The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1896
Page 8
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•*S~ ' aJ," J f !w3*ir* w" "" -' JAKUA1Y15, '•s-r 7 / |S'-$'A ' '. ffiU.* ::>« •*. m ^VftSr? 1 straek Algsna ?pKy vi £' at^mes Pattersons to and X46o0i?n, HI m m w PAM itasgp &§vWta mi* ''- m*M A J f A i^aft Ml* BI \jf o¥ x\unll— _ __ — — a v — slFfitee SaiutMav which affected «B§ B&fid ftfsd fwt «i fis'f ft0&, SBe tr get* MB# better, but at heft advanced a 1 Js &l»ay* daBgefdas. It ' llMi a.ffaif to the cds- Plottf pv n,KJ& x-, frt;*« , are waeth le Atgona Some" H6W buyers at the Noi-thWesterfi deftft yesterday feald 18.80; Cof «, data, eggs, bullet 4 , etc,, fetimln at fdftnef sold in Algona, I have handled it for _ year^, and every person who has used it can testify to the above. patent, ,95, former price $1.10 vFirstpatent, .85, former price 1.00 family flour, .65, former price .80 Why will you wear out your stomach eating home flour when you can get the- best .that is made ia Minnesota for the same . price. Buckwheat flour $3 per hundred. . 3 cans for 25c, the best . 3 cans for 25c, the best Tomatoes, . Corn, No. i apples per bbl. >, former price $3.75. $2.60 Two pounds tea for 25c; 2 gal. syrup, 50c ;a pail; 3S bars oi soap for 90c. Everything I have got in the same proportion, an;4,you don't have to buy $30 worth to get these prices. Ri B". W&fF6B has foeefi elected a dl» rector of the Algoaa Deposit and Leftti association tdflTr the taoatidy; eaused a ' the resignation of a. J, Edens. F. Vesper, was* eleeted to take the Evans vacancy^ Bancroft figures up a long Ustof good Impro^ettients for 1895. Chief ts ,the water works system whlbh has cost $5,000. the Register says that .nearly $8,000 has also been expended ia refit' ting the creamery, The relief corps and relief committee are two distinct and separate affairs. The charity hall Monday evening was given by the relief committee, >and qpt by the relief corps. We are requested to make this distinction. David Miller thinks hog cholera is paying too much attention to his Cres- co'farm. It has wiped out his hogs now for three years in succession. He had to buy his pork last year and -expects to do the same this. Algona and Bancroft Masons gathered at Burt last Wednesday evening to initiate E. J. Murtagb and M. J. Walsh tntp the mysteries of one of the high degrees. An oyster supper and a generally enjoyable time are reported. The" Register says that Algona's trotter, Bellton, has been added to Bancroft's fast horse aggregation the past week. Bancroft is getting to be the center for racing stock in this section and Bellton is a valuable addition. E. P. Keith of Plum Creek has been a "grandpa" for four weeks, buthe was so genial before that no one noticed the difference. His son has an heir, and it begins to dawn upon El 1 P. that he is ahead Mit8jr"i*»«8."'ig-~rj" yttpm Thl ftet pfoee-eds Kiff fidleh as afs Bv&flii Thefts #gf-e mafidmlft sleeves i and all the feet, Rod calico nftfidsOiflef- 6?' ftWe be tuffied party fievef teei ai tjsnalniy ft ffiot-e, enjoyable ofte did, ?BS dancer* s&yed till past 1 o'cloeki charmed to fofgetfulfless of the p-flBBteg hours by the delightful ffluslo of the SteMbach'Cady orchestra, which put in a few new trills and warbles to suit the occasion. ^ ^ Mofaey. 1 have unlimited money to loan od Canned Goods § WE make a specialty Cloud & Haggard. of collections. Got the Goods and they have got ,to be sold. Everything is warranted as represented. I thank everybody for their kindness in the past two years, and I am here for 1 the interest of my patrons, and when I get a bargain, on goods you get it, and the goods I offer I bought so that I can sell your cheap .prices. I am for,business, respectfully, on Cowles' Block. James Patterson. S. Don't forget that I can supply you. with the best oil, if the Standard does only sell one kind at Algona. Fattereon. FINANCIAL. KossuthOounty State Bank vV r ; S , ....... -, ...... t5o,ooo Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exoliange bought and Bold.,OpUeo tlpns made promptly, and a, .general banking business transacted. - Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. WM. 4 priNGHAll. .".. ,/?. ..... . . . • • .President J. B 'JONES,'...-:'...'.,.' ........ Vice President liEWIS H, SMITH ............ ..... ..... OasWer Directors— Wm. H. ingnam, 'John G. Smith, J. B. JonesTr. OhrischilTes, Lewis H. Smith, J. ,W. w»4swprtb, Bamet Devlne. _ THE CITY CIRCUIT. the First National Bank CSX '.., ..... :/..' ......... *&o,ooo Special attention given to collections, A, CALL ................. President H, WJTOWNS ,.,..., ....... Vice President , K. FSB6USQH. ................. Cashier , SMITH,,,,, ................ Asst ?&'v»'lrectoriHrp. H. HutobtaSiJ. A, Perguspn, •V :8!fflfBL'»OT!8aSFi:Fv,£' OT^S* r<?8e A ' W. J. Branson spent last week In Minneapolis on a visit. Archie Hutchison talks some of building a home in the spring. The new steel filing cases for the court house vaults arrived yesterday. Hobart has shipped 500 cars the past year. It ought to have a station agent. Remember the MoKihzie concert at the Congregational church tomorrow evening,, ' •, , i The'Register says that Rev. Laidley will, attend to ^Representative Mayne's buslness'this winter, • - Minnesota street is back on the old lines again') The residents along the street moved their sidewalks. A farmers' institute will be a good thing to open the new season with. The second week in March is the date. Frank Jenkinson has added a new short-horn cow from the S, S. Rist herd to bis stock, and now has 15 full bloods. The past week has been marked by balmy spring weather, No one re* members a more, genial week in Jan* ua,ry. A public meeting is to be held soon to discuss the public reading room and library and to take steps to further Its interests, Wftrren Baldwin has bought his old home bagk again and has returned to Algona. He, has been living in "" Ten odd fellows went from Algo«» to wpt Sunday Jpi-.tke Wiloojc funeral, It yyg,B conducted by the order and JQO getting along towards 'the ranks of the old people. 4 .' The library association elected Thos. F. Cooke, president; Dr. McCoy, vic^ president; 'L. J. Rice, treasurer; E. P. McElroy, librarian and secretary; and Mrs.'Dr. Garfleld and Mrs. W. H. Ingham, directors, at the meeting Friday evening. The relief committee sold $148 tickets to the charity ball and. the expenses were : $33.65, leaving $114.45 net. This will be expended in supplying the needs of any worthy person or cause. Those in need or knowing of others in need should apply at once. Sheriff Samson arrived at Blue Earth City last week in time to hear Sam Green plead guilty to the charge of horse stealing. He did not wait to see what sentence was .pronounced. Green was caught in Algona, after having left the stolen team at Ledyard. ' The Monitor devotes two columns to the year's improvements in Burt. Chief among them is the $10,000 bank building which would be a credit to any city in Iowa. The inside woodwork is as handsome as there is in the state. Burt has made a handsome growth in 1895. The Sterzbach-Cady orchestra was laid off at Algona two days last week and several members joined the Algona orchestra in furnishing' music at the opera house. It was the best musical aggregation that ever played here and the music was a big feature of the entertainment. Dr. Garfleld is having quite a serious time with his lame arm. The nerves are affected and seem to be benumbed. He has lost considerable flesh also, and will be kept indoors longer than he at first anticipated, But his excellent health and strong constitution are sufficient warrant that he will be up and about again as well as ever. F. A. Wllcox of Burt, who was for a time a resident of Algona as partner in the Parish hardware store, died Friday morning and was buried Sunday. He was in bed 47 days with 'typhoid fever and then pleurisy set in, He was a son-in-law of Clark' Coffen and an energetic and thrifty young man, His work in the Burt creamery had much to do with its early success. Coroner Morse was called to Sexton Saturday by the" sudden death 'of Mrs. Blrt Masten. He called in a jury and Dr. Kenneflok performed the autopsy which disclosed that peritonitis had caused death. She was only sick a few days, but tbjsdi&easg develops rapidly, Mr, Mae.ten has many friends woo will sympathise with'htm * n his sorrow, Ida Tan, Cortland did not' play to a paying.,business' teat week, altn ' the plays and tbe acting were bott oellent,. Hard times mw§t be t,b'e son. Sfoe gave »series of exceptionally good performances, and those who attended enjoyed them. She has a first class Qompany ajd, deserved a- better The .Qompany plays in I FEBBOKAIi MOVEMENTS. C. L. Lund was in Fort Dodge last week on business, Representative Mayne went to Des Moines last Thursday. W. C. Danson was over at Slbley and other western towns on business last week. Prof. Carroll Is living in the Grove house on, Thorington and McGregor streets. Rev, Sinclair is at home in the Jas. Patterson house occupied by Rev. Davidson. Darnet Devlne is expected over from California soon for a visit. He will not come back to live. J. H. McNall started for Florida Monday evening. He will visit Frank, who Is located at St. Augustine. W. W. Johnson came from Minne- agblls for a visit last week. He does not change in the least as time goesby. L. K. Shadle was over to Sioux City lately visiting his father. He ; says they like it there, but Sioux City is not Algona. Bonar & Fellows were over at Forest City last week attending to the prelim •8 o 3 1 ffi o o & Walker Bros. TEL/BPHONB 47. inarles of a suit' they have been engaged in over there. Mrs. C. Sessions and granddaughter, Nellie, have gone to Florida to visit Mrs. Lon Sessions. The latter, at last reports, was slightly better. Henry Goddard went to Mason City this morning where be will visit a few days with relatives before returning to his home at Port Atkinson, Iowa. F. S. Stough was in town a few days last week. He says business is good with him and he likes Minneapolis. He was warmly greeted by his Algona friends. Mrs. Samuel Mayne and the little girl will spend the winter with her family in Stuart, a short distance west of Des Molnes. Mr, Mayne will be able to be with them often. Mrs. Phil C. Hanna came up from Livermore last week for a visit with her friend, Mrs. Simpson. Mr. Hanna Is up and about, but has a long road yet to his former health. • Andy and Barney Dunlap of Ledyard have gone south for the winter. Andy says that if he finds a climate that benefits him he will not come back. He \s looking poorly and his lungs give him much trouble. Mr. and Mrs, A. D. Clarke and Mr. and Mrs, Thos. F. Cooke go to Des Moines today for the inauguration. Col. Cooke appears on the governor's staff, and also reads a paper at the annual state meeting of the guard. Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Taylor think of going. County Surveyor Telller went to Des Moines yesterday to attend the annual meeting of the surveyors and civil engineers of the state, A full program is arranged. An effort will he made at this meeting to get the legislature to give the surveyors a more definite standing as county officials. J. J, Cordingley and J. W. Sullivan went to Chicago Monday. The former has been suffering for some months from what the local physicians think is a tumor, He will go to a hospital there and be operated upon by one of the best surgeons in the city. His many Algona friends will wish him a speedy return to good health, We are not advertising holiday goods any more for the present, but we want all the people to remember that our goods are . . Just as Desirable Any Other Time as for the holidays. Stock is always complete. Prices are right. Complete stock of Undertaking Goods. Come and look. NSURANCE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Business.- Office over Algona State Bank, Fanners' of Cedar Rapids,, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis; Bockford of Bookford, > Lloyd's Plate Glass ot New York, United States Life of New York. CKSO. •PROMPTLY ANSWERED. Qbvjbb'a p§s}gnaUon haj been accepted tjnd Company F will meet next Wednesday §ve.BiBgja elect a« <J$O$F to ftll tbe va§&noy, • : A clothing man wp IB taw last week gi a WK f took late building to b> Prof, Rice lij bis sermon ferredto the crlticieme passed upon the Fr@§byteriaD9 lor coming to Algona Jo orgapto Efe read, from a sburoftes by THE MEETINGS, The Christian Endeavor society will ive a missionary program next Sun- ay evening at 6:30, The subject will be Fisk University and Missionary Work in the South, All are invited, The ladies of the library association will bold their first regular meeting in the new year on Friday afternoon in the reading room, A program will be presented, and an urgent invitation is extended to all ladies to be present, and thus to help further the interests of the library, The MoKenzie Concert company, which will be at tbe Congregational oburoh tomorrow evening, is highly epqken of by tbe press, The Winnipeg Daily Tribune says they are a company of artists, and tbe Pally Planet of Chatham, Ont,, nays " tbe trio of young ladies held, a good audience in perfect gaptivatiofl last night." General Ryan's Conundrum Didn't Bother 'the Irishman For a Moment. One of General Ryan's peculiarities is that he never tells the same story to the same man a second time. Not long ago he was talking abont his travels in the United Kingdom. 'Jihad always thought," said he, "that the famous Irish wit and repartee were only to be found on the stage or in Lever's novels, but I came away from Ireland with a very different idea. "I was stopping at a little country inn, and a game of cards was in progress. I was invited to take a hand, and as an Americanized Irishman I thought I ought to keep up the reputation of the country for sociability. I asked what they were playing, and they replied •Forty-five,' an old time Irish game. I told them that I barely knew the rules, but that I could^play seven up, euohre or nearly any other'American card game. But they insisted on my taking a hand, and I did so. One of the pages, who was standing at the back of my chair, watched my hand pretty closely, and the first time.I made abad play he said, sottp voce; 'Holy Moses, I niver see auoh a play in me loife. I wonder phwere the divil the mon cum from.' I paid no attention to him, of course, and went on with the game. The next time I made a bod play, and it wasn't very long, he again said, talking to him self, 'Bedad, niver did I see a mon play the loikea of that.' I began to be an noyed, but still I said nothing, although a m^ never likes to hear it said that he plays a game badly, but tbe man was talking to himself and meant no harm. However, when he broke out the third time I could contain myself no longer, I turned around and paid, "I^ook here, my friend, are you playing ^beie cards, or am I? 1 Tbe Irishman looked at me for a moment, and then said, 'Nayther wr w, yow honor, savin your prisinoe, sor.' "I joined the rest of them in the laugh, andsaia, 'Well, hoys, order up; Legal Blanks that puts Tribune. 'em on me. M woinoinn,ati the Sresb tbs J, ff, WAP8WOPS WiU new raft ,..,., lay tejt |o? T «»9 gets Jf sweet; 1 itMfc - mat' y m 1 -.'**}M 7 •"*«*»*M*?W** \.K gffi^&WJ&KHh Bie/fltlwttfta, brother Real Estate Mortgages, Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Leases,' Cash or Share Rent, Real Estate Contracts, Bill of Sale, Chattel Mortgages, Satisfaction of Mortgage, Grass Leases, Notes, A full stock of thes.e are kept constantly on land and for sale by the dozen, hundred,'or In ' arger quantities, at The Upper Des Moines STEAM PRINTING HOUSE, .ALGONA. LEGAL, town oj Algpnfr, pouni *ejsjia«rot Febw ioujr80jeo'Qio9tea,v —"wall of saw ^ in an4 to tbe following <T« situated in Koesuth. county. fo-wlt; mwMoaftl }iau pf Section WP." J)lev< sWpNo.Qnefeu^irea, BQrthror Tw§Bty.eJg«t,wst ot 5t& pi '" OTYWPWJ* wvjey two Itwe mm ,W4¥yr bChowftf-jT SB n»y jjftBfl tuii} i sheriff Kow

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