The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 4, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1896
Page 7
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i at f « fry, TUB tn«t tnft wife*. rt e rttwttto tfiftfl Mtt, wheat ttd to td*et&e*. Lttitif isftt endows are j teffiW >s tJeilSnt. A finite way to them &ft<i & wy sute efte *<§ knot-* lo sotf Sake* 'i fi*ft ft &** ss Mixture* need bt waiting a Hie time either. fias & Mttatti Sown in April, ift this wdfld there Is & wmsfi ftt the Mtt". Strongttiftd—f&« ttftf fc&, tot e&n't d6Ay that to hen the tf ouble is « the woman 1ft on top e ing My iff *un<5. M&ny farmers yields of sit tdfls of magniflceftt get fidfe. OvS* ana fatifldfed dif* at kinds of grasses, eiovws, fee* te, Sand Vetch, (Unfit §fiui*y and &ddef fclante! 36 packaged earliest getables tot $1.00. . tfayson— &&y, ^ilsoftf dd yoti,*ver eijsect to pay me.thift ten flollafs yO\i gift frdto ttiiS some months a^o?^ ' WilsotF-Ceftaiiily fiot. bo&'t .y6d toembet you said not to gay it till it convenient. ___ _^ .,.„, _ ,^ KtMHfig uf«**-iJ*trtdv* th* wf TOU T»i*» %i«" w..»™ T*" r" [th IOc. postage to the johh A, W do., ta Crosse, Wls., you will relive ff ee ten grass and grain samples hd their mammoth seed catalogue, jitalogtie alone 6c. fof mailing, w.n. A Hopeful Spirit. a—fcidMisB ftedbud e*poct me •Oashaway—tfo J she sttid she didn't think •ere was aay danger of your comiag. IThere is money to be madem Cripple leek. When you go take the "Rock Hand Route" to Colorado Springs. IThis is the only direct line—saves feveral hours' time to Cripple Creek, f Send for full information. JOHN SEBASTIAN, General Passenger Airent, Chicago, •Too many men regard home as a place Shore they are privileged to be disagree- Me. 1A man is known by the books he reads j a Ionian by those she doesn't read. would make no impres- sj sionon the numben of the | germs of consumption that exist-in one affected 9. lung. All germs are lit" tie enough,' but those which cause consumption are very minute. I,Cod-liver oil won't kill ^thefn. We don't know a Ik remedy which will. The •2 germs float in the air and S? we can't keep from £ breathing them into our lungs. Then why don't all of us have consumption? Because a healthy <jj throat, sound lungs, and jj a strong constitution won't allow the germs to gain a foothold. Man Ww Made ta , Perhaps, but rheumatism need hot add to the fcalamities to which We are more o* less subject, when there Is Such ftn efficteht meahs of eouhtef acting the dire boinplaint as Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. When the liver, bowels of stomach are out of order, of the kidneys of nerves troublesome, the Bitters is also an efficient remedy. It pf 6- Vents and reinedies all malarial disorders. Enforced Gallantry. Uobb's—Wiggles says he pays his , wife jtist as mtich attention as when they were first married. ' 4 .. Nobbs—He has to. Her money Was left so she can only draw the Interest. Seat of All, To cleanse the system in a gentle and truly beneBcial manner, when the springtime comes, use the true and perfect remedy* Syrup of Figs. One bottle will answer for all the family and costs only 60 cents; the large size $1. Buy the genuine. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Company only, and for sale by all druggists. A pessimist is an optimist whose dreams didn't coine true. Authority That Never Pails. Webster's Dictionary has been the constant authority in The Herald office for more than thirty years; indeed, it was the first book ever called in aid, and has remained to the present day where it was first installed as an authority that has never failed. Webster's International Dictionary has tho endorsement of representative authorities all over the country. It maintains itself over and above all dictionaries, and bids fair to do so for generations to come.—The Herald, Dubuque, November 0, 1805. Where there is a will there is usually a lawyer. Iowa farms for sale on crop payments, 10 per cent cash, balance M crop yearly, until paid for. J. MULHALL, Waukegan, 111. A dead level is a havd climb to a good many people. "BnowN's BBONOHIAL TROCHES" are a simple and convenient remedy for Bronchial Affections and Coughs. Carry them In your pocket. The second book over printed in the Eng- glish language was dated 1475, and entitled "The Game of Chess." ' Pifio's Cure for Consumption has been a. amily rnedicipe with us since 1805.—J. tt. Madison, 2409 42d Ave., Chicago, Ills. .fie public debt of .Omaha is $3,011,100, and tho assessed valuation of the city property is $101020,780. rtvn AllFltsstoppertfrepbypr.Kline'RGreat The Prince of AVales has his life insured for $3,350,000. If the Baby Is Cutting Teetli, an exercise brings into «. OMfiN in theif de\ \1 «l 11 s* re to develop \ \\JAU/ Physically tave added another science td theif train ing, A niiinbef of Chicago woifieh afe excellent swordswoinett; and Insist tha\ in the practice of fencing they havfc found that develops atid play every nerve and "muscle In the body, says a Chicago Chronicle writer. For the last flvo or six years nearly all women, whether old or young, have given a certain amount of time to different sports. Schoolgirls have been trained In every way that would best develop their figures and add health and strength to their lives, and their older sisters who are out of school life and busy with society affairs find time to give a few minutes every day to healthful exercise. And not only the young women are thinking of these things, but women •who are Interested in reforms of every kind, and especially everything per- of God-liver Oil, with $ 'Hypophosphites, restores | and maintains the $ strength, increases the J 'weight, heals inflamed ^ membranes and prevents J .serious lung trouble. $ This is why it is the food- J medicine in coughs, «5 ; colds, loss of flesh, and general debility. 500..and $t.oo at all druggists. Take people\as you find them, but don't find any more of them than is necessary. „ A cup of Parlts' Tea at night moves the bowels in the morning.' Love yourlnemies, but keep~away from them until they begin to love you. Women are considered strong minded when they cease to care for the men. The woman who married for love usuallt sees that her daughter doosn't. SMOKING TOBACCO, 2 oz, for 5 Cents. CHEROOTS—3 for 5 Cents. Give a Good, Mellow, Healthy, • Pleasant Smolce. Try Them. WOS & CO. TOBACCO WORKS, Durham, N. 0. Tho«c ilt«tre»iniit »"""•• _ . Bad as tboy arc, Hlnclercorna will remove them an< Sum yoiTcan witU aud run and Jump, as you Ilka Edison prophecios that in ten years bores less carriages will be the rule, and horse propelled vehicles the exception. , There -were forty more, divorces thai there were weddings in Fresno, Cal., las' yeai*. ; - cpooooooocooooooa ! 5 BEWARE IN TIME. i • iRIPPLE GREEK. •Write MKCHKB INVEST. JIKNT CO,, Uonver, lor vhat you want- The first acute twinge of 9 I ] is the warning to use • JACOBS Oil. Delay, and those twinges way twist your leg out of Sj oooooob 'COMB ON." taming to health. Fashionable women as well as club women have sought, out every art, science or amusement that would aid nature In increasing health, and by that means add beauty to tho face and form. During the summer months the maidens and women have many sports to amuse them and various ways of exercising. The last two summers golf has stood side by side with the bicycle among the outdoor pleasures of the fashionable set, and the • delights of tennis were known to a large number of girls. But during the winter time there have been few ways by which the women and girls could take exercise. The pleasure and excitement of ice skating has had a great hold on society women this winter, but then it is only to be ha^ for a few days at a time, and one never knows when it will end". So the fashionable world, or at least the fminin part of it, has taken to fencing, for the sterner sex of Chicago have used the swords for many a year. It is probably owing to them that their wives, sisters and sweethearts have taken to' the scientific sport of fencing. The writer having been invited to attend an exhibition saw some interesting bouta. The hall where the young society women received their instruction was high up in one of the sky scrapers, and the room was one mass of curiosities to a novice. The walls were hung with dozens of swords, some In sheaths, others without. Masks of every kind hung on the wall and shtelds that looked like jackets made out of mattresses, to fit all sizes of people, were hanging on pegs. Benches were along the wall, and pa the lessons had not commenced, one or two of the pupils were seated awaiting the arrival of the others. When these entered the yoom they would pass _.._„ feisiid wfifl % Children itt fialf 61 tlU§ y6flft§ w6—— .— *-- -»- !6f thg vlolfent 6*etdlfeiS, lttd H&d |«et braided find fanned ift 6 6Wt8 fenBt Btf till fia{) 0! the heck. A young wOttSn of the da'Ss, kfiWft td he fc*c61l4nt cf fills carded the blouse &ftd US snotl skirt and wot6 short biodjfief I aftd dafk Wti< waists. As there we!e out twd ef thefi out of the sfeven ydiittg wdfilgn wb.6 attended thc§ class, the? evidently wfef i not considered exactly the correct "* tume for fencing. Before the boili, began the . dfew oh padded gauntlet gloves, &n« the felastfOna, or body shields. A™ then three couples took theif. fcositioti! on the floor at the proper distance* th< protessbr of fencing Opposite on& 61 ttt girls. They not only wore the cOstuifi described, but aleo a wire mask, whlc! entirely protected the head And face It is most important that the person fencing should not eltp, fthd the begin* ners have a bad time learning to keej their footing and to draw the feet together without dragging them on th« floor. It is hard to keep one's balanc< without falling down at first. The font were very light, the point being cov ered with a button, so that there woulo be no danger of an accident, for thej are so sharp that they would otherwise pierce the body like a needle. The young women first took the posl tion of "attention," the feet at righi angles, the head erect, the right arm and foil extending downward to the right, so that the button is about four inches from the floor, the left hand hanging down naturally, the poise oi the body so that their profiles were to ward each other. This was tho posl tion of attention, after which they raised the arm and foil, extending them toward the adversary, the hand being opposite the eye. They then swung the foil around to the left side of the body until the foil was hel d horizontally across the hip, the right hand being reversed, nails downward, and the point of the foil pointing backward. When "on guard" the left arm fell backward behind the head to a curved position, the hand being slightly above the head, the right hand being brought down to the height of the chest on tho right side, about eight inches from the body, keeping tae elbow well In, the point of the sword being directed toward the opponent in line with his'eye. The limbs were bent by separating them at the knee without moving the feet and the weight of the body shifted entirely to the left leg, the right foot being advanced a short distance and let fall in a direct line from the left'heel toward the opponent, and this position was called guard. Then commenced the advance and retreat, which consisted of a series bi steps taken very rapidly, the right foot always moving first. In the retreat the left foot always moved' first, followed by the right. The lunge, which came next, seemed very easy : ' to • execute until tried, and then it proved to bt ti»'4«irti*ra* * B*!?!!SffSBSBSSjiTTTFt,™jirjTrr i^;;4'jflfri8 Hit, Mill* Blviifttt* Blftt tfcat ifitsffiatiofiai disites fee left the wflffiefi, U tt§fi saaadt fettle Affiefiea has not £fc'f«iN fi of Men ludMMet.' L&a> Mar? tdfi fiaugiae, dftttgfatef ef l&g late duke 6f HaSiiitdfi, will have afi taMffiS « $i ( &o8,bOO ft yeat wfcefl she becoiflel ef afid Alice Kltig, tbfe Bflglbh who has beeii blifld since she 1 years old f is afa adeotflfiliBhed feat-lees hofsj^fltiiaii &fld galldBs hills and foUgh titeoflatid S§thS ini passablo to aajf but the most ttfofieieftt Hdef, . , Safah Befbhafdtj on being asked how she managed to td6k so youfig, fepHed: "I hate «y art Iwork, wofk, work, lit Work 1 take ay, pleastlfe, II Is ft tonic, a delicious preventive of age. I never df ink wine, I act, There you have it all." ' Minte Lilliaa Gordbtt Pym.-a datigh ter of James Pym of the Boston Herald composing-room staff, received the de gree of L. ft. A. M. from the Roya Academy of Music at the examination Miss Pym is about 15, and ie the young est student by some years to eecur such distinction from the Royal acad emy. . A hustling feminine tavern-keeper in Burns Ore., who is credited with being one of the best looking as well as one of the most successful hotel-keepers in eastern Oregon, advertised In a recent Issue of the local newspaper that she will not be responsible hereafter for any debts contracted by her husband or her son. • , Princess Li, the wife of Viceroy Li Hung Chang, is 61 years old, but is said to look twenty years younger. Miss Edith Lanchester is coming to the United States. Jeanne Beauben, a French girl, aged 18 years, has had a wonderful career. Two years ago she received the degree of bachelor of arts from one of tne most famous colleges of France. She then became professor of philosophy in a woman's college at Lyons, and tills year was a candidate at the Sorhonne for the important degree of licentiate in philosophy. She emerged from an extraordinarily severe examination third out of 200 candidates. She amazed fltfrtl. He's *}<&, Of 1 « fifiihifig at tbis.efiata, wait tin «» next time f6f the titih. B -Wtt. ffldefly ce<jiiette-JutA IftM maid .took thfeeMaartetB el afi curt toy half this ffldffiing, SSf «BC ft iend-Wfay didn't yau take ia the ifleafltifflef— I^eW ¥»fk ftlch flaflee&-0h t this bbtiqwet ie.tod , ( costly! ¥eu must take it back uytw , lieutenant! Vatet-Oh, that's all fight, . miss. Since my master", is engaged to yoil he has been able to get things, o ft credit.—Fllegende BlaettttV , ' First citizen—1 don't think it is otir ; business, but I feel sure that Bnglaad isn't entitled to the territory She clahttfl from Venezuela. Second citizen^—Why do you think so?, First citizen—If ante ' v/as, she'd claim more.—Puck. Scrupulous valet (on finding a S-frano piece in the pocket of his master's new waistcoat)—It's a thousand pities, but there's nothing else for it. I must make . a hole large enough for the money to slip through.—La Libre Parole. Jinks—I am always embarrassed when I want to say the word v-a-s-e, I don't know whether to say vaze, -vace, vahz or vawse. Blnks—You might take a hint from our hired girl. She simply, speaks of all ornaments as "them' tbero."-'-Truth, Flossie (who has heard conversation between her father's groom and the family doctor)—Ain't you going to buy. our geegee? Doctor—No, my dear, I want a larger horse. Flossie (reproachfully)—We always' take any size baby you choose to bring.—Tit-Bits. SMILES. A, collection agency in New York is run by women exclusively,, which seems,to disprove the adage that woman's work is never dun.—Texas Sittings. The New York Journal recently offered ten bicycles to the ten winners in a guessing contest, leaving the choice of machine to each* &&&<&<*&<*& ALL OF THEM CHOSE > 1J w jit MOT Wall Piano, "«jl«3," • $60003 2diPrlw, Bicycle, for msn or woman ™ 00 3d PiUe. Caslv -. • ?; «** 10 Cash Prizes, each $25 4RH ID-Quit Mm' W*. JIO °«S fin >60CMliPrl»M«!&$2 l : JESS jjJfrUes,,,,,,,,. • •»• $ Iil95 00 » e prat i*U win be elvon t Q t-^JS™"? the -h^tStiuweWi, .„„ . tta^frJStt^T^^ \ ^^^f^^^^^S^^ 1 ^ week Inter iWlthQ winning wutenoea' ,V»fPrBnoe wllbe BiveB to tJiebeetPRe- irM< * of Weekiu WflMd'Heraifl. Qmalia. RJ3R BJCBPS, on to § swftH apartment »t tije tb,e hall, and Jn a lew minutes come fpj-tb eaWvely tr^piovinefl, SQ in ft ppeara,nce 4}4 the C them. Most 9* tfc e *» Weuse w&iat |aUi»f §nd, tfee l»\Q9Wl^r9 e^^ Ing below t&e knee in sopje case? J» others. The wide VANQUISHED. difficult. The arm is extended to Its full length in front, the left leg straightened, the right foot .thrown forward, without scraping the floor, as far as .possible without losing ' the' equilibrium. The left hand is held at the back all the time, and the fingers extended,: and is used to balance the body. ' • •>•'•Then came a rest, and the girl fencers made a pretty and charming gr.oup. The simple costume, with its dash of red and the graceful poses of the happy* looking girls—not only happy looking, but showing their health in the glow of their cheeks and in the freedom of their limbs. No exercise can be more thorough than the use of the foils, which brings into play every muscle, tendon and nerve of the body without using too much force and tends to give the fencey a graceful carriage, a quick eye, a well- set head upon the shoulders, ' waist and a wrist of gteel, • • The New York World'has sprung; as new and novel, a proposition to decide championship contests by percentage of runs made by and against a team. The idea may be novel, but it }s not new as U was first broached in the col* umns of Sporting Wfe" low years ago by Mr. Frank Anderson, a Philadelphia journalist, with wjiom the idea originated. The idea has merit, and »any things can be urged in Us favor. But it bas no more chance of adoption than would have a rule requiring ft teatsman to put the ball over the fence or be declared out, and it is therefore really waste of space ana $«Qrt to disown the matter. The jnsuperaWe objection to tbe idea is ite radical Pbaracter, Jt would, necessitate the firgt absolute,change in fte method 9f fleQldtPg games since ftp same was {ssUtiitea, a»d tfierofey }ead. tq ioterja}R a We CQftf\lsl o n. }n Bicycles STANDARD OF THE WORLD Nine immediately, and one after he had looked at others. And the Journal bought Ten Coiumoias. Paid $100 each for them. On even terms a Columbia will be chosen TEN POPE MANUFACTURING CO. 1896 Art Catalogue free from the Columbia HARTFORD CONN. agent-by mVil for two 2-cer.t stamps. ''•$ '-$ If «u Belle Chocolatiere" -isn't on' the 4 can, it isn't Walter Baker & Co.'s Breakfast Cocoa, WALTER BAKER & P° PQRQHESTER, MAg f rsw tbe would of peHcy §Rd e«pe4iei»oy s pt i»Jtead a }§cea mm

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