The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 19, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1896
Page 5
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''*'"' 'iow A,- ^BkiiijlY^tBitcfaf : 'iw;. ; smtm _. ftftirdftfi, Who lived itt | Some Years Ago, JFfota His Home. St frbrti Mew to Fairmont, Minh., but ,iv«d Lftt« af'Mankato—Mafrifed the Widow Schweig. !afay Alg6niftfis will remember Wm. irdan, who married the widow of if Schtoeig, Algona's one time iher. Me worked for the Schweigs succeeded to Peter's .place itt due .jti after pis death. The family it to Fairm6nt« Minn., to live, and jrtoMankato, The following sen" [dual story comes from the Mankato [e Press! ,.'m. ttait'dati, who lives in O. Burls' house back of the Baptist church, , been missing for over a week, and ,ve fears are entertained by his Wife what has become of him. He left ,_ie Wednesday morning of last week, St kissing his family, and saying that i was going to work on the ice In the Ivor and would be back at 4 o'clock in ihe afternoon. He took his dinner pail 1th him, but loft his overcoat and [overshoes. Since then nothing has ieen heard of him. The only article isslng about the house is his razor. Mrs. Bairdan fears that her husband ^ay have committed suicide. Her sto- ?y, as told to Humane Officer Sheldon, 3 that Bairdan is her second husband, ihe has known him for 16 years, and [bes not know of his drinking during tat time. There has been no trouble the family, and Rairdan did not evi- lence any despondency. He has not ,jr.ked much the past year, bringing Tome not over $50 during that time. ?here are four small children in the 'ouse, the eldest being nine years old. ilrs. Batrdan has a grown son at Mln- fesota Lake, and she expects to make lor home with him. She is not in (ant, at present. |Tbe case is a curious one, and Mr. aheldon is investigating it. He is of .he opinion that the man has commit*"l suicide. If so, the question is, jere is his body? If above ground it ight to'have been found by some one ' this time. If it is under the ice it ;11 not come to the surface before jring, and may be swept down the iver with the going out of the ice. .Later—Chief'Yates received a. letter ais morning from G. W. Nash, pro- frietor of the National hotel at Albert iea, in which ho states that a man reg- itered at his hotel Tuesday, Feb. 4, as ,ff. L. Rairdan, Fairmont, Minn., and pom the description published in the ^.pers answers to Rairdan who disap- ed from Mankato. Mr. Nash fur- states that Mr. Rairdan is without Jggage, and being in poor circurn- ances he gave him work _ at splitting id piling wood. He seems all right, it acts a little despondent. Money to improved farms. Ijands and Town Property Bought and sold on commission. E. C. MOUNT & SON. |0pera House Block, Algona, Iowa. . Money. I am loaning money on farm lands ; six per cent, interest. Only a small iarge will be made for procuring this tieap money. The borrower can have ie privilege of paying off all or any jirt of his mortgage at the time of pay ;ng interest. J. J. RYAN, f Office over the postofflce, Algona, Iowa. vegetables today and Satur y at Grove & Son's. Removal Sale. [ We will sell, from now until we move r » our new store in the Boston block, 11 watches, clocks, jewelry, and silverware at reduced prices. Call and see ime of the bargains, E. G. BOWYEB, Jeweler. I Co wles' block. 45 BIG AUDIENCE DISAPPOINTED, the Hoyt's in the There AfMp-lo Chffial8»n f as p^esefit'ed ifi Algotfa last Wghi #«*, With sje» e** 'eptioliMtfottplete fftf«e. ^ThS l6Sd* fig chfipafetef-9 had tJB6tt Unde'F the in- uefiee of Water »ofks water 6f some* hing stfrottgef during the day, and were not bouse managers, as they wer aware of it until it was too late." The c6mpafty had evidently hot fully ecoVered at Des Moines, where they appeared Saturday afternoon and even- Bg. The Begister says: "The pei- ormance itself was of ho particular nerit, although much of the work in he piece, such as it is, was fairly well dohe. The company playing it played tdown rather th«n up and Mr. Hoyt's deas were given the broadest possible nterpretatioB. The audience seemed well pleased and the applause was fro* quent and full of zeal." FOR time loans on real estate apply it Kossuth County State Bank. IK addition to a large assortment of jopular styles in jadles' jackets we are (lowing a big line of misses' and children's garments. Galbraith & Co. WHITE cnmb honey at Langdon & Hudson's.-47l2 Brnnl Feed! Shorts! New prices at the New Daisy Mills. HAMILTONS sell stove wood at $1.60 a cord, delivered.—4614 WERE you looking for sweet pota- ,oes, cabbnge, parsnips, and such like? You will find them all at Grove &Son's. Joyt's "Trip to Chinatown" People Go on aSpree-The " Widow" Un- tnblo to Keep Her Feet.' largest audience ever in uera house was present for [•rip to Chinatown." It was iin a disappointed audience. jjre good features, but so many of the srs were feeling the effects of a day's ee that they were unable to do 'tice to their parts, The leading appeared qnoe-in the first act, but i barely able to stand and was taken hotel. While she was on and |ore the opera house company had jnd out that, anything was wrong the inager.went to the box office and his settlement and received bis of the proceeds, .He was deaf to remonstrances later, and, rathei n resort to legal proceedings, which juld be & bad advertisement for the with other companies, the matter dropped. The company came in jm Mason City on the morning train jd, went at once to the Tonnan^ house, here they stayed in their roorps near fjB.ll day, This prevented their oon'< fjon b,ein& known before the curtain gnt up, But it has since leaked, oul the day w«s spent by some o! in carousing, They remained in in the forenoon following, going th to Fort Doijge ftt 8;0| o'clock, jey showed some signs of continuing ejp spree, but Landlord Tennant noti- ^ them early that he would turn pa out of the house if tjiere was any are of it. "So one regrets this occurrence more in she opera house company espe* lly as the attendance was sp large. . neighboring towns s . Ran even, ftites went down to Algona "A Trip to hetr condition, especially the widow. as, to say the least, bewildering Of ourse this Was htt fault of the opera Loatis at (i i>ef Cent. 4.nd the expenses of making the loan ian be paid at option of the borrower. hterest payable annually unless other- vise preferred. The loan can be paid n whole or in part at any interest date. HoxiE & BUUNSON. Go TO J. A. Hamilton & Co.'s for all kinds of wood.—4«t4 MACKINTOSHES in single and double texture, lined and unlined, all colors ind sizes, at Galbraith's. . HIS DEPASTURE MOUBNED. F. C. Mather, a Traveling Tree Pod- dlcr, L,envo8 A lira mi and Forgets Ills Hoard Bill. Algona has harbored a gray haired and smooth tongued representative of the L. L. May nursery of Minneapolis nearly all winter. He has been here two different times. The first time he paid his board bill at the Thorington, 3ut this time he managed to get away eaving a debt of nearly-$60. He also secured livery teams at the Norton jam to the extent of §12.75 which he neglected to pay for, and borrowed money of various parties, among others of-Mayor Haggard. His mime is F. Mather and his address is 202-4 Ave. 23, Minneapolis. While in Algona Mr. Mather was a constant attendant at Methodist religious meetings and claimed to have been a minister at one time. But Rev. Southwell .gave him no recognition, learning that his parchments were held by the Minnesota conference, which meant that for reasons not stated he had been dropped and bad no official relations with the church. He was a constant bible reader at the hotel and had a theory that he could break up card games by reading the bible in the vicinity. Whenever a ?ame of caVds was started he would get his bible and read it as conspicuously as possible, and as near the card table as he could conveniently sit, How Mather got hjs heavy grips out of the hotel is a mystery to Landlord McMurray. He left with his little grip ostensibly to go to Burt. But examination showed that in some way probably in the night, he had removed l his luggage. He .did not stop at Burt. But when he reached Le Seur, Minn., he wrote the following postal card to Mr. McMurray: 11 1 would gladly allow you to take my arm off at m.y shoulder blade with a dut jack knife rather than leave my bill with you as it is. If you can, believe me to be true, and I will do all in my power. "F. C. MATIIEH. It seems on investigation that al Forest City ho beat the hotel out of a $100 board bill in the same manner. ' The livery bill was run on the account of F, C, Austin Manufacturing company of Omaha. He claimed to be their agent to canvass for road, graders and that they would pay for the teams, A telegram has been sent to Omaha and the firm answers that they have never had any agent by that name anc they do not know him, Mather could undoubtedly be brought back for obtaining money under false pretences, but the game is hardly worth the powder. He is a smooth talker and his shortcomings may be re suits of poor business and lack of means But he is evidently an adept at deac beating, ' HucKvvIieat Cakes At the New Daisy Mills. We furnish the flour—you do the rest.—40 CLOAKS, cloaks, cloaks, cloaks Capes, capes, capes! by the wholesal at Galbraith's. PJNK slabs for kindling at J. A, Ham ilton & Co.'s.—46t4 Here! Boiled sliced ham, pickled pigs' feet pickled hooks in gHss jars, sweet pick led corned beef, spiced corned beef; i fullline of choice poultry, also ohoic< bulk, oysters. We are the pioneers, o low prices. MOB BBOS. BARGAINS in Grove & Son'e. dried fruits at M. z JUST what you are looking for at M Z. Grove & Son's, 'HE PKOK IS MM US, Mis Mind thinks AltfOftft Not the Place for & Norftial, •ells Mason City td &c$ Itt tot It—Sajrs Shfc Can Raise $50,500 Whtfe Algohft (Jail $25,000. The following remarkable communi- ation appears in the Mason City Globe-Gazette of the I3th f Comment it is scarcely necessary except to re- all the professor's oft repeated asser* ion that of all the towns in Iowa Al» ;ona is most desirable fof a normal chool. The letter Is as follows! LAtJftENS, Pocahontas county, Iowa, 'eb. 11,1896.^Mr, Charles McNider, Vtason City, Iowa.-^-My Dear Friend: fou have ho doubt taken note of the ewin normal school bill introduced n the senate. The bill has its faults, )ut such faults if not expurgated before mssage can be amended in future leg- siatures, I will, direct the attention if the committee to these fitults. * * Now I would like to see Mason City ecure one of these schools. Are your itizens ready to take hold of the en- erpriseV It is certainly a desirable jnterprise. It is what your city now needs, It will prove a great investment every way—financially, education- lly, socially. I ask you to take a B. J. B. & N. train some morning to Cedar Falls and go out to the normal and ee the great development there. Say nothing to anyone of your visit, but ob- erve. What you find there can be related in 10 years or less time. * * * may as well say, while I am saying, hat you must look to the far future and not to an immediate change. Ten acres or a campus is not enough, looking 50 'ears ahead. Raise $40,000 and put up fine building to start with, yes $50,100, a building that will commend itself or generations. Mason City, can raise 550,000 more easily than Algona 825,000. But I close, Yours as ever, J. C. GILOHRIST. I write to no one else without your suggestion. You can show this letter o whom you think best. THE ACTUAL BEAN SUPPER. Washington's Birthday Will Be Celebrated in Algona •witli Appropriate Exercises. Friday evening the annual Grand Army bean supper will be given in the court house ha.ll. It will be spread and ready at 6 o'clock, and everybody is cordially invited to be present. .The iterary program in the evening will be is follows: ' Song. Glee Club Address on part of the post Capt. D. H. Hutcliins Address on part of the Women's Relief corps Mrs. Mary Vincent Song..., Address—Thoughts as They Occur Rev. Carl Sinclair Song Address—Results of the War on Southern Civilization Rev. Southwell Song Address— " Comradeship:" What Does It Imply? Rev. Landis Song Short stories and talks by Comrades Song The price of the supper is fixed at 25 cents, and the proceeds will go to the 'elief fund. The coffee used is contributed by Langdon & Hudson and is the 'amous " Diamond" brand. Stock Notice. I have purchased a thoroughbred Jersey bull and will keep him at my ivery barn for service. The animal is St. L. of Riverside, No. 37781; sired by Venter's Duke, No. 25751; dam Sunny Wadena. No. 60051. If you are interested in fine Jersey stock call and see this splendid animal. 42m3 S. P. CHRISTENSEN. THE Daily Iowa Capital, Des Moines, eight pages. Iowa's best newspaper, only $3 a year by mail; six months for $1.50, Weekly, 50 cents a year. Lafe Young, publisher, Des Moines, Iowa. THE first fresh vegetables at Grove & Son's. . DR. PRESTON, oculist and aurist, at Dr. Kennefick's, Monday, Feb. 24. Diseases treated; opez-ations performed; spectacles fitted.—47t2 " RELIABLE" Mocha and Java Grove & Son's. at With What ft mftstef hftfrd nS toys 6fl re colors* how carefully h8 works tml II the delicate details of his pftrlj how erfectly with ft wlhk or look be" stresses ah idea. * Mote tb&tt tfffce Ihst yening the immense nudteheeroareti at pose or gesture. Speaking bf the udience, wasn't it & biimfssr? whti ecalls an attraction that has played ere in the last three years ahd ''stood em up'* ns Dillott did last fiif hi? •> ll >as as if an epidemic to attend a show Hd struck the town. Regular theatre atrons, occasional goerB( attd those tho never attend the theatre jostled ach other for admission. Those whb ad purchased tickets in advance got n. The balance got left, but sought onsolatioh in going to the box office nd securing the best remaining seats or tonight, when Mr. Dillon and his pable company hiake their secondap" HAPPILY MABRIED. hns. A. Maney and Miss l/clia May Clark Join Hands and Hearts. Last Wednesday at the home of E. 1. Clark of Llvertnore occurred the marriage of his daughter to one of Kosuth county's bust young meni The ride is a granddaughter of Rivordale's Id settlers, Mr. and Mrs. Elhanon Clark, and the groom belongs to a mlly not less well known. The Ga- etto reports the happy event at length nd we clip a few paragraphs: From 11 we can learn it was a very joyous ffalr, and was attended by 65 of the elatives of the contracting parties, nd if the friends had been invited vilh the relatives the entire front yard vould not have held them. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Waite f this place, the wedding march bong played by Mrs. Amy Clark Arnold. Miss Martha Vought' was bridesmaid nd Charles Brown groomsman. The vedding feast followed the ceremony. A large list of useful and handsome resentH were given to the pair. The jrlde entertained a few of her old choolmates at the homo in the even- ng. After a two weeks' visit with riends at Ruthven, and with their own oiks, they will commence housekeep- ng three miles west of Algona. JOHN DILLON COMING. The Well-known Comedlwn will Play, " Wanted, The JiartU," In Algona, March 5. The Keokuk Constitution-Democrat says: The difference between John Dillon and the generality of actors is the difference between ripe fruit anc windfalls, one lae result of natura growth and maturity, the other the unfinished, imperfect product, The difference was suggested by watching the comedian's remarkably clever worli last evening and comparing it with the monkey business SQ common in these days of horse play and so-called farce comedy. Mr, Dillon's acting is the of a life's patient effort Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair, earance. Ind. have a nice line of fish of Langdon & Hudson,'-47t2 every that Do YOU believe," said he. ovecatt exist withoutjealousy?" Yes, but not without insurance. ioye alms to protect and provide." ;xamlne the Royal Union, J. L. Don- boo, district agent, Algona, Iowa. CLUB HOUSE maple on & Hudson 1 s.-47t2 syrup at Lang- Little girls bake biscuits for a prize at Doxsee's hardware store, March g attd io—-all of which will be ' • fun alive" for the little girls ; but a funnier thing in this connection is found in the fact that they will use * Daisy Mills Flour. Must be the Daisy Mills fiour is all right or they wouldn't use it. Fact is, the little girls (and big girls, too) know a good thing when they see it—that's why they use Daisy "flf. Mills flour for the biscuit baking contest YOU SEE THE POINT, OF COURSE. CLUB HOUSE Iudsou's.-47t2 coffee at Langdon & A m s Gooil Coo Icing Malcus Good IJusbivmls AMONQ THE ADVERTISERS. James Patterson has a now ad. this week m teas. Walker Bros, sell the Chase & Sanborn loffees which were used exclusively at the world's fair. Doxsce is advertising his little girl coolc- ng contest in the outside papers. It comes n a little over two weeks. J. A. Allred was over from Garner last veek to visit his partner, Mr. Brownell, in he shoe store. Mrs. Allred came also. O. B. Durda.ll has rented the building ately occupied by Brownell & Allred and vill use ll for special sales of clothing, etc. Oats are up a cent, now 13 cents. Corn s worth 10 cents, Wheat is up to BO cents, which is quite an advance. Plax is worth '5 cents. Grove & Son had some ripe strawberries Saturday, and the editor among others ested them. They are keeping the latest n green goods. Cheever Hudson furnishes the coffee for he bean supper Friday night. It is the Diamond brand and guaranteed to make everybody enjoy himself. Elmer Slagle has been notified that the mail car route on the Northwestern from Des Moines will be changed next mouth. We are bound to get a new train. J. P. Lacy has been selling his $4 hogs to ,he local butchers and-to private parties 'or meat. Ho has not shipped any of them, 3ogs yesterday were worth only $3,60 in Algona. Barley is worth only SO cents a bushel. Sir. Lund says this is on account of its color. Barley is used chiefly for brewing and the breweries will not buy it when it '.a off color. Mr. Barton and Geo, W. Hanna shipped LO cars of cattle from LuVerne on the Northwestern special lasi week 1 Sunday, arriving at the Unio a stock yards in Chi ago at 3:35 a. in., the run being made in 17 hours. J, F, Nicoulin is displaying some -handsome work in the new Aristo Platino process for printing photographs. He experimented with it last summer and now Is Burning out as handsome photographs as can be seen anywhere. He has put in special fittings, back grounds, furniture, etc,, and has also arranged, in which all ladies will be interested, to take pictures showing the latest fashion of big dress sleeves. It will pay everybody to visit his gallery and see what the new pictures look like. •• FOB DISTBICIT Britt Tribune: Geo, C. Call of Algona is a prominent candidate as delegate from the Tenth distict to the national convention. Why shouldn't the riorth part of the district a candidate? And if we do, what's the matter with Call? Fort Dodge Messenger; The Web' ster City papers, both Freeman Tribune, formally announce that ilton county will present the name of Hon. D. O. Chase for district delegate. Mr. Chase would certainly majce, a good delegate, but the announcement was unexpected probably in several quarters, for it was supposed that Mr. Fray was the Hamilton candidate, Ml', Geo, Call of Algona is also understood to be in the field, and as he has frienfla in pleuty win prpb«bly gather up most of his part of the district, of C»rrpll is tbe TOH long est In the field and » wan eyre tO 90H9 suppppt wheveyer HnpwPi so contest begins to toHe on symptoms of inflajmmattB," In order to encourage the art of cooking among the little girls I have decided to offer the little '' Buck's Brilliant Range" displayed in my store windo\y to the girl under i2*years of age who will bake the nicest and best baking powder biscuits. The contest will be held at my store on March 9 and icy from 2 to 6 p. m. The contest will be absolutely free to every little girl in the county under 12 years of age. The biscuits will be baked in a " Buck's Steel Range" and made < from Daisy Mills flour. Competent judges will decide whose biscuits are the best. The little toy range is a perfect range—one that will coolc and bake with a " truly" fire. If you want further particulars call at the store. C. M. DOXSEB, LA BELLE DAME 'SANS MERC1. My lovo Is young, my love is fair, Sweet, true and amiable is she, With turkis eyes anil topaz hair- Alas, my lovo is lost to me I Her no crusades nor cranks confound, Nor Ibsenitish problems vex; She has no theories to propound— I've never heard her mention sax. She doesn't smile on risque mots; Her taste in dress is quite divine; She's half an angel, goodness knows, But, ah, she never can bo mine. I knew she painted tambourines And pickle jars and copper bells, With flowers and storks and river scenes And moonlight views on scallop shells. She's painted photo frames galore- Wood, velvet, ivorino and brass; She paints the panels of the door; She has not spared the looking glass. The plush framed plaques upon her wall, Her limp art muslins everywhere, The floral drain pipe in her hall— They know the pangs I've had to bear. And now the Rubicon is passed, The great abyss between us set, The fliiHl blow has f all'n at last— I've said goodby to Amoret. Goodby to bliss thut might have been, Goodby to happy hopes that wero-7- * * * * * * * Bbe'8 "draped" a Verwis-Martin screen And aspiimUed an empire chair, —Pall Mall Gazette. HER WEDDING PRESENT. Was No Doubt A8 Mocb, Surprised as JTretJdle Was. Tonng Mr. Switbers, having eaten an excellent dinner, sat down to smoke a good cigar while his wife ran up stairs to make ner toilet for the theater, So peaceful was his state of mind that he did not even loob accusingly at bis watch wueu, after the promised "minute" had developed into 00, she entered the room, "Seeiua to mo that yon, (U'o looking very woe tonighti my clear," he remarked. 14 1 'aw po glad you think so, darling. Of course J care more for your admire tion than that of any one else. Besides the Skinners sit right bewiwd us this evening, and this dress will give hej? a headache bef. we the second agt is so I went up stairs and looked them all over. I selected that lovely silver backed mirror and cleaned it up until it looked just like new, and "then I" — "Sold it to buy the dress? I see I" "Nothing of the kind. I bought .the dress with the money you gave me. The mirror I sent to Marie with our best wishes. Won't she be surprised, and — why, Freddie, are you ill?" "Not afc all, my dear ! You are quite right. Marie will no doubt be much surprised, for, you see, she herself was the girl who returned those presents; that is alll"— Baltimore Herald. A Polar City, Numbers of explorers who have sought the arctic regions in quest of the pole have told of a mysterious city mirrored against the northern sky — stately buildings in choice architecture, tall and imposing spires, but such as differ from anything we know about. Whether the foundation of this mirage is a reality and only unrecognizable because of transposition as to directions, whether it is a work of some mysterious remnant of our race that once occupied the pole, .or whether this is some fanciful feafwe of the : frost, as the peculiar shrubbery we see on the window pane— whatever this is, it must be consigned to the perplexing enigmas of the unknown region. Who knows but some spot, once the theater of busy and advanced human life, may have escaped the general oataglys- mai wreck, and this city way be the silent and as yet undiscovered witness gf prepojar times, standing alone ia the dead desolation, in the rigid shrpud pf now polar death. If we must be barred from entering this undiscovered country i we may add to our equipment by a careful noting of its mixture, and then give to the base of these phenomena ft thorough study,-— Philadelphia over, My, emitters looked ansious, that is new, is it? Wasn't the. old g«94 enpugh?" Jj*n9t q ft ite, mojiey for this oae rnyaelf, " and "Sometiwes," said a» old "one sees the captain pf a company marching proudly along, in, t4we witfe the music, bwt out of ejep, the company right, the captain wrong. PisJawiag, But then I have seen a musician, rnajroh ing ou,t of step to the awlo theye j§ sow sad neyey Rte , tfce toft loo* • "

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