The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 12, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1896
Page 5
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mi tPgBB-Paa mOtKB& AMOMA^aWA, WEBNSSUA^ fISttttAltY 12, reat ebruary Clothing Sale. [e will offer during the month of. February $5.00 FOR CASH, 100 Men's Suits, worth from $6 to $10, at...... Boys' long pants Suits, •worth $5.50 to $8, at.. ., $4.50 Child's Suits for worth from $3.50 to $5. $3.00 0 pairs Odd Pants, regular prices range from $3 to $4 —you take QJ ^O I-J'fi your choice of, the lot for........ 'LP 4bL • V/V^ lye doz. Men's Gray Shirts and Drawers at only 20c each. >11 doz. Children's Underwear, at 15c each. . r • • boys' Dry Goods at caps- fur entire stock of men's and your choice .for 50(3. All remnants- in wholesale prices. These are all good, saleable goods, but we are overstocked and need money;, therefore we are obliged to sell them at these* slaughtering prices. Jno. Goeders. GENERAL LOCAL NEWS. [•he Lenten season begins today. Mday will be sacred to St. Valene. • Dhe bean supper comes Friday even*.of next week. . |A. P. Hall is better this week and is f his strength, )r, Kenneflck is up and about again fter his week's illness. Jan. 16 to Feb. 8 sixteen mar- iage licenses were issued. |Geo, W. Skinner has left Bancroft nd located in some town in Minnesota. ''he city council decided not .to sub- Jt the public library tax again this Bring. , • Che opera house will be full tpmor- v. night. Big crowds are coming |m neighboring towns. av. Landis has accepted the call to jona and will move his family into i Baptist parsonage next week, John Dillon, one of the best known Medians in the west for the past 25 will play in Algona March 5, Falkenhainer, who has had a ig siege with typhoid fever, is out " i but still unable to attend to busi* )r, Sayers was in -North wood Monr to view slandered horses. He did i shoot any although some suspicious were found. Tenth district legislative cau- i at Deg Moines yesterday agreed jjn Harvey Ingham for the state [veraity regency. L. LePlant has bought a farm of lores near Sexton and will build a *e house and barn at once, A, M. i is. doing the work. Igona has.a new land an& loan firm, jnt & Son of Guthrie county have g<J the room in the opera house ", by Grove & Son, i Third ward proposes to have j and harmony on town matters, Jon caucus is called to select an to succeed Mr, Magnusson. i pity election is proplaimed by ap Haggard, All w.e elect is four linen tP succeed Messrs. Vesper, , Magnusson, and Nicoulin, jt, A- B. Dpugherty has secured tionin -tbe drug store iu Pei i lately owned by vtbe Sqptt who elf. He is working fpp the ges, surer Spencer an,npunce,s that jowe-the persp^l tax of 1895 ire J5 nep sent* by paying ilQaaye, After" ^" one of the spring's additions. Mr. Zanke will move to town. Ed. Gallagher was brought down from Gerrnaniaagain last week charged with boot legging, but the evidence did not seem to be very conclusive and he was dismissed by 'Squire Clarke. The Methodist little people, who call themselves the junior league, met at Albert Reed's home to the number of 100 Thursday evening and raised $8 for the cause besides enjoying themselves. Archie Hutchison is planning to build one of the best residences in town this spring*; He has not fully decided on a location, but tbe lots north of W. K. Ferguson's home are likely to be selected. City Clerk Cohenour ventures the prediction that the coming city financial report will show that the water rentals the past year have paid all running expenses, and also for all the mains laid, The list of topics for the coming farmers' institute gives promise of discussions of value as well as of interest. How to make money on the farm is the question, and in these days of innovations farmers keep up with the latest wrinkles. ' . Sheriff Samson went to Independence yesterday with Mrs, Mary Ostrum of Algona and Mrs. Anna Smith of Bancroft, both found insane by the commissioners Monday. Neither one is violently insane, but both need the care of an asylum. It is pretty definitely settled that one of the new homes to go up this spring will belong to Chubb Bros. Plans are being drawn for a large and handsome house which will be erected on the lots where the old house stands, just west of Marshal Willey's. The Corwith Crescent says Rev. Stewart of Britt is to be in Algona for the Fourth of July. It is Memorial day he has been engaged for, The Fourth is still to be provided for, but after last year we have no doubt that Algona will make timely provision, IN addition to a large assortment of popular styles in jadies' jackets we are showing a big line of misses' and pbild' pen's garments, QaJbpaith & Co, Highest Awarded WILL BE WBLI8HKD SOON, Dflfftht'g flotthcofsirig Book Will Make Its Appeaf&nee to About Two Weeks. Thtough tiis Courtesy We Ate Enabled to CJive & Chapter in Advance of Its Publication. Tlite UPPER DBS MoiNEs lias the pleasure of presenting to Its readers a few advance pages from Henry burnnt's forthcoming book<" which will be issued in Chicago about Feb. 20, and will be on sale at all the book stands after that date. It will contain about 80 chapters, each dealing with some phase of out' social life, and each suggesting the reforms which Mr. Durant thinks would tend to make life better worth the lly- ing. All will not agree With his suggestions, but those who pertise his pages will see that he has been an observer of men and events and that the conclusions he has arrived at represent many years of study and thought. One of the chapters'is entitled "Our Civilization." He gives what he assumes would he the impressions of intelligent beings from, another planet after a visit with us: Suppose a delegation of educated and cultured people from another world should visit us in order t,o get full information as regards our intellectual standing in all that pertains to a high order of civilization, and at their departure they should tell us their opinion of our position in the universe as regards practical common sense. It would be something like this: " When standing on the platform of one of your depots we are impressed with the stately dignity of an incoming train, and there is something about it that almost conveys the idea that it possesses a high order of intelligence. It is a very impressive sight. It borders on the sublime. Your machinery all does its work with a marvelous accuracy and apparent intelligence. When we compare it with the behaviour of the masses of your people we are surprised at the amount of folly and useless behavior we see. How could you ever acquire such habits and why do you not eradicate them.. You have the mental capacity to acquire as high an order of intelligence as any world we have visited but how you have perverted it. What can your ideas of dignity be. Do you consider what you call joking, which benefits none but wrongs and annoys most all, an attribute of intelligence when it is indulged in to such an extent as it is with you? How have you ever acquired and allowed such a habit as drinking to exist among you to the extent it does? Drunkenness is never any benefit but always an injury to the individual as well as to his home and the nation! A person after indulging in a drunken time is mentally, morally and financially injured and has not one redeeming thing to show for it, nothing'but shame, regret arid remorse. Collectively you must acknowledge it is a national disgrace, and also that intelligent laws could be enacted that would instantly stamp it out. "Your political system is such that you do not secure the best talent of youn nation to either govern you or make your laws. Your educational system does not (as it should) to any extent attempt to eradicate violent temper, jealousy and revenge., You do not appear to or at least practice a system to develop a kind, generous, sympathetic disposition and all the finer attributes of your nature. The habit of swearing is very common among you. Did it ever accomplish any good? Did it ever mend-any thing or have the least effect except that of injury? What does lying accomplish for you? Is it not a positive injury to you all? If you ask a question it is correct information you want, not something that may mislead or injure you. In place of educating your children at home you trust them to strangers and deprive yourself of what should be one of the highest ambitions of parents, namely, to enjoy the society and early education of their children and have them excell in culture and intelligence. After 20 years of age if you have given your children proper pare and attention they should then be sent to the best institution of learning that your means will afford. When you trust your children's education to strangers at the nge when .they are susceptible to any or all bad influences how can you expect them to ever be fit to appreciate or utilize a fine education, At home you should educate your children so that at the age of five or six they can talk intelligently about many of their surround 1 ings and the elements of all sciences, "A correct system of government places all on a par with each other, that is your rulers are just as good as , you are if they behave themselves, no longer, Your behavior towards each other has a tendency to humiliate those who do not have wealth or position, An inherited position is no credit to any one, an acquired position is, To inherit position is an advantage if it is improved but what does.juhevited position do for the world If sciuand.ered in idleness. "Your discoveries anddevelopmentof the laws of the universe in your con* struction of machinery, tp which you have almost imparted intelligence, also your magnificent bridges and fine structures challenge our admiration. But to quite an extent you have overlooked the human family which is susceptible of an improvement in intellect, culture and physical condition that hardly has a limit, Jn' paying tribute to true, worth you, have almost entirely over* looked taraew and mechanics, p<j ypu, opt realise the, }mpQctano§ of their pneittpn, They arg the tvwe noblemen sf any lap4 »n,d §bpul& be. we,U dpesmd and wlKtii but yftujj system hu *>--*»--.1.1— ft tendency to i%pidl$ iAcflBfif® -psvefty nftd its attendant cfiftieB? Y6tf Rave a beautiful and glofious, cttufilfy ahd should endeavor td develops it mor6 in" tellectually. Al! your olhef crimes pale before the one of you!- tFeaimenlef wotaen. With all your intelligence you have no lawn or social customs that puhish the one who coftmits the cfjme. You let the innocefit vldtim fedelve the punishment. Your happiness and wel 1 fare both at home and as a nation de* pend on the purity of women, yet you have little or no protection for them. You live a dual life towards them. In company you attempt to show them every respect, allow ho ill or rude be* haviour before them and any great rudeness Would be punished at once, when in company of men only your whole nature changes. Usually then the most popular one among you is he Who can slander atad abuse them* the most. You appear to lose all respect for them and certainly for yourselves, but if a stranger should say anything against one of your female relativesyou might kill him on the spot. Now do you not realize that all that you say against women slanders your own moth" ers, sisters and wives, also your lovely little girls. How can you look them in the face after telling and listening to the vile language you have against them. Your treatment of women shows your defective early education andyour unjust laws to the fullest extent. It should bo the ambition of all men to guard and protect women. They should look on them as lovely, angelic beings to be loved add protected and not ruined and degraded. You have nothing to fear from your women, as their high order of humanity and all that pertains to a kind generous sympathetic and loving nature as well as their keen appreciation or sense of right and wrong is all owing to the fact that their organization places them in closer communion with our unseen surroundings and the great hereafter. But if such a thing could be as for them to change and act like men it would bo fatal to home, society and the nation." Money. . I am loaning money on farmlands at six per cent, interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of. paying off all or any part of his mortgage at the time of paying Interest. J. J. RYAN. Office over the postofllco, Algona, Iowa. FRESH vegetables today and Saturday at Grove & Son's. WERE you looking for sweet potatoes, cabbage, parsnips, and such like? You will find them all 'at Grove & Son's, Removal Sale. We will sell, from now until we move to our new store in, the Boston block, all watches, clocks', jewelry, and silverware at reduced prices. Call and see some of the bargains. E. G. BOWYER, Jeweler. Cowles'block. 45 THE big auction of Jackson Roberts, on the Bamsey farm, 3| miles south of Algona, occurs on Friday, Feb. 14, and will furnish an opportunity to get some good horses, cows, and hogs for a little money. Keep the date in mind, and go to the sale—Feb. 14.—46t2 Great Polaud China Sow Sale. Taft & Co., proprietors of the Mineral Springs herd of Poland Chinas, will hold a great sale of bred sows at Humboldt, Iowa, on Friday, Feb. 21, 1896. This sale will include about 50 choice sows and gilts of the richest breeding, bred to five great herd boars. Free entertainment and sale under tent comfortably seated and heated. Remember the date, Feb. 21, and attend this sale if you want something fine. Go TO J. A. Hamilton & Co.'s for all kinds of wood.—46t4 FARMERS are invited to bring in samples of grain and test the work done by the Owens fanning mill, the greatest of foul seed separators. Sold by A, M. & G. M. Johnson,—17 W. H. WOOD, the Albert Lea, Minn,, piano tuner, is in Algona. He has been tuning some of Algona's best instruments for two years, and gives the best of satisfaction. He will visit Algona every six months. THE first fresh & Son's. vegetables at Grove DR. PRESTON, oculist and aurist, at Dr, Kennefick's, Monday, Feb. 24. Diseases treated; operations performed; spectacles fitted.—4712 " that "Yes, "Do YOU believe," said he, love can exist without jealousy?" but not without insurance. .Love aims to protect and provide," Examine the Royal Union, J, L, Donaboo, district agent, Algona, lowiv. " RELIABLE" Grove & Son's. Mocha and Java at kind, .have a nice line of fish of Langdon & Hud>*on,-47t2 every Look Here! Boiled sliced ham, pickled pigs' feet, pjokled bocks in glass jars, sweet pickled corned beef, spiced corned beef; a full line of choice poultry, also choice bulk oysters. We are the pioneers of low prices, MOB BROS, PINE slabs for kindling at J. A. Ham* ilton & Cp,'e.—m4 Rt « pev Cewt. the expenses pf making the loan pan be paid at option of the borrower, Interest payable annually unless pthep- w}se preferred, v The teas oatj be paid in whole or in part at any interest Little bake biscuits for a prize at Doxsee's hardware store, March 9 and 10—all of whieh will be '' fun alive" for the little girls ; but a funnier thing in this connection is found in the fact that they will use Daisy Mills Flour. Must be the Daisy Mills fiour is all right or they wouldn't use it. Fact is, the little girls (and big girls, too) know a good thing when they see it—that's why they use Daisy Mills flour for the biscuit baking Contest. YOU SEE THE POINT, OF COURSE, Good Cooking Maltcfj Good Husbands In order to encourage the art of cooking among the little girls I have decided to offer the little ' ' Buck's Brilliant Range" displayed in my store window to the girl under 1 2 years of age who will bake the nicest and 'best baking powder biscuits. The contest will be held at my store on March 9 and 10, from 2 to 6 p. m. The contest will 'be absolutely free to every iittie girl in the county under 12. years of age. The biscuits will be baked in a "Buck's Steel Range" and made from Daisy Mills flour. Competent judges will decide whose biscuits are the best. The little toy range is a perfect range— one that will cook and bake with a " truly" fire. If you want further particulars call at the store. G. M. DOXSEE,, AMONG THE ADVEBTISEBB. Jas, Taylor has a new ad this week. Take a look at Galbraith's spring dress goods. Corn }s bringing 16 cents at,the Milwaukee depot. Grove & Son are advertising "green goods" of the right kind, Goeders' spring clearing sales always mean cheap prices for good goods. A. D. McGregor was over at Wesley yesterday assisting in invoicing a stock of furniture, Jas. Patterson has a lamp globe of the latest that costs $5,50 and some chamber sets that are beauties, just in. Supt. Aisbton and Marvin Hewitt, Jr., were in Algona last week talking up the North western's freight business. M. B. Dalton sold 10 full-blood Chester White breeding sows for $100 last week. They go to the Ingham farm west of town, Cheever Hudson says the crockery trade is remarkably good in spite of hard times, He is having good sales in all lines of dishes. prices on all goods are cut way down at Goeders and he will during this month clean up for his big spring stock. Now is the time for bargains, P, R, Fraser now owns the well dig' ging putflt and bis brother is not with biro, He is prepared to get water in short order for all who are in need, Hogs ave worth $3,75. only and J, F. Lacy is still hplding his $4 hpgs for the market to improve. Oats and other grains remain stationary. Oats are wppth J3 cents, A farmer came Friday from near El* more tp the Daisy mills with, a load of wheatyind hauled out },}OQ of' flour. He said be liked tp come wher« he got good flpup in return. Walker Brps, have an entirely new thing in a lamp burner which is going to revolutionise the lamp business, Jt makes twice the light w}tb, less oil and has an easy wick fastening, It will even make,«light witb'Obftwe Wink ie'soil ---•*' BANQUET AT BUfiT, The A; O. U. W. Members Have a lllg Blow-out at the Creamery Town—State Officers Present, Hon. R. L. Tilton of Ottumwa, B. F, Rehkoff of Des Moines, and A, B. Smith of Spencer met with the Algona A. O. U. W. lodge last evening, having just come from Burt where they feasted Monday evening. Mr. Tilton delivered the annual address there and the finest banquet lately spread in the county was then enjoyed, ,The attendance from abroad was not as large as good weather would have seen, but it was still a big meeting. CLUB HOUSE Hudson's.-47t2 coffee at Laugdon & JAS. TAYLOR has kindly offered the Baptist society a per cent, of the sales at his store, Monday, Feb. 11, The Baptjst people and all their friends are requested to come with well-filled purses, prepared to do their spring shopping, as the society wishes to greatly enrich its treasury. Gj'us On account of the Mardi Gras at New Orleans, La,, and Mobile, Ala,, th e , Northwestern line will, from Feb. IP to 16, inclusive, sell excursion tickets at! very low rates, good for return pagsafre until March 14, J896, For tickets »gf '• full information apply tp agents Chiea< go & North western railway,^} t s , TWO WYES SAVSP. Mrs. Phoebe Thomas of 'Junction Qltj*-, 111., was told by her doctors s.he bad con- l sumption and that there was .no hope tov her, but two bottles of Dr. JSipg's New Pis, covery completely cured her ftn.d she says it saved her life- Tbos, Eggers, }89 Florida street, s»r» Francisco, suffered frpw dreadful cold, approaching tried without result everything bought one tottte Dr, King's jfew -„_ ery and in two weefcs. was cured. Nptuw '•-*-- ^ thankful it is, such, -results, -' \ these we samples, that py«Y£ wonderful efijtoaoy of ttiis med.i ' "'~ ~ and coughs. Free trial bottles Regular size 5Qoa.}]4 ft; ,' , >•'; All tbe Ht'tle girls sindjrJS are l§apninjf & bake blsouUf ' J$ »1U luj .two see.'.! ogpjjinjr eoniest wWatojjp'pjto .. day* an.a tbe girl who, tbe 'little w Uat will t rar Iftw rates V fidklannrtifCTSfPfixflBS an

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