The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1948 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1948
Page 10
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4-AI§6fta Upper Des Motnes fuestlay, Jdhuofy 6, 1948 Lone Rock Folk Lone Ro\k—Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hoppe and Roger moved Friday from their home east of Lone Rock to Garden City, Minn., where they will own and operate a- grocery store. • They and Mr. and Mrs. Milo Bonebrake of Blue Earth, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Reinbold Pel-son and baby of Swea City and Arthur Person were all Christmas dinner guests at the parental P. L. Person home. A Birthday Dinner Mr. and Mrs. Orville Gardner entertained the following at a birthday dinner Sunday, Dec. 21 in honor of their daughter, Jo- Leen's 5lh birthday: her grand- patents Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Gardner of'Algona, Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Hunt and family'oC Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Keeper of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Garel Leek and family of LuVerne. father Bob Schmidt at Fairmont, Minn. The Wilmer and Edwin Wichtendahl families and the Kenneth Bollinger family, the latter of Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ficlc- balh of Forest City were Sunday dinnor guests at the Otto Wichtendahl home, Charlene Rath, Verda Bell Coffee Party Hostess Mrs. W. J. Cotton entertained the following at a coffee party after school Monday: Miss Lucille Harman, Miss Helen Jensen, Miss Janet Schneider, Miss Patricia Heyer, Mrs. R. V. Dickinson. Mrs. Wm. Mull Jr. and Ann, Mrs. E. M. Jensen. Mite Society To Meet ^ Ladies Mite Society will meet this week Thursday, Jan. 8th at the home of Mrs. Art Priebc witl Mrs. Delmar Fischer assisting hostess. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Lee returned from their honeymoon trip las Monday, Dec. 22. They visited Mr. and Mrs. Joe Montgomery Mrs. Robert Gladstone's "parents in St. Louis. Mo.. Mr. and Mrs. L T. Jackson of New Orleans, La Mrs. Jackson is the former Lillian Daniels of Lone Rock, Mrs W. G. Flaig's sister, Mr. and Mrs, Cecil Quaintance at New Orleans, La., and Mr. and Mrs. Jay Barker at Grant City, Mo. They also traveled through Galvesto'n, and Houston, Texas. Richard, Eileen and Judy Bunting of Mason City spent from'Fri- .day till Sunday at the Clinton Decker homo. Their parents Mr. and Mrs. Galen Bunting came Sunday after them. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Gordon and Ronny of Lone Rock, Mrs. Nora Gordon of Algona spent the aftpi-noon and evening there. Mr. and Mrs. Clair Bollinger and family' spent Sunday afternoon at the Merle Schlei home at Fentori. ' Mr. and Mrs. Will Christenson spent Sunday afternoon visitine the H. W. Manus home at Burv. Mr. and Mrs. Dick O'Donneli and family spent Sunday at the Clarence Macumber home at Algona. They spent Christmas day visiting Mrs. Anna Bierstedt at Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Christenson were Sunday dinner guests at the E. A. Lee home. Verda Bell Thomson spent from Thomson and Mrs. Erich Seege- barth spent Saturday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Roger Jen sen. They are all former school mates, and a'delicious lunch wa: served by the hostess. Mrs. Erich Seegebarth spen Saturday evening at the Laverne Hammerstrom home. Mrs. Ham rierstrom's brother and wife, Mr and Mrs. Darwin Frye of Iowa ity were there also. Angus Cotton Jr. left for Omiha, Neb., Saturday morning where he will be an usher at •vedding. Mrs. Ada Whitehill came Sun- Jay to the home of her daughter Vtrs. J. M. Blanchard to visit for a While. She has been with another daughter Mrs. Lester Johnson at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Cooke Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sr and Linda of Emmetsburg spent Sunday, Dec. 28 at the home of her mother Mrs. Lydia Wetzel. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Potratz and family and John Schallin spent Sunday evening there. Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Wegener and their granddaughter Diana Rent?, of Algona were Sunday supper guests at the Henry Kueck home. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Mil- tag and Melvin Kueck of Des Moines returned home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Genrich were Sunday supper guests at the Edw. Zunkel home. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Olson and children of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. eo. Harms and Vona Jean of Redfield. S. D., spent Sunday ev- of Bancroft, Mr, arid Mrs. A, J Elsbecker were New Years eVe supper guests at the FrCd Kadou Jr.s' home at Algona in horte-r o their daughter Pamela's firs birthday, Mr, and Mrs. Darwin Frye o Iowa City spent from Saturday until Tuesday at the Laverne Hammerstrom homo. Mr. anc Mrs. W. L. Beekman and family of Cylinder and Mrs. Erich Seege- barth spent Saturday evening there. Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Frye Mr. and Mrs. La Verne Hammerstrom and Eileen were Sunday dinner guests at the Ray Zwiefel home at Fenton. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Behrends and Ronny were Tuesday evening visitors at the La Verne Hammerstrom home. Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Nelson of Algona, the Emil Person family were New Year's dinner guests at the Donald Nelson home. New Year's dinner guests at the Lawrence Dittmer home were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Plunkett of Lu- Verne. The Lawrence Dittmer family spent Saturday at Bode calling on Fred Shipler at the Wilber Meyer home. The- Joe Culbertson family, Elva Ewoldt and Jessie Smith of Algona'were New Year's dinner guests'., at the parental Karl Ewoldt home. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schultz and Gary spent New Year's eve at the Joe Culbertson home, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Broderson were New Year's dinner guests at the Diirwood McArthur home Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rath were E. A ry> M)\ and Mrs* "A; A. Kru J.-BCI-, Janet and/Kerftit and Mrs Myrle Dackfitt, the IfiT City, <tvefe ail New Y&to's Jdltoie guests at the S. M, oladstbrfe ening at the home. Erich Seegebarth Mr. and Mrs. Orville Gardner and family were Christmas day dinner guests at the parental F. R. Gardner home at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Gardner and family, her father J. W. Cowing and a brother Glenn Cowing, both of Bancroft, and a sister Mrs, Year's dinner guests at the Orlan Rutledge home. They al. •md Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Arndorfer of Burt, and Mr. and Mrs Tohn Foth of Algona spent New Year's eve at the W. E. Broderson home. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Volentine of Burt spent Sunday afternoon at the Jess. Volentine home. New Year's dinner guests there were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Putz and family of Algona and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leininger and Charles. Mrs. Woodrow Pettit and girls were New Year's day visitors at the parental C. E. Householder horn?. Mr. and Mrs. Erich Seegebarth were New Year's evening dinner F. R. Hunt of Fenton all spent I euests at the L. V. Johnson home. Sunday visiting her aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy at -Ossian. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Culbertson Friday, Dec. 19 until the following Monday visiting Kermit Harpman at Minneapolis. Minn. Mrs. Andrew Thomson from Wednesday. Dec. 17 spent until the following Sunday at the home of her sister Mrs. G. H. Doty at Mason City. Mrs. W. J. Korlaske and Bob of Emmetsburg spent the weekend at the Everett Lockwood home. Bob spent the rest of the week there ton. Mr, and Mrs. Leo Schmidt spent Friday at the home of his CALL US Day or Night for Fast Removal of A B B ALL PHONE US COLLECT WEST BEND—138 LONE ROCK—500 WESLEY—1500 LEDYARD—75 BUilT—178 BANCROFT—4441 LUVERNE—2061 LIVERMORE—2514 WHITTEMORE—1500 or Schumacher's DX Sla- iion—2331 Or ALGONA—7 WE PAY ALL PHONE CALLS Makers of ALGONA RENDERING CO. Permit No. 33 Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schultz, Lester Schultz, the latter home on leave from the navy, spent Sunday at the home of a brother Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schultz at Kellogg, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Holmgren were Monday evening dinner guests at the Merle McGranahan home at Spencer. Mr. and Mrs. Charles , Hawks of Spirit Lake and their daughter Dionne Hawks of Alexandria, Va., spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the home of his mother Mrs. Kate Hawks. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard O'Don- neli became the parents of a baby daughter Sunday, Dec. 28, at the home of Mrs. Chas. Stauder. The infant died a few minutes after sirth. She -was baptized Mary Berniece and committal services were that afternoon by the Rev Father J. H. Schultes. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bates and children were New Year's supper guests at the Eldon Marlow home. W. F. Bilsborough of Hartley They spent Monday evening at the R. L. Bristow home at Lakota. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Harms and Dona Jean of Redfield, S. D., were also there. New Year's dinner guest's at the Art Priebe home were Mr. and Mrs. C. W.' Priebe and Ernest Priebe, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Priebe and family all of Fonton, Rose Marie Luedtke, Mr. and Mrs. Mer- toh Larson and Craig, Chuck Ramsey and Violet Larson of Mason City. M". and Mrs. Ronald Christenson, Jane and Nancy, Mr. and home at FaihnOnt, Mifitt, Dacken, spent from Tuesday unti New Year's day at ,the A, A Krueger home, . < , Mr. and Mrs. BerriaM Jensen spent New Year's eve at the Mar- viti Kueck home at Seneca. The Mainard Kuedk family- of Armstrong, the Art'claussen family of Swea City Were alsb there. Mr. and Mrs. Roscae 'Schultz Sharon arid Dawti of Wsukesha Wis., Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wdlkei of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Fred'k Schultz were New YearVdinner guests at the Emil Kraft home, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Jcrgeiison and Douglas of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Jensen, Jamey Jo Jensen, the Earl Ackerman 'family of Burt were all New Year's dinner guests at the Frank Flaig home. The Legion Auxiliary will meet Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 1, at the home of Mrs. Fred Genrich with Mrs. Fred Flaig assisting hostess. Mrs. Harley Braddock nd Mrs. Fr'ed Genrich are on the program committee. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Whitehill Sr. and Jr. of Algona, Mr. and VTrs. Harold Angus 'and son of Burt were all New Year's dinner nests at the Gerald 'Angus home. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Merron and Pat of Bancroft were NeW Year's .Whitterttofe, the. holder family, $ and' Jimmy, Af& Dean, thi Rbbejt Henry 'Fischer 1 , M._. . . Chesney of Van tfum-gaHf.'^ Edwin Hbwe'antt JCT metsburg, Mrs, ,G8M Mrs. Evelyn EfiWfig ,.,..„. guests at the parentaKGeei, Stfetti home New Year's" da"y. ; fhe Will Gifford family ww< New Year's diimer: guests, at fft Lawrence Fresthus home" at Baft croft. ' - > Mr. and Mi's/Earl Fuioss &K< family of Whitternore 'Wfife N6V Year's dinner guests at the l^ouis Berninghaus home. Mr^and Mrs. W. G. Belter ' _ New Year's dinner guests at thtf Clair Bollirtger horiie, SEXTOti Mr. and Mrs. Strother „ .^.CUIM daughter Sarah Ann of St. An~s> gar, Mr. and Mrs. Ardh Burger, Algona, and Mrs.' Sarah Wise verc Christmas dinner ^guests fit he home of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred, Opheim and family, j.vir. ana Mrs, James Stebbiris, lice Jean, Algona, Mr. and Mrs, .Villiam Hammond, Wesley ahd vTr. and Mrs. Martin Hinders, Jritt were Christmas evenltig day visitors at the parental Frank ' visitors at the home of , their Meiron home. Walburg and Ida Naber of Bancroft spent Christmas day there. Mrs. Faber Dugan, Mary Jo, Delores and Dorothy of Humboldl came Tuesday night to visit hei sister Mrs. Me'rwin Marlow and fahiily. They were New Year's dinner guests at the Dick O'Don- neli home.' The Ornie BehrenSs family were New Year's dinner guests at the Orie Hurlburt home at Fairmont, Minn. Clifford Behrends is spending a couple days at the C. M. Gross home. Mr. and Mrs. John of Burl were Sunday' dinner and 'supper guesls at the Glenn Teeter home, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin _Gade of West Bend were New Year's dinner guests' at the Ben Schmidt home. Delores Schmidt went New Year's night to visit her'grand- parents Mr. and Mrs.'. Henry Schepmann at Irvington over the week end. The Alfred Schadendorf family were Sunday visitors .at,.the = pa- Cental Wm. Schadendorf home at Lakota. The Clifford Mueller family were Sunday dinner guestslmt.the, Darenlal L. E. Mueller home at Fenton. '•".- .,...-• Vivian Dutton and Joe Koppen and daughter Eleanore of ;Liver- nore and Shorty Hildman of Wesley were Christm'as dinner guests at. the Wallace McArthur vi^At-xjio cib >,iic iiwiiic: UJ. j ullCll grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Wise* . Mr. anjl Mrs. Joe Kriep*g, Joflrt, and JerVy John Scheuer attended Christmas Eve dinner held 'a"t> George's dining room at 'Algpna< given by Mr. and Mrs. James Gas- tress and daughter. Mrs.KCast-- 1 , ress is the former Verne .Krieps, sister of Joe Krieps. Mr. and Mrs. Stro,ther Wise, St. Ansgar, Mrs. Sarah Wise,'.Alfred Opheim and Arch Burger called on Mrs. Drusie Noble at the Kos suth hospital Christmas Day. Mr. and Mrs. Will Wermersen Bob and Betty were Christmas dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs. Vern Nirrts south o: town. Mrs. |Nims is a sister o Will. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wise and gnls of Renwick visjted Friday at Mftd last' footbki !S:-U1 cdnt her ihe % t\itti ' . V J«r* .and 'ftffo.' K, 'L. ttdhl&B* and, Mr. > and • Mi's,, /HaymbHd' jKdhlhaag ' arid . • family^ .Wete 'Thursday. >eveniflg visitors' 1 -fit the W««fe1« sWe^ir.sVsSnlM J MINK reached a very high prk*, niy dd is to sell as soon as possible. , After the holidays they may drop We also buy beef and horse hides. J -• ' '. • • ;f ' ,. Joe Greenberg Phone ( 118 \ " ; , 1 * i ' 4 I ,<f\> Yofu Can Use .It As A Kitchen Table 1 See The New \ Table Top Refrigerator at Pratt Elec. Appliances and his brother and family, Mr and Mrs. W. L. Bilsborough and Miss Agnes Bilsborough of Algona were all New Year's guests at the M. O. Richards home. Kay and Larry Holding of Burt spent the afternoon there. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bales and baby, Mr. and Mrs. Ray.mond Nelson and baby of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nelson were New Year's dinner guests at the Melvin Nelson home at Goldfield. Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Person and Arthur of Lone Rock", Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Hoppe and Roger of Garden City, Minn., were New Year's dinner guests at the Milo Bonebrake home at Blue Earth Minn. New Year's dinner guests at Ihe Orville Gardner home were her father J. W. Cowing of Bancroft her sister the F. R. Hunt family of Fenton, and his parents Mr and Mrs. F. R. Gardner of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Jensen, Mrs. Myrle Dacken of Iowa City spent New Year's eve at the A. A Krueger home. Martin Gregerson of Pocahontas, and his son Donald spent Tuesday evening until Wednesday evening at the home of his daughter Mrs. Russell Bates. Donald, formerly of Lone Rock, is starting work at the Storm Lake packing plant. The Hiram Ackerman family of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Krueger were New Year's dinner guests at the George Long home. Kenneth Jackson of Appleton Wis., Jean Dahl of Fairfield, Iowa came Wednesday to visit at the A. L. Cotlon home. Mrs. Nina Bierstedt spent New Year's eye at a party at Mrs. Anna Bierstedt's home in Burt. She spent New Year's day with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Claude Sigsbee at Burt. -, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lockwood left Wednesday night for Yakima, Wash., to visit their daughter Irene, and his brothers Marshall and Charlie Lockwood. Mrs. Lizzie Lieb, Arnold and Ella spent Monday visiting the former's sister Mrs. Fred Behnkendorf at LuVerne. Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Schroeder, Edith and Art were New Year's supper guests at the Henry Schroeder home. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Anderson and Marlene were New Year's dinner guests at her sister's Mrs. Otto Westling at Algona. Mr. and Mrs, Anderson attended a New Year's Star gnd Masonic supper at Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Rath and family were New Ypar's dinner guests at the Wm. Champion home at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schultz and Gary Gene were New Year's dinner guests at the parental C. F. Schultz home. j it is to ave a IW<[ 1 « AT P6RCIVAL MOTOR^ &\ .3. , V vn kitchen Yes, it's easy to have a modern kitchen-wjth all the beauty, convenience, and efficiency fea- 'lures you've always wanted. And you can do it right now-using Kitchen-Kraft Stqel Kitchen units, singly or in combination— without a big initial investment, In fact, kitchen planning (for new home or old) is amazingly simple the Kitchen-Kraft way. And we will be glad to help you. Come jn today. I Mght-Kilchen-krqtt Well Cabinet-^ 18" wide, 30" high, 13" deep. Single door (either right or left) with 180",swing. 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