The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 5, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1896
Page 5
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''^'"'Yif/''^!"-'' -"' • - • vj"' w -'**'"--"•- -' • ' .'V'^'-^t;"'" /-", •',;>">'"^-> M V\^r/^'' r '!'''' t ^?^^^ r v^@'J THE tJSPfift BEg MMNBSi ALGONA, IOWA, WEONffiSBAY, MBffiJAHY 8, 1898.5 "*.,. I-^Yii reat ebruary Clothing Sale. r e will offer during the month of February FOR CASH, 100 Men's Suits, worth from $6 to $10, at, t ... f\f\ «V-l \J 10 Boys' long pants Suits, worth $5.50 to $8, at IO Child's Suits for worth from $3.50 to $5. [00 pairs Odd Pants, regular prices }' range from $3 to $4— you take Q? O your choice of the lot for V^ d£a • Jive doz. Men's Gray Shirts and Drawers at only 20c each. 'etl doz. Children's Underwear, at from .00 >ur entire stock of men's' and boys' caps— your choice for 50c. All remnants in Dry Goods at wholesale prices. These are all good, saleable goods, but we are overstocked and need money; therefore we are obliged to sell them at these slaughtering prices. Jno. Goeders. GENERAL LOCAL NEWS. It tried hard to snow yesterday. February has opened up smiling. The next term of court comes in four veeks, March 9. . , Next week Thursday evening is the flate of the trip to Chinatown. The annual bean supper will be held Friday evening, Feb. 21, this year. v A. P. Hall has spent a very bad week land is no better. His strength is fail- fing. I Iowa has 230 high schools. Algona f stands 82d in number of students en- Irolled. p Jos. Thompson received .the money in his damage case from the Milwaukee I company last week, , All who enjoy a good burlesque en- hertaiument should plan to see Hoyt's f Trip to Chinatown. . «. ,7. Donovan of'Fenton is kept at 1 home with a broken leg. His team ran 'away with him a few days ago. Julius Frank writes that he has sold I his store at New Hamptop and that his , plans for the future are not settled, i Senator Carroll, one of the leading I men on the school committee, at Pes \ Moines, is a brother of Prof. Carroll. Archie Hutchison will soon beat home in the old Theo. Chrisohilles jjouse,' He expects to build in the jpring. But few of the creameries have put Bp any ice, They are wondering now Whether the river is going to freeze up |gain, ; 3, M, Wright was up from Fort Dodge Friday, HeandCapt. Yoeraan rgued a law matter before Judge , t Easter^ Slfcfl ladles gave the ma- brethreft !* banquet Thursday at the hail,, About 00 partjci- ted 3, ]?, MoElrpy iagain, 'in the read* uf room aftep his recent iU&eBs, He pondering s'upb efficient service as that he oaonpt wejl be spared Potter |o^m§ us that C, , A, is getting 'along with prpe" 'cpyety, He w the young whp was aeoiflentaUy shot last K boil I? bow' » epeojal, §es?ion e'pb.»o Uhrary. tax 4o vote ain wa§ pvege|ite4 hy Pr, MoCpy last " ' ChrisobiHee snfl , will te pleawd to Henry Wallace will lecture on farming in Europe and assist, in the institute, and a good time is insured. The sale of C. H. Blossom's home' does not mean that he has any intention at present of leaving Algona. He is not wholly decided as to his future but has no plans for leaving. If Algona has to put up the papers for $25,000 for a normal school, a ways and means committee should be appointed at once. That is what the bill now in the legislature means. The Congregationalists Monday elected B. F. Reed president and Guy Grove treasurer of the society, Jas. Patterson was re-elected truste_e. No action was taken about carpeting the church. Marriage licenses have been issued to F. C. Renriecke and Emma R. Seeman, John C. Lollier and Bridget Muldoon, Frank Schneider and Magdalena Sauftner, Chas. Meyers and Catharine Meyers. Gen. Wright has notified Col, Cooke that he is reappointed on the governor's staff as inspector of small arms practice. This is a high compliment and endorsement of Col, Cooke's past services, Dr. Garfield seems likely to have a lame arm the remainder of his days. He has bad Dr. Charlton of Clear Lake and Dr, Schooler of Des Moines examine it. Otherwise he is slowly improving. ' Now it turns out tbat'the Union Shoe factory of Cbillicotihe, Ohio, has failed for $100,000, That was the factory that the Chicago inen represented who were planning to induct Algona into the shoe business, The cemetery association expects at its meeting Saturday to devise a plan for a sinking fund which will be available after all the lots are sold to provide for the care of the grounds, It is (v good plan. No work in the public schools has been more appreciated than the instruction in music, In the }ate examinations the pupils of rooros 9 and 10 averaged 85 pep cent, which is very unusual, Miss Ranks is doing good work. QNJS thousand Uve pigeons wanted by John Q, Sroitfo,-46t2 ' Awarded Highest Honors—World's Pair* -of ft fipjfl SftfUSfc Q • - ' ' - thfe List, Believed to Be Shows Sitteeti Denotnlnatioiis in ifossttth* While the Chtitch Buildings Aw oua Sfid the Mehibef&hip into the Thollsftflds. THE TJppsfc DES MoiNES has attempted the {mat week to Secure a list of the churches in the county. 'The following Is believed to be practically complete, the figures in tnost cases being taken from the census returns. But the assessors skipped several of the societies and several buildings have been built since the census was taken, The list is given as nearly as possible in the order in which the various denominations were first represented in the county* THE PRESBYTERIANS. The Presbyterian society was the first to have on organization in the county and now hns churches usfollows^ LuVerne: $1,600 church with 16 members. Pastor's salary $000. Irvthgton: $1,300 church, It members. Pastor's salary $300. Burl: $2,000 church, 77 members, salary $000, Germnnlu: German church $1,200, parsonage $660, 49 members, salary $550. English church, 11 members, salary $150. Algona: No building, 40 members. THE CONGREOATIONALJSTS. Algona: $12,00(1 church, 180 members, salary $1.200. Ledyard: No church, 8 members, salary $75. Wesley: Scandinavian church, $1,600, 60 members. ' . THE BAPTISTS. Algona: $10,000 church, $000 parson- Mgei 130 members, $800 salary. Whittemore: $1,000 church, 20 mem- Ivrs, $200 salary. Bancroft: . $2, 600 church, $1,000 parsonage, 76 members, $726 salary. Swea: Swedish church $1,380, $1,000 parsonage, 96 members, $400 salary. THE METHOOISTS. Algona: $4,000 church, $1,700 parsonage, 225 members, $1,200 salary: Swedish church $400. Whittemore: $800 parsonage, 21 members, $650 salary. Fenton: German church $1,700, 48 members, $26 salary. English, 9 members, $76 salary. Ledyard: $2,400 church, 35 members, $300 salary. Bancroft: $2,100 church, $700 parsonage, 1GO members, $1,000 salary. LuVerne: $3,000 church, $700 parsonage, 104 members, $1,000 salary. Burt: German church $1,700, $1,200 parsonage, 48 members, $500 salary. English church $],800. Portland: Doane memorial church, $2,000, 35 members, $200 salary. Wesley: $2,000 church, 72 members. THE CATHOLICS. St. Joe: $12,000 church, $400 parsonage, 70 families members, $600 salary. Prairie: $10,000 church, $1,000 parsonage, 200 members, $(500 salary. Whittemoro: $3,000 church, 800 members. Algona: $10,000 church, $500 parsonage, 300 members, $450 salary. Bancroft: $4,200 church, $2,400 parsonage, 550 members, $800 salary. Wesley: No church, $12,000 school building, 51 families members. GERMAN LUTHERANS. Lotts Creek: $3,000 church, $1,500 parsonage, $800 school, .98 members. $600 salary. Plum Creek: $1,700 church, 23 members, $125 salary. German township: $600 parsonage, 20 members, $250 salary, LuVerne: $2,500 church, $900 parsonage, 250 members, $400 salary. Whittemore: $2,700 church, $700 parsonage, 40 mem.bers, $800 salary. Gcrmania: $1,200 church, $700 parsonage, 24 members, $600 salary. SWEDISH LUTHERAN. Swea: $2,800 church, $700 parsonage, 98 members, $700 salary. Algona: $2,300 church, $2,500 parsonage, 35 members, $800 salary, Bancroft: $2,800 church, 122 members, $300 salary, FREE METHODISTS. Algona: $1,000 church, $500 parsonage, 8 members, $75 salary, SEVENTH DAY ADVENTISTS, Algona: $1,000 church, 42 members, $75 salary, NORWEGIAN LUTHERAN, Seneca; $2,500 church, Hebron: Church. EPISCOPALIANS, Algona: $3,000 church. UNITED BRETHREN. Ledyard: No church, 40 members, $250 salary, EVANGELICAL. LuVerne! $2,500 church, 45 mem' hers, |450 salary, KiUTCil DEFORMED, German township: $600 church, $400 parsonage JOO members, $600 salary. township; 1400 chu,i'oji, OBJttSTJAN SCIENTISTS, Algona.; No ohurob, 12 members, IN addition, to a large assortment of popular styles in Jadies' jaqketa, we showing a *>}# line of, masses.' and ' a,aibra4th & Co- Q? A gable, $ Fenton fell frpm. a. »e4 broke, b4s qoHar storm dow against fief ft«d Sb§ hsa« broken arm, Fflyette Stoddftfd w«8 hnulihg bUtecl hay at Livermore. Thgfofk pulled otlt ofabftleand caught him IB the eye, He will not lose the; eye, however, David Fessler, & pldneer of Fort Dodge, cotntaitted suicide, He had been menially unbalanced fof some weeks and killed himself with carbolic" acid, Chet. Hable came trt Burl with a horse and buggy. On his Way h6me he bad a spasm nnd fell with his face oh the wheel. The Monitor says his fade and eye Were badly bruised. Makes ft dood The Algona Deposit*& Loan Associa 1 lion has averaged a dividend of 15 9-*JO oer cent, on the business of 1896. Stale Bank Examiner Homer A. Millef has just made a thorough examination of ihe company's books and finds the business in excellent shape. Intending in*- Vestors are invited to investigate the merits of this association, THE big auction of Jackson Roberts, on the Bamsey farm, 34 miles south of Algona, occurs on Friday, Feb. 14, and will furnish an opportunity to get some ?ood horses, cows, and hogs for a little money. Keep the date In mind, and go to the sale—Feb. 14.—4012 Money. I am loaning money on farm lands at six per cent, interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any part of his mortgage at the time of pay- Ing interest. J. J. RYAN. Office over the postoffloe, Algonn, Iowa. Farm to Kent. Half section, well Improved, near Algona, by HAGGARD & PEEK, WERE you looking for sweet potatoes, cabbage, parsnips, and such like'? You will find them all at Grove &Son's. KcinoviU gale. We will sell, from now until we move to our new store in the Boston block, all watches, clocks, jewelry, and silverware at reduced prices.. Call and see some of the bargains.' E. G. BOWYER, Jeweler. Cowles' block. 45 COME and see what M. Z. Grove & Son have to eat. .Time Notice. Notice is hereby given that I have given my son, Philetus J. Mitchell, his time, and will hereafter claim none of his earnings and bo responsible for none of his debts. SARAH MITCHELL. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Editor Mayne of the' Emmetsburg Reporter was an AUona visitor last week, J. W. Wadsworth went to Wisconsin last week for a ten days' visit at the old liome. Mrs. W. B. Quarton is enjoying a visit from her mother, who is up from Oskaloosa. J. R. Jones likes Florida air so well that he will not come back north for another month. Miss Dickinson of Valparaiso, Ind., is visiting her aunt, Mrs. L. J. Rice, and will spend some weeks in Algona. Mrs, Anderson, Campbell, and Van Deboe and Miss Stinson of Bancroft were in Algona yesterday visiting Mrs. Dr. Morse. Henry Walston is operating a grocery store at Sanborn, and was back in Algona last week for a visit. , He says he .is having a good trade. Bank Examiner Miller was up last Thursday to so through the books of the Algona Deposit & Loan association. Ee found that institution sound. Mrs. J. H. Warren went Monday for a visit of a month at Arcadia, Wis,, after which she will spend some weeks with her daughter at Minneapolis. F, M, Ziebacb, a prominent democratic politician in North .Dakota, is visiting his nephew, M, Z. Grove, They had not met before in SO years, Jos. Cordingley returned from Chicago Monday morning. The doctor tells him it will take a year for him to get back to good health, but that there is no reason why he will not fully recover. Rev. Landis' the newly chosen Baptist pastor, will be in Algona next Sunday with his family. He has not definitely accepted the call, but will then decide, There will bo preaching services, M, F. Pvtxndall svent tto Des Moines' yesterday to attend the meeting of the recorders of the state. Among other things they will djsouss the proposed Torreps system of land transfers, as used now in Illinois. Ml 1 , and Mrs. Starr and Mt 1 . and Mrs, R. B, Warren will go to Boone tomorrow for the meeting of the editors,, Others are talking of going from Al> gona and from the county. The meeting opens tomorrow evening, Mrs. J. J. Wilson apd Mrs, C, Sessions, and grand-daughter Nellie left fan, Florida Thursday together. Mrs. Wilson goes to Orlando to visit "with Mrs. J. R. Jones, Mrs. Sessions goes to her daughter at take Wprth, I am here to keep you 1 posted Da the Flour (Question, Daisy Mills Flour is in demand, It sells like hot cakes. It also makes good hot cakes— and every other good thing that is made with flour, You make no mistake in buying Daisy Mills Flour. Being warned in time, you have yourself to blame if you don't get the best for the least money. That is Daisy Mills Flour. P, Kain was a Chicago visitor week, going In with stock, He says he notes great changes in Chicago in many ways since bis first trip. One in ticular i§ as tp drinking. Jn 4»ye ft cQm.mi8,&ion. roan's first in was tp $al$e a drink, He .saya vmrt it is uncommon to be }nvUe<l b£ & busi- nesj man tp Capt, J, pa Frid i^e4 the 8,9019 lw e a •~ Good . Cooking Makes Good Husbands In order to encourage the art of cooking among the little girls I have decided to offer the little '' Buck's Brilliant Range" displayed in my store windovy to the girl under 12 years of age who will bake the nicest and best baking powder biscuits. The contest will be held at' my store on March 9 and 10, from 2 to 6 p. m. The contest will be absolutely free to every uttie girl in the county under 12 years of age. The biscuits will be baked in a "Buck's Steel Range" and made from Daisy Mills flour. Competent judges will decide whose biscuits are the best. The little toy range is a perfect range—one that will cook and bake with a " truly" fire. If you want further particulars call at the store. O.M. DOXSEE,, . A EEMAEKABLE JANUARY. The Opening Month of 1890 Has an Exceptional Weather Kecord. . The past month has been very unusual for this section, The temperature has averaged very much above normal, the weather has been mild, the roads d;-y and dusty, and the sun benevolent. Weather Clerk Pettibone says the average for the month is 21,8 degrees above zero, In 1895 January averaged only 10,9 above, in 1894 only 15 above, and in 1894 only 8,7 above. The warm and cold days for these years are as follows; January 1896 the lowest was 18 below on the 3rd, and the highest was 52 above on the 29th; January 1895, 18 below on the 27th, and 44 above on the 20th; January 1894, 24 below on the 24, and 49 above on the 13th; January 1893,18 below on the 27th, and 34 above on the 22d. A temperature of 52 above zero for a January day is certainly a very unusual occurrence. In the entire month there is not a day when the thermometer was below aero at 2 o'clock. The record for this hour is as follows: N . n Tnn Almvn 5^flV0 0 n. Above Zero. ;;;;;. .,'.' o IS Si ,, ,,,.,.,. ...,i5 ...... 86 84 ,.,,14 ,,,;;;;;;,,; 13 , ,., ,, 42 , 1!! 38 , ,.,13 ;,.;;,:.;.,', so 188 ;;;;;;;;;:;; ,, sa , , aa Jan. Above Zei 0 ,,....,,.,,. 4 0 ,.• 8 10., 13 ,. 14., 10..,, 18 80 83...' .' 34 86..., , 88 , ....... 30 Mr, Pettlhone takes the temperature at 7 o'clock in the morning, 8 o'clock in the afternoon, and at 9 o'clock in the evening. There are hut nine -times when, the mercury was below z,ero at either of these hours in the. whole dian Territory, Oklahoma, Texas, and Arizona, For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago' & Northwestern railway,—4Gt2&Mch7 Fon time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. BARGAINS in dried fruits at M. Z. Grove & Son's, Do You Need Money? We have been making 6 per cent, optional farm loans for the past six years, and are still doing it, You keep your own insurance policy and get the money yourself if you have a fire. 44t4 A, D, CLARKE & Co. Stoclc Notice. I have purchased a thoroughbred Jersey bull and will keep him at my livery barn for service. The animal is St. L. of Riverside, No. 37781; sired by Venter's Duke, No. 25751; dam Sunny Wadena. No. 6005J, If you are interested-in fine Jersey stock call and see this splendid animal, 42m3 S, P. CHRISTBNSEN. . Married Men; ...... Will your widow dress as rwell as your wife does? Make sure that she will by a policy in the Royal Union.' Ljfe Insurance company, . * J. L. DONAHQO, , 4218m Dist. Agt,, Algopa, Ipvva,, Bran! FoW, 1 SJjortsJ New prices at the New Dftjsy'MiJJs, JUST what you are looking for at M, 2, Grove & $<m'a, ,. He bae prp.p> to cpnje up a t»lk on the ,, &o|\ed sliced bam, pivUlcd pigs* feet, pickled hooHs in glass jars, sweet piol{» led corned beef, spiced corned beefl » full line of choice poultry^ <4sQ ohoipe bulk oysters, We are tUOJpneevs of low prices, ' MOff Send youv address, |o H, E, Oo,, Chicago, and get a free sa^v ww * ~* Pr, KWg'B New Wfe Pills'. A 'trial wlli convince you of their merits. > These puw are easy in aotipn and are pftvticularly, ef- feottve in tlie cure of oonstipaUpp a«4 $Ufc they Uav'e proved invaluable;, Tbpy «$ guaranteed ta be perfeptly -fy§e frowOTepy deleterious substance iui(i t» be purely Y$g* etable, "phey flo not weafeQQ by .tfteip-ff- tipn, but by giving tone to ft°TO$l «$ bowels greatly iuvjgprate the-system--Wg? ""- "ix, Sold by 1 $)»„>£, "4V 1 '« •' .,.'•;:?-' Wutof* at 3 JPW ihe rawe*. si mkteg tu? tbe

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