The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 29, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1896
Page 5
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raw fietJdi-t Show* .What It (tote td Live tutor the Usotit $io6 p# Yesf id Each Head of i L&ffeftf Part Sosi to , 'Maihtaitt Otlr Schools. , ftossuth paid iH takes last yeaf $195 his tint two. ,1 tHfc tt»- wn&fe ffiiitoeH donnf , tta it was to? left fisontna 8f oily if a inafi has lo haire. 16 ebwa to he 10. 2.?4, Auditor Calkins has ffiade . report to State Auditof Itny aftd thiriS the figure. Th6 schools '6t the" bulk Of thld amount, The : dlsj rict scllbol tax alone Was $100,509.71 fertile yea?.' tfhla Is tooi^e than the; * atal county tax was a few years ago; ie school tax In 1894.was-$20,000 less} tnatt last year, fend this one item specks' for'the rapid growth the county had Ibeen making. Tbe total taxes Of 1894 twerU $167,969.81^ lifeariy, |30,000 less fthan for 1895. One itemo! tbe ih^j j crease, however, Is hot really a n,ew |tax. The obe mill road tax, amount- ling to $3,302.24,..was paid to the county! I last year instead of to the townships as 1 id 1894, and appears in the total. This I/road tax has been expended in per ma-. 1 nent repairs and the collection of it by the county is one, of the best changes lately made in the interests'of the,public. - • ••'••.• . • • •':'.' ., '..-' ! ' Among the other Items of county ex-; • pensoj the state gets $18,850.82. •'; This] (is Idas than 80 cents a head for our pop-j ulatlon to support the state. The; county tax: Is $55,099.66.' The insane! tax costs usJ3,179.98, o,r about 17 cents| a head for,-tne, population each year, ; ' The total tax of the county is $10.12 a) head for our population, or, $50.60 to the-family to support county and state. The national tax is Indirect bUt the total Is $10 a head for the whole population or $50 to the family. If a man ; has the average family and pays an av- [erage tax It costs.hlm a little over $100, ibesldes his township taxes, a year to Illve under the stars and stripes i and shear tthe eagle scream. y i, < THE COUNTY VALUATION. , , The county valuation takes" a jump flfrom1894. In that year it was about |'$5,000,OpQ. In 1895 it .was $5,340,834, ] The source of the gain is a curlpus I'illustration of how Henry -Gedrgete [land tax ' scheme ,is gradually being '"adopted without anyone realizing It. ' Personal-property : and;- railroads are both assessed at less" in 1895 than In 1894. Personal property ls ; only $672- I 987 as agains,t.$693,497 In 1894, a loss of I-$20,000. 5 Railways are $484,896 as f-against $508,072 in 1894,-also a $20,000 [falling off. But town property is up at I $513,420 as against $447,672 in 1894, and '• real estate up at $3j917,148 as against ! $3,576,40.8 In; 1894. , Real estate^ and ttowriproperty bear already four-fifths II " the assessed, valuation, and .personal iroperty gets less and less, in propor- iilon. VALUATION BY TOWNSHIPS. The total taxable valuation of the various divisions of the county is. as .follows: . Algona, incorporated $ 83,460 Algona, independent. 356,708 Burt....... i,...;....: 173,455 Burt,ind.................. 47,068 Burt,ino:............ 20,345 Buffalo 142,600 Bancroft, ind .116,183 Bancroft, inc ;....... :..;.,... 49,320 Cresco ' 153,400 Corwith-ind.... 31,200 'Eagle........;...,. 101,566 'Fenton 140,015 .Greenwood , 130,470 'German'....-.. ; ...!.; ; .,..'., : ............... 158,970 Garlleld.. , 154,117 Hebron...'... .........'...... ....;....... 107,610 Harrison 187,468 Irvington • 200,513 Ledyard 130,093 •Ledyard.ind 73,172 Lotts Creek 158,870 LuVerne ', 134,430 LuVerne, inc.., 19,953 .LuVerne, ind ' 49,753 Lincoln..... 150,921 Portland 149,435 Plum Creek 181,951 Prairie J47.G10 •Ramsey'..... 130,848 Kiverdale 189,198 Sherman ,., , } 81 ' 7S 5 ^ rin e fleld •' itl'|% 'l'46'.793 .ire S iey.s.',.:..v..'...,:-.!.'.• '.;;...«.: i* 1 ? igf Wesley, inc,., ,... 31,085 Wesley ind.,: 84,459 WWttemore.., , 157,383 Whittemore. ind ( 98,043 WestBend.ind 22,585 Grant..-..., , » 105,711 Gerjnanla .' 41,330 SweaCity.,,. &••/•••; , g Qi309 Money, I am loaning money on farm lands ' .at six per cent, interest, Only a small charge will be made for procuring this pheap money. .The borrower can have I, tbe privilege, of paying off all or any part of his mortgage at the time of pay. Jng interest, , J, J. RYAN, I-; Office Pvw.the postofBce, Algona, Iowa, ,lf Wstion,' wpiHrcipVoyedl'.near' Al' , by U -•.'' HAOGABP fePisBK. '." T'l'V""' 1 ,""<.',, * " ',' ' 'i * -.wanted-Jop general bpusework , S, " " milk Say aft ft?efage of ICLthen should count theft as 15 and. hot Ouii* milk &6ld !6f f8 'dents pet which 1 was two Cents belftfr tbe aterage Wl&e Mid at the" >faclof y"t We" alffi to milk them 11 months ft yea?, eotatnetic- Ing about Novfifflbef Of December 1 , as a <jo# Well fed &ll Winter aftd milked will ustas much, milk the following er as tbe half fed dow doming Ib i Spring. Yours, GteO. S. ANGUS. Farm Loans At 0 per And the expenses of making the loan dan be paid at option of the borrower. Idterest payable nhnually Unless otherwise preferred. The loan can be paid in whole or in part at any interest date, Buckwheat Cakes At the New t)atsy Mills. We^ furnish the flour—^you do the resti--40 : dried fruits at M. Z. in Grove & Son's. • Until Notice. further notice I will sell my sorghum at 35c a gallon. ' J. P, HAWKES. Southeast part of Algona. 45 TO RENT—A half-section farm. H. E. RlST. Do You Need Money? We have been making 6 per cent, optional farm loans for the past six years, and are still doing it. You keep your own insurance policy and got the.mon- ey yourself If you have a fire.' .• ' . " 44t4 A. D. CLARKE & Co. . Stock Notice. , ! I have purchased a jthoroughbi'ed Jersey bull and wilUkeep' him at my livery barn for service. The animal is St. L. of Riverside, No. 37781; sired by Ventor's Duke, No. 25751; dam Sunny' Wadena. No. 00051. If you are interested in fine Jersey stock call and see this splendid animal. : 42m3 • S,. P. CHRISTENSEN. ; • . . rresh Fish! Lake Superior trout, wall-eyed pike, pickerel, dressed and scaled perch, and silver herring. Also very choice bulk oysters, cheap. :•••'"• MOE BROS.'MARKET. (J .i WjJSB -you. looking 'fo,r sweet ppta- 1-1 — .?,_,._.__ em all at Grove & Son's. WILL BE OAPT. FOSTEE. Company 3? Elects G. S. Foster Elrst Lieutenant and W11J Promote Him ,'• to the captailncy. '•,..,.. At its meeting Wednesaay evening Company F elected G. S. Foster of the firm of Doxsee & Foster by unanimous vote to succeed, Lieut.: Chubb. . Mr. Foster is a graduate of the agricultural college and while at Ames was captain Of artillery under Geri: Lincoln. He is son of a well known pioneer of Humboldt county, and an exceptionally well fitted man for the vacancy in Company F. Capt. Haggard's resignation has gone in and Lieut. Foster will be elected to succeed him. A' new lieutenant yvill then be choaen. .The new officers will be called upon to attend a military school at Ames soon. Adjt. Gen. Prime has issued 1 orders for a school as follows:,. First regiment, Jan. 28 to Feb. 1 inclusive;. Second regiment, Feb. -4-8 inclusive; Third regiment, Feb. 11-15 inclusive; Fourth regiment, Feb. 18-22 inclusive. Last year only one officer attended from each company^ b.ut' this year all commissioned officers will attend, the state paying their expenses. Col. Cooke will attend all these sessions to instruct in his department; •>..,;,.. Married Men: . Notice. Will your widow dress as well as ypur wife,doe,s? , Make sure that she will by a policy ' in the Royal' Union Life Insurance company. J. L. DONAHOOJ 42t3m Dist. Agt., Algona, Iowa. •:FOB SALE—A house and !two lots on West McGregor street. Inquire of F, H. VespQr.-29tf MACKINTOSHES in single and double texture, lined and un)ined, all colors and sizes, at Gal^raith's, , JUST what you are looking for at M. Z. Grove-& Son's. AN ACCIDENTAL .SHOOTING, Chas, A,; Maiismith Is Dangerously Wounded by an. Unexpected. Revolver Shot. * Thursday a lot of young men were visiting at the hay camp on Wra. Stone's farm about eight miles southwest of Algona. Chas, Manspith had a revolver he was' showing ind at top breaking it open bande,d it to Luther Hardinger. Lusher took it and, 'with- qu^ noticing that it ha4 two fresh oap " tddgeeinit, threw'the barrel yp anfl shut it. In some way a cartridge'was exploded in the operation just as the barrel *was pointed at Mansmith's shoulder. The buljiet tipped the bone under the shoulder blade and was turned down into the lung,;. A team for A-liW!* at'once and Ore. prge. went out, They djd .not.attempt Jto foHfiW the hpllet in- TtB WBll'S^JfiAfft Mrs. fcosft ftflrf Goet t» aft tliitifiaely Orftve-t. V. S^fetUH^S Motlief- ,f «htt fieti Tn6 sickness of MrS. ib ddath TTitfrsday, and Sunday Mev. Sbutnttell pr6ached the futietal sermon to a large gatfaerin^ of mourners at the old fit-own home south of Algoha. Mrs. tiaras little boy is only four Weeks old, and fio serious trduble Was anticipated for the mother fOf sottSe* days after he came into the W'orld. Sbt puerperal fevei' rah rl snol't cburse. Mrs. Barr was the oldest daughter of Mr. fthd Mrs. Alex. Srtttf n and was ia her 27th year. Her father Is ohe of the settlers who carte Ifi 18S5, living with his falh* er on the claita ha now owns* the old log cabin of which still remains. Mrs. Barr was born there and was reared there and was married there nearly a year ago. She was beloved by all who knew'h6r and had the best wishes of eVeryOhe for a long and happy life. Her untimely death will be a source of sadness to all the old settlers. • • - •• MBS. J. V. S WETTING. Berlin, Wls., Daily Journal: The community was surprised and shocked this morning to learn of the death of Mrs, J. V. Swotting, the wife of the well known pioneer citizen of Berlin. The sad event to6k place at an early hour this morning. It appears that she had been in poor health for some time. She had suffered from a severe cold but had kept up and was about her dally household duties and was not considered seriously ill. On Sunday Dr. Wolcott was called In the afternoon and lelt remedies, the cold having seemingly settled upon her lungs. At 5 o'clock this morning Mr. Swotting administered the medicine and then wentout of doors to do the chores at the barn. Returning about 6 he found his wife in a stupor from which he could not arouse her. He called in Mrs. E. Doherty, the nearest neighbor, and examination showed that life was extinct. • Dr. Wolcott states that con-, gestion of the lungs was the disease that caused her death. She was 69 years of age and had resided in Berlin since 1850.' She is survived by her husband and four "children, all grown up. E. V. Swotting of Algona, Iowa; L. F. Swotting of Enid, Oklahoma; Mrs. W. H. Bassett of Diiluth; 'and Miss Kate Swotting, who left home a ifew weeks ago for Seneca, Iowa, where 'she is teaching. ; , i .. • , . . . ..LENA.BENNETT. ' ; ; ! -The little 11-year-old dau rhter of !John and Mrs. Bennett of the, Emmets- Iburg Reporter died Friday at7 o'clock. |As Mr. .Bennett was a former Algonian ian'd has often visited here, many friends ijoin in sympathy. She ' was a very ibright child, and-her death was very 'sudden from '.••pneumonia. A little jbrother is the only: remaining child. JOHN L. PETERS. We neglected last week to note the "death of the brother of Dr. Peters of Burt, and also.of our former supervisor. He was 33 years of age and leaves a wife and children., It is thought he contracted consumption in his close attendance upon his .brother. He was esteemed by everybody who knew him. ' ..' VICTOR CABLTON. The 16-year-old son of E. D. Carlton of Spirit Lake shot himself a week ago in a fit of despondency. He was a second cousin of F. H. Stough, his father being Mrs. M. : W. Stough's nephew. He was an exceedingly bright boy, and his death has cast a shade of gloom over the entire community about the lakes. . PIONEEE OHTTBOH HISTOEY. An Entertaining Sketch of tho Early : Presbyterians and Confjregatlon- allsts In.Kossutli County. To the Editor; .As there seems to be considerable questioning in reference to the first Presbyterian church of Algona, perhaps a few facts may be of interest. Rev. D. S. McComb, a Presbyterian minister • from Pennsylvania, came here late in 1856 or early in 1857.' He took a pre-emption on Black Cat, the farm Tracy Taylor now owns, I think, He usually wal.ked to his appointments at Algona, Irvingtop, and Cresco. Every, other Sabbath he canje to Algouain the morning, conducted the Sunday school, v preached, and walked on to Irvington, where he preached in the afternoon. He then came back by Mr. Brown's in Cresco-— it was then—and preached in the evening, staying over night, returning home the next day. The next Sabbath he would preach in Irvington in the morn•Ing, come to Algona in the afternoon, and go to Mr. Brown's for evening service, or to Mr, Riebhoff's on Black Cat, When the school house at Black Cat was built, he and the Congregational minister took turns preaching there, In Cresco he preached in the little log house that still'stands west pf Alex. Prown's, Rey. C. Taylor, the Congregational minieteri changed preaching stations with Mr, MqComb, conducting Sabbath school in the morning either ia Algona pr Irvington and preaching, walking to and from his appointments. Mr, McComb's methods in organizing the Presbyterian church I considered rather unique. He secured a piece of pap,e,r, a,nd having beard that Robert Wright <&n<l wife had. at. one time been Presbyterians, put his narae dowp on h'is piece of paper, Then he found Mr.'and-Mrs. Riebhoff bad been sylvank Mfs. MeOoffitl toi a' beloved by all who k»e# neT. Aftef A while he returned ahd settled at west Bend, and still Came h«re 16 preach 1 fof a tlrasi f hefe was SO Pfesbyteriafe preaching here for ft time, when Brd, McDonald came,and Ifled to fevive them, how long he Was here 1- ate bot able to tell, as I bad dPopped but bf the Presbyterian foldi Mr. McComb' died at west Bend and Is buMed ifl the Al» gotia cemetery by the side of his first Wife and throe children near the-spot where Father Taylor lies. Tlietf spirits, we trust, are walking the streets of the hew Jerusalem, where there are neither Presbyterians nor Oongregationalists, but ofily those who have Wnshed their robes and ttade them white In the blood of the Lamb. For the decline and fall of the Presbyterian church after Rev. McDottaid left it, 1 refer you to Harvey Taft of TJHiOJi township, as he was clerk of the church at that time. . - tt. Y. 2. ttotne Seekers* Excursions. ' Special home seekers' excursion tickets will be sold by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, J.aa; 14 and 28, Feb. 11 and March 10. One lowest first class regular fare for the round trip, plus $2.-42t3 FOB time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. Bran! Feed! Shorts! Now prices at the New Daisy Mills. I am here to keep you posted 800 THE DEALS IN DIRT. Dox&ee & Foster's Report of the Important Transfers. John Dows to John Rosenau, lots 18 and Itt, blk 11, Oermanln. ....,.......$ 2">0 John Dows to J. F. ChvlHtensen, outlots 1 and 2, first ad. Oornmnla !)50 W. T. Lot Co. to Swan Hanson, part of WU32, Bancroft........ 175 V. Zoelle to Chas. E. Phillips, lots 9 and 10, Zoelle'sad. LuVerne 150 Chas. R. Morekouse to J. F. Johnson, 1 lots 8, 0,10, blk 2, MorehoUse's 2d ad. ! to Bancroft.. • 375 A. P. ICi'upp to J. U. Banwart, lots 1, a, 3, 4, Wright's ad. West Bend..'.......« Mary A. Carter to F. E, Thompson, lots 1, 2, blk40, Algona .... 1,700 C. H. Blossom to Jos.-Thompson, lots 7, 8, blk 1, Algona 2,000 John Dows to A. 0. Fanner, lots 5, 0, blk 14, Qermania... , 00 J. W. Sullivan to Naomi Henry, lots 3, •4', blk SB, Algonft 1,350 Fred Strelt et al to H. Wlchtersdahl, ne 35 and SW ne 35, 05, 30. ; 5,572 Ervin Samblln to J. 0. Stahl et al, n hf lot 1, se sw 24, 08, 20 1,200 W. F. Lehman to Geo. B. Hall, sw 17, 90,27 4,000 Free Dehnert et al to Wm. Dehnert, s hf swandnwswl4, 97, 30 3,500 Sarah E. Hamilton et al to A. W. M.ot- fatt,.8W25, 08, 30.. 4,000 Joseph Boody to S. Augellne Boyd, ne. 10, 09, 28 4,000 Abigail Brayton to E. J. Roswell, n hf ne35, 98, 29...... 1,000 D. A. Haggard to W. B. Quarton, sw 0, 90, 30. 5,000 On the Flour. Question, Daisy Mills Flour is in demand, It sells like hot cakes, It also makes good hot cake's and every other good, thing that is made with flour. You make no mistake in buying Daisy Mills Flour. Being warned in time, you have yourself to blame if you don't get the best for the'least money. That'is Daisy Mills Flour. Gookiii! BUST'S PRIZE QBEAMEBY. Secretary Aiiiius Makes an Excellent ; Sliowlns For the Year 1805. , Secretary Angus sends us the following figures fur 1895 at the Burt creamery: Whole amount of milk 4,267J'981 pounds, amount of butter made 190,811, average net price for butter for year 19 cents, cost of making: 2 9-10 cents, aver- ago yield of butter to 100 pounds of mi% 4.47 pounds. ' The, patrons re- oe\-*3& in cash $27,953.51, in butter $3}. H« in grinding about $250, allege aer a little over $32,000. The average price .paid for' milk during the year was 75 cents. We have have replaced our'old separators with three new large Alpha separators at a cost of $1,100, and had $1,000 in the .treasury Jan. 1. I expect we. yyill have .to have another large separator as we are now making about 4,000 pounds of butter a week. . • , .-•'.•• .• Ilomeseelters' Excursions South. Oh Jan. 14 and 28, and Feb. 11 and March 10, 1896, the Northwestern line will sell homeseekers' excursions to a large number of points in Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Texas, and Arizona, For tickets and full Information apply tp agents Chicago & Northwestern railway.—4317 A HOUSEHOLD TREASURE. : D. W. Fuller of Canajoharie, N. Y., says that he always keeps Dr, King's" New Discovery in the house and his. family has always found the very best results follow its use; that he would not be without it, If pi-ocurable. G, A. Dykeman, •druggist, Catsklll, N. F,, says that ])r. King's New Discovery is undoubtedly th'q^betft cough remedy; that he has used it in his family for eight years, and It lias'- never failed to do all that is claimed for it. Why not try' a remedy so long tried and tested. Trial bottles free at L, A, Sheetz' drug-stove. Regular size 50o., and $100, Good Husbands. Good husbands see that their wives are provided with the means to make good cooking possible. Buck's Steel Range is'all'that could be desired by the , housewife as a cooking apparatus. Step in and let us show it to you. You may learn something, at least. C. M. DOXSEB, WOMAN'S POSITION. WHAT IT WAS BY NATURE AND WHAT MAN HAS MADE IT. tptheJvirieri'bHtidid what vvaa a]gajnst i^immfflatipn. Since tbe'ff Mr. Mfansmith pas had local treatment, Re' spi^s blppd ari(3l is" 'seriously wounded,'but hopes are felj,tba.t -he ™ n1 "~ Intended For Maternity and Homekeepers, Many Are Driven Into Occupations The.? Were Once Only For Men—Some Very Plain Talk. ' The reiteration of any,.statemen.i, however important or timely, becomes monotonous, but so long as mischievous ideas are promulgated they must be met 'nnft ' rlic</k«*<rk/144-fiil •' 4-V*fvrifirV* '• • 44- VIA £3nTrfm4~rt members pf the Presbyterian church, so he'put'their names down.' Mr, and J4re,"Brpwn, I think, requested, - their wes. pu't ait and He foi)n<J g, few pth,e.ra he added, • I atteaded bte j»e,et- in.' AlgQ,»R constantly fpr .YOU EVEB Try Electric Bitters as a remedy for your troubles? If not, get a brittle now and get relief. This medicine has been found to be peculiarly adapted to the, relief and cure of all female complaints, exerting 9, wonderful directhinfluence } n giving strength and tone to the organs. If you have loss of appetite, constipation, headache, fainting spells, or are nervous, sleepless, excitable, melanoholly or troubled with dizzy spells, Electric Bitters is the medicine you need. Health and strength ure guaranteed by its use, Ifftrge bottles only 60 cents at Pr, L, A. Sheetz' drug stove, t 3 ' J BUCK&EN'S'AIINICA SALVE,' The best salve in the world for bruises, outs, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever pores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns ana all skm eruptions, apd positively cures piles oy no pay requlrea. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 3§c A box. Sola by k. A. Fair. and discredited, though it be seventy wo _ij times seven and : more, Otherwise' the • n •yvorld would remain eternally in error. It will be admitted, even by the moot radical of the so called woman's rights advocates, that, in conformity to her peculiar physical organization, the female of the human race has been especially created to perform a specific work in the domestic economy. This is, comprehensively stated, to bear children and maintain the home. On the other band, it was manifestly intended that the male of the human race should cherish and, protect her, assuming tbe severer physical labor which must be performed and shielding -her from every danger that might threaten tbe health, happiness and perpetuation of tbe species. In the original plan one dnty was not regarded subordinate or inferior to the other, Nature bad simply divided the bwden of existence, assigning to one tbe active part of providing |ood and shel ter,-and to the other the m,ore ' class or the other, it remains none the less certain that whatever income they are to have they must acquire by their own efforts. They have no other alternative, unless they are willing to accept the distasteful charity of wealthy friends or relatives, or join the army of the lost, whose brief season of ease and luxury almost inevitably ends in the prison,' the almshouse or the potter's field. > And yet, again and again, and still again, solemn exhortations are sounded from the pulpit warning *'woman" from deserting the home, her ' proper sphere, to join the feverish multitudes wnp crowd the marts and highways of' the Women themselves, weak, fooj- Tmthlnkingi Be iflshly satisfied ' with their own seclusion, echo the sense- ! legs and cruel command. ' ' ' For it is cruel, as heartless as theBng 1 ' part jn tbe reproduction, of $ie species— » to strip it of all 'its sentimentality and state it plainly, But in 'this, as $n all things else, the majority of wen have subverted, the law of nature ami have promulgated the theory that they, tbe actual earners of wealth, owe little to women who mere* ly raige children and prfsjde over the home wbiob %ey,'tbe men, have founded, a«4 wbigh, fbey alone work $o eus- ta,in, TbJs assigns maternity and home keeping to an, inferior position and places gestion of the pampered JTrench ojieen ' whose subjects, starving for bread, were' • advised "to put a"ohioken in the pot," Tbe wife of a famous Union, general'' some time ago deplored tbe exodus-of woman from the home into business and the professions. In all her life she bad 1 ' never known want or tbe lack of a thing she desired. - After the ( death of her bus-" band friends and tbe government, in.' consideration qf his service, provided • for her so that she might enjoy tbe sqme' comfort to the end of her days.' No,* 1 a dollar of , the generous income ww tbe " result of her own, personal effort, _a»d but for the bounty of tb® country sb9 might have learned something of tbev stress which force,? otbep women, to seek- an kooest'livelihood for themselves,' ' -. qSie situation has passed beyond.'$9 > J power of any bwnwa being to altej? it, J* Instead of decreasing, np matter wj J? tbe result way be, the exodus will Q wotbej aid tbe bead of i» tbe attitude ol dependent, wb.o Brant be , and father gees fit to give her, dis regardjug ,cowm.on, justice m& that i§ to $$^£04 tinue,' Those women who' have braved,,$be world have tested through e;s<perie»ee t tbe sweets of independence «»d ttie sfttig'"' faction which comes frpni being »ble'' do woyk wjd 40 it well, wbiob »oli < provides B, living for the pregeu dependence in old »ge, r 'Poverty, •bread-awd board tb«t a?i mm been ftblf p| by tb^ would

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