The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1953 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1953
Page 8
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r FACE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 24, 195J ITU BLYTHBVILLE COURIER NEWS I THl COURIER NEWS CO. f H W. HAINER Publisher ' HARRY A HAINES. Assistant Publish* : A. A. fREDRICKSON, Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Adrertlslin M«n«ger Sole N»tlon«l Adrertlsing RepresenUtlTei: Will»ce Wllmet Co, New York, Chicago, Dtuolt, Atl«nU. MemphU. Intered U second cl»M m»tt«r >t the poit- ottlw it Blytherffle, Arkamu, una« »ct ol Con(rest, October I. 1917. . Member ol The Associated Prea SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In tht cltj of BiytneTllle or «nj •uburban town whert carrier strrlot It maintained, S5e per week. fly niall, within a radius at 50 miles, $5.90 per jear, $2.50 Jor six months, »1.25 tor three montha; by mail outside 50 mile »one. «12.50 per year payable In adrance. Meditations New then we ire ambassadors for Christ, as though God did btsetch you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God.—Cur- Inthlnans 5:20. + * * Life is a mission. Every other definition of life is false, and leads all who accept it astray. Religion science, philosophy, though still at variance upon many points, all agree in this, that every exsistance is an aim.—Mazzini. Barbs The palms In the ritzy restaurants stand straight up—and also are held out by the waiter when you pay your bill. * * + Only a few more da.vs now until there had belter be a Santa Glaus! * * ¥ A conductor In.a southern town was injured only alightly when struck by lightning. Maybe he's a nonconductor. * * * Forgetfulness is a rlrture only when you can remember the right things to forget. * * * No matter how much you like to talk about your cold, try to keep it to yourself. Christmas It Brings Out The Old Scrooge in Us It is one of the wonders of this wonderful season that once again millions of people English-speaking lands are getting acquainted with Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." If anybody read it at any other of year— which seems unlikely- he might find it a sentimental allegory inhibited by characters who revealed their exaggerated vices and virtures in stilted, archiac language. But now it a«ems delightful. Probably the reason for the story's endurance is that there is a little bit of Ebeneer Scrooge in all of us, and Christ- time brings it but. For this most meaningful and elobarate of our holidays can also be something of a chore. It seems somehow that Christmas gets m'ore complicated and commercialized every year. The stores are more crowded, the prices are higher, and there are more cards to send and less time for sending them. Then there is the last-minute Christmas Eve Rush for presents that were forgotten. If there are young children in the house excitement keeps them awake too late and up too early— and too noisy. Presents must be assembled in the brief interlude, and never mind worrying about sleep. There won't be much. Then comes The Day. And what happened to Scrooge happens to us. Apart from the religious significance and emotion, there is that good and special feeling which everybody recognizes as the Christmas Spirit. The kids never seem sweeter, or friends closer. It is easy to love our neighbor, whoever or whatever he may be. The world hasn't changed. But something momentarily has happened to a lot of people in it, and it is a pleasanter place. Scrooge's remarkable Christmas Eve adventures made a new man of him from that time forth. Most of the rest of us not so fortunate. But perhaps a little of the Christmas Spirit clings to us and accumulates through the years of ordinary days. Let us hope so. And let us be thankful for this minor miracle of good will, and try to foster it. Reds Prove They're Not Funny in Peace Talks The men in the Kremlin may derive a good deal of pleasure from watching free-world reaction to their various pronouncements from time to time. When, for instance, they decided some weeks ago to sit down again at Panmunjom, they knew the free countries would jump at the chance and that headlines reading "Reds Agree to Discuss Korean Peace Conference" would blossom everywhere. At such movement* maybe they feel a little like puppeteers pulling strings to make the democracy dance. A certain wry amusement could easily go with the sense of power this brings But even though the men of Moscow may not appreciate it, any pleasure they feel at scorning to dangle the world on a string is hound (o be shallw. The talks at Panmunjom are a nice example. No doubt the ussian leaders felt they were being- exceedingly clever when they spurred the Chinese to arrange these meetings looking toward a Korean political conference. There may have been secret smiles behind the Kremlin walls as they lured the West to these discussions with no intention of agreeing to a later conference at all. Yet do the Reds really have anything to smile about? They had an excellent opportunity at Panmunjom to show the Asiatic peoples they had a sincere concern for peace. In backward Asia, the siren Communist song has always beem more winning than in more favored regions. The Asia- tics are prepared to give Moscow and Peiping the benefit of all doubts. Against this background, the Reds have reduced Panmunjom to a fiasco for for their own case. They have made their insincerity evident even to the softest neutrals. In their handling of the prisoner-exchange problem, they have outraged even the gullible Indians, who previously have professed to see something "new" in the tired old tyranny communism is imposing on China. These two developments taken together have done much to remove the halo from the Communist dream. The self-styled propaganda experts in the Kremlin must have dissipated an enormous amount of Asiatic good will the while they were grinning smugly at their cleverness in foxing- the Western powers. What the men in the Kremlin have engineered at Panmunjom is really the story of their lives. They lead a phony cause. The Communist dream hides the crudest kind of grasping for power. Whenever the dream is tested, it fades and the true purpose of the Russian leaders stands starkly revealed. How they could imagine there is anything clever—or privately funny— in being thus found out is a mystery. S/iews of Others Gift To Your City You hnve i) Christmas present, for your wife tucked away and properly labeled. John and Mary are remembered, all the uncles and aunts. What • bout your City? Ever think about'giving your place of residence a Christmas present: It is not loo late yet. No city can be clean and healthy in soul and body unless the citizens are. I the Individuals are selfish and greedy and lack vision, the city will be full of poverty and diseases and wickedness. The best gift citizens can make lo his city Is to decide to adopt as his personal rule the principals of Jesus. But this rule, although It brings the present greatest possible happiness to the individual and to his group, requires absolute obedience to His commands. Jesus wants you, your mind, your heart, your will. He wants the right defended and the wrong opposed. He wants the laws of the state and nation obeyed. He wants good officials praised and supported. He wants rules for public health rigidly adhered to. He wants everyone to work for the good of all. It is service He requires—every day of the week. Regular church attendance helps tremendously to strengthen a determination to serve God rather than mamon. Attend some church, if such has not been your practice. Look for a chance to help deepen the religious Influences of the city. Still Too Many More than 28,000 names were removed from the federal payroll during October, report* the Civil Service Commission, Rringing the net cutback since January to 176,600. Despite that kind of curtailment, there are still 2,372.100 federal employes. Without going into detail, we take the position there are still too many. Let the dismissals continue!—Johnson City (Tenn.) Press-Chronicle. SO THEY SAY I don't think agreement with the Soviet leaders arc reliable. I don't have faiih in the leaders.— Rep. Charles Kcrsten iR., Wis.). * * * The United States nnd Canada are developing a partial defense—not a complete one, but a defense adequate to preserve lor NATO the capacity ol a rrwlitory attack.—Secretary of State Dulles. * * * BrownelliMn is no didemil than McCnvthyism except that. It has cultured accent. —James Carey CIO official. » » * Apply for » job over at Harvard—that's » sanctuary for Communists.—Senator McCarthy to WitncM. Heartfelt Wishes Peter Edson's Washington Column — Ikes Atom Plan Could Succeed Without Cooperation of Soviet Erskine Johnson IN HOLtYWOOD HOLLYWOOD ~ (NBA) — The Year 1953 in Review: Hollywood discovered a whole crop of "foreign" stars in 1953—Gre&ory Peck, Claudetle Colbert, Gene Kelly, Linda Darnell, to mention a few. All came home from Europe when Uncle Sam repealed the 18-month- Uix Inw under which they were enjoying tax-free salaries overseas. Mervyn LeRoy. the director, was indifferent to all the new film •s. He said: "I'd like to find a camera lens that gives you a good script." It was George Glass who said: "What Hollywood really need* is ercat, biff, u-ide idea on a narrow screen." Harry S. Truman turned pale at the idea and turned down $10,000 to appear on a television show with Denn Martin and Jerry Lewis. Jrrry expressed surprise: "How can he he afraid of two comics after eight years in the White House?" Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra separated again but no one seemed to care. Television's low-speaking Sergeant Friday — Jack Webb — and is Julie separated and divorced. •afrsters explained it with: "She must have raised her voice." Good Reason Bin? Crosby failed to show at the Friars' banquet for Bob Hope n New York and someone asked him why. Bing answered in three words: "I wasn't hungry." costarred in "Rage of the Jungle," bvit Hollywood gave it a new title, "Rage of the Sound Stages." Glenn and Ann's clawing and dialog, not in the script, provided the year'a best feud, Mona Freeman made thft Big Denial about a romance with Bing Crosby, but she's been the girl on his arm for the last six months. Noted bachelor Charles Watts approached a movie starlet with: "Pardon me, but I'm writing a telephone directory. May I hava your phone number?" Van Johnson scored a hit as a song-and-dance man in Las Vegas and then Stanley Kramer gave him the biggest dramatic role of his career as Lieutenant Maryk in "The Caine Mutiny." Explained Kramer: "The rol» will make Van a bigger star than ever," Best ad lib howl of the year was Chill Wills'. Narrating "Francis Goes to The Big Town," as the voice of the mule. Chill commented over a scene of Wall Street: "A lot of my cousins had their assets frozen here in 1929." Hollywood's new big screens left the town's extras sinking: "Happy Days Are Here Again." With the camera eye spreading out, the extra no longer is a background blur, selecated by the casting director as he would a potted palm. Glenn Ford and Ann Sheridan WASHINGTON—fNEA) — Any dea thnt the United States and the Soviet Union would be the only contributors of atomic materials if F resident Eis e n h ower's new plan peacetime v e lopment tomic ene is put into feet, would de- research results of foreign laboratories be made available to this country. That is one angle of the Eisenhower plan not previously stressed. Today Britain has s. completely integrated atomic program and the c o m p letely wrong. There is enough atomic know - how in n of | U. K. is the only country other than the U. S. and USSR making atomic weapons. Britain has low and high-powered research reactors and is well advanced on studies of atomic energy heat and pow- be Canada is not interested in bomb Pcler Eason dozen other free- production but it has a complete tvorld countries to make the Ei- research center nt Chalk River 125 enhower plan a success even if m ji es west of Ottawa. It has three lussia decides not to join up. reactors. Additional research is The non-Communist countries with active atomic energy programs are Britain, Canada. France, West Germany, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, India, Australia and Brazil. There is. In addition, a cooperative European Council for Nuclear Research, with a laboratory near Geneva, Switz- done in five universities; Canada's uranium deposits are among the largest in the world. The French atomic energy program, unlike those of America, Britain and Canada, is operatec with little or no secrecy. France has three reactor centers near Paris. .She has ample uranium in her own borders and in African erland. This organization is set up 1 colonies. Recently. France an- uilder the United Nations. Being well established, this is an institution which could carry President Eisenhower's Idea forward. Gordon Denn, former chairman of the Atomic nergy Commission. mndc a complete roundup on the programs of these other countries in his book, "Report on the Atom." The most important point, he stresses is that, the United Suites doesn't have, and never did hnve, a monopoly on atomic energy development. The greatest security risk we have, as Denn declnrr-.s, is in Mother Nature hcrscll. Any croup of scientists may discover thincs not known in America. And for the protection of future development, of the U. S. ntnmic energy program, it is necessary thiU the nounced a 15-year. SlOO-million program to develop an atomic power program because the country has no petroleum. Norway and The Netherlands jointly operate a reactor near Oslo. The Norse have contributed heavy water and the Dutch uranium. None of the research is secret, and the scientific staff comes from all over western Europe. The Dutch also have a research center near Amsterdam, headed by C. J. Bakker. who also heads the European center in Switzerland. The Netherlands and Belgium are both interested in atomic power as they have no extensive fuel resources. Belgium has the world's largest uranium deposits in the Congo, but is only now completing its first reactor. p / fi / ; r Written for Sunday School Lesson — NBA servic. We may well ask the meaning of the first petition of the Lord's Prayer: "Thy Kingdom Come!" What is the Kingdom of God? and of his Christ." Moreover that prayer links the one who makes the petition with that sublime hope and with that c.iihlim»s pvcnt Pnr the individual clarer relied on probability, to his regret. West opened the four of hearts, and East held the first rick with the king. East returned vith the nine of hearts, South play. :ng the ten, and West won with Sweden, next to Britain, is said j the Jack. West then returned another heart to force out the ace. The declarer in the first room to have the best nuclear research laboratories in western Europe. It is building an underground power discarded the seven of diamonds reactor near Stockholm and is in- from the terested in power development. Denmark has no national atomic energy program, but the University of Copenhagen's work under Niels Bohr makes it one of the most famous research centers in the world. Germany is prohibited from hav- dummy, on the third round of hearts, knowing that he would not need a diamond trick and that the contract would depend on a good club guess later on. He then ran five rounds of spades. East saw from the dummy's dis- , . card that diamonds were unim- ng an Bl ornic energy program portant He therefore discarded now. but ratificat.on of the Eu- ' ^ diamonds on dummy . s flve spades. He knew that his nine of clubs wasn't worth saving, but he also knew that South might have a club finesse to guess. After running the spades, South cried to decide how to play the clubs. He knew that East had started with only five cards tn spades and hearts combined. The chances were very good that East had started with at least four clubs, in which case It was probable that East had the queen of clubs. ropean Defense Community agreement would give Its many able scientists a green light for future development. West Germany has no uranium deposits, but East Germany has. Italy has no government program, but a group of Industrial concerns is privately financing a research program. Switzerland is building the world's most powerful particle accelerator for research at the UN Central European laboratory. India is the only Asian country that has shown an interest in nuclear development. India's main resource is in thorium deposits, not yet developed for extensive use i fisinn. Brazil also has thorium deposits and a research program in its principal universities. C. M. G. es, head of this work, is cred- Acting on this reasoning, declarer cashed dummy's king of clubs and then finessed the jack of clubs. West won with the • queen, of course, and took the rest of the tricks with good hearts and the ace of diamonds. South was therefore set two tricks. .ted with a leading role 'in artifi- I At the second table ' he bidding cial production of mesons at Uni- j and °P«»«![ '"ad were the same versity of California, one of the | On the third round of hearts, how- most Important postwar ies. Australia, with promising uranium deposits, has research centers at Canberra and Melbourne Universities and will build Its first reactor in the next few years. Australia is interested in atomic power possibilities. It is now supplying the raw materials to the U. S. and is, in addition, the site of British weapons testing. discover- jever, this declarer discarded a low | club from dummy. This made it look as though he was not interested in clubs but as though he wrf interested in his bid suit, diamonds. When South then ran dummy's spades, East decided to discarri clubs and hold his diamonds. This was enough to tip South off to the location of the queen of clubs, and this declarer easily made his contract. And ills' what did Jrsu. that petition in the Prayci". 1 He snia, "The kingdom ni heuvcn is at hand" iMntthc-u- 4:i7i and "The kingdom of God ;.s within you" (Luke 17:21). Why. then, should we pray for the ronnng of n Kingdom already here? The meaning, I think and it is made clear by the immc- ediately following nnd interprcn;i- tive petition: "Thy will he done in earth, us it is in heaven." "Kingdom" has two meanings, or implications. In the one meaning it refers to the outward organization of power and authority over ;i certain area — earthly kingdoms. In the other menning. "kingdom" the prayer has its richest meaning in what some petitioner, unknown to me, has suggested it should be: "Lord, let Thy Kingdom come, and let it begin in me!" What coming will the fullness of the of that Kingdom mean? 1 I The poet Tennyson in the conducting stania of his long poem, In Memoriam, wrote of "one far-off divine event, to which the whole creation moves." What is that divine event, and how has it variously been conceived? Some see in it a second coming of Jesus Chtrst. Formerly the second coming has been much associated with the conception of a enium, the rule of Christ So, when Jesus said. 'The King-, supp ort for it in other passages in dom of God if within you." the' |hr , Ncw Tcstinncnl, nnd in the evi- Grcck words of tin- NYw ii'stiimnit-,,,,_,_ no|)0 0 ( the- second coming • JACOBY ON BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOBY Written (or NtA service Discard Is an Aid To Good Bridge When you are a defender you j must sometimes discard in such a ' way as to deceive the declarer, even though you may also deceive your partner. Similarly, when you are the declarer you sometimes play or discard from your hand in such a way as to fool the enemy. A much more unusual device is to discard from the dummy for Eddie Cantor's heart attack put him on a doctor-ordered 3-E schedule. No over-eating,, over-emotion or over-excitement. She's Conservative Dinah Shore and Alan Young eo- starred in "Aaron Slick of Pumpkin Creek,' which flopped at the box office. Explained Dinah: "It wasn't a very good picture and I'm a girl of conservative statements." Jack Carson explained the movie-star gold rush to Las Vegas with: "There are three reasons—TV, 3-D and ND—No Dough." The Errol Flynn-Pat Wymorft marriage was reported fizzling by all of their friends but they fooled everyone by their continued happy Mr. and Mrs. act. But the surprise separation of the year was Jane Powell's from Geary Steffan. 15 Years Ago In Blytheville . Joe Dildy has returned from Nashville, Ark., where he spent the holidays. C. G. Redman, who has been ill for several days, has been removed to Walls Hospital. Max Usrey of Camden returned yesterday after having spent the holiday weekend here with his mother, Mrs. M. O. Usrey. Joe Parks says he dreads to think o£ all the headaches and stomach upsets he'll have lo suffer after Christmas and New Year's, but it will all be in a good cause, so he's not going to hold back on his celebrating. Merry Christmas! Answer to Previous Puzzle been \nu v V)T<M possible moiinings: Kin&doin of God is i both monninRS .11-0 w.-.rrnnlod early Christians. i One cnnnot enter here into such much-dispufod matters. Increasing- i ly I am inclined to think there is j questioning concerning the future 'destiny of this world. There is a the purpose of deceivine: the de- tenders. This may sound Impos- - . - „„,.,.• ML,,. ,..^ .... slble, since the dummy is fully -,od's KliiRrtnm is the most ri ,i 1)rnct i ca i conclusion is for today exposed to view, but the feat can iraycr that a Christian coukl mnt:( , , ' fxaKtty whlll ,,, r Apostle IVier de- i be done. »-orid De-'cl.ired It to be ages ago (See II When today's hand was played |in t recent team match, one de- G P The kingdoms of the com* th* Kingdom of our Lord I Peter 3,ii>. NORTH U * AKJ92 « J7 4K1065 WEST EAST 4k 64 3 487 VQJ742 VK96 « A 8 2 » K 9 5 4 *Q7 49432 SOUTH (D) *Q105 VA105 • Q1I1G3 #AJ8 Both sides vul. South West North East 1 • Pass 1 A Pass 1 NT. Pass 2 N.T. Pass 3 N.T, Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V 4 ACROSS 1 Visitor this night 6 Be a • of gifts 11 Crush with the feet 12 Roman official 13 Combat 14 Tourist hotels 16 Roof finial 17 Victim of leprosy 19 River islet ,. _ . 20Morindin dyes 10 Depends Ol m-mi.v, 13 A string of 3 Seine 4 Of great stature 5 Revoke a legacy 6 are against you at Christmastide 7 The yule log has a pleasant 2! Blemish 22 Golf mound 23 Restrain 2G Smallest 29 Russian community 31 Number 32 Follower 33 Observe 34 Child's heaven at Christmas 38 Station 42 Malt drink 43 Organ of sight 45 Boundary {comb, form) 46 Unit of reluctance 47 Pitchers 49 Race course circuit 50 Roof of the mouth 52 Coral islands 54 Mister (Sp.) 55 Indian tent 56 Paradises 57 Uncloses DOWN 1 Chief commodity 2 Skelchcr 25 Feminine 37 Color 8 Louse egg appellation 39 Plant dust 9 Ester of oleic 27 Give to those 40 Papal capei acid v vbo help41 Gratuities 28 Arrow poison 44 Muse of lyric .g of 30 Renovators poetry s is a nice 34 Tarpaulin 47 Famous j gift (ab.) English school 15 Let it stand 35 Oxidizing 48 Pace 18 Light touch enzyme SI One (Scot.) 24 Man's name 36 Shouted 53 Open (poet.)

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