The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 29, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1896
Page 8
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t has' 6v4fi struck Aigdpa will be louttd at ^ toimitfQe oats |M 145 • " ' *' " i two i , -.- > df ,kna dvettfttie wHo'has used it cati testify to the .~' -. * - J < >^'jpjatentT r '05o, First Patent, 85c t Fki&ily Flour, 68c, "i-' ; • ! , ••, ' ' ; Tomatoes, . . j, , 8 cans'for £5dr-the best OornJ:"•*•• 4 . , I ,' . 3 cans for 25o—the best Ko. 1 lApples, $er barrel, , , . , , . $2.60 Two pounds tea'for 250; two, gal, syrup, 506' a pail; 32 bars soap for 900, Everything I have in tne same pro- pprtion, ^and you don't have to buy $30 worth to get the^Se prices. Patterson. S, . . Don't. forget that I can supply you- with the -t>est;oil, if the Standard does only 'sell 6rie kind at Al'gbna. • "i'/CJ ''.',.' , ' ' aramlee Patterson. FINANCIAL* , t ( Ko ssotli Coo oty State Bank I/...., v ...................... $50,OOC Incorporated ^nder general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought an'd sold. Colleo tlons made promptly, and a general -banking business transacted. 'Passage tickets to or from the.old countries sold at lowest rates. WM. H.",1JfGHAjI ................. '. .President J. B. JOjte.C™ •••'• ..... '.,— Vice 'President . •••'• ..... .,— ce resen . 1 SMITH.... " ............... '...Cashier Directors— TYm, H. Ingham, John Q, Smith, J. B. Jones, .J 1 . Ohri8chilTes.,I,e.wl8 H. Smith, J. W. Wiws^o^th, Barnet Divine." (^ ' The First Natiooal Bank CAIOTAL ....................... $50,000 W .'Special attention given to collections. , AMBROSE A. CALL ..... , , ........ President H.JHUTOH1NS ........ "....'..Vice President WMi'lK. FERGUSON ....... , ......... '.Cashier C» n.HlTH ........... /. ........ Asst. Cohhler Dctors— D. H. Hutchlns, S. A. Ferguson, Phlllri Dorweller, W. ,F. Carter, Ambrose A. CallrK. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. Mpney always on Hand to loan at reasonable rateg ( to parties furnishing first-class security. CASH OAPl(TAL, «50iOOO. ALQONA, IOWA. and Directors— fD. Clarke, President, 0, Chubb, Vice Brest., los. H. Lantry, Cannier, ,G?o. L. Galbraith, " id, M.'Miller. s ron Schenolc, os. F, Cooke. Banking. -, PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT TAVLT8. lar^Dpterest paid on time deposits, Vi; '&7JT jjer cent,' rest on Time Deposits •for money left three months or more. always on nan4 to, loan on first moit- ages, second mortgages, and good ,rfpt^ ' '' .collaterals, fptes bought. IOWA, if-e. &• Stones, nts, and Medicines, RAILWAY TIME CARDS. MILWAUKEE & ST, PAUL. 4 , .. . , t-OCAl, tRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at ...................... 9:08 am No. 9 departs at ....... f .............. 4:24pm Freights that carry passengers— • . No. 03 departs at .................... ll:55am No. 71 departs at..' ........... i ..... 0:40 pm IBAINS KA8T. No. 2 departs at.*./. ................. 10:22 am No. 4 departs at ..... ;..- .............. 6:04pm Freights -that barry passengers- No. 7f departs at .................... 8':20pm No. 04 departs at....; .............. l:45pm 1 R. F. HEDBICK, Agent. GtilCAGO & KOBTHWESTEBN, "South— Pdss 3:05 p m Pass VT. 3:26 p m Pass, 5:58pm Freight. 0:30 am Freight ,:245 Pass, arrives at'd Des Moines at 8:15 Mixed couue cngoata a. m. North— i Pass 8:13 am Freight 0:30 am „ _ . -OpmFrelght ;7!33pm Pass, arrives at'Qhicago at 7 a m; arrives at v. DesM. 2:30 am and, arrives at Ch F. H. VESPBR,'Agent. ,5 p m. _ Mixed connects with flyer andTafriyes at Chl- •THE CITY CIRCUIT. Dr. Gurfield is on the mend and will be up soon. 'Not even the oldest settler reoalls-a finer January. ,. Hogs were up to $4 Monday, will go higher. " v • F. 1 H. Vesper Is out again after a week's confinement at home. Chas. E. Cohenour was in Huojboldt yesterday on that drainage suit, i The steam heat in the court 'house was partially in operation Monday. The Sterzbaoh-Cady orchestra played fonthe big'Bancroft dance last week. The Algona dancing club gave another big and enjoyable party Mondtjy night. C.H.,Blossom has sold his house in town to Jos. Thompson, who will move in during the season. ' A week ago A. P. Hall was taken suddenly with a severe attack of lung fever and has since been dangerously Sheriff Samson wont to Rock Valley Monday to secure some mortgaged property or to secure the man who took it away. H. S. Vaughn Is said to be heavily Interested in the Cripple Creek mining boom and to,be well on towards a millionaire. ,Th,e city council met Saturday .'evening. Putting chairs, etc., into th> new town ball was the only business, not routine, \ The new steel filing cases in the opurt house are the best and most convenient articles ttf office furniture ever brought to Algona.' , i A valued subscriber in a neighboring town writes "I consider THE UPPER DES MOINES the best county paper I know of in the state. 1 " The normal school has opened its spring term this week with a. good attendance. Prof. I411y (eels ,muoh en' couraged over the prospect, All marketprices are stiffening- up. Hogs sold for If Monday and rumors pf $4, JO are. afloat, Corn }s worth 15 cents, best oats' 13 cents, wheat 42 cents, The Baptists have extended' a call to Landis of Jefferson, and if he ac- i ^ ey ??P??* W .B Sunday. It is not certain that he will come to Algona. Fred, Hugh of Plum Creek has reason to reason to rejoice in these hog cholera days. Last wegk he sold 44 porkers which averaged 408 pounds a piece, Dr. S,enn writes to J, W, Sullivan an encouraging letter about J. J. Oording- ley, who will remain in Chleagp until next Tuesday. After that he will treated at home, ' The reading _ , T .. street last week securing a offupdsfor iu ~ " ~._I IdrtsMee partyV A fsice efts chalf was left behind When they sdat taped, a peHfiftnetii femfnaef of an en joyftble occasion. MM, Mo^es Stewart was sent to tnde p6fldefi<ffi F>iday» Mrs. C. G Samson going witti her to fcssfst Mr, 'Stewart Mfi, Stflwaft has bees in poo> bealll for & year and Is ftttw unbalanced on th subject of religion Ged. R. Clbud is 6ut after a week' sickness, and attetidtng to his legft work. He flow has the entire law ati collection business of the old firtti having bought Mr. Haggard's interes in the collection business. Chas. Etenneeke's father who Is ove ,70 years of age, started Monday fo Wyoming. Another son has a bi sheep ranch there and he is going t sfiend the winter. The Renhecke's at* Well known Prairie be The four ttldermen who retire thi spring are Messrs*, Vesper, Pettibone Magdusson and Nicoulin. The mayo and bthef city officers hold for tw years and so do not retire till, nex spring. Election comes the first Mon day in March, A settlement is being arranged i the case of Jos. Thompson against th Milwaukee railway company by whlc he will secure the full verdict give him by the jury at Fort Dodge. Th money has not yet been paid but sooi will be, $4,125. People accustom themselves qulckl to new things. The" telephone ex change is already in great demand Mr. Bailey has all he can do at the he' lo station, connecting local lines, whil from 25 to 40 messages to and from ou side towns go every day. THE UPPER DES MOINES is threal ened with a libel suit. Last week I said that Emanuel Erlckson had bee brought before " the insane commis sion," and Dr. Morse, Clerk Crose, an Justice Clarke are prepared to asset and maintain'that this is clearly Hbe lous. Judge Thomas has not yet decide* that question of allowing Minnesot parties to catch each other over th Iowa line and so get their law suits in to the Iowa courts. Until he does i will not be known whether Algona is t hear that $5,000 Elmore malpractic case or not. We were a little belated last .wee with an item about the marriage of th Johnsons at Bancroft, all because th marriage licenses were taken out of th rear of the book to keep the' curiou from knowing they had been issued] But wo can make a better report nov than to announce the marriage. Bot have proved to be happy, and that i the chief thing. O. B. Durdall tells a joke on himsel While showing off hats on-his 25 cen counter he accidentally laid his ow $5 hat among them. In a few minute someone asked him the price of th hats and be called out without looking up, "Anything in the lot for 25 cents. The man wrapped up the hat, paid th quarter, and walked, off. Mr. Durdal is wearing another hat these days. The date has been set for Algona' big shooting tournament. It is t come on the second Tuesday in' May and all the champions are to be here Budd, Grimm, Wilson, Gilbert, etc Guy Taylor has already sent in an order for five new traps and the neces sary clay birds. Algona's shooting grounds have always been popular, am" a big gathering may be counted on. The Northwestern road have decide' to appeal from Judge Thomas' ruling that that the Bohns should have a ne\ trial in the fence case. It was in thi case that one of the jurors told the oth ers that he the fence and knew that it was all right. It is close question when a verdict can o when it cannot be set aside on accoun of such statements la the jury room. J. A. Vipond has 80 hogs which wil average 400 pounds. Two weeks ag< he was in a quandary whether to sel at $3 or take his chances on cholera and a rise in price. He concluded tc wait and besides the increase in weigh in his porkers gets $1 a hundred more which amounts to a pretty good item on the lot, He sold yesterday at $4 the hogs averaging 410 pounds apiece Normal school matters are being talked in Algona considerably and ar rangeraents are being.made to. take hand in at-Des Moines when the bills are presented. Representative Mayno is devoting his attention to it, and bis position on the educational committees will enable him to exert a big influence It is thought certain that some new schools will be established at this session. We asked Charlie Winkle last week to paint off that .sign on bis wagon "Perfection Oil." But Charley pulled out a letter from the Standard oil headquarters which stated that while it might be possible that some old oil had found its way into the Algona tank heretofore, that hereafter none fcuVthi. freshest product should be dispensed in this neck of the woods, and he still has " Perfection" out }n b}g letters. There was some talk of asking the city council to resubmit the public li* brary proposition to a vote again this spring, The matter was not presented to the council, however, Saturday evening and nothing has been done. If it is resubmitted now it will have to be at a special meeting, as tbe council does not get together again until the last ol next month, and the election proclamation will be issued in a week or so. So many have asked what became of the continued story wh,io,b was pro* greasing to a climax in our columns sowe weeks ago, thai we feel obliged to tp exp}»}n. A fire in Pes Motoee took our patent ' the here, up' petition ifl Emmet coflnly ««s fclt the la» fe'qolres, in the salootf ^ lion ease. TtfeFe 1 was a hot con theanti^aloon forces failed to, r .-.enough fraudulent entries w cut the list below the necessary 65 vet cent. Geo. E. Clark6 returned to Esthervlllfe Monday to close up the remainder o the evidence which goes to show that the saloons have beeh violating the law by selling to minors, etd. The anti-saloon mett were again beaten* and Judge Quarton dissolved the injunctions. The diffefences existing among the members of the board of pension examiners are not adjusted. In tbfe'Bos- singham case Drs. Kenhefick and Tribon met and Dr. McCoy was hot present Dr, McCoy entered complaint with the pension deportment in Washington claiming thftt he used due diligenc< and did not attend because the meet ing wfts held in such a Way that h< Could not know of it. The departmeh. has Written to the other members and they have filed counter statements claiming 1 it was Dr. .McCoy's own ne gleet which kept him away. Whal will be the outcome remains to be seen, The Midland Monthly evidently has a big constituency in Kossuth county Although THE. UPPER DES MOINES made no personal effort to secure sub scrlbers It is one of the prize winners, and last week was surprised to be so notified. Besides those whose names we have forwarded many have sub scribed direct and mnny have sent by the other papers. The : Midland Is a credit to the state and has received generous recognition In this Athens oi the northwest. Last week in Des Moines Mr. Brighom informed us tha' the business was 40 per cent, better this year for the same time than It was a year ago. The Social Union program Friday evening drew another crowded house, and was fully up to the high standard the Social Union has set for itself. Mrs. F. D. Calkins gave a most excellent review of Milton's writings, and Chas. E. Cohenour sketched President Monroe's career in an interesting paper. Geo.,St. John gave one of the besl recitations of the ynar. Miss Helen Starr played a piano-solo, Miss Kate Lantry and the boy8* male quartette sang. Clms. E. Cohenour is program committee for the coming three months. Monday afternoon as Mrs. Lenette Butler was driving down from the Mil waukee depot Dan Fraser and Thad; Wbitehill came up behind in a wagon and began yelling and running their team trying, to frighten her horse Rev. Southwell saw them and ran out to Interfere and succeeded in districting their : attention. They were sweat-' ing at him and raising a general dis turbance and were arrested on arriv ing in town, and were laid in jail over night. Yesterday morning. 'Squire Clarke fined Eraser $50 and Whitehll $25 and costs, or 25 and 15 days in jail He allowed the men till II o'clock, to pay their fines, in which event Fraser was to be let off for $25 and Whitehil for $10. • • PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Theo. and Mrs. Chrischilles returne' from Chicago this morning. Mrs, R, B, Warren returned from her Whitewater visit this morning. Miss Jessamine Jones, has been con fined to her home the week past b 1 grip. . A. W. Moffatt was out from Chicagi last week. He says land busines ni quiet in the city. Jack Schu went to Minneapolis yes terday to attend the funeral of hii father, who died Monday. Adolf Friday is visiting in Algona He is now engaged in the railwa; freight offices in Minneapolis. Miss Hattle Stephens went to Mln rieapolls last week for a visit. Misi Bright taught her classes in school.' Mr, and- Mrs. Swotting and Miss Swotting returned from attending thei mother's funeral yesterday morning. Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Clancy of Hardy visited at the Wartman home over Sun day. Mrs, Wartman, who has been sick for some days, is now better, A,'D, Clarke came from Rolla, Mo, yesterday. He reports.Matson&Evans doing a big business, but says Missour is too heayily timbered to compare with Iowa. ' F. P, Shean of Aurora, Neb,, sur prised E. J, Mathews Sunday by drop ping in for a visit, * He married Mr Matbews' sister. He is engaged with the Milwaukee railway, Miss Amelia Krieg is a new addition to the normal school faculty, , She conies from Greenville, Minn,, and : graduate of the state normal school », Cedar Falls,. The school has a splendid teaching corps and is'doinggood work, Mrs. j, J, Wilson is planning to ere to Orlando, Fla., and join Mrs. J. f^, Jones. Mrs. Wilson's sister, Mrs, Nioholls, is there. If she goes it is expected that J. R, Jones will return to Algona soon, Mrs, Jones is improving in health rapidly, Mr, and Mrs, D, Perry expect to start 'or California soon to spend the winter n Los Angeles and then go north to Washington, where they have two children, They do not know when they will return to Aigona, It all d pends on how they like the coast, County Surveyor Tellier reports,, _Jr. gathering of surveyors at Pes Moines, The only action of importance was one looking towards having .he county road business turned over .Q the surveyors, and this the state meeting oj auditors endorsed, Mr, teWefipent a week J B viewing pn Cloaks, cloaks! THE WEEK'S MEETINGS, ' ' i , * > * Canned Goods. o $5 I O. o u •da Bros, TEI/BPHONE 47. This is the beginning of a series of union meetings to be held occasionally. A reading circle has been organized in Union township. It meets next Wednesday evening at P. N. Sarchett's. Rev. F. M. Co'oley will hold services at St. Thomas' church, morning and evening. The public is cordially invited to attend. The women's relief corps meets this evening with the G. A. R. to install officers. The regular meeting will be held tomorrow evening. Friday evening a social reception in the Congregational church parlors will be tendered Rev. and Mrs. Sinclair. Light refreshments and a program will be provided. AMONG THE ADYEBTI8EBS. Bowyer advertises a removal sale. Doxsee tells how good husbands are made. Win. H. Irigham advertises a Jot of grass land for rent. . , ; . . Jas. Taylor sold six cloaks Monday one to a,West Bend purchaser. A. D. McGregor went to Livermore today with; a big load of furniture. Haggard & Peek and H. E. Rist advertise farms to rent this week. E. C. Tuttle's hotel at the Northwestern depot is full. He has a big custom." ''.'"".'"' The Grove grocery is now at home in its new quarters and ready for business Whittemore Champion:: C. D. Petti bone, the Algona grave decorator, was on our streets Monday. Spurbeck & Lambert. are furnishing a creamery outfit for the new St. Jo. creamery. It will be here soon. Walker Bros, have put in a car load of flour, which they are selling at very cheap prices. Algona is the place to bdy flour. Galbraith & Co. have been having a big run on a pile of shoes at $1 a pair. They are cleaning up to put in a big spring stock. Langdon & Hudson have samples of their cheap canned goods in glass jars for inspection. The quality is remarkable for the price. » Durdall sold two overcoats last week to a man living east of. Webster City. At his cut sale he has disposed of 100 dozen neckties already. Moe Bros, spent four days last week in the country hunting 1 for chickens and got only four dozen. JPat chickens are as scarce as their teeth. The Northwestern will have a fast stock train hereafter, leaving Algona Sunday morning at 8 o'clock and arriving in Chicago Monday morning. ' D. A. Haggard has been spending the past four weeks appraising lands for the New England Loan & Trust company, He is their appraiser for all the counties in this section, . ! The First National bank held its'an- nual meeting Friday. Jt elected all the old officers and'instructed Cashier Ferguson tp bid for $12,000 of the new bonds, If ; he gets them the bank will issue currency on 'th'emv adding over $10,000 to the circulation hereabouts, J, F. Nicoulin has taken a fine photo, tograph. of the Daisy mills, showing the entire Wilson property at the Milwau, kee depot. He had to take two nega. iives ana piece them together at the ends to get in, all the buildings in good phape, Mrs, Butler will have a out wade as an advertisement of the prop- stow Jpneg Proposed, , Jones-Miss Arabella, do y OB like Arabella,-What a grange question. Jar, Jones I "J know it is a strange question, but please 'answer it." • _*'Ves, Mr., I g,m '*& Stieffiespta, .„ temm^&£j$$£m fSlw 8 ^ 4 *^*^ The State University OF THE SEVERAL DEPARTMENTS Will faff in the year 1895-96 .On September 18* - For particular Information as to the respective departments address as follows: Collegiate—CharleS A. Schaefler, president, Iowa City. Law—Emlln McClain, chancellor, Iowa City. Medical—J; W. Harriman, M. D., secretary of faculty, Iowa City. , Homoeopathic Medical—J. G. Gilchrlst, M. D., registrar of faculty, Iowa City. Dental—A. O. Hunt, D. D. S., dean of faculty, Iowa City. Pharmaceutical—E. L. Boerner, Ph. Ol, dean of faculty, Iowa City. •Expenses in all departments are reasonable. Cost of board In private families, $3 tp 9& per .week; in clubs, $2 to J2;50 per week. '. For catalogues or for general,information address CHARLES A. SCHAEFFEIV President. Legal Blanks t ; ?>, Real 'Estate. Mortgages, Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds,'.; ; . Leases, ,Cash or Share Rent, Real Estate Contracts.. Bill of Sale, Chattel Mortgages, Satisfaction of Mortgage r Grass Leases, Notes, A full stock of these are kept constantly w hand and for sale by the dozen, hundred, orto larger quantities, at The Upper Des Moines STEAM PRINTING HOUSE, ALCONA. ADMINISTRATION NOTICE. ! Notice is hereby given that the' undersigned > as been appointed and has qualin^d as ad. lHtrft.trIV nf f.lla aa4-a4-a A* T\« ty law, t' i ,t, Dated Ws 80th day of J •"T—W»*,(# tyOfWi ' $»gfU'«^^^ wvteiw» OTsfca tf "5 *%!¥* "W*r"

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