The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 5, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1896
Page 7
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igfl "#;, £ "S-'-' - .CT V-Q3 anfi 1ft f fttCfe f »ft f f*¥Af»«& fi A. iafee? Seed 6d.» La pay higfc iffiees *. te« f&f .& gats, fsoo !df 100 ifes; a! etc.! Well, pfldei fdr pota- 111' be high fieit fall. Plant a, >Mf. Wideawake! 'tfiu'll ifiake _ dzer's fiafliest af« flt*to eat ays after planting. Mis Cham- Ithe World is the greatest yielded |h and 'We challenge you to pf-a* equal. will »*«d 14 cents in stamps John A,,Salfcef Seed dd., La Wis., you will get, free, ten Jes grains and grasses, thr'uding |te, Spurry, tifiant IneArtiate ", etc.) ahd our -mammoth cata- •, Catalogue Be. for mailing, w,a. Otffi WIT AKD HtJMOS, GP f M§ WfHf §E§* and dM&6«>%tt8 fief frittr tii« titttt—*hfe ttafo?ttin»t<S PfredlcaftifeSt tit Setff Mcirftddeh—lotjjtyfif UtiS tot ^^1 the Ills the flesh is heir to, Wouldn't really be so bad I -we didn't always thereto | Add the ills it never had." _ is more Catarrh in this section country than all othei? disease? Srogothei', -and .until the last fe'w •was supposed to be incurable, great many years doctors pro- Bed ' It a iooal disease, and pre)d local remedies, and by constant- Ming to cure With local treatment, gunc.ed It Incurable. Science has |n Catarrh to be a constitutional Se, and therefore requires constl- (lal treatment. Hall's Catarrh ^manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Toledo, Ohio, is the only c'onstltu- |1 cure on the market. It is taken 'nally, in doses from ten drops to a boonful. It acts directly on the . and mucous surfaces of the sys- They offer One Hundred Dollars. Iny case It falls to cure. Send for! liars and testimonials. Address IF. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Id by druggists; 7Bc. Ill's .Family Fills, 25c. , total mileage of electric roads in i Britain does rot exceed forty. Foaecasters. \ jie people are so influenced by the. K ric currents of the atmosphere Ithey can foretell the coming of a Iderstorm with perfect accuracy, lothers there are with nerves so Itive that they are sure of having llgia from a low and fretful state a nervous system. Now,why can't Atter be warned in time and know ILn ounce of prevention is worth a "I of cure? To use St. Jacob's Oil Rtly will'ward off an attack, or if Ked will promptly cure.- Such can do for themselves what .„ do from weather prophecies, Ithe signals and save the wreck lisasteiv _____ Sway laborers in Holland average from Sts to 10 cents a day. flngefS, • Tracing leaf and floto'f. Aching head that lingers Till the midnight hour, Weird and mystic mazes, Wrought in golden gleanl- Grotesque shape that hazes Mortal's wildest dream* [Tirelessly, ahd coyly— • "Slipper, scarf or mat, t«amp shade, muffler, dolly, • 1 'Kerchief or cravat?" JvText Week.'twill be given, From that love of his— He insane be driven, Wond'rlng what It is. ^titi ad?eltiSSd for ft ceactfittfi, the applicant. "1 did," i-eplied the ifief6ha&t> "De yotl 1»ant th6 fiositioflF "tea, elf," "Mate you had aiiy SSpei-letibe^* *'l hate been i& the buslfle^a all my life." "ton are used te handling gasblifte, thea?" "Yes, sif," "And you are posted on electricity?" "thoroughly." "Good. Of course you are a machlfl* 1st also?" "Certainly," "And 1 presume you hate an ea* gineer'-S license?" "Of course." "Very well. You may go around to the barn and get the motocyele ready, My wife wishes to do a little shopping," —Chicago Post. ANTAHCTIC^EESTONS, f?ddf MAN f8 LANS. err the Koittfe&iafc feiplorer, Ottel fth Aeeontit ei Mil Atl*fehttiffc» in thfe BoutUfeMi seal—tteatlf id dtt tince Mor*. Two Dollars Ahead. A man who looked like a farmer entered a grocery store a day or two ago and said to the proprietor: "Do you remember that I came here about four weeks ago?" "I can't say that I do." . "Do you remember of changing a $10 bill for a man who asked you if you ttidn't want a barrel of pickles?" "" "No." "Why, you must. There was a wom- I D. V. • Wholes investment & Mining Cripple Creak, Col.., can furnish you tly reliable information concerning 'ng properties in the Cripple Creek dis- We always have options on some je properties that are bargains and lie no others. Local and eastern bank fences given on application. Corre- .ence solicited. ,' president, it is said, -with the single on of William H. Harrison, has had r.n in here at the time who said you cheated her on some butter. She said the weight was short. That was what led me to count my change over after leaving the store, and I found—" "I never saw you before, sir!" interrupted the grocer. "Yes, you did!" "Don't attempt any tricks on me, for they won't work! If I gave you change it was all right!" ' "No, it wasn't! I found $2—" "Go on! You are a swindler!" "Very well; goo.fl day. You gave me $2 too much, but if you can stand it I can. It'll pay for getting the mare shod all around, and I . won't have anything on my conscience." Her Qulclt Pprccptlon. "You are concealing something from me!" His words were bitter, his accents sharp. So sharp that the maiden whom he addressed started, as though fright' ened, and blushed deeply. "It is no use denying it," he repeated, with more sadness than bitter* ness now; "you are concealing something from me." The girl hung her head in silence, and made no attempt at denial. Shortly after, he left, her without the Usual good-night. Stung to the quick with his reproaches and realizing the truth of his accusation, she received him the next evening, when he called, In her most de- collete evening gown. . Jerry's Letter. COKY OF CRIPPLE CREEK." •Sve just Issued In book form the only ixu-j SFand reliable history of Cripple Creek gold. She marvel of tho mining world. The book Ba numerous full-pace Illustrations of gold true to life. With the solo object, of Intro- Jour blir 8 pttge.6(1 column illustrated weekly i(establlshcd 18110) wo will send a copy of the. flntcrestlng book free to all who send us 25« jps or stiver) for a 8 months (1ft ..weeks), trial Sriptlon to our bin weekly, which contains tho B mining and illustrations of Uonky nioim- iCeneryT Club of 0 nnd 5 books SI. Mention our r and address, Illustrated Wuckly, Denver, Col, Not In His Time. Joctor, I work like an ox, eat like a bear ptm tired as a dog." onsult a veterinary surgeon." yes that are far apart are said .by phys- no mists to indicate great intelligence J tenacious memory. •.-••. Some persons are always taking iron. If weak and easily, exhausted; pale and,' without appetite ; if the nervous system is weak, and £,- sjeep difficult, what do 'you take? Iron? But iron cannot supply food i -to the tissues.; nor does it have any power to change the activity of I unhealthy organs and ' them back to l-health, . Cod-liver oil is |what you need. -The oil feeds the pogrly-nour- jghed tissues, and makes pel) blood, I,ocllne,-bro- line, and other ingtedi- |nt§, which form part of pil, have special to alter unhealthy f ' ' Tho Smallest of All. "Of course there are various grades of mean men," said the thoughtful man. "Of course," replied the careless one. "That being so," continued the thoughtful man, "what character of man would you consider the smallest, meanest and most contemptible of. all known to modern civilization?" "I could hardly answer that offhand," returned the careless man. "Perhaps you have given the subject some thought." "I have," admitted the thoughtful man. , '. "Then what are your conclusions?" "I think that the man who is rich enough to build or rent a fine house, but who considers himself too poor to have his sidewalks properly cleaned, is entitled to that distinction."—Chicago Post. "Dear Mudder: I won't be home >.cxt week, for I got the grip most dreadful yesterday, and de doctor says I won't be out for ten days. JERRY." 1808 on the Farm. The shades of night were slowly descending, the dew was also arriving, and the usual "indefinable feeling of impending danger" was on time. Mary Jane had almost finished her milking, when suddenly, with a final switch of her tastefully decorated'tail, the usually peaceful bovine raised her left Trilby and, with a fierce kick of protest, upset the brimming; pail. As Mary Jane quickly arose from her cobbler leatherrseated rocker she might have been hearil to sorrowfully murmur, "Another pair of my best bloomers completely ruined." Waked 'E<n Pp. Wool—I was on 'a Fifth avenue stage to-day and the team came near run- ,ning away. Van Pelt—What was the matter? Wool—A farmer was ahead with a load of oats, Worse tht»n Ever. ietlon. B QQoHiver oil, with lypophosphttes, is the '-- lr palatable w^y to S9d-liY§r oil. The phQ§phit§9 ~ supply hy n§rv§ aQtipHi h • eontrgls • ail th§ f f-ISO'S CURE FOR Mr CGN-SUMP'J IQM Interested In JSgga, The man with the fur-lined coat stopped before the principal grocery io town and casually inquired: "How are eggs to-day?" "Well, they're a little high," replied the grocer. "Because of a big demand or a small supply?" asked the man with the, fur- lined coat "Small supply," answered the grocer. "The hens seem to be taking things easy in this vicinity just now." The man with the fur-lined coat nodded his head as if he approved of the action of the hens.and then asked: "Any bad ones?" "Bad ones!" exclaimed the grocer. "Yes. Any of the ancient, odorous variety, that we all kno.w so well?" "No, sir; not in this shop," returned the grocer emphatically. "Sure?" "Sure! Of course I'm sure." ' "Do you suppose there are any in town?" asked the man with the fur- lined coat anxiously. "No, sir. We pride ourselves on our fresh eggs up in this neck of the woods, Skid It wouldn't be safe for any one to keep bad ones." ' "I'm glad to hear it," said the man with, the fur-lined coat, with evident relief, as he continued his stroll down the street. The grocer looked after him for a minute and then a great light suddenly came upon him. "Say! 1 he yelled,' "Well?" qame back the answer, "Did you mean eating eggs or theater eggs?" "Theater eggs!" exclaimed the man with the fur-lined coat, stopping snort in his walk, "Yes. The farmers never bring in their theater eggs until the afternoon before the show, I was thinking of eating eggs all the time, but if it's theater eggs you want there'll be ejght or ten crates of them on sale in about an hour," Then be went back into his store and, tolfl his assistant that any jay actor who tried to pump him was bound, te get the worst of it every time, B. BORCHGftS- tlnk, the Norwegi Ian explorer, writes a graphic account of "The First Landing oti the Antartlc Conti* nent' 1 for the 1 Century. The article is illustrated with his own drawings, and has an introduction by Gen. A. W, Greely, The Writer says: We landed at Cape Adare that night (Jan. 23, 1896), being the first human creatures to put foot oh the mainland. A peculiar feeling of fascination crept over each of Us, even to the most prosaic natures in our boat, as we gradually drew near to the beach of this unknown land. Some few cakes t)f ice were floating about, and looking over the side of the boat, I even dis* covered a jelly-fish, apparently of the common light blue, transparent kind. 1 do not know whether it was to catch the jelly-fish, of from a strong desire to be the first man to put foot on this terra Incognita, but as soon as the order was given to step pulling the oars, I jumped over the side of the boat. I thus killed two birds with one stone, being the first man on shore, and relieving the boat of my weight, thus enabling her to approach land near enough to let the captain jump ashore dry-shod. I had painted a Norwegian flag on a large box, which we fastened on a strong pole near the place where we landed; and leaving the rest of the Crew to be entertained by the penguins, I proceeded alone to investigate the peninsula and to make colections. I found seaweed on the beach; but whether it had grown on the shores of Victoria Land remains to be ascertained in the future. I believe that Cape Adare is the very place where a future, scientific expedition might stop safely even during the winter months. From the spot where .we were several accessible spurs lead up to the top ; of the" cape, -and from there a gentle slope runs onto the great plateau of Victoria Land. The presence of the penguin Colony, their undisturbed old nests, the appearance of dead seals (which were preserved like Egyptian mummies, and must have lain there for years), the vegation to the rocks, and lastly the flat table of the cape above, all indicated that here is a place where the powers of the Antarctic circle do not display the whole severity of their forces. Neither ice nor volcanoes seemed to have raged on the peninsula at Cape Adare, and I strongly recommend a future scientific expedition to choose that place as a center of operations. On.this particular spot there is ample space for house, tents and provisions. I myself am willing to be the leader of a party to be landed either on the pack or on the, mainland near Column Island. From there it is my scheme to work toward the south magnetic pole, calculated to be in latitude 75 deg. 5 min., longitude 150 deg. E. Should the party succeed in penetrating so far into the continent, the course, should, if possible, be laid for Cape Adare, there to join the main body of the expedition. As to the zoological results of future researches, I expect great discoveries. It would indeed be remarkable if on the unexplored 'Victoria continent which probably extends over an area of' 4,000,000 square miles, there should not be found animal life,hitherto unknown in the Southern hemisphere, It is of course a possibility .that the un- kqown land around the axis of rotation might be found to consist of islands joined only by perpetual ice and snow; but the appearance of the land, the color of-the water, with its soundings, in addition to the movements of the, Antarctic ice, point to the existence Q£ a mass of land much more extensive than a of islands, Nervous Old Gent— Stop! Don't you Know betyer-th'an to point that shot-gun a,t me, you fool? Bvigbt Country B.oy— What's ther matter with yer? Tbftt ai»'t oo gb»t- g.ijn. v — -that's a- rifle, ft dispute in A Strong bjftpHi had. beea bavins e flurgery, jijs.t as m. W ok as ygij are," t&e letter R, , you're »Qt," replied tbe letter "If ypij were wo^b anything at aU t&e Not a Grout "I'm engaged to three just at pres, ent," she said. "Yes, A good deal on band? Ob, np, Not nearly as wuob as I have bad, There is put one diamond i» this lot." Upon a rpugh estimate she would put tbe aggregate value at ?150,—Detroit Wool—Hanks and seroggs hadn't spoken, jor twenty years, u»tU last week. Yaw FeJt-~Bsw fliO, }t come about? to j>fti»t bjs, t9 the Marvelous Cures. In a Portland hotel the other evening the conversation ' tunned to the subject of faith cures, magnetic healing and the laying on of hands, ' One. gentleman re» lated bis experience at the famous shrine of St, Anne de Beaupre, »ear Quebec. He vividly pictured the great army of crutches, splints, bandages and the like tbat were cast aside by the afflicted after experiencing the marvel' ous cures. "Why, gentlemen," said the narrator, "the blind were made to see, tbe halt were healed, and the paralytic threw away bis wooden suppprt." "I don't doubt it," said a gentleman present, "I was in Canada » few years ago and, witnessed the cures made by a magnetic and faith physician there. Why, .the main ball of this place yas with bunjps, that he prayed off the flf bwobbaeks, Each bump was Jabe,lefl with the owner's .residence-an4 date,'w Advertiser, BEEN TO T^E STORE I COTr FOR IO CENTS ,r The largest piece .of jgood tobacco ever sold for 10 cents! - - • r The 5 cent pie;ce is nearly ' lar,ge as you ^et df othe ( high trades for 10 cents Dr. parkDurst ana young t In twelve familiar "talks" Dr. Parkhurst, the I* great New York preacher and reformer, will address himself to young men. A feature that will continue through the year of 1896 in OK Colics' Rome journal ONE DOLLAR FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR OVER HO GIRLS WERE EDUCATED FREE At the best colleges and conservatories under the Free Educational Plan of THE LADIES' HOME JOURNAL, " Every H girl lias the same chance now for any kind of education she ' wants. Not a penny need she expend. Let her simply write to l> COPYRIQHT, 1800, 0V THE LOOK AT THE BOX Tbte is Waiter Saker &-G9/9 9»C 1?03?—be sure tbat you 4oa't get '!• ,f A railroad running across a leaves, gQjjje of ta.em, feet teas, }e certainly y»usuai., railroad b,p ^st been compietea 90 the i§ gHviated. tjje Jt the village Qf At wife i»,t° a it «t

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