Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 16, 1966 · Page 35
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 35

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, September 16, 1966
Page 35
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'X f rW SJI I ROJ -PITTSBURGH POST-CAZETTEt FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1966- Stars in Prize-Winner Edd Gasper (left), John Tragard and Ann Gladmon art the principal! in Richard S. Burdick'i original drama. "Tha Tin Whiitla," which will bo' presented tonight at 9 o'clock and repeated on Sunday at 1:30 p. m. on Channal 13. Thii is tha third of tha WQED-Alcoa priza-winning playi to ba telecast. Bui Jusf Wait Till Next Week Stage 67' Premiere Most Disappointing By WIS FANNING ON WEDNESDAY night at 10 o'clock, with the debut of "Stage 67," the new television season was supposed to reach its cultural apex. This is the series of entertainment specials, scheduled regularly each Wednesday at this time, which has been hailed as a new venture in television " v. Win Fanning cannot be de programming. It is also the series which by its mere an noun cement (by ABC-TV) inspired NBC and CBS to crank up ambitious dramatic excursions of their, own. Thus, however lack lustre its premiere effort,' those r e sponsible for "Stage 67" nled a heartfelt vote of thanks by the nation's view-ers. There now, that much is on the record. As for "The Love Song of Barney Kemplnskl," a comedy by Murray Schisgal (author of Broadway's smash hit, "Luv"), which opened the series, the word Is "disappointment." A supposedly light, rany romp through New York City, it more closely resembled a cheerless chlsler's cavort without aim or direction. And this despite the casting of talented Alan Arkln in the title role and a moment or two of inspired comedy contributed by Sir John Gielgud in a cameo role. anybody ever does REALLY talk (and sing) that way. THERE MAY be those who find Stefanie Powers somewhat of a timid U.N.C.L.E. agent, as the star of "The Girl From U.N.C.L.E." Considering 4 the fact that she made her 1 8frl rlrhnr on Tiiperinv nio-ht In competition with guest star Luciana Paluzzl and a dachshund named Putzl I'd say she must be the bravest actress in Hollywood. THRUSH, be damned. WITH THE exception of the Gielgud appearance as an "instantly drunk . Instantly-sober" stock broker, and a rather amusing guided tour of Greenwich Village, the project never got off the ground. It was on occasion also extremely tasteless, le: Barney wandering around with a dead piglet under his arm (though it may have been a inside Joke. In this spin-off from "The Man From, etc.," co-agent Noel Harrison gave evidence of stealing most of the credits. The new series is, of course, only for U.N.C. L.E. fans. Doubt me if you will, but the second outing of the "Pruitts of Southampton" was worse than the premiere. ON MONDAY Channel 4 s lovely lady on the tube, Jean Connelly, will present her show from 12:30 to 1 p. m. Featured today, on the last of the 10 a. m. shows which have been on since 1959 will be an exclusive interview Jean conducted with Anthony Quinn on location outside Rome during the filming of "The 25th Hour" last spring. Tomorrow from 2:30 to 5:30 p an. Channel 13 will re-telecast the extremely Important Senate Communlca-tions Subcommittee of the Commerce Committee hear-Ings on the operation of a non profit United States domestic satellite and financial support for ETV. WTIC (NBC) Pittsburgh KDKA (CBS) Pittsburgh i WTAE (ABC) Pittsburgh WCJED (NET) Plttsburgn WJAC (NBC-ABC) -Johnstown fJQ WTRF (NBC-ABC) Wheeling (S WSTV (ABC-CBS) . SteubenvWa (Q) WFBG (ABC-CBS) Altoona tColor 5:55 (2) Farm Report 6:00 (JJ Quest (2) Manpower Retraining 6i30 A. 91. tlD Farm Report QD 5) Summer Semester :35 fXD Devotional Momenta 6:40 (JD Muslo with Morgan 6:55 (H) Thoughts for tha Day 7:00 A. M. t3D ffl loday " The latest In oonr dresses for women will b discussed. Other reatures. (2) Daybreak Bishop Greco returns for hit second report on Iht CCD Conference. Berber, shoo muilc with tht Pltlsburghertes. Ellen Hood, director of the Sweat Adelines, discusses the h Annual Show of Barbershop Quartet stondlna tomorrow. fJD B, D. No, (H) Farm News 7:05t News 7:10 (TJ Chat with . . . , 7:15 (H) Just For Kids t7:25 QD Local News 7t30 A. 31. tJD CB Today (Cont) (Z) Daybreak (Cont) GD Beany and Cecil t($) Astronut (ED Just For Rids (Cont) 7:45 (J) King and Odla CiOO A. M. til) CD Today (Cont ) CD Daybreak (Cont) (3) Romper Room 33) Captain Kangaroo 6:15 (2) Capt Kangaroo t8:25 IS) News 8:30 A. M. t3D 00 (7) Today (Cont) CD (3D Kangaroo (Cont) Romper Room (Cont) 8:45 3) Rick! And Copper 9:00 A. M. t(JT) Hot Line Dedidl Chono of "Seventeen Magazine" li host Ron Javes guest. (J) The McCoys Rickl And Copper (cont) Romper Room Ben Casey Jack LaLanne tjjj) Gloria 0:30 A. M. AT) Girl Talk Complete Television Prosrams for Friday (7) iave K to Beaver tGD Romper Room (Cont) (7) Ben Casey (Cont) (5) Dating Game (Q) Operation Alphabet 10:00 A. M. tJD CB CD E' (2) Love of Life GD Mi. Day. Jean Connelly Barbara Allew with hAr.jiit Jomet Knowlei discuss. Wot Of) I Love Lucy fJ3) Divorce Court 10:25 (2) Newt-John Reed King tJJ) GD News 10:30 A. 31. (JT) 33 CD Concentration (2) As tha World Turns (4) Movie Hitler' Modmon" (143) (5) The McCoys H) Divorce Court (Cont) 11:00 A. M. tdl) CD Chain Letter CD GD 39) Andy of Mayberry (3) Movie (Cont) 11:30 A. M. til) (S) CD Showdown CD Blck Van Dyke (3) Movie (Cont) woour tJB Noon News, Koster Kiely (2) News at Noon (2TJ Movie (Cont) tG) Jeopardy CD News flRJ) Love of Life 12:15 Gl) News Ide (7J Be My Guest 12:25 (J) (Q) News Trout 12:30 P. M. tJJ CD Swuigm' Country CD GD 031 Search For Tomorrow (3) Gypsy Rose Lee Pla Llndstrom discusses her trio Germs the U.S. In a Flat, while Fashion designer Lli Biockwell (hows soma of her knit fashions. 12:45 CD 3D (H) Guiding Light 12:55 CH) CD News ItOO P. M. t!H) Give It A Whirl Steve Rlzen emcees. CD MUce Douglas Ben Casey 3) News CD General Hospital GQ Tel-All 39) Farm, Home and Garden 1:15 (g Jack LaLanne 1:30 P. M. tH) (7) Let's Make a Deal CD Mike Douglas (Cont) (4) Ben Casey (Cont) This Is The Life 39) As the World Turns (Cont.) 1:55 tflB CD News 2:0O P. 31. tflj CD By ' Our Lives iiiiiiiiiiiiiii:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiit Highlights on Radio iiiiniiiiiiii iiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiimniiiiiii TV KEY PREVIEWS Today'i top statu at previewed by reporter t in Hollywood and Hew York. t7:30 p. m. CD GD 33) The Wild, Wild West (Season s premiere.) "The Night ol the Eccentrics." Tonight, those 1870 daredevll due-secret-afients West and Gordon chase the most unlikely crew of crooks in the horse-andbuggy era a plump Italian count whose gang ot killers have polished off a fellow agent. tl:S0 p. m. 3D CD The Man From UJ.CXX. (Season's premiere.) "Her Master's Voice Affair." A box office plot opens the new season to the particular delight of the teenage crowd. Thrush, the inevitable enemy, uses musical hypnosis to put the students of a fashionable girls school under Its spell in order to gain access to their Influential parents. To crack the case, Iliya must babysit with a precocious teenage, while Solo copes with the rest of the school. t8:S0 p. m. CD GD J3 Hogan's Heroes. (Season's premiere.) The POW'S begin the season with action Instead of small talk and playing practical jokes on Sgt. Schultz. Hogan and his men steal a German bomber, blow up a refinery, capture a Nazi General and whisk him off to England, all in 26 minutes. It's good clean fun, handled with the series' usual brand of finesse. t9:00 p. m. Q) Milton Berle Show. Uncle Miltie turns this into a series of plugs for "Batman," "Green Hornet" and Phyllis Diller'a new comedy. Berle shoots madly about the stage, changing costumes for parts in the two comic strip shows, mugging with stars Adam West and Van Williams. Top laughs come from Phyllis , Diller talking about her scries while trading jokes with Berle. Another comedy sequence finds garrulous Joe Pyne attempting to deal with relatives of Berle, Miss Diller and show producer Bill Dana. 0:00 p. m. 33) The Tin Whistle. The third WQED-Alcoa Playwright's Contest winner to be produced by WQED, this play by Richard S. Burdlck concerns a minister's young son who lives in a fantasy world of witchcraft and occult powers. The cast includes Edd Gasper, Ann Muffly, Ann Gladmon, Barbara Bosson, Vic Mangan, and Will Disney, with John Tragard starring as the obsessed boy. t:80 p. m. 3J) (7JTJI.E. Cat (Premiere.) "To Kill a Priest." Robert Loggia stars as a professional body, guard whose background includes careers as a circus acrobate, thief and convict tl0:00 p. m. 35 CD Laredo. (Season's premiere.) The Legend of Midas Mantee." This knockabout western aeries of Texas Ranger yarns opens its second season with an attractive new character added to the regulars. Tonight Ranger Erik Hunter (Robert Wolders) confuses bumbling Reese Bennett (Neville Brand) when he assumes the role of an undercover man to foil the murderous plots of a famous and feared bank robber. llllllllllllllllllllllllllll'lll't'lltlllltillllMIIHItllllSlllllllllllllllltlllllllia Mike Douglas (Cont) :00 P. 91. Alan Boal News Movie (Cont) News Jennings News GD 30 News 33 Science Reporter 6:15 3) News Ide 6:25 ($ Weather-flchano 33 Profile "Prolecf Plowshore: The feareful Atom". New Industrial usee for nuclear enpioslvet and explosion technlaues. Including oas and oil production and tormina underground cavities for waste been decorated Honor, with the Legltfl disposal roiled ion ttarnam ' fiL Or, Henry Cotfer on loco at the CER Ceonucleor Corpora' in iMm vi Vegas, Nevada. :30 P. M. tJD CD Man From UNCLE (See TV Key) tCC GD 33) Hogan's Heroes (See TV Key) t(3) Time Tunnel (Cont 33) Open Mind (Cont) 8:55 3J Open Mind Supplement A Carnegie Library review of Janet flonner's "Journals 14-6V. bv Dr. Kate Kol th. hiori aI.H iJlJ are , de. Services of the Library. i 6:30 P. Mm tlD CD Huntley Brlnkley Report tCDGDdS) NervT Cronkite GD Cheyenne Q3)Senate Hearings Highlight! of testimonies by Part II. representatives ccai networks vision. of the three eommer. ana educational tele- 7:00 P. M. tH) McHale's Navy "Scuttlebutt." CD World Today News (4) Cheyenne (Cont) Of) Twilight Zone CD Room For One More t Death Valley Days 33) Rifleman 3D Senate Hearings (Cont) 7:30 P. M. tlj GD CD Tarzan 'The Ultimate Weapon." Young Peter Haines returns to the lungle to ovenee what he thinks It the murder ot hit father bv Torian. Ron Ely stars. t(2) GD 33) wild wild West (See TV Key) t Green Hornet "Give 'Em Enough Rooe." The Hor. net pursues a ruthless klller-a mvs-ferlout figure In block-who hat vowed to trop Brltt Reid. Guest ttor It Diana Hvland. 33) Senate Hearings (Cont) C:00 P. M. t3D CD Tarzan (Cont) t2) GD E) Wild West (Cont) t Time Tunnel "One Woy to the Moon." Tony 0"d Doug spin out ot the time vortex and materialize on a space flight to Mart -ten years In the future. 0:00 P. M, tU CD Mn From UNCLE (Cont) tCD GD 33) Movie 'Mhe Music Man" (196J) t Milton Berle (See TV Key) 33) Tin Whistle (See TV Key) 0:30 P. Me t3D CD T. H. E. Cat (See TV Key) tCD GD 33) Movie (Cont) t(4) Milton Berle (Cont) 33J Tin Whistle (Cont) 10:00 P. M. t35 CD Laredo (Set TV Key) tCD GD 33) Movie (Cont) t 13 O'Clock High "Massocre", starring Poul Burko with Chris Robinson, guest stor Lt. Gen. Archie Old, who olavt himself In the story of the first shuttle raid Over Germany Into Russia. 3J Tin Whistle (Cont) 10:30 P. SI. tJD CD Laredo (Cont) ($) 33) Movie (Cont) 12 O'clock High (Cont) 11:00 P. M. tU) Adam Lynch News CD World Tonight-News GD Ed Conway News CD GD 33) News 11:15 Movie 1. The Sundowners" 2. "Invisible Agent" 33) Open Mind "Profile of Janet Flonner." Or. Gold man s guest Is Jonet Flanner whose "Letter From Paris" It a regular feature In The New Yorker maganne. Author of "American In Paris" ond a member of the National Institute ol Arts and Letters, Mist Flanner has 1M (142) 11:25 Movie "The Wagons Roll At Night" (1M1) t33) Movie 1. Three Coins In the Fountain" (154) t. "The Beast of Budapest" (lSI) 11:30 tU (7J Ton,ht t2) Movie 1. "The Naked and the Dean" 2. "The Snorkel" (1MI CD Rifleman "tddie'l Daughter." t Cartoons Leave It to Beaver Mike Douglas (Cont) Superman Movie Company She Keeps" (1950) and Interior decorators Mlml Harvey Susan Wlldlna are guests of hostess Virginia Graham. (2) Password The plot what there was of It, Involved Barney's efforts to scratch up enough cash to take the late afternoon off to get married. Arkln certainly rushed about, from one crookedly obtained . Job to another taxi driver, tour guide, Icecream salesman, UN messenger (another tasteless bit), folklift operator, etc. But In his hurry he forgot somewhere along the line that an actor must add expression and life to a role. There Is nothing Innately funny about mere frenzy. Oh,. well, next week "Stage 67" will present James Mason and Hugh Griffith In a s u s p e nse drama, "Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn," John ("The Spy Who Came In From the Cold") Le Carre. It was filmed In West Germany. Let's hope for the best MORE BRIEFLY: I hate to let "Continental Showcase," The Great One's summer replacement, pass into winter oblivion without a farewell salutp. The series was filmed (largely) at the Bavaria Studios at Geiselgasteig, Just outside Munich, Germany, across the street from which we (Mrs. F. and I) once lived. This makes it Impossible to Judge the show without prejudice. But I think you will agree that the photographic techniques were exceptional And If, per chance, you are one of the many Pittsburgh area residents who have spent some time abroad, I hope some of the acts provided a pleasantly nostalgic memory of evenings on the Continent Also, lt is to be hoped, even this small exposure to foreign languages may have civen en couragement to students who This back and forth over the time barrier business Is certainly catching. To the imitators of "Twilight Zone" "Star Trek," "Time Tunnel" and holdover, "Lost In Space" has been added a strange little outing (on Channel 11) called "It's About Time." So, indeed, it is: about time to stop this nonsense, that is. I'm not saying, mind you, that "It's About Time" Is any less inspired than Its fellow out-of-thls-world TV expeditions. It can at least be tald that It makes a brave attempt to laugh at the abysmal absence of the writing genius which marked the "Twilight" se-ries and has been so trag-. Ically lacking ever since. Sadly three favorite performers of mine, Imogene Coca, Joe E. Ross and Frank Aletter, arc involved in this affair. They all have my deeply felt sympathy. SOMEHOW ANOTHER Sunday night entry, "Hey Landlord," also on NBC, has escaped previous mention here. It apparently also eiua- opening nignt ceremonies ana 9:05 a. m. (WMCK AM I860) Cathy Milton Show. For the latest in Fall fashions, household hints and music. 11:80 a. m. (WEDO AM 810) Dimensions on Health. Latest news reports In the medical field. 2:05 p. m. (WYDD FM 100.7) Overture. "Billy May-Today" the famous big band sounds playing today's big hits. 7:05 p. m. (WJAS AM 1320; FM 99.7) Allegheny Roundtable. "Psychopathic Criminals." Mass killers and others, can their dangerous tendencies be predicted and prevented? Dr. E. H. Davis, director, County Behavior Clinic answers phoned-ln questions. 7:30 p. m. (KDKA FM 92.9) Just Music. Handel's "Concerto Grossi Nos. 7-12." 9:00 p. m. (WTAE AM 1250; FM 96.1) Concert Hall. Thomas' "Raymond Overture," Detroit Symphony; Tchaikovsky's "Symphony No. 2," Vienna Philharmonic; Men delssohn's "Violin Concerto in E Minor," Cleveland Orches tra; Mozart's 'Twelve German Dances," Vienna Mozart Ensemble. 9:05 p. m. (KDKA AM 1020) Program PM. Dave Kos-ick with interviews; John Stewart In Europe; Earl iiiiiiiiiiimiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiii shown on the network on Saturdays at 7:30 to 8:30 p. m. The New York Times says: "S t r alg h tf o r ward competence , , . " AP said: "Most substantial show of the weekend." Too bad we can't at least exercise our own Judgments on the merits of this apparently unusual Western based on the extraordinarily fine movie of the same title. OPERA LOVERS note: WTAERadlo will carry the Nightingale comments on the Constitution; other segments. 9:05 p. m. (WWSW AM 970; FM 94.5) Golden Hour. Herold's "Zampa," Ansermet Orchestra; Brahms' "Symphony No. 1," New York Phil-harmonic. 10:03 p. m. (WLOA FM 96.9) Audio Adventures. "Spirituals for Strings," Morton Gould arrangements of America's best known spirituals. 10:55 p. m. (KDKA AM 1020) Pirate Baseball. Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Dodgers at Los Angeles. 11:05 p. m. (WKJF FM 93.7) Robert St John Reports. "Why Not a Peace Conference?" 11:15 p. m. (WLOA FM 96.9) Casper Citron. Ruth Ad-ler, NY Times reporter and Richard Shaap, World Journal columnist, talk about what goes on behind the scenes in a newspaperman's life and his pursuit of a story. Broadcasts in Stereo. Newlywed Game () 39) Password 2:30 P. 91. 3T) fj) (7J Doctors tCD 33) House Party (3) Time for L-s 1:55 (3) News Ide 3:00 P. Me (5) CD Another World 33) To Tell the Truth General Hospital 3:30 P. Me tOD CD Tou Don't Say CD 33) Edge ot Night (5) Nurses 4:00 P. Me t35J Match Game CD 33) Secret Storm t Popeye (7J Mike Douglas 4:25 3D Big Show "Bride of the Monster" (1955) (g) Retrospection 4:30 P. M. 35 Big Show (Cont.) lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllMlllllllllinillllllllllllllllllMillllllllllllllllllll Movies on TV ia-sa m i7i "Hitler's Mad- tll:25 p. m. 35) 1- "Three itinn" (1943) Indictments of Coins In the Fountain" (1954) the Nazi terror brought out Romance is the keynote in this In this film made during the pleasant comedy drama about wsr .infill riArrsdlne. Patricia three American secretaries in Morrison. the Eternal City, Rome. Clif . ton Webb. Dorothy McGuire. 4:Z5 n. m. nil -unae oi ne - Tlw, . RHi,nfit 5:00 P. Me Big Show (Cont) Movie 'The Land Unknown (1957) (X) Adventure Time () Rocky and His Friends CD Mike Douglas (Cont) (5) Rawhide 3$ Movie (Cont) S:30 P. M. 33) Big Show (Cont.) CD Movie (Cont) tf31 Adventure Time (Cont) t Cisco Kid CD Ys1 Bear (J) Rawhide (Cont) (Tol Movie (Cont.) 3D What's New explains how captains I river boars seiecrea raDtaln Dan An H Mi.ltlnn their crews and handled many lobs. Monster" (1955) Mad scientist (1958) A mildly, effective ed notice bv the network, be ing, as it was, tossed out into the big time without any obvious means of support and no discernible direction in both senses of the word. This marks the return of one Will ("Sugarfoot") Hutchlns to a weekly series. To be honest, I hadn't missed him. Unfortunately, one of the best reviewed new shows of the season, ABC's "Shane." with David Carradlne (John's son) In the title role, is not being carried here by Channel 4. s IT IS produced by Herbert ("The Defenders," "The performance of Barber's "An thony and Cleopatra" from the new Metropolitan Opera House at New York's Lincoln Center tonight, staring at 7:30. No TV coverage is scheduled. Radio Stations WARO WMBS WHJB WISR WPIT WPIO WEDO WAMO WAVL WESA WWSW KDKA WBUT WEEP 540 690 620 680 730 790 810 860 910 940 970 1020 1050 1080 WKPA 11M) WWVA 1170 WBVP 12S0 WTAE WKST WJAS WMCK WACB KQV WJPA WMBA WPSL WLOA WZUM 1250 1280 1320 I860 1380 1410 1450 1460 1610 1560 1590 FM Stations WDUQ-FM KDKA-FM WKJF-FM WWSW-FM WJPA-FM WTAE-FM WLOAFM WWVAFM WJASFM WYDD-FM WPIT-FM KQV-FM WSTV-FM WAMO-FM WBVP-FM WOKU-FM WTRFFM WEEP-FM 91.S ings. 92.9 mgs. 93.7 mgs. 94.5 mgs. 95.3 mgs. 96.1 mgs. 96.9 mgs. 97.7 mgs. 99.7 mgs. 100.7 mgs. 101.5 mgs. 102.5 mgs. 103.5 mgs. 105.9 mgs. 106.7 mgs. 107.1 mgs. 107.5 mgs. 107.9 mgs. experiments with increasing rirama Bbmlt fathpp and gon the size of men. Bela Lugosi, wh) conflict ln thelr beliefs as to Hungary's fight for free dom from the Communists. Gerald Milton, Greta Thyssen. tll:30 p. m. CD 1. "The Naked and the Dead" (1958) Story of combat In the Pacific, and the war of resentment between officers and mea Aldo Ray, Cliff Robertson. 2. "The Snorkel" (1958) A Tony McCoy, 4:30 p. m. 33) "The Com-pany She Keeps." (1950) Parole officer and paroled girl are In love with the same man. Jane Greer, LIzabeth Scott. 6:00 p. m. CD "Th Land Unknown" (1957) Science fic tion tale of a reporter and sci- Qiao ent st ion in xne Ama clever murder mystery film Jock Mahoney, Shawn Smith. wlth good flCting by the prin. t9:00 p. m. CD 33) "Tne cipals. Peter Van Eyck, Betta Music Man" (1962) Part II. st. John. The townspeople of River City, Iowa, are talked into buying instruments and uniforms for a boys' band. Robert Preston, Shirley Jones. til: 15 p. m. 1. "The Sundowners" (1960) An excellent film about the people who earn their living In the sheep business in Australia. Deborah Kerr, Robert Mitchum. 2. "In-visible Agent" (1942) Spy tale with a weird plot concerning a drug that makes a man invisible. Ilona Massey, Jon Hall. 11:25 p. m. "The Wagons Roll at Night" (1941) Carnival comedy gets a big assist from our star as a fledgling lion tamer. Eddie Albert, Joan Leslie. i i 4 , erf O -e SV 3 -A. J JU 22D 0:30 PM. HOGAN'S HEROES must sometimes wonder If Nurses," etc.) Brodkin and "iff 4 ! it 'Ml-': . Witchcraft becomes an obsession for revenge for this boy. "THE TIN WHISTLE" CHANNEL 13 TONIGHT . . . 9:00 P.M. SUNDAY.... 1:30 P.M. POTT vs UCLA SATURDAY 10:55 P.M. JOE TUCKER "Panther Prevuc" "5th Quarter" AM. 970 STEELERS 94.5 FM vs LIONS SUNDAY 1:15 P.M. A A V $ 7:30 PM. THE 2 wild WILD WEST m. Agents West and Gordon challenge a band of professional killers known as 2 '.'THE ECCENTRICS" Ny 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 f 9:00 PM. THE CBS I FRIDAY f NIGHT MOVIES 2 2 2 Schultz and Kommandant Klink unwittingly help Hogan's Heroes to steal a plana and kidnap a German General. 2 2 2 FT fa 2 2 22$2222 the sparkling finale of Music Man plus a novel film about a jazzman's pact with the devil. Tl M J nkWtMemW-Mitl SI

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