The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1896 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1896
Page 6
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ffvv &V ft fr. {••" i >^ .Luclu iU lUG |j«,UUUM.WV '• ;»f the chief ffleti 6f this nation and other nations, tot> Talmage, should tell the story of Ar» menian masgaSfe. What will be the extent for good of discourse none can tell. The text 1 wae, & Kings 19: 37: "They escaped , Into the land of Armenia." . In filble geography this is the first , Ume that Armenia appears, called then by the Same name as now, Armenia la chiefly a table-land, seven thousand feet above the level of the sea, and on one of its'peaks Noah's ark landed, with its 'human family and fauna that were to fill the earth. That region'was the birth-place of tho rivers which,fertilized tho Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve lived there, their only roof .the crystal skies, and their carpet the emerald of rich grass. Its Inhabitants, ' the ethnologists tell us, are a superior type of the Causaslan race. Their religion ID founded on the Bible. "Theh 1 Saviour is our Christ. Their crime is that they would not become followers of Mahomet, that Jupiter of sensuality. ' To driVe them from 'the face of t,h« sacttT'is the ambition of the Mohamme- • dans."". To accomplish this, murder is no crime, and wholesale massacre is a , fatter of enthusiastic approbation and governmental reward. The prayer aatt tioned -by highest Mohi«nmedan au- 1 frJmvHy, and recited every day throughout' Turkey and Egypt, while styling all those not Mohammedans as infidels, Is-as follows: "0 Lord of all creatures? '0 Allah! Destroy the Infidels and Polytheists, thine enemies, the enemies 'of the religion! 0 Allah! Make their children orphans and defile their bodies; cause their feet to slip; give them and their families, their households and their women, their children, .•and their relatives by marriage, their ibrothers and their friends, their possessions and the race, their wealth and ttielr lands as booty, to the Moslems, 0 Lord 9| all creatures!"" The life of an in the presence of those who ( ".7*jmake that prayer is of no more value •" "thanr'the life of a summer insect. The ', Sultan of Turkey sits on a throne im• personating that brigandage and as• massination. At this time all civilized nations are in horror at the attempts of that Mohammedan government to destroy all the Christians of Armenlai I hear somebody, talking as though some new thing were happening, and that the Turkish government had taken 1 a new role of tragedy on the stage of nations.- No, no! She is at the same old Tjusiaess. Overlooking her diabolism 'Of other centuries, we come down to our century to find that in 1822 the Turkish government slew 60,000 anti-Moslems, and in 1850 she slew 10,000, and in I860 she sleiv 11,000, and in 1876 she slew 10,000. Anything short of the slaughter •of thousands of human beings does not /put enough red wine into her cup of abomination to make it worth quaffing. Nor is.this the only time she-has p'rom- , ;Jsed : reform. In the presence of the ^X warships at the mouth of the Darda- r * nelleo, she has promised the civilized . nations of the earth that she would stop her butcheries, and the interna- » tional and hemispheric'farce has been enacted of believing what she says, , when all the past ought to persuade us . ' that she is only pausing in her atrocities to put nations off the track and •ihen resume the work of death. In 1820 . Turkey, In treaty with Russia, • -promised, to alleviate the condition of j iChr'Utiang, but the promise was broken, r t ,3n 1839 the then Sultan promised pro, ', tteottoB of life and property without •v preference to religion, and the promise >, * was broken. In 1844, at tho demand of '.. ^n English minister plenipotentiary, the Sultan declared, after the public execution of an Armenian at Constantinople, that no such death penalty should again be inflicted, and the promise was broken. In 1850, at the demand of foreign nations, the Turkish government' promised, protection to Protestants, put to this day the Protestants at Stamboul are not allowed to fmUji-A flfcurob, although tli.ey baye' the |unas ready/and the GreeH 'Protestants, ^]M>\Jb, a ohuroh, are* not permitted ;«a worship in it • In "186$, after the ^rJiBW^ft war, Turkey promised'that no 'pe. abQqji be hindered in the exercise gf tfee religion he professed, and. thjt promise has been broken I n 1878,'at tfce memorable treaty of Berlin, Turkey >9fflJ^fi'4£ y rp}J|[Jous liberty to all'Mr ' • • ' ' every part of the Ottoman • the promjso " "' c,en.tur!e? taifilnf 6! tiMe Iff 'wtiM Inf J8 ptiMfaMdft far tito '(56%pfst§ hatiofl «f dtolsiiiniif ffeM'fte , Wh?, Attaf ftfl the fiatldftal ali'd ilfigfilaf tfijd" neihlsfcnerlc* tying ftart «f ttifi Ttrrfttsh- gtfteftM6nt, & ' fibt fis is ino^ifefe id im pafadel' tlnople; a"ftd' \s\6ir thai «6cuf 66d ment to atoms? In the name of the Eternal God, !et the nUiflafice, df the ages be wiped oft the lace df the': earth!. tiewfa to the p-erdition tfa& whidh' it smoked tip, sink Mohammedanism! Be* tween tlicse outbreaks of Massacre the Af mfiftiahu suffer lit silence wf ongs that are Beldam" if ever reported, They af<§ ta*e9 heavily for the mere privilege of living, and the tax Is called "the hu- iniliatioh tax," • 'they fti-e compelled to give three days' 'Khtertaihment to any Mohammedan tramp who'may be passing that way, T hey toust pay blackmail to the 'assessor lest he report the value of their property 'too highly. Their evidence in court is of no worth, .a;ad if fifty Armenians saw a wrong committed and one' Hohamtilecfan was present, the testimony of the'.og'o Mohammedan would-be taken and the testimony of the fifty Armenians rejected; in other words, the solemn oath of a thousand Armenians, would not be strong enough |,o overthrow the perjury of one Mohammedan, A professor Was condemned to death for translating the English Book of Common Prayer into Turkish. Seventeen 'Armenians were sentenced to- fifteen years' imprisonment for 'rescuing a Christian bride fom the bandits. This is the way the Turkish government. amuses itself in time of peace. These are the delights of Turkish civilization.'. "But'When the days of massacre come, then de'eds'are done which may' not bp.iijnveiled 'in any refined assemblage, and if one speaks of the horrors, he must do so in ',well-poised and cautious vocabulary. 'Hundreds of villages destroyed!. Young men put in piles of brushwodd, which are then saturated with kerosene and set on fire! Mothers, in the most solemn hour that ever comes in a woman's t life, hurled out and hayo.nettedi Eyes gouged out, and dead .and dying hurled into tho same pit! ^he slaughter of Lucknowand Cawnpore, India, in 1857, eclipsed in ghastliness! ''The worst scenes of tl^e French revolution in Paris made 1 more tolerable in contrast! In many regions of Armenia', the ".only undertakers today are the jackals and hyenas. Ma'ny of. the chiefs" of the massacres were sent straight from. Constantinople to, do their work, and having returned, were decorated by the Sultan. .To four. -of i the. worst murderers the Sultamtsent silk' banners, in delicate appreciation of .their services. Five hundred thousand Armenians put to death or 'dying of starvation! This "moment, while I spj?ak, all up and down Armenia sit many people, freezing, in the ashes of their destroyed homes, bereft of; most of their households, and awaiting the club of assassination to put them out of their misery. No wonder that the' physicians of that region declared that among- all the men and women that were down with wo'" nnd sickness^ and under their car' . one wanted to get well. Remeii-...!' -.that nearly all the reports that have come to us of the Turkish outages have been manipulated and modified and :sbftened by 'the Turks themselves. The iistory is r iiot half told, or a. hundredth part told,'; or a thousandth part told, None but, God arid our suffering brothers and platers in that far-off land v know the whole story,, and it will not/ be known, until, in the coronations 1 /; "of heaven,- ' Christ shall lift to a spe'ciaj throne pf glory these heroes ai^d . horolnes/' saying, "These are they who came ojit'Of great tribulation and had their rpbcs washed 1 and made white in tho bj'ood of the Lamb!" My|Lor^ and myjGod! thou didst on the cross suffer fpr them, but thou, surely, Oh Christ! wilt not forget how much they have suffered for ; thee! I dare not deal 'in imprecation, but I never so much enjoyed the imprecatory songs of David as since I have he'ard how those Turks are treating the 'Armenians, The fact is (Turkey has got to be divided up among other nations. Of course the European nations must take the chief part, but Turkey Bought tojje compelled, to pay America^ for the'.'Amerlcari mission buildings and -AiWorlcan school-houses, she has destroyed, and to support the wive,s,' 'and'chijdj'jen of t^e Americans ruined ,,by ( 'th.i^, wholesale butchery. |vVb.en the EngUJh lion anfl the Russian bqav put thejr ^'aws on |that Turkey the American eag'je ought to put in its bill. But What is the duty of the hour? Eynrpftthy/dcep, wide, tremendous, ira- mediate! • A'"rellglous" paper, The Christian 'Herald, of New Tork, jaas }ed the Know to"wU8t points in Armenia J 4e< pired to -go with) that relief, iu ouy r'eply,.,fsHr cities. were named, one o'f them, 'the scene ,pf what had been the phief -masascre. s A cablegram came fromi, Constantinople saying that I had jjett'ej- sensj the money to the Turkish niixea commission, and l^ribute it, So a cobweb p^ppsed a relief committee flies! We}i, ft man through -the f 5Q,ooo and BO govern went ifi oti? lovefftaeat in i)tit aft6**afd went refill d&dfs of 'that Patent ft DiVisetj tate'nt Signed tad sealed fe> (Jed 'ntaielf, ftt, M&t All ths wounds 6k6'<s6tffil t6«6h( and make this -- The Pace TJtt.i 4f baa In every possible }a» relief. pi sjeroy, »Ppe,areij| bf thfe"-flo-od, and fire, aad fio^ltal fly her pfesefcU ~-~ bless dlai-a flftrtOn! {! Just as l^x- pected, she lifts thf banner of the Red Cross. Turkey Siid all nations •^re- pledged to respect and defend that Red tir6§s, although that eolof of cross does not, In the opinion, ottfnany, staftd for Christianity, in ij%(opinion it does stand for Chrlstian'iajb for. was .hot the cross Unde.r which inmost of us Worship fed with the blood Of" the son of God, red with the'.best blood'Phat was ever shed, red wrtri'thd blood ! pVured oU't for the ransdm of the World? Thenlead on, oh; Red Cross!-and let Clara Barton earry It! The Turkish government is bound to protect, ,her, and the chariots of God are twenty thousands and their charioteers are, angels of deliverance, and ,they would all ride down at once to roll over and trample^ under the hoof's of their wh'lte horses any of her assailants. May''the five hundred thou- san'd dollars she seeks be'laid at her feet! Then liiay the shlpd that carry her 1 across A^fantic and Mediterranean seas be guided' safely by-him who trod into sapphj^p pavement bestormed Galilee!' Upqn soil inqarnadlned with martyrdom let the Red,Cross be planted, until eyery demolished village shall bo rebuilded,, and every pang of hunger be fed, and • every%ound of cruelty be healed, v apfl Armehiai stand with as much liberty .to serve God in its own :way as iaithis, tb,? bes"t land of all the ; earth, we', r 'the descendants of-the Purl- ! 'tans arid.jHollahderjii/.'.and Huguenots, are free to worship the" Christ who came to set all nations free!, It has been said that 'If we go over there to interfere'on another continent, that will imply the: right for other nations to Interfere tiwith affairs on this continent, and sg.^he Monroe doctrine bo jeopardized. No; no! President Cleveland expressed the sentiment of every intelligent and patriotic American when he thundered from the White House a warning to all nations, that there' Is not an acre or one inch more of ground on/ this continent for any transatlantic! '.'government to occupy. 'And by that 4 dpptrine we stand now and shall forever stand. But there is a doctrine! as much ;higher than the Monroe doctrine as! the heavens are higher than the earth,, and 'that is the doctrine of humanithr'tabism and sympathy and Christian'' helpfulness which one cold D'epember,mi'diiight, with loud and mul- titudinojis ,chant, awakened the shep- h,erds.i::Wherever there is a wound it is our duty, whether as individuals or as nations, to balsaf it. Wherever there is a kn'ffe of assassination lifted it is our duty to ward off tho blade. Wherever men are.persecuted for their religion it : 'is our duty to break that arm of power, whether it bo thrust forth from a ; :Potestant church or a Catholic cathedral, or a Jewish synagogue or a mosque of Islam. We all recognize the right t on a small scale. If going down the road, we find a rufllan maltreating a child, or a human brute insulting a woman, we take a hand in the contest if we .are not cowards, and though we bo slight in personal presence, because of our indignation we come to weigh about tons, and the harder we punish the : villain the louder our conscience applauds us. In such case we do not keep our hands in our pockets, arguing that if we interfere with the brute the brute might think he would have a right to interfere with us, and so jeopardize the Monroe doctrine. The f,act is that that persecution of the Armenians by the Turks must be stopped, or God Almighty will curse all Christendom for its damnable indifference and apathy. LABOR AND INDUSTRY. The International Association of Machinists is increasing its membership with much rapidity. Grape treaders in Portugal.who tread out the juice with their bare feeet, get 50 cents a day. In St. Louis a new effort, is to be made to interest all the local labor bod-- ies in the building of a labor headquarters, Centrifugal force is used to refine steel ingots at the Nykroppa works in Sweden; the pressure drives out all gas, leaving perfectly sound ingots. The Indianapolis bicycle people are all busy. An offer has been made to the city of Binghamton to keep Jts asphalt pavjng In repair for 4.8 cents per square yard, or 2 cents per square yard if the space about street car tracks be excepted and if the asphalt is not sprinkled, A wan }h Petrolt has discovered the lost art of tempering copper so that the metal may be utilized in place of steel The P7 Owens, a traveling inaa of nff£. who is Well this S&Vtttook l th"S?Sfot«ot.Mntt. ouf Sipatiod, ahd, sti-angely enough, his mother suffer^ fl^m the same trouble. Mr, Owens testified to the merits of Pitik Pills Iti a most enthusiastic way, ana said to the Enquirer reporter:. "I am glad to say anything I can for Dr. 'imams' 5 Pink Pills, Because they, did toe grow very c5nsti P Atcd. I did not .consu i ta Soctor, but having heard olthePlnkPllta 1 1 bought a box of thom. In two or three day! tho heavy feeling in my stomach disappeared wrtw te*2ls vsw regqJftft i 111 not haVo 16 «so nioro thna a bos of tlombeforolwaswcli. Since that time I have only occasionally been troubled with constipation, and I nova* get worried.^ cause I know just what to do. Mother was also troubled with indigestion and the Pink Pills did the same for her they did for mo-cured hor, didn't they, mother." When appealed to Mrs. Owens answered : "Thut is right. I found it wub a great medicine, so easy to take and so quick and wtyere corrosion puts steel at a disadvantage, lie bos made both coiled and fla.t springs of great elasticity, has made good knife blades, and best of all, is able to weld the metal iteejf an<J tp jro'n or steel, - • -T ^ YAQPANT NOTE?, The Smaller sleeves are geen on gowns, gpme people mistake co,ntra.riness Opera costumes are thii year with spangles, i sure and jiaye a r 8, OS }W "I believe that tliese pills are also good for nervousness. When I had my stomach trouble I was also quite nervous and that disappeared with the dyspepsia. The Pink Pills were all that is claimed for them. You can make any use of this testimonial you scent. V. . ,. H. P. Owens has occupied several positions of trust in this city. Ho was for a. time an employe of tho Commercial-Gazette. He will go on the road in a few days for. a prominent business house here. Mrs. Owens is quite us enthusiastic as her son about the Pink Pills ahd hor host of lady i'riends can verify her good opinion of this wonderful remedy if they feel disposed to do so at any time. Where the testimony is so general and unanimous as to tho excellencies of Pink Pills as tho Enquirer has found it to be there is certainly good reason |to boliovo all the good things said— about •the safe and simple remedy. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Palo People contain all the elements necessai'.y to give now life and richness to the blood' and restore shattered nerves. They may be had of all druggists or direct by mail from the Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, Bchenoc- tndy, N. Y., at 50o per box, or six boxes for $3.50. _ HOUSEHOLD HINTS. Asbestos wicks are used for chafing dishes. If possible send out your dinner invitations at least ten days in advance. To light a candle hold the match on the side of the wick and not to the top. For the protection of your table have a covering of white felt or heavy canton flannel. Clams are in season all the year round. Terrapin is in season from No- ( vember to May. Bent whalebones mav *»<* straightened and made fit for use again , by soaking in hot water, then straightened under a press until dry. Silk which has been badly wrinkled may be smoothed by sponging on the right side with weak gum arabic water and ironing on the wrong side. In polishing brass beds no liquids or polishing powders should be used, as either are apt to break the lacquer. All that should be used is a soft flannel rag. Cooking meat at a high and in a dry temperature develops a richer and a more savory flavor, so, when it is possible, it is well to brov.r. the meat before idding.watPT Good Luck. Mr. Binks— "Don't you think it's about time our daughter began to think about a husband? She is gettin-g on, and she'll be an old maid, the first thing she knows," Mrs, Binks— "Indeed, it is time, high time. But she's me over again. J never thought of marriage until my mother warned me that if I ever married, at all I had no time to lose. I tell ypu I was scared," Mr. Binks— "Urn— I suppose so." Mrs. Binks— "Yes, 'indeed. I made up my wind to take the nrst stick that offered, and that very evening you came." - _____ w _ B«m>re of Ointments for Catarrjj Contain Mercury, As mercur)' will - surely destroy the pense of smell and completely derange t,hQ whole system when entering It through thfl mucous surfaces, Such articles should never be used excent on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the damage they will do is tenfold to the $ood you can possibly derive from them- Hall's Catarrh Cure, manu* factured by F. J, Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains up mercury, and Is taken internal^, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the ays. tern, In buying Hull's Catarrh Gyre, be sure you get the genuine. « Is taken in" ternaUy, and made in Toledo, Ohio by " * ° Testimonials f y ; Testimonials by druggists; price, 75o u4r bottle, Hall's i Family pills, ?6o. '4'i-rtt Mrs. Norris— What A pace o!4 Dr. Green drive? at. Mr. Norria— AU.yes; "the pace that kills." Esowgioug to Qreat Southwest, "Wyy 14 and, §§, ^bj-uary 1} and March' JQ, 18QQ, tfieganta Jfo Route a series qf bowesepkera ex« fyoja the * to prinoip^ So«t!i!rj) . in rate will be rtou,t p»e fare limits , . ft-offl tM.Washlftftoa BUfi ft J«- ioin§tlfte§ tlify' ttfifHeMftftt find 6v6tt ££M* » Wofe like fe0tf.« MMtt. A Wettd of mine whe was engaged In the- P f attice 6f law told ffi« of a filflgulaf Iflstaficd whjfre tM>6M&# ft Wseffl- bl&nce gdt & *Hent iflto tfdtihlj A young man was arrested, charged frith burgllfy. m had b*fl tur fefWd while In the sleeping room of the head of the family, and had escaped by Jumping through a window, He was put-sued, but got away. * wo hours later- toy friend's client, a stranger in the tafrn, was arrested. The inan fttid his wife, who saw hint, positively Identified tha young man, as did those who joined in the pursuit. To his attorney he persisted In protesting his .Innocence, but could not account for himself at the time the offense was 'committed, except by saying he" took a long walk to 866 the city. The attorney who at first believed his client to be guilty, looked up his record and became convinced that the young matt was Innocent, but his conviction seemed a foregone conclusion. One day the lawyer met a man on the street whom he mistook for his < "Why, how did you obtain bond?" he asked. "You are evidently taking . me for someone else," was the answer. A bright Idea struck the lawyer. The stranger looked as though he was In hard luck, and a proposition to sit in the court room during the trial was accepted. The lawyer concealed the double until the case was called, then he had the real prisoner 'sit behind him where he could not be seen, the accused being small and my. friend quite large. The double was seated in the prisoner s flock. Every man identified the man most positively, and the prosecuting attorney looked most satisfied until the supposed prlsr oner was placed upon the stand, and it was shown that he was not the defendant. Subsequently a convicted burglar made a confession, and among the crimes was the one with which my friend's client had been charged. I L LU M 1 N ATE THE1 R N E.ST.S- Sagacious Birds' Method of Protecting Their YounR from the Bats. From the New. York. Journal: 'The. rocky head of Cape Comorin, at the southern extremity of India, seems to hang out over the water like a projecting roof, and under the caves of this roof the esculent swallows .build their nests. These: nests of the sagacious little birds,, who are sometimes' called "Japanese , nuns" or African finches," are not safe from the depredations of man even 'in this seclusion, though the mode of collecting them is attended with great danger. The nests are formed in the shape of watch pockets, but authorities differ as to tlieir substance. Some claim they are formed of tiny sea plants; others of some moluscous animal; and still others say that they are made of inspissated sea foam, or .fishes' spawn. The nests are cemented by a glutinous secretion possessed by the swallow, and consist of two rooms; they form a much prized article of food in China, where they are shipped in large quantities from India and the neighboring islands. They are white and clean, and when boiled to a jelly have a glutinous taste which is rather insipid to one who has not a Chinese palate. At night the hundreds of pendulous nests under the he^d of Cape Comorin present a strange sight. Sometimes each nest is illuminated by four or five lights, which the wise birds procure to protect their young from the raids of the murderous bats. They consist of bits of sticky clay, which ,the birds fasten to the top of their nests; and then place them on the clay. This arrangement doep not contribute to the comfort of the fireflies,, but the light which they give forth dazzles the eyes of the thieving bats, and so preserves the lives of the young 1 birds, The House Ant. The strength of the common house ant is something phenomenal. Sir John Lubbocty: has estimated that one of these can sustain a weight 3,000 times greater than its own. This is equivalent to a man holding 210 tons by his teeth. WISPOM BOll,EP DOWN, People feel dirty three or four days after a dust storm. After all, love does not appeal to a woman's heart like cut glass. It is a pity that girls do not practice patience more, and t}ie piano less. Every boy wonders* ..why a girl's hair doesn't,become hopelessly tangled. , jf there ie any sham in a woman, tt comes put when she has company, Investigate a popular women and you will find she has no violent opinions, Every one discovers sonjo day that when be asks for simple justice ho is asking too much, Mincemeat isn't wade right unless you have a, jieadftPhe within two after eating the pie, When twp people love each they finally get £o abusing each, other for being suck foplp. Nearly every wan oats tpo much njeat, whtph'js fespoasjbje for one ef his very worst habits. The jion. anfl tbe )a»b. \\Q 4owe to* gather } n |;jj e sagje wj^ jlMl pull fcsetb without pftin, compel % man ^ loaf ^Yho. has been bupy ap4 fte Js ae u.Bp.oj)f,pr-t(»We ft loafer pe» ta \Y,04% 9$e:p fyety ' ^&M&h^l)M *.tokBg%«it' i:W^Ml«JW4fiM«i|^ " .- gfilplelgn^-t fftfc tfcpfp'felgh, how is if** late Hot paid that bill 01 mine? ^ Pebffeigh-^Mj-detti-fellow, I hats had f6fgottefiall abbiitiS. jlb - 'i^-What ate yfcti writing? .„.„.!—A tPefltlse on mfemory. $1 - *- ... The fiet ves iltioa pilfe blood, aid they *|ii bs yoilf filthftll 66fyafit9 and hot tyrant). bfll iUSStSfS} you will .not M iiervous, . itfi eheef ful and happy, To giitS Tilbod, find tolceep it pute, tftkj Sarsaparilia Pills Hundreds of ladies write us that they " can't find good bindings in our town." ! It's easy enough if you insist on haying BIAS . ' 'VELVETEEN] SKIRT BINDING. Look for "S. H. &'M." on the label and,take no other. ' If your dealer will not* supply you ' - ' ,- we will, Send for samples, showing labels and materials, to the.S. H. & Mv.Co.', P. 0. Box 699, New York City. o LAST CALL ThU coupon, accompanied by 81, Is Rood for one year's subscription for the. DES MOINKS DAILY NEWS (by mall only) if presented oh or 1 before February SO, 1800. LAST CALL a $1 YOUR DEALER FOR Q DOB THE .D. If you pay 84 to SO for shoes, examine the W. L. Douglas Shoe, and seo what a good shoe you can buy for OVER IOO STYLES AND WIDTHS, CONGRESS, BUTTON, nncl LACK, ijindo in all lilncls of the best selected leather by skilled workmen. \V.o make and Bell inoro $3 Shoes than any other manufacturer in tho world. None genuine unless name and price is, stamped on the bottom. Ask your dealer for our 85, 84, S3.CO, 83.00, 8U.35 Shoes; 88.50, 83 and 81.70 for boys. TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE. If yourdealer cannot supply you, send to factory, enclosing price and 36 cents to pay carriage, fatate kind, style of to<) (cap or plain), size and width. Our Custom Dept. will fill your order. Send for new Illustrated Catalogue to llox It. W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mass, i ALL HORSE TROUBLES Such as Spavins, Curbs, Wlndpufls Splints andBuncb- 63, are positively cured < ^ Quinn's Oidthientr Write for proof, Price ft .50, Smaller size 50c, At ull druggists, pr sent by wall, W, IB. jBpjjy &. co,, wi»tip!MO>; W. V. ' "White Gui'iimn Onto" most productive in the world, Weigh BO pounds pov VuslieJ. yjelcj over W| hushfla per <we, We forfeit «J,QQO If »hei>9 o&ts fall t?,| (1)1 above BpoolHcatlona, ueat punk refereucoii in out! Circulars, Send Hi cents In silver for a»i|tp(e paalnl age of oats, descriptive circular*, prlco IMt, teniw tol AKenta, sto., t« W, H, "" ••• -•• — -...-'» A FIGHTING DEMQCBAl e S r, . , - OHIOAQO OHRQNfC^H the ffreftt flepie4 newspaper pt >h? wes? d»J)y fofone yeWI TOPrlRtton for eA oe r Ml

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