The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1896
Page 2
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jS =' ^!SS"-/t :;?;;;',•:>' i< ^-4 "*• •'"-;•'-""• ' •' jv,H-.\--v-*f«^ vf. ;/,'•- ,*• • , -'< , todeft cgtsfatlfig* In ;,< tibdleU k the fifalce Medical fcchbol, at ^•',1 , MS AMbeffy street} that jtiftd beefi fef 1. 4 v ffltoltefi ifom the Sayldrville: cemetery, '"•* ••"'*'' miles north of the city, and _ 0 ht Id fies ifoines to tie disposed r , — One bady Was 1 Ihftt of RacHael > flSawiteend, who lived at, cod South rKlnth <6ti*eet, with her son, George ; / *I?etoiiselid. She was f 3 years old, 'and ^led December So of lung trouble. She 'Was buried in Saylofville cemetery, '" tfahtiary 1, The other body was that 1 of Alexander Bell, better known as • -"Sandy Bell. Me was a coal miner employed by the Oak Park Coal eoin- 'fcany, antUvas killed in the mine by a fall of slate, January 3, and buried in fiaylorville cetaeteryi A burial slipper found beside the grave of Mrs. Town- fiend -caused an investigation. Five cadavers were found at the college. The faculty claims to know nothing of the affair. ioHhehbiffee ..-J- 8fc«B«tf. %Jtiker« tf, W s, dfBTielfcy eoiin-tyj ehM cie'rii ONE DOLLAR. V'/i town's Best l>nlly I'lipci* Only One ' Dollar ft \'enr. DES MOINES, Jouunry O.-^The Des Moines, .Daily Kcws has solved the problem of placing a first-class condensed daily paper -within the reach of all. The regular price of the Daily News ifi $2 a year, but until February 20, 1800, any person can take it at 81 a year, cash in advance. Only yearly subscriptions taken at this rote. Present subscribers can 'extend their subscriptions one year for §l, -up to February 20. Thus, for $1 you can have a daily paper during the comipg , 'legislature and throughout the presidential campaign. No such offer was ever made before., The News gives! the news ofi the day in condensed form. Address, Tho News, Des Moines, Iowa. CHARGED WITH BIGAMY. What Cheer Man Accused of Having Two Wives : Simultaneously. GALESBUBO, 111., January 11.—Three weeks ago I. W. Pruitt and Emma Ranney, aged 17, from near Bloomington, were married by a justice and settled here. New Yenr's day Pruitt disappeared, taking with him his wife's trunk and watch' and the marriage -license. He was traced to What Cheer, Iowa, where it is learned he has a wife and two children. He was, at the instigation of the Illinois authorities, arrested, and will be brought to Galcsburg. It is likely that he will be tried for both larceny and bigamy, i His young wife is in destitute circumstances. HEDRICK HOMICIDE. George Terrill Willfully ghootg u Companion Kainecl Hlnton. HEDIUCJC, January 10.—George Terrill shot one of his most intimate friends, Richard Ilinton. Both men are well-to- do sons of respectable parents, but they were out for the night with two colored courteFans. A quarrel arose over some trivial matter, and as both were more or less under the influence of liquor, Terrill drew a revolver and shot his companion. After realizing What he had done he fled, and as yet he has not been captured, although the officers are confident that he soon will .be. Hinton turned and walked to a doctor's house near by, where he died twelve hours after he received the fatal wound, Foftt tf6%e11, ttf Vatt Bttitm ^~»j and Shefsnafc Myers of Cass county engrossing clerk, Moll!e tteisl, eft rolling clerk, Minnie McCreg'all', pbs't mistress, Miss 'McQainnj sergeant«at arms, j. -A-. Wilson, of Adaii'j bill fctetlt, Belle Metcalf; file clerk, \V, ¥, Burns; chief doorkeepof, A. C. Boles Republican senators nominated these officers! Secretary, William Billiard, of Belmottd 1 , assistants, Chas. J. Tal* toage, of West Union, and S. It. Sibley, of State Center; journal clerks, L. 13. llollowell and G. A, Nichols! engrossing clerk, Mrs. Carrie D. Sherman) enroll' ing clerk, Miss Capitolo, Mardisj file clerk, J. L. Thompson; bill clerk, Miss Eva Livingston; postmistress, Fannie Becbe; sergeant-at"arms, J. B, Satter- lec, of Manchester; chief doorkeepcf, W. H. McFarland. JUDGE WRIGHT DEAD. A Craud Old Mun of town i'ngses Away lit Uo» Atotnng. . DES MOINES, January 11.—Judge George G. Wright died very suddenly at an early hour. He hatlbeen ill, for Borne time but his illness was not thought serious, Judge Wright was born in Bloomington, Indiana, March 34. 1S20, and came to Kcosauqua, lowu. in 1840. When 38 . years of age I he was elected chief justice of the ' supreme court, holding the position for fifteen years. In 1870 he was the United States senate, declining a re-election. He was president of the State Agricultural society for five years and president of the American Bar -Association during 1887 and 1S88. ';, :; . •• . . ...-. jj, DICKERSON ON TRIAL. Atlantic Man's Case Comes Up In Council JUluffa. COUNCIL BLUFFS, January 10,—Great interest is being manifested in the trial of Isaac Diekerson, the Atlantic man indicted for fraudulent banking, and Which is being tried in the district court. Mr. Diekerson's chief defense will bo to show that he had no direct connection with the bank or }ts management, and was not in a position to H know anything about its details. •Witnesses will be called to show that be had no such, connection with tho | tajik's affairs, and that he was not in the^tate for a period of more than a ^tra'a-n nnfnv f ( j £Jj e failui'0> } ; KEOKTIB, January 10.— Edward Hays, ." '/cjiarged with murdering his wife, was 1 ^ acquitted. The court stated that in , j. v,jew of* the .fact that tho physicians ^ - justified that tho death of Mrs. Hays 'f^as.,caused b,y n carbuncle 1 on the baojc (, pf her neck and that in their opinion ,/i-tH'e fatal carbuncle was not caused by !f fdM}9 defendant, -he would sustain the -.. .i.,,.^.,,... MURDER AT BOONE. Walllo J. McFarland Killed In a Saloon —Shot 1'lvo Times. BOONE, January 11.—Wallie J. McFarland 'was shot in .Mike Secry's saloon 'by Sain Royster. Royster accused McFarland of illicit relations with his daughter, and taking out a 32-calibre revolver shot him five times before he could be interfered with, one shot taking effect in the head, one in the body, and three in the shoulder. Hoyster-.was.-disarmed and placed in jail.; .McFarland has been a notorious, character here for some years, and little sympathy is expressed for him. He cannot live. ,, BOONE, January 13.—E. W. McFarland, who was shot by Stanhope Royster, is dead; -He was conscious to 'the last, thought lie was going to recover, and sworo he would kill Royster and several other people when lie got out, JPdfRfe Bfeht Into ttfciratdd . Janttafy io.-»- „ has rec-eived new |ffb"tij the Venetian boundary stations near the frontier of British Guiana, to the effect that 160 men of the Britisl colonial police have been sent td guard the English station in the disputed territory. The administration regards this action as a direct menace on the part of England, following as it does so elosely the message of the president of the United States relating to the boundary question. The government officials say, however, that, flotwith" standing this report that Great Britain is fortifying her position in apparent defiance of the republic, great prudence will be observed by Venezuelan officers in the territory, and an attempt will be made to avoid all perilous disputes. COULD Little Time Needed for Preparation Jn Cage of Kmcrgeuey. WASHINGTON, January 10.^—The navy department has taken steps to learn how speedily all the monitors now Indcr construction could be equipped 'or service in case of emergency. It appears that the low free-board monitor jlonadnock, now at Mare Island, will be ready by February 1. The Mian- onomali, a doublc-turreted monitor now out of commission at League sltind, can be made ready for service n fourteen dnys. The low free-board nonitor Terror, now at New York, i'ill require sixty days. These three rafts will make a powerful acquisition o the available naval vessels. It is xpectcd also that the .ram Katahdin vill be ready for service at an early ay. ' STILL EXCITED. Judge Given Dead. MOIRES, January 9.—Mrs. Elizabeth A.. Given, wife pf Judge Josiah Given, chief justice of the supremo court, died last night. • BREVITIES. • - » ^ to, >' r ' \ " -- »Ww9iffifSSK%^*^^ ^^t^ftS^^^*WTl^^» T' TrncJifftfAJI jfvrMi* *»£?&» T«»... ^-.J.y.t^'/vivj ,< i j"t l jrt * WKmWjmTlW&'K 1 ' t •f r *3*?T7 w 4r ,**fW*f*^ WW ! ^^^Pm^^^f^A&f The next annual encampment of the Iowa G. A. R. will be held at Cedar Rapids on May 12, 13 and 14. Linseed Cake (oil meal) does not only keep your stock in good order, but is a great flesh producer and is now as cheap as corn. Write Dus Moines Liu- &eed Oil Works for pamphlets and prices. At Moulton a few days ago Everett Stansberry, 17 years old, fell from a tree, striking some timbers which had protruding nails, one of which pierced the skull. He may recover, but the case is serious. J, S, Millspaugh, owner of the leading laundry in Sioux City, was found near the Milwaukee depot wjth his feet frozen and unconscious. He probably fell there, as he had not been robbed. His feet will have to be imputated, and had it not been for the fur overcoat he wore- -ho would have been frozen to death, Mrs. Winnie Hays died at Kcokuk •ecently from -what the attending Dhysician pronounced » carbuncle on the neck. The father of Mrs. Hays was dissatisfied and'caused a post mortem examination to be hold, The coroner's jury brought in a verdict that leceased came to her death from an ibcess caused by blows inflicted upon icr by her husband, Edward Hays. Tho large twp story building occii pied by the'0 t D, Bevingtoij Hardware company at ^'inters'et', cpllnpsed recently, carrying with, it tb.p building a<l- joining, and wh^ch was 'occupied by t)ie Smith Prug Coinpany, Both buildings -with their stocks are .complete wrepks, The stock of hardware J n the Bevingtpn building had been removed tp tl^e secpnd story to permit of the first flpoj' bejng taken pyt lyliile 'worta wen were Digging'»» immense cellar , tyeneatfo thp hpuse. J?ineteeo .wPJ'k* H}Ppl«jre}y «|S^a'^ yj^h tliejr Hyes. M. .!/• "•••• — Caracas Afraid Warships Can Shell the City From tho Sen. NEW Yomc, January 13.—The World's Caracas, Venezuela, dispatch says: "The political excitement is unabated. The newspapers here arc discussing the possibility of a British warship in the harbor of La Guayara being able to throw a shell over the mountain into the. city of Caracas... To quiet; apprehension in regard to it,the matter has been submitted to expert engineers hero. There opinion .is awaited with considerable anxiety. During the last revolution the American Admiral Walker, on board the flagship Chicago, after studying the question, declared that it Was impossible." PLAN FOR A SETTLEMENT. TEfrfifiAS, Persia, January. iu.—^ "> safthquakes haye occurred in the dis tHct of Khal Khal. Upon the firs occasion the large tillage of . Janjab&i was destroyed, 'several ottiefs wet partially destroyed aild 300 -peopl were killed. The second earthquake was Very severe. It was felt ovef an area of 100 miles. The town of Go Was destroyed and a thousand house Were demolished. In addition grea damage was done to many villages There were 800 persons killed in Go alone and large numbers of cattle am sheep perished. THE CUSAN CRISIS. *.^..~..j, January 11.—At a meeting of the cabinet, which was presided over by the queen regent, it Was decided no' to hccept the resignation of Martine: Campos as captain-general of the forco in Cuba and governor general of the island. It was also decided to increase the naval and military forces in Cuba. HAVANA, January 11.—The insur gents, Under Gomez, have captUret Guamara, a city of 8,000 inhabitants and are now about to dash Upon the rich tobacco growing district of Pinar del Rio, which will probably be devastated. HAVANA, January 12.—There arc indistinct rumors that an important expedition for the relief of the insurgents las been landed upon the northern ioast of Pinar Dul Rio. The boldness of-the insurgents remaining upon this wast in face of danger of being cut off ins been attributed to their expecta- /ion of the landing of the expedition L'he authorities have discovered evi- lence of what they consider a con>piracy to cause an uprising in Havana and suspicions that disaffection is nuch more widely disseminated than uts been admitted. Thirty persons iave been arrested for complicity in he plot and eight have been imprison- d, while Aquilino, Salona, police iu- pector for the port of Havana, has seen relieved from duty. FTER LINSEED OIL TRUST. Differences Between Eng'a id unit America to bo tsutclcd by a Commlflslou. LONDON, January 10.—The Westminster Gazette says a movement is on foot in London to put into effect the suggestion rtlleged to have been made by Justice Harln.ii of the United States supreme court,that differences between Great Britain and the United States be settled by a commission' composed of an equal number, of judges of her majesty's high court of justice and of the United States supreme court. Already a private meeting ' composed of Englishmen and Americans has been held to consider what further action shall be taken. Eleven Iowa Works luclvded In the Prosecution Against Them, CHICAGO, January 13.—Attorney General Moloney has begun proceedings before Judge Gibbons, of the circuit cov.rt of Cook cpunty, to annul the charter of the National .Linseed Oil Company, on the ground that the corporation is a trust, in violation of the anti-trust laws of the state of Illinois. Among the corporations named as having been absorbed into and comprising the trust arc eleven located in various cities in Iowa. Ten .Thousand. Killed. LONDON, January , 13.—Late reports are to the effect th£t the heavy Abyssinian losses in the attack upon Markale on January 8, when 10,000 natives were killed, were due to the explosion of mines laid by the Italians outside the fortifications'. WOULD CRAWL OUT. ..M 14W *W.» *• v 7*?^-.*™ v? f* 1 ?' AbW I .^ifjllr-, rl 0^. l«ik^Mlf^^'h^;/ t i* lvrvno«>»t. l<aWl*?+/vT.£W,n ^n**««-WJ ilJ*L.i. * 'In i England Is Beady to Furnish America With Evidence In Venezuela Case. LONDON, January 10,— The statement is made in the foreign office that it wishes to do everything it can to furnish all available matter in tho Venezuelan dispute that may tend to a better feeling between Great Britain and the United Spates. The correspondence extends over, fifty', years in' various languages,, s.p it. will take considerable time . to .compile the evidence. The matter is in hand, however, and a full statement will be placed before -parliament', as speedily as possible. ' • ' .. ; HARRISON MAY MARRY. Positive Announcements of Ills Engage- iijent to Mre. Plmniooh Received, NKW YORK, January 13.—The Morn? ing Advertiser >ays: Positive announcements come from Indianapolis concerning the jmich talked of pngage- mqnt of exrPresident Harrison and Mj's, Mary Scott Dimmock, and though neither one of tho contracting parties will say a word, it is nearly certain that the marriage will take place before Lent. It will be solemnized at Mrs. Dimmock's homo and will proba- bjy be a very quiet affair, » CHOICE. Kllled-ou Shipboard. MILAN, Italy, January 11.—The boiler of a torpedo boat on Lake Ma.ggoire exploded, sinking the vessel and drowning twelve of the crew. TERSE NEWS. Named, toSUCPCMI Iliweejf FBANKFOBT, Ky,/ January U,—The (Jejnopratio jpint executive caucus ponv> J - ted Senator J. C, S. BJackburn as candj&itp O f thjrt, party to encceed !<?}f W the Umted. States, .senate, Aecidjpg JjaUpt %ult,e4: f ' •' "•", McOreary. 18;^rown T 6. Banker J. P. Morgan, who has been organizing a syndicate to take the latest issue of government bonds, says he will take all or none. Secretary ' Carlisle has issued a circular letter of instructions to persons intending to subscribe for the new loan, It will be sent to all persons applying for blank proposals. A dispatch says the insurgents are burning and destroying up to within eight miles of Havana. The district around thp village of Calabazar has suffered. Calabazar is only two miles from Vento, where the apparatus is located upon which Havana depends for its water supply. In the Calabazar and Hoyo Colorado districts the cane has been burnec} in the fields of Maulin, Garro and Baracoo. A Washington dispatch says: Senor Palma, the Cuban representative, called on Secretary Olney and presented a mass of documents in support of the claims of the Cuban insurgents to recognition. -At,the state department it is said that no information has been receiyed concerning the reported critical condition of affairs at Havana. As the navy department has no ships in Quban waters, no information comes from that source, Tho intelligence from Cubft js of such an alarming character that some surprise is expressed, oven by pfflcials, that no wprd comes to the gpvernment as to the situation Minister De Lome, of Spain, has his patience soro tried at the reports, which he regards as extravagant, and at the cpn?tant inquiries pojning tp him. The jnention of the'report that General Campos has resigned, or that Havana has fajlen, is indignantly resente'4 by.Wnj. 'f^p does npt carp tP QftoraJh N, January li.^-The ha* 'rules adopted by the house contains but one important change. The new 'rule is as follows: "Whenever a quorum •fails to vote on any question and a 'quorum is not present, and objection 'is made for that cause, there shall be a ''call of the house, and the sergeant-at|arms shall forthwith proceed to bring •in absent members, and the yeas and jnays on the pending question shall at ,thc same time be considered as ordered. ; The clerk shall call the roll, and each 'member as he answers to his name 'may vote on the pending question, and after the roll call is completed each •member arrested shall be brought by the scrgeant-at-arms before the house, •whercuponhe shall be noted as present, discharged from arrest and given an opportunity to vote, and his vote shall ;be recorded. If those voting on the .question and those xvho decline to vote shall together make a majority of the 'house, the speaker shall declare that a .quorum is constituted and the pending i question shall be decided as the -'majority of those voting shall appear. : And thereupon further proceedings under the call shall be considered ns dispensed with." ARBITRATION COURT. Out Scheme Adopted toy England to Get of Venezuelan Trouble. LONDON, January 12.—It is scmi : officially stated that no movement of British, iorces toward the disputed Venezuelan boundary is contemplated and no addition has been made to the force already in tho Uruan district. The movement in favor of arbitrating the Venezuelan question with the United States is growing daily. The Westminster Gazette, as the result of an interview with statesmen of all parties, bankers and others, says: "Everywhere is an enthusiastic expression in favor of the proposal to establish a permanent court of arbitration." It seems that there has been a decided change in the sentiment the cabinet and the unbending antagonism to r.i'Mtration has almost entirely disappeared. CUBA WATCHED. If Havana Be Attacked Our Cruisers Are Likely to IJo Sent There. WASHINGTON, January 0.—The campaign in Cuba is being closely observed by the administration, in view of the reiterated reports of insurgent successes in their operations near Havana. In'the event that they actually attack the capital of the island in forco, it is possible that the North ' Atlantic squadron may be ordered fito Havana in order to be in .position to guard American interests during the disturbed conditions that may be expected to accompany a siege. It'is not probable that exception could be taken to tho presence of our vessels in such case by Spain, as it is customary for powers having large interests and many citizens in d city so beset to have some naval force present for their protection n an emergency, as was the case in iio,'for instance. •fftl6,ificatjpgs that tosteroijs insurgent - will pot TO COLLECT BY FORCE. Turkey Owes This Government 8400,000 anil It MuHt bo paid. CHICAGO, January 11.—A special to he Times-Herald from Washington ays: Unless the Turkish porte makes / prompt reparation for the burning of the American mission buildings at Harpoot, the indemnity of §400,000 de- manded'by this government will be collected by force. This statement was made by a high officer of the government. . He accompanied it with the proviso that it is believed the porte will make the demanded reparation when it. perceives that the United States is not to be trifled with. Incidentally efforts will be made to assist persecuted Armenians and the ships of the American fleet will afford'a safe retreat for refugees who may be compelled to flee for their lives, SUITS AGAINST RAILROADS. Attorney General Harmon Goes After the Tronic tine Traffic Combine, ^ NEW YORK, January 10,—The United States district attorney has be" Un actipn against tjiirty.two railroads" in the Joint Traffic Association according to direction's of Attorney General Harmon, for conspiring to violate the interstate commerce law, A t the same tune he gave notice that on January 17 he would move for an injunction restraining the association from operating under its Agreement. THE uuuc =i, of AfkfttiftfiS, bf the finance co™ tee', reported a fre6 feilvel' substitute fw J tous6 bond bill find gave notifce •would call it up ttf-ffloffow. g t resumed consideration , of Sherman's . lution eonceMttg the gold reserve,' Vest took the floor and arraigned supreme court for -its decision oh income tas law, laying the respcmsib for the lack of fevenud at their Elkins, of West Virginia, offered a i tion, and it was referred to finance v mittee. llereafter, by it, any contempli issue of United States bonds Will be a< tised at least twenty days and sold to highest bidders'. ' HOUSE.—Allert, the hew member Utah, Was admitted. Resolutions call Upon attorney ge&eral for information en cerniug enforcement of the anti-trust lav and on the secretary of the treasury fl statistics concerning the seal fisheries 4! the Behfing sea were adppted.- WASHINGTON, January 8.—SENATE—^ w mittee on naval affairs reported favorably 'the bill authorizing the secretary of 4 'navy to increase the number ol enlistid] men. Butler, of North Carolina, two ..amendments to house bond Adjourted. • Housfi—Spalding, of Miclligdn, _ a resolution that the Sandwich Islands erected into a new state to bo,«ailed State Hawaii, with a republican form of gc memt, to be adopted by tbe people in vention through deputies, with the CODE S of the present government end r.n: o :otl the United Statea. Referred to tto co •mittco oa foreign affairs. AdjourcoJ. WASHINGTON, January 0.—BEKATE—A bill taking criminal cases, not capital, out pf the hands of the supremo court, -\vr B referred to tho judiciary comuiitteD. Ea^er of Kansas, offered a resolution stating that extension of territory in'-America by nny. -foreign power would bo regarded as an unfriendly act. . Referred to committee on foreign relations. Stuart advocated the {passage of :tho Elkins bond resolution and predicted the failure of the popular loan. Executive session, 'Adjourned. HOUSE—Resolution was ofTerod by 'Livingston, of Georgia, requiring tho president •to ascertain, whether Groat Britain is advancing her outposts in Venezuela, and -that if it be found that this hag been done since December irth that the president demand the withdrawal of snid troops.js Referred. General pension bill for the' year WKS reported and notice was given that it would bo called up to-morrow. Adjourned. , .WASHINGTON,, January 10.— Morgan, of Alabama, introduced a. resolution congratulating tho republic of Transvaal for its stand for independence. Referred. Jones, of Arkansas, advocated th passage of the free coinage substitute foi the house bond bill, after which the hou adjourned until Monday. ' HOUSE—After a short debate on the'ruL the house adjourned; .. , --^r WASHINGTON', January 11.—House spenL the day in discussing the proposed changes?! in the rules. - * IN THE TRANSVAAL. . LONDON, January 0.—Sir Franl< Lascelles, the British ambassador tc Germany, has been , instructed to demand of: the imperial German- minister of state, Von Bieberstein," an- explanation touching the reports affecting the, attitude of the kaiser in the Transvaal! imbroglio. ^The activity in diplomat! circles has seldom been equaled. LONDON, January 9.—A dispatch Cape Town says it is reported • at Pretoria that the Transvaal government demands the banishment of Cecil Rhodes, ex-premier of Cape Colony, and Dr. Jameson from Africa, and that an enormous fine is demanded from the British Chartered Company. It is said .Emperor William will support a demand of the Transvaal republic for 92,500,000 indemnity from England for the raid. LONDON, January 10.—A Berlin spe- ,cial says: "Russia's co-operation with Germany in the Transvaal matter is assured. France will also act with Russia." JOHANNESBURG, January 11,-Twentyp two members of the reform committee, .including Colonel Rhodes, a brother of! Cecil Rhodes, Sir Drummond Dnnbar, Lionel Phillips an d Dr. Bauer, have been arrested at the club'on the charge of high treason and conveyed under escort to Pretoria ' , LONDON, January '13,-The activity in the admiralty, war office 'and other offices called upon tp take part in th& war preparations is .really remarkable, and London is overrun with officers on the retu-ed list or otherwise, who are- clesu-ous of drawing sword Jn defense, of the empire, The rapidity • in: which *he various naval stations are cominis- war ships, large and small, for pointed to IOWA PATENT OFFICE DES MOINES '* W *~M JO J REPORT.! A PeatU Jn tfcp KeutMrky Glvo» «pnm>lleans » Wn FRANKFORT, Ky., January H. resentative Isaac Wilwn, has 4>«d, This breaks ^ tl } . Tho ropubW votes, democrats ep,, popyMBto two, The latter will ypte wrtk Jbp Tppubiiw,^ fpr tlie pf i* Usite4 States IBW titled ™ T a publication .„ Souve- waocl, (w S w&, m-

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