The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 22, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1896
Page 5
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?.',! 1 ?' 1 '*' 1; '*'' i ~' ' St£Fik-.LJi'. .1...-.'... r!i-.,.-...A .-v? .Ai 1 ". -»s j^/f-.. ^a j^JMi mm WIT, ift ft Mite tetter On flfg (3ftV« A Splendid PittUte of and Nebraska &s they in the fiady Cays. i Ifl the Algona See of Jatt. 24, I8o9, £p<§afs the folio wibg item! v 'The Nke's Peak fever is steadily advancing Algona, but it has not got to be ah fpidetnic yet. The only persons sefi* sty ill are Surright, Stamp, Header- 50, Cummins, Seeley^ atid G, P. Tay- &r. W-bether it will prove fatal of? not i a question," This editorial squib lontained a more Serious suggestion iab the writer doubtless thought, for le Pike's Peak fever did prove fatal to ieorge Taylor s who was alone, we be- |teve, of the pioneers here to go. He. ms Father Taylor's oldest boy, brother bf Mrs. J. Ei Stacy, and he went to Colorado during the gold excitement, iying there of fever on his third trip. If the rest remained at home it Was lot because the excitement did not ex- bnd to these parts. The continual ssage. of gold seekers with their learns through the settlement alone vould have kept it alive, besides which Ithere was something of an adventurous fspirlt which had peopled even Iowa, land whicb grasped at the prospect of F brighter times than Iowa was having : in 1858. ' ' , The Bee poet was inspired by the re-, i ported pilgrimage^ from Algoha and ibroke out in several verses about the orospect the boys from here—they Iwere boys then—were flattering them- feelves with: They are going, we're told, Where there's plenty of gold, On top of old Pike's Peak. Their fortunes they'll double, Without the least trouble, In a month, if not ia a week. They'll go out with ox teams, They'll swim all the streams, And prove that the boys of our town Are of the right kind of stuff, And will pocket enough Of gold to compete with John Brown. So let the boys hold Reconnoitre for gold. And as soon as theirpocketstheyflll They'll return to theif bonus With very lean hones, And the wherewith to fill up a till. Among the early-day visitors to Al- •ciria was Standing G. Poppleton. He •as also an early-day visitor at Pike's 'eak, and perhaps a letter of his, to •he Bee bad a. tendency to damp the 'ever hereabouts. His letter is dated >ct. 27, 1858, at Cherry Creek near ike's Peak and is addressed to Am- irose A. Call, who, with Miss Alice ienschoter—Mrs. A. L. Seeley—was itor of the Bee at that time. . As a night letter of travel Mr. Poppleton's ntribution is worthy of a lasting -rec- rd. It also gives a line picture of ear- .y Colorado for those who know it-now nly as a summer resort. The failure f his predictions about railways in Kansas and Nebraska and about the resence of minerals in Colorado, only llustrates how the unexpected is con- inually" occurring: According to promise I improve the [first opportunity to give you my im- ipressions of Pike's Peak and the coun- 'try intermediate. Well, the first "im' iression" was upon my feet, and I can nly describe it as they say in Sunday ichool books as "deep and lasting." nother deep impression has occurred n the region formerly occupied by my itomach—how only occupied by a small .pparatus combining the functions of a fizzard and a carding machine, which find very useful in working up my allowance of lime and gravel. Another large impression, that I see no immedi- r 'ite prospect of removing, has occurred n the region of my breeches pocket; ind I only .'wonder there are 'no im- ressions on my head, as I now think it very soft or I should not have tarted for , this abominable Country, .left home and. proceeded directly to )maha City, and I must say that if the eople I saw there are a fair sample of ihe Nebraskals, there is very little dif- 'erence between a Neb-rascal arid a d-raseal, From Omaha City I •ent down into Kansas and followed up he river to the old Catholic mission ,nd then struck off across the Yer- illion and Big Blue towards Grand :sland on the Platte, The soil is not a good as that of Illinois or Iowa and imber is very scarce, Add to this ihat it must always be the frontier, yith nothing but deserts beyond, with !ho navigable river, and no hope of rail- 1 4s, and I see little to induce settlement. Th£ people of the "south thought t a great hardship that they were not IJowed to take their slaves there. It aay have been all wrong, but J think he negroes are very lucky' in. having een kept out of so poor a country, and t would have been a great mercy if here bad been a law to keep the w,bites utjtoo, The people are generally di lontented. and homesick, every man feeing fo think'that the times are hard^ just where ha is than they are any- 9 else, and froej what I saw I be* that if the. people cp«ld sell their 'ap4 irapro-fements for what they i post, the territory would .be de< 3oo« |We The land OB the PUMe is poor, The itself is a. broad, rapid, majestic ng stream) but it> reality it is like ike's Peak speculation— an \>n» as shallow as ' meggage and. , logic, B » woman, ftflae &nd look a*, but a ft ig teo Itoltow eyen o| be 'iouib el&e, sA the HP thew, Th-gre is soUie f eld bef«, tol 1 mi endffgh toftft AffieriSafi us 6f , t feeefi ift Califo^la tell thefe is fabthintf, berg, that «rill The west bf the Am6tiftani who are hef-6 are pFefsftrtfig td g~6 souttt ibtd Me*i(So td wlbtef, and 6fl td Cftli^ a Ifl Ihg splint, Youf old fHend, MlfliS Sostofi Fifineiy, who has beefc to OftlifOfnlft, says that the diffetetice be 4 tweSti that country and this is that 'ib California they find gold all Over the coiihlfry, atid hei'ti they find it all oveP the left. 1 imagine that another dlffef* enceis that there they find it in quartz, and here we find it "in a horn." I hate washed three days since t nave been hefe and I guess I have got about 60 dents. FloUf is worth about 26 cents a poubd, whiskey 10 Cents a hofn tneas- tit-ed out to you, &nd beef 10 cehts a pound, but you can buy a butloolc oh foot for $10 or a sheep fof $2, brought ib frotn SantaFe. The only redeeming trait in this country is the mountains. It does one's soul good to see such piles of rooks. I didn't get here early enough to do much in the way of climbing theta, but I intend to go down into Mexico, where I can clitnb to my heart's donteht. This would be a glorious place to recruit nllibasters, The boys are reckless enough to do anything. They will lie, steal and rob, and I believe sonie of them would take offices under Buchanan if they could be well paid for it. The mines hei'e are merely the fag ends, the off-scouring of the Mexican mines, and the people here are the fag end, the off-scouring of all God's creation. . /••'. Do You Neftd Money? We have been making 0 per cent, optional farm loans for the past six years, and are still doing U. You keep your own insurance policy and get the money yourself if you hove a fire. 44t4 . A. D. CLARKE & CO. TELEPHONE No. 19 for M. Z. Grove &Son. 1____ Stock Notice. purchased a thoroughbred Jersey'bull and will keep him at my livery barn for service. The animal is St. L. of Riverside, No. 37781; sired by Ventor's Duke, No. 25761; dam Sunny Wadena. No. 60051. If you are interested in fine Jersey stock, call and see this splendid animal. 42m3 S. P. CHRISTENSEN. Fresh Fish! Lake Superior trout, wall-eyed pike, pickerel, dressed and^scaled perch, and silver herring. Also very choice bulk oysters, cheap. MOE BROS.' MARKET. , MACKINTOSHES in single and double texture, lined and unlined, all colors and sizes, at Galbraitb's. Married Men: Notice. Will your widow dress as well as your wl'fo doesV Make sure that she will by a policy in the Royal Union Life Insurance company. J. L. DONAHOO, 4213m Dist. Agt., Algona, Iowa. JUST think of itl A sack of flour, 65c, at James Patterson's. FOR SALE — A house and two lots on West McGregor street. Inquire of F. H. Vesper.-29tf NEW EEADIM BOOM BOOKS, The Monday Club Adds a Fine Hat to Its Already Flue Library. The following books have been added to the reading room the past week by the Monday club, Twenty-two better selections could scarcely be • made: Manual of Mythology, Murry; Constantinople, Crawford; The American Commonwealth, Bryce; Recollections of Abraham Lincoln, .Lambn; Twenty- five Letters on English Authors, Fisher; Boys of '61, Coffin; Natural History, Wood; History U. S.i Fisk; Love Songs of Childhood, Field; Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush, Maclaren; Days of Auld Lang Syne, Maclaren; Bleak House, Dickens; Lilith, McDonald; Gunnar, Boyesen; Somebody's Neighbor, Cook; A Singular Life, Pbelps; Agnes of Sorrento, Pearl of Orr's Island, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Stowe; Garden Behind the Moor, Pyle; Polly, Page; Little Women, Aloott, Farm Loans at 0 per Cent. And the expenses of making the loan can be paid at option of the borrower, Interest payable annually unless otherwise 'preferred, The loan can be paid in whole or in part at any interest dat,e, HOXIE & BRUNSON, puc)t\vheai Calces At the New Daisy Mills, We furnish the flour — you do the rest,— 40 CLOAKS, cloaks, cloaks, cloaks! Capes," capes, capes! by the wholesale at Galbraitb's. ' FOR time loans on- real estate apply Bt JCossu,th, County State Bank, WE have the goods that will please you and room enough to wait on you, opposite the postoffice, M. Z, Grove & Son, ' ( ^ T ^_^_ TO _^_, Bran! Feed! Shorts! New pyiqes at the New Daisy Mills, Awarded Highest Honors—WwW'a Fair, Mtf, and MfB. Tfietf. Chflschillel ftfe Mill visiting Ifl Cblcagd. . D>. H. d. McCoy attended thelnaug- U ration at Des Moines last week. Guy L. baltofi 6ame last week ffom 6nost, S. D\, for" a ten days' Visit. Mfg. Aug. Stefzbach ia iH Sheldon w a font- weeks' visit with hef sisters. The Northwester agent at Webster City, Mr. Boak, Visited F. M. Vesper yesterday. Mrs. Jodie Skiff is up froffi Cedaf, falls for a two weeks* visit with her mother, Mrs. Kifizey Cation. L. A. Meloy of Clinton, Wis., is Vlsit- _ng Mrs. M. Z. Grove and Mrs. C. E. Young, his noice and sister, Chas. E. CohehoUf went to Chicago Saturday to meet a brother, and on business. Ed Mahtor was in Kamrar last week Baking the place of the telegraph operator for a few days. Mrs. J. T. Chrischllles is home from ler visit in Lansing. Her sister was letter when she left her. Supt. Hughes of the Northwestern 'oad is dangerously low with Brlghts' disease. He can hot live till spring. Mrs. C. Sessions and granddaughter are delayed about going south, but will start any day. They expected to get off last week. J. C. Blackford writes from Sioux ^tty. He is treasurer of the Sioux City engine and iron works, u big manufactory. The friends of Mrs. Gertrude Biirt- hear that she enjoys her Dallas lorae. They will begin housekeeping very soon in a pleasant cottage in the city. Miss Eva Lantry has finally decided ;o remain at Sheldon and is again in charge of that office. Eli Dalton, who went there to take her place, is again n Algona. Rev. J. W. Southwell of Eagle Grove will occupy the pulpit In the Method- st church next Sunday. Rev. Southwell is a brother of our Algona pastor and an able speaker. Geo. C. Call went to Sioux City yesterday to attend a banquet in honor of the completion of the big bridge icross the Missouri. 1 A. F. Call has Deen one of the chief promoters in the enterprise, and was a speaker at the aanquet. E. V. Swotting got a telegram Mon-' lay announcing the sudden death of iis mother. He waited'for his sister, who is teaching in the county, and 30th with Mrs. Swotting went east yes/ tcrday to attend the funeral. His mother was about 70 years of age. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Jones are .at Orlando and are now keeping house there. This is the heart of the orange region, but Mr. Jones writes that there is no :nore prospect of oranges than there would be at the north pole. Last year's Tost has killed oranges for eight years. Peter Riebhoff is here from Detroit, N. D., visiting bis father, Michael Riebhoff. Peter was a pioneer in Kos- sutb county, and left here at an early day. Fie is now 57 years of age, and tias not been here in :17 years. Old 'riends enjoy recalling the incidents of pioneer life with him. The Register says of Col. Cooke's paper at Des Moines: "Col. T. F. looke of Algona, general inspector small arms practice, read a paper comparing the English musketry instruction system with the system in force in this country. The paper was based on personal observations made by Col. Tlooke last summer and was full of interest and instruction." The Leader says: "It was an able paper in which the colonel thought the American ,sys- ;em was the better." Col. Coolce in- iroduced a resolution which was unanimously endorsed, asking that p5,000 be appropriated fo,r small arms practice in the state. JUST arrived this morning at Galbraith's, something for the children in the line of cloaks and jackets. * IN addition to a large assortment of popular styles in jadies' jackets we are showing a big line of misses' and children's garments, Galbraith & Co, Money. I am loaning money on farm lands at six per cent, interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any part of bis mortgage at the time of paying interest, J, J, RYAN. Office over the postofflce, Algona, Iowa. CUKE FOB HEADACHE, As a remedy for all forms of headache Electric Bitters has proved to be the very best.- It effects a permanent cure, and the most dreaded habitual sick headaches yield to its influence, We urge all who are afflicted to procure a bottle and give this remedy a tylftl. In cases of habitual cpns.tipa- tion Electric Bitters cures by giving the needed tope to the bowels, wd few cages long resist the use of this medicine. Try it once, Large bottles ojily 50 cents atj L, A, Sheetz'-drug. store. 3 THE DISCOVERY SAVED HIS WPE. Mr, G, Cailleuette, druggist, Beavers- ville, 111., says: ,t*ToPr. King's New Discovery I owe my life. Was taken with. La Grippe and tried all the physicians fo; miles about, but of no avail and was given up apd told I could not live. Havipg Dr. King's New Discovery in my store I sent for a bottle ajnd began its uso »nd from the flrst dose dega» to get better, »wd after vts- ing three bottles was »p and. about again. Itjs worth its weight h gold, We won't gg !*>£<¥ bousejyithputjfc>» t Get a free HS Went to cttll kelp afict ftfrelif it ftf* iVed she was dead. Heai-t FailbMs was he cause, the fesuifc of old fife. Mfcsv Af-chibald and Ih6 family had ffiftny Mends who will mOuffi he? deia'ih. the family extend tbeii* thanks to all who have sd kindly helped them ib heir time of trouble. • GEORGE George Carter, second son" of Win. Jarter, the well known" tl-vitigton pioneer, died of typhoid fevef 1 last Thufs- day and was buried FVidtty in the li-v* ngton cemelefy, Rev. Southwell of Algoha attend ihg, George was past S years of age, was born and raised in fvington, alid Wns Well known td all >he pioneers. The family have the ympatby of all in their bereavement. Winter Carnival, St. l*alli, For this occasion excursion tickets can be sold to St. Paul and return by he C., M. & St. P. Ry., Jan. 20 to 80, nclustve, good to return on or before tan. 31, at one and one-third fare. In Addition to these arrangements excur- lon tickets can nlso be sold on Jab, !1, 24, and 80, good returning day fol- owing day of sale, at one fare for the •ound trip. QBWABY parter 8upci}{»bs the Jafle Arphibalij toe wotfeer h^l is i§7,7, ' wjtfe T:\ fey.ap^Pjs. \wm lSTM-^s»i*»i HANDCUFFS STOP TALK. Ke«p« on • ,(-, • ",t?«!i o^f • "U: . ,«Lif And Breaking n Prisoner's Jaw Him Prom Running Away. A police officer was nnder cross ex* initiation in the police court. The de- endant was charged with using vulgar anguage, battery, disturbing the peace, drunkenness and resisting an officer. You put the handcuffs on this man, Lidn't you?" asked the attorney for the defense. "Yes, sir." "Why did you do that? Was he resist- ng or attempting to escape at that ime?" 'No, sir." 'Ho was walking along quietly enough, wasn't he?" 'Yes." 'Then why did you handcuff him?" 'He was using vulgar language." 'But why did yon put those things his wrists?" 'I couldn't put them on his mouth." 'What did he do then?" 'He tried to run." 'And what did you do?" 'I broke his jaw for him." 'Why did you break his jaw?" 'Well, I couldn't break, his leg, could 'Then, as I understand it, you put landouffs on him to keep him from us- ng vulgar language and broke his jaw '10 keep him from running?" ' "Yes, sir; that's right; that's what I did." • Did the handcuffs stop his vulgar anguage?" "That's what they did." "How?" "Well, he's deaf and dumb, and he was swearing with his fingers." Did breaking his jaw stop his running?" •. :'•:•• . "Yes, sir. When he came to he was where he couldn't run."—Son Francisco Post. '.,••;;•.• Citizen Train. George Francis Train eat in state in Madison Square park the other day, and as he lolled on a bench munching peanuts a man came along who had been drinking. There ore few persons on earth who think the sage of the square an easy mark for their shafts of wit. Kin you tell me,"' asked the lurching chap, "why yon are crazy?" George Francis looked at him seriously for a moment. "Yes," he answered; "I am pursued by so many fools who ask questions." "Don't sensible folks ever talk to you?" went on the man. "Never," replied the philosopher. " You have answered your own ques- ;ion," he went on. "If you need the information really, you put yourself down as a silly person, If you're riot bright enough to see the point, you are convicted of being one of the class you men- ion, In any event you're a fooL Now 30 home and reason it out." And the lalf dazed individual sauntered away. —New, Ycrk World. "Tell It to the Marines." Miss .Inland (to old salt, who is showing the party over the flagship)—-And what are all those soldiers on board ship for? Bo'sun's Mate—Thim? Oh, thim'e the marines, mum. Miss Inland—Marines? And what are they for? Papa Inland-~Don 't ask eo many fool* ish questions, Mary Ellen, Everybody knows those gentlemen are employed by the government for the sailors to tell stories to.—Pearson's Weekly. XTrow Force of Qablt,- Anna—I wonder what makes Mr. Proopley down in the mouth tonight? GaybeUe—Force of habit, I suppose', he's a dentist, you know,—'Boston Courier, A lady of genius wiU give a genteel air to her whole dress by a well fancied suit of knots, as a judicious writer gives- spirit to a whole sentence by a singl* expression. ^Gay. The Kentucky river bad its from an Indian expression., "at the head of the river," This Young Man Cr Smiles. Can you Guess Why? The problem is simple, It is not because is the flower oif the familsr—fqr he isn't^btt; because his family uses , Daisy Mills Flotir. The fact that foreign flour has been reduced to our prices proves the superiority of our product. This is one of the sure things, Sure things are scarce. Try Daisy flour. Why you can buy any shape you want for just half price, trimmed or untrimmed. Also have 100 pairs Rubbers— misses' and ladies'—at 25c, worth 40 to 60c, Just -a few of our January Bargains, Jas« Taylor, Canned Goods* "' C $X Did we sell so many -;J Cloaks the last two v *,' weeks ? First, be- '..'\; cause , we advertised them. Second, because we sold them as advertised. Now this week we have made a big cut on a new lot of-30-inch Boucle Jackets, handsomely made, watermelon sleeve, inlaid pearl buttons, worth $7.50, now, (ff/^ &f\ January Clearing Price . . . AflO'o^Jv/ And if you can use our $12.50 and $10.00 long or short coats, we have £F P*? gr ^y ' Some good things left at . . ^P -^ •t-JV/ In Our Millinery ^ . w .:&nvy?£ ">V> 'i* ' • •*<•? v' sS XW-'&^^^J '^•'V^wJJ 'j^Ji^&'^&mi^l^Mw^

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