The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 22, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1896
Page 7
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*•' ' ', "''"/'t' ' ' */ gaitc-M T*a«: ,« at^WxL"^ **•£ ^"Vitftf 'Ml' ft ^Kir'ittfriM " J"' * c^ tor aMm, .aitt. -*fc. *»t ^ Mb*^,W .'teaftai j, ^.mf-at -T.rA 'Wea • •-—-*JJ* i ih« IB fes {fee „. !y' id gfw fIcnv let tef tfti tSfiSyV but for the pffd that feati. e ifclH^ %fi« takA4SA£^ %J^a?i^ 2%.&3ttt wltn tne moneyr. Mow, tnere etfeaia fteeintl? Hil ffi&kS mofiey f8f tfa« __ Kifig fearfey, the |rtal gfeatldfi tif the tge, td lid bU pgf ac¥e in 1896, and fare thbusahde of farmers who be^ ^ they eafc p-ow 160 bu. per acre iffi In 1896. there is Silver Mine date, yield-, la 1896 209 bu,.pei' acfe., ftvefy, t «rho tested it, believes 215 'bti, tt there la Qaidefi If ilimph Cdffi, produced AVer £00 bti« per acre, B6 bu, is surely possible. potatoes, there ie Salief'a Ear* |which was fit fbi 1 table in 28 days E>6, yielding tremendously, While lampion of the World, tested in a |and different places in 1895, yield* 8 to 1,600 bu. per acre. v t in Salzer'B new, catalogue there vonderful arrayal of new varieties |heat, oats, barley, rye, potatoes, les, clovers and forage plants, and 1 Hbr believes that it Would- pay |; . - urier a thousand-fold to get this logue before buying seeds, Bron win cut thin oat and «end tt 110 cents postage to the John A. Jr Seed Co., La CroBse, Wis., you f receive,- free, 10 grain and grass Jples, including above and their Emoth catalogue. Catalogue alone, Shis postaiee., ;._.., A Valued CorroBpondent. iTou say he contributes to the mnga- _..R?" said the literai-y girl, ; " I'Yes," replied his rivaL ' if Anything worth usiug?" . Postage stamps." Absolutely Necessary. . [see it is estimated that the Kaffirs steal 60,000 worth of diamonds a year." '•• STes ; I suppose the poor creatures have frear something." IScbaBtapol Was Not Impregnable, jt was taken by assault, but a physique t up, a constitution fortified by Hostet- f Stomach Bitters may bid defiance to assaults of malarious disease, even in gties where it is; most prevalent and Tenant. Emigrants to the ague-breeding bnsof-the west should bear this in , and start with a supply. The Bitters Bptly subdues dyspepsia, rheumatic and fey complaints, nervousness, constipa- iand biliousness.- f. Cleveland will lack fourteen days of je 60 years old when he retires from the |aency. —All Fits stopped free by Dr. Kline's Orent ,ve Restorer. NoFltsaftcrth« m-suiay's use. yclouscures. Treatise ami 82trial bottle free to' tieudtol>r.Klljif,'J3lArclibt.,l'liila. 1 i J u. gcording to Mr. Gladstone, "the six ''; powers, between them, spend more f £100,000,000 yearly upon what is terrn- beir defen es. the femUttl attests tM «tth mm&& ttfttaf m us® tffat ft Id t^nerTSti^ MtWtrfi tS&t 8y«ltJiSl tlgi-nMil pferia&irettilf'OTfis fe«ttt«ai eb* Itipfttbn, wfell-Jfiforai^l^d^e^^ 6tfief iaiatit^s, ftUeit .lot fo* 6 finally tojufs thi 8 ^ _^ ^ ^ Stargafl6ry i « M tebnafd Eocker, ib 1836, placetf dentistry oil its pfopef footing U an bf ahch bf ftfl: " — attdntidu.ol fcli-stoek siiifpefs is| Ibvited td thfe adtertiseihent 6f. the Drttfefs' Cofliaiissiofl Co* ( of dlli*' cago, tvhich appears in this issue.'. f hey ftfe especially equipped tot the successful hafldiiii£ of yciUf live siockj haviflg thf ee experienced cttttle fefeles* men, three hog fialesltieri, (one each division) and one sheep salesman, with a Competent force of experienced yard men to receive and care f of jtour stock on arrival. For theii* financial stand* ing they refer to the Drovers' National Bank, A Personal Matter. "Can yer tell me 'ott far it is to Andross 'HI, gnv'nor? 1 ' . "It's about three miles. Whom do you .want to see there?" "I want to see myself-there." ; ->. The especial attention of our readers is called to the 1 'advertisement of-Clark, Uo\vles.'&' Co., live stock' commission'• merchants, which appears in this issue. Correspondence and consig'ttments are solicited) and prottipily arid advantageouslj' handled 'by them. They are. thoroughly reliable and invite-your attention to their, facilities for handling 1 all kinds of stock. • The estate of the late Eben D. Jordan, the great Boston merchant is, estimated at 87,000,000. '•_ , ' •' '.'•' • ..•. BETTE3R WALK A MILE than fail to get a 6-cent package of Cut and Slash smoking tobacco if you want to enjoy a real good smoke. Cut and Slash' cheroots are as good as many 5rcent cigar's, and you get Three for 6 cents. Sure to please. : Not quite half of our revenue last year was received frorn customs duties. "Hanson's JBaglo Corn Salve." Warranted to cure or money refunded, AsU your Bt for it. I'rice 16 cents. , In -1835 the public debt of the United States-was only $37,518., Piso's Cure for .Consumption is the only- cough medicine used in' my. house.—D. C. Albright, Mifflinburg, Fa., Dec. 11, '95. Last year the United States spent $42,806 223 more than, its receipts. Coo's Couffliilulsam Is the oldest and best. It will break up a Cold quicker than anything olEo. It is always reliable. Try it. In 1867 8 cents per capita of silver and 66 cents per capita of gold was coined. In 1894 13 cents per capita of silver and §1.17 of gold was minted. A GREAT 5IG PI ECE OF IO CENTS \\Jr V-*LJi*.N.IVi/ JNMtf & filefeie the tlate ahd eipctiftg & crottfa 6l ield; r '^I*ew Ifotk Mcraid, . fiiJrdS-^-^Nl^ tiiflbrdia, th&t, did it ctiSt ybti?" ttftt26j Whftt did y6tif* east?" jast a Iittl% effefi' §he-^-"Why doiStt't Mf» t»oiflfiati& Jola Ihe chu^h? Me feeemS td he Quite a feood ffian/' tte^"l gvless he feels ai if the c*hUf CH oiight to Jbln hlffi."— Uettdlt "A leaf or bfead, pleaee." I6af 81* tefi*eefit Oustomef (pfeeiseiy)^ 11 ! will take one bit the loaVes that you Bell itor five eente.'^-Souaef? ilie idUfflai, Qtis— "HdW did ydti hajpfceti td ftflk her to marry you the fir 8t time you eV6f met her?" Choily— "Weil,— aW— you eee t had Just heeii introduced to her, and 1— ah-*coulda't think of anything else to say."— Harper's Baaar, "That was Very kind ofjyoUf ilttcle to pay your debts." "Humph, I dofa't think so. He might have given me the money and let me pay 'em." "What difference ^vould that have made?" "It Would have re-estabiished my credit, "—Harper 'a Bazar. At a military examination'— Officer'. "The opponents of our "military system say that standing armies are disastrous to the. country.. Can you name anything that Is more disastrous?" Cadet^-"t!'es ( a 'runaway afmy."^Chro'ttik dor Go- ."Bligglns is a flne fellow," Remarked the promiscuous eulogizer. "I believe be would share his last dollar with a friend." "Well," replied the chronic debtor, "maybe he would. I guess I have never been so fortunate as to run across him when he was down to Ills last dollar."— Washington Star; Lord Bleshugh — "Afwald to follow the hounds? Why, I didn't think you Amerwicans were afwald of anything!" Wool E. West— "Well, I ain't much oi a horseman, and blamed If. I'm, going. to take the chances of. one of thern blooded horses taking the bit and running clean off your little island 'will?' rao."— Puck. * Illgli, Low Jack. Fine ice menus very cold weather, then comes a high old time in skating rinks, and skating ponds, on slides and rides, aiid we go home tired and over- .heated. It's the Same old story of cooling off; off with wraps and on with all sorts of aches and pains, rheumatic, neuralgic, sciatic, lumbagic, including frost-bites, backache, even toothache. They who dance must pn y the piper. We cut up Jack and are brought low by pur own. folly. .What, of it, the dance will go on, all the same. It is generally known that St. Jacolbs Oil will cure all such aches and pains separately or collectively, and the cry is on with the dance. Slightly i Personal. ' Swollingtbn (at the soiree)—I wonder if that plain woman over there is really trying to flirt with me? Cooler (politely)—I can easily find out. sir, by asking her; she's rny wife. A Mean Ulan. She—I think I Will do the cooking myself awhile. He—H'm!- That was what you wanted me to take out more life insurance for, was it?', • •• • •- ••:' ' ." - in fatbf of the silVet gabsUtttte fot Bouse bond bill, seVe^eiy arfaignifag ator fehefmah fof his actio'ne bfl Shafacial mattette. Chandlef offefed ft bill to refund the outstanding United States bonds and treasury notes vfitn bono*e beftHng inteitSrl ftt§f)6rfcent. defcf otfefed a fesoliitibfi W admit New MeSdCd ihtd th6 Bnlofl f Adjourned. A Trip to the Garden ' Spots o,f the South. On Janizary 28, February 11 an March 10, tickets will be sold from principal cities, towns and villages oi the north, to all points on the Louisville & Naslivjlle. railroad in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and a portion of Kentucky, at one single fare for the round trip. Tickets will be good to return Avithin thirty days and will 'allow 'stop-over at any ' points on j the. south bound trip. Ask your ticket agent ' about it, and if he can not sell you 'excursion tickets write to C. P. Atmore, General Passenger Agent, Louisville, Ky,, or Geo. B. Horuer, D, P, A., St. Louis, Mo, • The Secret of Success, Jasper— Mr. Greatman's success is wholly due to the publication of a faked interview with him. 1 Jumpuppe — I suppose he gained notorietj by repudiating the interview.' Jasper— Oh, no! " He went quietly to work to live up to the bright' thoughts the reporter had credited him with. Map of the Cilted States. The wall map Issued by the Burlington Route js three feet wide by four *e<jt long; Is printed in sevep colors ; Js mounted on - . tension appfopfiatiott bill came tip. BtonS esblained that amendments to the existing Jaw attached-to the.bill•pfotided-.that pensions granted Ubdef the act of 1800 should date from the flfst applieatioH, and repealed the provision of the act of 1800 requiring a Widow to prove that she was dependent for her support on her dally labor. Graff gave notice of an amendment he proposed tt offer inhibiting the reduction or suspension of a pension on allegation of fraud until such fraud had, been first proved in the united States court. Bartlett, dem., opposed the amendment. Wordman offered! a bill appropriating $100,000,000 for the purpose of establishing coast defenses. A resolution was offered appealing to the European powers to wipe the Turkish gov: eminent out and secure independence for 'Armenia. SENATE. WASniKOToS,, January 14.—The bond silver bill was still under consideration. Butler, pop., of North Carolina, offered ftn amendment prohibiting the issuance of interest bearing bonds and directing the secretary of the treasury to pay in gold and silver, according to the market value of the ^coins, and advocated its passage. The matter of pension legislation came up and Thurston, of Nebraska, made his maiden speech,' in favor of liberal pensions. : notJBE. Consideration of pension appropriation bill was resumed. Walker, rop.,of Virginia, who was a confederate general, said there was no sentiment in the south against the' pension policy of the.south. Cummings, ^em,, bitterly arraigned tbe pension ofllce 'for' hostility to the old soldiers.' ! ;' . ..'.'.•• SENATE. •' WAsniNonox, January 15.—Senator Mills' speech on finance, with frequent direct criticisms of the president and secretary of (the treasury, was the main feature of the Cession, feffer followed with a speech favoring silver coinage. The senate joint i'esolution appropriating $75,000 for expenses of the commission engaged in fixing the boundary between Alaska and British Columbia passed. ' '• HOUSE. 1 House spfint another day in oratory upon the pension ' bill. Grow denounced the president and his clerks for .his encroachments upon the legislative branches of the government; Lacey said the 104,000 pou- jjiions .dropped from tbe roll by> the present commissioner would be reviewed and many •'of them restored by the next commissioner. 'The'"free homes" bill, making actual resi- 'deuco on railroad laud grants unnecessary /where lands have been fenced and improv- jed, passed. :" ' -.-•.'• ••••' SENATE. WASHINGTON, January 16.—A resolution by Call asking for Cuban correspondence caused much debate and:it was laid.over. Cullbm presented a resolution asking for information regarding Armenia. Hawaiian cable subsidy was discussed, but the bill was referred. Fetter concluded his free'silver Speech, after which the senate adjourned. : ;•'.'/ HOUSE, The general debate on the pension bill ; was concluded to-day, and to-morrow it will bo taken up by paragraphs. Grow, Bartlett, Moody, and Clark, of Iowa, made addresses. HOUSE. WASHINGTON, January 17.—The house today passed the pension appropriation bill and then adjourned until Monday. Bartlett raised a point of order against the provision in the bill requiring a widow to prove that her "net' income" does not exceed S500 ' before she can receive a pension under the act of 1800, was defeated. President sent a spepial message urging extension of time for bringing land grant suits. JAMESON YIELDED UP. flfffl'fl Be" had <fa* th« slftlfif^iHany-Wittitmi fisklfig—but td theftl fig td 6th6f IniftgS m* mmt M aeeiiea iwt. " " fidtning is.WBfta atr The clWndftf %4 Jflt&ys weiecme i«st fe&efi«a us. Jf6 fetef ta ifce ens pafeiisfetd .by H, Wi-Ay» &Ji§ B », Ne* B pap« AdvePtliifii Agestd, Phlla* tfettthw, fHli iisue e«6ma « pigging fldffle easugh fdf.lhi iibWff, &M 3?6| is aatufally a gtMt fft* 6«t< well*kftawfl m6tt»i ''Kfeeplng ingly At ft fitiags • Success," appears thift yeft? la ft ttfeW ftltd V6ff ftttfftetiVB tarn, The dally presetted Bf this lfl» §plflf!g motto la Wfth fair tttjw thaJi the price oi any calendar. The date figures are «d large and cigar that they can <v<mlly be seen acfoea the roofd, The, reading fflatte? oft the flaps will also pasfeesa interest to the • pfogfeaslve. Thofte who have used this calendar ill other years .will nOt be Surprised to learn that the' demand for It Is epn« dtantly increasing. Once Ititfoduced it becomes a welcome friend. Its price (25 cents), includes delivery, in perfect condition, postage bald, to any address. In 1890 the redeiptS from the tariff on ihl- ports amounted to $??,000,000 more than last yeur. .. .. Parker's Ginger Tdnld. Of the many good things to be found In American homes, we do not believe that my are held In higher esteem, or have 3ohe better service than Parker s Gin• eer Tonic. "It has grown to be a household necessity and is serviceable in almost every case where there Is weakness and infirmity. There are foraiB'Of remale debility that make life a. but- den. The same is true of persistent coughs and colds, and distressing stomach and nervous ills.. They have;held high revel In many homes until banished by Parker's Ginger Tonic and we are proud of the record that has made so many hearts grateful. orms a very esa fo> any household or business e.stablisJ»meRt, Purchased in large quantities, the map? cost the Burlipgton Route more than fifteen cents each, but on r.epeipt of that amount }n stamps the undersigned wll} be pleased to send you ope, - . Write immediately, as the supply is limited. J- FBANCJS, • ' Q. P, & ?, A, Burlington Route, ' .H_... ' Omaha. Heb. The doctors of Topek»; Kas,, say that there is as-young negro- in that bwvg whq i has the'bxxSs and; Jinjbs covered with sUin exactly ^ike that pf, an alligator, Cqinf^rt tp p^l|f ornja, Yes apd- economy, too; Jf you patron, }ze "the ]BurJjB|;1f<Mi-«9Bt^PejreoBftUy Conducted onoe-ajweek escttp|4ap&. which leave Omaha every Th^rgda/y morning. Through tourist sleepers Qjnaha t(? Ban Fyanoi^co and Los Angeles. $eeond,-cla,*B tickets accepted, Pee $he localftgent andftrrftn Or, write to J, FRANCIS, (?, p, ^y, £•> Omaha, Settlement As to. Truntivnal Knlclers Made - With President Krqgor. . PRETORIA,' January 17.—Tile final agreement between President Kruger and Sir Hercules Robinson, governor of the Cape Colony, regarding the disposition of the prisoners captured as a result of Jameson's raid into the t Transvaal, has been completed. By its provisions Dr_. Jameson and his officers will be tried in England. The rank and file of the freebooters are now on their,way to^atalia, where -they will be handed over to the British authorities, who will decide upon the' treat* jhent they are to receive, Sir Hercules Robinson has left Pretoria to return to Jus ppst. IOWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT- DBS MQINES, January 13.— Patents •Jiaye been allowed, but not 'yet issued, U.B follows; To the Prouty*Fowler Soap Co,, of Pes Moines,' for thr?e trademarks, to-wit: The word symbols, Bo-Peep, Peek-a-Boo, find Jack* Tftr, To J. II. Kinsey, of Milo, fop a- wire stretcher specially adapted, to be clamped fast'to a post for $tretch,in'g fence wires and splicing broken wires. To Deborah Owen, of Van Wevt, for a noyelty for wpmen, described in one oi tne claims as follows: A dress prp- tectpp consisting of an overskivt gathered at its sides at* the lowe? portjpn thereof, and provided witlj f a^esing 4evices tq secure the said side portions about the ankles of thp weare* and $ilso provided with fastening devices alopg the lowev edge, between J^e flrst Rawed fastening devices, to gecv»re the sa^me Between the legs, oi the w^rer, Pi'jntegl copies -«f ,tbe drawiogBi and spegi6cfttjpi}8 of .ft'wy • • gent tp any ftddwass for Yftll*i»g iam4 selling patents se, jj,J free, J, BAWH PB^IQ, The tariff on imports into tho United States amounts to less than $2 for each inhabitant. How's This I "We offer One Hundred Dollars reward for any .case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. We, .the undersigned, have known P. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, arid be. llevo him perfectly honorable in all business transactions, and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. WALDING, KINNAN & MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free. Prlce.,76o per bottle. Bold by all druggists. HalVr. .Family Pills, 2Gc. I,. the year 1904, only eight years from , $100,000,000 in bonds must be redeem- in the now ed. If tho Baby Is Cutting Teeth, Be sure and use that old and well-tried -remedy, llns WINBLOW'S SOOTUINO SYRUP for Children' Teething, Prance, Russia, Great Britain, Austria- Hungary, Italy, Spain and Prussia are the only nations deeper in debt than the Unitec States. The fceftw al ktlef among fS is that Itsdf is * ri&&. 'But the is Becoming; stfongetth^t ; tion Is to child If there been consumption in the family, each member should take special eare to prepare the system against it. Live out doors j keep the body Well nourished; and treat the first indication of failing health* of Cod-liver Oil, with Hypophosphites, is a fat- producing tood and nerve-, tonic. Its use is followed by improved nutrition/ richer blood, stronger nerves and a more healthy action of all the organs* It strengthens the power of the body to resist disease. If you have in- hefted a tendency to weak lungs, shake it off., JUST AS GOOD IS NOT SCOTT'S EMULSION. «1BE AEBMOTOlt CO. doea bM(>tba windmill bufllnesa, becanse it has reduced tbe cort Wind power to I/O what ltwas.o It has many branch houses, and supplies Its goods and repalra , at Your door. It can and does furnish » . better article for less tnonej tbam, I others. It makes Pumping ana I Geared, Steel, Qalvanlred-»fter- loomnletlon Windmills, TllUne ' and Fixed steel. Towers, Steel Bu« Saw; 'Frames, Steel Feed Gutters and Feed , Grinders. On application It will nnme on», '. ___ Of these articles that It will furnish until January 1st at 1/3 the usual price. • It also makes Tanks and Pumps of all kinds. Send for catalogue. factory t tttb, Bockwell and FlUmorc Strceti, Chlcu» . 3yrslu last war. lOadJudlcaUugolaiun, atttf auioa> ; \V. N. 17.- -D. M.- -1888. NO. '4 \Yben uuswcrlng advertleomonts kindly' mentloa this paper. The Master Cure." To.MASTEU is to OVERPOWER and •rl ST. JACOBS I ts tbe master cure for ACHES'PAINS, '*: The Personal Side Of George Washington Not the General nor President, but the lover, - the man, the husband and neighbor, Three of such articles by General A. W. Greely, the famous Arctiq explorer, will shortly begin-in the LADIES' HOME JOURNAL OVER 700,000 COPIES SOLD- Teg £ents gn All News-stands, One Dollar 9 Year ->» , \VANTPD A S e nt5 to-look 'after renewals'$nd nevr TY />i^ f> 111/ subscribers, Projfit&ble employroent; offered,'' j CMRTI? ou are jnteresjiefl Jn Jn. Col', 9, it will, pay yoj« to ewfl fifty far a ygav'sji - ' f*l, -I 1« ','..»! . . .'•i*_. i* j— _ \ ^L. *i.

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