The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 12, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1896
Page 8
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ALGON1, IOWA . .. ' ,jft ptim that ha* svef sttttek Algdna will be fdtmd at Jaiffes Pat&fsdfi's to stilt tit oats and 14^ com. 1 t - ever Sold in Algeria. I , , have handled it for two years, and everyone who has used it can testify to the above, Fancy Patent, 0Sc, First Patent 86c flgnr^ ^ „ _ »« ^ MirA M .it .j ftfcd Mffggte Seb&nWf M. Scho-etiafld f ftd Elisabeth Hotfttiatt, Jai Rapp ftnd Mftgdftlebft gnuftnef, J. 0, Bombel ftftd *"—•'U*, Peter Banech find Kate Wm, Kfch aftd Settle OrSw. ' Tomatoes, Family Flour, 8 cans for £5c— the best — ~— —-•——-— •— •—- -w rv^ v v w w •x^' ^«r «v<V^A*«« d>%^ A r«r *_^^^ VA JL Vl* K^ V/fc^ V Corn, 3 cans for 25c—the best Ho. 1 Apples, per barrel, $2,60 Two pounds tea for 250; two gal, syrup, 500 a pail; 32 bars soap for 900. Everything I have in'the same proportion, and you don't have to buy 130 worth to get 4* li J3c?a t"*t*ir»ae? these prices, Cowles* L3lock, James Pattersott. S. Don't forget that 1 can supply you with the best oil, if the Standard does only sell one kind at Algona. Patterson.. BAIL WA Y TIMS CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. ' LOCAL TltAlNS WEST. No. 1 departs at 0:08 am No. 0 departs at 4:24 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departs at ll:B5am No. 71 departs'at Q:40pm TKAINS BAST, No. 2 departs at 10:22 n m No. 4 departs at o :04 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 7f departs at 8:20pm No. 04 departs at l:45pm B. F. HEDHICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South- Pass., Pass 3:05pm freight 5:58 pin 0:«0am North- Pass. 3:26p m iPass ;8!18 am [Freight. 0:30 am j.'rmguL :a*ppm Freight.... ,.7:83pm" PaHs. arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Dos Mollies at 8:15 p m. Lv.DesM. 2:30 am Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chicago at 8 a. m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. FINANCIAL. Kossoth County State Bank TOW.A-. UAP1TAL / 850,OOC Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collec ttons made promptly, and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. WH.H. INGHAH.... ....'....President J. B. JONES .Vice President LKWISH.-SMITH,.. ..Cashier Directors—Wm. H. Inghain,' John G. Smith, J. B. Jones, T. OhrlschllTes, .Lewis H.. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devlne. The First National Bank XO-W.A... CAPITAL ....................... $50,000. Special attention given to collections. AMBROSE A, CALli, ..... . ........ . .President H, HUTOHINS .............. Vice President WM. K. FERGUSON.... ....... . ...... Cashier 0. D, SMITH ............... -. ..... Asst. Cabliier •Directors— D. H. Hutchlns, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweller, W. F. Carter, Ambrose A. (Mil, B, H. Spencer, Wm. K, Ferguson. Money always on band to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing first-class security, OASU CAPITAL, $50,000. IOWA., Directors— ; A. D, Clarke, President, , 0. 0. Chubb, Vice Prest!, Thos. B. Lantry, Cashier, Geo. L. Galbraith, Fred, M. Miller, Myron Schenck, Thos. F. Cooke. General Banking, VRIVATJB MFW¥ PEF081T YAVW8. ennt^rest paid on time deposits, GENERAL LOCAL NEWS. Gardner Cowles has rented the room now occupied by Bowyer and Studley to Kraft Bros., who will put in a clothing store its soon as they get possession, which will be April 1. One of the firm comes from Brooklyn and one from Os- ceoln, and they will put in,a new stock. Dr. McCoy has a letter from Capt. Yeoman of Fort Dodge in which he says he will try and lecture during March sometime, the proceeds to go to the relief fund of the post. Capt. Yeoman was one ot the capturers of Jeff. Davis and his lecture is on that episode. The cemetery association elected the old officers at its Saturday meeting and adjourned until the first Saturday in April, when a plan will be adopted for securing a permanent fund for caring for tho grounds. C. D. Pettibone and Geo. E. Clarke were selected to draft such plan. Preparations for the benn supper go rapidly. The speaking will be by Mrs. Vincent, D. H. Hutchins, and Revs. Sinclair, Southwell, and Landis. Music by the .glee club and other attractions will add to the entertainment. The regular bean supper will be as usual. D. H. Setchol met with a painful accident Monday. While engaged in splitting a chunk of wood he struck the ax in the wood with a maul. The helve of the ax broke and flew up giving him a hard blow in the face. No serious damage was done but his face is badly bruised. Jas. Mericle has sued Capt. Dodge for $1,000 damages, Geo. R, Cloud acting as his attorney. This suit grows out of the criminal prosecution against Mericle on a note deal, which was heard in last fall's court. Mericle was arrested and now wants damages for false imprisopment. Sheriff Samson was in Minnesota to claim $200 reward for the capture of Sam Green, the horse thief who left a stolen team at Ledyard. Minnesota offers a state reward in such cases and our sheriff will get it. The money has not been received, but he has taken all the needed preliminary steps. The county board met yesterday and went over the report of the committee appointed to examine the various office records. A few other matters were attended to, the Republican and Courier being Appointed official papers. The Bancroft Register's request to be a third official paper was laid over. Frank Bamsey's untimely departure for parts unknown has left a legal tangle for the coming term of court. B. W, Haggard has a clajm of $114 upon the stock left, and took possession.. Mr, Roberts, owner of the farm, has put up a bond and will sell the stock as advertised. The merits of the claims will be debated by Geo. R. Cloud and Bonar & Fellows. Kossuth couHtjr !§ entitled to ten delegates la the state convention which bleSta tiejfi ifr&Htb. They will act in the Tenth district cauais to select two district delegates l» the flalfdtial con* vention, and la the stale convention to select four delegates at large. Chairman Grose has Called the couhty convention to meet Tuesdny, Feb. 25, a week from tiext Tuesday. Caucuses afe recomraehded to be held on the2lst. The Fort Dodge Messenger gets the Algona Ryans mixed up aud says: 'Our former townsman and warm politician, J. J. Ryan of Algona, has taken possession of the hotel at that place. Fort Dodge fHetids vistting Algona will undoubtedly find him as congenial a host as he isafrlebd," It is another Ryan that bus the hotel, but We have no doubt that Fort Dodge friends will have no ^ difficulty in getting cigars from their former townsman bycominar up. Algona has been lucky several times in catching fine theatrical companies which would not ordinarily coine here. Hoyt's Trip to Chinatown aggregation was secured in thin way. It is out making: one*night stands for two weeks in Illinois and Iowa to fill in a broken engagement in Chicago. After,that, its time is all taken witn Week and two- week engagements in the cities. This company comes at as big cost as any Algona hns ever had and In its line is unsurpassed. The First National bank bid too low on the national bonds. At the suggestion of its New York bank it bid $1.08, that being thought plenty high enough. , But when the bids were opened It was found that $1.101 was the lowest bid that would get bonds. The bond sale was a much greater success than anyone anticipated, and the high rate bid for them only makes more clear the big steal the former private sale to the Morgan syndicate was. That sale brought only $1.04 to the treasurer. The king of all farce comedies. Hoyt's "A Trip to Chinatown," will be seen ot the opera house, Thursday, Feb. 13, with the beautiful Miss Laura Bigger as the " widow" and the inimitable comedian, Mr. Burt Haverly, as " Weiland Strong." The. management has surrounded the brilliant stars with a cast of exceptional excellence, who will render the songs, dances, etc., which appear in the play, on the same scale TO DISMISS JAM TOH( B ,o,m tot the farmers' Institute }8 flow Neatly Complete-Secoiul Week in March. Questions \3p tot Discussion that Will Pfove of Special Value to fillers of Iowa Soil. i i'~*" *" «•*'•' I"*",)', «»* uuo omuo buttm of excellence that has always characterized Mr. Hoyt's plays. A first class performance can be looked for. The rumor grows that early in March Algona is to get that morning passenger train south on the Northwestern. It has been in the papers, at Webster City, but they only credit the train to Eagle Groye. This is a mistake evidently for Supt, Aishton has said that Algona should not be left out. It is likely that the train may start from Algona. It will go south to Des Moines in the morning and north in the evening, leaving here about 6 o'clock and returning probably quite late. It will give Algona magnificent train service. Three different parties have interested themselves in finding the present residence of N. J. Skinner. They have located him in Galveston, Texas, and have prepared interrogatories for him to answer in a three cornered suit, in which all three parties charge him with wrongdoing. Wm. Becker, who lives near Germania, gave a note and mortgage to Skinner. He alleges that the same have been altered and are not as he made them. Skinner took the note and mortgage for Mrs. Boals, and then sold them to W, B. Carey. Becker is represented by E. V. Swott- ing, Mrs. Boals by F. M, Taylor, and Mr. Carey by Clarke & Cohenour and E. H.,Clarke. All three want Skinner to tell what was actually done and the interrogatories have been sent to him. ONTARIO canned goods are the'stand- ard. Grove & Son, The program for the farmers 1 institute, which meets the second week in March, at the court'house, has been partially •prepiired. The topics which will be discussed, as fur its speakers have been secured, are given below and promise an interesting time. Henry Wallace of DOS Moirtes, long-time editor of the Homestead and now publishing the Farm and Dairy, will be present throughout the sessions and assist in the discussions. In the evening he will give a lecture on Foreign Agriculture. Two years ago he traveled extensively in'Ireland and on the continent, and his lecture has been enthusiastically received everywhere. Secretary Butler has also written to State Dairy Commissioner Boardman, but as yet has received no reply. The local program covers such questions of importance to tho farmers as tame grass culture, saving corn fodder, road work in the county, varieties of fruits suitable to our climate, besides all the various phases of slock and dairy matters. A very important feature will be Dr. Sayers' discussion of hog cholera and tuberculosis and what veterinary science has to offer. Other papers will be devoted to general matters of interest. The program as far as completed is as follows. The arrangement of topics and hours of meeting, as well as the evening meeting, will be announced later: THE PKOGIUM, Tamo Grasses: What Kinds and How to Manage Them Profitably in a System of Rotation»-C. B. Hutchins. Com Stalks: How Best to Utilize Longtime Wasted Profits—C. R. Lewis. Substitutes for Hay: Their Relative Value and Availability for the Prairie Farmer —J. R. Dutton. What Has Been Done to Improve Countv Roads?—C. C, Chubb. General discussion on the subject of good roads, led by Col. Thos. F. Cooke. Dairying for Proflt-G. S. Wright. The Milk Test: Its Accuracy as Demonstrated by the Churn, and Its Fairness as See th&t "pound can of Coffee? It's the Chase & Satiborn Kind, and it beats all creation how it sells, That's because it is so good—many declare it is the best in the market, and they! are probably right, If you try our Monarch Canned Goods you will be satisfied with T/f/^/y ll^DM T-^<l/r\{> no other kind. W (A>vr\&r JDTOS, TELEPHONE 47- Amonp Creamery Patrons—G. S. Angus. The Jersey Cow: Her Claim to Public Favor—W. H. Ulark, The Polled Cow: Her Claim—Myron Schenok. • The Holstoin Cow: Her Claim—T. J. Julian. The Short-horn Cow: Her Claim—W. F. Jenkinson. The Brood Sow: Her Selection and Care —S. H. Pettibone. Hog Cholera and Tuberculosis—Dr. E. E. Sayers. My Experience with Hog Cholera—A, A. Brunson. Poultry for Profit—E. W. Donovan. Does It Pay to Raise Pure Bred Poultry? —Wm. Heathershaw. Sheep Raising: The Chief Hindrances to Its Profitable Pursuit, and How to Overcome Them—D. A. Wallace. What Varieties of Fruit, That are Hardy in This Climate, Can the Farmer Plant for Profit?—M. DeL. Parsons, The County Fair—J. W. Wadsworth. The County Poor Farm: Can It be Made of Value as an Experimental Farm?—Leander Barton. Paper: The Boys and Girls—Mrs.C, D. Ward. WHITK comb Hudson's.-47t2 hotiey at Langdon & A CHOICE lot of fruit always found at Langdon & Hudson's.-47t2 p. ' Pays SIX per cent, , 3 .1 Interest on Time Deposits ,", '• < v ' , for money Iffi three months ' , Mpper always pn. hand to loau on flrgt ' mgages, and ofcBS, Upugh.t Among the numerous petitions to the legislature being circulated in town is one asking that the pharmacy law be repealed and that liquors for mechanical, medicinal, and other purposes be sold by a public agent, When the mulct law is Included in the repeal and the whole liquor business is put into public hands the liquor question will be on the way to settlement. We publish this week ft chapter from Henry Durant'a forthcoming book, Jt will be issued in about two weeks and will be on sale at all the book stands at 25 cents in paper covers and 50 cents in clotfe, It ought to have a Wgeale here in i>fce county wfeere the author has been known so many years, it will undoubtedly attract attention py Its radical view? on wany wfeerey§p it' 3 ONE thousand live pigeons wanted bv John G. Smith.—46t2 Hoinesoekers' Excursions South. On Jan. 14 and 28, and Feb. 11 and March 10, 1896, the Northwestern line will sell homeseekers' excursions to a large number of points in Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Ar- IrO ttoaa TnrllnH m«u*.I A._ S\\- I * , kansas, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Texas, and Arizona, For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway.— 48t? THE WEEK'S TBAWEBS. Doxsee ite Shnw Report i?i That Are ot Importance. v9; 9 ra , ham to J - H - Grafcam, lots 5. o, plk 5, Hurt ...... , ..... ,,..,,.,,,..,.,. 2 200 B , esto « r A ;,AJ% S( l n i 0 Btenr y D - Hodges, ' > lot 6, blk 7, W. & B, add. Wesley. ... . ,' 751 Rodney Hill to O..A. Ferguson, Jots 0, 7 ° blk 10, W, & P. add. Wesley . , ..... '. . NEW JURIES SELEOTED. The First Grand Jury Under the New Law Is Selected-Petit Jurors for the March Term. The first grand jury under the new law was selected Monday. Under this law two cannot serve from one township and that cut Deck Jones out for he was drawn after W. J, Hager was, both from Irvington. The new jury is as follows and serves for a year; John Halverson, Algona; Geo, C. Allen Jr. Burt; W. J, Eager, Sexton, Jos. Hoenig, Wesley; J. H. Westcott, Ledyard; Miles Hapkraan, Cresco; A, H, Bixby Lotts Greek; John Scbuts, LuVerne, Deck Jones drawn, left out, THE PETIT JURY, Algona is well represented as a post- office headquarters for the new jury Their names are as follows: John Ma.g~ Jaughlin, Elmore; Len Sutherland, Ledyard; Albert S. Forbes, Ernest PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Geo. C. Call was in Des Moines last week discussing the normal school bills. J. W. Wadsworth reports Wisconsin as very wet. He says the winter has been slushy and muddy. B. W. Haggard is planning on taking the supreme court examination for admission to the bar in May. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Blackford returned from their winter visit in Ohio Indiana yesterday morning. Mrs. Dr. McCormack went to Wis- co_nsin yesterday to spend four weeks with two sisters living there. Sheriff Samson went to Des Moines with Clerk Grose last week to meet with the sheriffs. All the county officials met in Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Wheeler of Albion, Iowa, have been visiting their daughter, Mrs. Guy Grove. They are thinking some of coming to Algona to make their home. because they think it would increase the efficiency of the courts to have the clerik's term longer and relieve him of so much time spent every two years in fixine up his fences. KJIssuth was well represented at the Boone editorial meeting. Those going were Mr. and Mrs. M. Starr, V. S. Ellis, W. F. Laidley, J. W. McMullen, and Harvey Ingham. Thos. Sherman and J. G. Graham were down from Bancroft Monday to assist in the caring for Mrs. Anna Smith, found insane. They report the northern metropolis quiet. B, F. Grose was a Des Moines visitor last week. The Daily Capital reporter says: B. F. Grose 'of Kossuth, Henry Elvidge of Winneshiek and I. S. Willard l ,of Marshall, all distript court clerks, were heard by the senate committee on elections yesterday on the bill to extend the terms of the clerks to four years. They have the approval of all the district judges in the state except two or three who have not been Recorder Randall reports about 50 recorders in attendance at the state meeting last week. They all endorsed the proposed plan of extending the term of all county officials to four years as in Wisconsin and Illinois. The rule there is one term and out and is much more satisfactory than our short term and continual campaign plan. He says also that he didn't find a recorder who is doing as big a business as he is with as little clerk hire. Notice of City Election MAYOK'S PBOOLAMATIOF, Notice Is hereby given that the annual municipal election of the city of Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, will be held on Monday, the2d day of March, 1800, In the different wards of said city, for the purpose of electing the following officers: One alderman In the First ward to succeed F. H. Vesper. One alderman In the Second ward to succeed S. H. Pettibone. One alderman In the Third ward to succeed John D. Magnusson. One alderman In the Fourth ward to succeed J. F. Nlcoulln. Dated February 10,1806. D. A. HAGGARD, Mayor. Attest: CHAS. A. ConENOun, City Clerk. 47t3 P. L. SLAG-LE, Manufacturer and dealer In Harness, Saddles, Whips, ' and all Harness goods. Also a full line ot Trunks, Grips, and Telescopes. Repairing neatly and promptly done. I'sell DR. JOSEPH HAAS' REMEDY FOR HOG CHOLERA, Positively the best remedy for cholera In hogs or chickens. Come and see me, at new stand, adjoining Chrlstensen's livery barn. The State University OF BARGAINS in Grove & Son's. dried fruits at M. Z G_ep, IS, wuwuewep 19 VittlSQii ye> jrday Jo argue a Oemiwer- J u the, euJt Hay 4 R^e against & p}ti- - toer*. ta'SBfere a cpnlrftot far the ef PM^' ft jMfe" ... blk 10, W, & P. add. &JP B » tt * l Whittemore ..... , , esley . , ..... . . 350 l FlBbW, lot 3 , ...... ,, . 1500 , 0. Forvine iie 3 OQQ Backraan, .Geo. Paul, Chas. Riedel, Henry Andrew Barr, Mason, R. T , , . Ramsey, G. J. Stebbins, JohnSabin, G, H v Ohnstedt, F. S, Norton, Henry Johnson Algona; Henry Felder, Henry Klingelhoffer, Whittemore; John Sobaeffer, John Abraham, T. Fox, Burt; Amos Appleton, Corwith; J, A. Winkel Bancroft; Frank Kernan Frank Reinecke, Wesley; 0. A, Eriokson, Eagle , A. M. Willey, C. E. Genrioh LuVerne; Nicholas Widest, St Jo- Stock Notice. I Jjftye purchased a. thoroughbred Jersey buirand will keep h}ra »t my Uyery barn for service, The* anlmalft St. L, of Riverside, No. 87781; sired by "^na NftoSfr 25 T 7f53; *"* *»«? ina.No, 600&J. If y OU ftre j n f er '. In flne Jersey stock call and see this splendid animal. v \P. QBRISTENSEN, JUST arrived this morning at Galbraith's, something, for the children in the line of cloaks and jackets, JUST'what you are looking for at M. Z. Grove & Son's. QALL OPERA HQUSE- THE SEVERAL DEPARTMENTS Will begin the year 1895-96 •+— On September 18. Io °°J legate-Charles A. Sohaefler, president', 11 ' chancellor, Iowa City. M> D " secreta " y Me ioal-J. G. M. information CHARLES A. SCHAEFFER, President, .Manager 0. H. BLOSSOM. 0KB NIOHT THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13, OAST OF ;™p*3 <9$ *i*;^"y l *f¥ wyMKw ft ypUr* 1M 9p^»bu4iF; a8 Vftg M A Trip to Chinatown, ZBffAL. "^N~v ^ ^__ ADMINISTRATION NOTICE, of Koasuth county, Iowa; aeoease£ Ml 'ifer- Bons in any W ann>r inflebtea to said esFftte ' to the 4it3 A. root In ORIGINAL NOTICE, SS *S»ASSL*? i$». a$ <$• U i'walfBi.'nVi.'mhrDA^y $Q8Siter ii waner at " The Biche',..... Boanlftti pHw', mwwgw' of oiw b gous?^ w SlavJBpfty»e; - a i Wry»ntorBi1faty^ 0 .V 1|>WB THEwmBiepiT, """totteOl.typf ftTO»' rf TfteisL. ai^**? "" ^P^BMe" restatam B a&^ { WBW *B •A 1 •M •v-tj-^i^J '^^^''^FPTOJIwW^^i £*W atym*' ~' IW IT1TTla j-i jj,,-" —'__^_' tf. -

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