The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 22, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1896
Page 2
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££&£'• «.\..V^ii!^ '~.jLcK{ ^ri^uw&.&'ft 4&*'*ViWf ffiV-tiflL' t^GA. » '- --..', 1 THE IE9IS1ATCEE lx'%0fa§ iSonlaiii tsft&% &;* 1= f^in. 1 !f ¥ 'Wdttld have' been tounty about S3 t dbo, 4 'The f}0wdi" tif as Often beeaj Qct'ssip has. sent many a the gallows; has put the sful prison stripes dhto innocent 4ind the ^'mob\ looked on and *'laughed! Gtosslp^has sent many'a v ^Virtuous girl or Woman into evil 'Ways ^-because she was literally lied out of '• irlends and home—into hell! When ' the final settlement comes there will be an everlasting' lot of. time put into ..:, /settling tnljse gossip cases, and the men and women who have suffered by reason ot them will be there with accusing eyes. In the prison's of our * ! *cou*nt!Hy ( to-day are confined many '" infaocerit men and women—sent thei'C power of gossip accumulating circumstances. And that same power can pull down any man ,or woman that it may get its wagging combination on." O'BRIEN COUNTY CONTESTS. fceliig nui &i Ml spied, the saw fespbke, teteHfif'ilie ffftmg to pieces, A piece bi thfe flyffig, de&rls tfetfttdtt foUfig ftdtteftsofi m the head and knocked hitn sefae'eiees, . ,A bed Wound, f»6ti- c lwfttiag*le'tn%sfcttli, wis in'flletea"" bn the man's forehead,'Juetovgf' the eye, besides bruising the side n ttf his head, The matt who wai/f eedihg' the 1 mill was ' "" ' timbers and " ' DIVORCED AND MAFtftlED, W - 'i'tr ? ! ," Mfs.VH Eighty Case* Set for Hearing by Land Ofllce ( Officials, ' DEB MOINES, January 18.—Registrar Evans and Receiver Turbctt have set-eighty contested O'Brien county ' 'cases for trial at the land office in Dos ' 'Moines. Forty of the cases are set for '[hearing,in March and foi;ty in April. /When thei land was opened for settlement the department made a rule that all persons who held land under title ^from the railroad company should' be given the privilege of entering the lands before the regular entry day. This carried with it 1 the right of the contestants to file their contests to the '.entry claims, So far about one hundred entries of this class have been made and all of them have been con• tested. The cases will bring a large number of persons to Des'Moines to attend the cases and give evidence before the officers of the land department. It was thought somo of the cases would be set for hearing u^ points in O'Brien bounty, but the land office officials have found it impracticable to move about from one place .to another and ' carry with them the, records of the office. , A SCHOOL GIRL STOLEN. Jtemafrkable tllvorce totite ftocoi-tl at llnf iliigtolii BtthLiN&Totf, January is.—Thos. & Yost, of Mediajolis, aged 05 years, Was granted a divorce from his wife by Judge Smyth. -Fifteen minutes later he applied for and received a license to marry'Mrs. Willie C. Frost., Mrs. Frost is a widow of 51 years,whoso husband, a Methodist minister, died n few months ago. The marriage took place at once. - Ilnnlcci-g Arrested, DBS MOINES, January 17.—D. T. Stanley, president, and if. 11. D. Stanley, his sou, who was the cashier of the Bank of Commerce, which recently assigned, have been arrested on information s« ora out by 0. L. Coons, charging them with fraudulent bank j ing. The claim of the prosecution 5iJ that the officers of the bank are guilty of taking money for deposit, knowing the bank to be insolvent. DES MOINES, January 20.—D. T. Stanley, president of the Bank of Commerce, of University Place, insists that the bank was closed _ by the mistake of the trustee, J. H. Stockham, and that it was not insolvent. The assets of the bank have been turned over to the German Savings Bank, and Stanley says the depositors will be paid in full at once and that thousands will be left. , Pretty I-llllo Boss Abducted by Frunk Hodges nt Klppoy. 'i Ansn, January 17. — Lillio Ross, aged 14 years, was abducted at Rippey by Frank Hodges. The girl and her brother were returning to their home from the school house, which is three and one-half miles south of Rippey. Hodges drove along and asked them to ride, as lie was going their way. They ' accepted the invitation. When the house'was reached the.boy jumped out, but before the girl could alight Hodges whipped up and ran the horses several miles back , through Rippey alid into Marion county. He is 28 years of age. The girl's parents formerly lived near Minburn. JEFFEHSOJT, January 17. — Fred Hodges, who abducted Lillie Ross, aged 14, is in custody, He drove the girl to a farmer's house pear Dawson and there introduced her as his wife and 'they -occupied a rpom together that night. '\ _ I I Iowa Millers, DES MOINES, January 10.—The Iowa Millers Association elected the following officers: President, E. A. Consigney; vice president, James Taggart; secretary and treasurer,' J. T. Sharp; assistant secretary, C. L. Mott. The millers are enthusiastic in their demand that the 1 farmers contimie to raise wheat, holding that it is more profitable this year than any other crop. — — ——______ f Whisky imd Cold Killed Him. DUBUQUE, January 19,—Thomas Roe, an old resident of Farjcy, Dubuque county, was found cleadjfTrmd his body frozen in the shanty where he lived alone." A half empty bottle of whisky told the story. BREVITIES. IN CORNFIELD. v TVoodchoppcr's Skull Crushed iiiul the Body Frozen. , CHARGES CJTY, January 17.— The body of H, Ralph was fbund in the woods jje^r here, The skull was badly crushed, He had gone from his t\ome ,jn Rockford to chop woo4, and as he /did^ot return at night a searching party fpun4 him lying in a dense thicket, Near Win lay a tree, which jb$ hs4 ( ev;4ently felle4, but there was po evidence that it ha4 struck him, TJie bo4y was fpo?e» stiff, There is a ' mystery surrounding the case, which Jooks }ike foul play, " - BREACH QF PROMISE, JttiPlstor' Aped so Sued, by 4 Spinster ana ; ' ; ' , Settjlpo for wpoo, 10,— Rev, M, a, supprarinunted Methodist p,oeg?}^ so years pf age. h»s his breach of pyomjs$ suit ?pta$er, Miss the plaintiff VTJ-- $p»f JdlJed. her ^oyster, lover,, E. W. ^M«£%tip : ,, , , , •"—' T ""W %^WJ|tt! ^M>**\ tolter™ m The Dos Moines Bank of Commerce has made an assignment, S. R. Dawson, who killed his son-in- law, Walter Scott, at DCS Moines, has been indicted by tho grand jury. Linseed Cake (oil meal) does not only keep your stock in good order,'but is "a great flesh producer and is now as cheap as corn. Write Oes Moines Linseed Oil' Works for pamphlets and pz'ices. When Detectives Johnson and liar- din, of DCS Moines, arrived -at East Peru a few days ago with Davies, the bank wrecker, there was great talk of a lynching, but the nerve of the offlc- iCrs pi-evented it. Jas, Crowley, a farmer living north of Danbury, in the eastern part of Woodbury county, was found dead in a corn crib with a bullet hoje in his side. He was 21 years old and unmarried. It is supposed he shot himself by accident, A Berlin cable says; R, P. Kneebs, an Iowa horseman, was found guilty of fraudulently entering the mare Bethel under the name of Nellie Kneebs. He was fined 1,000 marks and sentenced to nine months' imprisonment with three years' loss of civil rights. The mare was confiscated, The family of John Boyle, who reside in Dubuque, is terribly afflicted. The last of three children died of % black diphtheria and both parents are down with the same disease, The family has been residing on the hill jn on.e of the most healthful parts of the city, AnQskalooso, dispatch says; Another sensation has been sprung upon the community here Jn the arrest of Cr, G, A. Hinton and Joseph Shaw, of Bacon, for criminal abortion performed upon' Anna}}, Barrow. Both are married men spd well known. The defendants gave bonds of §500 each- At _ Keostpjqua, recently £ho brick building 1 pontaijjjng the county clerk's, treasurer's, sheriff's and- county superintendent's offices was destroyed by fire. JjfotWqff was s tt ved except the recprds were contained in the yanlts npd, safes. The fire js' supposed, ta have caught from ^ fl ue fn t|e pply ?3QQ 9Bftp« eallsds^fffttetobfdef. After pfayef temjJoi .tfy ofecets wefe chosen and a cofa- feift«e eft e?6o!e'nHalg w«8 appointed. Upon its report the oUth of oftce was fa the figft meulfafg ot the W. B. Bftllandj»§crttftfy,tvii8 uhan- andusly elected, M were all of the f epub- 'icafl tauctis nominees and they ail took the oath. Senator ftitik offered a reaolu- tioft providing that a standing committee of nine members io t be known as the building ahd'lo&n cdmniitee 'be created and added to the st&bdiiig committees of the isa&te. CaWied, The committee on ar- (•angemeats fof Judge Wright's lunefal offered & Concurrent resolution i-ecoriitnend- ibg that the assembly adjoufn until Tuesday at 10 o'clock and attend Judge Wright's funeral in a body, Committee was appointed to inforin the house and the gov- ornor of the oVgani^atlon of the senate and adjournment was then taken.' DoUbleday, of Polk, called house to order 1. K. Wilson, of Clinton, was made tem- poai-y clerk abd John Morrison, of Keokuk, temporary speaker. A • committee on credentials Was appointed, and upon receipt of its report tho oath was administered to the members. H. W. Byers was elected speaker by acclamation, the democrats making no nominations. After a brief speech by the speaker the permanent officers agreed upon by tho republican caucus were elected. Resolutions on the death of Judge Wright were read and adopted; also on the death of a member of thofnmlly of Representative Orote. The governor and senate were notified that the house was orgnni/ed and ready to receive communications and transact buniuoss. Tho houxo then adjourned to 10 o'clock a. in. Tuesday. SENATE, DES MOINES, January 14.—A resolution was adopted arranging for a joint session in the house at 2 o'clock to canvass the vote for governor and lieutenant governor. The chair appointed Senators Cheshire, Mitchell, Waterman, Hurst and Bills as members of a joint committee on arrangements for the inauguration of Governor Drake. At 10;20 the senate received tho governor's message. The matter of taking up the report of the code commission caused' considerable debate, but finally the matter went over until to-morrow, the resolutions relative thereto being referred to a special committee with instructions to report. HOUSE. Memorial resolutions to the following persons were passed: Miller, of Lee; McGonigal, of Clayton, Burnquestof Webster; and Smith of Linn. Martin, of Adair, introduced a resolution to appoint a building and loan committee. Motion by Gurley to table was carried. Notice given of move to reconsider. Private Secretary Richards delivered the governor's message. It was ordered filed and printed. House agreed to resolution to canvass the vote. Committee ou inauguration and memorial was uppoiut- ed. JOINT SESSION. In the afternoon the senate and house met in joint session to canvass the vote for governor and lieutenant governor. Lieutenant Governor Duugan presided. A committee was appointed to perform the work and when completed, the report as follows was adopted. The total number of votes cast for governor was 401,845, of which Gen Drake received 203,714, Babb, democrat, 140,438, Crane, populist, 83,428, and Bacon, prohibitionist, 11,01.4. For lieutenant governor there were cast 898,975, of which Matt Parrot, republican, received 811,204,'Bestow, democrat, 145,789, Starrett populist, 81,700, and Atwood, prohibitionist, 10,223. Gen, Drake and Matt Parrott were declared, elected and the joint convention was dissolved. SENATE. DES MOINES, January 15.—Prayer by Rev. J. M. Crocker,; chaplain of Anamosa penitentiary. Senator Carney, of Marshall, introduced a resolution to instruct tho Iowa members in congress to vote for a measure to stop the Armenian outrages. Senator .Trewin introduced the report of the~committee to consider a plan for handling tho report of the code revision committee, It was only a partial report and provides for a sonato committee of fifteen, which shall have charge of the entire report and assign the different sections of the code to tho proper standing committees of the senate. It provides that this shall not be a joint committee, but suggests that joint conferences be held with a similar committee in the house. The report of the committee was adopted by acclamation and the committee continued, Communication was received from Governor Jackson announcing a vacancy in the board of trustees of the Industrial school at Mitchellville, caused by the death of Hon. Thomas Mitchell, and a vacancy in the board of trustees of the college for'the blind, caused by the resignation of Thomas Bell, of Fairfleld. House resolution for committee to visit state institutions was referred to a committee, Adjourned, HOUSE, Prayer by Rev. W. A. Black, of Des Mpines, Resolution for appointment of a committee of seven to devise plans for pre* cedure in handling the code, was adopted and Weaver, Funk, Early, Cornwall, Evans, Porter and Temple were appointed, Resolution that» committee of three, two from AHyft, e«Mt»B, fief ft, BftttgB. - fiVeflt. . B'tttor,, CarWntef,fefIft,P«6tfc8, Upton, ttftl-Hmftn, SlAhcMfd, Mitchell, JdlHSoft* R&hek, BofcBon. WaMrmSW, Gftfst, Rlfgen, Bell, .f oungf, Serf?, Hobart* Byers, Rftftck, Phelpe. CUle'il and Wntermaii, Lathtob, Pliftey, Bianchard, Alexander, EHI6, C&rhey, Ericeoil, Hospers, HtfcWeli, BohSon. sufepreesten of IfttefHftefahce— Sen* AiofB PerHH, ttiggen, Carttey, Gilbert* son, Palftief-, Garst, Safgeaht, Funk, El* lie, Waterman) Hospers, Bottfioh, Hlp« ton. Among the bi3s intrdrdtfcect fo toneo! and others*) si election laws : to f equite etttfy fmfbhBsef of intoiieatfng liquoi- to be used as t,S secrifS ft license and establish Separate the house an4 one from the senate, be appointed by speaker to visit state institutions was adopted. Adjourned until tomorrow, HKPUBfclCAN CAUCUS, At the joint republican caucus Senator Alhson was unaHimously nominated for a 6fth term of six years. The senator was present iwd ma^e ft f)tii ng »(}d r ess p R " w«w nomlnate4^w state printer; for binder; warden dden; For ...... Younj Anawosn, P, W-1 N. Jones. ,„. PBMQOIUTIO CAUCUS. 1 he ,democratic caucus nominated the following: Uulted States senator; W. I f a b .bi warden, Anarnosa, y 0 m Hudson' Ft SftfelMpw? .Bartoni^tatemlntS; Congressional and Judicial Districts —Senators Young, Baton, Bianchardi Upton, Hobart, Juhkih, Berry, Alexander, Healy, Downey, Bonson. Agriculture—Senators Palmer, Kll* burn,-Henderson, Lehfeldt, Bell, Harriman, Mitchell, Young, Hospera, fiver-* all, Downey, Constltulontal Amendments and Suffrage—Senators Phelps, Craig, Ellison, Rowen, Hotchkiss, Eaton, Gorrell, Cheshire, Byers, Ranck, Harper. Insurance—Senators Garst, Craig, Kilburn, Rowen, PhelpB, Pusey, Young, HotchklsSt Alexander, Harper, Everall. S<ftiools—Senators Trewin, Phelps, Eaton, Kilburn. Perrin, Carney, Byers, Ericson, Carroll, Everall, Ranck. Labor—Senators Kilburn. Rowen, Byers, Druet, Healy, Hotchkiss, Carroll, Downey, Hlpwsll. Klnea and Mining—Senators Carroll, Hlggen, Perrin, Cheshire, DrUet, Healy, Bianchard, Hipwell, Downey. Banks—Senators - Hospers, Carneyi Carpenter, Allyn, Alexander, Ellison, Pusey, Gilbertson, Bonson. Senatorial and Representative Districts—Senators Upton, Lothrop, Henderson, Ellison, Byers, Allyn, Carpenter, Hurst, Everall. Highways—Senators Harriman, Kilburn, Palmer, Sargeant, Gorrell, Henderson, Trewin, Young, HUrst. , Public Health—Senators Gorrell, Rlg- gen, Druet, Cheshire, Penrose, Harriman, Mitchell, Funk, Palmer, Downey, Ranck. . Educational Institutions — Senators Blanchard, Garst, Hotchkiss, Hobart, Penrose, Bell, Palmer, Ranck, Bonson. Military—Senators Craig, Palmer, Kilburn, Henderson, Rlggen, Hotchkiss, Bell, Everall, Hurst. . Pharmacy—Senators Rlggen, Carney, Gorrell, Pusey, Craig, Byers, Ellison, Sargeant, Hurst. Penitentiaries and Pardons—Senators Rowen, Junkin, Druet, Trewin, Bell, Allyn, Downey. Printing—Senators Hotchkiss, Funk, Rowen, Carroll, Bell, Healy, Hurst. Federal Relations—Senators 1 Pusey, Berry, Lothrop, Waterman, Bianchard, Carpenter, Harper. Compensation Public Officers—Senators Hobart, Ericson, Penrose, Gilbertson, Ellis, Ellison, Hipwell. Charitable Institutions — Senators Junkin, Allyn, Gorrell, Penrose, Perrin, Lehfeldt, Hobart, Sargeant, Bonson. • ... • .. Elections—Senators Carney, Upton, Eaton, Waterman, Gilbertson, Hospers, Harper. Claims—Senators Ericson, Penrose, Hobart, Garst, Allyn, Sargeant, Erer- all. . Commerce—Senators Ellison, Bianchard, Hospers, Ellis, Cheshire, Lehfeldt, Harper. Retrenchment and Reform—Senators Allyn, Perrin, Junkin, Leh'feiat, Eaton, Mitchell, Hurst. Manufactures—Senators Druet, Ericson, Mitchell, Alexander, Hipwell. Public Buildings—Senators Alexander, Carroll, Young, Lghfeldt, Hurst. Rules—Senators Mitchell, Phelps, Carpenter, Berry, Ranck. Horticulture and Forestry—Senators Bell, Harriman, Gorrell, Young, Lehfeldt. Corporations—Senators Healy, Gilbertson, Upton, Ellis, Hipwell. Public Lands—Senators Lothrop, Healy, Funk. Public Libraries—Senators Berry, Mitchell, Harper. . ~..u >j^—Senators Henderson Trewin, Young. Engrossed Bills—Senators Byers .Hotchkiss, Bonson. Enrolled Bills—Senator Gilbertson Carroll, Ranck. The additional ' committees orderee this session- Revision of Code—Senators Carpenter, Trewin, Pusey, Craig, Carney, Berry Lothrop, Junkin, Hobart, Funk, Gilbertson, Waterman, Rowen, Ranclc Harper. Building and Loan Associations— Senators Eaton, Lothrop, Cheshire, Ericson, Junkin,- Funk, Waterman Rowen, Ellis, Sargeant, Downey. nousp. The committee on code revision reported in substance as follows: Resolved, that a standing committee of twenty-five be appointed by the house to be known as the code committee which shall apportion the work to the different standing committees. 6 Early, of Sac, filed a minority report to the report of the code committee and moved its adoption. It provided for five special committees of five members each to be designated as divisions numbered 1, 2, 8, 4 and 5 and the appointment of a further committee of six whose duty would be to assign the different portions of the code to the several committees. Merrell, of Clinton, advocated adoption of the p&n of 1878 Governor's pardon and commutation nies' sage was transmitted. «•""'•* « ™»» INAUGURAL EXERCISES. 1 lie inaugural exercises were held in the rotunda at 8:80 p. m. After music by the Des Moines band Rev, H. o, Breeden de livered the invocation. There was music by the Drake University Glee Club and then the oath was administered by Chief Justice Rothrook, Governor Drake was then presented and delivered his address. At its conclusion Senator Allison was called nd the befialty ifl c'4s6 of faihtfe to do eo; to S state bodl-dof embalmings tb adult and juvenile prisoners. ft resolution that ft com- thi-eci senators and f otif f eptesen- tatives be appointed- to eonsidet a plan for celehrfttihg the semi-centennial of the state and the erection of ft memorial . Laid ovef i Adjourned. HOUSE. • A report of the code aommittee ( provid ing for the appointment of five special committee* from each bodjr, consisting of seveti members each, and which shall be designated as special committees oh revising the code, each committee representing a a different division, to each of Which shall be referred for consideration and recom* mendatioti the several parts of the reports of the code commission as shall be assigned to it by a special committee, was received. Merrell presented a substitute.'which was tabled, and the report was adopted. Van Houten offered a resolution regarding the pooling of railroads, and containing suggestions for the railroad committee toward preventing sttch pooling. Referred. The speaker announced members of committees to visit state institutions, after which adjournment was taken until Monday. CONDITIONS ARE MODIFIED. the Another Bond Circular Issued from Treasury DP par tin out. Washington, Jan. 17.—Secretary Carlisle last night made public the-following circular modifying the conditions for payment of the advertised bond issue: "Treasury Department, Office of th€ Secretary, Washington, Jan. 16, 1896.— .Treasury Circular (No. 3, 1896) dated Jan, 6, 1896, inviting proposals for the purchase of one hundred million dollars ($100,000,000) of United States ,4 pei cent bonds, >is hereby so modified that after the payment of the first installment of 20 per cent, with accrued inter; est, as required in said circular, the;remainder of the amounts bid may: be paid in installments of 10 per cent each and accrued interest' at the end of each fifteen days thereafter; but all accepted bidders may pay the whole amount of their bids at the time of the first installment, and all accepted bidders who have paid all installments previously maturing may pay the whole amount ol their bids at any time not later than the maturity of the last installment Accepted bidders who pay the whole amount at the time of the first installment or at any date thereafter^as above provided, will be entitled to receive, al the date of the payment,* the whole amount of bonds awarded to them, and accepted bidders who pay by installments will be entitled to receive at the dates of such payments the amount oJ bonds paid for, J. G. CARLISLE, "Secretary of the Treasury," StOSfiOE . DOGTft] PSLlfteAt, CIAL AMB Wilt Give at ta th« 6f Indiana Democratic Committee. Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 17.—The new democratic state committee, elected bj the district conventions last Wednesday,met here yesterday and elected Sterling R. Holt'of this city chairman and John P. Franzel, president of the Merchants' national bank -of this city, treasurer.; It was practically decided by the committee that the state nominating convention shall be held in advance of t^ie national convention. The date of the convention will be fixed al a be held in about three weeks. The free silver people favor an early convention. There were only a few free silver men in the meeting. The "sound-money" advocates' declare that they know of only two free-silvei men on the committee,- -These are Joel Matlock of the 4th district and Petes T Kruyer of the 13th, To Work for Senator Allison. Washington, Jan. 17,—If any doubl has existed of the avowed candidacy ol Senator Allison for the republican nomination for president, it was dispelled yesterday by the action of-the lows congressional delegation. With thf sanction of Senator Allison himself th< delegation held a conference, attendee by every member in the city, and discussed plans for advancing 'the senator's presidential interests. A corn* mittee of three was selected to represent the Allison interests in Washing ton. The Bena.tor'6 friends believe thai his strength can te demonstrated to th< country, by an active and organize? movement in his interest, St. Louis, Mb. The fecepttatt bMhe P*re6ideftt's,f] sage demonstrated that* the America J people are a unit oh the Mofrfbe docl tf lae, Between natlofis n6 doctrine, ml principle, n6 action cah be upheld &| 'cefit by force, Twenty centuries 6(1 civilisation have failed to establish thJ golden rule 'as the basic flrihcipU ot| ,the acts of nations, thirty days i English writers characterized it as "nebulous Monroe Doctrine." To-ddjl that principle has an entity, an in.| dividuality in the unwritten laws be-| tween governments. A writer in the December number oil the North American Review says: "W&I all know that the development and ex-l panslon of nationalities follow lines of least resistence .and. are ; crned by inflexible natural laws. EquaV'J ly well known are the principles whldl govern the redistribution of trade cen-l rters resulting from the. opening up otl 'new ehannnels of commerce." The eam&J writer says when the Nicaragua Canal j is opened Europe will be brought to thej very doors bf America. ' The Monroe Doctrine assures the I Nicaragua Canal. The Nicaragua Canal .will build up Trans-Mississippi Giiltl ports! The total value of the exports! of the United States of .the United! States is $793,392,955. The Trans-Mississippi furnishes of that amount ?448,-| 643,727. f This business will be done byf Gulf ports. Great Britain is still suffering froml the deflection of/commerce from the! Cape Route to the Suez Ganal. Com-1 inerce follows the line of least expense,! These incontrovertible arguments no| doubt decided the great! banking house! of Alexander Brown & Sons to under-f take the work of developing the natural! ,harbor of Aransas Pass, Texas. Al-| ready they have so nearly completed! the work that a festival of rejoicing onl the occasion of the Homeseekers' 'Ex-f cursion, February llth is being pre-I pared. The railroad fare for the round! trip from any point in the west is only I $2.00 more than the fare one way. A! steamship ride through'the harbor out! into the Gulf, a Green Turtle and Can-j vass Back Duck Barbecue will be given! to the excursionists. Everybody 'is in-.| vited to be present and"look over thof new town, of Aransas Pass (whose! motto is,,"Here Everybody, Shall Make! Money") arid 'and ch'eap.'landsf BOERS GETTING READY. CAR tbres to Yieaoh pffe Arowto, SJ5A.NTJ3, , Pss MOINCS, January IT.-Mapy petitions were introduced asking that age> Q f consent be * rveed to 18 years, A large number of bills \vere introduced, among.'them the followmg; To define fraternal beneficiary societies, orders and associations and resr- tb W>: , tc ? Prohibit the wjnf- and sale of cigarettes; to allow "he ' the age .of. j require. county bow4s to of > 18 years . appropriate asfo kwp wlthfaj their revenue ; to regulate Two ot a Party of m\o Killed and Three Injured In New York, Ne W york, Jan, 17,T-Five car cleaners employed by the Wagner Palace Car company were run down by an engine on the Hudson River railroad at 6 o clock this morning at One Hundred and Forty.fourth street ft nd Fourth avenue, two of the party being killed ana the remainder seriously The kUjed are; Wzzle Becker" old; Delia Mahon, r ' ' The Volksraert Orders the Enlistment ' Four Hundred Artillerymen/ PHETOBIA, January 17. -Tlic volksraed met and authorized the addition of 40J men to the state artillery. A resolution offered by the government was adopted thanking the Orange Free State for iti assistance, and also thanking Governoi'j Robinson, of Cape Colony, and S)i Jacobus Dcwet, the British agent here, 1 for their influences and support in th efforts to prevent bloodshed and fq the ready and powerful manner ii' which Governor Robinson has fulfilled! his difficult task. A- message fron President Ivrueger was read, announijJ ing his intention to discuss with the Rand in later and calmer moments ihe' causes which led to the dastardly plot 1 to invade the Transvaal, The govern-' mentwas now firm in its resolve,toJ maintain the sacred rights to tlijj republic and to establish the same on'j a firmer apd more secure foundation. After „ a brief ' sitting the chamber 1 adjourned, Candid'and .dispassionatrl explanation being regarded as impos-'J sible during the present session, dll'-l work was-postponed until the May*| session. The volksraed of the Orange 1 Free State has adopted a resolution^! declaj-ipg tliat the Oj-ange Free State' will assist the Transvaal at all times«, her assistance should be required, cleaners w ^re Diking'VrTh OB V$H, *., flfi F f», & 0, R,, R. traycjj when stepped to the "" to they i *~t ^ . f A January 17,—A* Havana d.iff patch says: "T.he msuj-g'e.n.ts'h'ave'put. all land comraiinicaticm.? except to ft 1 ' coiipie pf suburbs. Steamships are the * only outside roea.ns' of c,Q(n,}jj,\jnicaH°B"' •with tfje capital," \ *' , ,">[•' ~ t p 4 i 11 , Formal Action OD AUiSgn, ' \ WASHINGTON, January jp,— ^hofQ\ya v ' congressional delegation met and took action formally avowing th ' -•" ' qf Senator*'Allison f 9 r t&e presidential nominatio^ W[ust Qjipu PBKW, January 19,—' of Great J3r%jn h^os presented Ultimatum to 'ChiW flemfl¥jd,ipg opening-of tl^eWesnivejv • . Wveji op in SKSi^'^^w*^ ;^PW Yty'k ^pjrt 9\^\ h&j, jujl^ Xfc^tyor «

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