The San Francisco Call from San Francisco, California on July 2, 1899 · Page 17
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The San Francisco Call from San Francisco, California · Page 17

San Francisco, California
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Sunday, July 2, 1899
Page 17
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ALAMEDA COUNTY NEWS. ONE MILLION IS CUT OFF THE COUNTY'S VALUES '-'Assessment Roll Is ; ■ -Nearly Complete. >.j;EPßfeci;AtiJpN : IS GENERAL ' -FEW 1-. IMPROVEMENTS IN THE PAST. . YEAR. : • '; '• ■ • V.^Atse^scir' .DhHcn Will Have a Warm :;.;:;', v .. .the State Board ■ . . . cr.' Tqualiza■ :i ' ';. ■ . ■ ' ,^v :.•.•■■. v'ak;(ir.-l OifTice San Francisco Gait, ..■.■;;.";•■•..■,'•■'!•■ " ' '•'■'? Broadway-, July 1. .■'"'■. \T.\y-' '-yVi-v.i'.ty ass;:=snn>nt roll is nearly ■uuVU.'wiil be -t or/about ;?1.<K)0.---.-.■.•■V-.VI-..ii;.V. ;I ' n tfcotrdll. < £ last. year/.' There ' '•;.'; ~ Vv! ;iVo- lii^ advance? . in ; any particular lo"■■Y-'i-tTty;.'^i:.T ik'severat.-of .the townships the L v;:;il:-\i-!vs' 'l;nv.\ htjcn re.d.uced.- •• • : . : ■ ■'; | •,.V.rfho;i/(i-t will .not reach : ;ii million, but ; •V;\vij,Kp'j:obably. bO> flit? .same as , the [ ■. ; .<|i:(''renkc-' the. ajssea^mcrits] of :.the city .■^">f::Onkia:i.i;.-\yliiclv -L"' over $S.09;000i . This. ".- : ..w(jlraj>£feasi the. totini assessment roll of -Cfh'c^oXmty .about' s'}.«' HOl>J.- : ■ . ■ \ ... . ■•Yl'.'-Po'i rV 'is likely, to.'.lie/a ■-, discussion ; V."-,\vr.ivn"-vS^ t^?or'..l';;it..-it] : js .'cited, to appear .'.'«M-)VOyjf'p-; A?^ StAto ! Boai-d'of Equalization,--■.: _; Vs'..j"i-'li?."tiini(>st ■< -e'n-a'hi he will be. . Mr; :-I : >-.titon. has -h.iu .;: . brush'.altriost every. yeur V-wuYj-.,tMy •St:Vto)^'ar'l. and this time', from ■■ ; som;'-v V'ier'uMc.-jnt. ■.hints ' that • 'have , been • : -\\'hi ; :v'.from ftarrumeiitq. there will ■ ; vi< '.more-'; Tiki n -'tha fusjiil^iiit^res.t 's-hown 'Ca^-Sai'iiihi^'.uo .in- Al;inirdii : County. ; ■ ■ "• ■-.'Th.- ii^sy's'saieur rviils .■ is.; be reitdy-. to • : 'iiffrii'VnVr"''^'* .t-hi; S.upi-r-visor.s .by.^Vlrinday', ''iJi'fe -I.dC-jl>.Ut,'tbey. .Vvjil ail- lie- cMinl^etvd. by ; ; . j". : . ■■-...-:>•■■ .liilatior. iif the- two %yaje.r. Gorri. ■■ pVT -: .':' : s-.>-.ini> ■ tto late to aVoid paythg tax.;?s : . : : <i v {. ; >\v'. r i'f.t!H'hi.-="s. Until cninpan-it'^ w.ff-.'. ■,-;>'\.V. '.j. '\ih •■\-,\l, l »U'.n.< i « ; -"n >March Ij anil each ijiwivi/i'ny.;- • .This tax', however,' :giK>p into '"•fTt.^iin JFf.4ttelSc'prtr»asufy! as.'both' com-. i '4. ; ;V!ii.e^'.;.v]a'nii that ih'-nv principal- jilncrs of j .-'^V'tj'syu'isV'are i:i ?;m Krancis-co. -. Thl-- !i-> ! ••'•-•uV''-r.i-!'V-"aii ••'evasion, ai; neither.' pompany ! —U't>^.s.;t'.'et ; .nt"s- -worth o£ busine'ss'.o^t of -this „ l-"'a-/ViUi-ty\ ;. exoipt in- -ill-?' manipulation ' of. j ■.■.■.Vi' : ;vl>;.-. : l>u.t ; :ii tfpVr.aiod; to prevf-nt -.the ?is- i : ---ie^fygx-e|it : 6f t : h*-fr.anchi';ps.f(ir -som.e-- years, j : .\TlJl's^ yS ; ar-.Ass«f ssor 1 'Q^se., ha = .-.-=et' a gtkid ■'^^^■•"•'■■in-'lvuth-frXin.chios. .. ' ■. ' ' .' •'•'-^■■■■.Vi'-.iVr-tr.eC'hivVf' 1 - :'!^-.<--n- very- few .imprprt— ;'.->ifii-n'ts;Tof-.'JTJark'A-'d -.valii*' 1 during- the ' past • ■ : ro:':.:-v>-;;>-'s:ii : a\C.b;'-T.- I )euuty ..Assessor R-'ib- i ' ; . ;- '■-■■'.- -'.-'Vj'.-. "a-ii'd .'what, there- -are'" have. ■:: .'■■. '■■ '.-■' ■■': sviv -by :■ depreciation of- .values- ih ;:•; V-i;\c:^ : .!\v;-:Uvtie's.- -Tiie; . reduction-. Of. tli« j. •■■:.:'. •'-^•i]Vi;:.>V/? r^'l-K .eii> and (.-uufity wMi. ■,w; : ~\\l'^ih::viK-':-<:^n^." I'-'-do .not th.:nK- tli-> ' : --'-'t'^'f:'iV^'V '■uu'-'ii- ; i'i)'nvi:il-'exeeed'- a million and j. ■•■•'-'-•■■.:•':.'■■.• ■•'■•. '. -■ . ■■ ■ SLED BY INSANE ASYLUM. -WaipaiiiEJ'eEpital' Authorities Want Pay v ; ;.'V^;.f.6-r. up port of Thomas H. Beaid's Incompetent Wife'; ■■":.;;'ri'\KL.VND. July I.— Suit was. filed Jn ;';t' : Ki' Superior' Court to-day by Treasurer C | VB/Sf'ley b'n behalf of th.- Stat<} llnspital -.VfOr-InSahe at Napa against Thomas' H. . : - Beard" of Friiitvale *c,r the recovery of ":.?.lt"7J> 00 "claimed due for ihf 'support- and V'lrtalntenance of his wife. Hannah Beard, '•' ;it the hospital :■■ ' : -." • The complaint, prepared by 'Attorney- General Ticey JjivJETord- and ' G«or?p ■' L, Hughes; sets forth that defendant* wifo '■was- -committed to Napa on October- 12,: lSii; remaining there until March 2S.- 1882. }In" .the following November she wa-s! again '■ committea until May 13, 1883; again from ! February 1. 1891: until April 3, I>s93, and! finally once more orr June 23; 1*93,-siie.being at present an inmate. f'iainUff asßerts that Mr. Beard Is liable under the law for the support of his wife ' a'r.d that he Is pecuniarily able to m»ft i the expense; at the rate of ?15 p^r month. , demand fur payment of which has hereto- • ALAMEDA COUNTY PREPARES TWO BIG CELEBRATIONS. Miss Annie May, Hay- Miss Lulu Übboff, "Caliwards' "Goddess." fornia." Oakland Office- S in Francisco Call, '.. ' : -90S Broadway, July 1. •TV <j7 EVER has the. interior of the ll^nnl county made sucT> complete ' | -\] • and elaborate preparation? to ii celebratii a national holiday '• as. these almost coinpU'ted in honor : of ' the Fourth. Early in the summer Oakland dvdded to fnr.cgo the pleasant duty 'of arranging entertainment, for iAlamoda- County^ and this left Hay ward's and I-:-, ermorf- free to act. These, two" towns have put in a month of hard work, and now everything is Ini Readiness for two big di m' ~- ■ '"'•■«• • At. Livermore the- great feature of mad« but refused. Judgment is i ; '-. with lm t fi m >.<>- -DISGRACEFUL ROOKERY." '. . • •, - ■ - - ; ' . — —-~- ■ ■ ■ Property-Owners Protest Against "Brother" Ambrose's Scheme. OA.K LAND, July I.— The battle between It. Ambrose Sander and the .-Fire Department has progressed' another step. . Tcf•day:the following protest was filed with; the '.City Clerk:. .' •■' r-'\' . ■■-„ the Honorable Mayor and the City Council of the City « >f. Oakland - . Gentlemen: -We the undersigned property owners on Eighth and . Franklin streets^ beg leave to- draw your attention to the violation of the tire ordinance by Dr. Ambrose Sander. Some .. time- ago -he, asked permission- toereot ■ a wooden building in the fire limits. His request was denied by your honorable body.. He paid no heed to the denial, but continued with. the erection and was thereupon arrested by Chief ■Ball. He was tried in court and con. victed:- ■ ' ' • . ' ' ." On the 29th of June he aerain coin■ ■ mencod work on his disgraceful rook- • erv and was again stopped by Chief. Ball but by his persistent law-breaking it Is the opinion of your, petitioners -. that "he will succeed li inclosing .his illegal structure and beyond the .". power of the law. • ■"'■''* V . By similar tactics he managed to build aver a hundred square feet (more •' or -less) : -af territory:' to the {detriment ■ ■' of the- neighbors, to the injury if Franklin street and to the disgrace of ■'■■' Oakland, and its government. . '. : To be brief, gentlemen, we ask-you ' -„ make a personal inspection of the premises, declare. it a rlulsanceand or-tier it pulled down-, and. your petitioners will ever pray. • . •■ ' . J. F\ W. SOHST. . .-." : i .... FRED BECKER, ■;'.: . ■-.:'■■ HENRY RUEDT, ;• '. : . : MRS. HALLAHAN*. ' • ■' J.'r: ' ' 'MAS. ACHARD. ALAMEDA COUNTY NEWS BREVITIES DAK LAND, July I.— Divorce suits, were commenced to-day by Mary Williams -t John C. Williams, on the ground ielt>\ and Elsie H. Crawford against William I:. Crawford, for failure to pro: Vide. . -.■•"..' Rev. W. V. B. "Lynch, a pioneer minister and formerly county superint* ibllc Instruction- -and also a member oX'the county Board of Education, is seriously ill a:t his home in San Leandro. M' L: Jones hits li n summoned to answer .the suit of Mrs. Elizabeth .lone- for a" divorce ;on .the ground, of desertion and faUure t« provide. ■ . . asurer. : Jamea B. Barber announced • h ■ appointment of XV. J. Riimage i y wards as County License inspector I Frank Hani' n. who hat beei deputy :'clerk of the Supreme Henry F Peterson, retiring librarian of the PUbiiic Library, was presented with Lutiful seal pocketbook; this mornt a.token from hi? former assistants.. ■jj,; j, .. onnected with the. library for the pasi twenty-live years. . ■ We condition oi Alfred Wilkio. the who was prostrated some weeks by an attack of typbpid. fever, is. ng much appreh* rision. ■ ■ I- j TaLlu Jr., : a baki r. was ■ in< id at the Recelylrig Hospital t<?rday for ;•■>• and recommended for commitment to .an Ihsam asylum. ■ ._ . A New Club Will Be Organized. •■-■ ALAMHJDA. Jury I.— The. prospects are extremely -bright for the formation of a new athletic';- organization to • ■the ■ pliice. of the Kncinal' Recreation Club, ! which passed out of . existence last night. Those- who' have the matter: in charge, Have -received encouragement from unex•nected sources'/and;, the success of the project • seems assured. ■ Lasf-eV^nln'e tno Recreation Club rooms held the most en-: '.thusiaStlc; gathering- in its history. Nearly all: of themprabers took advantage pi the ja^t Opportunity to avail [themselves of ■■the privileges :' of the gymnasium, an : from sundown until midniKht, when it was announced that the club was -dead, 'the headquarters Were crowded; i. ■ Ala nieda : News Notes. • ■ ALAMEDA; July 1.-rThe police made tift'v-rine "hrrt-fts in .June. . The majority of! them -ivere-.for; violation of ;city oral"lTrinc I ** ■■■ ■■ " • " ■* r . ' eYed J. -Whitney, assistant auperintend,nt of the Mutual Life Insurance Coinj-r»anVof San : Francisco . and Mi. M. jlrowniiiK.- a schoolteacher of lone, A mador County. were married W.ednesqay by Bey. Father Fohsy/of St. Joseph's I Cath,,m; Church.. They will reside In Alain- la I atj!23o Versa HU'fi avenue. j. ■■■;. Threateried With Lockjaw. . !■ AIAMRDA;'- July. .I.— Frank. .: Coon of .EaElerave'nue' is In danger of. lockjaw. About aweek ago he ran arusty nail Into his foot.' Uut aside from a slight, wound that bothered htm for a couple of days .he experienced no serious results; Last night when he arrived home he began to suffer i "ti-Frible.j)'a : in.from .the -injured foot and . mr J N. young was summoned. Blood : poisoning had set in and -.wore Indi-1 cations; that lockjaw would follow. To-day Coon is. resting nomewhat easier but his I condition ie critical. .....; , TITE SAN FEAN CISCO CALL,, SUNDAY, JILT 2, 1899. emonstratlon will be the parade of the Industries of Tesla. This town, which lias come into existence during st threi years, is rapidb grow! Its coal industry Is being supted by others. The minors have prepared a novel and Imposing demonstration, which will oc'cupj a prom. • in the parade. The towns end ■■;' ' '■■ i >unty will join with Livermore in U 1 .'- ; ■ tion. At Haywards it is expected tJi^r-will'be another big ■■'.■■-■ < .\.l. Nothing ■ gie< ted tl ■ I .to the enjoyment of ■> typica.l Fourth. Money ly subscribed, and the KEEPER OF INSANE KEATING'S TRIAL PROVES A FARCE I Hospital Scandal Is Investigated. FINAL ACTION IS DEFERRED WITNESS IGNORES AND DEFIES ' , . A SUBPENA. ; Matron McDonald Not Permitted to | Tell All She Knows, While the Warden's Story Is Uninterrupted. Oakland Office San Francisco Call, .... 90S Broadway. July 1. The fat.- of William J. Keating, warden of the insane at -the Receiving Hospital! whose conduct and participation in a fistic encounter with Isaac Barnett. over the tatter's : young daughter has been under Investigation, will probably be determined by the Board of Supervisors next Wednesday morning. Keating's trial before the Supervisors this morning proved a decided farce. Hart North, the man who fathered Keating's j appointment, appeared asa prominent lis- I tener and the defense was conducted by j Attorneys George Reed and Fred C. Clift. ! District Attorney Allen questioned the j witnesses for the board. ! .The trial had been Bet to commence at ! 2 o'clock, at the request of Supervisor ■ Church, who, however, did not put in an appearance until 3 o'clock, and after Dr. C L. Tisdale had given testimony. Supervisor Wells had previously opposed proceeding in the absence of Supervisor Church and owing to the absence also of Miss Kitty Welch, who was considered a formidable witness against Keating. "This affair is a rank farce," said Mr. Wells. "I came to attend a full board. I am surprised, too. to learn that this Miss Welch can't be found. At any I rate, I am quite ready to vote In this matter without further testimony." j .Then followed talk of whitewash, postr pbnement and partiality. The first important witness was Miss i Selma Barnett, the 19-year-old daughter ' of Isaac Barnett of 110 Fifth street, whose keeping company with Keating had In, duced her father to visit the hospital one night three weeks ago and attempt to thrash the warden. Witness gave her age as 19 years, and the gist of r story was that there had been | nothing Improper between the • ward, en and herself. She said "the row arose over the fact that her father didn't want me to go with Mr. K*eating." She denied ever having called at the hospital after 9 o'clock. of evenings or that she was ever in Heating's room in his company with . the door locked. She claimed she went there frequently to visit a feeble-minded girl and secure magazines and papers from the warden. She admitted having 1 met Keating at street corners and that .he presented bouquets to her. Her testimony was also favorable to Keating. Isaac Barnett, the young lady's father, was next called and 'reiterated his story of the fight on' the hospital lawn; how he bad warned his daughter not .to keep company with and meet Keating. "1 also warned Keating." continued j Harriett, "and when I learned it was be- I ing unheeded I called at the hospital and demanded an interview with this man. He told me he didn't have time— not even three minutes. Then I told him he would 1 soon walk. the streets, for I would tell the Supervisors. Then he called me a 'Sheeney' and said 1 couldn't do anything. I had nothing against Keating personally, only I believed he was too' intimate with my daughter." Barnett denied a statement made by Keating in print that the girl came to tho warden to seek sympathy because she was treated cruelly by her father. Mrs. J. Dolan corroborated Barnett's latter denial, and Drs. Stratton and Samborn testified that they had never ; seen anything improper at the hospital or In Keating' a conduct.'. •Sheriff Rogers was next called to tell how he had been frustrated in supenaelng Kitty Welch. When he called at the •Welch' residence the girl had locked the door and • concealed herself. Later her father. Dennis Welch, also" testified 'that his daughter denied the published statement wherein she is said to have declared thai Keating acted improperly with her (in a certain occasion. Welch' Bald, too; that he would not allow his daughter to attend as a" witness. Tho star witness of the investigation was next called' in — Miss Battle McDonald, matron at the hospital. She told of having frequently seen Selma Burnett v:irlnu? committees have Rrranged a t novelties. < >n< of the Ceafrurea of the parade will be thi Liberty float, over which the beautiful Miss Annie May will reign as Goddess. Another • "The L'nion," will be ruled by Miss Lulu ['bhoff, who as California !:;is thr natural ri^ht to control •■ill th« ither States. Ai the Haywards Opera-house ther^ \\\\\ l" matin and evening performances of "In Idaho." !;■ Oakland th^re will be exercises at Telegraph and 'Now Broadway In the .morning and at the First Methodist Chjirch in the eveolng. There wHI -be rib parade or fireworks display, as the citj a<?epted thy Invitation to 1 ntertalned at Haywards. and Keating together In th« latter' s room. aN" described the fight between Barnett and the. warden. A question as ! to T whether^ she had ever seen anything in Keating unbecoming a gentleman was ruled" out. , Matron McDonald. next "jt.pVd - of iwmer•us complaints made to "her/by women patients Who claimed Keating had insulted them. "One of these," said the matron, ' "was Mrs. Mary Leach! held for insane. She told me Keating had insulted her and that the had ordered him out of her room, tolling him she was a married woman. Mrv. Leach was not committed to an asy; lum." Supervisor Church now took witness in ; hand and for a time she was virtually bulldozed and it appeared as though she, ; and not Keating, was under investigation. Witness admitted sin- -was unfriend. ly with Keating because of numerous misunderstandings. She Wftfl out short when she attempted to relate what Miss Kitty Welch had told her about Keatlng*s conduct to her. [ Steward Borchert of the hospital testii fled that the whole trouble was brought -about owing to Harriett's visit to the hospital. He said thai the other members of the family frequently called there to use the telephone. Isaac Barnett Jr. was the next witness corroborating his father's story. When asked by Supervisor Mitchell as to the i objection against Keating and his sister I "keeping company, witness replied: "Ow- i ing to their nationality— that of Jew and Gentile. Gentiles do not frequently marry Jews.' Warden Keating was next put on the rack. He vigorously declared that the! relations between himself and Miss Barnett had been purely those of friendship. ) He testified that on the night of his enl counter with Barnett the latter had ac> cused him of having ruined his daughter; I ; that Barnett called him vile names and • ■ struck him; thai after the row the girl I came to him at the hospital again, but j he had advised her to go home. "As to the Kitty Welch affair," continued Keating, "she was attending her ! mother at the hospital. One day i met | her in the sinkroom and she was cracking I Ice. She told me her lips were sore and i jokingly 1 suggested that some girls use i 'two-lip' salve." Witness admitted he had put his foot against the door and said. | "All who pass here must pay toll," but I I said that he was "joshing." '• Warden Keating was permitted to tell his story without an interruption save one, and when that was made Supervisor | Church noted thai "it came from the other side of the house.." Supervisor Roeth took exception to the remark, de; claring there were no two sides to this j investigation. Both he and Mr. Wells i expressed their readiness to submit the ; fate of Keating to a vote, but on motion \ of Supervisor Talcott, "the whole matter ! was taken under consideration until next I j Wednesday morning." ■ ■■ Friends of the warden are working ! tooth and nail to Insure his retention. \ and it is believed now thai Keating is ; almost certain of the votes of Talcott .Mitchell and Church. Gilligan's Trial Very Slow. OAK I. AX I >. July l. -The trial (if James GUligan for the murder of John Epperson .■.I thi Km-ryvl!!' racetrack last Marcti i? marked by slow progress. The various narratives given by the witnesses thus far are exceedingly hazj as tv how ;i!limm struck his victim t i i * fatal blow with the knife Henry J. Dwyer, Thomas j. Hansen, Henry If. Pierce and j. .!. Kenny testified to-day, but failed to throw much light on the tragedy. Owing to the absence of another Important witness the case went uver-until next Wednesday. Three R?ctors Have Resigned. OAKLAND. July L— Three of the five Episcopal rectors of this cfty have handed in their resignations. Rev, V. Marshall Law is the lirst on the list, though his departure is not entirely voluntary* Rev. ■F. J. Mynnrd of St. John's parish has also resigned to atfeepi n cat! to Hanford, and finally Rev. James Hulme of St Andrew's parish. West Oakland, has resigned, to take effect to-day. He has received an appointment from the Bishop of the diocese and Will enter on his n< w duties at once. Money Now in Sight. OAKLAND, July I.— The new fiscal year opened to-day, and the Mayor and Auditor Breed discussed the city's financial condition. An Inspection of the funds and delinquencies showed that all outstanding bills against the city e;in be paid, although some ampunts will have to be held for months. The full force of Street sprinklers was put to work to-day, and other gangs were sent out cleaning the streets. Ail Went Over the Grade. OAKLAND, July I.— Four horses; a big •Wfttf'in and five tons of peaches went over a >!••• grade on the Fish ranch - • road this morning, and the whole outfit rolled for 150 {••<■'. J. D. CuthUl, the driver, lumped from the runaway team and escaped with a few severe, bruises. Th.-horses were badly skinned, but none were killed or seriously hurt. Th*' .brake broke en the steepest part of the road and the wagon pressed .on the., wheelhorses, causing them to break. away. '. . A Razor After the Ball. OAKLAND. .Tuly !•— A warrant was issued to-day in the Police Court, for the arrest of C. Alexander, a. colored man, mi a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. His ditsky accuser is Miss Hattie- Dove, who States that while she: -was leaving dance hall with her escort 'Alexander; evidently jealous, struck her and then wield-" ed a razor in a most threatening manner. TELLS HOW HE SPENT MONEY OF DEAD INMATES Blind Home Board Goes Alter Hays. SANDERS MISSED A FUND BELONGED TO BLIND MEN WITHOUT HEIRS. ♦ When Superintendent Sanders Re- j turned to the Institution He Found the Money Had Been Used. v — Oakland Office San Francisco Call, ' 90S Broadway, July 1. . The board of directors of the State Home for Adult Blind passed a resolution at a special meeting that Implied a misuse of certain funds thai had been left in the treasury four years ago when Colonel Jack Hays assumed the superintendency. The resolution was as follows: Whereas. During the years prior to November '■'■". !->#">. there had accumulated In the hands of the superintendent of this home. Mr. Joseph Sanders; a fund received as follows: Many inmates whose lives ended in the institution left to him small sums of cash; having no heirs to claim the same, he was treated as ex-offlcio trustee of such sums and deposited them in the bank, where they were held inviolate. it being the intention of the board to permit the accretion of such a fund until it might be used in some significant way for the benefit of the blind; and whereas, when Mr. Joseph Sanders was succeeded by Mr. Hays be checked the said fund over to Mr. Hays as ex-offlcio trustee; and whereas, when Mr. Sanders succeeded Mr. ■ Hays, on June 1, 1R99, and subsequently thereto he requested that said fund be cheeked back to him. Such request has not been complied with, and. upon ■ inquiry at the bank, it Is found that Mr.- Hays checked the said fund out in the spring of 1896; therefore be it ' Resolved, That the secretary of this b< ird be and he is hereby ordered to request of Mr. Hays the Immediate ' 'restitution Of said fund, and that he. .transmit with ' his request a copy hereof. . ' Colonel Hays says there was only about $30 in the fund when, he took office, and he used it in a proper way. •■I see the board hal requested the rei turn of this money," said ex-Superintend, ent Hays to-day. "It was spent to help the unfortunates, and a portion of it was spent in burying one of the blind men. i The vouchers for the expenditure are all ' on file at the home." EATING SHRIMP SALAD NEARLY CAUSES DEATH MRS. J. N. BECKMANN SUFFERS FROM POISONING. Ate Heartily of the Shell Fish and Was Immediately Attacked With Violent Illness. AT.AMKI'A. July 1. Mrs. J. X. Beckmann. of Pacific avenue and chestnut street, barely escaped death on Wednesday night from ptomaine poisoning resulting from eating shrimps. Soon after partaking of shrimp salad she was taken violently ill. She had the prt seni ■ -i mind to' take an emetic, and tv that fact she probablj owes her life. Mrs. Beckmann purchased some shrimps at an Oakland market and" prepared som< salad with them for her even- Ing meal. She alone at.- heartily of the dish and shortly afterward was attacked with violent cramps. She grew rapidly worse and took enough oil to act aa an emetic. It afforded her some relief and a physician was not sums that' night. The next morning Mrs. Beckmann's condition was serious, and l>r. K. M Keys waa -cut for. }(•■ pronounced her ailment ptomaine poisoning. The doctor states that the shrimp had probably 'aid in the market until .: had produced the poison In them, and that had Mrs. Becfcmanh not taken the emetic promptly fatal results would have followed. New Water Rates in Force. OAKLAND, July L— The new schedule of water rates that was fixed last February goes into effect to-day. All hills am now made out to the Contra Costa Company for althpugh th.- actual consolidation 'cannot take place till July -". tne business is all transacted as though there were inn one company. T!ie new schedule, according to iy.sident Dlngee, will decrease Hie rates a lit• i many small householders and will • ... them for people who have large lawns and other luxuries. The price tor hydrants is lowered, but the additional number placed in the annexed territory Will result in at; increase of the total income. Death of Mrs. Phelps. BERKELEY, July 1.- Mrs. Jane M. Phelps died yesterday at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. James T. Farley, l' 4»:. Charming way. Deceased was ;:> years of age and a native of Hartford, Conn. The funeral Is to in- held at the residence to-morrow, after which tlie remains will i... seni i" Jackson, Amador County, for burial. Fire in a Planing- Mill. BERKELEY, July I.— This evening about 6 o'clock the • nglnehouse belonging to the planing mill owned by Niehaus Brothers on Third street, near Delaware, caught fire. F-or a. time the flames threatened to spread over to the lumber-yard ami to the machine-shop, bui the prompt action of the F*ire Department averted the danger. The damage done amounted to about $500, which includes the loss <>f both lumber and machinery. Berkeley News Notes. BERKELEY, July L— The Board of Trustees, sitting as a committee of the whole, last night resolved to cany out the projected opening of Walnut and Wools' y streets. Walnui street la to be extended from Hearst avenue to University avenue. Rev. Benjamin F. Sargont of Petaluma, who lias accepted a call from the congregation of the North Berkeley Congregational Church, will preach his inaugural sermon at the morning service to-mor- r<>w. The Century Club held a very successful entertainment at their club this evening Officers for the coming year were Installed. NOW ITS COPY-BOOKS. The School Board in Trouble From Rescinding Its Contract With the Crocker Company. The H. S. Crocker Company will enjoin the Board of Education from signing a contraci with Qinn «X: Co. to furnish copybooks for the next two years. The board recently rescinded its contract with the Grbckef Company, which ha<l two years tv run. The board justified its action upon the ground thai the "California vertical aystem," as it is called, was faulty and out of date. The board also declared that the contract with the Crocket Company had not been drawn up in accordance with law. Superintendent Webster is said to have reported the Creeker copy-books to be unsatisfactory, and this, it is said, led to the rescinding of the contract with th>("rocker Company, which was tor four years. The company has now a two years" supply of the books pn hand, and hs the action of the hoard means a bier loss to the concern, the hoard will ba enjoined by the Crocker people. REV. MR. LAW GIVES NOTICE OF DEPARTURE Sensational issue of "Choir and Nave." HE WILL NOT PREACH TO-DAY A LONG FAEEWELL. BUT NOT A WORD FOR VALENTINE. The Rector Announces That He Will Go to Some Warm Place and Says His Record Cannot Be Beat. OAKLAND, July I.— Rector Law of the Church of tin- Advent has announced that he has accepted the terms offered him bj the vestry to vacate his charg< the church pamphlet to be issued to-mor* row ti:i rector saj s : "The vestry of the Church of th. 1 Advent has granted a leave of absence to t!i»- rector for thr>-- morrths, to th»' end of September. In the meantime the Rev. .Mr. Goss has arranged to preach the morning sermon and Mrs. Law will be organist. '■■ will go to Fresno me other warm place In July. During his absence he will write occasional lei ters foi thi I 'holr and Nave." One-half of the pamphlet is devoted to a self-lauOatory resume of the rector's wirk since he Went to the church,, and he chalh nges any rector in the tli"L-«_.-o to show as good a record. The article is in the nature of an obituary. It says: "Sine.- tu- was taken with nervous prostration, th. ith of October last and following that broke his collar-bone, so thai be wai not able to officiate Christmas, l the rector has been in his plai c in the chancel must of the time, and the fa I that the choir save seven new anthems on Easter, all ol which the rector taught ! thorn, rejoices '<■ - heari to the utmost. A synopsis of the changes In this parish in four years maj not be amiss. H< has pre■ \ 130 for confirmation; baptized IIW; organized three societies, two of which. the Chancel Guild ahd St. Margaret's • i.uiM are prospt-ring try-day. He vs superintendent of the Sunday-school, vunder his management, has incr< ised from about 50 to v". and the offering-, increased m about M a Sunday. "The rector has had full charge of the choir as choirmaster during the whole time "i his Incumbency (Mrs. I.i« the very efficient organist), and the choir was increased from about twenty to over fifty volunteer members, and at all Linn s has had such an esprit de corps that. there were many appl cad for membership. The choir chancel has been en-: larged and new pews added, andMhe en-, tire ' hoir revested t" the number of sixty and tl ents paid for! . burinjj hia sojourn of four years the church ing has been entirely paid f"r ;in<: "the church cuns 'I he main phun ii, which holds somi 500, recuJshioned ami ivcaroeted and paid for. The choir roj:i> has been remodeled and considerably enlarged, cupboard put in. newly carp ted, and a kltehen added; tne Sunday -■ room enlarged, reseated, repainted, recufHlorved; and a rector's ru.iru a . the Sunday school librarj" replenished with 130 volumes and a systematized catalogue printed of th.- entire >'■"" volumes. "The church windows t<> the ntimber of twenty-six were replaced with nctf sr lined glass, put in at a coat of over New walks, new vestibules, th» church organ refinished and the Sundayschool chapel painted on the outsid< to-day the chapel and church stand without an equal In Oakland.- and do not owe 1 a dollar. Is there a man in this diocese who can show a record to compare with this?" fn the whole pamphlet there is not a single mention or the rector's ex-warden, .). .1. Valentine, who has been credited In former issues of the Choir and Nave with paying for nearly everything referred to in the rector's farewell. URGED TO SELECT CALIFORNIA STONE MANUFACTURERS FULL STRONG FOR HOME INDUSTRY. F. A. Vanderlip Frbmises to Carefully Investigate the Material, for the New Postoffice. The executive officers of the- Manufacturers' and Producers' Association' -.have been hard al work for months past to have 'I"' new Federal structure, known as the new. postoffice building, constructed of material quarried in this. State. Fpr a time It appeared that their ' efforts would fail, and thai the grranite of distant Maine would be used in the San Francisco building. ■ • . : Thai all kinds of "polls" ;irc being exerted at Wtshington and that if the- l>i«. contract goes Bast some one will be greatly benefited In a pecuniary way is L r ' p. rally conceded. . ■ • . II i> to offsei these Influences that the association's members are striving-- so hard. The latest'move made t" this end was a communication sent by Manager Goodwin, by direction of the directors, to Hon. F. A. Variderllp, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, riow-at th«- Palace Hotel, calling to his attention the Importance of this subjeel to the people of the State. He says it is not the purpose >>t' the association to espouse tin- cause at any particular bidder, but to urge upon broad grounds that the producing Interests of this State sho.ula be recognised in cases like this, where the Federal Government is about t>> make an expenditure df public money for the purpose of providing a public utility for the people of this city and State. Continuing he' says: We believe that a fair and impartial investigation of the resources .of California in this respect, which ws feel sure from our knowledge of your Career and reputation as a public off!-, cial will be made, will convince you that the building mat-rial for the San Francisco Postofflce can and should. b< quarried in this State, and lik< wise that the policy heretofore followed by the Government in pursuance of the wishes of the people as expressed in Congress by which the manufacturing and producing interests of the ci ast have been favored In competition with the Easi in tenders for the construction of war vessels by a differential of l \u-r cent in price is one to which no fair-minded citizen of the country may take exception and is a concession to which ibis coast is justly entitled. You are about to Investigate a matter Involving the expenditure of a large slim ot money, contributed by the people of the country •'' lai-.ue for a public building, and w« .believe that you should be in receipt of Information as in the feelings of the mercantile community In this city who are deeply Interested In this building and who have no particular lnt< rests in the Individual bidd< rs, Mr. VanQerlip's reply, as here given, was very satlsfactorj to the association: Dear Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge your letter of June 27 reeardtng the selection "f grrahlte for the United States Postoffice at San Francisco. 1 have been much Interested in the views of the board "f directors of the Manufacturers' and Producers' Association, as set forth In your it tter, and those vifw« shall be gfV€n due welgUt Viry truly yours. F. A. VANIiKKLU'. Assistant Secretary. Will Close on the Fourth. • The wholesale millinery house's of F. ToplitZ & Co., Hinz & Landt. Holm & Nathan. R. L." Toplitz & Co.' "and Butler, Schutze '& Co. have agreed to close "their stores until Wednesday, the sth Inst. They will not be open again until that date. 17 r No Liquors—Just ; f i : / ; cl^\Qpod Groceries • . .-■ '-.▼•■ ' We can't put ■ all pur -^savings into one advertise-f ynent. : ■'".': •■.• v f We are constantly striv-J yng to make life. worth -liv-f 'in g t ' fc^ose who 'must "count v . y.he -cost of living. . :.;■' . '• \ J Necessaries and luxuriesy \ — scan these prices: ■!.-'[■ : ...v S Granulated -.19 lbs. .$] $ ■'■■'.!-:'^'.-;. ; '' '•'.•■■' . O-.yl. We o">nr(t hatHlle'ChiJia "-. . i . ;•;.'.».;:. '..;.- ; ."sy«aT.. .': .Ojir price i'owx. patriot- -f .'.^.V.:.;.-.'--'..'.'lsisj''ar?both light. "■. ■■ '■ • : '' ' : --'A JOliveOil bot 35c! .;*..' Cr<?.=s &JBlackweU l .s; pure olive. .. : ':':■ W .rSapolio . :. ; cakes 25cf :;. ; 4 •■■. ■■;.. ■ ' Tor kitchen ntcTKilß, and to . 4 : : --Tr, ■</■ '■• brighten everj^thing; jr?g.^ fdf 259. \\. JPyle's Pearline ".:• 7 pkg 2")cJ si : |r}.'.: '_.v-V\y&"shi'ng 'made>asy.; :''■ ;C- i" ;. ' .;. ■ '■'-.(} ?Salsoda 20 lbs 25c# 50da.'..../:..;.;.:pkg sc'{ / -^cli ill (rig's Best. •• -.:-. . . .:! •• : ';!:#.! J> Prunes Choice Fit -.7 lbs 25cf ■":. •*'■•■.:■ "t-'-i-TRl ima.iceTOoja per next reason's crap. A ; J\\'hole \\lieat FlOur^.^lScV ■;■;¥■ ■■'■-■'.• : .-A-':o.w.price;ioib sack/ .; ';■••. -;T Flour iolbsk : 18cf_ -■•' j||. yvV'-lfncsh stock; tat price?. '.' s.' ■.'..'■/ 9 ; i»C()rn Meal, Eastern 1 7c^ . . ■^' : '. :■'■ .'■ ust'.i'n; never Bold so low; 10 1b sk. i ; <s%J<i d. .■ Dressing . . . ; . . . , j 15c^. v..;.,^-".- :O .; : ;V-r,i}ld'iI'edal brand; large bottle.; : ']■ V ? White : / Beans . . . . : 1 2 lbs; 2">c J. .fci^o;; Beaiis : : . . . ., 12 lbs 25c\ ■::,f ■••• -:■ :;.-Th'e'.c;ainp'ers-S.|Bijlg'lit : and the . :. :T- - :':A^.V : :;.ii::'icr4 stand-by.' .;'■;•.: • • . :. • A >Patti de Foi Gras 15cJ r?', v •'■. ; .Vj: B .Kilhac;. . Keg. 25c. ■'■'■ .'■ ';.j- -'■* f^eMarchand Sardines. 22 f,c' ' :-.;-jPV;''-'--V-;^tafljiard'; boneless. " ,V. -.-. i ' -\y~ :■ I (^Sardines .... 2 cans 15c^ '^ ■' ' ■■'■Albert Roche's ■• .' : • ■„ '■;■ k Catsup Phoenix Brand .10q^ ,;>^r:;.. \:ists't;].va>ic-riiicri--w-(oi>. ■ ,' •■''&- -aC^lvcs Imported ;.:■.. :qt;2oc i . •:^:.- ■■:v.-s:(ai'ilsh;.. lane flavor. .. •■ . '.* JRipe Olives : ; : ..,:;.../.,,qt 20 G t'r..(lVi;.' '.I :trf^c.tion injuring. ■■'■•.■.■.' ,^.- - EIGHT, SAVfNG STORES: Xf ■^•JSJ-Mai -.-■ -X "f „'M3niP6lk St; 8. F. . '■■& ■ .."■■;■.- f>»k • : .-. ,-rnVk At,' ltcrkeleyf. :-"■ jfl'jciiSAVi Kl,i;! : K'*-on, " ■ ;' Central'. A v.. Aia.-iieii^ ". laid .v ■■■:■'■! A> .-V "' - r ;7thi Wc«jd.:Oiik. • ;' : f : DR. KILMER'S REMEDIES. . ;. : \. j KIDNEY AND BLADDER : ;.. TROUBLES PROMPTLY CURED. ; A Sample Bottle Sent Free by Mail. ' ;. .".. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Hoot, tho won- ' r derful new discovery in medical science-, fulfills .every wish In promptly curing • kidney, bladder and vtrie acid troubles, . j rheumatism and pain. in-, the. back. It | correct^ inability to • hold water. .'..nd | scalding pairi in passing it. or- bacl : ef-; ; fects following use of .' liquor, ' wine or; : ':..:'-. j beer, and overcomes' that unpleasant . '.: I necessity of being- compelled to-. go .often '.• :°; during the day. and. to get up... many ..-.' times during -the -night.. '..The mild and '':'"■ the. extraordinary effect of ■ '.Swamp-' .....' Root is soon realized-.- It stands the .' :. highest for Its wonderful cures of the 'j '• .-■ most distressing 'cases.. ; ' .■■' '*] ■■ ■'■■• ■„ ■;/■ ] If you heed a- medicine, you should ..'; have the best. Sold! by druggist ih'.flftj'^ ,' : •■■-.' cent and. one dollar sizes. . You" may . . ■■ I have a sample .bottle .of this wonderful '" ' ; I new discovery and a booh that "'.tells all -." ;■ about it. and its great-cures, bofft sent •.•-"/• absolutely free., by. mail. ; Address: Dr. ■ ; •>". Kilmer & Co.. Binghamtorij N. Y. When -, '„ writing mention that you r=ead;.thT?.geh'4 ;. : ; :: erous offer in the San. Franeiscq-.^Daity : .. |_ fall. , .-. .. •■■ ■ NEW WESTERN HOTEL, . . V KEARNEY AND \VASItINGTON- STi»i— UB- : •/ modeled and renovated. KINO, WARD A . • : : ! CO. European plan. Rooms, §0c to Jl-50 day; -•„ • <C to iS week; $8 to $30 -month.- Free baths; hot . •" ' I and cold water every room; flre grates In. overt •**• '•' i room; elevator runs all night. ■ ' .. ;.-' , ; - •:. > I ..... .~rr—' . . .- ■ .■'.'■• °. "- : . .. ' OCEAN. TEAVBI*. ' ■ ■:". ■=* ■ .' ■••'. Pacific Coast Steamship toi^'y) I,■^ ' . " .Steamers- leave BrbadiwJ!! ■'•.•'■.•■ ! sCThiw ' . wharf.. Pan : Francisco;-.' '". '.•-' i M^»y ' For Alaskan ports*. 10/ a. m.> ■'■■. : fM^X^yk^*- ' JllI >' •"•■ ! '• '"'• -"'■ '-' : - 30> August - : i Km^^ 4,-. change at Se.atfle. : . ••' ".' ! WBCiH^«i ' For- .Vi.-t ■•ria. Vanrouver (B. ". .. "-. B^&fV^A? C.). : Tort Townsend. ; HeAttte.- ■.-•••.• r^**^^ni-'«M Tacoroo. .Kvefett.' An«corteft ■ .-•-. ■ aad Xeij- Whatenm (Wasft.Vj- : •■.•; . 10. a. m. July "■. 10,' IB.' 20. -2."; . •' . • ' 30 August 4. and everr. fifth day thereafter.:' •-..' ohanpe nt Seattle to: thifl company's steamers.;.. ;._; for Alaska and G. N. Ry. : at Tacoma to.N:- r. ■ ■=- ' Hy. , at Vancouver- ta^C. 'P. Ky. : . -.. • -. • .-% ;.- FVir Eureka illurr.ln-'ldt Bay)..? p. m... July 3, -' -. . -.. j S. 13. IS. '23i 88, August 2, and; every fifth 'lay. "7 ■■ I thereafter. I..- •"• . . ' ■ ■„ ' - •' : For Santa 'Cnl7. Monterey, Pan .-Blmeotji -. :; . Cayucos, Port Harfnrd jSan . Luis <->i<>*v <>. ,-. i Oa'vin-ta. Santa Barb&ra. .Ventura. H.uenern.e. •■•■..-- : - -' ?an Pedro. East Sah.'.'Pedm (Los Angeles) an.a -. I Newport. 1 a. m.. .Inly. 3. 7. 11. 15, 13. 23. 27. 31.. .-...•• : Aucust 4- riM .■v--r> fourth day thereafter.'- ' '._ '.-.'i Par San Diego; -3topplflg only at Port. Har-'. -.;.-.. ! ford CSan' X.iMs Ohl?r.o>. Panta Barbara, Port •■ . .'.-; i U>a Angeles and Bed nd >i Vi - ■■•-'. 11 ay.-- : ! m. July 1. 5..9; 13, 17. 21. . 85. 29,' August-. 2,\."- ;.-.,■ and . ev»rv fourth- day thereafter. ■ '.'■'.: '. ■ ..'.• .'. j. For F;n<«e.nada, Ma^lalena Bar, Pan Jose del -..-..-■• i Cabo', Mazatlan. Altata. La l':*r. Santa, Rosalia- ■-- ;.■ ■and Onaymas (Mex.). 10 a., hi., il .ea.cA. ; .-: ■ i month.- ' --' •' ■•' • . :■■■ ■. " '.'. -.'.. i For' further iriformatlnn obtain folder;-- :'■ -:.\ .., The- company, reserves tlie right to" change. ..•". ; wltKorit pfpvloua-lwtlce steamers, pailips-d3te»-..-..- •' i nrid.'hours of mailing. • - : "•' :' j . tICKKT; in--*- kt. —4 \'in- Montgomery/.-.' ■.'-. =tr^Pt iri«'arp' Hotel). :" .• -'". . r ;-.V/: : ' -.'-r - = ;:..'• ' GOO.DA'LiI; -PKRK.INS ft CO.. Gen Acts.;: .... • '.-. ..- '..' '. , l/i Market st,, San FrancJsco.."- ..'•.■••. : : ■ ' ■ ■ . • r ~ r 7 ~ r^'~^~- r ■ ■•::•.■':.- ■";-'- : '.'V" PACIFIC ;COASTJTfAMSHIP CO. STEAMER UMATILLA, -\ I Sailing from San .F rancisco JULY 15, i Will ronnfot at =■!•••■ w.(h jh» North Ameri T V"/-,'.- : . ■cftn-Tradlnß ttt\ ' Transportation (■'•>rnpnny-5.".-.-:'i-..: ■ I ctfaraer Roannke for st. MICH A XI.P. <;« iLO--- -,' • ; \'i\- RAY CAPE NOME and all points on the. ...V ; j YUKON RIVER. '•;,• . : ■'.•.• Thrill rates quoted, through tickets sold, •'■-. '.'■ through bills of lajine piven. TICKET OFFICE. 4 New Montgomery St. GOODALL, PERKINS « CO., On. Agents, 10 Market ?t.. Pan Francisco. THE 0. R. & N. CO, DISPATCH FAST .STEAMERS TO PORTLAND ■ ■ From Fpear-?treet Wliarf at 10 a. m. rinr *i 2 First Linsi lnclndtns Berth* rAlilL >« Second Clam and .Meal*. Columbia Falls June 22; July 2, 12, 22. State of California sails June 17, 27; July 7. 17 27. "Short line to Walla Walla, Spokane. Butto. Helena and all point? !n the Northwest. Through tickets to all points East.- -'- E. C. WARD, General Aftent. ISO Market st -jet. GOODALL., PERKINS & CO.. Superintendent. ' . ■ AMERICAN LINE. NEW YORK, SOUTHAMPTON, LONDON. PARIB „; • • / stopping at Chertmursf. vestbaund. ■/,• •■'■'■■'?- '-. From New York IJverv. Wednesday, 10 a. ro. -." •$ "!"• • \v York ...-. ..Tulv lifl -■ I^ouls .... Alienist 9 = -■•'■• . Paul -..laly 19 Ft. Paul ... .. AurusU'lB'- : <- -, N-v.- York- ..Aic^t 2 New York ..August 23;. . '■;•; _ :.. '•'.■- ED STAR LINE. •"• s'V.w/--'^'-'- - . New York and Antwerp. [■' 7;. .7:. Prom Sew York • Every Wednesday, 12-'..nrioru','"'-;V • . v rdland "."...'.. July 1?! s*outhwark- : ..August J. ■■?.. V Friesiand '....:. .July 19! Westernland ;'.'..: A Mr.- 9. vl.- ';■ Adria ": ;...... :..T.Jily 2<!' Kensington . .:'.'' 19' .',*.■.■ .. EMPiRE line.. : '?:-•}'■. v..: ?•;■;:■.• ;.Vr .. Seattle. St.- Michael. Dawson City'i . \-.;."^-. : : r For full information regarding freight- a!)il.- : p-a=Vv-.-'. -.7 =!tec appfy to • ' "•"... .- ■•..= •■ .-.-".-.■. INTFRNATIONAI. NAVIGATION rOMP'.A'NT. i".'-ir; . •39 Montgomery si . or any of Its. apehcies. '.;■.■ ■.'.'..■ Tova mm KAISHA, QTEAMEnS WIT.I- LEAVE WHARF. COR-..; ''J. ; - ■ v 5 Tier'-- First and -Urnnrian streets, 1 p.. rfi... for '■•■.'.••. YOKOHAMA ana HONGKONG. . calling -'" ' -■• Kobe:'- CHto'^o). N^R-asakl and Shanghai, .anrl ■■:■■■ '■'•■:':' connecting at H'inKk'.ne- • %vlth steamers -for'-- . .'■•■•" [ India, -etc.- No cargo. received on board. on dajr-.',. ■'''■■:■■ j (if sailing.' . • • .-'• .'. " .'.'•.■, NIPPON MART..;.., Wednesday. -July ■.;;...-, ■■'■.■ ; AMERICA MART) Saturday, •'- July '"25. '"" "■■ HONGKONG MAP.!' Thursday. August..' 17 '.-.•.;■ 7- Round-trip tickets at reduced rates.,-; For" v^V." ■ freight -and- paF?atr" apply at company's of flee/ ■...•'• 421- Market St.. corner First. '. - .■' .-' :. • .■;•.'.. : ' .. : W. H. CURTIS, General..'Aßent.. .v.--: 7 ■ PMlßfllAßlltfl S. S. s 3- Australia'--: : ■'.'■ jK fIPSaC ?! *'' ls ' or Honululu '■ .- '"■-• »Wnn»m m, n lav, July 3. at 1 ".' '-'. ; t. p. m. .-.' fL — \- \ s. s. M.irip"sa tmUm'.y'p r flMllrt<J v! Honolulu • arid ./■■:.■■ -. fV;iulillJllll/ Auckland for Sydney- • ■■ • /?Sfflß3i?/,4~ Wednendar. July' ■ 12,: '+;■? t-^ Vyllpulwr at 10 p.' m. • • :'.-•'... Favorite' Line Round' the World, via Hawaii.-' -•...'.; ■ Samoa. New Zealand.- Australia, India, . Suez. .-...-.. Knplarid. etc.: $610 first class. - -.■.-.:.;::;■. I 0. SPRECKELS & BROS. CO.. Agts.. il4 Montgomery ..... • Pier 7, Foot Pacific St. ' Freight Office. 327 Market St. . ; --- . ■ COMPAONI 1 ! GENEEAIiE TRANSATLANTIQUE. " '=:" '■': ; DIRECT LINE to HA VRE-PARIS. •"■■••.•: : M.^ton «. LA CMAMPAGNK July^: LAV NOHMANI'I-K. July If: LA BR^AGNT!.- Julyi .-. 22; I.A OASCOGNE. July 20; LA TO URAINB. : .-. ; ; : ; August 5. First-class to Havre, V* and -up*-.. -.: . wan! 5 per cent reduction on round trip. Sec- ■ ■ . uWf™ BTATKB AND CANADA; ti .Bryc^X/ Pry "av-e.. San- Francisco. i -•.*.-; BAY AND RIVEB STEAMEKS^ STOCKTON EXCURSIONS. ;: THE STEAMER 11. J. CORCORAN .v. ". . Will leave WashiiiKtoji-street wharf at sa. m. ;. • daily ■ rrtiirnlnii from Stockton at 6 p. m. . , Sda >•' (Saturday excited). Regular steamers . - ." . . 1 leave Washington-street wharf at 6 p. m-., ; d a.iy '-^VfSrnia^av.and IMP. CO. •"■ „"• Telephone Main 805. , ' , " -FOR U.S. NAVY-YARD AKD YALLEJOJ :. Steamer "Monticello." . ■•-; WON..' Tues..- Weds. Thurs. and Gat. at 9:4* a. m.. : 3:15. 8:30 P. m.. (ex. Thurs • ni^ht); r\- • . days 1 d m. and 8:30: Sundays. 10:30 a. m.. i P m. Landing and office. Mls.lon street Dock. , ■:. Pier No. 2. Telephone Main .1503. • ." " ■ TATIR ' ___' '." ■■ f i WEEKLY CALL I JIL v LLIVL I unLL ? $1 per Year. . ; Enlarged to 16 Pages ;

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