Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 5, 1968 · Page 20
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1968
Page 20
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rr' -20- At Random By HarolJ V. Cohen The Monday Wash (24 Hours Later) Or hanging it up to dry a day in arrears because of the Judy Knaiz "Hello, Dolly" exclusive yesterday morning: His debut as a Broadway director was pretty disastrous for Sidney Poitier; Robert Alan Aurlhur's comedy, "Carry Me Back to Morningside Heights," which he staged, folded Saturday night after just seven performances " The cancellation of Robert Merrill's concert here for the Music Goild last Thursday was by mutual consent; the booking by the Guild of the Earl Wrightson-Lois Hunt "American Musical Theater in Concert" at Carnegie Music Hall on March 23 still stands, however . . . Lisa Kirk was in the running right up to the last minute, then Janis Paige got the nod to replace Angela Lansbury in the New York production of "Mame" the first of next month. The Freddie (Grosslnger) Holidays he's the Pitts, burgh boy who gave up acting to produce and direct television commercials cradled a baby girl, Debra Jeanne, in Westport, Conn. ... Her early rushes from "Five Card Stud," with Dean Martin and Robert Mitchum, prompted Paramount to sign Carnegie Tech's Katherine Justice for five pictures over a five-year period . . . Jerome Robbins, who hasn't done a show since "Fiddler On the Roof." will direct the musical version of Stephen Birmingham's "Our Crowd" next season . . . Dana Tana's Italian restaurant in Hollywood features a Dean Martini ... Donald Madden, who was so good on Broadway In "Black Comedy," will star in "Richard H" at the American Shakespeare Festival Theater in Stratford, Conn., this summer. Alda Coming Here The Playhouse has signed Robert Alda, the stage ("Guys and Dolls") and screen (George Gershwin in "Rhapsody in Blue") star, for one of the two leads in "The Odd Couple," which will follow "A Delicate Balance" into the Hamlet Street Theater next month . . . C a p u c i n e, once the- femme fatale in William Holden's life, is marrying Gianfarnco Pincentire, a photographer in Rome . . . "Now I Lay Me Down" is the new title for "A Jest of God," which stars Joanne Woodward, James Olson and Es-telle Parsons and was directed by Miss Woodward's husband, Paul Newman . . . When "Bewitched" goes on hiatus in April, Agnes Moorehead will take off for a 25-night tour of the concert circuit with her one-woman show . . . The Rege Cordics are on the West Coast to stay; they just bought a new home in the Pacific Palisades section of Los Angeles. David Zeitlin quit Life magazine after 23 years to take a producer's berth with Universal Pictures ... Mildred White, who was once Joe Feldman's secretary at Warner Brothers Theaters (later Stanley-Warner and now RKO - Stanley Warner - Glen Alden), has left that circuit to rejoin her old boss in the secretariat at the Feldman-Kahn advertising agency . . . Columbia Pictures will have no less than three road-show specials in circulation next winter, "Funny Girl." "Mac-kenna's Gold" and "Oliver!" . . . Local comic Marty Allen and his partner, Steve Rossi, head back for Las Vegas at week's end, but this time only for one night to join Liza Minnelli; Jack Carter, the McGuire Sisters and the Fifth Dimension on the Ed Sullivan show, which is airing out there on Sunday from Caesars Palace. The program will also Include Theodore Bikel in a scene from "Fiddler On the Roof," which Bikel is presently starring in at Caesars. Now that Robert Morse has his own teevee series set for 1963-69, he tried to nag the Smothers Brothers into telling him how much they're making with their series. "We can't tell you how much we're making," Tommy Smothers replied, "but it's enough that we're thinking about putting on another brother" . . . Producer Stan Seiden, who has Don Ameche and Robert Q. Lewis on tour in "The Odd Couple," will send out still another Neil Simon comedy, "Barefoot in the Park," this one with Virginia Mayo. Margaret O'Brien and Lyle Talbot . . . The role (Irene Molloy, the m i 1 1 i n e r) Kathy Hays (Mrs. Glenn Ford) and Phyllis Newman, among others, tested for in the movie version of "Hello, Dolly" has gone to Marianne McAndrew, a little-known New York actress . . . With "Mothers-in-Law" finished shooting for the season, Kaye Ballard will play Las Vegas' Flamingo Hotel for three weeks beginning March 21 . . . Dorothy Ma lone, who is ankliij? 'Peyton Place," got 1250,000 a year for that series, play or pav. Coincidence: Will Hutchins s . and Sandy Baron, who played bachelors on last year's "Hey, Landlord!" series, have both separated from their wives ...With April IS (income tax return deadline) not too far away, Dave Crantz suggests that "Tis better to give than to deceive" . . . Marlon Brando will be the advertising man and Richard Boone his father in Director Elia Kazan's screen version of his best-sell-Ing novel, "The Arrangement," for Warner Brothers-7 Arts . . . Alexandra Hay, the cute car-hop In "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," left the West Coast stage production of "The Beard" for a role In Otto Preminger's "S k I d o o" with Jackie Gleason and Carol Ch a n n I n g . . . Adam (Rat-man) West shelled out a bundle for Linda Cristal's sparkler and their friends think she'll be a before-June bride. Linda was formerly married to Yale Wexler, a graduate of the Carnegie Tech Drama School here who's now a big hotel and apartment-house tycoon in Los Angeles. Slork Note And speaking of Tech, two former dramats, Jack Dod-son, a regular on the Andy Griffith Show, and his wife, Mary Weaver, of Pittsburgh, a television art director and the sister of Actor Fritz Weaver, recently cradled their first child, Christina, on the West Coast . . . Danny's Hideaway, a New York hang-out for show business folk, celebrates its 23rd anniversary next Sunday. Danny Stradella, then fresh out of the Army, opened it originally on March 10, 1945, as a small six-table bar and restaurant . . . Forrest Tucker asked a producer's wife why her husband was in the hospital. "It's his knee," she replied, "I found a starlet on it." Charlie Shavers, the trumpet ace, has his combo at the Encore in Shadyside this week while Harold Betters is filling an old commitment in Cleveland. Shavers features Jo Jones on drums and Arnel Shaw on bass . . . East Mc-Keesport comedienne Donna Jean Young just opened an engagement with John Davidson at the Latin Casino near Philadelphia and on March 29 goes into the new Hilton Plaza llotel in Miami Beach with Rowan and Martin for 10 days ... Katherine ("The Gradu-' ate") Ross next teams up with John Wayne in "The Hellfight-ers" . . . Johnny Brascia, a Broadway actor before teaming up with his present wife in the dance team of Tybee and Brascia, just signed in for a featured role with Steve McQueen and Robert Vaughn in "Bullitt" ... That "Mission: Impossible" script this past Sundav was written by John D. F. Black, a Pittsburgh boy. John Mills will join Peter O'Toole and Petula Clark in the screen musical version of "Goodbye Mr. Chips" ... The Jack Palances are drawing up the settlement for a divorce . . . Barbara Stanwyck says she didn't show up at the recent Golden Globe Awards show even though she was a nominee for the very good reason that nobody bothered to invite her . . . Ann M i 1 1 e r 's practically set to make her Broadway debut this fail in "Good, Good Friends," from Patrick Den- MARGARET WHITING The owner of 12 Gold Records (for sales of over 1,000,-000 copies each), Miss Whiting has just been added to the roster of stars coming here March 16-17 to take part in the Variety Club's charity telethon over Channel 4. One of her platters, "Slippin' Around," which she did with Jimmy Wakely, wound up going over the 3 million mark. Miss Whiting is the daughter of the late, great songwriter, Richard Whiting. a.ftyar'pef8ia,auiiawi '??,?:.h.,w.vv v 1 1 ; , ; - 1 , -s ,; j? V t. , ,f i,x ..'' , ' is V- " f ' i 'V ' ' . , . i 'Ulysses' Again Milo O'Shea plays Leopold Bloom and Barbara Jefford his wife, Molly, In the motion picture version of James Joyce's "Ulysses," By JACK This year's Oscarcast April 8 will again be Held in Santa Monica auditorium the but there will be a few differ-e n c e s from other years. The set will be an interior of the rococo period f a s h-ionable d u r-ing Europe's 18t h century Instead of the Mr. Bradlord outdoor garden of last year. The camera work will go mod with some hand-held color jobbies to bring a more intimate view of stars. And that segment of Olivia de Havil-land's taken inside the Versailles Palace marks the first time one of our cameras has been allowed beyond the portals. And would you believe, Barbra Streisand's going Hollywood she'll be a presenter! Don't know about that Shelley Winters! This has got to be the kookiest! She decided to give her daughter, Tory, a birthday party. Shelley invited all the women who gave her a baby shower over 15 years ago. Now what kind of a party is that? Oh, yes, To-y' present the English baby carriage Universal gave Shelley when Tory was born! What kind of present is that? James Mason will try nny- thing this time, his first Western, "Good Guys and the Bad Guys," with Robert Mitchum already set as sheriff. Says Mason: "Even the English are playing Westerners. Can't say as if I've been dying to do one but this one's a groove!" When it was announced "The Riot" stai ring former footballer Jim Brown, would set up a six-week location at the Arizona State Prison, it left no doubt in one's mind what it was all about. The nis' spoof of the early Twenties, for the producing trio of Fryer, Carr and Harris ("Sweet Charity" and "Mame") . . . "It's easy to spot honeymooners in Vegas," postcards Tony Zoppi, the press-agent for the Hotel Riviera out there. "The guy kisses his wife even when he's on a losing streak." COME WHERE THE EVERY NITEI 3 Different, Beautiful, PAGLIASSOTTI'S LOUNGE i CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINMENT Craft Avenut at Hamlet Street, Pittsburgh, Pa, "THREE MEN ON A HORSE" Riofous free-for-all comedy! Plays Wed., hi, Sat., Sun. NOW HAMLET STREET THEATER PUUTZCH PRIZE WINNBR ! "A DELICATE BALANCE" By Edward Albcc "The hH of tht teoionf Set " M entitle 621-4445 .. ' 1 Ly, - .TvF''y.y..w PITTSBURGH rOSTGAZETTE BRADFORD first announcement caused a lot of talk the film might be about the Watts Riot and no one wanted to start that up again. Richard Kiley who made "Man From La Mancha" famous and won great reviews for his singing as well as acting, has come to Hollywood to make his pitch for the movie version. He'll co-star with George Peppard in "Pendulum." Julie Christie is back in Hollywood and just as excited about Warren Beatty's Oscar nomination as she was for her own. This romance appears to be going very smoothly and may well wind up at the al' ". . place Natalie Wood, Barbara Harris, Joan Collins, Leslie Caron and that Russian ballerina all tried to lead Warren to but couldn't. The producer of "Lawrence of Arabia," Sam Spiegel, will throw all his talent and lots of money into a film about Russia during the period that led up to the Russian Revolution ol 1917. The story of Nicholas I, the Czarina Alexandra and their family Rasputin will begin in 1910 and carry on through seven of the most colorful years in Russian history. The new sex symbol of Hollywood, Raquel Welch and her husband Pat Curtis were hav-i.ig a meeting with her 20th-Fox producer and smack in the middle of it, Raquel jumped up to leave! "Ill be late for my P.T.A. meeting." John Wayne's taking his fate in his own hands. He's taking his finished film, "Green Berets," over to Vietnam for previews in front of the toughest audiences he can find. He'll make personal appearances and leave himself wide open for all criticism. In the end, Wayne will then be able to cut his film to the best of all criteria. Don't be too supriscd when you learn Omar Sharif has signed a recording contract; he has several offers as a result of his impressive singing in "Funny Girl." No Sex symbol, Julie An-d r e w s, just the star who brings in the most at the box ACTION 15 ' Talented, Go Go Girls 420 Brownsville Rd. HE. 1-9667 T TO 2 LAST TMS; HASHOMON' TONIGHT! THURS.! Recommended For Mature Audiences - ?r.w..,wi.'.,Mi", TUESDAY, MARCH 5, which comes back to Pittsburgh tomorrow the Kings Court gets it this time for a third go around on the local first-run circuit. The picture originally opened at the Gateway last March, then the Shadyside got it in May. Promenades Enlist Koberls William Roberts, 31, former publicity director of the Pittsburgh Playhouse, has been named director of group sales for the five promenade concerts to be given by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in June. The promenade concerts will feature Henry Mancini, Skitch Henderson, Ferrante and Teicher, Peter Nero, and the New York City Ballet. office. And because of that, Julie will be getting the most scrumptious dressing suite on the Paramount lot while she makes "Darlin Lili." There will be a living room and two bedrooms! ladles' Day rn, Tomortow WU to 8 P.M. i Shadyside Theatre Walnut SlrpptMf?2-1901. . PARK FREE! AT NOMINATED FOR t,,-',, .tfS&F "BEST PICTURE" 'fm ACADE!!uiSWARDS I i3EATTV BEST ACTOR-BEST ACTRESS WMJNAWH? I I I3CIIIIIE sC-;;hT, r. ' LAUIES DAy tomorrow I ' i i I 50c UNTIL 5 P.M. i t WUi i RESERVED SEAT TICKETS AT BOX riCKETS AT BOX-OFFICE. WARMER :;:;:r;j ill a d et..n.. c.h.. t??,M JSi fffttjlIUfell PHONE 471-7400 TONITE AT 8 P. M. NOMINATED FOR 5 ACADEMY AWARDS! RiL,MA0 VAMfSSA fMNCO OAVifl HARRIS- REDGRAVE-NERO-HEMMINGS" JEi In 70mm. t Stsreophonic Sound! RESERVED SEAT TICKETS AT BOX-OFFICE, BY MAIL or PHONE For theatre party and MM . . . group information coll Q Mill Pittsburgh, Pa. 15217 E3B LAST "A NC rn 9 ACADEMY AWARDS! I I INCLUDING "BEST PICTURE I ,5i,J WVM i i tMM-manM I RESERVED SEAT TICKETS AT BOX-OFFICE, BY MAIL or PHONI I M Doori optn 5:30 P.M. Last Day! m m $ allltuitvtg JIAl iuri J m u vrn, v II 2 Color Hits! Tm Moore M i PI nFn TFMDMlAnil V H Hff RMAf) 1729 MURRAY AVB. I I A Han Called Dagger i 1 CLOSED TEMPORARILT JAi'llV WJCI iHOairO PHONE 421-133 I I aho Rugnrl Wrlch 1 RE-OPENS TOMORROW BasiHMaaaHiMHgBrsaBacBaaafViaanaaaaaBaaaaaaeaaaveiaaaaaHHanra '? Binqest Bundlr Of Them All X? p JmWtmS. CS.OSEt Krt 1 .M,Vn,',,l,i';l.C.i:,1u I I Colorl A Great CH I (WB) WATCHED P S I $ I THE BIBLE J efflfWQCTl I Lait Davl Peter Sellers. VPffflEP I Jac Un""''" 'H'"v To Murd'f Y"r WlfB' W 1 TONY ROME I 1 2 Color Hltst Dr.nn MartH i I also Crorga C. Stott w M THE AMBUSHERS M " Dl1TS'0N1E'J,.:lE" . ,t 1 FLIM FLAM MAN 1 alio ENTER LAUGHINO j OTanriFIEr PARKIN I LAST DAYI Vone,,, R.dgrov.. p. aWTO)S 'iffi iWjfflft f 'yjm.Tl II ViH f lit! -0PF" iiaiAu Mn"A I i I I i Uoon Open 5:30 P.M. Last Dayl a M V;NfTiermI 6:45 BLOW UP Color! I J I A Totally N-w Conrrpt In I 1 " f h!ytAUJ& Jf 1 Artiitie Motion Plctnrrj! M jSMJMnit parkins i izvoitili?rr t I . A W0MAN 1 I TrTTflVETl ffPIN "VENET AN AFFAIR "Canr I I fe RrammrnW For Maltra Ariulti I M I VyTmSIitil 6:00 p ' Drb,'ra K'rr "t"' of T, p"'r J i i nasi I ! i '.r:'l.JtiA. 1 Lie a y Dlrlr Bounrde "O1 OPEN T:30 P., "THE 1968- Theater Clock On Stage UVIRLY HILLS PLAYHOUJI-Bah- cock Biva. I in Man." lonigni at 1:10. BUHL PLAN STAR I UM - "Pvramldi to Apollo" at J;1J and 1:1 J. NEW CASINO - Burltsau Ihowt e 2 30, 1:30 and 10:30. Alto movltt. PITTSBUROH PLAYHOUSf - Craft Avt.,' "Rojhomon." Hamlt St.! "A Dtllcoti Bnlanci." Ptrlormanctl to- nioitt at 1,30. At the Movies ART CINeMA-"Torment" at 11, J:01, 5, 7 41 and 10:15. "Tht Vnuna bo Wild" at 12 55, 3.20. e: 10 ond . CHATHAM CINEMA-Audrey Hrnbnrn and Alan Arkm in "Walt Until Dark" at 2. 4, t and 10. DENIS ENCORe-Anna Bmrcrott and Ouslin HoMnian In "Iht braduall" at . 2:15, 4, 0, I ond 10. FIESTA - Robert Blnk and Scott Wliwin In "In Cold Blood" at 12:20. 3, 5.30, I ond 10:10. FORUM - Anne Bancroft and Duitln Hotlmon In "Th( Graduate" at 2:15. 4. 6, I ond 10. FULTON - Siwncer Tracv, Sidney pollier and Katharine Hroburn In "Guest Who't Coming to Dinner" at 12, 2, 4, 6, I and 10. GATEWAY -James Coburn and God-trey Cambrldoe In "The President ' Analyst" at 12:05, 2:05, 4, e, I and 10. OUILD-Uta Levka In "Carmen Boby" at 6:25, 1:25 and 10 25. KINGS COURT-Marcells Mastrnlannt and Anna Korlno In "Tht Stranger" at t, I and 10. MANOR Re Harrison, Samantha Eoaar and Anthony Nfwley In "Dr. DollMle." Tonight at 1:30. SHADYSIDE - Pla Deoermark and Thommy Beroaren In "Elvira Madi-oan" at 7:05, 1.40 and 10:15. SQUIRREL HILL-Richard Harrli and Vanessa Redsravt in "Camelat." Tonight at I. STANLEY-Fove Ounawoy ond Worren fieaHy In "Bonnie and Clyde" at 2, 2, 4, 6, t and 10. STRAND -Vaclav Nerkar and Jltka Ben- dova in "Closely Watched Trains" at 2, 4, 6. I and 10. WARNER - Clark Gnble and Vivien Leigh In "Gone With the Wind." Tonight at I. I rAiss RVltiiL PHONE THEATRE DIRECT FOR SHOW TIME 14 SELECTED INDOOR OARAGES "Carmen, Baby" M 'I iTM I, I J 'J Vl LAST f .1 II Ll'l IH 1 WI.M DAYI DRIVEN BT BURKIKG PASSION DOWNTOWN EVES, SUN. t HOLIDAYS 1 wamssmxa Phone Orders Accepted 471-7400 TONITE AT 8 P. M. In 70mm. t Stereophonic Sound! CI ARK GABLE vmrviriru T 1 ? 11. .1 l.l.lMll LKS LIE HOWARD OLlIdcILULND TROCOLC - OFFICE. BY MAIL or PHONE M s t5 534 5 A- r-,33" DAYI Terry Moore, Jan Murray f Moore, Jan Murray LLED DAGGER" l ur Mother' Home" t J MAN CALLED iiinniiMimwiMiiiiiiiaiii.aa-! ,i- LAST DAYI Steve McQueen SAND PEBBLES" Tnelta at R OQ P.M. LADIES' DAY Academy Award Nomination for "BEST ACTRESS OF THE yEAR" AUDREY HEPBURN In WAIT UNTIL DARIf ONLY 7 er i -af t-.m. XT A&LjriLUlLLm I I I I I I I elM 5 NITES box utfices: Civic Arena, Gimbels, Kaufmann's, Home's, Hughes & Hatchor 7?,,0o,"3J,VlA MAIL: wrlu Poll' Pi"- Civic Arena, Pgh., Pi. 1519. Advlie perlormanco date & time; number of tickrti e cricei desired; Include check or money order payable to lea rolliei e. enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope for return. V LADIES' MATINEI TOMORROW SOe UNTIL 'PJ! is a hundred brawls, broads, GEORGE PEPPARD is'PJ! CO STINQ GAYLE HUNNIGLTTT-RAYMOND BURR WILFRID HYDE-WHiTEBROCK PETERS-SUSAN SAINT JAMES MUSIC -WEAL HEFTI - 8crnpley by PHILIP REl8MAN.JP, - Stwy by PHIU R.EISMAN J k4 f DWARD J MONTAGUE DoectM by JOHN GUIUERMiN Produced by EDWARD J MOMTAONt TECHNICOLOR A UNIVERSAL PICTURE FREE PARKINS EVES, t SUN. AT 14 V DOWNTOWN :il.;ii 4J NOWI PHONE THEATER DIRECT FOR SHOWTIME J, Xxfft uiu'tpsnnminniiiiiiill iXiV 10 academy award Dominations Including BEST PICTURE, BEST ACTOR, BEST ACTRESS .CHi'uu nennmooaaaa. 1 m ' itiV iittliViVeifali ar AaMaViAxOxX .s a Positively noon under 16 admitted unless FREE PARKING EVES 7 ACADEMY AWARD BEST PICTURE. BEST ft 14' M 4W3U boon open 5:30 P.M. Last Dayl A Totally Nw Conrfit lq Artiitie Motlrn Pictures! A WOMAN BreommrnoVil For Malum Adulti Doon Open 5:30 P.M. Last Day! 2 Coltr Nltt! Clint Eattwoof THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY 1 b nr mw it nil ra I 1 TOMORROW! SOo to Feature at 2-4 fM0 6 Pi MTl ibc Indoor Parking! iftar S p. m. Sat,, A Holiday, ittir I Indoor Thtr Cnf, Gang BH 1 twwll MORE DAYS & 4 MATS IIWJJ. A f.'M'X I w TS n III -tvj f..:v j ... i.i.,. ij. la n - ADULT PRICES: $2.50 $3.50 $4.00 $4.50 JUNIOR DISCOUNTS (16 & under): Half of adult price Tuet.-Wed.-Thiin. $1.00 clitcount at all 4 mate. 5:30 P.M. minutes of murders and sizzling action. STARTS TOMORROW Lott Dayl "President's Analyst" SELECTED GARAGES DOWNTOWN LADIES MATINEE TOMORROW 50c UNTIL 5:30 m Stanley Kramer Spencer i Sidney i Katharine TRACY 1 POITIER 'HEPBURN guess who's w n coming to dinnc TECHNICOLOR' ? FRtE PARKING E VLS t SUN. AT II SELECTED GARAGES DOWNTOWN LADIES MATINEI 5:30 PM TOMORROW 50c UNTIL 'V-MVlllLeieiJUMI L IffMfli.eL 9VM vy n waft? accompaniec! by a parent or jujrdun sma1C& & SUN IN BUILDING j ' MATINEES DAILY NOMINATIONS Includinj ACTOR. BEST ACTRESS i JOSEPH E. LEVINE MIKE NICHOLS LAWRENCE TURMAN Doon Open 1 00 P M. Lait Dayl 2 Color Hlti! Mlcharl Calna BILLION DOLLAR BRAIN alio Dirk Van Dykl FITZWII.Ly 2 Gnk Dialoqjft Filmil Eklcpsa Tin Gynaika Mou Tou Horlsmouto Train 8yfW.i.iTl7-'.ppW v.. v. FEATURE TIMES TODAY! S:15-40-6:0X)-8:O0-10:00 P.M. r l4fatl$fa$W IVlHSiallrUaftaJjl JRlAttl)

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