The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 26, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1896
Page 5
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TfiE HomtAlLSm, TO BE, of the Mil Jtow Agreed ttf the Committee, and the One to Pass, if Any, | five Schools May fie Located tfndfcf the Aei, afid Any f 6Wn tA&f Provided, Etc. Representative May fie has sent a copy of the normal school bill agreed upon by the house committee at DCS Moines. It will be fepof ted favorably, and if •any bill passes at ibis session this is the one. Its terms will be of interest to all eup readers and We give it in full; Section 1. That five schools for the instruction and training of teachers for the CoiUlfloti schools of Iowa are hereby established in and for the state of Iowa. Sec. 2, The schools shall be under the management of the board of directors and their successors in office provided In chapter 129 of the laws of the Sixteenth general assembly as amended, •and said board shall have the same power and qualifications and perform the same duties and shall be subject to the same restrictions. Five additional directors shall be appointed by the executive council for six years, one of whom shall be a resident of each of the •counties in which the respective schools .are located, and who shall act as members of said board in all matters relating to the tiehools provided for in this act for their respective locations only; their successors in office shall be elected by the general assembly In the same manner as the board of directors provided for in chapter 129 of the 'laws of the Sixteenth general assembly, as amended. Sec. 3. The board 'of directors .shall convene at the call of the president of the board, within'60 days from the time of the location of the schools and shall provide for the management of the schools as contemplated by .this act, in arranging the schools in harmony with each other to best.:subs&rve the educational interests of the state at large, ; and their respective localities; they shall also elect a secretary and a treasurer for each of the schools to perform the appropriate duties of those offices, who shall receive such annual compensation as shall be fixed by the board, but not to exceed the sum of $100 each. The secretary and the treasurer shall hold their respective offices for the term of one year. Such schools shall be conducted in the buildings now occupied by schools, or in buildings to be hereafter erected as provided in section 5 hereof. See. 4. The board of directors shall require pupils, upon their admission to the school, to sign a statement of their intentions, in good faith, to follow th6 •business of teaching in the schools of the state; provided, however, that the /board may at its discretion admit pupils to the schools who do not sign such statement, upon condition that such pupil may pay such additional tuition fee as "the board may require. The board of directors may at their discretion-charge the pupils signing, the agreement to teach a tuition fee not exceeding $5 per term, if such charge shall be necessary for the proper support of the schools as provided by law. The pupils shall be charged a fee for contingent expenses amounting to. not more than $2 per terra. The schools shall be opened during such part of the year, after the first day of September, 1896, as the board may determine, but the annual session shall continue at least 26 weeks. • Sec, 5. Any town or city in the state of Iowa may be considered a candidate for the location of one of these schools, provided, at the joint convention as, sembled for deciding such location that there shall be on deposit with the auditor of state a deed conveying to the state of Iowa sufficient land for a campus for said school, and a building of sufficient capacity for the accommodation of 300 or more students; said building and ground to be worth at a fair valuation, not less than $25,000, and to be free from incumbrance, Said valuation shall be approved by the executive -council of the state. Should any town, being a candidate, not have the required building erected at the time of choosing a location, a deed to the ground may be filed as,, hereinbefore provided, and in lieu of said building a bond to the amount of $40,000 may be filed with the state auditor as a guarantee that a building shall be constructed on the plans approved by the board of directors at a cost of not less than $20,000 and be-completed ready for use on or before Jan. 14, 1897. Sec, 6, The school shall be conducted on the plan of giving a two years' ; course of instruction. Sec, 7, There is hereby appropriated .'for the use of each of said schools the t sum of $8,000 per, annum, apportioned as follows: SIS: thousand dollar* annum fof salaries of teachers and em- ployes; $2,000 pef ann'tim to each school for eontifigfent exffens&S. Sec. 8. After the taking effect of this act and before the adjournment of this session the house and senate shall meet ib joint session in the hall of the house of representatives and the said joiht convention shall determine by vote the location of the HVe schools provided ifl this act; in balloting each member shall cast a ballot upon which shall be written or printed the names of five towns that are candidates for the loca* lion of said schools; after the first ballot the fifteen towns having the highest number of ballots shall be considered eligible locations, and all other names shall be dropped', od the second ballot the town having the lowest number of ballots shall be dropped frota the list and the Voting shall be continued, con sidefing the' names of the remain ing town; this balloting shall be eon tinued, dropping the names of the towns receiving, the smallest number of votes at the close of each ballot, until five towns shall receive the majority Of all the votes cast, provided that on any ballot after the first that any town or towns that shall receive a majority of all the votes cast shall be declared to be chosen, and balloting shall be con* tinued on remaining towns as before; the members voting at all times shall vote for as many towns as there shall remain to be filled. After five places have received a majority of the votes cast they shall be declared the loca^ tions for the schools and shall be so certified to the governor, whereupon the joint convention shall dissolve. Sec. 9. This act being deemed of immediate importance shall take effect immediately after its publication in the Iowa State Register and the Des Molnea Leader, newspapers published in Des Moines, Iowa. THE POT BEfflS TO SIZZtB to Selefet %CetrtentI(ffl tested fcity Politics Also Bfehiattds Attention- the Candidate ift the field ift AU gona And Els6*hMe< Money to Loan on improved farms. Farm Lauds nnd Town Property bought and sold on commission. . E. C. MOUNT & SON. ' Opera House Block, Algona, Iowa. NEW shoes; latest styles and lowest prices. Galbraith & Co. Money. I am loaning money on farm lands at sto per cent, interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any part of his mortgage at the time of paying interest. J. J. RYAN. Office over the postofflce, Algona, Iowa. -CALL and see that new, crockery at Grove & Son's. Horn oval Sale. We will sell, from now until we move to our new store in the Boston block, all watches, clocks, jewelry, and silverware at reduced prices. Call and see some of the bargains. E. G. BOWYEK, Jeweler. Cowles'block. 45 The county convention to send delegates to Des Moines to choose dele' gates to the hntional convention met .yesterday at the' court house. It was tint largely attended, about half the townships being represented, Oeo. E< fioyle was tshaifnian and §. K> W«y secretary. After organisation was perfected Geo. C, Call was allowed to Be' lect his delegation and he named the following: Gep, W* Hanna, Geo. E. Boyle, S. X, Way, Samuel Maybe, M, Stephens, M. Starr, A. A, Brunson, John G, Smith, A. D. Clarke, and Geo. E. Clarke. A motion was made by C. B, Hutchins that hereafter at least three week's notice of all conventions be given by the county chairman, and WHS carried. Town Political Matters. City politics is very tume in Algona, the only contest over aldermen being In the Second ward, where L. J. Bice and S. H. Pettibone are both nominated. The First ward republicans renominat- ed Alderman Vesper by acclamation. . J.'Riice was nominated In the Second, in the Third a union caucus agreed upon P. L. Slagle, in the Fourth M. B. Chapin was nominated by the republicans. • . In Whittemore Gee. E. Boyle and T. E. McEnroe are having a lively set to for mayor. In the caucus Boyle beat McEnroe by 82 to 40, and now Tom is out on an opposition ticket. It will be lively as everything is in Whittemore. Bancroft has two tickets, Mayor Callanan and Squire Austin pitted against each other for mayor, This will also be a close race. The caucus which nominated Callanan was a lively affair. Swea City has R. M. Richmond up for mayor and there is no opposition. In West Bend Dr. Baehman is the candidate with no opposition. Ledyard, as usual, will have a lively political session. W. A. Wright heads the people's tteke't for mayor and J. W. Neister the citizens. The "people" and the "citizens" are pretty nearly evenly divided and a red hot election Is assured. Burt is harmonious with one ticket. Steve Nicholson is for mayor. Editor McMullen leads the Independent ticket at Wesley for mayor and E. Sanford the citizens. The caucuses were not exciting and the contest is friendly. _• Set-soli piettpte and ftftef &! tfttf dettls M&meinber his stay wllff ttny thlh| but pleasure and ftttuld be glad to heft? of anylsody «rhb BMld ketep ahywhe'fte hear even with the bid fellbft, -The tifi» fmld hotel bill hef-0 n mounts to $100 and there are Various other little amounts of from $S to $18 each ift the profit and loss accounts of other places of business. Bttitik Kotice. I have purchased a thoroughbred Jersey bull and Will keep* him at tty Hvery barti for ser vice, f he animal is St. L. of Riverside, tfo. 8t?81; sired by Ven tor's Duke, No. 2§?&U dam Sdfahy Wadenn. No. 60051. If you are interested In fine Jehsey stock call and see this splendid animal, s> P. MURDER AND SUICIDE, Alex. P&ttersoni at Madisbn, WiS M Shoots His Wife ahd Then Himself- Fottnef Algona People. Occurred oh Monday Night, and 18 Sttld to IlhVe Resulted Prom Domestic Trouble. THE latest novelties in dress trim mings at Galbraith & Co.'s. PREE IOS 60 DATS. "DO YOU believe," said hp, "that love can exist without jealousy ?" She— "Yes, but not without . insurance. Loye aims to protect and provide." Examine the Royal Union. J. L. Donahoo, district agent, Algona., Iowa. Farm Loans at (i per Cent. And the expenses of making the loan can be paid at option of the borrower. Interest payable annually unless otherwise preferred. The loan can be paid in whole or in part at any interest date. HOXIB & BBUNSON. FRESH vegetables may be .found at Grove & Son's. _^__ Go TO J. A, Hamilton & Co.'s for all kinds of wood.—4614 FOB time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. Milk. Beginning March 1,1896, we will sell 25 milk checks for $1, and 12 for 60c, each check good for one quart of milk, delivered in any part of town. At the same time we shall reduce our price on CREAM to 60c a gallon, 15c a quart. Milk and cream may be ordered by telephone No, 7. '. . LUND & NELSON. Hran! Feed! Shorts! New prices at the New Daisy Mills HAMILTONS sell stove wood at $1.50 a cord, delivered,^—46t4 SEE our stock of carpets. We have the largest line ever shown in Algona Geo, L. Galbraith & Co. PINE slabs for kindling at J, A, Ham ilton&Co.'s,—46t4 Wlltsoy, Who Is Sent Up for n Year in the. Penitentiary) Has n Two- Moiitli's Stay. Wiltsey, of malodorous fame in Al- ;ona, wants a rehearing in thesupreme ourton his case. The Webster City Tribune says: Attorney Geo. Tucker md Wes Wiltsey returned from Des Moines last Tuesday, where they appeared before the supreme court In the case of State vs. Wiltsey, wherein he was sentenced to one year in the pjni- entiary by the district court' of Kos- juth county. The supreme court af- i'rmed the decision af the lower court, jut Mr. Tucker secured a stay in the case for 60 days to give time for filing mpers for rehearing, so that Wiltsey s at least certain of his freedom for ,hat length of time. KNOWN AS "OLD APPLETBEES." The Reputation of F. C. Mather, the. Tree Peddler, at forest City. The Forest City Summit notes the disappearance of the old tree peddler who forgot his board bill at the Thorton and adds this note of interest: "Old Appletrees" has again been heard from and, as usual, the information concerning him is such as hut adds to his reputation as a first-class confidence man. He has been a 'resident of Iowa oft and on for 40 years, and those' who know him in this part of the state have yet t6 hear anything about him that an honest man would be proud of, He has'swindled everybody he could fov lo! these many years, and if reports be true even walked off with the funds subscribed for the building of a. house of worship at Eioeville while a pastor —BO called—in that town. Last yeai he was at Forest City, The Hotel An- Mohday at 9 o'clock a telegram came to S. D. Patterson from Madison, Wls., stating that Alex, and Mrs. Patterson were dying. It was signed by young Albert Patterson. Mrs. Dr. McCoy and S. D. Patterson started east on the 10:20 train without any further information. This morning's Register tells the story in the following dispatch: MADISON, Wls., Feb. 25.—A tragedy, resulting In the fatal shooting of Mrs. A. W. Patterson by her husband and his death by his own hand, occurred at midnight. The question whether it was murder and suicide, or an act intentional on the part of both, seems solved by a letter by both parents left to the children, in which they say they have premeditated suicide for some time and resolved to die together. Opposed to this theory, however, is the fact that when found, the wife, who had retired and was in a night robe, had one arm thrown across her face, as if to shield it, and a bullet in the arm, while her husband wns fully dressed. The members of the household attended the revival services of B. Fay Mills during the evening and returned home in the best of spirits. The family came here in July from Algona, Iowa, where Mr. Patterson was a merchant, retiring on account of poor health. They came here to educate their children at the state university, which Patterson formerly attended. No motive was assigned for the deed. THE UPPER DES MOINES goes to press too eavly to add anything calculated to throw .light on this terrible tragedy. It now appears that Mr. Patterson and wife have not lived happily together, and had not long ago separated permanently. But she came back and the relatives here had been given to understand that they were getting on quite peacably, Mr. Patterson was a mild tempered man and his action is incomprehensible lo his old friends hero and to his relatives. Little gifls bake biscuits for a prize at Doxsee's hardware store, March 9 and 10—all of which 4| will be "fun alive" for the little girls ; but a funnier thing m, ,^| this connection is found in the fact that they will use %; -' Daisy Mills Flour. Must be the Daisy Mills fiour is all right or they wouldn't use it. Fact is, the little girls (and big girls, too) know a good thing when they see it—that's why they use Daisy Mills flour for the biscuit baking contest. YOU SEE THE POINT, OF COURSE. Good Cooking Makes Good Husbands In order to encourage the art of cooking among the little girls I have decided to offer the little '' Buck's Brilliant Range" displayed in my store window to the girl under 12 years of age who will bake the nicest and best baking powder biscuits. The contest will be held at my store on March 9 and 10, from 2 to 6 p. m. . The contest will be absolutely free to every uttie girl in the county under 12 years of age. The biscuits will be baked in a " Buck's Steel Range" and made from Daisy Mills flour. - Competent judges will decide whose biscuits are the best. The little toy range is a perfect range—one that will cook and bake with a " truly" fire. If you want further particulars call at the store. THE WEEK'S MEETINGS. Tomorrow night a meeting will be held at the court house to discuss normal matters. Everybody turn out. A special "convocation of Prudence chapter will be .held Friday evening for work in the Mark-master degree. The " King's Daughters" will give a novelty social at the Congregational church, Thursday, March 5. Supper served at 6 o'clock. A short program, music, and one or two papers. This afternoon and evening the Baptist society will entertain visitors from a few neighboring counties, Thiseven- ng Rev. Schafter, Rev. Bartlett, and ^ev. Stiles are on the program. AH are invited, The Christian Endeavor of the Presbyterian church will give a " shadow social" at the home of A, D. McGregor, Tuesday evening, March 3. AH the ladies are requested to bring their basket with lunch for two, The ladies of the A. L. A. held their regular meeting Feb. 14, with a large attendance, and two new members came in, The special subject, The Advancement of Women, was discussed in a highly entertaining manner. Both interest and. attendance seem to be growing with each meeting. On next Friday afternoon, Feb. 28, it is earnestly requested that every member of-the organisation be present as a question of very great importance is to come before the society. Let evervope make a special effort to attend, Meeting will opew promptly at 8 o'clock. FAR;MERS aro invited to bring in samples of gi'ain anil test the work done by the Owens fanning mill, the greatest of foul seed separators, Sold by A. M, & G, M. Johnson.—47 O. M. DOXSEB, Last Call. One-half for two weeks on all our Cloth and Fur Cloaks, Jackets and Capes, $20 Jackets for $10,00 $18 $15 " " " 9.00 7.50 $10 Jackets for 9 5 $5.00 4,50 2,50 Just Two Weeks. JfVS. TfVYLOR, [Steel Leveriarrows, The best goods Jow prices, Disc Harrows, Seeders, Plows, etc, that oaa be bought. We are also mating extremely Gall and look at our goods and get ow prices before you Awarded Highest Hpnpre—World'ft m AN ASTONISHING BEPOBT- TJ»e Jlwmboldt jndopopdept llns a Sensation «»»t Spewa to Ho Without Foundation, Considering that Elmer Sobleiotier is not married, has &ot been in Algona or Uuraboldt lately, and is at work »s committee clerk in Des Moluos at the capjtol tbe following item ib in every way remarkable: Prof. Mwer Sob-Jei- oher and lady Sunclayed ut H Hotel de Finney." Mrs, S, being quite ill the many frVepAe of the pvotessoy have were prevented froin, paying- their respects, as they remained all day in their private apartments, The professor having left Webster City is now carrying on business in Algona- Uis maoyf.ries&> fcjw wgwl Kmt they were prevented Irpm wew»g Mrs, p. jj MB, VjntQftiWftte. 8.JQ.kjfl6Jk ing his great comedy " Wanted— The Earth." For 30 years John Dilian has stood in the front rank of America's comedians and his name and fame we Buftjoient to pack any theatre. Mwty of our people will avail themselves qf the opportunity of attending Jiis charming performance, lot of choice crppkery at Grove & Son's. • On Jan. 14 »nd g8, and Feb t 1J. March 10, J890, tjie tforfh western will sell h\oraeBQel$ers' excursions w, ?>. large umnbev of points in }Cen.t/u,Qkj\ Tennessee, Mississippi, keu|siaj)»^ A.?* Uaneas, Indian TevrUovv, Oklahoma,, Texas, and Arizona. For tiuktjta and lull infqvmatiQB typpjy. to ftgeats Chig&v ^jiPBlQNIi 19 |QP GrQyg ft

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