The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1948 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1948
Page 3
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I.H v «6*'*'",', I'V' 1 - 1 /V.;, »i. '' ,' ; , _">'<"' ' ;>'<v/,- v W *~ '" I, * ' i J **' i' i ZZftWtf*,*,- ,-' V? W1M*A- # V,'; ;f : V>V ', ' '', '^/*, <\V < .'W/>;IP ; -''V ' - ' -':,u',' "' ' ~ 7 ''°V' S^'.« V,v w f n Quint Smother: Hapless Hamilton, 42-12 6na' high ' school's basket- team coasted to aft < easy iee' win oVer Hampton, night -on the local floor, 12. , second team made It & sweep by trouncing the visitors, $ to 15, in the ,prelimin- srf^dbntest. A'Cbach Oenc Hertz had a cofti- par'atlyely calm evening, without 'hewift-g finger-nailSv His "team bk,, aUead "Of 12 to t at the arter, and held a ' halftime la'rgih of 24 to 5, which is a nsiderable edge. with half the Im^'gono. ' S Points Pirsi Half j^Laurltzen ' sparked ' the first scoring for the Bulldbgs, -wfiile the'home team plete control, of th6 contest Douglas .also 'co' of nice baskets. "Not uniil ihe final miauls- 6f ihe firsi half did Hampiori" even score a bucket, and then they connected far two fairly, long shots io bring their ioial io five pointjft At'the start of'the.thltm quarter, the visitors came' J briefly-— scorihg a/fdw. and also snarling»up the Bulldof &t tnertt (idled orl i Maiftptoft, 'fhe visitofs flayed clean ball, b'uf their efforts t6 tbp 1 the Algona scoring Usually i§suUed ih f6uls.> Algona, .on' the Other hand, seamed rrUraculbUSly ffee ffbfti penalties ,0htil near the erld bf the 1 contest., It was not Cfaoser's best scor- ing'night, many of his shots missing by a l h£ir, but he did manipulate two of the fanciest trick Shots seen In a long time", ft'6m close in, while well covered by Hamilton. Slglef.!., and skogstrom also tufned ift good games. Sigler is a Wify, accurate player Who hafldleS the ball nicely and needs only a split second to get his basket. Skogstrom's ball handling was also commendable and he got two baskets"Near the end of the contest, Coach" HertB sent in a complete team of replacements, who managed to hold theii* own the final two minutes. ' Won '3 Loop Tilis The Victory gives Algona three conference victories and one defeat, and'if Clear Lake happens to stumble just onCe, the Algona quint stands a good chance for the title or a tie for the title, at least. Game summary. offense. The safe margin did Algona (42) fg ft not,contribute to fast basketball. ) Crapser -..- 4 5 and Algona casually held and Douglas A «. 2 0 somewhat lengthened "its lead I Lauritzen 4 4 A Kf 4-UA /inmtnrilt V, CL-r»r^ef**rtfrvi O near the end Of the contest*^!* * There -was an abundance^iOl VolVl-No. 44 Thursday, January 6. MORE GOOD ^ NEWS THIS WEEK The latest and-most welcome io hit our loading plaiform out here ai Irons is-ihe one lhai came ihe other day—ihe new Winkler Oil- burning Circulating Heater. Il's right on ihe money, too. Designed with ihai "new look" you've been reading about, this Winkler Heater does ihings t for v ihe appeafance of a*ny room you pui~ii in. -Re.aHy ; throws ihe heal, loo/for ii willjakjs - care»of four 1 'or five roorhs\easily. ' 50,000* BTU's. If you would like io look" over one of Ihe lop oil-burning heaters being made today') drop into Ihe shop and take a look at Winkler. \ < - . .ei/ •i BY THE WAY— t fc Irylng to get to is the fact that many are-turning to / Vfor*. their furnace heating system. Its easily and quick ffdone, 'The picture above 'shows one of Winklers maj^ Istoker models, now available for immediate- installation-^, , Completely' automatic. > Clean'and free from noise;\An_d »4,* 1 ' ; can't even remember how long Winkler has been ma]- 1 -- "*"" Wokers. itls that long. Here) at Irons we can* give you 'whole Winder stoker story, so give us a buzz^if you d t'o'hear^t, ,.' • , •,~" , '.')- .'<>•. ' i, "Hey, let me in There—I wapt to see how bad J injwred" » fl H^H*s™< mMy fm * ^~ ' m W&W&M »«ntty',Wfr:. v -' - i -• <B8 Tm»' > » w sbiproenti-7 ?/* ,v |h|y»ini wl8t»*y B&{ d ! ; f7'•< «%8'rf"DoiiS immmmamm^tJ t.. t<-"-Vj.'.c-'.s? HEATING* PLUMBING Skogstrom 2 Waldron ,__ 0 Sigler 3 Pentecost ___•_ 0 Christensen _.. 0 ,Colburn 0 Holmes __-_.., ^_ 0 Kelley 0 - 15 Hampion (12) fg Rodemyer _.. 0 Botts S. 2 Boekelman _..__-!__ 0 Immerman 1 Finnell — 0 Stoltz , 0 Foss - . 2 Renaud *- 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 • o 12 ft 1 10 0 0 0 0 0 P; 4 1 1 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 2 18 Meyers Turns In Top Barry Line Bowling a 218, A. Meyers topped maple crackers in the Ba'rry Leagues, this past week. Other games of "200 plus" were bowled by Geering (203), F. Davis (205), Geilenfeld (218), and D. Jergenson (2Q2). League standings: League "A" Team - W. L. Burt 35 35 13 Old Style _ —34 14 s Swift's 25 23 Lotts Creek __' 1 20 24 Studer Stock Farm 22. 26 K^ of C.-«. : -J9 , i 29 Am.' Legion '_-.__-_;-'_'-18 '"" 30 V. F. W. 1. -15 33 League "B" Sportsmen's Tavern 31 Lone Hock Bank 32 Council Oak 23 John Deere 22 Blanchard Lbr. Co. 22 Algona Barber __ _21 Ryan Hatchery 19 S. & L. _•- 19 Seneca Beats Fenton Seneca: The Seneca Saddle club basketball team defeated the Fenton team on the , local floor Monday' evening.' The approximate score was Fenton 39 and Seneca 47. , • ' , * Academy Is Victor In 2 Cage filts Si Cecelia Aciademy cagers turned-in two basketball Victor* les, in the past week, to 'run their Vifitory total to six. They have dropped three contestsi Tuesday evening of last Week ,the Academy quint downed Presentation of whittemore, 47 to 35, and Sunday afternoon they staged • a powerful comebadk to whip Emmetsburg Catholic,' 51 to 26. Both games were played on the local floor. First Quarter Lead t Against Whittemore, Algona took a big lead in the first quarter. It came in handy, because after leading at the half,' 23 to 11, Presentation outscored the locals by two points in the, sec!- ond halfi .Fouls on St. Cecelia players forced them to slow down and play a cautious,brand of balL As it was, two went out via the fpUl route, as did 'two Presentation players. 7 "" * , Bieser with 19 and White with 16 led the St. Cecelia scoring. How They Ccored Game summary: St. Cecelia's (47) fg , ft BieSer 7 5 Winkel 1 Q, Thuente __ 1 2 Winter 1 2 1 White 6 5 Erpelding .... 021 Wilhelmi 000 Wier 000 Presentation (55 ) 17 13 20 fg ft pjf Hentges _... 6 4 Elbert 3 5 Muller 1 0 Steier ' 2 ' 1 Lane ' 0 ' 1 Higgins 0 0 12 11 Tied in the Half In the contest with Emmetsburg, Algona started slow, and at the half the score was 19 all. Donovan of the visitors played a *star game, pegging six field •goals. However, in the second half Algona stepped fast, outscoring the Emmetsburg quint 32 to 7. White led the scoring for St." Cecelia's with 16 points with Bieser tallying 15. Next Thursday evening, the locals travel to Whittemore Presentation for a return contest. Fishermen Get Winter Season Kossuth fishermen who want some winter ^ fishing, \yith_ jno catch, possession,"^ or size limits may t be interested in announcement that the state conservation commission has announced that e?ght; small lakes in Emmet and Dickinson counties are open for tKat purpose till March 1. The reason is that these lakes are frozen over and short of oxygen to keep fish alive. The lakes are Tuttle, West Swan, and Mud in Emmet county, and/ Little Spirit, Marble, Hottes, Prairie, and Pleasant in Dickinson'. LONE ROCK 'Mi', and Mrs. Frank Flaig attended the fimeral for Fred Willrett at the Trinity Lutheran church, Algona, Wednesday afternoon. Miss Dorothy Barttholt and Norbert Zumach of Whittemore were Sunday, supper guests at the Dave Lynch home. "Mr. and Mrs. Walter Krause entertained their 500 club at their home Thursday evening. Mr> and Mrs. Ervin Johnson won the prizes for the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Millef of F,enton spent Thursday evening at the home of Mn and Mrs. Leo Schmidt. ' ', JUliana and Angus Cotton Jr. arrived at the parental A. £.. Cotton home Saturday to spend the Christmas vacation. Juliana attended college at Madison, Wis'., and Angus attended college at Iowa City. Susan Montgomery spent from Tuesday until Friday at the home of her grandparents, Mr and Mrs. J. H. Montgomery at Swea City. The Ladies' Mite society met at ;the home of Mrs. Fred Genrich Thursday afternoon. It was the annual Christmas party and also the winners-losers party in their yearly attendance contest An exchange of gifts was held and lunch was served by the losers. Mrs. Lyle Marlow spent Thursday afternoon Visiting her sister Mrs. Clarence Macumber at Algona. •Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gade and family of West Bend spent Sunday afternoon at the Ben Schmidt home; < •Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schadendorf and family were Sunday dinner guests at the Raymond Barslou home near Ledyard. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Mueller and family spent Sunday afternoon at the parental L. E. Mueller hdme at Fent'on. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rath and .Mrs. Johnson were Wednesday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rath. The Harold and Delmar Angus families of Burt, the Gerald Angus, family and the Lawrence Dittmer family all attended a birthday party in honor of R. T, Angus at his home Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs.' Clifford Teeter and Mr. and Mrs. Vern Teeter of Algona were Sunday dinner •guests at the-Glenn Teeter home. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond- Nelson and 'Linda of Burt spent Wednesday at the Glenn Teete,r home. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace McArthur and Mrs. Ruth Button, were Sunday dinner guests of Miss Vivian Dutton in Liyermore. They were Monday evening 6:30 dinner guests at t the Gep. Kohl hotjne in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Will Gifford were Sunday .birthday "guest* at ,the "Elmer Phillips home in Algona in honor of Barbara Marlow's, daughter'of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Marlow, and her 'great-grandmother, Mrs. Frank Harvey's birthdays. Mrs. H.'A. Holmgren entertained the American Legion Auxiliary Sewing meeting at her home , Wednesday, December 10. Mrs. ,Omar McMahon, Judy and Jerry of Algona spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Lydia Wetzel. ' '• Mr. and Mfs, ttai-old. - fifrbis and family of Whittemore spent Friday eVeWHg. Oet: 12, at the George H!ariha h6me'. 2 Swear City < /Wen Fly to California Swea City — A flyinq trip to California Was made in ihe literal sense 6f the term when Alfred Barslou; piloting his own plane, and Dr. R, F, Sny- def as passenger, took off for Los Angeles oh December 23. < They will spend' the Christ* mas weekend on ihe west coast and expect to be back in Syrea Cily on Monday, Dec. 29. WANT ADS BRINGS RESULTS Custodian's Exam » Applications for • probational (career) appointments to the position of ^Laborer (Custodian, Service)" at"'the 'Algona; Iowa*'Post Office will^be accepted,until the close-of business'19 January,'1948. Custodial positions are restrict- ed'by law to persons, entitled to .veteran,preference. In-the event that preference eligibles are not available, appointments may be made of non-veterans. > The entrance salary is $1,700 a -year with periodic increases of $100 a year until the maximum salary of $2,300 a year is reached, Full information and 1 application forms are available fr"om the Civil Service Secretary-at the AI. gona, ,Iowa Post-Office. CHEVROLET PARTS! ( ^ From a spark plug to * ' > L a Gpmpletei Engine! / ' ' , „ OUR BIG^STOCK 0|F CHEVROLET PARTS "'-' • ,*. " . , Insure Complete Satisfaction ' Hundreds Of Items Now In Stock Battery Cables Mufflers Gatkei* < Radiator Hose Brake Sf(oes ' Hoae Clamps gnrtmreJori Brake tfiqnff P'^rlbuto „. - ' ** 6j?ark Plug Wiring •TtoMrti Fan Belt. ^ ^ ^J Hub Cap, CJuteh Pl,c. star(9r 8ru , he , Valve 6jf>ring» Connecllng Rod* What Is It? EYERYTHINO THAT IS BEST FOR YOUR CAR CHEVROLET PARTS '^v^%'MK*t'*^^T 4 V /SWA,^ ->;• :<>,»;. /} Tutitftiy, Jflhoary 6, 1 941 • Algbttd U| HOSPITALS Dec. 23— Mrs. W. J. Green. AJU gona, girl; Wm. Doege, Titonka, Dec. 25— Delmar Angus, Burt, appendectomy. Dec. 26— Duahe Hansen, Lu- Verhe, appendectomy. Dec. 27— Mrs. Ildii Elliott, Algona, appendectomy, Dec. 29— Judith iLaivell, Algona, tonsillectomy. Mr. arid Mrs. Ll&yd MUekey spent last weekend at Wintei 4 set With the letter's sister and brother-in-law Mr. and Mrs. William Comp. Mr. and Mrs. John 1 Phillips of Iowa Falls, and Calvin Wadleigh of St. Louis, Mo., were Christmas guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Wadleigh, parents of Mrs, Phillip*, fftiDAY, jANOA||'-';^|f GUYDttl^jfcl TUESDAY, JANUAlV^lf |l>i MAMIE GERLACH FRIDAY, JANUA* 16 BENNETT-GRETEN *)„ W;*. : p$a USE TH£ WAN? NOTICE ' / * Kossuih County Dairymen Better breeding will improve the producing ability of dairy cattle. Through the use of artificial breeding every, dairyman, large'or small, has the opportunity of securing better breeding service at reasonable costs. It also eliminates the danger, bother and investment of keeping a herd sire. An extra cow or two can be fed and cared for in place of a'bull. Several of our Koss'uth county dairymen' are interested in organizing a cooperative that an artificial breeding service can be made available. To further organize and - develop such a program, a meeting is being held at the Legion Hall, Bancroft, Friday afternoon of this week, Jan. 9 at 1:00 P.M. / If interested plan to be present. , ! " x' ••,-•' Organization Committee ' : ; i^,' !,',>. ' " v , , ' v" >1- j ,'< ..<? 's -v^y- 5 "^^^S : -.trfp A ''*& ' M* .'HI YEARS AHEAD. ..FOR YEARS TO COME " - • '•••'• • -" >- • A 7 CU. FT. DILUXI RirRIOIRATOR * _ ,7 CUBIC FT.' 1 74.2 »<J. ft. rittlf ana 90 CUIIS ' '?2 Ibt, l>LUt.,,A SIPARATI rROZIN fOOD LOCKK 3.9 cunc rr. 73d/6t, mtal or 80 qt$. food Right out of your dreams comes Americans yZrs* \ really pew refrigerator—the FRQSTAIR Duplex, FROSTAIH-IS a real dvple^! r A -delude re» ••iii -,, ftigerator at the,.top, Q separate frozen, fopd " <^> - •""'' '."•»".f,.%^' ' - ^ •s(^'?^S > SSf-^r|i' ' IgcKerJbelQw. You never-bothCT with, covered «- "- - -*';?",,- ""-^V^N^&M-Mi^ f|{aVi«a. fliBr«'« «mr« r n( Q m f 0 p tgl} bottle?,* • \ \ ' ' ;", ,/„ - \ ,'" 't>'--?.'' - '. ~'**f&™3*^JK •?:i*M J dUhef; there's more rppm 'w > ' . '. 1- f ?r '^tp«o^gj»!ittX' ,/ efpnomytwerttrigsrstinj , - • :." ,, v^'«'->SjS''? l -^ 3 ^B >^ %\ •" F ^' « *Afi.

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