The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1948
Page 1
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THREE SECTIONS-K} PAGES AlUXONA^fOWA, TUESDAY, JANUARY 6, 1941 Named Monday , opper at ' onV 6f ed mixing > out i"-— . l.j .. WYi'i.ul j. , packed for their . r ,_,_.,«aeh a i local o cafe. 6af ipOSA ,In," the* pdsff ew years M. $eeh\ea to' many-'that'the 1 ' tlmeT.daring .the' 1 winter, t and "also ' '"'""'nd'ilU' Velcom'^b'r'efik and tfrfain \ the? winters cold ibw.-f '. ;V- - f;*, , ^ an'd^s'efe ,less t ^sthan, any .e 3rtffie^Uriion.V We^are Report Jan. ]/; Jurors Chosen fi!..HsfetfWifts" M ';!'' Dr'ttihdge.'Case /. The following list. of;?, grand jurors are 1 to repoFCfoB|&i§fcvice at* the January«term;'' Tuesday r Jan. 27, at 9 a/m.j, {" 1$ -A \f<, "Name' ' ' , ' . P, Q/ 'Address ftoy Adams _j._j Mary ,Benschoter -.._.. GhasVfiashara J .LLedyard Herrriah Brandt _„. ^1 ffijmors Roy Ingham 1 —J :,sjAii/«sr,s" Vera Lease , i j..V w _ Henry'Muller ..-.^Whit^ H. J. Orthel- -4.-.:,^:Tito"rika Perrv,^ Phillips ___t v .__*J_*LuVerne A, G; Volentine. -'....? Burt Edw.'!Wlrtles ..1— -Titonka R. H.'Walker Sr, Swea City Na Big Bad Wolf Really Dead :Petit Jury'List ' P. Ot Address ihie' - , John -Alexander ' lAlgona Mayme Ann Alig_._.'_^.Algona fi.v.«' A»«UJ J »« ' y-t~u...;^t« Joh.n'. Arehd ^.I'l !_.Loren< J.' Browrt L-Algona" Julius Baasr.w—L •." Goal Brown —-—,Jqhn -,F., Bieser ^:A1 l Jas.^Christensen __.^ ?^_ Frdnk',Erickson ..J.St, Benedict VihcenfEisenbacher/ Wesley Jerome -Kisenbarth l.Algpna' Avery»FitcK J Burt Fuhr '-' „ In this'^ase, the Big Bad Wolf is HE ALLY 1 dead.'^ .1'' ; ' Hobert>Anderson, sophomore in Swea"City 'high-school, ''-5s shown'above with the 30 pound wolf; that-he shot Dec.' " -*AA ^—.Ij^^l— ": 'LjS—i. 1-1 —1_!£_!~..3~ A _J u.^d.!..^J^^1.. *1 ft * l.' v ^...£_A» ^Bennett; i^nd Gor- »!dt that issue,' li'ne' .Al-j C Des" Moines be-K r of ,oubU J ( , > cation,', the Congest' period ofS • • continuous "newspaper publi-1 cation of/any neltf^paper inV this, section of. the'State. •: e paper',was; founded in^ .'- ".v'v; , t - — _- . , . G. ' J,- -Vitzthu'm.i— J,__.Wesley . , i — l'.,^— Algona Gfiorge Wagner i — i: ---- .. r_\i,, Algona Damage Action " RubyjJohnsoni.'J ---- JL ( C, H. Keslcr.'...' _____ W'dyd, -±~i.—l— Ledyard ' ~ Lappe ~J— > ---- l.t-i— ^, — ---- .-— Edwarcr Lobbig i ........ Wesley Kmma Melne.... ' ..'.Whittemorc E: 3rr/OdelU'.'J..j ...... .Bancroft -Joe Recker Sr, _' ....... Bancroft 'A, F, 1 Tliompsbni ---- , ---- Algdina dance, ; and - ' ^ Doris Ukena '}2^- i — _'-t . , .Lakota ' J- -it' ; , , won'der" what Fred 1.WH1 A--— 1— '—- t. ' r neJghbdr % acfos!,' ear Fishing rrt » y i In Court To .Charges of violating tho state -ting of "fishing laws broUgh __5 to five Elmore and oho ,ue Earth/ Minn,, man in the 'irl of JUsficfc J. B, Johnston .day evening. lenvy SchaUmborg, Mmore Harold' W.' Fisher. 'Elmore r 'e each'fihed '$25 and costs 01 charge pf illegal possession o" fishing spear! , JSrnest Bi- J ( orgenSon "and Wil ^Barnes/'Elmorc, .charged with ting without ,a valid license ;e each ; fined $10' and costs, a ..Elmer, H. Madclzke, Elmore ,j«j)rry 'Barnes. Blue Earth Minn., was 1 fined $,10 and costs on ^' •"- dharge. All,cases were into court by Wendel . v 'conservation officer *Hd j «freste'd J the men in Spring "&&}: twpJ near the Minnesota jtgy jalong> the,'Blue Earth river M''.," Other J. P. Cases i<S)tf>er cases before Justice 8hri&ton< in the past Week were $ follows; Urban Peffer, Wesley, charged ith operating a trailer on the h|gHway without proper regis tration, and not having a trailer l^ense orj a safety chain, was fined a total of $7.50 and costs. l<m. E. Day,, West Bend, stop sfen violation, was fined $2.51 a£d/,costs. ' , t < pnald M. Kollasch, 'Eakota ed with - haying a loadec ssfeinbled g^un,'in his^-fiar " and jcqsts J., "<> !Ed l liist>-rd^it§d''.AlKbn'S banker and 'businessfmanj'Celcbr&tcd his 85th'.birthday^last week'and twlo a damage action 1 [brought^against Victor Rademakor". -Thpiplaintiff spates that in a^mptor.'cpJUsipi)^ Algon^,, his maehin/3 waSifdamf agcdrfby^Radprnaker's. ,'He ' aK leges'}npgllgence j on the'part "pf tjie defendant, and asks $144,68,' I,, torney. ^ , . In the case of,. Mike-Hoffman, Ramsey 't,wp4' vs. 1 .' tb<? Koslguth Bpa.^d pf. Supervisors' gnd age' { District No, J4,. 1 - which an, -took,, undejy weeks* agOj^the with HrfftMnfon all irjg th«t script^on, /Xl'^ilr^m, Edwin;' iRist, •Happy 5 Birthd,ay' ^o' s *t.he 'pld • trapper,"- Mr,* Rist- wag '^Isp 1 present n A ,,.,UVi ' o V,«ii«iia*-*V . * ifrir Following'djnnertH.^.I'Hutch- prpgram tP*d9,with ., .,.,.. , tpry/lits ) backgr 1 pund' 1 . \, : -f f I ~ f ;'» & ^ " "Four : farm sale ads • for sales comingVufJ in this' area • within Ihc'iloict'week arc carried in ^to- 1 day's paper.« s >" , „' Jan. 7—W "' west of Bancroft. Ao) in^las't issue: ' Quinn jl &*% Flaig! /auction- •neers; -JFarmcrs and ^Traders S5v- inps Bank, Bancroft, 'clerk. ,- r 1 ' Jan. 8 — Oj, A, Cam^ney v and '.Harpld r C|'mpney, V/A' west 1 " and 1 nort|i of 1 Algona, Ad fn ,to- iday's.j paper, ' Fras9r & ( Matprn, auc'f ion^ers, V ,' Security 'State "," clerk- ' - J ' Frankl ,Estate ' " . , sale.' Closing out of 70' head "of choice ,dairyl cattle,' and other jtems;. r < asl listed,' in 'detail- in s ad elsewhere' in «this,' issue. L. 'A. M^ter,n* and^L'ee % Col well, - auctioneers ;f Security r , State > Bank, clerk? V • -V S''>: '.*/s r Jan. ,,12— Ray. Roach, halfway between Titopka.and Burt. clos- - , -. , 3rt dim one 1 qflhis vliphts ''was "hot-iwork- jng, -So hc«left • themS 7 ^oth .'"on Ibrjght. !,He coiildn't'.wiiv 'either way.'- ;£< -}, Jr ,,'^Y'acrr'eh iG. Nelson, v Algeria, was fined $5C,,and costs on charge^ 6f •, reckless driving.' j| Hcriry,'*A*JMueller, fr St. Paul, MMn..'vwas|fincd $5 and costs for speeding;' j^ a -^' ^ Cases^ Before Mayor ' Before Mayo? Kohlhaas, Monday, afternoon,-; a hearing ,was slated" pn ,t}ir'ec charges filed by city"*'police^ against Chester it, Copk, .AJgona. He • was charged with drunkenness, disturbing the ppace, and 4 resisting "officers. Laurence,- Weaver, Algpna, charged'' with drunkenness, i w9s "and costsji^and, on x a disturbing the peace hp wa§(Sentenced to ten,days injthe fined '$20 ^and ch'arge^of dist Roy-\Haag, fAlgona,, charged with'drunkenness, wlas —-'-— cdfto five days in jail. er Weather Average t i , * * December weather was better than average for most r pf the mortth and the," general temperature, * according to Weatherman Nolte's recqrds, has been above '"fM*- Jng?i put t sa,le, auctioneers.. per.-. , in- today's' pa- Sunday, Dec, '2?, k snpw ,on the, 'ground, and ' twp weeks ago, S|qce An Act jvV,Lif et jme , His deatl). parked' feeling better 'than, he h,ad then v there have been a couple pf "' some time, h^d/gone up ' , . lifetime 'speiit 'He/ ,1 suffered . a* The month lias had only five '' stroke at 7;30»p«-m, .and' death ' county, * HefwaS'boj'n ' ' pity-flimits;"in , ihe^wopds east J :g?wp d ^ ^ came at 10;45 p, fau 18, 1878, at'StrjoV and' Attend-' ' ' " Temper atures'fpr th(e past twP M aye; ' . % . n^ourn hjs 4 ea th wife, Clara; hli four childre Fernaildes, Ames,'" Marje, ^,-r--— — 85 -*, n i^,^:.,.,,38 ,^_ P ,,:.,.^._28 ' 80 '.L w ;.,,,_. ...W a§ N 4P_ltheJ Mrs, JJWMJ BMmt ^AMa.^Banwelttf 7in wnnn U Hflnirir t^p vjuufni ppt, *«;«»,, r*w«5 «• pstHif teAtttrR90P,f Jaa^Al p'clMk.aJ l)e Jiovise j&nd ''I W -ife^t,' J9l«j'|' •iithfirnn^-.? nriiinrtK' r/ *\ijtifn ^ifHntn • ^ «•!»B i Meef You/- NEW NEIGHBORS , . - , ' Long's Studio Pholo The new' neighbors pictured today are Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burt who mov.ed from Cedar Rapids to Algona in October. Mr. Burt was'.born at-Manchester, and graduated from high school there. He was in service SVz years, and for 18 months he was a, pilot irf the army air fofte in the southwest Pacific. Returning to the States, s and following discharge he was employed at Cedar, Rapids* as salesman'for the Corn King Mfg. company. He expects to go into the chick hatchery business here. A building for that purpose, is being erected for him 1 south of the Fitch feed store. Hatching 'operations ace -Scherduled to start the last of January 01? the* first part; of'February/ t 1 '« ,' f ' Asked how,he'.happened'to choose> Algona for a v location; Mr. Burt said: "I have -traveled the state," and found Algona"to-T}e,<ln an excellent business territory"'., Before going into the army^he,worked in the hatcHeiy- business at Manchester and Rochelle 57;Of;Fehln,;~ ,,, $ f / ""i Rites Saturday J Fenton: f t A vnffV*-tt a. v't^V 11 / *IIVULJ,IO n^v* death pf pnc 6f..jts liidst beloved ft\t ir*t\*\et 1P!v^rt*4. J , "C^n^i t-y%**I>«*r ."K/T** citizens, 'Mr. ^ FaUcrby, a retired '"business inah of Fenton, hadnbcen,' in "^failing health for some tjiine, i f ^ , l V ( i Einer ^Christian " S Anderson' Fauerby was -born^ at 'Husby;, Denmark, on July "l9,"jl890 . .... ---------- ,,, ,- -- A.merica: in 1909/and'liye$/at'Clear Lake,' la.i for three 'yedrs b'eforoV.cdm.- in« "to Fenton in 1912.* l \' ^ ,-,5'Mr. Faucrbv, served his country in World War, I, receiving' his discharge in 1919 'after 22 months of service, * - ! * * .s, , '" 18, Mr. Fau- in -jnarriagp to . Tiis happy union was blessed I with four children, FernandeS,' Marie, PhyllJs and Ruth. . i , r Einer Fauerby/- was a black: smith by trade but was forced to retire in 1946,. because , of, ill Gets Kenneth-XjJHanig.wsley, was sentenced'^to >len "years in " the state penitcntiaryvat Fort" Madison, last 'week, ,'fdr being an accomplice in the robbery of the C. P. Lewis'" general store at Britt, Dec. 2. - ' Richard L. Christiansen, Mp- son City, was recently- sentence^ to,ten years in Anarnosa for the same crime. " '. . . John , deputy county' pointed .depuiy suth .county,, ila board; of^sUpec cd.the duties ofc Jah. 2, arid^oA v d Moines to attend^ struction'for t uty assessdfs. ' •KwW.%$|f .j&io& ffi&fb&T" :dKa3S'0ti The duties 'of s town aiid, ship assessors ,wore abolisheMbyJ? the last legisla.tUt "" ment was placed , isdiction of the^ county f Field assessors work formerly dc sessorg and Mr< '0 these former asfipt askegl to continue on''i_ ,. setup and, have*, be'eiHgiye. opportunity, to,,ctualify/| &£ y«,«*, personal, X,-^ estate assessmon 1 1949. '. Field ,A9sesspr';%-, a Last year's 'assessbrsfivW On I, August 8 erby was^ unite Clara Schendel. 6 Nephews Ad ' 1,1. W • ,1 I'-f ' \\ <• 1 As Pallbearers, xit. ( 1 ^ , " 'With six nephews acting, as pallbearers, last rites for Henry Thilges, 69, , prominent 'Stf Jot farmer, were held Tuesday,\Dec, 30, ''at ;St, '- Joseph's i Catholic church, -with Father Thebbajd officiating at the funeral mass,, Burial was in 'St. tcrv v -j Mr, ThUges'di^d 'at, his .farm hpme, northwest v v Q£ \ St. <Jpe, zog,; Ledyard; Alex Lone Re-"-- ™*--"- 1 -'-- Vcrnc;« Swea C tonka'; 1 ;. Franfc..W/;'Elbwt^WhiTtemSrpa From ^townships \ ln«he tfpouaK tv: -, Eme&,VPptere6xfr-3uff®f George -Hawcott/itBifrt; wJdh&3fPi' .Simpn;' _ -Eagle j 4 -A'. Henry _ .nRieltfrdOl''^ 'L^m^Va^oyigHld ard^M,,/

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