The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 26, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1896
Page 7
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n- THJ tfPf IB nmftfr eldefiy kftrd6h B e6fe*fliig f-iflditidfl. |t fa the e&fct of the Use machines," y , ft is easily e*pl&ined. foe* hate de- taed the demand fo* flatnrM ice, and t,. naturally causes a decrease in the f he rs . White— And do yoti meafa to s&y 1 you and yotit husband always agree at everything? rs. Black— Al*ays-*-e*eept, of course, .and then, -when he's out of hutoor or kneaded or something of that soft, liners in the Transvaal earb about 1150 ionth and pay one-fifth of itfortheif Ird. NEW8 OF MM TOM GOSSIP ABOUT THE 8A<2fc§ AMD THE 4 jSft» ftnngfe* lift* Mad* Mil Af>t>eft** ifiee on the Pacific Slope- botntno*« b*y» Will tie fended in tii6 Stud—the iladness Comes f itri a better understanding of the transient nature of the many phys- cal ills, which vanish before proper efforts—gentle off orts—pleasant efforts— liffhtly directed. There is comfort in life knowledge, that so many forms of lickness are not duo to any actual dis- lase, but simply to a constipated condition of the system, which the pleasant family laxative, Syrup of Figs, promptr 1 , removes. That is why it is the only remedy with millions of,families, and is Everywhere esteemed so highly by all fcrtio value good health. Its beneficial Iffects are due to the fact, that it is the hne remedy which promotes internal lleanliness without debilitating the Ireans on which it acts. It is therefore 111 important, in order to get its bene- Lial effects, to note when you pur- hose,- that you have the genuine arti- |e, Which is manufactured by the Call- &rr»ia Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by II reputable druggists. [if in the enjoyment of good health, ajid the system is regular, laxatives or Other remedies are then not needed. Ii ffflictcd with any actual disease, one fcay be commended to the most skillful Ihysicians, but if in need of a laxative, She should have the best, and with the cll-infonned everywhere, Syrup of igs stands highest and is most largely |sed andgivesinost general satisfaction. S:< YOUR DEALER FOR AtlFOfttilA l-actng gossip teems with breezy mention of the latest meteor of the plunging class —Pierre Wibaux, otherwise known as The Frenchman" and the "Montana Plunger." The newcomer at 'Frisco has supplanted "ftlley" Grahhan and "Pittsburg Phil" as a magnet of attraction for the gossips. He is a very wealthy stock breeder and follows the ring for the purpose of getting "pin money." When It is known that in one day he had depleted the bookies' strong boxes to the extent of $66,000 the nature of his operations can be surmised. When he starts for a book there is a rushing and jostling, and when he Whispers in a bookmaker's ear heads are packed and ears strained to Afisott thfe otnef day ihto the Kew tdfk tJlub's Amoflg- the ideas he left behind that the Chicagos hfive as gdpd a chance to win tfarfrelfflant as any fltfiet team, that the BaltimofM • are net a, one to two shot, that lie *tll make ne prediction about the Giants till he knows how the team will play, that the Bostons cattnot win, that the Ciese- lands will do tto bettef than last year, that he is opposed to any rule whioh will 'remove a player from the game, that he believes in flties ftttd plenty oi them, that he is opposed to the double umpire system, and thinks the rules,' as they exist, are good enough to be let alone, except that there should be mote batting, to secure which he faVored making pitchers keep both feet on the ground during delivery. Of the recent deals Anson said that McBrlde would take Wilmot's place, that Pittsburg got a good player in Ely; that Cincinnati strengthened itself by acquisition of Inflelder It-win; that Boston got the better of the Hamilton- Nash deal; that the Doyle-Gleason exchange was about an even thing; that Pfeffer would strengthen the Glants.and that the New York club had never made a $10,000 offer for Lange. We have heard 6f ftobdteti hor-set ftftA oks, but ft wot>de"ft hew under thU stm-fftfta its Durposes, arls dlfterfenl fr&fs thodS 0< tHri6r of Ihe 6lh6f weodett. &nJ«aaW ttefttlbfied. It IS a h6t a toy, IhoucH It #111 pleaSe ft boy. It Is tt heft, at leaSt tt will hatch chickens frofn hens' It is 10x16x6 Inches and will take cafe of twenty-eight eggs. It is an tftcu* batof and costs ohly $<S.OO. This Woodett hen is hiftde by GteWge H. Stahl, Quindy. 111. It you Want to find out more about it betore you buy one write to Mr. Stnhl for catalogue "W," which gives a full description, and b'.e.ltiori this paper. A Sufo Onfc. Family Doctor—Your wife needs outdoor exercise more than anything else. f Husband—But she won't go out. What am I to do? "Give her plenty of money to shop with." the IsanJt «f 1! tlii fceDflle rtftlly kfae* hW ficrlrons had fcnught sOtnc lOrt ol fils* -ease from handling pafrer 1 mafiey ftnlcll had pfeVlottsiy beeft Ifiithe,t>ds6ee&ldft tff sufferers front soft** ctmtagtSn, they Would deinand ft radical change in the policy of'the gdverhniettt tbwafd old greenbacks and bank notes, says the Bankers' Monthly, f he treasury department has subtreasuries In the larg* ef cities of the country, through whiuh, to a large extent, the currency of the country passes. These institutions take in the small bills of their fespectlve cities and regions during a flari af the year and pay them out nt other titties, according as the convenience Of the banks require. Now the rule should be that ho subtreasUi-y should pay out to banks or others any but brand-new greenbacks, ahd that the national bank notes which have been in use should be replaced by new ones. The banks pay the government enough so that, as a mere matter of commercial business, this policy toward their nOtes should be ffci ftfd w-fittSft re»&!fied fHft ttfrtil $11 iftdntta age, ftte l&wff afffiettit ftati§f to nipueft fiti to* < td tr§ a fctrfte «ft Iflsisted on fdiiig 16 the" W«MW* wfiete 6ne , ttfitl a -' SHOE BES vJo!* N i.DT HE fit you pay 84'to fflC for shoes, ex- nine the W. L. Douglas Shoe, and what a good shoe you can buy for )VER 10O STYLES AND WIDTHS, CONGRESS, BUTTOKY and LACE, in ado in n'.S IcluclB of the l>est selected leather by skilled vcorfc- inen. ."Wo make and Bell moro $3 Shoes .than any other |auufucturcr In. tho world. |None genuine unless name and lice is stamped on the bott9m. I Ask • your dealer for our 85, 14, $3.50, S2.50, 82.35 Shoes; p.50, 83 and 81.75 for boys. IAKE NO SUBSTITUTE, if yowdeaier cannot supply you, send to tac- fory, enclosing price and 36 cents So pay carriage. State kind, style if too (cap or plain), size and .vidth. Our Custom Dept. will fill [•your order. Send for new lllus- Itrated Catalogue to liox'lt, |W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, tVIass. 0 Kansas City and the South. From (Jmahfi and also from Council Bluffs, the Burlington Route runs two trains daily to St, Joseph and Kansas City, making close connections in the Kansas City Union Depot with all lines for the South, The Burlington Route is the shortest,. quickest, and in every way the'best line to Kansas City,' and travelers who take any 'other do so without .a proper, ma> standing of the facts in the case. ' ' The local ticket agent will gladly ticket you via the Burlivgton if you will ask him to do so. hear the words which the eager ones think will bring them fortune. At first the "Montana Plunger" would shout out his horse and the amount of money he'wished to play at the penciler, but he soon found that this militated against htm. Everybody within hearing would rush to place their money on the horse he favored, and the odds would rapidly recede. The "plunger;" after placing his first bet, would be compelled to take a much less price for the rest of his money. Now he goes around very quietly and whispers in the ears of the bookmakers, and the straining ears have to be very sharp to catch the tenor of his request., Within the last few days he has adopted the method of all big bettors, and places the bulk of his money through, commissioners. It is the intention of the Kcenes to retire Domino to the stud. While on his way to the Keene farm in Kentucky he contracted pneumonia, but has fully recovered. Domino is a 5-year-old, a son of Himyar and Mannie Gray. .He was the great 2-year-old of his day, and won a great-sum',-of .-money, though he did not meet the best colts of his year. He won the Futurity, but Dobbins and Galilee were at his throat and a few clays after Dobbins ran him a dead heat. Though unbeaten in 1893 many held that in October Senator Grady or Henry of Navarre could have beaten him. Domino as a 3-year-old was at his best as a sprinter and could beat anything at six furlongs or a mile. His CHAMPION MICHAEL. Leading Kncllah Wheelman Now Being Handled by Choppy Wnrfourton. Cyclists come to the front rapidly— that is, if there is anything fast <u MICHAEL AND HIS TRAINER, them. Probably their mode of traveling, the "wheel," .accounts for this.' Tho wheel has been known to give not only its rider a boost, but outsiders as well, and they never looked for the boost either. Its impetus, or.rather thejm- peUiB lent it by the phenomenal pedaling of J. Michael of England, has iu a very short space of time landed. Michael iu the front ranks of the crack cyclists of the world. Barely out of his teens, Michael has achieved a wonderful record as a fast rider. Choppy Warburton, whose portrait appears witlv that of Michael's, is the youngster's trainer, and it is no .doubt due, in a great measure, to Warburton's hand-ling that Michael has forged so quickly, to the front. Michael and John S. Johnson, the American rider, have been matched, and will meet before spring. SPORTING NOTES. Oklahoma urn', uie Indian Territory. A Well-known New York financier, who recently made a business and pleasure trip through Oklahoma and the Indian Territory, in a letter to a friend gives some very interesting data and information relative to "The Land of the Fair God." He says, in part: "When I recall my experiences, while in Oklahoma and the Indian Territory, it seems to me to bo more like a dream than a reality. I never was more favorably impressed with a people, and the resources of tho country are truly wonderful, "Before making this trip I was imbued with the idea, so prevalent among the people of the east, that this territory have little in common with the interests of our people, and was a place fitted more by nature for an abode for the red man and a rendezvous fov outlaws than a-home for a civilized and Christian people. A personal investigation and inspection of the country early di&pelled this idea, and I found that nine-tenths of the sensational articles of outlawry and other tragedies credited to that country cminated alone from the fertile brain of some over-enthusiastic newspaper correspondent. "The Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific, the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, the Choctaw, Oklahoma & GuU and the Missouri, Kansas & Texas systems of railroads each lead into and across this country, and the great amount of cattle, hogs, wheat, cotton and other produce, shipped out from there evidences the fact of the fertility of the soil and tho productiveness of the country. "The Indian Territory Is rich in ito mineral lands and coal fields, and these industries arc only in their infancy^ while the cheapness of the land and rich soil over the greater part of Oklahoma offers Inducements to capitalists as well as the farming and laboring class of oiir people. "There is still some fair hunting in the Kechi hills, southwest of- Anni- darko and in the Gloss mountains, and the streams are well supplied with fish. "Crop prospects are exceptionally good, and undoubtedly the coming season will see a large emigration from the east to that country." Indigestion has often been cured by drinking every morniug, before breakfast, a glass of liot water. adopted. But whether that Was GO or not, this fresh-bill policy should be adopted and maintained. It is a uniform rule with the Bank of England that none but absolutely new bills can go out over its counter, No matter if the bill has not the slightest marks of use. If it once gets back into the bank it never goes out again, The rule is inflexible and is carried out faithfully. The United States treasury should do as much for the American people as that bank does for the people of Great Britain, The cost to the bank of a new bill fs precisely half a penny. Of course this amounts to a good deal of money each year, but not enough to be an appreciable factor in the general business of the bank. HIS KINDNESS REPAID. An Olil Woman Gives Her Bonefactoi, • , Brooklyn Man, W3OO.OOO. About four years ago Henry Lewis, a confectioner, who lives with his wife and six children at 62 Floyd street, Brooklyn, E. D., found an old-woman sitting on the stoop of his house, says the New York Recorder. She was poorly dressed and evidently without friends. As she showed evidencp "f nul- few the Lewlsem. ' - / - She had g'dne' awa? cbfflbafatlVeif' *, ' Uauper, t)ut returned W6H& 1300,000, which she has turned tvef td LB#IB fo"r his kindness itt taking hef in attd tOf" ing tot her when she was wlthdtlt W ' friend. T"be neighbors all knew bf LeW , godd luck, On Tuesday he started fof ' the surrogate's office ifi Brodklyfi to lay, claim to the fdftutte, which had bSefi i left by a brothef d! the old WdWari, , The discovery that she was heir to the money was made when the Surrogate Of Sail Francisco inquired fbf hef through the Brooklyn surrogate attd it was discovered that she was an inmate of the poorhouse. A reporter called at Lewis' house last night, but found that all the family, including the old woman, had gone to & reception at some relative's house. All the neighbors declared that they had heard of Lewis' good luck and were satisfied of its truthfulness, None of them could remember the name of the old' woman, who, they said, intended making her home with Lewis until she died. Telephone In Bridge Cars. Brooklyn brigde officials are awaiting with considerable interest the result of an experiment with telephones which is likely to result in their adoption for permanent use on the structure. The aim of the new plan is to permit telephoning from the cars in motion to tho train dispatcher's office at the Brooklyn end of the bridge by a wire which runs up the side of the car to the roof. An ordinary battery Is used, and the scheme, if pronounced thoroughly practicable, will be found of great value, particularly in case of accidents, when warning can be sent back almost immediately. Not Rluiiy Bnllots Kill. In battle only one ball out of eighty- five taUes effect. ' Builmpii , Gen'l Pass'r Ag't Omaha, Neb. CUT-SLASH SMOKING TOBACCO, 2 oz. for 5 Cents, ;UT-SLASH QHERQQT8-3 for 5 Cents. |Give a Good, Mellow, Heajthy, Pleasant Smoke. Try Them, LYON & CO. TOBACCO WORKS, Dijrlmw, B, ft 'F HAVE NO S» OL£i« S*buti eel! giiit>er ftt wUoloeale pi, eulp onywberafor cxamiu- iition befQie sale. Everything warranted. lOputyloa . of pfcfrlogM. ' 00 styles 9* i., 41 »iyle8l»«»! Sul- M<a, WrWa tor eatwlegKB. Bl'U. ,000 WANTED', PIERRE WIBAUX. failure in the Great American Derby is well known and defeat was laid to a split hoof. Last fall Domino began ugly, aiid, though entered in many big stakes this season, his retirement has been decided upon. Domino is a full brother to Correction, and she was a great sprinter. Among the new-comers to the turf during the coming season, as shown by the entries to stakes which closed recently, are .the Hon, William C, Whitney, : ex-secretary , of the navy; William Astor Chanler; E. D, Morgan, long a most enthusiastic yachtsman; Joseph E. Wid- eper of Philadelphia, who will devote WmaeU almost exclusively to cross- country racing, and W. S. Hobart of California. All of the gentlemen named are multi-millionaires and their coming on the turf at this time means much to the revival of high-class racing, for which August Belmont, the late Col, W. p. Thompson and others of the Jockey ciub have been working sojaavd for the last twelve months, When the plans of the racing associations are all perfected U is intended to have a series of spring races for 3-year olds of a high value, which will begin with a, stake at a mll° a£ Washington, followed- by the Withers at a mile and the Belmont at a mile and three-eighths at the Westchester track, 'the Brooklyn Derby at a inlle an.d, a* half at Gravesend and winding tip with tho Realization at a mile and five-eighths at the Coi>ey Island club's track. Such a seVies w.oiUd be, one th,aj wquld settle the questlph for superiority for &OPBOT at that *ase e^h 1 yeav aijd <toa]w the - Ted Pritchard has challenged Creedon to fight for £500 a side. Cornell now has about forty men training for seats in the freshman boat. Yale's proposition to row the winner of the Hudson River race .will probably' be declined. The Harvard Cycling Association will have a race meet in June. The crews of the University of Wisconsin and Minnesota have offered to go East and race Columbia this spring if Columbia will return the visit, Ted Sullivan, who is managing tho New Haven Club, has signed two pitchers of note. One is an Indian known as "Bean Eating Wolf" and the other Is a Cowboy called "Bullet-Proof Ned." The University of Wisconsin is to organize a lacrosse team. - Charley' Hoy t says that It cost him $10,000 to find out that the public didn't want Anson as an actor. Wins the Tourney. Thomas J, Gallagher won the "shprt- stop" billiard tournament, which had been in progress at Chicago fqr eight po8MpJno8NutwryCo.,DcsMoKes, PAY I nl Sell Fruit Trees. (U. PISO'S CURE, FOR Ot - The fllde'ejlwsj.ieb record, still standing is s. p. H.dee anji J. B». I* Bate's mo miles tanaem tricycle on the road, qp^obej- 18, 1890 j time, 5 hows, ?9 u'tes, si seconds, CONSUMPTION islhe suggestive name of the TOR who made the most money on the Russian turf last year, He has the best raging stable in the THOMAS J. afternoons and evenings. Gallagher's final opponent was Mftfgloll of St. Louis, who, by his defeat, wag relegated to ft tie with B&tley tor &n,d third, moneys. Mo^aush^ Philadelphia wins fourth money, the l\vp Canadian players, Caprpn an.d. gut-' ton, receiving nothing 90 a veyar4 for WHERE 010 VOU GK'i' THIS COFFEE? Had the Ladies' Aid Society of our Church out for tea, forty of them, and all pronounced the German Cdffieeberry equal to Rio! Salzer's catalogue tells you all about it! 35 packages,Earliest vegetable seeds $1.00 post paid. If you will cut this out find nenrt •with I5c. stamps to John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., you will get free a package of above great coffee seed and our 148 page catalogue! Catalogue alono 6c. ' w ' p A happy man was recently seen in El Dorado, Va. He declared he Uftd just found a gold nugget weighing over 81 pounds aud worth about $8,000 Deafness Can Not TUe Cured By local applications, as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure deafness, and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is causecl by an inflamed condition of the musous lining of the Eus- tachlan Tube. When the tube is inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it Is entirely nlosed Deafness is the result, and unless the Inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine cases out of tf>n are caused by Catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucous sur- We'wlH give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by Catarrh) that cannjt bo cured by pall s Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free, F, J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O, gold by druggists; 7Bo. • • , • Hall's Family Pills, ?pc. A toboggan slide at St. Idoritz, Switzerland, is three-quarters of a mils long, uud those who use it shoot from eud to end, m eeveuty-oue seconds, There is money to be madejn Cripple Creek. When ypu go take the ''HwoU Jbland Route" to Cpjovadp Springs. This is the only direct line—saves several homV time tp Cripple Creek- Send for full inlormntion, General Passenger Agent, Chicago. "What is tbe matter -with Phillips settlor? He 1ms been Ul ever since his sou went tg college." "Remittent fever, possibly." Not Unreasonable. Boy—You are advertisin' for- an errand Skinner (of Skinner & Company)—Yes, we have a vacancy. .•-.. ,. Boy—Hours long? Skinnor—You'll have to work sixteen hours a day. Boy—Yes? , Skinner—And you must have a bicycle so as to nave time.. Boy-^-I'vo got one. How about pay? Skinner—Well, we'll pay you—lot—me— see— B 0 y_Say mister, make it enough to keep the bicycle in repair, won't you? Sifted From the Blood By the kidneys, impurities pass oil harmlessly. The inactivity oi tho organs named pot only cause these impurities to remain and poison the system, but also leads to the degeneration and destruction of the organs themselves. Prevent Bright's disease, diabetes, dropsy,: gravel and other ailments which affect the kidneys aud bladder with Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which likewise overcomes malarial, dyspeptic, bilious, nervous and rheumatic complaints. .To Be Continued. He—I guess there's going to besomemore quarreling in our church choir. She—You don't menu it! He-^Yc3,1 do; the contralto, is going to marry the tenor. Pure California Wines Pure Wines, i'or PAMILY and purposes, are a NECESSITY and DOC a i,ux- imY. Send $8.50 to C. F, A, Last, 129 and 181 North Main St., Los Angeles, Cal., and get » __ y.i i ' i. i.._j.j.i \ ~f •dTT'D'Cl / two cases (24 quart bottles) of PURE OI CALIFORNIA WINE (assorted) FKEIGH'i PREPAID, lieference, any bank in Los Angeles, Bradstreet or Dun's Agencies. I guarantee the quality and purity of ullhliip meuts. Send for lists to 0. F. A. Last, Los Angeles, Cal, A dictionary recently issued, in .England devotes 17J4 cplmnns to the : various mean ings of the word-devil. Heeeman'8 Camphor Ice wltti .Glycerine. Tho original and only genuine, Cures OlmppeU Hand and Face, Cold Bores, &a, 0. Q, Clark Co., N. Haveu, Oi do the mending the Merchant. He wants to make as much as he can by selling you inferior bindings which he claims are "just as good" as S. H. & M. £n( yptt do the mending. Insist on having Bias Velveteen SI:irt Binding and yoC save the mending;. If your dealer will not supply you ^a will. , Send for samples, showing 1 labels and materials,! to the S. H. & M; Co., P, O. Box 699. New York CHy. W. N. U. D. M.--1233 NO. 9 | Wbou unawormt' uti v nrtlsoinonts kindly mention 11:111'l'POr I 3p Packages EarllestVcgetabl Seeds, postpaid, $1,00, YOU Huve often soon seed come up poor ftnd sickly, suHiclout vitality to produce » crop,—tlwt was an J Sal/W's '. If by luaiiio, Jnstotul ot poor yields you IH> oueo ise» vunain] that will gladden yourlieurt nnd flll your purao, lor Bajzev 8 I of lllo, full of vigor, lull of producing qualities. •We pay tWs o ra?8?Bari6y?a n ei Com. W bushels olMBIlvw Mine I (Kuroolebbieinity) Outs growji on one aojo von tUowrhsa.£1MB '<, - V°u <>un boatttatl It is we ureatebt X)nt of tbe pontury. No wore U»rajlmo6 « ypu sow a plenty of Sftlwsr'fi Bayley, Outs, i'PWtoes, Gruss »nft Hive you tried Veoslnte. Saoullne, «lant Hpurvy tina obn> Qulak- QejHiftP ClpTOr? Cll^HlOKiie tells ftU ftliout- (Ueso V04der J?W»tB. •. > ' SPLENPIP VeoeTAEtES, I ijttree selections, ninny bplendld i>orts, iSyorytmng oneap. onion seen »t Wo: per ib.; W i*wi4'ioyvor Beort, asg. l.OOO.UJO jioses. plants and SW«H Prolts, Swdy w bate. BomMo. for >lurKet Cjaraener a Vfbola^B ^ut. j PLEA6G OUT OUT THE FOLLOWING ANB e.SNB IT 1 > 10p. In. iSSip* to wBiV 8$& Seed oT.lAOw^ ***•*&•.*£^ lieir ereat ontftloguo and IP i'kB& Grasses, Qats, p«rley anil BraiBS. \\ 5ABIED theiv enterprise line to play. coning acrogs, the, PvQBl'letor: ''Where is tlie bogkkeep-' evs ?" "Qffce bpy:,' "He isn't to. His wife sept him .\vpya tbat tbe baby au4 fee's, gpjie bonje to 8fft 1J "'•''• '•• i '« : S:A ^ tf -,'-f v ^'. < A oubip loot '9! gold weigh* 1.9WX pounds avoirdupoie. ' I __ * Ui>W It If to to De Kail? PATENTS™ . and Mi Bu etiU a }iv*ly

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