The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1948 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1948
Page 2
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Bo.b Mr,' and'9. tiob Hqlzhammcr entertained New Year's Eve at tKe 'hdftie 1 6f Mr, and Mrs. Glcnrt Rariey. Guests \Vere fioyd Granzow, Spencer Shore, LaVonne Wolcotf, Coward Gonrich, and Mary Frances Carney. Bridge and 500 v^as played with a lunch being served later. Si. Thomas Guild Meeting— The Guild will meet Thursday afternoon at 2:30 at the home of Mrs. Clara Anderson. Oesco Chums Party— The Creseo-Jphums 4-H club had a Christmas party Wednesday, Dec, 28, at the Crcsco township community hall. A program Of three skits Was presented, after which .there was an exchange of gifts. The next meeting will be Jan. 13 at the home of Marjorie Kollasch. Mission Group to Meet— The Baptist Missions society will meet Thursday afternoon, January 8, at the parsonage. Mrs. Everett Richardson will have the devotional study and Mrs. Ronald Jenkins will have charge of the program. Hostesses will be Mesdames Ralph Tice, Kenneth McCoy, Irwin Etherington, ,W. Heerdt, L. Ramus, M. L. Bolin, Jerry Lewis, W. Steven, and R. Jenkins. £fj) ^ £H aj The W. & 'd, '& of the .Methodist church'will meet Thursday, January 6, fpr a* 1:15 luncheon with Mrs. Leonard Maasdam as chairman. The 1948 yeftr books will be ready for" distribution. A. F. Thompson; secretary, Mrs. E. B. Carlson; financial secretary, Mrs. Ed Jensen. Trinity Lutheran Ladies—^ The Women's Society of the Trinity Lutheran church will meet Thursday afternoon, January 8. Mrs. Everyl Adams is chairman of the serving committee. Officers for 1948 are as follows: President, Mrs. Glair Blossom; vice president, Mrs. Robert Liesener; secretary, Mrs. Luther Loesch; treasurer, Mrs. William Heller. Hosts on Friday— Mr. and Mrs. William .Batt, Jr., entertained a few friends and relatives informally, Friday evening, in observance of the first birthday of their daughter, Pamela Leanne. Society Has Election— 1 The Woman's Society of the First Lutheran church will meet Thursday afternoon, January 8. with Mrs. Raymond Galbraith as chairman. Newly elected officers are: President, Mrs. Raymond ,Ga!braith; vice-president, Mrs. Mel Thompson; treasurer, Mi-s. A Surprise Party— Mrs. Mayme Steinman and Mrs. Ida Reid Were given a suf- price party Friday afternoon at the former's home. Those in attendance were Mesdames Margaret Reid, Allen Salisbury. Tom Reid, Albert Reid, Ben Reid and Zelda and Benita, and Harvey Reid and David. The honorees were presented with gifts. Mrs. Reid's being a farewell gift as she was to leave Tuesday for Deming, N. Mex., for a several w.eeks visit with the Bert G al- braiths. Guests at Reids— Mr. and Mrs, Ben Reid had a New Year's dinner guests, mem bers of the Reid family. Those Greetings and Best Wishes for the NEW YEAR "Does the grass always look greener over the fence?" We received a very fine letter from our daughter-in-law who lives in California stating thai she would gladly trade their California roses for our Iowa snow for Christmas. We are staffing the New Year, we be-i lieve, in a better position to give prompt service on your bedding needs. WRITE - CALL - OR COME IN We will give the best services that are in our power to give. STAINBROOK MATTRESS WORKS WHITTEMORE, IOWA ANOTHER BIG Sole , Jon. 9th Machinery Sale Starts at 11:30 Sharp Livestock Sale at 1 P. M. TRACTORS - COMBINES CULTIVATORS - PLANTERS TRACTORS: 1947 W6, starter, lights, like new. 1940. M, starter, lights and power lift. 1942 M, starter, lights and power lift. 1947 IHC "B", starter, lights and power lift. 1936 J. D. "A" and cultivator. 1946 WC A. C., starter and lights. 1944 J, D. "H" tractor and cultivator. F-12 and cultivator. 229 cultivator for H or M power life; 236 cultivator for H or M power lift; 490 J. D, tractor planter, new; 490 J. D, tractor planter; 290 J. D. tractor planter, new; 290 J, P, tractor planter, on steel; 290 J, P. tractor planter on rubber; IHC planter with tractor hitch; 999 J, P, horse planter; 4-row IHC combination corn planter; H-M- IHC iracto? planter; Oliver tractor corn planter; IHC 62 Combine PTO; IHC 62 combine, motor; IHC 42 combine, PTO; Corn silage baler. PISKS; Two J. P, 15 ft, 16" blades; two IHC 15 ft. 16" blades; Roderick Lean 15 ft., 16" blades, new; Pavid Bradley 15 ft, 16" blades; Blunt 15 ft. 1?" blades, new; IHC 12 ft., 16" blades; also 10 ft. and 10 ft. Ford, 14 it. Blunt rotary hoe. - THRESHERS: Case 26 "; Woods 24". FIELP CULTIVATORS; J. P. 11 Va ft, factor, power lift, new; J. P. 8>/z ft, tractor, power lift, new; Massey Harris 8 ft. power lift. Also several spring tooth harrows and drags. J. P. Held harvester, like new, and J. P. No. 2 blower; IHC field harvester; J, P. 2-16" plow, enclosed clutch; Oliver 2-16" plow; IHC 3/16" plow, solid and mold board. If you have good machinery, bring it in sale, Prices good, ARENDS SALE YARD Blue Earth, Minn, Junction H and 169 atfcndihi were^£ssfj.Jind Mes* £|,f»$A l"^ 1 ', denies Albert ft«WL v TOft, ,Md, STQTe *lt Vrrj M».tri Potter 1 ati'd' TdtifhyV Ray Vrftdaf ' and Je'ahelte,, HSrW Reid, Jja"Vid afid Alien, t M?s: Jda 'Reid and'AlderiV allot -Mrs. Alien Salisbury ahd Sftllfc eive ', frMife' Nyi 6! ststs Bffesidittt L_ ChamW M • CottfSl^ l&Tl gjtesk at a 1 special 'meelftsMf the JayCees here, Thui*sday"i J8ft'; 8, „,, —, — ,--at 8!l5 £.. m., at the, elffl|fj;'66ffis. iaM Beth Artrii§ jtfr gMtelul^ to The libi-fify- 3Se . . , $1.1$ . . 49* . .^$3.69!. , .981;, i i oo 4s. (Q 00 O cn O ft 00 n b> •o o 09 n | i® MEN'S UNDERSHIRTS These are long sleeved cotton ones ... we say they've been in our store "too long", so •we're taking a real chop at the price. Regularly $1.59, but you can have "em for 89c. MEN'S CHORE GLOVES Need any, men? We got 'em! Those dandy double thumb rugged quality chore gloves that have been selling for 39c a pair are marked with a red pencil at 25c. , MEN'S CHORE MITTENS All right ,so you don't want gloves? Then here's chore mitts, again with the double thumb. They've been marked 39c a pair, but now we're really talking turkey with a price of'19c. MEN'S UNIONSUITS Don't shiver and shake, men! Not when you can get warm, 100% wool unionsuits at a markdown like,this. We've been getting $6.95 per suit, but to move what's left, you can take 'em from us for $4.35 ' ' >* '-'-"Ji -."" MEN'S UNIONSUITS NQJ we are not repeating ourselves. These are 50% wool, for you men who prefer that quality. The regular price on these suits is $4.98. Now you'll find them marked $3.75. MEN'S WOOL SOCKS Here's something mighty good in men's all- wool socks, grey color, the kind of sock that can take it. Regular price 59c pair. Come and get some, men, at 39c. MEN'S BATHROBES If you didn't get that robe you wanted for Christmas, come in and get a bargin, men, or tip off the little -woman to these rayons and flannels we're clearing out at Half Price. MEN'S WHITE COVERALLS You fellows who want 'em, come and get "em. Pure white from stem to stern and top to bottom. Sizes 36 and 38 only. Regularly $5.49. Knocked down to $3.95. ', BOYS SHEEPSKIN COATS Lots of Iowa winter left, so make sure that boy of yours keeps warm. Get him one of ' these sheepskin lined coats, and make .3, four dollar saving in doing so! Regularly $12.95: Now only $8.95 MEN'S GABARDINE JACKETS Here's another classy buy at a four dollar saving. A really good gabardine jacket that sold for $14,95 is on sale in this bang-up Clearance for only $10,95 MEN'S LEATHER JACKETS Man oh man—here's something in a jackeJsjiA value that should have pepple crowding* through our door. A fine, heavy quality * . capeskin or goatskin jacket that sold for« i $19.95—NOW reduced to $10.95, Siftlts ait^' With' '•Mrs. Jj3uW«f >r.Yy%l', iLkLtf"" >, f. » VII*?; ww vv^ vtivtii i iwwi MIWWIIVI u i MI ^MM i ii i^ wvri twwiiiww«i jr; wv really used that red pencil; ahd not on old; unwcmted merd desirable, sedsdndbld items we know you heed ahd wi Woodward's now lor some real value s^urpris^i^more sp/wheh y£uipri\ sider today's V«'f-•.«»•; ' JANUA WOMEN'S, GIRLS SHOES If you've read this far, ladies, you've struck it rich, because we are offering some extraordinary ladies and girls shoe values. Regularly priced $3.95 . . . now, your choice of the lot at $2.95 LADIES CORDUROY JACKETS Something special, Nice to have one of these hanging in your closet, too. Ever so many times you can slip one oh. Nke corduroy. •Regular price on these was $6.95. Our price now is' $4.95 LADIES HATS We're ,not fooling when .we tell you we have some attractive hats to offer, and we're not fooling either when we, tell you 'we are'making .them big values. The price? .Hold your breath. Only $1.00 KIDS HOUSE SLIPPERS Here's another value that should pack peo- , pie in pur store. We're taking ,a fine lot of children's slippers—our regular $1.59 quality! —and changing the price tags to read only $1 t f i > '•''^'•"w'bA/iEN^COATS •" i i ' Regularly Sale $24.90 $10 ' $34.90 $16 $39.90 $19 •Mariy' Styles—Many Colors—All Sizes ' GIRLS COATS Regularly Sale $13.90 $8.95 $16.90 $10.95 $19.90 (coat & sno-pants) $12.95 All-Wool Fleeces—Suede Cloths—All Sizes i ' WOMEN'S FLANNEL GO.WNS / i.^f' Here's something you women want, marked down very near to' half the regular -bric'e. Nice quality flannel gowns that have oeen selling for $2.98 now priced only $1.95 WOMEN'S FLANNEL PAJAMAS Here's a "bargain, ladies,-in those finer quality flannel pajamas you want for comfortable sleeping during an Iowa winter. Sizes 34 to 40. Regularly $3.95, rtoW marked'$2.95 4 CHILDRENS MITTENS^' Lots of winter and outdoor fun left for the kids, so be sure they have plenty of warm mittens. Here's your chance to get 'em. Regular price on these was. $1.19. Come and get what you want at, pair, 79c CHILDRENS SNOWSUITS And some snow pants alone. Good,-'warm, sturdy quality togs that will protect the young 'uns against winter winds. Size's 1 to 6. Here's the big news—you can get tern for HALF PRICE. WOMEN'S SWEATERS I!. Another grand bargain for the - ladie^-^and .' for the gals, too! Choice of cardigan or,slip-' v over' sweaters at a < straight reductio'n' of J /4 OFF. . '' CHILDRENS UNDERWEAR Sizes 6 to 16, all cotton, short sleeve, knee length. There you have the .whole description of this extra fine value,for clearance. They sold regularly at $1.29. One big group at 89c. WOMEN'S DRESSES Regularly . Sale $5.90 to $6.90. ..$2.95 $7.90 to $8.90 ...$3.95 $9.90 to $10.90 C..$4.95 $11.90 to $12.90 _, $5.95 $13.90 to $14.90 J $6.95 $19.90 $8.95 An Especially Fine Group in All Fabrics, Types, Sizes " ' MEN'S DRESS PANTS f • U ' ' , .«• ' ' •* " <• •" These pants are' panting • to get out 1 df'dtfr store L nthe hands of file lucky men Whd. want a'real bargain. Blue and brown only, But that's what men want. They sold for $5.50. Now $3.95. \ MEN'S FLANNEL PAJAMAS Big men, little men, in-between men 1 —.we, have your size in a nice, warm flannel.P.i.J. Two groups—one regularly $2.98, now $2.09;, the other group regularly $3.79—now $2.79" AND SOME FOR BOYS, TOO, ' Yep, a -fine group of flannel ' u 03 CO U O> ' Yep, a -fine group of flannel pajarnafor/b'oy^'- of all ages'. Warm, soft flannel that is'teally'v comfy to wear. These sold fdfcvf?:49«,Vj!Y/X marked 'em down to $1.89 - ,' ' • ' '^ "<s$/, , ' tf\ ^ co 0> WE ARE LOADED with LANKETS And We're Going to Unload f hern "On You At Prices That Talk! CHATHAM CHATHAM "Sutton"-72x90 inch, 75% Wobl-Regularly $7,50 'Wooishire"-72x90 inch, 100% ,Wo^|^negularly $11,95 PLUS , Many Other Bargain Blankets! »s MEN'S JAC-SHIRT JAG^EfS/S These are those modified lum$erjdek v sty}e; t that most' of the. fellows are wearing /ori'.thei- job, and for Jun.' Choice of red^whiteiahd black combinations. They ''' and t^ke your'choice^for ' " -BOYS FLANN ' - . • ' , "•'-' ->'' ,, ' Mother^, would you pay 98c for a good quail-, ty flannel shirt for the boy? Of course you • would.. That's justvwhat you can do in' this, sale, as we are selling.out these $1.39, shirts',' for d8c. ' •-* ' , ' >f. , ,"' MEN'S HORSEHIDE CHOPPERS ' Must be something wrong' with these, but we can't find it. Anyway, we say 1 that- because when you can buy 'em at this 'price, they're- bargains. ^Regularly $1.98'.* Nowlonly '* *•••' '' MEN'S WOOL LINERS > ; £j ?ut these; insjde the choppers * listed-, above '"/-'' and you've got a warm hand/combination. ' '* • Why not „ stock up on a few pairs at this - \, price? Never krtow when you can,buy 'em ' * so cheap again. Regularly 45c. Sale 29c " ?'j «, .MEN'S, BOYS CAPS *,,r^' Whole lot of, these men's and boys caps thdit "»• "' -s we are slashing in.price to,move them info * \ • your hands—pardon us, onto your-heads.*''f -. • Nice quality, too. Now they're exactly Hall". ' ' Price, ft ' ', '. \ ' ~~"~ •',-*''' Q* • "'" ; -I' ' ' "".'*,'' '"V ,. - *$f »: MEN'S OVERCOATS ^* Howy can you be without a ne'w men,.when you pome along and find a „,„, like this. All these , coats are warm,-snug wool fleeces, Nice colors. Nice tailoring, 'Iiii .fact, mighty nice* value, wjrsen ypu consider?. -, , they are $28,95 coats marked down, tp $^5, "|j - j ". " •*"' >-' s , •' -^'^ ' "flO^ll MEN'S DRESS GLOViS?" Don't crowd, rnen. Line forms at tjy We expect a crowd on these, tfrpugh. ine,selling wool-lined caress glo'ves that priced 49c a pair fov only 35c FpR|OYS,TOO Yf§, we cQuldnlt' forget the younger wh«n offering values like these, Wpu, „-, 1 just Jtfce the bjg'gloves, These are regu 3?c a pair values, but you can buy them w .fop ?fc, f ' ? ^ . ', ' . -kX; Tables of Clearonce Bargains Hot Advertised Here—Come and See Them ,- r " " o* ^ lOa iAIT §TATi « f -tf/K /, , $14t'» « 4tc , i . JI^KvJlMltfv i i i --— -•-— * ^ c ^,^ r , ti ^ ^ r -i^ . \. .«_, *. «? ; ; - /j i' *''v'>-;" : :?--x* \ -vitoj i?feav^iwi&^^ • T "^- '* V ^•^-^Li^^^^^m^'-'*'" *•' »IHY! ^i" _ !•*'••!" .V- /"'>r/Vi->:V fiM >/A,

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