The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1896
Page 5
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,. f , "• jkua/t&JA: •»*: daiwa. jii"tu.™*.»B. uk>:u,¥At9w <i£.e>. i^aAtac 4wUtk. i. _««. JK.atiK;it,**,*.* ! ,ij.rft"jW ^ *9Bt d£Afe ffi*ft, Sk'ale .* fc. j&.& A.&& ~- - _ . . . . 1.^1 -** . *.i ^ =-' lOSA? IOWA, Want a Seport Of Their Doings dtttthetiAftdg of fivetf Man in the County. lethbd Suggested ifi ftesdltltloS that "' feeeotd &f the ie County board met Mofiday ahd Iniaed fdf the fi6W year by eiedtttig Chubb 6hatr"m&n. The saffie ibets were present as last yeas 4 , and Chubb continues in the same posi . he h&S BO ertfiiently filled before, i business Of the session has been lfly routine. A large BUtabee &f !§ were allowed. ie most important matter is a reso- iion for reform id the matter of coun printing, It reads! ,. hereas, The board are satisfied that tbe blication of the proceedings of the board lasting much more than It need to or 1 .Hid if opened to Competition, while only Bart of the people are deriving any bene- ifrom the same. . Resolved, That the attention of our Senas' and representative be called to this inat- ' and that they he requested to have such res made in the law as will enable the __J to place in the hands of every rest- tit tax-payer of the county a copy of the ' edings, and at a reasonable cost. olved, Also, that the matter of redtic- ; Official salaries he called to their atten- i6n ; and that the matter of selecting offl- fal papers be laid over till the adjourned Bssfon. iResolved, That a copy of these resolu- ons be sent to our senator and reprosenta- fre. In explanation of these resolutions ie board has addressed the following etter to Hon. Samuel Mayne and Hon. . B. Funk: The attention of the board of supervisors 'as these matters by an appll- _ itlon for the establishment of the third of! flcial paper in the county, Ivhlch would Increase the cost one half. On investigation fwe found that we could put into the hands if every'taxpayer in the county ,a full re- iort of the proceedings at substantially the ost of a single official publication, thereby aving to the people one half of the present st and, we believe, giving, them a much itter service than is possible under the esent system, and this we could do with- t competition, How much lower it could done if opened to competition we are un- ile to say. It has also come to our notice at about one-half of the papers in the iunty are actually paying for the privilege circulating tbe proceedings in their pairs as a matter of news, and it seems un- ,ir to them to com'pel them to pay for mat- ir to circulate that is already doubly paid ir by the county. 'Theboard feel that if itter service can be secured to the people a less cost to the county, the law should changed so as to enable us to do it: In regard to official salaries the board ' that while nearly all of the principal iucts of the state are selling much be- the cost of production, that it is the iper thing to make.a healthy re uction pay for official services, and put them at .at the business of the county is paying like service. By the board. 'he theory of the board is that hav- _ two or three papers set up the pro- ledings is paying more than is neces- foi- the service 'that is rendered, ^ i by having the proceedings set up ie and printed on a supplement they Id get them circulated by every pain the county at much less expense, ihe law would even wink at such a iceeding the board would adopt this r n at once. As it is they have left ie matter of official papers till a later feting and will urge the legislature :a\ithorize the plan they suggest. If ".8 adopted they will let the printing 'he supplements to the lowest bidder ' then furnish them free to all the papers in the county, and thereby re three times the actual circula- Jithey now get. This will put all ''Capers in the county on an equality official business and will give •y newspaper reader in the county py of the proceedings, and save a expense to the county in addition. POOR FARM IN 1895. jeander Barton made his first report the poor farm and was able to show it in 1895 it has been self supporting, with any price for grain, more than If supporting. He was re-elected to |nage the farm the coming year .and 11,give it the same careful attention |has'before. • His report is a business pument and is as follows: ,__eipts— ' ' pmsales $ 81390 n on hand, 1,000 bushels ,,'., , 14000 ,s, 1,400 bushels 140 00 Wey, oOObushels 10000 " eat 150 bughels, , 0000 atoes, 90 bushels , 3000 ans, 1 bushel, ;.., 1 50 y, SOtons 13000 otal , ,,»1,30440 icpenses— at paid out , 81,44740 P of supervision .., ,,,,.,,., 47 OQ tal $1,49440 f this expense total $337,60 has beep 'pernmnent improvements, a bull, a building, etc,, and is not to be ted in the year's expenses, Tftk- that out leaves an adverse balance year pf only $1.79. farm has kept six paupers, has fl &nd one has died. fhe board discussed the official * sal- • question but adopted the schedule >sji for }89Q &8 follows; surer, ,, $1,500 ^;:;;:;;;: • - m .ey.!!!'!'"'''''".' •iff, and Jeee, perflsy, .,,- ;;::;:;« '109 ,,,. ' • ayi •,.« ,., TT . w Bilef^ep§ a piled ^e ftti§RtiQ» fif toth """ .„ f6P fartriSfetBf %tSfifeS,al all ftftd aft«# the 6t«^k t® hfiflfi IS tf«~* apths Jflswees will na^e Ifl w&kt a__ payfof their own blacks. Auditof Catkine stilt hag a limited supply. fcdftfd mil ffiefet Peb. 11 fW an ft. M. J^snfief i tre^nf ef , ............... 160,660 I. B, Mfltfe, dftjiuty, .................... 6 OOC W. B. fi. Mdfae, cofonef, ....... i ....... BOC -J* Wi St&tt, to*nshlft oiettt ............. . 60C C.,0. Sftmsofi, SneHflT! ................... &,OOC Nick Ingert, cons table, ..... . ....... ..... 60C P, W, Colefti&n. Sfttne, ..... , ............. 500 A. F. Bteimburg, asSeesof, .............. ,500 B. F. Reed, superintendent, ............ i ,OOC A. 0. MefSfth. constable, ................ 500 S. K. G&atd, Justice ..... ., ............. „ 60C A. G. Johnson, assessor, ........... ..... 1,000 0. A. Tellief, surveyor, .1 .......... ..... 1,000 RECSilPTB. Sheriff Samson's report for 1896 showed a net total received of $1,894.89, The sheriff's salary is $400 and fees, a total of $14794.89, which'Covers the deputy's salary. six MONTHS' CLERk FEES. Clerk Crose reports fees from June 10, 1895, to Jan. 1, 1896, at $661,70, ROUTINE MATTERS. Geo. Turner is allowed $10 tier month to care for Mrs. Turner, providing she is discharged from the asylum and returned to Tier home in Algona without additional expense to the county. The clttssificattnn of personal property of 1896 is same as in 1895, Irving Dodge is re-appointed deputy treasurer. A road asked by Frank Nlcpulin in Plum Creek is-laid if he pays all costs. Clerk's fees from Sept. 9 to Nov. 9, $69.65. ' E. H. Clarke's annual report as justice for 1895 was approved. Clerk's fees from Nov. 11 to Jan. 1, $14.66. Road asked by L. Ertl laid as asked. The county will help Henry Blinkman with his eyes, The auditor is authorized to investigate and make necessary expenditure. Blinkman is granted $8 a month until further notice. Road asked by J. B. Sexton laid as asked. Mark Boyle, R. I. Brayton, W. S. Wickham, and Jos. Cosgrove appointed deputy sheriffs. - . Mrs. Mertthew allowed $6 a month until further notice. County recorder's fees from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, $936.40. Justices Joseph Packman, Obed Robinson, H. P. Hatch, and F. M. Trimble report and reports approved. lection 16-100,29 appraised at $20 an acre and appraisal approved. Auditor's school loans approved. Board allowed following salary: C. C. Chubb.; V.;'.-.. $1824 B. F. Smith. :;.. 1536 W. J. Burton ; 1548 H. 0. Hollenbeok 1344 L. Barton 1300 Schedule of.Claims, COUNTY. H. P. Hatch, Justice.... ............! M. C. Grler, reporter B. F. Reed, superintendent salary...... Grant Benschoter, trustee Courier, publishing. M. S. Allen, trustee H. KllngelliDfter, same C.E. Dodge, deputy treasurer Waters Bros., books, etc M, Z. Grove & Son, merchandise N. H. Benrd, trustee,claimed $20.75... A. H. Naudaln, coal... R. D. Grow, mibliBhlng.... 3wea City Herald, publishing, B.'J., Skinner, clerk, etc Mrs. Schlchtl, cleaning Frank Winkel, merchandise Marshall Printing Co., blanks. M. F. Randall, clerk hire Jas. Orr, M painting Mrs. Grose, cleaning Geo. Twist, clerk. 0. O. Fish, clerk, claimed $8 B. S. Hand, clerk, claimed $12 John Bernhard. trustee B. F. Crose, state case, 3. E. Hand, trustee 3onner Blank Book Co., books J. E, MoMullen. notices. J. A. Carlson, clerk B 1 , M. Trimble, justice fee P. E. Johnson, clerk r, Sapetel, draylng E. O. Tuttle, bailiff Li. J. Newell, clerk Mrs. Sapetel, cleaning Wm. Dodds, trustee , Walters Bros., assessors, etc Qr. Morse, coroner, M. Welsbrod,trustee... S. W. Van Dorstan,, same a, Doege, same, claimed $10.50 John Speicher, appraising B 1 . D. Calkins, deputy. F. M. Trimble, Justice, claimed $38.85. Geo. W. Smith, trustee B. N. Weaver, she.ving 5\ D. Calkins, expenses John Markgraf, trustee P. W. Iiongley, teaming.;...;' •.,.. Kenyon Printing company, ledger..,.. Wm. Smith, cleaning Banford Rpwej trustee., F, M. Ely, reporting..,,, G. H. Latason, bailiff,,., ,.,... ,,. [ncham & Warren, printing..,....,.,.. E, W. Adams, tax comp.j cl'm'd $45.., Matt Parrott, books Sooue Book company, books, Egbert, Findlar & Co., books 0, A. Oleson, trustee ,, 3. F, Crose, Bamsey case,,-.,.,,, E. H. Clarke, tees H. B. Mason, bailiff A, D. Fern, bailiff Wm, Smith, cleaning vault r D, Rasmusson, trustee J, W, Wadsworth, room rent.,.,.,.,... J.F. Smith, bailiff...... P. L. Parish, mdse , 3. M, Poxsee, same, .,,..,,. ., 3arter, Hussey & Co,, books. S, Warburton, clerk. Acres, Blaokmar & Co., books M. Starr, printing A. J. Dunlap, trustee 3, C, Samson, boarding prisoners,,..,, Cowa Deaf school, patients. ,, P. E. Foster, cutting prisoner's ha}r,.. [own Insane hospital, patients Geo, E. Marble, room rent, c'l'd $5 A.D. McGregor, mdse..,,.,,.,, H. 0. Hollenpeck, same , POOR, Sail & Vesper, rodse ".. 0, Eokart. Rent pf house for Janies family, o'l'd*40.... ..,.., .;. C, McCoy Md., disinfecting, etc .... G. H, Lamson, caring for poovto Jan, 1 A. H, Naudaln, coal : , ,. John Goeders, mdse for poor ,.,,. Same 3auae...... ,,.., , Jas. Taylor, same, o'l'a IJ..6Q, uotall'd. McDonald & Nafus, coal .,..,'. 3eo., Schneider, indse E, J, GUjnore, game ,., , Patterson & Son, same M, A. Wlchjer, casket and o., o'l'm $47. A, B, Naudain, coal L,. H. MeUen, 04 chickens, Jas. faylor, mdse for poor. F, •», calkins, paupw'e fare to Mason J. M. JPariey, "C'Q Vl for 'poor i,',..,'!.'.'.'!.'!! "\K'J& 01 *WWi c°*S tor pauper c'J'd 9^U.pU ,,•,><,•*,,;>• ••* t,.,, ^ •«,,,,,,... ?. J, Studley, medicine fpr poor iraaiey'^ iftcouUn, m 4 8e aji§ repairs. 1005 12 00 10450 400 3133 4 00 2 00 40000 70 95 9'80 17 00 7560 700 025 1400 400 2 05 13035 253 47 0 30 250 12 00 4 00 11 50 8 00 82 75 4 00 4300 7 00 5 00 87 95 13 00 100 3 00 400 250 600 104 00 300 100 950 7 00 500 100 00 31 35 800 13825 37 23 200 1 25 5 00 225 700 54 00 1800 8585 40 00 2725 29 00 0390 2 00 40 60 3505 1800 800 5 00 1000 4 00 10 00 7 44 180 48 95 1125 785 6133 3400 425 90 2310 100 50400 300 325 100 150 2500 3 50 10 oo 3901 22 15 I Pfttt eoofe , expenses aj poor farm J365 560 004 87 35 3015 1800 520 1780 334 175 6SQ 1000 4075 475 30 75 1280 97ft H. p, t-ai'sen, oae sfo&ep, e|aJmea f § .,.. 400 ^.Staoy,hjafaward, M .T._.,.,......... 755 .. W. Sajapaoa werfe o» W^ge .„,,.,. 34 50 """ "" ~M""*""H 3.375 H L PetSf'Bv'iWbMa Bftte?Bro'S.Iibf.Co.i , i #ofk 6ft bridge* , felanlt... . M<Fafi6y, itttnVM...! . Bftiley A Haigstj gtsdlfcf.....- Miller & RoUertson, inds^ A. JohftSofif bridge jWrtk NoftWrn Lbf Co?, luffiber . P. A. Salllsberi, tiile stamps tffuef^ftJs.jlunibBf......... ..... McDoftaia, Richards & Nafus, lumber. B. F, Smith, cam. W&fk 0. A. Tellier. measuring grade ... < John Paul, lumber ..i W. 3, Burton, coin, work S06 ,600 580 1000 3471 600 .480 ,1380 23584 • 1360 6789 80s 815 6846 15119 454 6650 790 370 Mbneyi 1 have unlimited money to loaa oh long OF short time. _ ^ B. W. HAGGARD. WE tnake a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard, a M«#_^I i iiTiinnriii r i i rtTTirrinHnn'ia DR. QuiNN has beett called suddenly home oh account of sickness and will not be In Algona next week as advei" Used, . ; Stock Notice, I have purchased' a thoroughbred Jersey bull and will keep him at tny livery barn for service. The animal is St. L. of Riverside, No. 87781', sired by Venter's puke. No. 26761} dam Sunny Wadena. No. 60051. If you aria inter* ested in fine Jersey stock call and see this splendid animal. . 42m3 8. P. CHRisTEtfSEN. , Tnko Notice. Schu & Waterhouse have bought the largest and finest lot of tobacco that has ever been brought to Algona, for the manufacture of the u Sportsman's Game," the best five-cent cigar in the market. ^__^_____^ Freali Fish I Lake Superior trout, wall-eyed pike, pickerel, dressed atid scaled perch, and silver herring. Also very choice bulk Oysters, cheap. ' % ' MOE BROS.' MARKET. Farm Loans at 0 per Cent. And the expenses of making the loan can be paid at option of the borrower. Interest payable annually unless otherwise preferred. The loan can be paid in whole or in part at any interest date. HOXIE & BRUNSON. Buckwheat Cakes At the New Daisy Mills. We furnish the flour—you do the rest.—40 CLOAKS, cloaks, cloaks, cloaksl Capes, capes, capes t by the wholesale atGalbraitb's. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kbssuth County State Bank. JUST arrived this morning at Galbraith's, something for the children in the line of cloaks and jackets. MACKINTOSHES in single and double texture, lined and unlined, all colors and sizes, at Galbraith's. t WE'RE here now, but Jan. 20 we will be opposite the postofflce. M. Z. Grove & Son, Opera House Grocery. Married Men: Notice. Will your widow dress as well as your wife does?'Make sure that she will by a policy in the Royal Union Life Insurance company. J. L. DONAHOO, 42t3m Dist. Agt., Algona, Iowa. JUST think of itl A sack of flour, 65c, at James Patterson's. WE will be opposite the postoffice Jan. 20. M. Z. Grove & Son. FOR SALE — A house and two lots on West McGregor street. Inquire of F. H, Vesper.-29tf MARVELOUS RESULTS. From a letter written by Rev. J. Gunderman, Dimoudale, Mich., we are permitted ;o make this extract: "I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. King's New Discovery. as the results were almost marvel-* ons in the case of my wife. While I was pastor of the Baptist church at River June- iion she was brought down with pneumonia succeeding La Grippe. Terrible paroxysms of coughing would last hours with little interruption and it seemed as if she could not survive them. A friend . recommended Dr, King's New Discovery; it was quick in its work and highly satisfactory in its results. ' ' Trial bottles free at Dr. Sheetz' drug store, Regular size 5Qc. and f 1.00, 1 BIO SUCCESSES, Sving the needed merit to more than make good all the advertising claimed for them, the following four remedies have reached a phenomenal sale; Dv, King's New Discovery, for consumption, coughs, md colds, each bottle guaranteed; Electric Bitters, the great remedy for liver,' stomach, and kidneys; Buoklen's Arnica Salve, the best in the world, and Dr, King's New Life Pills, which are a perfect pill. AH these remedies are guaranteed to do just what is claimed for them, and the dealer Whose name is attached herewith will be ?lad to tell you more of them, Sold at Dr, " i. A, Sheetz' drug store. , 1 IN addition to a large assortment of popular styles in jadies' jackets we are showing a big line pf misses' and child- ren'4 garments. Galbraitjj & Co. BUY your goods at tbe Opera, House Grocery while it Stays, Bran) peeai SliortsJ New prices at the New Patsy Mills, Highest Honors—World's Fair* $w,spw?!»f s?*3f' tfi^^^^^ra, > • w • i > •MJH^ TO DISCUSS FARM TOPICS, A Institute to fie Match, ivlth a Pfofffam to Af failed County Paif Assbciatibfi's AflhUal ittg Last Saturday—fiJ6cti6fi of A farmers 1 institute is booked for the second Week ib Maroht ¥he taattef Was decided at the annual agricultural •society meeting Saturday and the ex* ecuttve committee, consisting of J. W, Wadsworth, fi, P, Keith, fe. B, Bdtlef, and ttarvoy laghattt, were appointed to make all arrangements. It Will be a two days' institute with an evening session, at which it is now expected an address by some outside speaker will be delivered, Home talent will be relied on for the practical discussions, and Kossuth has now experimented enough with all the varieties of farming, breeds of stock, and theories of politics and legislation, to give ae good a program of valuable papers and entertaining comment as Could be made up with imported talent. Full announcements will be made in due season, COUNTY PAIR The reports of treasurer Wadsworth and Secretary Butler show that the fair was run on a much bigger scale last year, both as to expenses as well as receipts, than ever before. In premiums alone $687.77 was paid out in cash. The cost of enlarging the grounds, building the new fence, and making other changes ate up the profits, but the association enters 1890 in better shape than ever before. The detailed report shows the following receipts and expenses: Receipts— '••'.':•' Balance on hand.... <:;... . ........ ,,.$ 2410 Premium list advertising ....... ,.,,.. ' 56 00 Gate and ampltheatre tickets ...... .. 1,15415 Entrance fees ............... , .......... 30 00 Booths, exhibitors' tickets ......... ... 170 26 State warrant .......... ,....; .......... 200 00 Total ' $1,044 50 Expenses— * , Premiums 08777 Band and attractions 12105 Race purses ... 33000 Expenses .>. 400 30 Total .-.$1,04211 NEW OFFICERS ELECTED. Capt. Dodge, who has served faithfully as president of the society for three years, absolutely declined a reelection, and on ballot J. W. Wadsworth . was chosen. Mr. Wadsworth has been connected with the society for many years and has been ai faithful arid efficient worker and the honor was worthily conferred. 'E. P. Keith was re-elected vice president, .and E. B. Butler was re-elected secretary by acclamation although he earnestly requested left out. His work the past year has been exceptionally well attended to, and the.,society could ill afford to lose his services. Harvey ingtmm was elected treasurer. The new board of directors is as follows: Algona, T. H. Wadsworth; Buffalo, Milt Gray: Burt, Clark Coffen; Cresco, J. G. Rawson; Eagle, John Lindblom; Fenton, F. L. Ranney; Garfield, M. Hays; German, G. Stelsel; Greenwood, Wm. Heathershaw; Harrison, R. R. Stockman; Hebron, Wm. Goodrich; Irvington, .D. A. Wallace; Lotts Creek, N. C. Taylor; LuVerne, Adam Marty; Ledyard, B. F. Smith; Plum Creek, Thos. Kain; Portland, Milly Mann; Prairie, M. Mamoser; Riverdale, J. O, Paxspn; Seneca, A. Jacobson; Sherman, Phin. King; Swea, V. S, Ellis; Springfield, S. T. Dakin; Union, Herb. Bailey; Wesley, Frank Kernan; Whittemore, Wm. Greenfield; Lincoln, Frank Pierce. DIRECTORS' MEETING, ETC. The board of directors meet on the first Saturday in March to arrange for the fair of 1896. An effort, will be made to have everyone present. Several important matters are to be considered. The society Saturday decided to have the entries' hereafter close on the first day instead of at'10 o'clock on the second day, which is important. It will give judges, directors, and everybody more time and facilitate business. • DAVID DUTTON BURIED, TIio Remains HrougUt From KocU- ford, IJJ,, and Placed In the Irvington Cemetery. The remains of David Dutton, whose death was noted last week, were brought home Thursday and at 11 o'clock the funeral services were held at the Presbyterian church in Irvington, Rev, Waite of Livermore cowing up to officiate, A large gathering of old friends were present and escorted the hearse to the Irvington. cemetery, where so many of the pioneers are buried, Mr. Dutton was 63 years old and had been for 37 years a resident of the county, He was a gentleman' in every relation in life, No one knew bim but to respect biro. IJe was active in everygood work, and bis loss is one which ie mourned' by all who knew him, Seven children survive him, Ben. in Georgia, Mrs, W, E. Qilhert and G. C, Dutton in Rookford.Hl,, Mrs, 0, N, Brown in West Bend, Mrs, Ed, D?dge in Algona, and Robert and David at the boms place. AH t were present at the funeral except the son in Georgia, Mr, Dutton owned pne of the b&st farms in Sherman township, and had just built a fine borne in Iry ington, when Mrs, Putton died ttoan a year ago. , Supreme It bag pleased the ali-^lse and .s^w to call home to the su- on high tae beloved wife pf p^p A. f). BWP. therefore fee it, Resolved, ybftt AJgQ,»a Igdge, No,m A 0- U,W,A9repyteMejfite feeartelt to Bro, ' amily in thig tbep d tb,em fo This Young Man Smiles. you Guess Why? The problem is simple. It" is not because-fir is the flower of the family—for he. isn't—but because his family uses Daisy Mills Flour. The fact that foreign flour has been reduced to our prices proves the superiority of our, product. This is one of the sure things. Sure things are scarce. Try Daisy flour. , Did we 'sell so many Cloaks- the last two, weeks? First, because we advertised them. Second, because we sold them, as advertised. Now this week we have made a big cut on a -new lot of 30-inch Boucle Jackets, hand-, somely made, watermelon sleeve, inlaid pearl buttons, worth $7.50, now, January Clearing Price ... And if you can use our $12.50 and $10.00 long or short coats, we have Some good things left at . . OUT Millinery you can buy any shape you want for just half price, trimmed or un r , trimmed. Also have 100 pairs Rubbers—, misses' and ladies' — at 25c, worth 40 to 60c.; Just a few of our January Bargains, ' : Jas, Taylor. LAST SFBINS'S PIBES BBOALLED. Emanuel Erickson ThlnHs He la Be- tue Pursued on Account of tUe JllB JTJreB In Algonw, The following item appeared io Friday's Sioux City Journal taken from a Chicago report; "EmanueJ Eriokson of Algona, Iowa, went into detective headqpartei'g in Chicago and told Sergeant Kisselberg doteqlivee from Al' gonft were wpon bis track bent upon as- sasslrjating hica, ' Sgroeone set flre to a store building in Algonalast August,' said Epiokeon, ' and I told Judge Quay- tpn wbp the guilty men were. Sinoe then tb.ey have bounded me nigbt awd day, until last Saturday I was forced to leave Algona to aave my Ufe.'" The Erickson in question returue^ to Al* gona Thursday and haa been berg since. e £m XifPBB PBS MOJNES repprt^p visited bia relatives and ffound 'that lie ao^ing qyeevly lor some tia>e, tb&t &*' some yews be bai pf 'on the girl ovieetjQ written Ibi-fateniflg Jetterg ^o an HOBABT BOOMA Station Agent, and a Panic GJy'e Our Near Neighbors a Good start for the New Year, <!> Hobart has arrived at the dignity of' having 1 a station agent,; Tbe day ' operator at Britt will take the plage as soon as a house can be secured to live' in. Then Hobart wll,l be a full " town, Sexton has arrived at the' dtgw having a bank, S, X. Way pf ^ and It, V, H&raby w j,ii pu t it ia, open this week. Sexton is, a fjity,- BigOKlKN'8 Tbe best salve iu the • , ,_..„ £Ste» *£?•• ^J s < ¥M $£P?> fryer sp«?8. w i / *° J 1 '• >f <'). '!>• ," |»'ora Ghtesgc he b&s erf§pt or money Po.W by ^' '

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