^ «P rug} '"k»'ftO

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