Portland Press Herald from Portland, Maine on February 2, 1949 · Page 26
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Portland Press Herald from Portland, Maine · Page 26

Portland, Maine
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Wednesday, February 2, 1949
Page 26
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Tops Eighteen Murder Case Knox Court List Belyea Charged .With Father's Death C p . r U I n i n r i l r l i ) R n c k l n n d . I'rh. 1. Thr m u r d e r trial of 17-yeiir-old Charles Rudy Belyea. W a s h i n g t o n , c h a r g e d with the shotgun-slaying of Ills f a t h e r last December, w i l l h i g h l i g h t the February t r r m ul K n n x C o u n t y Superior C o u r t act to opoh here Tursciay. J u s t i c e Donald WrbbiT. A l l - b u r n , w i l l prr.'.lclr over l l i h K n o x Court for I h r l l r s t llmo. S h e r i f f P. Wlllarr! Pease has named Roland Gushrc, A p p l e l n n . as ci'icr and Lawrence H a m l l n . Rockland, messenger.* The t r n v r r s o J u r y has been named as f o l l o w s : Mis. Alice Hall, A p p l r t o n ; Harry C Hlclmrtls. Camden: Mrs Elizabeth I n m i i n , C B m d c n : Lpon O. Crockett, Ciim- dcn; Evcran A. Burns, F r i e n d s h i p ; Raymond Crabtree. South Hrfpc; Mrs. N e t t l e Croc-kett. N o r t h Haven: H n r r y Pnyson. Owl's H e a d : Perley M r r r l f l c - l d , R o r k p o r L ; Clinton J. Bowlcy. R o c k l i i n d ; Brn- J n m l n B Ainns, R m - k l u n d ; Kd- u'ln R E d w a r d s , R o r k h i n d : H e n r y Mills. South T h o m D K l V n ; H a r t f o r d M. Cook'. HI. Ocor^f; Lrroy Seek i n s , T h o m a s t o n ; Karlr- O r l f f l n , W a r r e n , a n d A l f r e d N n s h , Wash- i n g t o n . Scientist Addresses Joint Rotary Clubs By Press Herald PhotoHrapl OES OFFICERS PRESENTED GIFTS raid, Wednesday Moi'nirig, February 2, 1949. Camden-Kockport . .. Rockland Mite Club Entertained By Mrs. G. L. St. Clair Orncp Veazle I Tel. Rncklnml Z 2 - W , 11011, 1015 | Rciekianil, Feb. 1.--Mrs. bcorce L. St.. C l a l r , R n n k l h Street, was hostess to the Mite Club Monday a f t e r n o o n for luncheon and cards. Mrs, ,1. A l b e r t Jumcson and Mi;;i. Robert B u r n s were special' guppts !cl '" lc G L u n t wns Installed wor- Ch iptcr. OES.j Rockland, admire Jewels emblematic --Retiring offifcers of Grace of their hav- Ini? 'held, of fide, at the annual installation Monday evening In MacohJc .Temjjlc. . Left to right arc Clarence Lunt. Knthprli^p, L u n t . ' m a t r o n ; Mrs. Forest Stone, Brand Helen Stndlcy, retiring matron; the Rev. Hubert F. hip natron, and Forest Stone, associate patron. patron; Mrs. Esther; Miss Leach, rctlr- Grace Chapter, OES, Rocklajlid Installs Mrs. (Catherine G. Lunt Thorrmiton, Feb. 1.--Mrs. Kath- Cundrn. Feb. Is,--Dr. Henry K Puharich was f.ucst speaker b e f o r e Camden - Rockport Rotary Cl Tuesday at the YMCA. He spoke on research work lit his new laboratory. Lawrence ' S n a r t n n T-enlor ht Camden High School was J u n i o r R o t a r i a n . n.s guest of the club Out-of-town g u e s t s were Crosly Ludwig and Joshua Treat, 3rd, Belfast; P u t n a m Blcknell, Bert Blodgctt and Lrwis W a l k e r , Rockland. Museum Schedules Children's Classes Rockland, Frb. 1.--In order to avoid cjonfllctlnu with p u b l i c library story hours on Saturday morning, the c h i l d r e n ' s art classes at the Farnsworth Mu.'icum. be CtnniiiK Feb. 5. have been set up an follows by Director J"amcs M. Brown. Children 11 to 12 years old. from 8.30 to 10.30 a. m,, and children 7 to 10 years old.-from 11 a. m. to 12 noon. The classes will be divided rnto two groups with Frank Hamabe ol Rockport t c u c h l n K modeling w i t h -cHiy In the base- meht worksliop and Miss Laura Pomeroy teaching p n i n l i n n and drawing In the north studio. The .Classes will be alternated each · three weeks. Director Brown will talk on va- jrlous subjects at each class. Rockland Man Jailed For Threatening Wife (RctcUl Dlinilch) RockUnd, Feb. 1. - Edward Strout -of Rockland was sentenced-to ten days In Knox County Jail by Judge Zelma M. Dwlna! In Municipal Court here today on a charge of threatening to commit an assault. Strout. who Just finished a 30' day sentence on an assault and battery charge on his w i f e Hattle Strout. was alleged by police officer B. F. Podkowa to h a v e threatened to shoot his w i f e while Podkowa was Jail. taking H l r o u t to .._. \ Committees Named By Tranquility Grange Llnrolnvlllr. Feb. 1.--At a recent meeting of Tranrjulllty Grange, the following committees were n a m e d : Home and C o m m u n i t y Wolfare, Brsle Dean, · Ina Tralnoi- and Eileen Y o u n g ; Finance, Maurice Pottle; Mabel Alley and Albert Alley; Sick, Lena Rankln, Alcadla Dean, Alice Pitcher, Agnes Eugley and Grace Heal; Floral, Mary Scruton, Helen Harvey and Annie MlJIer: Resolutions. E f f l c Dickey, Frances Cljley and Grace Munroc. Mabel Alley Faulklngham; Agricultural. Harold Dean, Roner Heald and Linwood Cllley r Education, Lena Rankln, Ruth Pottle and Marian Heald: Youth, Sclma- Cilley. Phoebe Moody and Marian Brown. Thr next meeting will be held Feb. 11. Correspondents, a n d Seraphlne THE ST. REGIS HOTEL 1M M I D D L E ST. American Italian Food ··Ml.llilnt l o i n n Pin. Dally Luncheon 65c K*onu AnIUbl* lor Print* farlto*. Tel. 2-7581. nnd pri7.es went to Mrs, Charles Emery and Mrs. Sanlord Delano. Mrs, G l a d y s Estcs, Swampscolit, was (he week-end guest of hi[r son and d a u g l i t r r - m J a w , -Mr. ai^d Mni, E. Morton Estes, Talbot Avt)- nue. i Mrs. A, B. Choate, C h a r l o t t e , N. C., d a u g h t e r of the late Frqd Glover, Is a guest of Mr. and Mrp. J. Fred K n i g h t , Broad Street. ; Mrs. Harriett S. Frost and'Mris. Mark Morrison, Summer Street, l e f t Tuesday afternoon for a vacation in Florida. : . Mrs. John M. Richardson, Granite Street, was hostess Monday evening to the T Prizes went to thy matron of Grace Chapter, OES nt a semi-public ceremony Monday Temple. evening In Masonic Installing officer wa;S Recent Deaths^ AndFiirierals District Deputy Grand, Matron W l n n l f r e d Burkett of Seaside Chapter, · C a m d e n , · (mutated by Evelyn Wilson also of Seaside Chapter], as chaplain; Margaret M. Stonc.l grand Esther, as maiV . _ ^ (Sluil: a'nq Blanche Lermond as k i n , 4fl. co-propulet orgnnlsi. Musical numbers Included vocal solos by Mrs. Gwendolyn U p h a m , and violin selections by Miss Ber- I ho spent most, of li T M p r i 0 h ; f, M ° nd ,?L y I t h a L U B E - accompanied by Mrs j a n d was formdrly e V " v r v,?i t;" ,MRuth"Sanboi-rj,-botl) of Rockland. automobile mcch^ Following her Installation Mrs. Prank M. Talbot Lunt wus iprcsented aji larm b.ou- Imarkot 14 years a Mrs. E. C. Boody and Mrs. Almoh B. Cooper, sr., who was a spocldl guest. Mrs. Elizabeth Richards. Park Street. Is a p a t i e n t at the Knox C o u n t y General Hospital. Mrs. .Harriet S. Frost and Mrh. Murk Morrison were honor guests nt n goiiig a w a y party when the Senior Matrons of the Congregational Church met w i t h Miss M libel Snow, Tftlbot Avcnuo, Monday afternoon. Mr. and i Mrs. Harry P. Chase, Brewstcr Street, leave Monday frir a vacation'. In Lynn, Mass..'with their daughter, Mrs. William Way, and family, and their son, Dr, Howard M. Chase, In Marysvllle, Mo. i Mr. and Mrs. William D. Talbot, Talbot Avei)ue, will be hosts !j6 the Comity Circle of the Unlver- sallst Church In observance of Its third birthday. The committee Includes Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Politer, Mr. and- Mrs. Arthur Jordan, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dion and Miss Lucille Connon, and club officers, Anderson Auxiliary will meek at 7.30 p. m. Wednesday in GAR Hall. Supper will be served at !fl p. m. Mr. and Mrs. Ellory Nelson ..... Mr. and Mrs. Albert MacPhall ar!i In Boston for a few days. Mrs. Pearle Dodge Is a patient at the Knox County Hospital. I Superintendent of Schools and Mrs. John Welden Russell art: parents of a daughter, bom Jar*. "1 at the Knox Hospital. | Mrs. Mattlc Barter was'honored on her 71st birthday Saturday n i g h t at a party glv;n by her daughter, Mrs. LllUan Lord, Lln.L den Street. Mrs. Berla Wlxsoln pret- r.ented her with a birthday cakb. Present were her four grandchllh dren, Mrs. Feme ShlrlWe Lord, Richard Lord and Rbbcct Lord, and also .Mm. Harriett Lord,, Mrs. Christine Dorman, Mr/). Therese Chase, Mrs. Vivien Lord, Mrs. Wlxson, Mrs. KatherlnB Gregory, Robert M. Lord and Ronald Lord. Ralph U. Clark Is c h a i r m a n of the circle supper Wednesday night 'to bo served by the men of the Methodist Church. Others oi the c o m m i t t e e , are, kitchen, Lcroy Chatto. Gcrsham Rollins, Harry Dow and Leon Flckett, and'dlning room, Frank Horeysack, Ernest Buswoll, Gordon Beckwlth, Al MacFarland, John Benson. Robert " regory, Francis Havener, Rlcharl Ellingwood, Wlnfleld Chatto and Raymond Fogarty. : Mrs. Clayton Thomas, Frederick Street, was hostess to the Duz-U r Pie/. Club Monday evening. Mr. 1 ?. Alfred Youn« was assisting Bone Dry Your Clothes at Launderette Bring Them In Wringing Wet Glvt Your Clothespins a Res)'. O a r E \ t r * f t o r i a n d D r y e r * A r p Now A v a i l a b l e To Thn«t W h n l)n Net I l i v r T h l i I J i u i p m r n l At Ilomr. W e a l h r r - l ' r n n f S r r v l r r W h l l r you W a l t at V e r y I,o* C'o»l 239 Conqreu St. 2-2251 72 Pint St. 5-OU1 Knox County Voiture 40 and 8 will meet in the New Legion Home at 8 p. m. Monday. Chef De Garp Theodore Perry wlll.be in chargrl. Lady Knox Chapter, DAR, will meet Monday with Mrs. Luc^ Brown, Maple Street, to dlacuss the program Memorials At Valley Forge. Assisting hostesses are Flora Hary, Ruth Barnard, Mariy- iin Mcehiin. Clara Watts, Evi Winner nnd G e r t r u d e Boocly. Del- crates to Htale conference and Continental Congress will be elected. quet of red roses by Sandra. Stetson on behalf of the' chapter. The Installation of star pqlnts Included a colorful floral ceremony. The rftlrlllK matron. Miss Helen Btudley. was also presented a bon- nuet of roses, gift of the Incoming mutton and patron. Past matron's 1 and patron's jewelfi were presented Mies Studley and the Rev. Hubert Loach, and by Past Matjron Margaret Stone and Past Patron Forest Stone. Following the ceremonies refreshments^ore served under the direction of Mrs. Emma YOUHK and Mrs. Leah' Brooks. Mrs. Leila malley dipped punch. In spite of the severe storm there were ,150 guests present. Robt E. Linekin Dies In Bath Hospital Bath, Frb. 1.---Robert E. Linein, 41. co-propulet r of the HI1I- ( t o p ^Market, died t might In Me- lerc he had c Sunday. :hbay Harbor, s l i f e In Bath. nployed as an mechanic. He and stabHshcd the o He was a ithbuy Harbor caside Lodge morlal been a patient sin. A native of! Boo ^11. , i n u Kii^au-^ V-ICDUHL. burns received wl Otljer officers installed were; backfired land Igni member of-two Bo Masonic groups. and Pentacost Chn Survlvlnif are hi Mnry O'Donnell mother, Mrs. Joli:i Kelley; brother. Carl, and Andrew Rice, all Good Cheer Class To Miet Tonight By I.IIIIan hjiaw Tel. Ciiindcii 30R5 C'amdcn, Cheer Class Church will nlng at th Miss HeleA Houmcr a{ The Tlcic will meet pltal Club Helen Rich Thui'sday. Tub. 1.--The Good of the Congregational meet Wednesday evc: Parish House, w i t h ] Rich and Miss Jessie ] co-hostesses. . port T h i m b l e Clul) Vedncsday w i t h Mrs. Portland, Maine Camden Debates Area High School PTA Sponsor! Panel Meeting E l l / a b e t l i L n v o l l , Union Street The WSC Wednesday w e l l . '22 Mn Miss Jesb.e Hosmcr will entertain the Camden Community Hos- 3 w I ' L i m e / ' l . at.'1! p. m. Mrs. Flora. Stock- n HUrc K u r d . Hosmcr nt the home of Miss Mi 1 wood .iind l e f t months in The Y will be helt day cvenii games, stuf Only mcmb be admitted Mrs. Wa home fror i W a t c r v l l l e . Marshall from his st nlt.y. He he Krcmcnt?,. Mr. and Rockport ai 11 few days: on Harbor H i l l , Mrs. Carleton LJndcr- Sunday for several 'lorlda. » rayer Meeting P a r t y In thn gym Wcdnrs- K. There will be ts arid refreshments rs o^ the group will to the party. Scr Joy has r p t u r n e d Dr. Hnwa week end i meeting, o! Fracture C jter. widow. Mrs. L l n e k l n ; his : a sister, Mrs. Bath. Mrs. Emma S. Wallir. \ValtIoborn, Feb. prayers will be concl'ucted at Plunder's Funeral Home by the RCv. Chestrr Duncan for Mrs. Emma Sproul ' day at 1,30 p. m. be intcrr'ed In the L--Committal Main Street, Valtz Wednes- Thc body will Sproul tomb. Central Cemetery. I Mrs. Waltu died Monday in Portland from worthy patron, Clarence L u n t ; associate ^matron, Faye Stetson; associate patron. Forest Stone; secretary. Helen Studley: treasurer, Helen Hallowell; conductress, Evelyn George: associate conductress, Vlnnld Benner; chaplain. Jean Butler; mnrs4ial, Dorothy Llbby; organist,, Blanche-Lermond; Adah. Marie Hlckey; Ruth Nancy Lunt; Esther, Kathleen Spencer; ',Martha, Marilyn Paulson: Electa. Arta Gat^s; warder Gwendolyn Upham; sentinel, Charles Knights. Belfast^OESTlans Officers' Installation en a furnace ed her cloth- Brewer, Washlngto; Miss Beulah ,,,_ r. D. C..-Malcolm Brewer, CSTrid;n and Mr. and Mrs. Oranviilfc Downs and Daughter, Belfast/ Feb. 'rlrnFc Installation Dodge e Named Head Of Knights Of Pythia^ DamarlNcoUa, F e b . l . ^ - T h e Knights of Pythlus have elected the following officers: Chanccllol' Commander. Kcrmcth Dodge; vice chancellor. Abraham K u b c n s; prelate, Austin Dodge; mastnr of ,work. Nelson Trask; keeper of records and seals, Ralph Sprairue; master of finance, Frank Munsey; master o'f exchequer, *Wiard Li. S h a t t u c k ; master at arms, Moody Barnes: Inner guard) R a l p n Sraguc. j r . ; outer guard, Lemuel Jones; representative to the Grand Lodge. Nelson Trask, and alter, note, Paul Jacobs. Tha · date for Installation has not been set. WED. SPECIAL An Suggested By DON AYERS MUSHROOM OMELETTE Hlf-dl I R I C H of officers of Primrose' Chapter. Order of Eastern Star, will take place Friday evcnlha. Installing officers, will be district deputy grand matron. Helen L. Sariker Belfast; Installing marshal, Susie P. Kelley; chaplain, Vera R. Buzzell and organist, Harold W. Kelley. 1 Supper will be nerved at 6 p. m. ' Officers to be Installed arc Mrs. Lcona F,, Clarke, w o r t h j matron; James L. Sankcr. worthy patron; Mrs.jAnna M. Jones, associate matron; Hoell A. Sankcr associate patron; Adelaide Moulton, secretary; Katliryn A, Davis: treasurer;! Mrs. Eva S. Kelley conductress; M. Elizabeth Bragg associate conductress; Imogene H Moulton, chaplain; Clara J. Munroe. marshal:. Meda C. Staples organist; M. Avllne .( Whitney, Adah;; Erlcna B. Bowen. Ruth Thelma Elllngwood, Esther; Agnes M. Cllley, Martha; Jane P. .Home Electa; Carrie L. Darrcs, warder; Mahlcy C. Elllngwood. sentinel. Crescent OES Marks 50th Anniversary East Boothbay, Feb. Chapter, 54, OES, observed its Both anniversary at Masonic Temple East Boothbay, Thui'sday evening. Presiding officer. Past M a t r o n , Edith W. Smith, was assisted by: Past patron, Cajlten Barlow; associate matron, Thelma Barlow; worthy matron, Muriel Gray; ; past patron, Joseph Dodge; secretary. Past Matron Grace Dodge; treasurer, Plist Matron Lottie Dodge; assistant ^conductress. Past Matron Norma Campbell; c o n d u c t - ress, Past Matron Edith Dodge; chaplain, Past Matron Dorothy HodRdon; marshal,. Past Matron Rofeamond Barlow: organist. Past Matron Vivian Fuller; A d a h , Zil- laji Fanner; Ruth, 'Melba Dodge; Esther, Mabel damage: Martha, Lucy Lulekln; Elenta. Elaine Greenleaf; warder, Cora Blake; sentinel, Past Patron John Dodge. Before,the 90 members and visitors degrees were conferred on two, candidates. I- Mrs. Smith read a portion of the first record book with names of 35 charter members, three of whom arc now living. Because of illness they were unable to attend. Others on the program were: Past Matron Vivian Fuller, Past Patron Harvey Barlow. Will E, Farnham, and Phyllis Chadwlck, Pcmaquld Chapter, South Bristol. Cigarettes Taken In Rockland Break Rookland, Feb. 1,--Police Chief George Shaw said today tlie Rockland Wholesale Grocery Company, Park Street, had been entered by a .llmmled rear window during the n i g h t and that several cases of cigarettes and cigars had , been t a k e n . It was the second b r e a k ' I n three weeks st the same concern. Ing. Mrs. Cecil Brewer East Boothbay, Cecil Brewer, 30, pKssetl away n t ! St. Andrew's Hos; after a long illncsw. Ices were held at Methodist,; Church burial was at Read town relatives here ices included Mrs. Natalie Erskine Woods Hole, Mass Thomastcn Meeting By Masonic Lodge By Marjnrln Tel. Thorpa- Thomasto B. Mayo Wn 170 Feb. 1.--There will be no Masor la assembly this week owing to a c o n f l i c t with the dance Thursday nl Mr. and West Main J the b i r t h on nls A r t h u r . Mrs. Wcnc at Maine G land. budget mee) p. m. Mond office until cdmpletcd. William C ton on business. The chief at the Wed recreation young pcop] Mr. anrl l a n d family Fch. 1.--Mrs. j g u e s t s of Mi iltal Jan. 27, Funeral scrv- rrn. _ Mrs. Blan d a u g h t e r , O Cast Boothbay | motor trip t Sunday, and leld. Out-ofr for the scrv'- Sgt. Ernest C. Ross,. Waldoboro, F«b. 1. -- Sci-vlces with full military hbnors by Ross- Farrar Post, American Legion Washington, will be held Sunday for Sgt. Ernest C. Ross, 211, at the- Flandcr's Funeral Home. Waldoboro. The Rev. Harold Nutter, Washington, will officiate and ' burial will be In the Stari'ett Cemetery, W a r r e n . Sst. Ross died Mli.V 4, 1045, on Leyte Island, Philippines. He «)a.s bom In Union, April 23. 1919, and is survived! by his parents, Edward, R. and Grace Davis!Ross of Washington. Capt. C. A. Small Wintcrnort, Feb. .--Capt C A Small, 81, died at[ his liome In WJnterport tills moping. He was a native of Machia'iport. but had resided at Wlntcrport for the past year. ' if Captain Small fa lowed the sea from an early age.llretlring at. 42 as captain, Following his retirement and prior to World War II, he was operator of a fleet of fishing vessels from Michlasport. He By Farn Thaycs Hospital, T'oxwcll l.i at home ^dles at., Yale U n l v e r - ·\ for a guest Richard jMrs. Lew Deltz ot :' in Boaton, Mnss. for cT Apollonlo s p e n t the i| Boston attending a j the, New England airmen. Canceled glit In Rockland. , Mrs. A r t h u r Bucklin. t r e e t j have announced Jin. fJ8 of a Son. Den- iV Knox Hospital, ell Borlojv is a patient neral Hospital, Port- By Press Herald Photographer Moore WORTH A FEW STINGS--Mrs. Robert Emerson, South Thomaston, separated light and tiark honey from 25 pounds which her husband and Ralph 'Norwood, Boothbay Harbor, took from under the cares of their home Monday. Norwood was stung on the leg. Unseasonable Yen For Honey Nets 25 Pounds, One Sting The selectmen announce that a ng will be held at 7 | at the Selectmen's vcjrk on the budget 1. Brooks, jr.. Is In Bos- topic to be-dlscussEC icsday night meeting of the AL Pest will be the proposec ntcr for the town'; rs. Norman Whltehil were recent sunpei . Isa Teague of War- he Lermond and hei 'dice, l e f t today on a rough the South. Five Driven Out Blaze e l f c l n i i r m t r h l WalrloborcJ Fc*. l.--Mrs. Alfred Swansburn nnd Mrs. Ray Call and thrife children were heir farm home rWe ,· w h e n - a blare start- oil burner the latter's driven from at noon torir ed by an r did an cstlrr ated $cOo damage to the [kitchen, pantry and an upstairs bedro im. Mrs. B w a n b u r g - w n s seated In the kitchen of the Mqnk's Corner d w e l l i n g whifn the fire broke out. She was able to p a r t l a ' I y check it w i t h a f|rn i j x t l n g u i s h e r u n t i l a crew from, t h p Waldoboro "" D e m i r l m r n t . a r r i v e d . The nncj-and-onc-hnlf story building \\ai I n s u r e d . wns an honorary member of Ma- c|ilHsporl Mjnsoplc Lntlue. treasurer of the JWaqhlaspbrt C a n n i n g Company, n ' . t r u M e r of state n o r mal sehonls foi j :M years and n t r u s t e e of In East Mac Vnr,|ilngton lill-l'; Academy He Is survived by a son, Dr. Clarence Smiill, ,Bangor: a d a u R h - tcr. Mrs. Kenneth I. Stiirbird, Wlnterport^c dren. Serv Wednesday Machlasport 'liurclr. Re\ o f f i c i a t i n g , the Machlns ces U 2 p. rp. from the Co n PT i'e g a t i o n a 1 . Hi E. Wass. pastor, nterment w i l l be In port Cemetery. Knox County's 100 Ye Industry Faces Thin Season By Jim Moore Staff Correspondent Rockland. 'Feb. 1.--One-hundred years R R O , [ M a i n e was famed on every qontlnent for b u t r i g h t n r the saws v work on Ice Its blue Ice, carried, ns It was by ! f i s h i n g vest s w i f t wooden sailing c r a f t as far I S to 30 l.o away H.S .India where It sup- depending plied the )ce tea qf the aristocracy. This Winter, local residents are wondering If \,he Ice crop , will be s u f f i c i e n t 'ior lemonade f a r from and four grandchil- be held ar-Old Ice w H looks ns t h o u g h ill i have to get to scVeral Inches t i i l n - ncr -- w l l h 'the . e v e r - p r e s e n t danger of liss; of co.ulpmcnt. M:|", of ice nre H I P ' h j w h l e h tjike from n nut on r u c h t r l | j , in - t h e weather. Is! t r u e t h a t moi e 'trrrt's are RoinK In for Ice, o next Summer, to siiy nothing of heavy 'demands by the fishing fleet. I ; Last year, by this time, some operators had cut blocks 14 inches thick threq tlincs from the same locations. Cutting generally starts at 12 inches, W h i l e It and more fl a r t i f i c i a l ice, operators here agree t h a t '.lit; supply as yet is s u f f i c i e n t . Besides, I c e - m a k i n g rnachmqry Is not Infallible, One opornjor "Says lie who doesn't serm worried Is Pierre Havener. ('Last year I got nil my Ice, on I; In February and one way oj 1 nnothpr, I a l w a y s Soulh Thomaston, Feb. 1.--Robert Emerson and pis ,brother-in- law, Ralph Norwood, of Boothbay Hiu'lfor. didn't have to go far Monday when they got an unseasonable yen for a little honey. All last Summer, bees thftt had established themselves In the eaves of the Emerson home had given him dodging exercise when he attempted to do a little painting.iHc f i n a l l y got the painting done after the arrival of cold weather. But he didn't get around [to do- 'inn anything about the haidwork- ing insects until during the middle of Monday's sleet storm when the urglngs of Norwood, a lighthouse koepcr, became too strong to put o!. The two men mounted ladders, cut a hole In the siding and pulled off a board. ;Thc bees, which had foiTned a cltister about a foot wide to keep warm, poured out but were soon numbed by the cold. Norwood was stling on the calf. The men rjulckly scooped up about 25 pounds of honey and comb In pans, leaving an estimated 50 pounds for the bees. ] Mrs. Emerson and Mrs. Norwood spent the rest of the day straining out several quarts of the amber fluid w h i c h they found tinged with tlie flavor of clover. I ( f l n r r l l l D l i p t l i h ) Camden, Feb, 1.-- A large audience of Camden residents debated the pros and cons of a proposed area high school bulldnlg here -- wltj sentiments heavily In favor of uie pros -- at a Parent-Teacher Association meeting Monday evening. Tho program was presented by t h e J H I f t h School Planning mltjeo wllh a panel representing the five areas concerned i tho ncwj school. Pine] members were Mrs. FTank Klbbe. Llncolnvllln Beach, chairman of the educational commlttrg of the Chamber of Commerct nnd member of the Llncolnvllle .School Committee: William Mlll- Ington, Camden School Committee: G. Lorlmcr Walker, Camden Rh School f a c u l t y member. Ruth Pease. Hope, and Ver« Crockett; Roekport. were unable attc|id. Lyndon Christie, supcr- Intchdant of schools In the nre_», prc.sldcd. H)ghllght.s of report of the Planning Committee were a slx- ycat area h i g h school, a four- yrnif ,Cnmden high school, remodeling of tlie present high school to Include Improivmcnt of the library, theater, gymnasium ind auditorium. Two articles In ( l i e warrants Llils year's t o w n m e e t i n ShaJI Camden build a new h i g school w i t h Rockport 1 12) Shall Camden build a new high school alone? A third article was MIR- ge-stcd by M l l l l n g t o n proposing the remodeling the present high school. Discussion centered on area. chool l a w , t u i t i o n , s classrooms, phyMcnl education program and library service. Mrs. 'hrjsllc reported that the Rockport committee w i l l recommend an Area school to the Town of Rockport at t h e i r town meeting. The n e x t regular PTA meeting. Feb. 21, will enlarge upon th«s« (wilts and will be open to all Hlzcns of Camden. South Thomaston Wiscasset Farm Bureau Holds First 1949 Meeting By Charles S. Sewall Tel. Wiscasset 123 , Wiscasset, Feb. 1. -- Huntoon Hill Farm Bureau held Its first meeting of 1949. Jan. 25 in the Grange Hall with 15 members at- t e n d i n g . Mrs. Esther D. Mayo; Home Demonstration Agent, led the meeting on Better Meals for More State Of Maine News On Page 13 Le.ss Mnncy. Those present Ks.sl.st ed in p r e p a r i n g a dinner illusti'at Ing the subject. TrTr prorrram for the year: Fob 15. Rue Mfiklnrc: March 15. New W.vvs In Cake M a k i n g ; April 12 T n k l n g the Work out, of Housew o r k ; May 11, Swedish Weaving J u n e 21, Cheese Making; June 28 Picnic at Fort Ed^ecomb; July 12 Felt Novelties; Sept. 20, Christmas Gifts to Buy and Make; bet 25, The Finish Makes the Dress; 15. Slip Covers; Dec. 13 Planning 1950 program and Christmas Party. The following committees were appointed: C o m m u n i t y , projects 3crHia Paquett, Myrtle Morris Bertha Day. Arjjiual Meeting Ex- liblt. Hattie Moshcr, draco MC- ?adden, Gertrude Munsey, Etta Barnes. At the regular meeting of the .Ions Club Friday evening In the Red Brick School House, Dr. Francis Jt. Sleeper, superintendent ol the Maine State Hospital, Au- u s t a , w i l l be the guest speaker. The Marco Club will serve a ihicken pie dinner at (i p, m Wednesday In Masonic Hall. The Marco Club recently elected he · f o l l o w i n g officers: president, 'ohn.t,. B h i R d u n ; vice president j r a c f c McFaddcn: secretary and treasurer. Bee King: program jommlttee. L. Joseph Roy. chairman Lois Roy. Vincent Reed, Bertha Harris, Dick King. In Mie Girl Scout Troop of WIs- casset, 25 girls have earned First Aid badges and they are now work- on Morse Code signalling During the past year they h u v e "arncd a total of $l!).55 worth of )adges. They have also been, help- on the March of Dimes. By Press Herald Photographer Moore ENTERTAIN.AT IfOSPITAL TEA--Taking patjt In the program for mudlcalc-tea of Knox County Hospital A u x i l i a r y , Tuesday afternoon in Rocltland. were, l e f t to right, Mrs. June York. Miss Patricia Blsbcc, Carl Gray,I Paul Halllgan, Mrs. Ella Vjarrlcchlo, Mrs. Elsa Constantlnc and Mrs. Dana a. Newman, chairman. . I ' Union Grange Rehearsal Cancelled By Storm By Alena Statrelt Tel. Warren 49 Union, Feb. 1. _ Due to the storm, the rehearsal for trie first and second degrees by Seven Tree Grange Monday night, was postponed to Wednesday evening of next week and will bo held following tho regular Orange meeting. Tentative plans Imvc been made for the regular Grange officers to confer the first degree at a later meeting, with the Grange brothers to work tho second degree the same evening on candidates. Mrs. Emma Bobbins w i l l entertain the Friendly B Thursday evening at her home at South Union Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nelson of G a r d i n e r have been guests of his mdUici-, Mrs. Zena Nelson. Due to Hie Illness of Mr,-;. Zcna Nelson, the meeting of the f circle of Seven Tree claimed for Thursday s e w i n g Orange at her home, has been postponed. Tlie high school scnlo;- class w i l l wrvc a public supper Wednesday night at the d i n i n g room at Masonic Temple. The week-end guest of Mr. and Mrs. Heni-y Knight, was Miss Bonnie Burns of Augusta. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Teague Trcvett, visited her father. Maurice Leach, at South Union, Sunday. On their return homo he accompanied them for a visit of a few weeks. Popham Beach By' Elln Hull Taylor Trl. Plilppshurr 20-M2 Popham Beach, Feb. I.--Because of stormy weather and icy roads, only a few persons attended the Poplmm Circle last week. BMK A r c h i e McLaughlln re- lurncrl t o duty. M o n d a y n t t h n Kchnebec R i v e r Lifeboat Station after a short visit w i t h his f a m i l y at Bath. Mr. r.nri Mrs. Blonchard E. rowley nnd Bruce Mclnnls were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. Crowlcy. Mrs. Irving Sparrow has re- turticd to her home on Seguln. Mrs. gtanton Doxols of Cox's Head, visited Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Rice at Augusta recently. Mrs. Joseph C. Perkins, who was a patient at Central Maine General Hospital at Lewlston. Is convalescing at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lester Morse at Wlnnegance. Trio Entertains At Installation By Aurella Rlpley Tel. 387 M.4 Squlh Thomston, Frb. t.-- Thojs participating in the pro- rarfi at the installation of officer* if FJorgct-me-nat Chapter Thursay I n i g h t were Mrs. Constancy McPJhail, vocal solos; Mrs. Marian. Colb(y, reading and Oliver Neml. acroi'dlon numbers. Mi's. Bertha Sleeper entertained at bridge Tuesday evening. Mrs. Mlrlttm Pierce, Mrs. Cristlne Butman; Mrs. Kay Philbrook. Mrs. Mar(an Colby. Mrs. Eleanor Lewis, MrsJ Neva Wiggln. Mrs. Barbara Truaell were present. Mrs. Colby won high score. Mrt. Virginia Bird went to Lew- Istori Thursday as delegate from the Rockland Junior Womens Club. Wallace Bragg was the guest Sunday of his brother, Frank. Watirvllle. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Rackliffe wcrnj hosts Bunday to n family dinner J)arly at Lhrlr'Plca.iint Beach homp, Among those present worn Maurice Rackllffc. who has Just returned from naval daty In tl»n Mediterranean Sra, and his w i f and c h i l d r e n ; Mr. and ton [Arry nnd children; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ilvonen and c h i l d r Mr. rind Mrs. James A l l e y , Miss Amy R u c k l l f f e J.TJIS, (he f o u r - y e a r - o l of Mr. nnd Mrs Wcston Arry \\l*r\ has been In the Maine General Hospital, Portland, since Dec 31. IH cxppctorl liome this \vrrk Maurice n a r k l t f f c . USN. c nnd ithrri 1 rlillrirrn l e f t today to drive to C a l i f o r n i a where be stationed John Northgravci returned Tucwlny from a business t r i p Memphis. Tenn., B u f f a l o and New York City. Budget Committee Schedules Hearing Damarljrotta, Feb. 1, -- The Damnrlscotta Budget C o m m l t will m e ' I Satu'day evening. Feb. 12 In the Fire House. Matters to como u n d e r discussion are county and state taxes, school appropriations a n d street lighting. Trte School Board Is asking for Incrdascd salary appropriations for bus drivers, J a n i t o r s and teachers. Better lighting for the business district will be another matter considered. The public Is Invltrd. 8TVTK 1ST. CHURCH JUNIOR GUILD RUMMAGE SALE M). 2 9 A. M. FmUrnHy HOUM 82 Ccnltr SL 'agoda Restaurant 6tt CONGRESS ST. Ciln*i« ft American D!th*i ChliMM Food to Take Out Open 11 to MldnLfht. (Oottd Mondajii) IS FUEL TAKING TOO BIG A BITE OUT OF YOUR PAY CHECK? . . . SEE PAGE 15 m C I T A I L I I M I * 1I»| ANTHRACITE WSl7lnln...t BITUMINOUS CO A L FUEL OIL H E A T I N G EQUIPMENT COKE 84COMMERCIALSTHCTflPQRTLAND.MAlNE t SPAPESJ

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