The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 22, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1896
Page 1
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'''• -y/3 - - 'Of-. ESTABLISHED 1805* ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANtTABY 22, 1896, YOL, 9 Here Opposite SAD TALE OF DB8BRTM, A, J. I/oMeland Skips frotn Sifle Earth City with ft Woiflati Who is Not His Wife, His Unsuspecting Wife ( a Former Iowa dirt, Heaifbtokett Ovet His i>ia> graceful Conduct. The Postoffice. ,ome and see us and see . how we look. ['Telephone No. 19. Galbraith & Co. -will place on sale a big lot of Flannel ^^ Dress Goods, T "Worth 500, 750, and $1.90, For 25 c Yd. First come first served. . We are going to slaughter our Blankets this week. We have just received the largest line of Carpets that has ever been shown in Algona—Ingrain, Brussells, Matting. The Blue Earth Post tells ft strange story of desertion, the wife deserted being a young lady who for tnerly lived near the Kossuth-county line southeast of Eltnore. Her name was Miss Bertha Dantelson and she Was married to A. J, Lbmeland of Blue Elarth lust June. Loraeland and the girl he ran away with went through Algona oh the Northwestern, having bought tickets for Eagle Grove, The Post's story is as follows: About six months ago A. J. Lomeland, an employe in the machine office of Geo, W. Chute, was married to Miss Bertha Danielson, who resided with her. parents in Iowa, about eight miles southeast of Elmore. They rented a part of the old Centennial building and lived happily, Mr. Lomeland was an industrious, steady man and during the fall months ran a threshing machine for Mr. Chute, returning to the office and general employment after the season was over. During his absence, a sister of Mrs. Lomeland stayed with, her, but was married before Christmas and afterwards he brought to the house, apparently as a companion for bis wife, a young girl about 16 years of age named Helen Thompson, who lived in the neighborhood of the Danielson's in Iowa, but with whom Mrs. Lomeland had never been intimate, and in fact had never considered her an associate. She received her into their household however, because of her husband bringing her there, but protested with him once or twice that it ,was not necessary, as there was nothing for her. to do and she was not lonesome. Tuesday morning of last week, under pretense of driving the girl home,, he took one of Mr. Chute's teams and started away, saying that he would return in the evening. Night came but the husband did not. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday passed by full of anxious dread by the expectant wife, but he came not. In the meantime Mr. Chute learned that his team had been left in his branch office in Elmore, but that his employe had gone. Saturday evening Mrs. Lomeland's mother and brother arrived on the evening train from Elmore, expecting to find the young woman dead or dying. They came in response to a letter received from Lomeland, telling them to go as quick as possible to Bertha. Sunday all throe returned to the Iowa home, going b meetings at the Methodist ofaufch last night, when the differences between the contending elements,of the choir, which has been oa ft strike fof three weeks, were adjustedi fitev, Mf. Grit- 1 fiths proved his power ttnd ability iti a striking manner. The difficulty ardse between Miss ttex, the chorister and Miss Cottftnt, the pianist, The minister persuaded these two ladies to coffle to the altar and aftet* prayer they arose and publicly kissed and made up before a congregation of 1,000 people. The scene affected the entire audience to tears. Members of the church who had cherished grievances for each other, originating from the choir strike, forgave each other and the white- winged dove of peace has now permanently settled over the strlkingstngers and the entire church. It is supposed the old choir will be on duty next Sun* day as usual. Mow to Get a JS r eW Code, Ellis MoWhorter of Portland township Is interested In getting anew code at a cheap price. He recently wrote to the State Eeglster about it and his letter and the reply are of interest: BUM, Iowa Jan. 14,1896.—Editor Register 1 . I would like to ask you ona question, and that IB this: Why do we spend so much money making laws to govern the people and not allow the people the privilege of governing themselves according to the laws by knowing what the laws are? I think the code costs from $11 to $12. Just think of a farmer giving more than 100 bushels of oats for a code. There is not one farmer In this township (Portland) that bwns a code, and there Is not a code In the township that is less that 25 years old. The county supervisors say they cost so much they can't furnish them. When the code is completed why could not the legislature pass a law authorizing the state to publish and keep the code on sale at cost at the county audit- ors'offices, for cash to all who wish them; add thus give the people a chance to know what the Taws are? The state of Illinois once published the code of that state and sold them at cost, which was $2 each. ELLIS McWnoBTEU. The above communication received yes- tsrday, objects to the fact that it is Impossible to obtain a code of Iowa for a less sum than 100 bushels of oats will tell for. The state published the code of 1878 and sold it for *3 a copy until in 1880 the Miller code came out. The state then ceased to publish the code and the work passed into the hands of private parties. Before, the county auditors were all supplied with copies of the code by the state and they sold them. In 1884 McClain's code was printed and since that time that code -has been the one in general use. It has been sold at about $10 or $11. The code now before the legislature will be printed by the state, placed in the hands of the county auditors and sold for about$3. Gold Bonds are what/we are all after, If you want! you can soon save enough to invest in j by buying your groceries of us, See what A Little Money Will Do! M 3 Ibs, Peaches, . lOo SlbSiPears, . . lOc 3 Ibs. Tomatoes, lOc 3 Ibs. baked beans lOc 2 Ibs. Corn, . . : -iDo 5 Ibs. Rio Coffee, LO& <-4j**».-—-* 1 -- 1 £5 Ibs. Raisins, 1.00 Langdon & Hudson. TELEPHONE NO. IS. It's a Disgrace That there should be living in our town women who are obliged to wash fifty-two times every year and wring their clothes by hand, as Eve did over 4,000 years ago. We are determined that not One Woman Galbraith & Co. We are not advertising holiday goods any more for the present, but we want all the people to remember that our goods are . . Just as Desirable Other Time y if as for the holidays, Stock is always complete. Prices are right. Come and look. Complete stock of Undertaking Goods. U NSURANCE. , koan and Collection Hua&ess 0»oe over Farmers' of Cedar Baptds, Phoenix of gartfora. HaporerofNewYprfc, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Roekford of Jtoekford, * Lloyd's Plate Glass of New YorJ?, tea States Wle ot New York, , p. a, Haggard & Peek, [Successors to JQB68 & Abstracts, . I Real EBtete,ia*fi» E, G, BOWYER, way of the Thompson's to ascertain if the girl Helen had arrived at her father's. She had not and the last ray of hope died out of the young wife's heart. Now she knew the worst; that her husband had not only .deserted her, but had taken with him'the girl for a companion. The Thompson family were sore stricken at the intelligence. .Monday evening Mrs, Lomeland returned to Blue Earth City with her brother and Tuesday, with sobs and tears, gathered together her household effects and returned to the home of her parents. At Elmore it was learned that Lomeland bought passage to Eagle Grove. The man should be followed and punished to the full extent of the law, He is about 80 years of age, pleasant and agreeable and was very well liked here. He came to Mr. Chute from Wells, where be had been working in the machine business, and was a very competent man in that respect, At the time of his marriage he made a request of the Post not to publish it, saying that be had especial reasons for not wanting it to be wade public through the paper, This was considered a little strange by the editors and was commented upon at the time between them, but in the light of what has occurred it may be that be bad been married before and was afraid that if published in a paper having so wide a circulation as the Post it might lead to his detection, The deserted wife is a young, pretty looking woman, quite refined and ladylike in her manners. She says they had always lived happily and Lome- laud had been very kind. Since' the above was written Mr. Chute informs us that he has received a letter from Mr, Homeland without any postoiBce date, enclosing some notes he had with him for collection, in which he regrets the necessity for bis departure and thinks > be made a bad mistake in going, carrying > the impression that be was forced to ge to prevent gome disagreeable disclosure, He said, however, that as soon as it be» came safe for hire be would return, RoS» Knoefcs Pound GwUty. i of Sioux City has at last How Standard Oil Is Made. • Bailey: Roclcfeller's "Standard oil" that he sends to Iowa has to be sent back to be ''regreased." There isn't oil enough to it to keep it from souring. It rusts when it stands over night. To make it, take ; a bucket of of soft coal, fill it with water and let it stand over night; pour off water carefully and let it settle; strain it and boil it down one-half; skim it and add a pint of soapsuds, then throw it away and buy a pound of., candles. When you light a lamp you want two lanterns to find the lamp with. There is no more danger of its exploding than th'ere is of the Mississippi river. Great is Rockfeller and water is bis " profit," Fourth Regiment Standings. Capt. Scheinmerhorn has^ sent out his reports for the Fourth regiment. As taken from an exchange, Company F stands third: Company G, Port Dodge ....... ...,.,..,, 101,80 Company H, Sioux City .................. 72.24 Company F, Algona ,, ...... ,.,,,... ..... Go,88 Company B, Perry, ............... ....... 52.22 Company L, Sioux City. ....... ..... ..... 42.00 Company D, Hampton ....... ...,; ...... 38.75 Company O, Webster City ......... . ...... 34,37 Company I, Boone ................ ,. ..... 86,73 Company K, Emmetsburg, ....... ...... 24.42 Company M, Cherokee ............ , ...... 24.42 Company A, Mason City ......... ........ 15,71 Company E, Hull ......................... 12,41 Al«ona Has the "Latest," Bailey: Wooden shoes are very fashionable in the best society now, They learn the ladies to toe out, give a springy knee action like that of the Tyrolese beauties and cure all diseases of the feet. All the ladies of Algona wear wooden shoes this 'winter. When not in use for foot wear they can be used as a cradle for the babies, However, the idloeynoracies of fate always seem to militate against the poor, for a poorKossuth county lady with only one leg recently gave birth to twins and had only one shoe for a cradle, shall be without a good clothes wringer, if price heretofore has prevented such ownership. Until Feb. ist we will sell a good steel frame wringer, that is sold everywhere for $2, for only $1.39 — only 10 cents a day Jor two weeks. At this price we will sell but one wringer to one party, our object being to benefit as many families as po'ssible, and we believe that no one without a clothes wringer will miss this opportunity to get one cheap. Sale to close Saturday, Feb. ist. O. M. DOXSEB, P. L. SLAGKLE, Manufacturer and dealer In Harness, Saddles, Whips, I30BB3, and all Harness goods. Also a lull line of Trunks, Grips, and Telescopes. Repairing neatly and promptly done, ; I sell DR. JOSEPH HAAS' REMEDY FOR HOG CHOLERA. Positively the best remedy for cholera in hogs or chickens. Come and see me, at new stand, adjoining Ohrtstensen's livery barn, PROFESSIONAL. "*rf-s,« w *-»^^ - i^w^l,^^^-N - ^N - ^^ - i^ N ^V^> - *-< CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la, E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection'agent. Opera. House block. Doxsee & Foster, An Example of Peace Carroll Herald: The editors of suth county have held a meeting at Al* gona to discuss matters pertaining to their own welfare and that of the general public, That Is m«oh better than to fill pplumns with irrelevant stuff about each other, all of which they and the public know to be untrue, Editors of other counties ought to profit by their example. DAMSON & BUTLER, LAW, LOANS. LANJ). Collections a, specialty, ,' Office in (jtardner cowles 1 new building. SULLIVAN * MQMAHQN, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office In Hoxle-FerKuson bl jolt. axxd. Office in Geo. 0, Call Building. about §0 of bis best gboatfi witb cholera, GBP, , B, Attorney and Gwimdttw Omce pver Kossiath County state Pft»l{, V, STEAM ANB \jp* w&titfjw ^KP wBpi^pflp i ww* F. L, TRISQJf, M. R., Homeopathic, Offlce sl4ence In Qfflee.s of.QggHU&Jr J " S?^?; <;< gas a complete stoofc of got into 0. pro,w<I be can't monkey with It will ba remembered thai be weal Germany with a string of borees, aroopgtbw & mare wbieb but notwithstanding he bad.eutflpient the fwtw to go Sown to, AIH st tbew in the the remit. EEG1NES, gonje lo in Saj?tb, Qity to pwt in ft $$M$Q belel tt tbe town wiU give bim a piOQO ate '" oiil frosa larlte Prof- Gii^bvlet bas a topi? now J« pm?, «r,>i* r _J.Ii_Al«.i .'! A — 1' *i 1 , i ,.,

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