The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1948 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1948
Page 9
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>{±i r y *>;^& v >$>^;"^ V". ' ' '.i 'V. 1 ' ' ' ' "' '1 . -( ' J ? »" lr " t - k --;.'.'?'"/,')''V 'fy^f^H^ / -- ... ' ^ ' / " > f t *><' * /'*5-i-r/w *.*• * ^ • ' . > " , , , ' ? ' -< i i- J j -¥««*•*,". ,$:*#': — and had a s6n killed in the loM k «.V6ry popular with .tix-ScrVtee mew, ahd "* a formidable candidate for'arty office v< ftft . W. HAGGARD/ fiditdr Br WALLER, Managing fiditof D, E.'bEWEL, Business'Manager C. S. ERLAtfttER, Advertising Manager « SSOCIATION f NATIONAL ADVERTISING r , National Advertising Service ~ £» 188 W, Randolph St., Chicago, 111, i'f SUBSCRlPflOH RATES IN KOSSUTtl CO, •, Jne Year, if) advance.— ...... __. JJ . _.^__$3.00 Upper Des Moines and Kossuth County . ,,'•;. ^Advance in combihation, per year ____ $5.00 , Sirigle Copies ........ . ...... ,. ____ '. ...... llO'c HATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH Ond Year/ in advance ............. ^— LTppei 1 Deg Mciinds and Kossuth County •Advance in combination,- one year__._$6.00 No subscription less than 1 6 months. • ADVERTISING' RATES x 'Display Advertising, per inch ______________ 49c OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER i* •• u 1 i* **M ' * * * N£ ( w,,that our 'native son, Henry Wallace'has .jfino'tiftced .that he Will be a candidate for president of'the'United States, heading a' third patty whichi tohftatof the "Peace Party", it is freely pfediete,d; that President Truman, who will un- cJoUtttecily^De the candidate on the democrat ticket for reelection, will be defeated and the republican candidate Whoever he may be, Will win the elect'i6n to 1 ,{he presidency next November. The most bt ,$te Wallace Vote Will come from the demoer.atsy./together 7 with practically all of the CommunistSj socialists and most of the rig-tag ahd bobtails 'of all parties, 'Henry is .hortest but a visionary ind'many of his best friends will refuse to vote f&r.hjm for president. If We remember rightly he has at^times belonged tp all of the parties, in- cluding'the prohibitionist, But it now seems that ho has,,found them all not to his taste. He now accuses; tfdth. of the old parties headed for war, About a year ago he visited Europe after being forced f ou>6'f the cabinet. He spoke rabidly against the United States diplomacy, and his talk' had a distinctly "rod" tinge. At that time his belittling of his own country Was by many regarded as vir- ging on treason. At the best it could hardly be in goOdj^aste^pming from a man whom his own country 'wfiicn' had sO highly honored for many years^as well as 1 his father before him. It is|now the thought of many that Henry's candidacy dn a tni'rd ticket insures the election of a republican. Gov. Dewey of New York is in the ,lcadi1for|ttKr nomination aparently,, but Taft and Stasien aWnot far behind, In case of a deadlock iin the republican convention it is ,frcely predicted "Ike" Elsenhower, will sweep the convention and be nominated in much the same manner that Wjljkie w|| nominated in 1940. The rang and file of tlte old parties .admire the great military and the • whole country could easily be ed 'for him. J.W.H. * * * I WAY JIM? has long been said that Jim Farley, former postmaster general' and head of the democratic natiolraTLcommittee, has had his eye on Washing- HOSPITAL FUND FIGHT , J( '. ' It was Welcome news, indeed, to find that Al- 'Hj gona's* status as a potential receiver of federal V funds to aid in construction of a hospital here, had "*{ _bcen greatly improved. In the original setup, Al- i W ^° na V1 *- as ^ n 28tl1 place ' ^ ut m ^ G latest announce- natioTrai«,comrnittee, has had his eye on Washing- ^ mcnt) ,and' the one which went to the federal gov- ton, w^tfyj.the idea* that he is perfectly able to j. ei'nment for approval, Algona is placed fifth. handle "the job of president or vice president. Mr. ,. f Those in this area are well aware of the dire TTm-ioif ^ D o!r»«n^ v,:^^i««« j_ «i u:_,.i -/• n-_ i_i^ L need for new, modern and expande'd hospital 14.•'*' f cilities here. te ' It was also interesting to have it publicly stat,' § ed 'that "the hospital hearing was largely a, fight ^ betwden small' 1 towns and large cities to get as V> 4> much federal 1 aid as possible for their particular '} communities." i W It is only natural that where federal funds are fay CttftlS REESE A tiillfl of Thi«, ol thill; Not Mufcft o£ ''Well, here I best town in am back in the .„,... ... the World arid about to dish out that junky and headachy column which was forced on UDM readers two years ago. And it's really surprising how I get awffy with it. But folks have bben so swell to me and the Mrs. coming back to Algona and we can hardly realize that we are again residents of Iowa's top town, so to speak. To those of you who read this Cblumn of junk and so develop a headache, if you'll just tell Bill Giossi he told me he'd dish out to sort of relieve Farley resigned his 'place in the cabinet of the late President "Roosevelt when Mr. Roosevelt came up for a fourth term, and said in his recently published book that he himself had a considerable following jjl* thfLcohvention' that re-nominated Roosevelt 'Ipr hH|fourth term. Our own Charlie Murtagh, who knows Mr. Farley 'intimately, says that "Jim" is very ambitious and Credits him with a yearning for the n^J^ When Farley resigned from the cab- isVsaid that he'felt that President Roosen b'- ,•"»'»«= »-«n.-o nave on auvautagu, uicj- yavc uun- ven nad not given him the proper personal recog- , 1 1 centrated populations that,look fine in statistics, nition as a cabinet member and that he and his ^ arid'usiialy enoiugh-potent backers to make a*loud wife had been snubbed socially 'bv Prpsirfpnt. • hue and cry. • ( , - JJut it is definitely the smaller cities'.that . __Jc modern hospital facilities. Every week Ali' gona newspapers carry dozens of stories pertain l IK It is only natural that where federal funds are tious an i ,.„' concerned, everyone 'is inclined to make a grab,' ' pres'idert ; tf|" or try for one at least. v •" " ' / . ' '' Mnet'it i; y ' i Large cities have an advantage; they have con- vplt had been snubbed socially by President lt is generally thought that Mrs. Farley had much to do with the break between the presi- "> ******* v»**w llHd bll.u«U£9 J.W1. 1,1 iC tftA^ff bllAb llllgilU ¥ . be all right, but usually _the time element is'one if of/ getting there as quickly as possible, and going sj,td\aihos"pitai co.mpletejy modern in the process. il ^ttt'',;--)It.'js interesting to note in this connection ' |! I'-that, trfe'i'Slate University-hospital is seeking to | C'l^expand, along with other large hospitals! That is X natural, JBu.t one reason for'the expansion is" that. ,|i hundreds'.'of 'cases fro mareas without proper hos- , u-'pital facilitie*s have to be taken to Iowa City. The ' '||| : result is that one.of a few hospitals are s jammed, |(, ,U/ patients travel many hundreds of miles, and the f» costs involved, either privately or from .county u*£ funds, cannot help but be increased, ' *; , ' Every small city cannot have a second Roches- ,U*ltcr. But'certainly the medium-size cities, strategi- -1 'cally located to serve a considerable area of 'the ,,'«| population, are essentially the spots that need "federal help in hospital construction at this time. (.>&'And; the federal aid program w'as fundamentally rf;ih£ended to help .those areas,' r ' .'_,' J'/'O'Hospital planning and construction is a'b'ig •job; those working to bring, this public service to . 'pur own community deserve all we can w T %,•* »» vw*,!*^. ULV.^^!. me viwc |^i coiuciiuy t X^ci oUIlai- ly?"Jim',', is one of the most popular the country and it may-be that he would make! a ^gpodlpresident butjt looks" now as though no one Ms'bemg'ff^sidered but President Truman by the demotrats%nd probably the best that Mr. Farley can expect Is the vice presidency. J.W.H, j| ' *.*"'*>! A MILLIONAIRE STILL WANTS MORE Eagle Grove Eagle: The acme of naivete was reached by ourself when we couldn't understanc why!£d.!&a!uley, California oil millionaire, should fight "§o~chrard to get the, Seriate to confirm his Truman appointment as an undersecretary to the a free anacin the ache. II will be remembered thai in 1943 I organized the Amalgamated Association of Coffee Gulpers and today we boast of a membership of 5300. Bud Zender thought he'd organize the Amalgamated Association of Coffee Slirpers but he found that there were only a half dozen Algon- jans who slirped their coffee, so he joined up with the Gulpers, and he's a good one. Speaking of Chrisimas decorations, I was thrilled with the many lights which were hung on the main drag and I started to count 'em one night and got up to 444 and then Alf Kresensky happened along and he offered to get me an adding machine and Bill Barry said he'd lug it alone for me to punch but I decided to guess at the light numbers and there are 346,009 globes in the display and if you don't believe that come out and count em yourself. The bankers sure gave me a royal welcome and -Ralph Miller even offered to lend me his bicycle this,' summer and Charley Murfagh said he was going io install a nice couch in the bank so I could 'lay down when I came to draw my breath because • on account of that's all I have io draw in any bank. And the mayor also handed me the nicest welcome, said he was glad to see me back in Algona, .because on account of now he will have opposition in the next city election as I propose to run for t>at office and I'm going ,to be ciestod and Mayor Kohlhaas says'* he's tickled to turn the offi a 3-room holise or Maybe give Us five gallons of gas, Whatever the committee does will be O. K by us and we'll be tickled pink though we intended to stay on iri Algona the next 20 or 30 years it the Algona Newspapers will keep me oh the pay roll, so to speak. Holiday Activity In Ottosen Area Ottosen •— Christmas .dinners and other celebrations held precedence in the news last week. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Alme and daughter Shirley were dinner guests Christmas day at the J. M. Blanchard home at Lone Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Daniel and family were guests at the Charles Daniel home in Humboldt. Mrs. Hattie Daniel of Boone, mother of Loren, returned to Ottosen for a few days visit at the home of her son. Guests at the Herman Kramer home included Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Tabor and Mrs. Rebecca Kramer of Humboldt and the Art Tabor the Mr. he's tickled to a Dane., ,1 live in lhe'»late Will Walker house South Dodge street and it's' a, cinch I've got to. be good because on account of I'm right in 4-Vl Q rv^ i/Jn4- nf 4ltn 1 « ... „_ j. _ „. „ . wu .i u v vt**W. Lilt *1J l> family of West Bend. At Eugene Hofius home ' were and Mrs. Jess 'Hohenstein emu daughter Mildred of Amboy, Minnesota, Mrs, Cora Bacon of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Alf Lee and family and Mr, and Mrs. Knut Opedahl and sons. At the Oliver Kinseth home were Mr. ,and Mrs. James Barber and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Barber and ard, all of West Bend, Mr. Mrs. John Naeve of Gilmore City, Mr. and Mrs, Robert Naeve and son of Rolfe, Mr. and Mrs Tom Kettleson and daughters Betty, Bonnie Patty and Kathy of West Bend, Mr. and Mrs. M. O Kinseth Jr. of Bode and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Haug and Carie Mae, Mrs. Alvin Haug and Carrie Mae Neb. ' At the Mike Coyle home >hn Coyle of ivuiic , ,, c °y> of Des Moines, and Mrs. Harold Johnson and -—gntcrs of Thor, Mr and Mrs Donald Brandhoij of Bradgatei Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Wier of Des Moines and Dallas Coyle. Mrs Anna Longseth was a dinner guest at the Harold Sundet home: Geoige Warrior was a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Martin in Des Moines. Mr and Mrs. Ralph Richards were guests at the Clint Harlan honfe in Humboldt. Mrs. Leona Wheeler Spent the school vacation at her home at Iowa Falls. At the Ed^i- S innel home were Mrs. Caroline Telford and Butch. Mi. and Ff- Ed Von Bank and family of iolfe, and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Telford and family. At the George Copper home were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cooper and family of Sutherland, Mr. and Mrs. Donald family and Mr. and Floen wei'e Christmas ' dinner dinner guests at the'John Naeve home at Gilmdre City. Saturday evening callers at the Kinseth home were Mr. ahd Mrs. Clafence Kinseth and Mrs. Mclvina Bergum of Humboldt. , Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sundet and son BfUce and Mi's. Anna Longseth spent from Friday morning until Sunday evening visiting at the home of Mrs. Nora Sundet at Spring G>6ve, Minn, Mr. and Mrs.' Glen Norman and daughter Glenda spent from Thursday until Sunday visiting with Mr. Norman's mother and a sister Wilda in Kansas City. Kansas. Mrs. Eugene Hofius spent Friday and Saturday visiting her mother Mrs. Cora BacOh in Algona. Friday callers at the Fred Tuesday, January 6, 194ft '• } :&$$ *kv>',.:,J rf.",-.,• 4Wi Kampen home, were Mr, and Mrs, Alvin Melntosh and Linda of Ames. They also called at the Frank Liest home, Henry Kamp± eh, Cedar Falls, a brother of Fred came Saturday for a few days visit with his brother. The Fred Kampeh family were Friday evening dinner guests at the home of Oliver Christiansen and Mrs. Clara Solberg, Alcoholics Chapter Emmetsburg—In the holidays*a movement Was inaugurated here for a chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous. Some persons here had been attending meetings of a Spencer chapter, Algona also ha^ a chapter. Tues, • Wed,, Penny Singleton * Co-Hit James v,o-rm James mason' , r t '.>«M;£pj "Odd Man dufi^SS •,,,<HS.x'm I* • J"", .;?l ; -'f * Jf ..'" l t:j Thurs, - FrL'Vsiejf,^; January „,-.„,„ . ,, ?M • -' f •' tr f.J.-^j * V *t^f Hollis, r and Lloyd so of to me ,, red several times; "Why should a millionaire want a 10,000 dollar government job anyway?-} Now* it all' comes out. He merely wanted a government job so he could use the inside information gained from such a posijion to make more .1 It'would be nice if we could 'all use govern .— _,.,,—,—,-, „ _-— ...—_„£,£,„, r ,,„,.„.. ,ment information to make enough money in.the •give them, not only in donations but in moral 'commo'dftyjYnarket to'pay our, employees bonuses 'sunnort. • ' • rc.R.w. and' furmshr the money for the annual Christmas 'spending spree/ If a millionaire spends in prOpor,- tion loathe"* rest of us that mere $10,000 is apt to make_ Christmas • 1947 a slim one for the Pauley family, 1 t^ntil employees, • / TJie greed of some'men is beyond comprehension. CK •' > SHOULD TRY WAR PROFITEERS / ' - Belnmnd Independent: Some one suggests that it wouldOS a good plan to try all of the, war profiteers who gyped the government while the courm try h,a4,,ifs',back to;the,wall'fighting vuth all its resources, before a jury of GI's who left their homes; their, schools or their small businesses and went aeSss'the world to fight a commpn enerny, tie,"our present senator,-tJourKe T ^ e verdicts rendered, we-feel sure, would go'ift in a'clpse.yote.- Mariy^republir'-.- Jw^wpys-to reduce ^the number of'^his type 9 Gillette as sii honest'and forefuJ',offi-, vtraitors, vV ',)'„*. ; ~ ^ -'refused to,;'b^/Ie4 syourtd;by, p^i'ty • i ;.s',* *, Bi!/ '''<*•.*'" u*;?, •* be' !f given 'nomination LAND IS ADVANCING ' ' ' ^ ; "•! - . '*. «*•'*•''" ' wn ',- i'«wwVoldt/Ip'dependeht: Iowa farm tend,, is sengtor, ^jge;WSJ* ir -gradually cregpjijg up 'in price, fhe average pric'e njs first term, p£»s aimoun<2»" +-j««~. - « -u-_;.i *,/.rt Tr _': 1 ,™, _ r • ,* , .. fsupport, ' s , '• R.B.W. '* " * , *| '' ITHE POLITICAL GAME ; ^ } i '' '^Former Senator Guy,, Gillette announced the : otHer day that if the democrats of* Iowa wanted ] him" to. make the race for the United States senate ;. this' year he would accept the -nomination and ^ make a figfit,for the office in the fall election. Mr, f Gillette was an Iowa senator for l eight>years l 'frbm > 193(5 to 1944, and was given credit *for being'an fy||honest*ipnd faithful'official, He was,-however t m^rHed for'Slaughter by the late President I^oose. i vejt, when he'voted against President Roosevelt's I attempt to pack the supreme court,' He won the ^nomihation-in spite of the president's .opposition, k ' was defeated in the f all election by the're- 1 candidate,"our present senator ~ in the midst of the law speak., Two doors south lives '.Ralpli Lindhorst, deputj sheriff, and " across the stree ives Judse Stillman.. and tw doors north of me lives Ce'cl VTcGinnis, chief of police, so L'm hemmed in on all side's and jus can't raise any heck, night o day. Marvin Duncan, now /printing in a Waverly, Iowa, paper, was a Christmas visitor here with his mother, Mrs. Marie Peterson and so I .signed him up in the Gulpers because on account o: he says there are a lot of Gulpers in Waverly and he proposes to start a membership campaign there, And I also signed up Leslie L. Koch of Dayton, Ohio, and he's going to push for new Gulp- fir members in that,town. And so it goes with the Gulpers growing and gulping more and more every^day, A, self-appolnleu welcoming committee has organized to extend a hearty and happy w'el- come to the Mrs, and me coming back;to Algona and the committee is made up of Dr, Janse, H, D, Hutchins, Ken 'Frankl, Fred Shilts, -Jim Pool, C, H. Ostwin- kle, Hqward Platt, D, D, Paxson and Roy McMahon, and they propose to tell us how. glad Algona 'is to have us, back and then they_ 'are going to give us a wel^ coming gift and li hope it's a new Pontiac or, maybe they'll buy us ^•"10, *_fuu^t:r uii A ^u riS Tt mas Eve dinners were At the Knut Oppedahl home were Mr.-and Mrs. Oscar Oppedahl Mr f-Bertha Oppedahl andllarold and Richard. At the Alfred Lemke home were Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Longseth and daughter of West Bend, Mr and Mrs. Joe Longseth. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sundet and ""- ^uce and Mrs. Anna Long- At the Bred Kampen home We i e1 v Mr ' and Mrs - Henrv Zi nnel and Mr. and Mrs. ( Frank Liest. At the John VinaaS home were Mr: and Mrs. Alf Lee and family Sunday Christmas dinners were at the , Melvin Vinaas home Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Charles Daniel and family of Humboldt, ( Mr. and Mrs. Art Vi- naas and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John Vinaas and Janice, Mr. and Mrs, Alf Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Larson and family and Ronald Vinaas. Aid To Meet 91h The first meeting of the new year for the Presbyterian Ladies Aid will be held in the church parlors on Friday afternoon, January 9. Hostesses will be Mrs. Chester Alme and Mrs. Mike Coyle, At this meeting the newly elected officers will take charge. Mr, .-and Mrs. Herman Kramer were Sunday callers at the Dick Weickman home near Laurens, Mr, and Mrs, Oliver Kinseth met Mrs. Rachel Floen of Omaha, Veb., in Fort Dodge Tuesday and brought her here for a two weeks visit, Mrs, Floen is Mrs.TCinseth's mother, Sunday the Oliver Kin- eths and son Jerry and • Mrs, TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6-7 Added-"Jaclcy Quacky" "Nickel Tales" THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY, JAN. 8-9-10 f ' •' "WOLF'S PARDON" "MINISTREL DAYS'" . ; , e arae pr C anntfunc-', today » § a^out ^eYpIr acre! 'The same land S im -this -, h av e - b e f n l£pught' ijiftew y^rs'sgo ior '$50 S wltf w we " * - »a one had PU C 0 M I N G! ADM, SSs-AL!. SHOWS-FRIDAY, JANUARY 16 SUNDAY - MONDAY TUESDAY, JAN. \ 1-12^13 Lana Turner - Van Heflin' in • / "GREEN DOLPHIN STREET" TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY, JAN, 13-14-15 MICHI0AN VJ.SOUTHERN Erenda JOYCE-Donald WOQflS , Terry AUSTIH>^t^' TOMMY IVO . Of GORY MAISHAU T %fl LEONARD T. PICKER . JAMK^tOOi^t V * f.f J PWOUCERS musm coiro«*Tii|V-/ ( > ,{/'$ Added Seria!-"King * of Forest .. \ ^ Rangers' 1 '';• i,. 1S 7,| ~;t Y 14 ^ _^ » '*» '»*»(' ''tM " ' ' •" - ft *- iA Sun, - Mon. - Tues: -iWe&'.Vl, January 11-12-13:1^^ "^ THREE HONEYS >&'- VuW! Off v '*$ ON BtifcRMffl.! ,«. , .*• «L I\ '«. '« 810/VDgS A*ID A L*}t »f-S '•*T*" B "PPH!"T<» U ' ! ^gfe^^^fc ' f . " ,'vfe'r S*S»V-Y> Ce4Ht~tWifl*K<Qt '..''•VW$$88 HYGIENIC PRODUCTIONS ALL-^lAK HOLLYWOOD CAST 8ARNEY SARfc'CKY HM. BEAUDIME * Ho Children Admitted! Shown Segiejjaicd Audiences Only! WOMEN OMLV it M E H O 'N L Y 2W 7 P y p. AA • >VIH?"?W.W ^. - ~r"V-VVrj"-""* "*" r" rr ^^- r -^— «—™ .^.^.—.g^™ '• ! ' ' * * ' •"" • "" ! v f- ^ * s ' *•"• * * v ^"<^M(«T J* c fher^Norton Hoa Feeder &'•. Another Norton Hog UyWmuMg^ivw^^L^^^iiiigiam^^^^ " f r^ '** ' Vf ''\' 1 \. "'Xjj ***'•>' *"\' '" * " .ABf^^SfejSrtBfeU 4 '' ^^^sA'^l^-jl . .-.', -Fsrja^^l^jjgi^^l.;: ,, ? -a,-CA jn^^^MI i" • • • HOR VFpnpps r !•>. ».•''."' ,.,c? il 1 fc.•vJHBIISi^l r w »+VW <T*MUaiHH' * S-?C ^' Vif ^^J & .&? ^l^u *j£ Sjr^^^^p—:^ < s«!l?fe8L_ i*J. •«••«! m m$. rife

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