The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1948 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1948
Page 7
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iwellFor eca Family p.'tta' fa'hd.MrS. Laster hon- frfteratttK 'farewell -farty frMsHtoeVtmihg at tho { PMBftfla&feVonihg at tho Soiieea -.sjewiy; , rt • • K •$&¥"> fVehjrtg's 6Htertainment ^'co^sistiBg^of ,,tne showing of moV- Berktand of Feh- number by a high 4 sWiddL'girls''(Juartet, and-a duet "' u "'"^.'.jSlgurd Olscn and Glen ^Pot luck refreshments ..jrVed and a purse prcscnt- ( fhd'.JTensen family. 6'" Jensens plan to leave in ,,jM r future for their' home .^a&baHort,' Mo., which they rc- i. cBiitly 'purchased. • Martin Wllbergs and Hcrt- "L 1 oofts; attended the Johanne- amily, get-together at the \ Johannescn home !l( ™«" -y—MrS. Henry Looft'and , s3fl&1$tfent"Friday at the George K^6tonierv'homc at Woden, Grace ';Lp9ft' of {'Milwaukee 'spent the i Ohristrnas;. holidays 'there. Boiligs* 'Are ,Ho£ts ^iMr.'and Mrs. J. W.-Bollig were h(3(st^ to'their immediate family 6n{Christmas day. Present Were lithe,. Glarende Metzgors' of Algona, ! the? l !John "Metzgers ,of Ringsted EtKfe*/Hcnry>Irmiters of Artn- ls*l* n ifH > tne( > Gordon Bolligs ~* Tsntertfilned • at Chfislftitfs' thfe Vincent Lattim^rs 't •.efoft ahd Mr. and Mrs. w Lynch and daughter, . Mr, ahd Mrs.,Robcrt 1 l#iici the .parents of a baby born Saturday at rfh biifg hospital. Mr. -rind Mrs. Lylc tf are . and daughter of -Spirit ti 'LaT<e ti Christmas day 'limner the Alfred 'dbWfUHsen home. Ml-, and Mrs, Gottlieb ffifafchl •entertiiinod their dtttk . -and' 'daughters ahd families /Christ- Was day. Present IridltiHe'tL Mr. 'and -Mrs. Leo Schmidt '8f 'Lone Rock, the Francis StilifvWs of the Fairmont vicinity, -Hrid tho Ray Kfartits at home/ J Er"rol Pcterscn plarfs 'tb' 'leave for Oklahoma City JdrilfSiry B, Where he has accepted 'a position "as assistant herdsman 'ih 'a -large dairy there. Mr. and Mrs, C. C.,Vtti|iHt cn- home Ed Mr. tcr.tained their Son and'U'fhl dnd their families^at 'tHblr Saturday evening artfl Present were Mr. arid .... Sweeney of Emmets*bUrg, and Mrs._Carl Voight< I SriiiSr&iiuiy, Mh and Mrs. -Fred ftutdh'lnsoh and family of EsthcJrVillo, Mr. ahd Mrs. Leslie VoilHt ' ahd daughter, Mr. artd Mrs. 'Ralph Voight; also Llovd VoigHt, ver; Mr. and Mrs. Patil ' and children and Mr. Ttfnh /Mrs. Bancroft an4 Mr. and Mrs. Cletus', Muejleiy 6f • Whittcrhore, also ^KetfpeW'.and HoWard Bollig. ,. ... , ..Mrs. Jens Peterson arfd'"family were Christmas din' 6P'guests at the Charley. Saktoh at Fairmont. ? Honor SpetK Family ,' , 11 i*A 7 farewell; pariy^ honoring IGfne'Speth, son of Mr. and Mrs -r,t Speth, was held Sunday s'hing at Armstrong; the enter- ^.flment being roller skating. iGene enlisted' in the navy 'a _w,, 1 "da"ys > agof» and 'will leave on jatitiary 5, for Des Moincs, where 1/will-take his physical exam- 4aiq,n,andrfrom there will go to Califb:rriia,!.-whefe he r v/ill begin "• |Ci("i JJ " ~~ r I ^ * !§,.,,• Millcn Jensen , ,nd. Mr.,., ,-an^ , Mrs. Jensen'* and ? ^family n * "'ined theif ; so'n's^an'dt daugh- at'»thttfr -home Jensen ' MM.- 'tHe • Jens'eh* relatives ne following the Sun• Christmns v program • t held' .l^st, Monday tl^e 'Seneca Lutheran f and -n friend of h*a'rles'''CJty;spcnt . . v tho • 'holiday ( the 1 parental Wm'. .. Curtis Olsenand tfajfnjlyj- and^Mr." 1 and ^rs, Irwin : • Clas^o-h ' a^,4 , Donna amended, the arsorfvfamUy I Christmas get»to- 'y.* evening , at 'the home 1 ' near Em_ .. , . Mrs.; Otto-' 1 Wilberg cn- I'tertained the Halverson,, side of Lth0,fanjily'-at -their home'Chris't- f mas^EVe." Jn^addition to the rel- S t|ycs living in this Vicinity Mes- amjS£" Alfred Eruies's "and Donald spn w,, Ames were , J { '<• •. |t Mr.t'and Mrs. Henry Wilbeyg I jve^tj; hpsts, to the, WUherg 1 'family I C,hri^ima,s get-tokpther ' at' their ' Christmas night. -Mrs. Neal Osborn and of Charles' City spent (.Christmas at the parental Wm. Vi'C-hrJstmas, day flipner 1 guegts 8t.lM,pl a ?ence Oston home were ; Mrs, Freqlove^ Weisbrod, M,rs,,\ "Anna' Osborn, bpth of Fen- und Mrs, Bill Brown and end yir. and" Mrs. Mel- i'Brown Qf-'Avmsti-png! Ma .Weisbrod anV Hs^e} We latter ;of Minneapoli Gilchrist ph, Mo, holiday weqHeni} at the 4 ' atives living in the Vicinity MeS- aames Biffed, Ehhe~s& and Ronald Carey and sbn of 'Ames Were present. . -and Mrs. -Wilberg Mervirt Widdel and d&UgHter ofFonton: ,a)so. iM MlS'Sbfi fetinice Isdor of Maple Hill ahd ^Sreta StudZfc of Dollivor and 1*Ir. and Mrs. dhalmer .'BonnickSefn, ^Ringsted. , ! • Karl Crouch, who •s'jidh't the past week at Rochcstdr, 'Minn., •going through the cliriic. 'rdturn- ed home Saturday e^ehirife. • Mr. and Mrs. Clarencb 'O'Sborn and sons were last SUrid&y dinner guests at the home'df -Mrsi Ffeelove Weisbrod at Perftdh. •„ Scnecans who arc rndrribers of the Good Fellowship Circle of the W. S. C. S.. attended m 'circle Christmas party at the home of Mrs, Straley at Fonton a 'week ago laSt Wednesday. '(They 'were Mesdames Jack Behrends, 1 Rus- 'sell JenSen, Roy - Osborn. 'CEarl iCrouch, C. C. "Voigh't, ^Clarence Osborn and Freelovc (WoiSbrod. ,Mr. and Mrs. Milleh Jensen en/ertairied tlio Jensen irdla'tives at their home following 'the«'Sunday school Christmas '.prbg'ram, which was held last week Mon- 'day evening at the Senccn Lutheran church. ,'Lyle Osborn and a friohd of Charles. City spent tho ''holiday wc'ekend at the parental William Osborn home. •'-Mr. and 1 Mrs. Curtis'Olson 1 -and t.*.**!1-.>* r .'U,1 %x*« ««'>}^.iO!r^ 'Vr^a^.i^. »»W *.*^*»*^",-,'<*•»*.•* fkfvi^iuu -.«,—(.-. j- - , J ,'Tuesday"'evening jft the Eldon"Larson home' -near ''Em- motsburg.' • , i ' Mr. ^nd Mrs. Otto Wilbeug entertained . the, Halversdn side of •the family at their home JGHriSt- 'mas cV.e.t -;ln. addition -to (the 'rel- hosts to the Wilberg family Christmas get-together at their home Christmas night. Mr, and Mrs. • Millen JenSeh and family 6f Ringsted spent Christmas day at the Willard Appelt homo near Swea City. Thclma Appelf, R. N., of Fair mttnt was also present. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Oleson entertained , their sons and daughters and families at their home Christmas day. , > . The Martin Wilbcrgs and Henry Loofts attended the Johanhc-* son family gettogether at the parental, Olc Johannesen home Christmas eve. ' u Mr. and Mrs. Henry Looft and sons spent Friday at the George Pommer home at Woden. Grace Looft of Milwaukee spent the Christmas holidays there. it" ' — Infant Spends Xtnas In Hospital SWEA blTY—Jerry, 6'A-mon- th-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Haisman, spent his first Christmas as a patient in Holy Family hospital, Estherville^ Where he Was taken oh Dec. 15. For a time h(S condition was critical, a case of double pneumonia being further complicated With an ear in^ fection, but doctors on Christmas pay pronounced him 'somewhat improved, though he'Will not be able to leave the, hospital for some time, The mother is the former Mildred Fisher. Mr.i Isabelle Dahl and daughter Joan of Algona spent Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Goodhart Sanftner, here. On Friday ( they returned to Algona, taking Mrs. Dahl's sister,, Mrs. Herman Bowman, with them for a short visit. • -Christmas guests • at the Sam. Rystad -home -included their daughter, Mrs. Marion Brown and sons'Dennis and Tommy of Grand Rapids, Minn. The Browns drove to Rembrandt on'Friday and Mrs. Kuehnast drove, to Fort Dodge to meet her husband, Capt. Kuehnast, who returned here with her on .Saturday. 'Arriving on Friday were Mr. and' Mrs. Curtis Twedt and- daughter Barbara of West Des," Moines, ' who ' stayed until Sunday. Mrs. Twcdt is the former 'Arjcne Rystad., Arlo Larson To Manage Store ; • v - Arlo Carson, sori-in'-laX7of 'Mr, '' ;t he •'manager of ; ,the new Younk- ors store in Marshalltown, it- was announced , lajrt Wfeek. ,'He'v.has b'een assistant rmKnager 5 , of the F y Ort Dodgey,stor 1 e'.f(5r ,the'.past year or so, and prior to that was 1 in 1 retail management in Mason City. , , . ' . % ,- Semi-Ann CL M NCE of 'S SHOES Dress Shoes Sport Shoes Casuals. .\ . We're clearing, our stocks'and you save ?l^L!MfJl!g!l!!£ 3 Regulqr $5,95 Shoes $3,96 %^^^^^; -'--•'- -- 1 - 1 - -'* >±! --- l '§!(|6W9J|t;' ' JBi^|4({fer V-M' ""• *& fl f 4>V r'% -J"*' *,f, r/V . ' ^ ! ,' 4 ,"> >-'.*• r'{ \ m .k^^'^-^v^' ^.&-:#i* No Liquor Store Far Elmore Eltnore—By the big'gest cipal Vote ever east '• here, the town voted down a broposal for a licJUor Store, but the vote was so close that a change of only two votes from negative td affirmative WbUld haVe brought victory to the wets. Th6 vote ,was 245 against to 242 in favpf. , The wets'talked of a contest in the hope of reversing, the election, A few months ago Faribault County went wet on a proposal to permit towns to establish lifltior stores by vote, but at that time Elmoro voted dry by a margin &f in Lcdy&rd last' Week Sunday 12 voles. Winnebago/ which went dry in the county 'election, reversed itself and voted 519 in favor of a store, only 425 against. In other municipal elections, Delevan, 8372, and Bricclyn, 165-127, turned stores down, but Kieslw voted 138-69 in favor. night. The hottofe6s with a 60-piece Regers silver Set and games ahd lunch furnished ought the animal on a bid bf The championship bull is 19 ield, • hoped r largely \ dances' at' Ift&SM Mrs, Poppe is a Bancroft Legion Post Is Praised sister of Mrs. L. A.'Nitz. Heads Hancock Lone Rock Bull Sells For $1,300 The M'Kihnon Legion post here rated in the Current issue of the state es 25 Years to president. project ror a community Memor- Milk Price Bo&st champion bull, ial park, and the post is one of 43d", at tho loWa Polled Hcre- its principal backers. and friends helped Mr. and Mrs. ford show held at the state fair- Poppe celebrate their, grounds, Des Moincs, last week. $4000, and now a •' •-•»««M« J, \J^J^J<^, V-V^iV, WA t* VV-i IlllV^ll. t Silver wedding at the town hall I tribution of $1000 is announced. Gant Brothel, Geddes, S. D., A BEDROOM SUITE? -Double Bed, Crfest and Dress- , err ^ -Bed, Chest and Matching Vanity? -Bed, Dresser, Vaniry and Nite f Stand? „ -Bed, and Chest,Only? -A Set to Match Present Furnishings? WHAT WOOD DO YOU PREFER? —Glowing Honey-Tone Maple? —Rich, Coffee Brown Polished Walnut? / ' —Modern Waterfall Design , Walnut? —Smart New Modern Blonde Woods? —Rich, Period Type Mahogany? —Suntan or Limed Oak? WHAT PRSCE DO YOU WANT TO PAY? -$99.50? -$ 1 29.95? -$149.50? -$179.50? -$199.50? -$212.45? i r ^ -$299.00? ! , , ' ' \ > ' " ' -$349.50? -$375.00?. 7/r i •i A r January Clearan^ i '' $: :.V <jy yO tk» **>;*V! i .«,-^ 4: V,: ' .i < v*-*tf'<S Jtui .fttf$f$ A',, 1 ' y, , < ji ' Vt * '^< 'X- V IF you have your mrnd set on a certain type of bedroom suite ... IF you want to select that set where will have a wide choice of types ... IF you haye a price you would like to pay/availyourself of this extra ordinary Bedroom furniture opportunity at Bjustrom's. We have a stock that permits you wide choice, and these suites are priced to please you. Come in this week and see what Bjustrom's can offer you in a fine bedroom suite—AT A PRICE! , HAVE YOU SEEN THE 'Knight Innerspring Mattress and Box Spring to WITH A 8-UU 1CKYEAR gUARANTSEJ L' •i v;f v'K "

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