The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1896
Page 7
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' * * < J V • ~'«'~ 1 ^fl,4' ••'*' *',*""*v, v .."i" \'**'""j-/ 1 "^- "-•.-• '""" "•'-"** i >• *'-','-'t : •• - . •• .'.'^\Vv- < 7£- l i- 7 v-' ; ttt^'.-f.-ga' .- a£.*£k*.*Bitaeattti& "-as^'aua**! A>£,*M.'»^,*,^»..«L' . «i.< ^L :^-A\_ ~ ^Jk.-.'.. ' '• - '•''' ' ; '*' -- L, itowA. wm '* * ite'ill^ 1 ^ - ;3 ^s i aneedoie biSladSfSfiS Shewing *d«Jfateiie6& fdf'ail aoSttl Wffi IS ftr ft reported fof afi English jot He says: ! was traveliag i n ain by which Mf. Sladst&ne *„. leylfig to the nefth, i&y mission Ig to fepoH his utterances at vari* MatteM We fmind this .-fie small ^ "-indeed, ofie to which some dafl- |&ttached—fof the orator's speeches ttme occasions were only terminated he wheels of the engine revolving, [•the train steaming out* [atufally anxlbus to get tho "last rds," we lingered 1& one case fib t that we had to make a de^pefate »'for our carriage ddof, and enter the t swiftly moving train at the peril 5tir limbs. Our feat evidently at-> Bted tho notice of the distinguished lehger, and filled hltn with ansiety |bur lives, for at the next station ate camo round to us that Mr, Gladle would jot down tho concluding rds he uttered, and send them to us. ; was a graceful and considerate act tie of tho many which rendered ouf |atest living political prr.tor dear tr I hearts of the journalists, •-. GerrBfcfi at the Social It»itftiUft fifti of AW gust Bebel, fierce attack In the German parliament upon fimfreror Wli* liam It oil tHe tie* casion of the debate relating to the cur* tailment of . the tight of free assemblage has caused so much commotion In Germany, shares the leadership of th« social-dembcratic party in that country with Herr Liebknecht. The latter is considered the more academic, but Bebel — in every sense a self-made man — undoubtedly has more force with the masses. He was born Feb. 22, 1840, in Cologne, and received his early education in a village school near ftiat city. Later on he attended grammar school in Wetzlar. and in 1860 he removed to Bioko ilio /Tobacco Trash it. Louis, Mo,, (Special)—Col, V/m. ^ „«,.«„.• irchhoff, general western manager T „(„»(.. »./ , , .,, . * ,, the American Tobacco Co., has Leipsic, where he established his own tied his numerous friendn by stop- ° usln «ss, that of wood-turner and sai'v- er, in 18G4. Two years prior to that Big .the use of tobacco. . For years he smoked twenty strong cigars daily, a less quantity would'leave him J-votis and ill. The habit was under; his health, and he tried to quit, could not, until he took No-Tc-' fi, the medical miracle that has cursd many thousands of tobacco-users, |1. Kirchhoff'B.craving for tobacco has tlrely gone, and he feels better than' |er before. He is a great No-To-Bac Sthusiast now. Over 300,000 bad to- acco-users have been cured by Nop-Bac, and the loss to tobacco mauu- 'cturers is easily ever $10,000,000 a par. •••-..•.- ' :' . ".- . • Another War So ire. cene—Foot ball ground.—Innocent ganger—What are they waiting for, can tell me? It's ten minutes after the j advertised for the start. |tive—Yes, I know; but there's no sur- r or ambulance arrived yet. You udn't have 'em start the matter with- fthein, would you? [ill—If you are so much in love with rlittle angel, why don't you propose to Jis (moodily)—I have seen both her |er and .mother, and I c*an't be sure that avon't grow. to.look like one or the other A Useless Exhortation. puds (to Kilduff)—Come early and avoid •—It's no use to tell Kilduff that. Jhy not?" |p's a foot ball player." . • IN PHIZES ON OATS AND CORN. 1st year we offered $200' for the ||'B't yield on oats.' 209 bushels Sil- line Oats won the priza. This |we .offer $200 more on oats, $100 on' |r King Barley) a barley yielding |95 116 bushels per acre, and $100, olden Triumph Yellow Dent Corn, porn of your dreams! iat's Teosinte and Sand Vetch and line and Lathyrus:and Giant Spur- id Giant Incarnate Clover and lots |ch things? They'll make you rich pu plant a plenty. Catalogue tells you will cut thin out nnd send it |10c. postage to tho John A. Salzer |Co., La Crosso, Wis., : ydu;will get |10 grasses and grains, including i oats, barley, corn and their mam- catalogue. Catalogue alone 5c. ' ' date he had joined in the workingmon's movement in Germany, and soon became one of the most aggressive leaders in that cause. From 1865 to 1890, when he removed to Berlin, Bebel was president of the Workingmen's Educational club in Lelpslc and member of the permanent executive committee of the German .Workingmen's association. In 1S67 he became identified with the editorial management of the Volkstaat, a socialistic paper in Lelpslc, and continued this connection until he became one of the managers of the Vorwaerts, 'the leading German socialistic daily, published in Berlin. He was elected to the North German parliament in 1807 and to the German parliament in 1871. In the election of June, 1893, he was even'elected in two districts, choosing the mandate from the Strasbur'g dls- .trict. From the beginning of Bebel's parliamentary career dates his uncompromising attitude, against all monarchical institutions,- Bebel seems to be ; in the dark about the policy of his own party, for when he was asked in February, 1893, during a session of parliament, what sort of thing he thought the socialistic state should be he remained On* 61 ttlg R6r>ribtf6ith itrd«fi In thfi . C6flgfessmaii bavid fifeinner Hen* der'sott was boffl at Old D6ei», Scotland, March 14, i840. Us is fi6w serviflfe his fifth tefm Jfa the hbtisej and daring the last fiongf ess was the senior «tt the edmfflUteii 'oft applfopfia* tisfts, Wh«a he , ^a& 6, yeafs of age, his fatally, catte to this* country ' , ahcf settled In lliiniilfl. latef they feinbved to fh'rfeig years towa. where David attended thd cammdn s6hool8, thus obtained a rudimentary edtlca* tioh, which was S'ubsetiueritiy sup&le- Wented by a course ia the "Upper Iowa University, lfc isel he enlisted in the Twelfth regiment, iowa infantry, and Was elected first lieutenant of Company C. He served with the command Until hfe lost his leg in battl^, when he was discharged Feb. 16, 1863, Iti May of the same year he was appointed commissioner df the board of enrollment of the third district. In June, 1864, he reentered the army as colonel of the Forty-sixth regiment, Iowa volunteers, and served until the close of the war, He was collector of internal revenue profess k( tt&tB £b6m, Whethef sfrooifs &rf ta not, toort&ls ai-S whose bltfod is thin aftd ect Ifeeimi- .„..„„. TF ucii luvniiuB rtKurii T.Q nosieiier's StoMach Bitted, and use that tmoqualfed tonic persistently; Utey seen "pick V 1 ifl sttength, flesh arid cdlof, It ehonld bB used- filso ta prevent ffialafid, fhenffiatie And tldn, sick headache^ and dot bt the Mbttthg ttt vui. «i me mourns 01 unDRSi •' Mttle-Efte went to synagogue; and"<,when' the rabbi called next dfty, wishing to be sociable, she said to him; '-I heird yoti speak Vour piece yesterday. '* ^bldpoa my child?" Jie said, half suf- iriEed. h( I A4t ' it? iftlf amused, "tiow did you like "Oh," answered the holiest child, "It made me awfully sleepy." the Course o Outdone, •-'.;' iapley—You ought to love me; just |how hard I have worked for you, i Pert—If you figure it in that way I I marry the gardener. John Sherman,, one of eleven en to begin with, is said to be thirty- I times an 'uncle, and grand uncle to fhree children, -"I notice that it is the single men pe the most anxious to go to war." "Yes. They don't know what war law abolishing days of grace in lylvania went into effect January 1. us of woman dentists begin to appear lideiace sections, < rARLIEST 'OTATO INTHE BEHIND THE THRONE. Tho HERR BEBEL. (German Socialist.) .silent despite repeated taunts, Bebel 5 c, T fQU KNOW t,, sfiitfst vfgstsfelss l.njh?_, if» frqm 8aJ??r'». erjd sprpyit 89rmQU « earliest Vegetable sged y w8Mf ll 8!ffiP mm.wm(mm> F&i^wiv^&i^toipfyifti is at present treasurer of. the socialist party in Germany, to which office he was elected in 1892. During the re-organization of the 'party in 1890, Bebel advocated parliamentarianism as the chief means of agitation, but in this he was opposed by the extremists of the party. He served as a delegate to the international socialist congresses in Paris, 1889; Brussels, 1891; Zurich, 1893, and Breslau during the present year. On the latter occasion he made his famous speech, in which he 'said that socialism would finally crush' imperial ism, for which he has just bee'n"sen- tenced to six. months' imprisonment, In "1872 Bebel v ftnd LiebkneCjht' together .were tr.ied. on a charge "of attempted high, treason 'against "tlie German, em- pir'e f and the kingdom ofSaxohy.. Each" was sentenced to, two years' imprisonment, wliich they served, and Bebel had to serve- an Additional 'nine months for lese majeste, Bebel is the author of a number of books on' socialism,' chief among them "Woman and Socialism," 1893, six editions; "Christianity and- Socialism,"- 188?, nineteen editions,, .'and "Our Aims," 1884, six editions," -He has on several occasions come out unequivocal jy jn..favpr Qf the "Paris the internationalists, 1 , • Real Ruler of Alt the Kasslas Is a 1'rleit of the Greek Church. Constantino Pobedonostseff, obu-pro- curer of the most holy synod arid tho power behind the throne which shapes the destinies of the Russian empire, is the son of a university professor and was born in 1827. His youth and early manhood, were spent in the atmosphere of logic and causistry, and his boyish diversion was a tireless search for the bond between pi-emise .and conclusion. Later he received an education in law and universal science, and on graduation obtained a position in the department of,the senate at Moscow, and he obtained.permission to deliver lectures at. the • university on civil law. These lectures. wero subsequently embodied in i'A Course of Civil Law;" published in'.tho. next three years.; The transla- tion'of Mr. Gladstone's "Bulgarian Honors" and "The Question of the East," of "The Imitation of Christ," by Thomas a-Kempis, and of TheerBit's "Christian Principles of Family Life," completed his literary labors. Through the good offices of the grand duchess, Helena Pavlovna, M, Pobedonostseff was appointed tutor to the then heir apparent, Nicholas Alexandrovltch, and to his brother, the former czar. Alexander formed a strong liking for him on account of his cut-and-dried system of 014 Home, Bho'rt.time tbe,olrt home of Within Jefferson pavjg in Rlcbraond, Va,, wJU be thrpwB open to '{fe'o R«bi{c y «s, a Confederate museutn. "The ortfce CQjafeasr&oy," a? paJJed, ftas beep tfte prpperty of city fpr wany ye»rs, been uje^, ^s.ft geftoQ} hguge, y will fpr fw^^IF-vl'" -""•;"" Km,i " v h j^4 T^^ITl ^>*™^^^^r ri j 4 5^ A M, POB.EDOJ^fOSTSElFF, (Russian religion and polity and because •a ready answer for every question.' The "crown prince died In 1865 and the grand duke became heir 'to the throne,, Jn 1865 he Invited h}s 'instructor to re* main two years longer about MS per-. son, ?md him appointed member of tho Imperial council, and in 1880 •nim in nls present position.' To Colonise Om»toin»l», Albert Av Wnitwan, the Qctprpon poet »n<J evangelist, '}s the author pi a 9Cftem9 to colonize Guatemala octoroons, fln j t of "Some women," said Mr. Bickerton,. "thihk that there's nothing too good for their husbands." "Yea," was the answer in in the cold ne- cents of satire; "and it usually lasts until their husbands get to. thinking, there is nothing good enough for them." Chehp Rates te Atlahta and Return. On Dec. 21st, the Monon Route will Bell tickets to Atlanta at the exceedingly low rate of ?16,15 for the round trip, tickets good ten days! ; For full information call on or address Sidney B. Jones, City Passenger Agent, 232 Clark St., Chicago, or L. &• Sessions, Traveling Passenger :Agent, Minneapolis, Minn. . ,. D. B. HENDERSON. '. .. .. for the third district of Iowa from November, 1865, until June, 1869, when he resigned and began the practice of lav,', and was appointed assistant United States district attorney for the north; crn division of Iowa, which office he resigned in .1871. Ho was elected to the Forty-eighth, Forty-ninth, Fiftieth, Fifty-first,'. Fifty-second, Fifty-third and Fifty-fourth congresses as a Re' publican. Mrs. Orr, and inmate of the Kingston, (Out.) Homo of Industry, is now 110 years •5ld. She has just been baptised, Mop of the Cvltod The wall tsap issued by the Burlington Route is three i'eot.wido by four feet long; is printed in seven colors ; IB mounted on rollers; shows every state, ctiuntv, itnpor' tnnt town nnd railroad in tho Union and forms a very closirablo and useful adjunct to any household or business establishment. Purchased iu largo quantities, the ma^s cost the Burlington Route more than 'fifteen cents each, hut on receipt of that amount in stamps the undersigned will be pleased to send ybu one. '••'.- . . Write immediately, as the ' supply is limited. -i '-,•••' J. FiiAxcis, G. P. & T. A. Burlington Route, Omaha. Neb. TVilHnin Burbnnk, an 83-year-old resident of Thompsonville, Conn., -was fatally injured recently while coasting down a hill in that place. . We will forfeit 81,000 if any o£ our, published testimonials are proven to be not genuine. TUB Piso Co., Warren, Pa. If the conceit was'takeri out of some people there wouldn't be'enough • of them left to hang clothes on, '..-.-.• .PITS— All Fits stopped free by Pr.KIIno'B Great Nerve Ucstorer. J$o Fltsafter the lirstiiay'B use. HarvcMous cures. Truntlseanil 82trlal liolilerrc-ctJ bend U)Jjr.Klliic,ll31 Aruhbt.,l j lilla,,i > a, The attorney general of Minnesota has decided that it is unconatitutipual to begir exercises in the public schools with prayer Hegeman's Camphor Ice wltli Glycerine. The original and only genuine. Cures Chapped Ilandi e, Cold Sores, &o. O. a. Clark Co., N. Havon, Ct When at a very low temperature snow will absorb moisture, and Arctic travelers make use of it for drying their clothes. ' If tho Baby'is Cutting Teeth, • Bo sure and uxe that old and veil-tried remedy. Hits, WINSLOW'B SOOTHING SYHUI' for Children Teething. In B'rnnee the population averages about 187 to the square milo. In this country the average is 21 to the square mile. "Hanson's Hagio Oom Salve." . Warranted to cure or money refunded. Ask your t or It. i*i'lcc 16 cunts. ,. • The olive harvest in Southern California began a week ago. The crop is a light one this-year. ' • .. -. . / ; "A Cup of Paries' Tea at night moves the bowels in the morning." It is said that when Queen Victoria and the Empress Eugenie are together, they spend all their spare time doing needle work for the poor. - «Ti»t how It Uoe« It U not the qiieitlon. ' It Is enounu to know that HindorcornB takes onttha coi us, and a very ploaslng relief It Is. 15c, at druggists Ancient coins, many of which antedate the Christian era, are made in large quantities in London and are sold all over the world i "I have fried Parker 1 * Glover Tonic >n(l bolleve in Jr," sHys a niotuer, an<J sowl,l yon lay whoa lunalUar wltU Us revitalizing properties. "Is the man who just gave you that cigar a friend of yourg?" "I don't know. Haven't tried it yet.? 1 In these times we fight for ideas, and newspapers are our fortresses.—Heine. R«v. Dr. Stalker, of Glasgow, says that gluttony is the sin of this age. haw ina4e it,tbe p4y known,' Pjgi v is. fpp fale in ^y all *. t Any ^UpHe: 4i;uggi§t .who' ' ' the wetbod .80<J results when Figs is taken 5 it is pleasant: sjiijjg toth§ taste, an4 acts et prowp% on the Ki^ceysj .BQwels, sleansee the ally, dispels co!4s, feyeys a»4 cures h, Synjp of Fip only wwtfy pf its - the u, lilitsF !iiat§ ttr , , Weil why d«i Bate thM? 8Jffl&ly frgetifM ytfi WaHi gfiiigf •* nmhefft trews - . His Vegetables are bred iti eaf lifl&fig and they neftsr dls*pe6iBt yefl. 8ftl2§f is gfowef,, bt v^getaolel, f i iHoterlf, feotatde^, et(S ft tl ft-lii tmt tUlt ent the ^bhfl A. §akef §e de, Wie., with iOc pestagej yoti, get sample package of fiafiy Bifd r ish (ready in ifi days) aad their gfeal catalogue. Catalogue alone GC postage, _ L ' To exterminate red tints ia ft ctlbboard place in it ah earthen dish containing a pint bf tar oh which two quarts of hotwdtef has been poured. Cotototi ta CttltfdrtUfl. Yes and ecotioffiy, too, if yott pair onltt the Burlington Route's Persen all v Conduct' ed once-a-we6k excursidns which leave Omaha every Thursday niorning, Through tburist sleepers Omaha td Ban Franclflco and Los Angeles. Second-class tickets accepted, , Bee the local aftent end arrange about tickets and berths. Or, write to J. FBANCIS, <VF. &T. A.. Omaha. Neb. The treatise of John Hunter in 17fl is considered the foundation of the science of dentistry in England. "Bnows's BnoNcnut Tnocnfes" are of great service in subduing Hoarseness and L oitghs. Bold only in boxes 'Avoid imitations, Years Years ST, JACOBS OIL- "Now in memory let us rtx That we have entered 'OC. Bo thankful, too, that we're nlivo And drop from date-line '05." . WELL MACHINERY SJou* City Khsflns atid Su«icesBont w Peeli Mfjf. Oo. UUWentElevimtH 8tM*l. tons AfittMOton • , »t your door. It can ona ed stool Towere.steolBnttBaw steel Feed Outterg and Feo5 Grinders, oa application it win n»rab on» of theao nntclos th»t 1 1 will ., . cs Jontl.lry iBt ftt 1/3 thd Ulttal prt«e. Tanks and f urnpaot ail binds, send futotft iah, Bockwell ecj When answerltig ttclvortlcotnents klaaiy mcnUon this pftkier. Jf'f Y_ i „. i <»» «•»• *auaar '*ar- jjge largest pi'ec&of Q_dl ITQ,JD a cc<£> sold for 10 cents ^ JZ s . • J 'I 4 '1 ., , -i ^•W'E .f+w**r nvvi r UIMVC. • wmt;* ' -#11 ^, 2S, 88, 42, BO, cnf B8'JrtOl>e6 high,•'->Quality and -vyorkmanshrx) the beat Nothing on the market tQ-gompare-,wi%'jv<W*? t e..f9r. full iofpmtaUon,^^ Great Prize Prize, KNABE PIANO, styj© 4 *P" " , p » » ;> B ii, » , ' <a • 3cJ Prize, W ^.., T 10 Qash Prizes, each $J20 Ujjppsh Prizes, each $10, * 28 Prizes, « « „> w The flfs^pwe .>vill'be elven to the person wljo oonstpucts ritnr* oil flirt lsi++n*.H J., *!*« ~i_T i. _t w ', . f 100 , 50 SPO .' sentence, jn ISngHsh, cpntajning all the letters lS wd " p t9 tbpse POW P PPNDITIQN8. f ,»*•*;? !."$$S •w* »m,i;m\rm mu ee gwa -KtwrfBc§. ''m&r emmttoFixti^tm^ ,« 0ft0e ^^essMn llfltattpSy j4^}¥W^»Bffi'Sffl' ! »^ to p«mr opvwi tae utog twe|y« WD»|4^• WY^w^to^ulKAM^'jIl^ or-nql "No Dontestant can enter mm-e ihlSne sfintSnl^n%^tM?OTwfllw' lu i ' nnwau -'-iiVmiiiv •tfW'®5&A&

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