The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 4, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1896
Page 2
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V was killed lid ft rtin :. Wlfeki ftfcfee teok it in P V' f& A» SfttfffdJi) awT6U>kttdwn resident Ma, hfts been attested and WJJ , jail,-Unarmed 1*itfa khttwing details of the killing of Maud Boiiaa has written a • to the DesMoines Leader stating that he cannot consent to be consid* fifed & candidate for the demdctatltf presidential nomination, (• *I?ttfi safe in the city market at Bockwell City was fobbed. The door was Mown completely off and Sioo in cur• *ency and checks taken. There is no clue to the robbers. • A FIRE which visited Allerton a few ttlghts ago destroyed a row of fine business buildings, fourteen in number,' at a loss of about 820,000. It is presumed tho burnt district will be rebuilt in the spring. • JOHN RUDDY, a man about town at Cedar Rapids, after a night's rounding •with politicians, fell unconscious in an alley. He was carried to his home and after a short time died, the victim of mixed drinks. RECENTLY William Skinner, a farmer living a few miles north of Burlington, •while beating his horse, received immediate punishment, the lash of his • •whip striking him in one eye, entirely destroying the sight. "TIP" CTPPY, who was found guilty at Avoea of assaulting United States Pension Examiner Brown with intent' ' to commit great bodily injury, was* sentenced to pay a fine of $500 and the costs, amounting to about $200. FRANK YOHT, a farmer living near Burnside, was seriously injured while blasting rock. A premature charge •went off, the bulk of which struck him in the face, terribly disfiguring it. Removal of one eye will be necessary. •FRANK PKLTZ attempted to shoot George . Murphy at Cedar Rapids because Murphy had notified Peltz to appear and stand trial for being 1 an habitual drunkard and for misconduct. He has been held to the grand jury in jl.OOObail. ,!N THE Baker vs. Dorchester case which has occupied the attention, of Judge Sherwin's court at Mason City for the past two weeks, the former suing for the alienation of his wife's affections the jury returned a verdict awarding the plaintiff damages to the Amount of $250. -| 'A SHOCKING fatality occurred at Indianola last week. The 3-year-old daughter of Mrs. Sharkey fell into a barrel of slop and was drowned. The accident took place at the home of Mrs, Sharkey's father, Mr. Silcott, Where the little one was left by her mother, who had started that morning for St. Charles. JOHN NASE, 50 years old, was arrested tit Waterloo for bigamy. Wife No. 1 eame from Nebraska. Nase says she Is to blame, as he married her before She had a divorce from her second husband. Mrs. Nase No, 1 has been married three times. Nase was married the last time in Waterloo. February 8. • MRS. JOSEPH FURHMAN, of Dubuque, died last week under peculiar circumstances. The physician applied to refused to grant a burial permit, as the indications were that deceased died of Strychnine poison. An inquest held developed the fact that this was the ease, and the verdict was that it was self-administered. WILL PLATT, son of a prominent tamily at Burlington, departed supposedly for St, Louis, telling his family and friends he was going to study law with a legal firm, of which he gave & fictitious name, He went instead on a tour of the south, became penniless ind was run over bv freight train at Union JAMES PAULSON died at' the Union county poor farm a few days ago. Whew he learned that he could not • Jive he confessed that several years '' ago Ije liad killed Chief of Police ' Williams at Oklahoma City while , Desisting arrest as a member of tho , Cook gang. He .also confessed to having killed an Jpwaman at Yankton, J,. D,, an,4 robbing him of $300, An? Mason City last week Judg3 i placed the fipe on the drug- iound guilty, of 'selling liquor ' »t «4QO, i MpNAKAWA, a popular fire- i 90 the Chicago & Jtforthwesterq, prpinoted to the position of r, a few de-ys flgp received the n.ewe of the death of a sister ol the lUMftfif f ft ybting living southeast o! ffeltegf < was kicked by ft h&fse which lie Was leading otft t6 watef, faulting (n detth almost immediately. He was about '&& years of age and Footed fey ail whd knew him. He Wad unmatridd. At ¥MB lafid bffic-e ifl the fedewil building In Des Moiflfes last week about 1,000 people filed claims for homesteads in the forfeited railroad grants in O'flrien and Dickinson counties. A large number of men were at the south door of the building all night waiting fof the dodrs to open. Fottf women were in the line which formed at 6 a. to. and got through the land office at about 1 p. m. , B. P. HOWARD, 23 years of ,age, is •tinder arrest at Fort Dodge for forgery. He forged a check for 805 and gives as his reason that he wanted to learn a trade and was unable to secure money to do so, but was satisfied that by forging a check he would be able to learh a trade in one of two ways. If lie had got the money it would have given him a start, and if his guilt was found out the state would teach him a .trade. He will remain in jail until court sits in April. NEW SHARON'S sensational seduction and breach of promise suit has been 'finished in the district court at Oskaloosa, and the plaintiff gets judgment for $4,000. Maud Smith, the plaintiff, brought suit against Harry Johnson on the charges named for $6,000. The case was one of the most revolting in its developments, one witness being fined $5 for his lewd language on the stand. The girl's father formerly ran a hotel in New Sharon, and young Johnson is a farmer's son. It is understood his father is able to settle. DEPUTV UNITED STATES GRAY arrested one A. M. Bruce at Seymour, on a charge of using the mails ;in furtherance of a scheme to defraud. 'Bruce located in Albja four weeks ago 'and used the mails extensively advertising with country merchants f or produce, offering extraordinarily high prices. Shipments were received immediately amounting to many hundred dollars. These were shipped at once to- Ottumwa, Chicago and elsewhere, and sold. Bruce skipped with the money, not paying the parties from whom ho purchased. At Albia and in his circulars he used the name of .1. C. Love. ; Commissioner Hunter placed him under heavy bonds, in default of which he was jailed. • IN the district court at DCS Moines the suit of A. E. Stevenson vs. W. A. Richards came up on a motion to transfer to the United States circuit court. .Defendant was found lying on the floor in the, rear of the court room during; the last term of court. It was supposed he was drunk and the court sentenced him to jail for contempt. On the way over he fought the marshal and Richards claims he had .to strike him in self .defense. Stevenson sues now for damages for assault and battery and alleges ho was suffering from a fit at the time. He claims he sustained permanent injuries as a result of the assault. Richards asked that the case bo transferred to the United States court on the ground that he was acting under the direction of that court at the time and is therefore entitled to have the case tried there. Tho court made an order transferring the case to the federal court, . AMOS WYIIANS, a carpenter for the Cudahy Packing company at its packing house in Sioux City, met death in a terrible manner a few days ago. His jacket in some manner got caught in a set screw on the collar of one of the shafts with which the elevator is run, The shafting was making fully 1"0 revolutions per minute, At first the jacket commenced to give, but it held fast and began to wrap around the shafting 1 . Another carpenter caught hold of the jacket and tore it partially loose from the shaft, but Wyman's suspender also caught on the screw. Like a flash he was drawn up the shaft. The upper part of his body was held close to tho revolving rod and the body from the waist down was left dangling. As the shaft revolved the, body was whipped around and around at every revolution, striking a brick wall on one side and a heavy beam on the other, There is a projection of six inches in the brick wall, about two feet above the level of theehaft,and as the body was whipped downward, the feet at each revolution struck this projection, and were literally chopped off by the sharp sdge, The clothing \vas soon ground ip and torn loose from the man's body, vhen he dropped, bleeding, mangled rod battered beyond recognition, to a iable, pearly twenty-flve feet below, fho body struck og a corner of the table and rolled to the floor, The ac- occurred w the cutting room, was crowded with worknian, who «mlfloaly gft&e at the terrible sight their heads, wjtli ao w»y to JOWA &EMBALNEW81TEMS gold fBsefVe is said to bfi getiifcf day. !)R. jAttftSoS and his officers have •f ived in London. LOBU OusBAVfeN has been expelled Iftwn the Mew Yoi-k Yacht Club. It is said the districts notth oi Managua, Nieai-agua, are in full revolution gainst President Zelaya. If is reported that at Guata, Cuba, recently the Spanish troops killed a Score of peaceable citizens. A LoSnoN club has offered a purse fof a fight between Corbett and imons. Corbett says he will accept. If is said that 160 Armenians were recently murdered by the Turks at Marsovan because they refused to accept Islam. TnE Devolution in the western provinces of Nicaragua has become quite formidable and the government is making an effort to quell it. C. WHITNEY positively declines to permit his name to be considered as a candidate for the democratic presidential nomination. THE Baltimore & Ohio railway company applied for the appointment of. receivers and the president and third vice-president were appointed as such. THE London newspapers generally agree that affairs between" the United States and Spain have reached an acute stage because of the passage of, the Cuban resolution by the senate, ATWICKS from Constantinople state that the authorities have discovered plot to disrupt the government, and a large number of Turks and SCO Armenians have been placed under arrest. Tim Lincoln, Neb., city council has passed a cigarette ordinance, prohibiting the use of cigarettes, cigars or tobacco by persons under 18 years of ago within the city limits under penalty of $25 fine for each offense. AT WINNIPKG recently Attorney-General Sefton's motion protesting against interference by the dominion government with the Manitoba school laws was argued in tho legislature after an all night sitting by a vote of 31 to 7. CincuLARS have been scattered al over the city of Havana stating that as Weyler is executing suspects and 200 have already been murdered, the Cubans will retaliate by using dynamite against ;the residences and business houses of Spaniards. THE •steamer Bermuda was taken in charge by a United States marshal a New York last week, and an investiga tion showed that .it had on board r party of filibusters bound for Cuba. A large quantity of ammunition anc rifles were on board and. the party was under the command of Gen. Garcia All of the party were released except Garcia, the captain of the vessel and .four leaders, who were held in $1,000 bail. AT Wichita Falls a few days ago couple of men went into the City Na tional Banlc and demanded the money Cashier Dorsey resisted them and wai killed. They grabbed a bag of silvei coin and, closely pursued by a posse o citizens tried to escape. Nine mile; from town they were surrounded in thicket and soon surrendered. The were taken to town and that night i mob hung them to a telegraph pole in front of tho bank they had robbed. URGENT investigation by Captain General Weyler discloses the fact tha 15,000 men,with 15,000 rifles and 500, 000 cartridges cannot be accounted for The disappearance of the men will ul tunately be traced either to death in battle, the number which has been concealed to hide the Spanish losses, details to positions in various parts of the island 1 of which no record has been kept, or desertions to join the rebels with their arms in every province in tho island. ELIZABETH FLAGLER, who shot at a colored lad in Washington while ho was stealing apples and unfortunately killed him, came into court last week and pleaded guilty to in voluntary murder. She was sentenced to jail for three hours and to pay a fine of 8500. Her father, General Flagler, paid the fine and the young lady was conducted •to jail to serve the sentence. She passed the three hours in the matron's reception room i« tho company of her father and was then driven to her home, .Is the midst of a heavy fog-, the International Navigation Company's steamship New York went aground west of the ship channel in Now York harbor, and the Atlas Line steamer Attsa was sunk in ssvush channel by a big French liner, thought to be the liurgogne, The steamer which struck the Ailsa pulled away from the vessel and disappeared in the mist. The Ailsa carried a crew of forty men and there were fourteen passengers on board, three of whon* were women. All escaped without injury, owing to the prompt arrival of a large tug belonging to the Merritt Wrecking Company, ______ General Yaleriano Weyler, cf tho pew captain general The' Canadi&n-Aiislflitiftn Biowerft from Sydney bring* _ftej* « weat suffering and loss of property Ifi Australia by the extraordinary climate conditions. There is unprecedented , heat on land and an excessively Mgh death frate from sunstroke, eighty, iorpses being buried in Sydney ih one day. Terrific storms have prevailed all along the Coast. Crops in a gttftt many localities have been ruined. tlet-ds of stock are starving and dying want of water and there is a dte- of ittaHhe casualties . town of Ma|rUHindi wos almost entirely destroyed by- att electric wind storm. It Was night when the storm struck there. The whole country for thirty minutes was aflame with balls of fife and scintilla^ ing sparks Of light. On the Queensland coast the storm was of awful violence. At midnight oh January 20, the steamer G anworth was driven on the rocks off Gladstone. The crew, with a splendid show of courage and obedience, abandoned the vessel with eighty-five passengers, landing them safely at the lighthouse. The vessel is a total wreck. BACTERIA EVERYWHERE. WHOLE dUf. fMSUtldAL Kttf tt« ftttffifttt county. Wisconsin^ !»»»»«"• KttSed thetf COngfeBSidnai del* hold tneif county contention, at SJoomington on May 2. Catt county, Illinois, f epubllcafifii will elect etfite.afld comfetslottai delegates at Virginia oh AnHl 2i. Council Biufte, Iowa, fentibUcanB have elected an Iowa delegation W state and district conventions. Indiana populists have commenced their campaign by a rally In Rochester, John. A. Barnett, a seceding republican, Delivered an address. Montgomery county, Illinois, BEni,m, February 29.—Trof. Heinrich, of Rostock, has found a number of bacteria in Russian and Roumanian grain w hich cannot be rendered harmless even by the heat of tho oven. The matter was brought to the attention o tho rcichstag by an Agrarian member, when it presently appeared that the German government had already been making inquiry. The director of public health reported that sixteen German and seventeen foreign samples of grain had been examined for bacteria. The purest was the American. Then came the Moravian, Uohcmlan and Hungarian barley; the. most impure was Turkish rye. In one gramme of German wheat 14,000 to 23,000 bacteria were found; in Russian, 250,000 to !!00,000; in La Plattb wheat only 5,000. The sample which showed 850,000 bacteria in Rothstock showed fourteen days later in Berlin 150,0.00, so rapidly does the bacteria disappear. As regards the• character oi these bacteria, such as would endanger health were not found in a single sample, so the grain is absolutely harmless. But even the worst bacteria arc destroyed by the heat of the'oven. WAS A BLACKMAILING PLOT. ious big conventions at Millsbofo Match 14. Hancock county* Illinois, will meet in convention in March 7." Congressman Tracey was nated by the republicans of the seventy Missouri district at Sedalia, WIT AND BOW SU»i>*«* ii* tteftitts* Cdtofel in j renomi* fiio ttisdia— tttofifff At* lows awl skimming, Suneet's iy Bpreadli shade, Silvery song sweetly ing, Summer's sootk-l « ing serenade, Susan Simpson 8tfoiled sedately, Stifling Sobs, suppressing sighs. Seeing Stephen Slocrtm, stately She stopped, showing some surprise,! SAN FBANCISCO, February 29.—Miss Mattio Overman, with whom Dr. 0. C. Brown, on trial before the Congregational Church council for alleged immorality and unministerial conduct, is said to have been unduly intimate, was placed upon the witness stand. 'Miss Overman created a sensation by admitting that she had entered into a plot with Mrs. Davidson to blackmail Dr. Brown. vSlie said she. was induced to take the step by Mrs. Davidson, who told her the money she could obtain in that way would enable-her to finish the studies in which she was engaged. Miss Overman said the letters written by herself to Mrs. Davidson, in which statements . reilecting on the moral chai-acter of Dr. Brown, were contrived to carry out the plot. SMALL POX IN ILLINOIS. [of Jackson, Miss., in which hp die(Claims any knowledge of a movement iengineered by W. 13. McAllister in Mis- (aissippi promoting his (Whitney's} a i, leged candidacy for the presidency, Sp«nj;s)i & wy» o,l Cuba, is gajwl , is gajwl to be of i j-ish extraction, is 9Q yeari$ oM, a»4 extremely v»erg0tie. Ite;4Mtei»Wi«l himself y d»rin| the Ca,rJM war, »p4 0«Acte4 attention, the if Banish. way 8gajn,4' the SPRINGFIELD, 111., March 1.—The state board of health has been informed that there have been sixteen cases of small pox and seven deaths the last week at the Marine hospital in Cairo. President McFall, of the Benton board of trustees, telegraphed the board that there were now fifteen cases of small pox at Duquoin, and that citizens of Duquoin were fleeing to Bentou and asking permission to quarantine against Duquoin, saying the danger was imminent. Secretary Scott left for Duquoin, and if the situation is dangerous, quarantine will be established. ImmeimV Coi't to~Sp7iln. Madrid, March 2.— The papers hers publish some curious statistics as to the 'cost of the Cuban war/ Nearly 118,- ! 000 men have been, sent to the island! /ind the cost of the rebellion has already amounted to 10,000,000 pounds ($50,000,000) and for the second year it will exceed 15,000,000 pounds (?75,.' 000,000). Captain General Weyler re-j ports that it will take at least two years to crush the rebellion, The Kentucky Deadlock. Frankfort, Ky,, Marca 2— The two. contested election cases of V/erner vs. Tompkins and Dunlap vs. Kaufmaii icarne up the Kentucky legislature Friday morning. Speeches were made by Messrs. Carroll and Flippin, but no ao-i tion wag reached before adjournment 'for the ballot for senator. MISCELLANEOUS, Muller, Schall & Co. shipped $500,000 in gold to Sotith America Saturday. The steamer J. B. Walker, which had been on the rocks at Liberty island. N. Y., since Feb. 6. was floated . '• The steamship Paris, of tho International Navigation company's line, sailed for Newport News, where she will be given a general overhauling. Illinois officials have granted a chart* er to the Tecumseh Mutual Life Insurance Company, of Cfilcago. The suit of the Northern Pacific and Manitoba Railway Company against Henry Villard for $545,432 has been postponed in New York until March 20. Professor W. S. Blackman, head ol the department of Christian ethics at Yale college, has received a call to tha pastorate of the North Congregational church of Bridgeport, Con. Father William P. Kenney, aged 48 years, of New York, died from apoplexy on the steamer Iroquois, while southward bound at Charleston, S. C. Hi* body will be sent to New York for interment. Professor C. D. Woods, of Middletown, N. Y., vice director of Storrs Agricultural college, has been appointed dean of the agricultural department of the Maine state college and director of the experimental station at Oronto. The success of the uniformity agreement in the Pittsburg coal district is assured. At the second day's session of the railroad shippers over forty operators, representing 70 per cent of the entire tonnage, affixed their signtures to the agreement. By a vote of 64 to 6 tho senate on Friday declared that in the opinion of congress a state of public war exists in Cuba, and recommended that the good offices of the United States be exercised to secure from Spain recognition for the independence of the island. i J. L. Miller & Sons, dealers in agricultural Implements at Canton, 111., have assigned. Liabilities estimated at $6,000; assets, $5,000. i Captain Daniel B. Shea died at Mexico, Mo., of cancer. General Lewis Merrill died at Philadelphia, aged 62. By a vote of 39 to 1 the New York Yacht Club has inflicted the ignominy and disgrace of expulsion upon Lord Dunraven. Brigadier General George W. Gile it dead at Philadelphia, aged 66. The house committee on foreign affairs reported a resolution for ,th« granting of belligerent rights to the Cuban insurgents. It was received with the greatest enthusiasm. Senator Vest addressed the senate, advocating armed intervention by the United States. ! ' Thomas P. Morgan, ex-commissioner •of the District of Columbia, is dead. The Goebel bill to repeal the charter of the Southern Pacific road was defeated in the Kentucky senate by a vote of 26 to 8. High rates of farming land in the vicinity of Arthur, 111., are causing tenants to leave, A number have already gone to Canton, Miss. '.ATEST MARKET REPORTS. "Say," said Stephen, "sweetest sighe Say, shall Stephen spoUselesB stayf] Susan, seeming somewhat shyer, Showed submisstveness straightway] Summer's season slowly stretches, Susan Simpson Slocum she— So she signed some simple BKetehes—j Soul sought soul successfully. Six Septembers Susan swelters; Six sharp seasons snow supplies; Susan's satin sofa shelters Six small Slocums side by side. busy;! "Many a Truo AVord, Etc. From Judge. The Office Boy—Der editor ia jist drop yer stuff in der slot. Miss Poesy (the Sweet Singer of Sinjl slug)—Tell, me, does he get many] poems? The Office Boy (disgustedly)—Poems?| Why, he's got 'em to burn! In tho Suburbs. Mangles—Is this a church-golngj town? Citizen—Yes, siree. Every man inl town is a stanch Christian except for! an hour every Tuesday, and FridayJ morning. Mangles—What happens then? Citizen—That's the time they moetl to trade horses. \VhUney Not n New York, March 2.— w. C. Whitney] sent a letter to the 4nM»ony Gq«» 'Went. Rochester. N. Y., March 2.~-Susan Bi .Anthony left last night for California Ito begin a struggle for the striding out ; o? the world male from the state cpn. ptltution. Two lectures will be given. !ia each, of the fifty-seven counties of state during the campaign. In buying the' eanneU'vegetables. or - . fruit*,- those only should bjj selected. that have a- slight depression in the the can, Th}8, bv wmeyfe } s ac , as proof that tb» extents of CHICAGO. Cattle— Com. to prime, , ,?1.75 Hogs— All grades, . ...... 3,90 Sheep— All grades ..... . 2.00 Wheat— No, 2 ......... . ,65 Corn— No. 2 ............. 28 ,6ats ,.,, ..... ,,.,,., ..... 80 Uye.,., ............. ;.. ,42 jfeggs . ....... ,,,,..,..,. .14 Potatoes .,,,,,,,,,.,,,. .25 Butter .............. ,,.. ,08 MILWAUKEE. Wheat— No. 2 spring. . , ,64 Corn— No. 3 ,.,,.,,,.,,. ,27 Oats— No, 2 white. ,,,,.. ,21 Barleyr-No. 2 ........ , . , ,33 Rye— No. 1 ............... 48 PEOEIA. Rye— No. 2 .. ...... ..,,, ,38 Corn— No. 3 ... ......... .27 Oats— No. 2 ......... .,, ,2Q KANSAS CITY. ' Cattle— AH grades .,... 1.70 Hogs— All grades ....... 3.10 Sheep— All grades ...... '8.50 NBW YORK. Wheat— No. 2 yed, ........ ,73 "Corn— No. 2 . , ...... , . , , .36 Oats— NO. 2 , ..... , ...... 24 Butter .,....' ........... ' TOLEDO. Wheat— No, g ..,,,.„,, Corn-rNo. 2 n\jxea Q&tS— Np, 2 m{x.ed.. , . . . , @5.00 @4,25 ©4,10 @ .66 @ .29 @ .21 @ .43 @ .15 ® ,30 ® .19 @ .65 © .28 @,,22 @ .34 <S> ,43 @ .39 © .28 © .21 ©4.25 ©4.05 ©4,75 © .73 © ,37 ,73 .?9 .21 Oa.tUo-.AH grades ......,,.,.,..,,, Wheat Corn— 0agh, 1.25 440 MQ .?Q m m M © ,74 9 -30 @ -23 ©4.75 @ '11 Indispensable. "You have left out an important \ statement in this rescue story," said'i professor in the School of JournaUsn to one of his students." "Indeed, sir?" "Yes, you neglected to say that till boy was rescued just as he was goins| down the third time." Could Not Afford It. Physician—You lie awake In bed I three or four hours every night? That! is bad. I shall have to treat you forj chronic insomnia." Caller (whose salary is $14 a weei):| "Br—no, doctor; I don't thinlc it's a| bad as that. I simply can't sleep." It Always Pays."How did your daughter come to g«l§ the duke?" "By advertising." "Nonsense! Yon don't mean to telll me you advertised for a husband for) your daughter?" "No. But I advertised my businesa"! Where the Fain Coznoa In, Spencer—Did you feel any pain at ill when you went to that painless den-| list's? . Ferguson—Only when lie presentdij Ills bill. In the Realms of Gloom. First Shade— Miglity jown here, isn't it? Second Shade— Yes. I wisfy some pW| would direct me to the part of t}je ] that is pa.vecl witfc my good iotentis?nl| Law JleQmjrefl Jt, Tait—Miss. Ribbon, what is H matter with your typewriter bell?' never hear H any more," Miss Ribbon (eonfusedjyj^-Qij, I &i your pardon, Mr. Tait; fcuti: " }t a. 4ay or two/ |or my greatest pjay Q| ef yonr, j etet, .ffi

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