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The Tacoma Times from Tacoma, Washington • Page 1

The Tacoma Times from Tacoma, Washington • Page 1

The Tacoma Timesi
Tacoma, Washington
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Tide Flats Car Line Money Assured Today Tacoma municipal tideflats car line will be in operation by December 1. The total bond issue of $35,000 for construction of the line was taken up today by the Tacoma Clearing House association, and contracts for material were mailed this afternoon. Rails will be PENNANTS Have you clipped the pennant coupon from The Times? Just LookinOn IMI'IUIVKMKN I mtTK: thief lAiomXH will retrain from coins out to the ball park in the dept. motor-car any more this season. (Maybe It is kinder loneeome out I without any gauiea going Mb) ITKM: Victor Malatrom is allowed to carry a latch-key and smokes in the parlor. I TRAVEL NOTE: I Perl Hebb has just returned W- from visit to Sumner. "Bui. E. nod pleasure mixed," said Perl. JIM iKKKIts THIS OBM As UK WAMKKK TO I 1 love the grind simslilne. To on I love to hut it pieaaant hem the Ciliost mj pajr. I ktve to have it pleawmt When the tiliost la my I lovr tlw auiifthine To rome on Saturday! Jim Dash says that this Is a "panioiim." We don't know as it is a pmtoum exactly, Jim, but it is some nerve to make two verses where but one grew before. WHY? Members of the school board receive no salary They devote modi of their time to the read sassy letters from indignant and crow patMi parents, tired teachers and jeering Janitors, and when time hangs Idly upon their liande they can sometimes manage to scrape up a little scrap uniuni themselves. N. B. Our Idea of no job at all is to be a school director without pay. PARAORAI'H: The advance notices of the Puyallup fair allow that there will be very extensive exhibition of chickens this year. WOW OO Now you may go ahead and write an; you plcime. For ourMtlvea, we prefer to think of 'em an wreas. Possibly the reason Italy main tslns neutrality Is the same that causes a man to drink when be Joins crowd that has two tours the start of him. TIM, MONDAY We bid you a reluctant adieu. O. K. CHESTNUT. Today's Best Joke do you think you will make out of my daughter's talent Professor About half a guinea a lesson, if the piano holds out. Are You Keeping Score? The sf ore of Success is kept on the pages of the pass book. Bring in your deposit and get that score book we are holding you. THE PUOET SOUND STATE BANK TEN THOUSAND WOMEN LOST! MARY BOYLE TELLS AMAZING AND TERRIBLE STORY OF EUROPE'S WAR Creeps Into German Lines and Sees Terrified Host of Women and Children on Way to Living From Husbands, Fathers. Brothers. Sent Nobody Knows Where Horror of the War Told By Girl Victim. (BY MARY BOYLE O'REILLY.) (Copyright, 1914.) THE HAGUE, Sept. August 24, Lou vain, in northern Belgium, was a splendid city of over 50,000 people. On August 26, 27 and 28 it was a city in flames, an imperishable monument to the horror of war. A university important as Harvard was destroyed, the immense and pricelessl libraries, a fifteenth cathedral famous for its art treasures, and the homes of a happy people who imd sought no war, who had been aggressive to no other nation and who had uuarreled with none 1- I In villages only three miles away, in the important town of Tirelmont 15 miles to'the east, in the miles to the west, absolutely nothing is known of the lost people of Lou vain I BETWEEN SUNSET AND SUNRISE THE MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN AND BABIES OF A CITY AS POPULOUS AS PORTLAND, MAINE, BUT MORE SPLENDID SIMPLY DISAP EARED! Regardless or condition, entirely of all hnman they Merc crowded troop trains him) railroaded to (iixt onlj knows what fate. AN Alt MY OF KXII.KH The of that army of IO.4MM> women and children. left the doomed city on the iiitcM of liikmm 27. Kite American journal- Istn, ally prisoners of war on a troop train, Naw the heartstrlcken viiinn- assemble. These five were. Harding DaKch, Will Irwin, Gerald Morgan and Mary Boyle O'Reilly. tHher umiiis crowded with of men and women prisoners are said to have followed ilnnnv Hk- next few days. August a heavy train filled with from was Ntalled at I know, because I wait there to meet It. And lam not a (tarman prisoner, even though I wan In Mege. Released, with the other correMpondentM, from the troop train In Germany, I had ii'imwil into Holland, heen arrested an a nalistic suspect in MaaNtrirht, heen a hewing, and released because I waa no densely ignorant and careless of military movement. Relng free, I hurried down the river to l.lege. In the railway cut stood tlie heavy train filled with the women of loin Kin A few over-driven Ked distributed bottles of water. To secure a bucket anil cup made me a volunteer. HIMHIKDH Ml GIHLM Tlieir throats parched with Hohbtng. their eye" saturated with tears, the of them mere the train windows. Refusing food, deaf to pitying words, they pleaded only to he told where they were iiouad. One calmer than the rest cried as a terrified child cries; whispering her story to me. "This is Sunday, you say. Ten days ago the Germans entered Lnuvain. Then we knew we must suffer. The city had heen King Albert's headquarters. When the king and our army withdrew Ixiuvain was an unfortified city filled with women and children, old neofrie and Never waa such a city for learning. wan the of ountries. "The ninth army i.rps. They made of oar churches, ittabled their horses in onr schools, stacked their stores in the The Cathedral Oypt waa filled witli Infantry and ammunition. "THKY MADK IS PRISON KRS" "Immediately all the citlsens were disarmed. A man was shot dead for concealing a revolver. Night after night the uhlans searched the honsea for rifles. Then they made us priNonerH. Only one memer of the family could leave the house onre a day; it waa forbidden to light a candle after dark lest tlie flame nerved as a sigaal. In the streets were 40,000 soldiers. "We knew worse mast come! "The Owuumm repulsed at Wavre, routed at West, fell back on liouvain. Thane were all day cavalry fights. The returning uhlans were wild. the German governor forade us to shut our houae doors day or night. Without many of our men. without a weapon. WE WOMEN IIVKH IN I KKItOH This was war, but we were only human women. "Tuesday night. August JJR. the city waa In an uproar. Home claim that defeated dragoonw were conning in from Tlrelmont. Home cried that students had fired on tlie swMiem. No one had time to learn the truth because before midnight uhlans with hayonetn drove ns from our homes. WOMKN DRIVEN TO I II I "Men, women and children were driven to the fields near Rt. Veronica. "There we sank down in a vast of of am. Only the children cried, none others dared even mrtan There were armed guards and inaxlm gnns all about m. "We could hear the soldiers shooting people. Paring oae night we were told they killed five hundred. This was to be an example, the soldiers told us. "At dawn all the men were ordered Into the road. Then they were marched away. THOIHANDS OF THKM WITT AMD SHKII- HKART-HROKKN. KM KM AKII TO THKIM IX MTTIjK The sokliers prodded then with riflen. "How the women wailed! It seemed that we must go mad. "The common German soldiers seemed sorry for ns. I saw tears in the eyes of mere than one, but the offtccra langhed. Oae soldier who showed emotion was slapped over the sbosddar briakly by an officer's sward. OFFICERS LACOsi AT (WIIROW "Many wives thus toft bereft wcTtcart to tell the-n wkM waa the niriaalna. of it. I heard officer after offleer langh and tall them they would never ana those ttoey golag to Germany TO THK MIWBH. -HAH)' WOMKN THAT DAT. THKY OOCIO BIFFKR KO MORK THKM mn tfce wowea aad children were railed of nere in mj aays, and in tne meantime commissioner of Public Works Woods will superintend the preparation of right of way and laying of ties. Today's action is the climax of a fight of three years by workers on the tideflats for street car transportation. The voters of Tacoma rejected a The Tacoma Times 30c A JIONTH 1 VOL. XI. NO. 234. TACOMA. SEPTEMBER 19, THE ONLY INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER IN TACOMA (In the following article MiM O'RriUl rarely refers to her remarkable adventure ti made It possible fur her to get the following story. Having I teen a German prisoner In 11r.n.-«-l. with the other four American correspondents she mentions, nhe In a locked train to HolUnd. At 1, Holland, she went to the (iernian conmil xnd told him Hhe Nimpiy had to get hack to Hruimela to recoit-i forgotten valuables, presumably Jewelry. The cookul'h wife look her part aixl the Riven. I'm O'Reilly for I.lev*-, where the lost nomen of I rum she walked, I 10 all appearances a*-. plain refugee, through the entire I War-harried sect on of Belgium, InM.I. the Oerniaa lines, paas' through the forbidden territory l.irge, Kt. Troud, Tan. Tlrelmont, Louvain to RnimrU through a I Itrt Uerinan army, lived all the wMIr on and water, and wrote her on the white lining of her blouse. That Hhe not arrested an a spjr, notu itliKtandina; the nmsnlv patm, la a mirai'le. 0 Mlsk O'Kellly saw and people which no other correspondent The following if first written after she I finally reached Hafety In fields. Weeping they staggered to the rood. It took hoars to gatlier who iiiiisi "The frightened children never crying and screaming, tlioiivnnrK of them togellier. When all ready one woman seeing a plowed Held ran to it, and kneeling. np a HA I. OF HUt KAKTH into her Hundreds of others did likewise. ONK WOMAN KIM.S 111 llsH I "A few tried to wim Tliew were with gun storks and roped together. One killed herself before ua all. She was crazed, soul. "I could not ronnt bow many women carried sick babies. All the women with children went away. The told us a hundred were waiting to carry us arroas Belgium Into Oermany. They said we would go by way of Liege and hill passes around Verrlrea to the frontier and by way of Cologne so that no one would ever know mhat had not the French nor the rngliah nor even our own people. All that rountry. they said, wax held by the Uarmami "We mho remained waited and It was hot, but there was no ran, The sky was hidden the smoke of the horning city. Onr guards bronght us water and a little food, black bread, what they had themselves, but we could not eat. "All night we crept together and prared to protect as. In the dark we could see the fire Through tlie night there waa always the sound of sanm! "Home of onr guards acted like asm nshamed. Over their meals they miM one to anotlier: 'Is this war? Are we derib. that we should do this tiling? What would onr say to us if they knew After two days or three, I cant remember, we, too, were ptit hi trains. "We do not know what we hare done to he treated like We do not know where our nearest reiatHex are. or how we shall find them. We do not know where we are being taken. If we could only die! Being prisoners, we ran do nothing wait and pray, pray lest I the good forget the women ef READY FOR BUSINESS The Times Free Employment Bureau Opens Today. The Free Htnptormonf Bureao hi ready for bnolnena. OB pace you will find a Umg appeala from wHllnaj workem who want work, bat who have failed to get It. The la printing taaar for work free of charge and will rontinwe to do an until work. It will do the aame for All Dltfanlt. In aae Free Employment deawrtment Jon will alao find war joha adTerUaed, bnt the Jofea offered are few aa compared with the jOOwi VMH4Q. II n0909 to MM pvnl alnm VaaTaVn) ay to "iWb-i to mum tMm "Jtylia Rtfanl fafW MlMaf CAM WannV MB ftM Ana ft-fafli AnTantanll 4 iiflrv nannnnnpvji trifHar wvnld be pi laud to know tba nsra and proposition io construct a municipally owned ana operated line, so the city is building the line and allowing the Tacoma Railway ft Power company to operate it on a commission basis. The Clearing House association accepts the bonds on six per cent interest for seven yean, to be retired at the rate of $5,000 each year. BATTLE IS IN DOUBT BEIU.rN, by wireless, via Rayvllle, Sept. "A decisive tierniau attack has been delivered against the allies' south of Noyon. In the region along tin- I.ette, and Aisne rivers," war office announcec today. "It was participated la by the fourth and thirteenth army corps and parts of others and resulted Id decisive German "Beaumont was stormed and taken with 2,500 prisoners. The allies' attacks alone the entire front are being easily repulnad. Many prisoners and suns have been taken but are not available. "The army continues Its operations In the Huwalki province, advancing against the Agfin dispatches report a greet Austrian victory over the who were ens plot ely routed and driven acrotis the River Save. In making the crossing many were Kaiser's Advantage HEftUV, via The Hague. Sept 19 The resistance of the allies In northern France Is breaking, the war offi. announced today. The Herman lines have beea to include many positions previously held by the French and British, it is stated. The allies' attempt to sinrm the Herman positions Is said to have failed disastrously. Fighting is reported to be continuing with the utmost ferocity. Plenty of That the Herman ammunition anil Hiipi'lteK are running short Is denied. On the contrary. It is declared, the kaiser's lines of com municatlon is perfect, supplies of all kinds reaching the front rapidly in ample quantities. In the west It Is said the greatest Herman gains are made at the center in the Verdun region The kaiser's forces are said to be making rapid progress against the Russians In east Prussia. 100,000 Lost LONDON, Sept. 18. "Fight- Ing continues. The situation la unchanged, the war office announced today concerning the battle of the Alsne. Losses are efltimated at 160,000 and possibly 160,000. The German casualties are declared to outnumber the allies 2 to 1. Germans Holding PARIS, Sept. Is In prepress as fierce as ever east and north of Paris. The allies' left ie advancing slowly. The Oermans are occupying fresh positions to the rear of the advanced line, an pressure on the front increased They are nowhere actually defeated. The main entrenchments are still holding aout against terrific onslaughts of the allies. On both sides Infantry and cavalry have been comparatively Inactive for hours. Rival WAR FLAG PENNANTS cm Any Coupon clipped from The ithn prevented at Tlie office with Id will entitle yon to a War Flajc IVnnant, Ueruinn. French. Kngilxh. or lleliritin Pranatt will he by mail If A cents arMitional for rmli IVnnanl enclosed. Hrinit or mail to The Taroma Ttam. It's Object Is to Bring Jobs to the Jobless. women in Tarmna WHO ARK IN DKHI'ERATK OF WORK work to afford the earning of dollar or so. There plenty of work to he done In Tacoma. real worth-while work. The object of the Ttiaea to to brtaw thte work to the Men and women who need It, And to that end tie will print trim Its Employment department adrei of both imptwrtu aawl of nut and women seeking work. We wonM like to find fifty Joba a week for Taroma men and wniniin who really need work, and we ran do that If the no nig who have work to be done will ro-oawrate wttk coat to Unnwlvea. over the Hat of wanted" today. Maybe yon- have work to offer acme owe of thaac seek Hag nipleymgnt. If yon have, or wrMe to tfce Hum Free Itepm-tmtt. nli aii aa fc Their bid was accepted by Mayor Fawcett, Con troller Meads, and Commissioner Atkins, farming the sinking fund board, and contracts for material were immediately mailed east this afternoon. The contracts include steel rails, U. 8. Steel frogs and switches, Buda pile driving, D. W. Rutherford, Tacoma, $3,712.78. HOME 1 EDITION forces have repeatedly attempted to take various positions and have failed with such enormous luswk that they are mutually attempting to make the xtrongholds untenable by shelling. BORDEAUX, Sept. northeast of Paris Is desperate to the extent that it is almost unprecedented In the hiMtory of Bandit Robs Seattle Bank IS. la oar of the miwi daring and rlerer hifcli ever Htaged tn ilir MMory of the a lone bandit obtained (n kiiM today from the Hank of California la broad dnyltglit and his after ofuuted for Unkn bank and eniea. II o'nark RHinlng the robber, drnMd any man, the baak during Haturdaf of knuhmui. up window of Paying Taller A. and iHindrd him an envelope. In other hand nrrlwl a bottle. The which Heath read from the envelope ran thaai botata I la filled with or I'll it on the flee- mm Mm tn. Heath the itHtonlxlilnK mmtfitif. the Kruifly bat 01 fellow, yiMi'te read (Jet and over the or I'll lilow an all lo I to Ihe he fiilfUl tlw threat hiiil kill not only tlu- hank and oflii'lalM hat a rowd of well. Hentli out "leveral uwkaneo of Nome of tlie rattllnK to the floor the Ihetn and tvnlked oat of tlie Imil'ilna Tlie In reported to have hoarded an intorurhan emr for oilier detected the game SHIP SINKS, 57 MISSING A wlrrlens mewiiage recelvert from the oil taaker Bark en route up the to Portland atMted she had picked up a man floating on a of ImrOter st off Cnmade Hnuia. He wax too to taik except to aay tliat he nt a snrrivor of the AHTORIA. Kept. A wlif lews meooage received here stated that the steamer Reaver would arrive at Astoria with mr THE WEATHER Official Forecast: Occasional rain tonight and Sunday. war stated day. It la the right and ths allies' laft that conflict la of ths most terrlbta character. of details from the front la causing anxiety. Ths failure to drive ths Germans front France is Interpreted as Indicating that tbe numertoal advantage the former ajijoyed at the outset has been overcome by the mans. mt tint- ami with TrlleV gave hue and crj. Hank ihf nwa to rtiwl, aad with took up the The hank is hoi The bsadit ran Firot ay. and OulamMa, fulloned who dtml into Ura crowds Hr riUappearwd into a aaliMMk and all trace of him was ImH. The tierku munml ami loaa at 91,700. Ttie handtt in Ut have taken an Intrrurban ear fair Taooina. Taroma and northwest officiate were qalcklf ni.tJft«d and all otatlosia an hfHl for hold iTimlnal. VIVOrs OI UW twxmcr Knnrli It In not known bow the Liggett waa or hHhrr all of the ST ittw of saved. The which picked Hp the (HntreM late and relayed them to was the tm Miner Itound for Han the an Hw Francis H. Leggect, Capt. C. Moro, SIT pmiwuim ami a rrew of mm la reported to saak In a Ml niHm sonta of the river laat algtit. The fata of the gm and rrew Is vtt In doubt. Wtrelesa mmutei from a warship off the toaat, believed to com frogs the Jananeaa cruiser flashed in tha first tnctjier news of tha acctdaat to coast cities. The maassKP was at the Wriekas comi anr station at Aatoria aad inland. Attempts to sat further information proved futile. It ia feared, however, that the and were laat. The message read: sank p. sixty miles south." That the schooner been sunk In a collision with the triauino is Indicated by the xfatement Isswed by S. Takafcasat, Japanese consul at Seattle, who said last night tkat he had received a wtreleas utattas that vessel had basn sank aft the la a colllstoa with Idiurao The waa bound for San Framisco with a earic hirober left Portlaad for lio- Qaiam on Seiji I A gale was blow along the br the yawterday aad last aJgM.

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