The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 12, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1896
Page 7
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f Hfi H8USe148l,Bl madirffdm Itei, wM' & «*tt» . ttttt fits Hit freej to Irftfeait fresh l<Jfi3» mads af _ I ft le tight!!?' w§dg6d ift» held .w tta tottis 'Wsf ft s fa hot watef d te# n i&at will expand the glass. 6f dafbb&ate e! afBittoftla -sfflall 86a put int6 the tSgetables Ate codk&d tire", I* coief , the animoiHa tiVa&of * ie boiHHgi It will aistf jreVeftt of bbtliflg cabbage. i .*fo Alliance Possible, i love him?", btyottf fatter .won't consent." hu't been askedt btit 1 know it is ' Hettiy. to ask him. Father wag J, and Henry's father 1 wAs & Har« CUE EAKTrf REJOICE AND sing, With our . new hardy clovers and fodder plants the , most worn. out» toughest, worst land can be made as fertile as Jley of the Nile. Only takes a < so to do so! At the same timo ll be getting big crops! Teosinte, |psrry, Sacaline, Lathyrus, what sty, of names! Catalogue tells tm will OTit this out and send le John A. Salzer Seed Co,, La ;' Wis., with lOc. postage, you will their mammoth catalog^- and iss and grain fodder samples !$10.00 to get a start). w.n. Appreciation. -Here's a nice little savings bank f Willie. . -Wotft you giv« me a quarter, -What for? -To put in my nice little savings Oklahoma. Ittle interest Is centered in the" re- Icongresslonal action on the mat- Statehood tor Oklahoma and the country. Ihing is self-evident to all well ^persons, and that is, if the two rles were united into one state, lost unlimited mining industries stensive and rich agricultural lould make it rank well up among fchest states of the union. Of Course. ''•you let your wife have her own a, yes; it's only when she wants to |nino that I object. 1 ' s. Eiuddeii changest>f the wenfh- piuee Bronchial Troubles. "Brown'« 'Mai IZVccJics" will give effectiv«relief. England loss than ninety years ago it "ot unusual for a man to sell his wife ervitude. It !• more t)inn "wond Silently people suffer with corns.. Got penoa fort by removing .them wllii Hlndercorns. .rend of inventive thought is 04 electric patents granted in the . States, and 1,180 Jn England, last imvce Impaired UnoteaiOly-esralncil, fer's Glng r Tonic has nttttlpi'tl xjese result! eases. should not talk to please themselves, 'bear them, — Sterne. j-cauliflower solid the yegetable must ; thoroughly cooked. r van jelly is one of the indispensable pots to game in Scotland. Mttft** irt WMfcft, tit* A*&» Wltb *fc*i Moffil §Je6ial t6 Btittaid fix-, ¥«Ung LSwiS ^dfansoft has been Missing a gatrd fifaiiy hefts 8 sggi lately, testefday he detected the thief, btit he did not catch hM, It Was a l&fge gfa? fal. As" soon as Lewis heard the hen cackle he fan but td the barti and fourth the fat carrying oft "the egg, still Warm, 'the ftay he hit it was curious, Lying on his back, the rat I&&.B clasping-the egg tightly with his four legs, and an- othef rat was draging" him otf by the tail. The rat that was supplying the motive powef was the first to notice the approach of Lewis—his companion In mischief was too busy balancing the {egg td notice anything. When he saw Lewis the rat did not give up the attempt. Oft the contrary, he redoubled his'ef- forts to dtag his load out of harm's Way* With his pal's tail tightly gripped In his teeth, he yanked and.tugged away toward a hole 1& the wall under the calf's feeding trough. Meanwhile his companion, the receiver of the stolen goods, who, In the circumstances, was quite as bad as the thief, kept squealing quite lustily, Probably the cinch which his comrade's teeth had on his tail \vas painful. But he was game. He hung on to the egg like a good fellow. The other rat would drag him around every obstruction with : the nicest intelligence, never once losing his grip. He gi-ipped the tail; the owner of the tail gripped the egg. Lewis opened his eyes to theiij fullest extent and stared in astonish 1 ;' ment, Then he got a club. By this time" the thieves were very nearly off with their booty. Throwing his club, Lewis Scared them off on the very point of success. He recovered the egg, but the thieves got away. Putting the egg in his pocket, ho went to the hen house and secured a china egg, which he placed in the nest in the manger. Then he hid behind the strawstack, and awaited developments. Pretty soon two sniffing noses appeared, then a gray body with iair ruffled the wrong way on its back. The rats went to the nest again and toted the china egg out on the ground. But they didn't like the looks of it. They would carry it a short distance and then stop and sniff it, bunting it about with their noses. After some moments of these football tactics the carrier rat tried to get hold of the egg, but he could not accomplish it. It was so smooth and polished and slippery that it eluded him every time he put his paws on it. Then they tried to bunt it along, but not a success. Every time they bunted it away it would go in the wrong direction. Finally the locombtive rat got angry and bunted the other one. This) precipitated a small rat riot, which) Lewis took advantage of to try and get 1 between the rats and the hole under the trough. But he stubbed his toe in his haste, and forgetting all about the egg in his pocket, smashed It. The rats scampered off and Lewis hurried sorrowfully to the house and tried to tell his mother about the strange sight in the barnyard, but she thought he Was fibbing to excuse the breaking of the egg in his pocket, and gave him a good licking, accompanied by an admonition' to always tell the truth. There are red rings under Lewis' eyes today, and red welts on other parts of him,,but he sticks to the story, arid he and his father have resolved themselves into a committee of investigation into the rat question, and when they get their proofs they will confront Lewis' mother and secure a vindication for Levds. 'ARALYSt: Af6mati6 sulphuric «etd i§ ft S?roWS tn£ t*ress, Jjew fork Betels treslahSr of No. i t*lt£ Street, *k', who is a real estate agent ; ,hd Collector bt rents, caught t severe efily last spring which settled tty ktdneVs. SooA he begaft td SMSfere imlti lh his backbone, dde§ aft'd efcfflSt. iils eymfrtoms grew rapltily taiofre ala'rmlhg, until at last he Was as fcelptcss as a child, and coald scarcely' flioVe as he lay on his bed. though a hative qt fieflin, Mr. J'tes* ktief has lived In this country for forty J'ears, having served the cotiritfy t>! his adotatlon by three years' hard service in the tivil war, He enlisted with the Nineteenth, Illinois Infantry, taking ftart in many battles ahd marching with General Shermah to the sea, He is how ft member of Koltes Post, (J, ,A. B., ahd is one of the most popular itton in the Post. Mr. Preslaner told a reporter the story of his dreadful Illness and wonderful recovery, The reporter met him as he was retiirnltig from a long walk, ahd, saying that he had heard of his -Wonderful cure, asked him to tell the story< His words were as follows! "TO begin With, I was taken sick just a year and a month ago, having taken a sevet'B'cold .Which settled on my kidneys. At first f thought the pain that I had suffered would soon pass away, but, liistead of *flolhg this, It grew more Intense every day, so that In a week I could walk only with considerable difficulty. •J"! called In a doctor, who said I had locotnotor ataxia and *>egan treating fhe for that disease. He d. ; me no good, and "all summor long I could scarcely Jattehd to my .business at all. Then I at night ift ease of on« who hag lung tfbuble. fhe d^Se is teft drStis, tb -fee, taken ifi ^atcr at b^dtim^ fhe miisian ef a cdld tatef hath U fifit 18 efe&fcae, hut td harden ahd Invigorate. Take d wafm sponge bath fit night, using alcohol in tfa6 watSf, thea yoll are clean and ready for the invigofatihg cold one in the Morning. The follbWing solution may be lised with goed effect on tdhSilitisi Oil ol •peppermint, t6n drops! pUM carbolic 1 of duf lag tfts list fraip, • of Afi&d"u& says that teffltdfy' JfdducSd the last £88?' $l(J f » 4n gold, ataihst ' " !fi., 18^6 was $i1,OoO,(500. ' Tllfe nilmbef of mett effipleyed in the MeMllfefaas mines 6! the state lh 18§§ was,22,8ffi! number at present empldye'd, M&M. fhe silver distf lets shew a decided fait* lag off, while the gald dlsttlcts show- .?, tnl" iiii match i _ It* IS 6f fl idncss Cornes a better understanding of the ansient nature of the many phys- which, vanish, before proper ef- jentle efforts— pleasant efforts— , directed, There is comfort in bwledge thai so many forms of s are not due to any actual dis- at simply to a constipated condi* u ,b,e system, which the pleasant ive, Syrup of Figs, prompt£yes. That is why it is the only with millions of families, and is here esteemed BO highly by all jue good health, Its beneficial ?e 4ue to the fact, that it is the ciedy which promotes internal iiess; without debilitating the pu which it aets, It is therefore ortaut, is ordey to get its bene» ects, to npte when you pur» at you have the genuine article, 5 manufactured by the California up Co, only, e-nd sold by all rep- Iruggists, |b,9 enjoyment of good, health,, r system -is regular, then lara* ' otliep remedies are npt needeq. e&wjth. any ao&al disease, one FcQmmende4'tQ the most ekjUf ul ns, fcuti if & need pf a. teetoye, » ghouW have the best, and wth » gyyuppf Uw«4y ction? . another doctor and took his medl- acine for several weeks, but experienced mo relief. Dr. Truman Nichols, of No. J287 East Broadway.whbm I at last called ]ln, helped me more than any of the other doctors, but along towards fall I grew Worse despite his treatment. , "Early in November the little strength I had in my legs left me and 1 was unable to stand. The pain in my 'back and sides became almost unbearable, and my limbs grew cold. An electric'battery I bought failed to help ; me, and for weeks I felt myself gradually growing weaker until all hope : left, "Some time before this I had read ol a wonderful cure a man had received from Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale jPeopIe, but was so prejudiced against Lwhat I thought was a patent medicine of:the usual worthless character that !l.could not make up my mind to try them. As my pains increased and death seemed coming near, I thought of what I had read and n of the symptoms of the man who Imd been cured: They were ^precisely the same as mine, and at 'last, with my wife's earnest entreaty, I 'consented to try the Pink Pills. "I am now convinced that these pills saved my life. Gradually my strength .began to return, the desire to live grew stronger within me. After having taken i ; three boxes I left my bed. This was (early in March. AH pain had left me, •and. that terrible, dead feeling in my Ijgs had gone away. I was still very weak, but before I had taken the fourth box I was able to get down stairs for a short walk in the open air. Now I feel as ,if I had been born again and am as happy as a'Child." All diseases, such as locomotor ataxia, St. Vitus' dance, partial paralysis, sciatica, rheumatism, neuralgia, nervous headache, palpitation 'of the heart, effects of la grippe, pale and sallow complexions, and all forms of weakness, either in man or woman, disappear, when Dr. "Williams'..Pink'Pills for Pale People are taken. Pink Pills can'"be bought of any dealer, or will be ..sent post paid on receipt of price (50 cents a-box, or six boxes for $2.50—they are never sold by the hundred or in bulk) by .addressing Dr. "Wl'CIams 1 Medicine Co., Schenectady, N. T. add, one dram; alcohol, three drams', use ten drops to a glass of hot water .and gargle several times'' a day, If the hair is dry arid brittle, with a tendency to fall out, an English re* storatlve Is a simple one o! a free ap* plication of coacohut oil, with daily brushing, This treatment, continued for a few weeks will It Is said, accomplish the best results. If the skin Is kept clean and fresh. and the diet is well regulated and laxative, the Complexion will take care of itself. All the skin ointments in .existence will not do as much toward .beautifying the face as will a sufficient amounfof fruit, such as grapes, berrios, oranges and peaches. The idea is apparently widely entertained that sidewalks ahd the. floors of public conveyances and buildings are a sort of ever-ready cuspidor. The habit of ubiquitlous expectoration— always disgusting unnecessary In health — becomes dangerous when practiced by comsumptives, Sweeping trains catch a surprising amount of filth, and tubercle bacilli as well ; as other germs have been found In the skirts of ladies' dresses, whence they may be introduced into houses. How often do we e a consumptive shivering over a register and dropping the ccourlngs of the cavities of his lungs down the hot air pipe, t*$be dried and disseminated throughout the building? The expectoration should take place in a cup that can be readily disinfected, or into a water proof paper receptacle that can be burned. Women Stevedores, Some of the good people of London are disturbed : by the fact that women are employed as stevedores at the East India docks. They have been loading and unloading vessels. So far the experiment has been confined to ve&sels used tor the transit of mineral water in bottles, and light articles of a similar nature. Down to the present the men stevedores have manifested no opposition, but are inclined to regard'the new departure with amusement. ''The women stevedores have already formed a distinct union of their own, f . RED APPLE We do not believe that the dfince as indulged in in these days possesses any element of holiness whatever, we be- Jieve the dance is something the church cannot control, and with the chU&ren who are allowed to dance it will become such a passion that they will follow it from the private dance tp places of questionable resort,'—Rev, E. D, Carpenter, Rome, N,' T, '• J; l How to Buy a Carriage. ''1','jThe great need of the times is a condition whereby the producer a7ic consumer may deal with each other without the intervention of the middle man. The common carrier should be the only middle man- The Elkhart Carriage and Harness Co., of Elkhart, Ind., deals directly with the consumer. Their goods are shipped anywhere for examination before sale. Every carriage, every set of harness, every article sold, warranted. One hundred styles of carriages, ninety styles^ of harness and forty-one styles of riding saddles. Send for their 113 page cata- Ic^ffue. Thjs concern does an extensive Imsiness'^hroughcrat the United States. Adeliritt, Patti declares that the greatest sorrow o< her life is the fact that she IP childless. A colored pastor in Texas, when demanding" his»salary, gave as his reason, "Prudery, I can't preach heah and boa'.d In heb'n." Artist—I Panted, this picture, gly, to, Keep the wpl£ frow the dopr. (after inspecting it)—Well, bang \\ tbe knoh where tfoe wolf can see 81OO Keward, IB1OO. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least, one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure'in all Its stages, and that is Catarrh, Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional ^disease requires a constitutional •treatment.. Rail's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon tjie blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith In its curative powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that it fails to ewe. Send for list of testimonials. Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Q, Sold by druggists; 76o. Ha)i's Family Pills, 25c, Telegraph operators iu Germany receive f5,U ft weekin Italy, S5.80_ ___ BETTER WALK A MJLB than ,to get a 5-cent package of Cut and 4 ge.ntle.njan o»?e ask.erj, a, Joaned a man ?§QO, and Country without "W9« Willie, mgre smoking tobacco i? you want to epjoy a real gpod smoke. Out and Slash. Choi-opts are as gpod as raany Ircent cjgai's", and you get fbree for 5 ipentg, gure to please. ;< The life of a. bee depeuds upon the work If yqn are interested, in gold mining P? ^Yish, to J?eep posted rpgardjng the wonderful strides being made in Colv jt will m yw cents for ft year's suc •WSWiV'^W- ,^Wft?^Mri|4p}fM THINGS TO KNOW. Tobacco statistics prove that two- thirds of the grown male population of the globe either smoke or chow;the "weed." An authority on cats sayw that blue- eyed cats are always deaf and that pure white ones are afflicted in the same manner. The entomologists say that the gnat's, proboscis is a combination of seven needles and lances besides a cupping, apparatus. Five hundred and twelve thousand' one hundred and ninety-sevcm cases of i salmon were packed in British Columbia this season, i The Bibliotheque National of Paris;' the reputed largest library in the world, now has 1,400,000 bound books and 90,000 pamphlets.—Boston Post. a heavy Alaska's gold output fdr 189S Is esti* •'mated by O, H. Swlnehart, edilbf ef the Alaska Mining Record, Jtineati, ta be $d,000,000. 0£ this amoutit $8bOjOdO has been obtained from placer .mining, chiefly albftg, the Yukon rivef. Mr, Swtneh&rt says there are fifteen mills, with a total capacity 6f SCO stamps, In operation. > . Cripple Creek will produce more gold In the next twenty years than any camp ever known, says an enthusiast. 'Leadville has produced over $100,000,000 in the list seventeen years. When they have been mining seventeen years at Cripple Creek it is safe to say that camp will have produced over $500,» 000,000, America is holding her own aS the leading gold nation. Last year We led South Africa. The latter mined $39,- B55,&36, while the United States mined $39,775,000. For 1896 the prospects are great and Alaska is beginning to tell. THINGS TO KNOW. Tobacco statistics prove that two- thirds of the grown male population of the globe either smoke or chew the "weed." An authority on cats says that blue- eyed cats are always deaf and that pure white ones are afflicted in the same manner. * The entomologists say that the gnat s proboscis is a combination of seven needles and lances besides a cupping apparatus. • Fiv.e hundred and twelve thousand one hundred and ninety-seven cases of salmon were packed in British Columbia this season. The Bibliotheque National of. Paris, the reputed largest library in the world, now has 1,400,000 bound books and 90,000 paint) hir>f«.— Boston Post. tteegBf c%ftf8nKle;6f.! ot & fittall »6S fjut it- ,.in whieh V^etabies are ceettert, serves the colorY Tfi ates m the b6iiittgv 11 the dd6f of bdillflg dabbage/ t ' - . • 'Fof a dlftttei- swe*etmefitt large frefilt- dates are flaw used.' Out tfaeffl ^tie'tt oft one side and remote the pit diid cttt , fl blatt(?}ied alnidfld ii Its tflac§; rritiifiS • tnay be treated in iEe same way. If the t . feruhee are not as fresh as otte Wottld • • like, soak thein in warm watef befdre ; v inking out the pit. ' - , bo not alloft dust and 6ther Impur* , itles to remain upon the foliage 01 house plants to choke them, Almost all plants require to be washed tit least ohce In two weeks. Clean foliage looks brighter, as well as being healthier. Never use water colder than the tern* peralure of the room. A French method of cleaning lad gloves is to put on the gloves and Wash them well In spirits of turpentine, eX- • actly as If washing the hands, tfhe linger? and soiled parts must be well rubbed, and when the gloves are taken , off they must be well stretched and allowed to dry, hanging in a strong current of air, A pleasant powder , for - perfuming clothes packed away, which, it is said, will keep out moths, is. made, as fol-, lows: Put in a mortar one ounce each of cloves, nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, caraway seeds and Tonquin beans. Pound' them to a powder with six ounces of' oris root. Fill nttle bags made of muslin with this powder and lay them , among the clothing. CURLY-CUES. Skeptical. "Do you believe in second sight?" inquired Teepee Toin. "Not fur this part o ( the* country,'? re- replied Derringer Dnn. "Yer wanter shoot the fust time yo squints over the barrel, er yer li'ble notter git a chance tor squeeze de trigger at all." Earliest BadUbes and l?oa». The editor urges all readers to grow the earliest vegetables. They pay. Well Salzer'f Seeds are bred to earV'iess, they grow and produce every time. -4one -eo early, so fine as Salzer's. Try his radishes, cabbage, peas, beets, cucum- bprs, lettuce, corn, etc! Mon/jy in it for you. Salzor is the largest grower of vegetables, farm seeds, grasses/clovers, potatoes, etc, If ypu -will cut 1UU out and Bend to the John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., with lOc postage, you will get sample package of Early Bird Radish (ready in 16 days) and their great catalogue. Catalogue alone Bo postage. •vv.n. Wo Arc Poisoned by Air and Water (Vhen they contain the germs of malaria. {To annihilate these and avoid or conquer chills and fever, bilious remittent or dumb ague, use persistently and regularly Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which also remedies dyspepsia, liver trouble, constipation, loss of strength, nervousness, rheumatism and kidney complaint. Appetite and sleep are improved by this thorough medicinal agent, and the infirmities of the "ago mitigated by it. A wineglassf ul three times a ' Fanny Davenport may be seen next- season in a new play by an American authof. T, T r v v -j. j -pi* ' MnnHtj £*T8'lfe»ipi! O3ra < ^^ n Hn A Query, "It is generally conceded, I believe, that iifeis a span." , "Yes, I believe so," "It is also conceded that death is a rider'? Jess horse." "Yes," "Well, what becomes of the other horse? A Rising "Anti-Monopolist," "Oh, well, mayor of the town's bettei than no ofiice—even for a youag man," obi served the father, "but I'm afraid it will take you a long time to become famous." Bon—A long time? And two street railroads already started? Walter Baker & Co., Limited, Dorchester, Mass,, the well-known manufacturers of Breakfast Cocoa ami other Cocoa apd Chocolate preparations, have on extraordinary collection of uioclals and diplomas awarded at the grout intevniv tional nnd other exhibitions iu Europe n»d America. The house has had un> interrupted prosperity for nearly a con" tury and a quarter and is now not ouly the oldest but tho largest establishment of'the Uiud on thja continent, The high degree oj: perfection which tlio company J»ns attained in Us manufactured prod' ticts is the result of long experience) pom-* bineij with an intelligent use) of the now .forces which are constantly being, introduced to increase tho power and improve the quality of production, >and cheapen (the cost to the consumer, » 1 The full strength and the exquisite natural flavor of the r«w material ni'o pre- sorved, imlmpairccl In, all oj AYiUter Baker &. Qpnipany's prepa'rutions; so tluit' their products jnoy truly bo said' to form the 8tnntliir<l for purity nnd excellence, Jn view'of the-many imitations of the name, labels and wrappers on their goods consumers,' should "?li fw and ho sure that tney got'the genuine at Pprpfiester. J^fass. a'wo bottles of Piso's Cure for Consumption cured me of a bad lung trouble,—Mrs. J. Nichols, Princeton, Ind. .jUarch 20, 1805. A pigeon is within a fowl and both are within a goose in a Yorkshire pie. A colored pastor in Texas, when demanding his salary, gave as his reason, "Brudern, I can't preach heah and boa'd in heb'n." Artist—I painted this picture, sir, to keep the wolf from the door. Dealer, (after inspecting it)—Well, hang it on the knob where the wolf can see it.— A penny —or two all extra profit. That's the merchant's reason whourges an inferior binding lor a costly skirt. It's not (nothing is] as good as Bias Velveteen Skirt Binding. Look for S. H, & M. on the and take no other. If your dealer will not supply you wa Send for samples, showin rials, to the S. H. &M. Co., Xork City. labels and mate-, , O. Box 699, New H OW to become Lawful Physician; scourseuy n Wrlto 111, Hoaltli University, Chicago, num.; UUl 01 WOlK» for those who suffer I most from PAINS and cannot work, ST. JACOBS OIL I will cure and fit them for work when the chance comes. HURRAH, FARMERS! SHOUT FOR JOY! Qratl'CuHure, etc.', ~S cents postage. WE PAY 8400 JH COLO PRIZES OB Onto, Barley >nd 9970! The biggest yield on Silver Mine (Numeltss De.-.uty) Oata In J895 wm 207 buahelfli the next 200 per »cre. You can beat th»t In 189$ »nd vln ?2(W! Quv new tested Barley, Oiti, Corn »nd Potatoes vjll revolutionise farming! We art the largest Kronen) of f»rm ieedi in the world I Our eeedi produce—as the editor pf the Ruval Noiv Vorfeer«»y»-'8»lier'3 B»rly WisooBsln Potato yielded for me 734 hushels per »«9, I( »n early eott yields 736 b\J8h«l», what will (y!atod»I Potatoes only ? 1.60 per feaittl, ' gARME^T VEQETABl,E8 IN THE W9RI.D- , 8ploD41i) sort?, flue yldds, OB!«B Seed pnly JOo. per V>, SSpkgii. EarlleatVeget»ble»,. fl UO, postpaid, IQpkg^ Flower Seeds, i»o. Sverytlung at hard Um«a prioei, Wholejale P|«8se Cut tho Follpwlna Out and Send It With I? oentaJB ptiifflps »n.a get-oar Wg catalogue. »nj ji"DPlft C»t»lo(;\ie nloae, 5§. poBtnge, bou8§.which"put her,p9rtrai[$ OB the title 88, 49, «i trie FIEUD AND to h»9h- - WIRE, , Jt, WELL MACHINERY ti »m :Af Burliiistufj HouiB : k-jHw! a'^ii -."' '»»' r~'^F* J JB

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