The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 29, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1896
Page 1
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-fi-^-^,^ ALSONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUABY 20, 1806, re r e liave what you want. We invite you io come and see us, s If you haven't time to come, ;/-'•••' •• •• • H v '•'/•'..' : '•':" . '•'• '... ; elephone No. 19, Opposite the postoffice. Galbraith & Co, place on sale a big lot of Flannel Dress Goods, BJ |?brth 500, 750, and |i.oo,,. 25C First co-me first served. We are -going to slaughter our Blankets this week. We have just received the largest line' of Carpets that las ever been shown in Algona—Ingrain, Brussells, Matting. Galbraith & Co. fe are not advertising holiday goods any lore for the present, but we want all the jeople to remember that our goods are . . Just as Desirable */ • Other Time is for th^ holidays, Stock is always complete. .Pdces are right Come and look, stock o! VU<U£UOVO Q,I>UU|A, Lll . , | v-| ndertaking Goods, j A, IJ, Hartford, Vprk Minneapolis, kford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, " j J^ftfl, Loan and Collection Business.., oy ft Unfteft Stales Mfe of New York ; HAGCAWP- Haggard & Peek, [Successoy.8 to Jones & now at the new stand in the Cowles block, • has a complete stool? of , AND W® JBWWWtY, Water or No Pay, We,h.ayfi\aw we u-j tUfttl81p4e,.an4an.i o.ntl^^J^^jjj^g-'™ *S, LOOKS LIKE The Chaittiers'fcfronk Mattel 1 at Bancroft to Have a Hearing Soon ' at Marshalitowii. Case Hinges en the Validity of the t)i- Vofce Granted tb Mrs. Chalmers— Other Nanhwest News> Some weeks ago THE UPPEtt DES MoiNEs published a sensational report from Marshalltown concerning the validity of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. A, P. Ki-otilc of Bancroft. The facts seem to be that Mr. KronkV wife bad secured a divorce from her former husband, a young Des Motnes man by the name of Chalmers, atid had married Mr. Kronk a few weeks later. Chalmers learning of the divorce went to Marshalltown and investigated, learning as he claims that notice of the suit had been made by publication, when in fact he was and had always been a resident of the state and should have been served with personal notice. As soon as his statement was published, Mr. and Mrs. Kronk separated and she has been'living with her parents until the matter shall be settled/ But Chalmers did not stop there. He has had Mr. Kronk arrested on a charge of adultery and he was taken to Marshalltown two weeks ago for examination. As his offense necessarily t hinges upon the validity of the divorce his hearing has been postponed) and the Bancroft Register says the whole case will be disposed of next week, Feb. 3 being the day set. It also says that, there is no question but the divorce will be found to be legal. The whole case is one of blackmail or persecution. Mrs. Chalmers only lived with Chalmers a few weeks .and then left him, and for two years he never went near h'eral though knowing where she was living. It is o.nly after her divorce is granted and she is happily married that he shows up tocause what trouble he can. Mr. Kronk is clerk in Berryman's drug store in Bancroft, and an estimable young man. The U. D. M. E. A. Meeting. The Upper Des Moines Editorial association meets at Boone next week Thursday and Friday. It is expected' that 100 editors will be present, the association having grown very rapidly lately. It. is represented by four delegates at the national meeting in? St. Augustine, Fla.. at present, and two of them, A. M. Adams of Humboldt and John E. Powers of Carroll, are on the program there, The chief. address at Boone will be delivered by Judge •Kinne of the supreme court.: Henry Wallace will also be present and discuss the country paper and the farmer. The program is one of the best ever arranged for the association, Boone extends a cordial invitation, and nothing can prevent a splendid meeting. For Delegates to St. lidulB. Candidates to represent the Tenth district at the St. Louis national republican contention are already being named, Carroll county will present H. W. Macomber. The Herald-says of him: " Mr, Macomber has been a republican all his life, He wears a grand army button, which is an insignia of his patriotism and republicanism when the nation needed fighting friends. He has been active in every campaign since and has contributed freely to its support. Without asking or expecting politico} office or emoluments, he has been one of the first in every campaign to help the cause in the most substantial and liberal manner." The Herald adds that he is a fighting Allison man and will be a power for the Iowa candidate if chosen., _^^_ Forest City's Ball Team Broken. Forest City had a shooting scrape last Friday. The particulars are bard to get at, but the results are that JameaJ ^ Ames, the Forest City ball player, has a badly shattered leg, which will knock him out of his summer's work on the diamond, and we understand there is a strong possibilities of his losing the leg. A. JiTew HJKU Scuool Scheipe, Supt. Gilchrist of Pocabonias county eaystbat Powhatan township, in his county, is trying the experiment of a township high school, and while it is yet an experiment there appears to be a favorable opndltjon growing up both in the high school and in the sub-dis- tripts, ' » Buggy A Wright county f»wily have been expecting relatives from the old country, kast week they got the fpljowtng word; » meet «s at Boston with a team, as. pur funds, have exhausted," Their relativei wJU h»Y§ ft better Idea, of distances after they have been in this "country a while, permits td sell Hquof wefe taken Ottt. It thinks boofrlegglcg is going on. A g&ittple of ttiWH Wlhter, The Leader says two Ledyafdites Weht over to Pahgburn and fotindiarffi' ers husking corn Jan. 20 in thel? shift sleeves. __ i __ i A Tf&in load of holled Oats. Fort Dodge sent a special train of It cars of rolled oats north last Week. It was bound for Montana. A DELAYED BRIDE. Bhd Wouldn't toe Wedded Till the Condi- tloni Were All Bight. The company waited, but the bride Was not ready. A bridesmaid Was sent \o notify her that George Edward was in the oriel room and the band tinder the stairs waiting to strike up the first strains of the Wedding march. "I don't care," she potited as she threw herself disconsolately on a divan, to the great danger of her veil: "I'm not going to be unlucky all my life if I Can help it. Dear, dear, why didn't I remember it sooner." "Remember what, dear?" inquired the perplexed bridesmaid. "Why, that everything I have on is new. I did remember that if "Married in white, • You have chosen all right, but I forgot the other: "Something old and something new. Or your choice you'll surely rue. Every stitch I have on is new, and I just will not stir a step until I have something old added to my dress." "Take my handkerchief," suggested one of the girls. "What could I do with it?" whined the poor thing.. "Brides don't have pockets; neither do they carry handkerchiefs in their hands. It .would look as if I expected to cry." ; ' • " "I have a happy thought," said the bridesmaid; ' 'Exchange shoes with me.'' "They won't fit. My feet are two sizes smaller than yours." . "Thanks, awfully. Haven't you a pair of your own Oinderellas?" "Yes, I have,'' said the bride, jumping up in a hurry. '' Your head is level, dear. Look in the pink box in the chiffonier, or x in the blue one. , Oh, they won't do, they're so awfully soiled!" "Get me some bread .crumbs and a box of powder," said a practical soul in the party. '' Quick 1 I'll have them' White in a jiffy." •:, "You're just dear," said the grateful bride. "Now I shall feel that ; I am properly married, and that everything has been done to insure iny future happiness. Just one thing more for luck: "Hurtle a shoe After me—do," When the bride descended the stairs leaning on the arm of George Edward, the sweet serenity of her face was a subject of favorable comment. Her friends felt that she was, not entering unprepared upon the future awaiting her, and she'felt that way herself.'—Detroit Free Press. A DOCTOR'S YARN. it Is of Two Sinters Who Killed Their Grandfather to Ease His, Pain. This is a bit of, a true story a physician told me the other day, and it struck me as being the text for a fascinating story of the Sherlock Holmes sort. We were talking of the advisability of putting hopelessly ill persons out of their misery as soon as possible. Dr. B. didn't believe in it. ' '• '•I was asked to do it once," be said. "Two sisters asked me. to kill their grandfather, whom I was attending, He was old and could not recover. They seemed simply to pity his pain, I refused. Next morning when I called the man was dead. The nurse told me the sisters had sent her out on an errand. When she returned the windows of the sick room were open. There. was a strong odor of chloroform in the room and the man was dead.',' "And what did you do?" was asked, "Nothing. The elder sister is now under tbe care of-a specialist in nervous is. She cannot sleep. She will not allow herself to be alone a moment, and she, keeps the gas burning in her room all night. I think 'she will end in a madhouse," Isn't that a priceless bit for some an- thor'a notebook?—Washington Post. An Awful Bit*, "Speaking of fishing ejsperjenoes, " said the man in the negligee shirt, "I shall never forget tbe .day when Bob White and I-^-you know Rob?—>were try. i»g our Juok ou I^ake gquam. We bad fished for an hour or more and had caught only a few little fellows, wlw» suddenly I bad an a^ful bite"-« "And then you pulled ig you* line, hand over hand, only to lose a tea pound pipkgrei just as you were about to land, bjm," interrupted the fat mar* sitting e» tbe flow barrel, (( J bad an awful bite, M tbe ftehermau Seamed, witboutpQtiojng $9 interrupter, "anji I mashe4 tbe fellow aj flat as 4oqrmjit, It was the biggest mosquito I eyep eftC9ji»tered,",^io5tpn.' script. Gold Botidi ' • * "> i i ( •> j * j. \ *, * ° f are what we are all after, Hyou want thorny you can soon 'save enough to invest in them by buying your groceries of us, See what A Little Money Will Do /S .• i^ J»J 3 Ibs. Peaches, . 1 Oc 3 Ibs. Pears, . . lOo 3 Ibs. Tomatoes, lOo » * 3 Ibs. baked beans lOo 2 Ibs. Corn, . . lOc 5 Ibs. Bio Coffee, 1.00 25 Ibs. Raisins, 1.00 i Langdon &> Hudson. TELEPHONE NO. IS. v.); 1 •' A Symptom. . He staggered to the door. "Your refusal," he gasped, "will drive me insane. " She laughed mockingly. At the moment she' treated his words lightly, but when upon the following day she saw him .abroad wearing a pink shirt she was startled and bethought her of his fateful remark.—'Detroit Tribune. A man may do very well •with a, very little knowledge, and scarce be found out, in mixed company; everybody is so much more ready to produce his own than to call for a display of your acqui- sitions.-r-Lamb. The Pearl river, Mississippi, was called by the Indians the Tallahatohie, "the river 'of pearls.'' Uruguay was named from the river which flows through it. PROFESSIONAL. m ^ f ^^+*f*+s~^s~+*i r ^* 'V* p V* - X-^^-^^^xN - .-^ CLARKE & COHENOURi ' ' ATTORNEYS AT LAW., \ Office over First National bank, Algdna, la. E. H. CLARKE, . ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. , Opera House bloclt. Bella In China. Besides hundreds of bells weighing from 10,000 to 25,000 pounds, Nankin, China, has four bells which weigh 50,000 pounds each. They are nearly 13 English feet each in height, and are almost 28 feet in diaijfieter. The metal in these monsters averages about 5 >£ inches in thickness throughout, being about 8 inches on the lower lip, or rim. In Peking there is a chime of seven bells, each of which weighs 120,000 pounds.—St. Louis Republic. The Appalachicola river, in Florida, took its name from that of an Indian town on its oanks, Apalachicoli, meaning "an old town or fort." G-rass Leases. Sealed bids for the grass on the following list of lands will be received up to April 1. 1890, No bids for parts of pieces, in the list will be considered, but each bid must be for an entire piece as described below. All rent als must be payable on delivery of the lease. •'•<••••••• Sec. TWp. R. Nwqrof... '. 8 87 S7 Neqrof , ,,...17 97 37 Nwqrof IV 97 27 Whfofswqrof 17 07 87 Neqr of..,, 19 07 27 Nwqrof.....,.; 10 07 27 Swqrof 19 07 87 Beqrof..,, 3 97 37 Swqr of,. 3 07 27 Bhfofseqrof ,.,,,10 07 27 Se qr of 18 07." 27 Nwqrof 34 07 37 Swqrof, .'34. 97 27 Nhfofseqrof 7 97 37 Nwqrof.,. 9 95 27 Alf bids should be marked " Grass Bid," and sent to WM. H. INGHAM, 45t8 Algona, Iowa, L. K. G'ARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURQEQN. ' Office, State st., one door eaat of Oordlnglev. Residence, McGregor St., east of the public school building, H. C. McCOY, M.. D,, * PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Residence, McGregor street, Office with Dr. iGarfleld. , ' weatlw i&<tf,F»B REMEDY FOB HOG CHOLERA, $yea testea ftee of charge, J^arge Hne §f pn- • • • f • •:.t,i.«R W«IBM*» to Andrew Hansen, PLU1.BER Plumbing and Repair Work , a Specialty, done on Prices reasonable, and all work wavrantea , on State street. F, L, MftBuf aoturep »nd fleftley jn Harness, Saddles, Whips, DANSON & , LAW. LOANS.'' LAND. , Collections a specialty. Office In Gardner Cowles' new building. 3 \ (• SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT <LAW t Office in Hoxle-FerKuson bl jck. GEO. R. CLOUD, [Successor to W. B. Quartan.] Attorney and Counsellor at Law, : ' ALGONA, IOWA: Office over Kossuth County State Bank. " E. V. SWETTING, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. F. L. TRIBOK, M. D., Homeopathic. ' ' PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office and residence in the Boston Block. (In the new blopk.) PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. ,. E. S. GLASIER^' D, D, S,, " ' BURGEON DENTIST. . , Office over the State Bank, Algona, Iowa, . DENTIST, T, D, D, S, Local anaesthetic for deadening palni'n' gums when extr^otineteeth,, • •>? • STEAM GASOMICE ,, . • " .- ' •

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