The San Francisco Call from San Francisco, California on February 13, 1910 · Page 47
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The San Francisco Call from San Francisco, California · Page 47

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 13, 1910
Page 47
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NEWS OF OAKLAND, BERKELEY, ALAMEDA, HAYWARD AND SAN LEANDRO DAYLIGHT ROBBER HOLDS UP OFFICE Captured on Streetcar After Committing Crime by Two of His Victims . ALAMEDA, Feb. 12. — Wearing a purple mask, false mustache and goatee end a rubber rain coat A. J. Madalena. xva^k'-d'into the office of the Alameda (team Jatindry, 22\Z Lincoln avenue, tliis afternoon shortly after :> o'clock auj h»'ld up four persons at the point «* fa revolver. Ho secured a gold watch ajid chain from Peter Bareilles, one of the owners of the laundry, and an apple from the cashier and secretary. Miss E. A. Jlumz, who thought that the man behind the mask and the pistol was an employe of the plant playing a practical joke. The other persons in the otQc« were Louis, Martin, foreman of the laundry, and J. I. Murphy of 1410 Central avenue. Kxpressir.p himself as disgusted with his loot the robber backed out of the ( H\ce, made his way westward to Walnut' street and thence south to Santa • " ara avenue, where he boarded an • lecirlc car west bound for Oakland. V.Ttin followed the rob,ber on a bic • le and Murphy cave chase on foot. J^; ter Madalena boarded the car Mar- IM rode alongside on his whoel and cai'ed to the motorman to stop, ex- I leining that there was a man on the r who had held up a laundry. When the motorman did not stop the car i -irphy. Mho was close behind, grasped the trolley rope and pulled the trolley from the feed wire, causing the car to t; It APPLE WITH ROBBER Martin and Murphy quickly climbed : : ard and i^.a«j<? for the robber. They grrappled with him while he was attempting to draw his revolver. In the Btruergle tliat ensued the motorman, • fop" Tyson, took a hand and the throe, wlLb "the assistance of Detective Wil} •:: IValimntbi who had been notified, Fubdued the robber and placed hand\u25a0 .•« ><n him. Madalena appeared to i the matfr as a joke and laughed i joshed witii his captors. The wat.-h and chain taken from Bareilles were found and the mask was picked up in Walnut street, where Madalena had throws it while in flight. Extra cartridge* for hip revolver were found in Madslena's pockets. Barciiies in describing the holdup Miss Mutz. our cashier, had finished counting money from a drawer and had placed •''- the safe. Our collections o:i Saturday a:? usually larger than <->v tit : r r days and the robber probably k: \v this. After opening: the door and \u25a0Stepping: into the office the man with a. revolver in hand ordered us all to ho d up our hands. I thought at first th.-Lt some one of our employes was playing a joke and hesitated. The roi'ber said "Hurry up," and reaching toward my vest grabbed my watch and chain. Miss Muntz, also thinking that the man in the mask was a joker, said: "Have an-*p]>le," at the .same time offering him one. The fellow took the apple and said: 'T expected to make a better cleanup here today." He then backed out of the d'»or. Miss Muntz, the cashier, told practi- Tal'y the same story, yft El> l-V SAN FRANCISCO "^h L the police station the robber gave his * as A. J. Madalena and his residence ss San Francisco. 'He said JULIUS STEGER, WHO APPEARS THIS WEEK, OAKLAND ORPHEUM that he was a native of Santa Cruz, 32 years of age. His occupation he gave as grocery clerk. said that the reason lie held up the laundry office was that he needed money and thought a holdup would be an easy way of petting it. The police have learned that Madalena liv<'d at C 524 Fillmore street. San Francisco, and an investigation will he made with the view of connecting him with the drugstore holdups in that city. Madalena is said to have relatives living near Santa Rosa. The daylight robber was attired in a dark suit: well worn, soft shirt -and soft slouch hat. He is of dark complexion with black hair, weighs 1.16 pounds and is 5 feet 8 inches in height. WILL UNVEIL MISSION BELL AT SAN RAFAEL Native Sons and Daughters Are to Conduct Ceremony [Special Dispatch to The Call] " SAN RAFAEL, Feb. 12. — The program for installing an 101 Camino Real bell in front of the old Mission site here February 22 has been arranged by the committee appointed by the Native Pons, of which Superior Judge Lennon is chairman. There will be services in tha afternoon at SU Raphael's church, after which the bell will be unveiled. Judge Lennon will deliver the opening address. and will be followed by Mrs. Eliza P. Keith, past grand president of the Native Daughter.", who will speak on the old higrhway of the padres. Rev. Maximilliati Xewman will pronounce the benediction. L. F. Bymgton. past grand president of the Native Sons, will deliver the oration of the day. $10 only, brand new iron beds, wire fop mattresses. H. Schellhaas. * \u25a0 - - . . . \u25a0 \u25a0 » \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u0084' . \u25a0 *. . -\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 . .\u25a0...-\u25a0 • -- ; \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0' -! " \u25a0i; : '^V > \u25a0•'\u25a0-\u25a0-' .-\u25a0<\u25a0' •\u25a0-" : \u25a0'\u25a0-•\u25a0C-.-'.; V.i'.=Si" : -V,<.; ? :;.''-.. w •:-;„_\u25a0; . \u25a0 . S^lN FRANCISCO CALL.^ SUNDAY^ FEBR EJ,\!RY( m. jl9lfc SWEET SINGER ON ATTRACTIVE BILL Popular Vaudeville House Pre= sents Program of Unusual and Varied Features > \u25a0 j - — OAKLAND, Feb. 12. — Julius Kteger will appear Sunday afternoon at the Oakland Ofpheum in his ; new musical play, "The Way to the Heart" No little interest has been aroused among patrons of high class vaudeville in the announcement, as-^Steger is immensely popular in this city. The program will carry, besides this attraction, five new act*, in addition to thO3e" retained from this week's card. :' - ' Steger's new play, is reported by critics to be a fitting successor to his last year's notable production, "The Fifth Commandment." It. was. selected and is being presented under Martin Beck's direction. "The Way to the Heart", was adapted from the German by Ruth Comfort Mitchell of San Francisco. It is pretentious in scenic e|flfects, carries a company of six persbnS. and the interpolated music is by Paul Lincke, composer of "Castles in the Air." Anion*? the new comers will beGus Edwards' "Kountry Kids" in a quaint musical comedy, carrying a bunch of new songs by ths author of "School Days" and "The Blonde Typewriters." A dozen youngsters take, part in the dancing and singing which enliven the act. August Prato's simian circus, a company of trained monkeys and dogs, will be a feature of the program. Arthur Whitelaw, "The Irish American," brings a witty Celtic monologue with a number of original songs, new stories and jests. Mme. Panita, a flute virtuoso from Cologne, is announced as a superb artist. Vilmos Westony, the famous Hungarian, pianoforte phenomenon, whose brilliant playing has been, an attraction this week, is to be retained on the bill. He will vary his selections and may be expected to duplicate the hit he has scored. The slanc classic, "Fagan's Decision," will be repeated by Claude and Fannie Usher, two favorites whose reception has indicated the esteem in which they are held by Oakland theater goers. = Cook and Stevens, comedians, with a lively sketch in which song and comedy stuff is mingled, are also held over. GRAPE GROWERS JOIN WITH ALLIED INTERESTS Santa Rosa Association Retains Distinct Organization [Special D'upalch to The Call] PAN'TA ROSA, Feb. 12.— The Santa Rosa grape growers' association at a meeting here this afternoon voted to continue, its organization as a distinctly growers' organization and to affiliate with the newly organized "Allied Grape Growers and Wine Industries of California." The retiring secretary of the state grape growers' association, F. H. Stoli, and Secretary Ben F. Lamborn of the new association were present and spoke, giving an account of what had been done by the old body and the plans for the future by the new association. Folding beds. $6 up. H. Pchellhaas' furniture sale, 11th st. cor. Franklin. * "BOOST" OAKLAND WITH POST CARDS Thousands of Messengers Car» rying Story of City's Prog* ress Sent Out OAKLAND, Feb. 12. — Tills".was'chamber of commerce post card ,'day, thousands upon thousands of the illustrated souvenirs, carrying views of Oakland. with a bit of descriptive text were purchased and mailed to all parts of . the globe. The idea worked out handsomely. At the chamber of commerce headquarters at noon more than 50,000 cards' had been t-ent out and this did not include the large number which have been distributed ' for . private handling throughout the city. It was safe to estimate, according to Charles F. Cole, who was in charge of the distribution, that not les.s than 100,000 cards were mailed today and that these messages of prosperity would carry the tidings of Greater Oakland all over the globe. '. The scheme- was a part of a great campatgn of publicity which has been undertaken by the chamber of commerce. It is to be followed by systematic moves calculated to draw attention of capital, of home seekers and investors to the many opportunities offered by Oakland for business and residence purposes. In this work the co-operation of the entire community will be secured, and the "boost" spirit already so strongly developed will be fostered and kept up to the top notch of keen interest. Today's mailing campaign was arranged so that recipients of the messages shall be able to make return calls on the chamber. of commerce by sending names and addresses. PLAN AVIATION MEET AT CHERRY FESTIVAL San Leandro to Hold Novel Con= tests SAX LEANDRO, Feb. 12. — Accord; ing to the present plans of the chamber of commerce, an aviation meeting, in which the makers of all the successful types of monoplanes and biplanes will be invited to participate, will be held in connectiqn with, the cherry festival in June. In addition to the Curtiss, Farman, Blcriot and . other machines, the two new biplanes being built by A. H. Mc- Carthy and C. Edwards of this city will be entered. Builders of dirigibles will s also be asked to have their airships represented. The cherry festival this year will attract.national attention. Thousands of postal cards advertising it are to-be sent out all over the country a few days before the festival, and arrangements are to be made with the Southern Pacific railroad company for special rates to San T>andro during the two days of the festival from all parts of California. The businessmen of this city are to be asked to contribute money for handsome prizes to be awarded to the successful entrants In the. aviation meet and other contests that will be held. It is intended to make the festival rank in importance .with"! the annual battle of roses in Pasadena. FORM IMPROVEMENT CLUB— Oakland. FeK 12. — The Fifth Trard Improvement club has .been organized, with R. B. Murdock, temporary chairman and Harry C. Wuerth as secretary. SAYS POLICEMAN KEPT HIS MONEY Greek Arrested for Being Drunk Charges That His Captor Robbed Him OAKLAND, Feb. 12.— That he was robbed *or $165, while held in; the Sixth street police.l ockup, awaiting removal to.the city^ jail, was charged'this, morning by James Pezos," a Greek owner of a candy store at Seventh and Chestnut streets. Pezos refused to plead to a charge .of -being drunk before Police Judge' Samuels, "and his trial has been continued until next Wednesday afternoon, w-hen. Attorney. George F..Weller will appear in his' behalf. '. \u0084 Pezos' assertion that Patrolman Harry M. McCready was the officer who robbed him was received with unusual surprise by the police. McCready denies the charge and points out that Pezos was in such a condition that he was compelled to arrest- htm. Chief Wilson will ,. make little comment on the charges. "The officer denies the charge," said the chief "and it is only one' man's word against the other's. McCready has been a good officer. I shall take the case to the commission, where Pezos may tell what he wishes, and where the whole incident of- arrest will be" investigated." Pezos' was arrested at 2 o'clock yesterday morning at Eighth and Washington streets by \u25a0\u25a0 McCready, who took him to the lockup. In the place; alleges Pezos, who was booked under the name of Bezas. McCready took the money * from his \u25a0 pockets. The patrol wagon called and got Pezos. Xo -such sum of money was turned over to the wagon officer, and Pezos declares his captor kept it. MeCready's answer is that Pezos did not have the money on his person when arrested. CROCKER GIVES WATER WORKS TO REDWOOD CITY Important Factor in Develop. merit of County] Seat [Special Dispatch to The Call] REDWOOD CITY, Feb. 12. — A most important factor in the welfare of Redwood City is the gift of the new water works in Dingee park to the city by William H. Crocker this week. For a quarter of a century' it has been asserted that Redwood City could not grow because the great Horace Hawes holdings of several thousand acres have blocked expansion to the west and because of the inadequate water supply. The subdivision of the Hawes property was the first step toward breaking down the barriers and the gift of Crocker assures the rapid growth of the town. The new water works consists of a concrete reservoir in the foothills west of Redwood City which will not only supply water for private purposes, but will give the town ample fire protection. The deed to the new reservoir, including easement for a connecting: pipe line right of way, was delivered-to the town council by Attorney Hall Ross at the regular meeting of the board. ' Money makes the mare go. Patronize Oakland's furn. dealer, H. Schellhaas. \u2666 TWO MORE CRUISERS FOR PACIFIC FLEET SEATTLE, Feb. 12.— The armored cruisers North Carolina and Montana, now in the Atlantic, which have been ordered to Buenoa Aires to represent the United States at the centennial celebration there in June, will come to the Pacific with the crnisers Tennessee and - Washington after their stay at "the ' South American port is ended, according to { advices i received at the Puget sound navy yard. . This information came in the form of orders to prepare to handle the repairing andk overhauling of -the cruis-' ers this summer. - .With the addition of -the Montana and North Carolina the N Pacific fleet will contain 10. first class armored cruisers. EECOKD HALIBUT CATCH— Tacoma. Feb. 12. The fish ins; steamer £apora. operated by the International fisheries company, came iv" from • thp flshinp hanks -with a record oaten of halibut. ' amounting to 2-IO.fIOO ponmls, valued at |24. 000 at present market prices. WILLIAAVGOHL ACCUSED OF CRIME OF MURDER Charges Against Agent of Aberdeen Sailors* Union ABERDEEN. Wash.. Feb. 12. — Prosecuting Attorney Campbell filed information in the superior court at Montesana yesterday, charging William Gohl, agent of \u25a0. the sailors' union at Aberdeen.' with the murder of Ohariea Hedberg the night of Decembers last. The information follows the usual form and alleges that- Gohl killed Hedberg with a revolver. It does not state the place where the crime was committed. 47 ceipt of due proof of death. It alms J i^^^E^^^^^^^^^^ I c^"it"'irSL» f ir3BS^E l jf? e^^^S^^B^^«^B Amounts 515 to Incorporated as a Stock Company by the State of New Jersey ..-.: : ;- A^-i-c k:. : - widow, aaA educated the 1 JOHN F. DRYDEN, President HOME OFFICE, NEWARK, N. J. 1""^ : ARTinJRF.. BOLES, -Manag^ /. AMUSEMENTS ~-~ _. -r~~-t O A Kfi LA N D 12th and Clay Streets. Sunset Phone Oak. 711. Home PUone ASS 33. WEEK COMMENCING SUNDAY MATINEE. FEBRUARY 13— MATINEE EVERY DAY. A Wonderful New Show 1. JULIUS STEGER And His Company In a New Musical Dramatic Player, "THE WAY TO THE riEAUT." By Rnth Comfort Mitchell. GUS EDWARDS* "Kountry Kids" In a One Act Truly Rural Musical Comedy Entitled "MISS ROSE'S BIRTHDAY." Written by Gus Edwards. Arthur Whitelaw "The Irish Americau." First Appearance in this city, . Madame Panita The Celeb'rateil European Flute Virtuoso. The Renowned August Prato's Simian Cirque A Quartet of Monkey Equestrians. Last Week — Immense Hit, Claude and Fanny Usher I'hi.vinsr Tlieir Slans Classic, /;•\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 "FAGAX'S DECISION." Cook & Stevens "Xo Checkee — Xo* Washes." Xew Orphenm Motion Pictures. . Last Wepk— Great Artistic Triumph, Vilmos Westony The Celebrated Hungarian Pianoforte Pre- ifjm»-non. Prices — ETenines. 10c. 2.V. ">oc. 73c. Box Seats $1. Matinees (except Sundays and Holidays), 10?r23c, 50c. Gains 30 Pounds In 30 Days Remarkable Eesnlt of the >"ew Flesh* Builder Protone, in Manj Cases of Hun-Down Jlen and TVomen Prove It Yourself Br Sending: Conpon BeloTr for n Free 50c Packase >"By George, I never saw anything like the effects of that new treatment. Pro- tone, for the building up of vreisrht and lost nerve force. It acted more like a miracle than a medicine." said a well known gentleman yesterday in speak- ing of the revolution that had taken place in his condition. "I began to think that there was nothing on earth that could make me fat. I tried tonics, digestives, heavy eating, diets, milk, beer and almost everything else you could think of, but without result. I .\u25a0\u25a0.:.\u25a0:\u25a0 - jfe*^ : ' v ' '\u25a0 ' '•' Any Man or Woman Who Is TbJa Ca* Recover Normal Weight by the Remarkable Xerr Treat- ment. Protone. had been thin for years, and began to think it was natural for me to be that way. Finally I read abont the remark- . able successes brousrht about by the use of Protone, so I decided to try it myselr. Well, when I look at myself In the mir- ror now I think it is somebody else. I have put on just 30 pounds during taa last month and never felt, stronger or more "nervy* in my life." 1 FREE PROTONE COUPON It will cost you nothing to pro»e tlie re- markable effects of this treatment. Tbe Proton*; Company will »end to say one a free 50c patknge of Proti>oe if they will fill oat. tliis ccopou and laclose 10c in atamp* or silver to help cover postage and packias. and as evidence of good faith, with fall In- structions to prove tnat it does the work. They will also send full instructions «aii tlielr book on "Why You Are Tbln," fre* of char;?, civlns fact* itbicii will probably astonish you. If yon want to pat on more flesh fill ant the following coupon today. Free 50c pack- ages can only be had by vrritln? direct to Detroit. The Protone Co.. 2123 Protone Bldg., Detroit, Micb. Name Street City Stata *....

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