The Call-Leader from Elwood, Indiana on October 19, 1925 · Page 2
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The Call-Leader from Elwood, Indiana · Page 2

Elwood, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 1925
Page 2
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rAf)VwO THE IXWOOD CALL LEADER. MONDAV, OCTOBER 19, 1925. uni i ni aw aai r iii w lit run uuir in ; v uuluu mu lifiiiPl nuun nor :rn t comb and tas tmbli, YoaSaasirmtheinrwith Is clfluant to take, Creomul&ioo to IM medical aixBiuf with twa-foM acrtgni tl soothes and heals the talalnod aqenibiaafa aadbUUts eani wnMkvf dfttfttt 1 Of all knew! iraxflt tnoMi It Mck jferf fcy iy nedicalautlutrHi o5M of the areata heeling ijencfc lor persie; tent eoeghs tad eoMa and other, form Of ' ihroet troubles. QtWWririaa contains, in additka to creosote, euer lealiaf ete neat which tooth end teal tfce bfeeted membrane and atop tho irritation and inflammation, while the creoeote goes on to the stwfaeei, Is absorbed Into the Mood, attack the eeat of the tnnble and checks the growth of the germs. Cmamlskm k guaranteed satisfactory in the treatment of persistent coughs and Adda, treachial astheta, tawchhJa. and Other form of resptra- ' tdry d&easee, and la excellent for building up the system after colds or fin. Money refunded if any cough or cold is not relieved after taking according to direction. Ask jour druggist. reo nndsioi Company, Atlanta, Ca. (sdr.), ?IM SATS New.TVork, Oct. 18. Tribute President Coolidge's constancy as a church atttndanr and "aS "being the sort of "living apostle of Christ the country ; needs in "every community,'" was paid by the Rev. Jason Noble Pierce, pastor of the. First Cohgriegn-. tional , church, Washington, D. C, of which the President, is a;iaember iu Sermon in tw'lnrth; Avenue Prtsby erlan'fchnrch Mdy. X?: An lder i,the New Tork church nrtfffeht courts and tafdsleMtafen- CCOUDEE ' T - to for. Pierce feskjed nun prtor to his being related' in the moking-room of to settle, the expectations are that -iserman if the; PrEatdentJwpnid be! faft rratiealairtic tlaerv " trave into Florida for the year will-'. Ma piw.tntt!8hnaxr''V;' "I told hftir the President Is al was- there, Dr. Pierce said. , "The quiet Influent f W s nsta'ic Is far reaching. Our country needs ...iust 'such apostles, known and read of met.f in every omnrunif" - . i '. i " TO W N 8 E N 0 CAS M DOCKET. ed with " rtttllng money from hie I grandfather; residing fa the northweat' ert part of the city, reached the dock - et rf the ictrcuft 'cotart at Anderson " , Bathrday. Townaend wis bound overt by the city court In the sam t 1104 m- T- Tlirh unaWa.ln fitrr'-ti. . w. v,, yfr. A ' n WwwwWwWwwwwwWWWWwii )x r'l ' Hr ft . . " , TP V V' II 5f o n; yvv C.(teo' Tires! 8 o tt - g O Long Mileage o lhfe Fataous Bbtk Cold Cords! 3 Fiifit Gwide tram fcet ' toltio'Yim Vuicanirins .t-, is Balloon Tires and ft , A-..- - f it ;o,, o JiiMs tire Store 'GC'i5pac53cJ0bQded(56bat3c:4 , t ft; term8Elbe contract between Henry Fort ' and the United States shipping board fer-he purchass of 199 Steel ships tor iscrap,' ew made public tor the first lime, the Detr6it manufacturer vast take possession of the ships b .frr 'bt-Tore Dec. 12 or pay the skipping --board the cost of their TrmintenafiiTP in iaytip anfl must scrap all of them by Feb. 4, IS 27, except tabSsifce fntaftd a t with Dese engine and operate himself. The -.'terms of the contract have been the topic of much speculation because of rumors that Mr. Ford woaM'be allowed to sell some of the machinery and as a result affect the market. The contract provides, how- ever, that while he may use mach- and the Dixie highway, from the Soo inery be takes ont of the ships in his'on the Canadian boundary down to own plant he may not sell any of it. T6 Excavate Roman Stadium It is planned to excavate Hie Clrcns Mattmus St Rome which was the grent-?st stadium ever built. It seated 350,-080 people and would make some nt the modern stadiums such as the Yale half hour count in the morning gave Bowl and the Tankee stadium lxkjc2 cars; thirty minutes in the at-like ronnty fair amphitheaters. The ternoon showed seventy. Circus Maxlmus was three times as I .Travel Estimate Conservative, large as tins famous Colosseum at j The travel estimates sound foolish. Itome. It was first built In the time of but mon nere wno nave kept check the earlj.Poman kings, was used dnr-they are far t0o conservative, tag the republic and had Its best days jThlg ,g only one crogi roads Bllte dnrinir the empire. Here Julius Caesar .,,,,, . ,h K -on j entertained the Roman populace on a 1 magnificent scale. Indeed the scale wns so Inrge that he had to sell one of his private villas to pay for the games and chariot races. In this grent sta-1 dlum the glndintors fought In mortal combat with wild beasts Imported from Africa and Asia.' 'Service Rendered Stories of aDscntmlndedness were I . . 'l am very absent-mlndep njyself, said a hitherto silent man. "I often find names and telephone numbers written In my notebook, but can't re - member what persons they represent, Lately I had a general checking ep. The name and address' ef One rhnn jT$lfla me, so I wrote; tilm asking If he had ever neara or me, and it I H ba ft cord a1, T"?OR, K i5"te Jrt' f i J1? !i ' ZZZ " V I c,"pa''"- reawrttaMi mm. : :m Us&Mlty. Ill Nortk Aodexvfaei aUskL , ' f m o At Lowest Cost 9 o o o o o o o o Clin .$9.45 30x31, cSin Heary Duty $12.98 The Big Tire' with the Side Wall Guaranteed 10,000 Miles. Bad Boadt Do Not Affect This Tire. r- SPECIAL o Q o 8; o o o o o o o SOO 30x3Vj Oversize Cords, $5.50 up. on Hifh Pressure Cords. Bnbber Pootwear, , o S i to Reach At Least Due atoiionv ' . INDIANA HEADS POSSESSION Lake City, Fla., Oct. 18 The trek to Florida continues unabated 'Miami, and all the other trails are swarming with travel. At this grateway point where " the Dixie crossed the bid Spanish trail, cars from outside states were passing throHfh today at the rate of two a minute. They averaged . at least three passengers to a car. A in addition is the travel by rail and sea and the crowds coming by auto- mobile through other gateways, es- pecially Jacksonville. Many are .go- lng back. But for every returning car there seems to be ten or fifteen pointed south. That is about the pro-j portion noted by this expedition during the last week on 1,200 miles of the Dixie trail. All told what with those who come, for B'eht seeing and those who come range somewnere arouna me mii- non mara, ana set a new mara in t travel movements. This, in a state , which in 1920 had less than a.. mil- lion population. -. ' I Indiana Leads the Way. I Indiana, bv all odd a. leads the ore. cesgion down the Dixie trail. From Louisville to Atlanta, out of every la southward, at least six were from Ina. As the trails converge, U- cense plates from other states become more diverse, until in passing through lis .represented in a day's run. Still bottleneck bere-nearly every sUte Indiana "lead hem'!all.. ir- At tourt,wrtto out of aUty4wo oars e twenty-six had" Indiana f Hoosiers-were g( en tne grouna i tags, many going in search J0D8 at tne pleasure resorts, as garage workers and what not, but the bulk of them were out to give I Florida the once over, to stay if they liked It and to return if not. Most Are Sightseer. The bulk of the travelers, bo far es contacts at tourist cantos and I elsewhere are any revelation, are sightseers, off on a holiday, may of Ittiam tisva latter 1 ptbAU In their pocket ahd are hopeful of meeting up with some proposal that may net a quick profit. Otherwise they say they expect to carry the family sock i back home at the end of the holiday. From Lexington. Ky., to Atlanta, (the garage men seem to have one stock gag. As an Indiana car moves jby they remark, "That's the last car left in Indiana. EDITORS INVITE COOLIDGE. Indianapolis, Oct. 17. The an nual mid-winter meeting of the Indi ana Republican Editorial Association w.u n jib.u m U.W c.i, tne laner lri ut -uur, iu com- mlttee of the association decided to day. The date will be set later. An ievltation to President Coolidge to attend the anntmT love feast on the second evening of the Bession will be made. ' " Wsnt arts cost n coots to- 2S ords FJ6 mbro . EliaiATISTJ ITS J ON El That iwful agonyi Bheamatiam can't stand the rich, ree blood that S. S- 8. helps Nature - But rheumatism will bring para and fhlseri to your iotnts and muscle tnat MloTiK aa yam are without plenty .a rich, red blood in your system. . ;. t it-f we io-piooaeiia, that b, 8. your, system the Impurities that cause Toenmausm. '-"Ana nnm yon no unlit nt font Mood to where it is pure and rich and red, yo simply ctnt gae.rid of fhanjnatiam. . , ,- ( i , . ind.S. 8.,a Js.the thine. Bed hlood aJ .rheumatlim. Brerjhodj t.B. aineahs mlinonVbl feiWSrjo. evs-mean8 neaita ail Oyer, No tnore rhetrma- . Klf hU of rest- Cays of toy. filled with the hippiness of aceom- plishment made - pos i m"aay oriraiui i- ' ofreo blooded me; energy ani 1 Toana wnat means that i - n.a aa i Tourists Expected Tbia Tear vmTV. h; VlfllllH H ll.Hr J .iu J New TorkWe-Mve eherl blard of alngtngJvBkibpfn, Utertry pklruVt- poetical lafclpperi,., muelcal- skipper and sklpoefa who hv become famojjf, at Wottorl M asieatlsta, but. we haiff rarely heard of a skipper who ranks with some oj the bes(; golf,Mnateuf., Toe "golfing sea captain," , , i4ttta, is well known on the Atlantic as a man to be feared on the golf links and ;there Is hardly a port which he Has entered where he has not played the , ancient and honorable game of Scotland. , ;. Captain Latta was not originally Id tended for a seafaring life, bavtng been placed tn an office as a youth until his twentieth, year when he went to sea on a sailing vessel of wKfch his uncle was the master. After sailing round the world tor nine years, 'playt lng" golf at evefa port he could, and getting hie master's certificate, he joined the fleet of the Canadian Pacific railway in 1905 and has since then carried that company's flag tlie farthest north of any of his fellow officers to Archangel, and the farthest south, around Cape' Horn. Rushes for the Links. During the phst two winters whe be piloted his steamship on cruises through the West Indies, lie was just as enthusiastic as the tourists to go ashore, not so much to slghtsee as to X u Uf the local links' and plf 'hlmiseli; flu? local: Stir. and mnnt a lwfti rtar guccrjinbed to his prowess wm, the clnbs. Golf has probahly made Scotland as well known aa ber'tamous bards, her fighting chiefs Md clans, her pipers and her plaids, iabd It is only proper 'that, when the steamship Empress -of Scotland leaves New Tork next De cember on a 12-dav cruise of the world, carrying with her the Round the World Golf clob made op of tour-. IStS WOO DBVC DeeB UlVUefl DV BraO tlcally aH the golf Clnbs in the 20 countries to- be Wslted' to match their skl11 against the local champions, Cup- tam anouia ne in command. I -traveling the seven seas, strange roce. 8uai costoms, as wen as un ramiuar caaaies win greet tne goir Ing skipper and his golf enthusiasts. Plan tint au Gmia. - Imagine the skipper and his touring golfers teeing off at Maples, with Vesuvius for a background; at Cairo, where the links are the sands of the desert and? where one wears tennis shoes, with: the Sphinx Mar off as a t. -ftnr nr "silent gallery! to India, with gor rlers 4o-tle-kr'the Side lines and ome goldeiKdppea mosque ill fh Aiatanaiai at StaUvi. on the Island of Java that-afeteriou country and subtropical, paradh id the rotnances 0f Joseph 6mrai the late seafaring novelist, whef -.the gallery will be niade iid Of nirUtes attired lh R riot of Batik ellJui Vft jMeoila, the queen city of "The Peart of the Orient" ; In China ana . japan; : where 'rlcklshas csrry one hi tbeigreen and the setting Is either a pagoda Or Cherry-blossomed trees; at'HonOlnlo to the distunt niiiRlc of ukuleles and the odor of pineaprilei .carried ja the- hreeaefr fnr-off groves, and, then to try the golf linns oi sun-Kisaea uaiuqrnia w, I an- The Brilqjetiesjreta'folflng crnlse around nt wvtff' JWK eijmr Kip-per hoaf .Wee i beto attempted, nd when the 1?rftjrWiitlfictii pnl ;intpf haa i..ttjffel,,pf5t spring 'flie story will M'-told of bow nt Delhi, flnneat the Hlntaliya monfl- ni ieiai, np nenr me imaisy rooun-. the' fonrlstst(feol'(t' l!ii lh tiiresl bat- wg HM rfljearssnnjKitfin-BpaDiy Wayd:)Vaetn-toddeArcltrt)s uttnd wnaatteBdeftclellawrBWyfOkJen- rbd cMdies. jb T - f-tsvil ?MP-!(Yl, ,., pr p "Ll(Tria ' WaahlnirtonLirTjoana aratated tosaetn- nflw. WB jatWiwoaol'd I , . i.; .vnliin i i i.u .ul. w tv ifif ' ' ' n ' () ;rocks lor tVonfcaend (' " .todrtmehl fercoWcbBtorf vlfalte best of styles, () " ifled in lace bad rhetah . .otuihl IW. o o o o o o o o o 0 o tPort Clothes Smart arid snappy clottes for Sport wear in wool crepes, charmeuse and balbriggan, New colors of battle blue, beige and green $4.95 to LADIES' COATS o o o o o In materials of needle colors or ox, Wotf and other furs Very special at" o o SCHOOL o a 6 to 14 years of age, trimmed, new fabrics and colors . o o o o o o o o INFANTS' o o Infants' fleeced shirts, size 0 to 6 years, each o o INFANTS' ST0OKINGS Infanta' silk and wool hose, colors ' pongee," black. and white, sizes 4 Cflfc to Gy2, special, pair , vUw Y0 . r . .i . : I . . . '.. . M - i " priced -at o tOOOOOOOOOpOOOOfOOOOOOddOIOOOQOOQOdQQi i; Produce Review i WrVVwwlww (Prepared Dy Bwtft St Company, O 8. Tda Chicago. iC i A favoruble reaction on butter fcl lowed the release by the U. S. tJepirt ment of Agriculture of warehouse fig ures on storage holdings. Toduy, the Uew York market on 92 score Extra b is quoted at cents and Chicago market on 90 score SUttdarB' 47)1 cents. This is an advance 6f t ctnts on the ftew York price and Onl up, , - .i . .-,.... ...... j.. i ' s uie cuicago maraet as comparea wuu the same day last we els. ' Storage holdings reported wefe as follows: October 1. 1925 Pouitry: 44,732,000 lbs. Butter, 114,167,000 lbs. Eggs, S.G06.000 cases. ' ' - October 1. 1924 Poultry: 4o,07dj)0b lbs. Butter, 153,494,060 lbs. Egg's, 7.4t(9,000 cases. ' ' incre?ise--Pt)uitry, 4,2,OO0 lbs. E'.'XlBbo'O case's." 't. Decrease Butter, 39,327,000 ps '. '' While "there is a'hoticeable decease trj,ih Volume of hatter 1u storage, the amount was Tilther hv iiearlv &.. WJm fbi"'"thVir t$a"irVfrS ' Wer-m:". ' the'' consdtentfbiiot utW- is gooli, ftjrejgtl iharkets are higher than last year ahd thS hplife dalr Indu the clo'sbfjr frtfded e'gi Mt rlng tuj) jjuotatlohs. ' nMfw liyiAf'' tcellent 'fcattieV. lnf dafly', keeping f 1ft&m ckrn6fV,bf "conBuWloCs's 'lioirliiiS onl'oiterlomleSlh'eqValltV'Mfti: There Is' a larea vnlnMiA nt lu.nltK Aiiln inA ttPlnaa "VoPa' .',V atllt h'eavf,'eiiecaliyi le or jlffj stocks in storage; ahd 'fitr 'il' las-(ni orr;:'ahcirtariy'at?ldlca'. only , a,T'91 v IO""v i5 Liuira WUOK iffimk th " mehaW rfMV M rhTiki ftlih4Hi"'iS fl,i:Ut1,(i)''in,,i fWiaaPrti ml Uat.1 fthtaA'wf.'J. X r7M,l " " ' ' ' 11 T isBtiMf treat WWtvry ne'irites takaiii both flares and ..! il lflJi point, suede cloth and Geronia mm COATS FOB GIRLS Sport and Dresa Coats, plain or fur frltt itt to fof TIR . OlUiUu OUJO 39c Infants' outing sleeping garments, regnl $1.25 value, special, '' ' Ofk all sizes - WW feEAL SILK 8UBSTANDASDS. ... A twelve strand pure 'thread silk stocking in all the new fall colors such as, rose mauve, rose grey, rose wood, tsnbark, champagne, rose nude,- silver,; piping Haft J Baby Bunting! Cozy little buntings to wrap baby in when he Sets' out . on his winter oritinir:': i Made of Soft' rock and black, Real Silk Full Maine colors as Beal.Silk Chiffo4 paior 2 pan? Hyely'tionttdjwjh ' silk-, en tibb'on,' very low Th. TU fiiltr the &te if all ee aa Bussian Calf, d white, a WmW UiS'.tt fa.'; easier, due td Increased receipts. Ev-eii, -marketing by producers is suggested because there are still large stock to &e handled and It takes the capacl-tie's 'of the feeding stations to handle an 'properly prepare pouitry for mar-' iteK . ; ' yhe feeding of milk or soft feeds on the farm should be avoided, using ca turai grains, so the poultry will be In best condition for finishlug at fatten; lng joints. M . j ' , ' 0fder your oouaty tax receipts nos. at the Elwood State Bank. Telephone 125. You t tnay . .: pat them on or betor :i&nda)r No ember 2nd. 10U9 .;- ' ",i ii 1 1 -..i , VJliseriBe lor1 ths ' CalJ deader. f 1 r Leeson & S r?Z--TJL3'tx---- tt Jn -hI fciV ' ' """'-'-''". i. r-' .. - r M 1 V ' Rir "4 1 ; tulAiJt;v:fc-T r1' , ' 1 " "" iobd trim- o o o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o b o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 8 o o o o with i ; INFANTS' SLEXEkS ' ilar C pair . - vvu Fasihoned in StBB stated above, pair iirSiUll ilk' ajid WbSle-fcr ladie laTa it colors m$i as" eamri'lhHif', ' ween, Black, grey f n a at'Jitiy. jMr' r. UUU o o o o oils o 1NGENDI My VrilS HOMfe. . . LogBTivpoi;- Jtnd., Oct. 18. Fire of incendiary origin practically destfoy-d the. home of John Straight hera early today. The blase originated at the base of. the residence and burned a line to' the lop where it was aflame all Ainder the roof when fire trucks arrived" Straight found Hie tire as it, licked it .way up the side Of the htfuse hnd he ' claims to haVe stti) coal. ol Ob the weather lwarding. Ah effort a ihade at the same tint to bturn bis ca which, stood in a Bid yarf. Coal bit wtts thrown 6n a rear seat wfejch wa Mtrf;jMrhb.:ani extlng-trhrhed jienre i'taAaArh''doire.r Hd says ft is the second attempt to( destroy the home. We had no lnsur i ii ii i I mmnvv lis n in m , Ml Co. ol suir ij.'H ( i F J . i J M vi 't ! ' k ' ii

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