The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1896
Page 1
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^P*^^ -' - ' ' 5%1^3-f^p^F^^^^s^^ "'••'^'Si!$$ ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JAKtTABY IS, 1896, January We will be opposite the postoffice. ^ then we want ' • • our trade at the ipera House Grocery M. Z. GROVE & SON. ITake Notice, We call your special attention to our .Drive In Ladies' and Children's Underwear. '5. Cents. G. L. Galbraith & Co. BtERS LIVED IN KOSSUTtt. 1?he frew Spettke* of the Iowa ttottse Was a Resident of This County Some Years Ago. Boy Theti, tie Has' Made His Way in the Wotid by Industty ,ahd Pute Grit. E. G. BOWYER, now at tlie hew stand in the Cowles block, has a complete stock of AND FINE JEWELRY. GRADUATED OPTICIAN. jres tested free of charge, Large line of optical goods always on band, Repairing of flne watches a spetiaUv. THE SEVERAL DEPARTMENTS Witt legtn the year 1895.96 j*~L — On September 18. Andrew Hansen, iPLUJ/LBER Plumbing and Repair Work a Specialty, .oofing and tin work done on sftort notice, ces. reasonable, an4 all work warranted, . building, on gtate.street. G, Haggard Tf^ »!t* • [Successors to ^ones & §oj}th,i Abstracts, Jolkctipns, IOWA, « No Pay, The State University For particular information as to the respect- ,ve departments address as follows: • Collegiate—Charles A, Schaefler, president, towa City. Law—EmUn McClaln, chancellor, Iowa City. Medical—J, W. Harriman, M. D., secretary of faculty, Iowa City. Homoeopathic Medical—J. G. Gllohrist, M. D., registrar of faculty, Iowa City. Dental—A. O. Hunt, P, D. 3., dean of faculty, Iowa City. Pharmaceutical—E. b, Boerner, Ph. G., dean of faculty, Iowa City. Expenses in all departments are reasonable. ost of board in private families, $3" to $5 per week; in clubs, »2 to $9.50 per week. For catalogues or for general information iddress CHARLES A, SCHAEFFER, WATER OR NO PAY, Artesian well contractor. I have the only cable steam drjUlng njaphine owaed Ju the The residence of S. W. Syers, the coming speaker of the Iowa legislature, in Kossuth county two years gives & local ititerest to his rather noteworthy career. He came to the county with Ji B. Daggett, a well known man here some years ago, father of Mrs. Fratik Heal of Wesley. The Capital has a very full biographical notice of him. In addition to its local interest it is valuable as a suggestion to young men who think they have no chance in life: Howard Webster Byers, who will be speaker of the house of the T wen tysixth general assembly, is a young man who has made his own way in the world and done it well.. He was born in a log cabin in the woods of Richland county, Wisconsin, near a little place called Woodstock, in 1856. His parents moved to Highland, Wls., a mining town, where he remained during the war. The family next lived in Muscoda, .Wis., till they removed to Iowa in 1874 and settled in Hancock county, where young Byers worked on a farm two seasons, near the present town of Wesley. On election day, 1876, he and two other young men started with a mule team for the Black Hills. They got as far as Port Dodge, when they were overtaken by winter and turned south to Nehraska City, where they traded the mules for board. During his travels young Byers had managed to learn several languages, and this knowledge got him a job at this stage of his career. His ability to speak German and Danish secured him a place as clerk In a store in Nebraska City, where he stayed two,years and then went to Shelby, in Shelby county, Iowa. He worked for a stonemason the first fall and taught school the first winter. Following this he clerked several years in the general store of French & True, in Harlan, Mrs; French is a sister of Lafe Young, editor of the Des Moines Daily Capital, and now lives here; her husband died several years ago and the little boy who is now here as a candidate for page in the house Was the baby born while Mr. Byers was a clerk in his father's store. In 1886 Mr. Byers went into the law office of Macy & Gammon, in Harlan,-and in 1888 was admitted to the bar by the supreme court of Iowa. Mr. Macy was elected district judge and Mr. Gammon removed to Des Moines, so Mr. Byers at once succeeded to the business of the firm, afterward forming a partnership with Edmund Lockwood, who is now his partner. Mr. Byers has been remarkably successful in his practice. He has tried more law suits in Shelby county than any other man in the county, and has never lost a case of his own bringing and but one civil case which he defended. He has had a large practice in the supreme court and has been uniformly successful. He was married in May, 1881, to Miss Mary Winnegar, in Harlan, They have five children, four boys and one girl. Mr. Byers has been active in county, district and state politics ever since his residence in Shelby county,' He has been three times nominated by acclamation for representative from Shelby county, being defeated in 1891 and elected in 1893 and 1895, He was the first republican representative from Shelby county in 12 years, sinee Platt Wicks in 1882. The county has been steadily democratic since the days of prohibition, until last fall; He is a member of the Masonic order, Knights of Pythias, Odd Fellows and Woodmen. Hotter Use Porous Plasters, A bottle of liniment burst at D, Kel- luro's in West Bend last Saturday, The Advance says it ran down the stovepipe and caused a flame to burst forth that came nearly proving disastrous, As it was the casings upstairs were burned, a valuable leather medicine case was ruined, a o'arpet down' stairs had a large bole burned in it, and other damage wap done, in. all amounting to more than ISO, Only the most prompt and energetic measures by Mr, Kelfum and bis son saved the house from burning", S. Ellsworth have a plan to extend the Atden railway, there has been so much talk about, to reach Eagle Lake tbwft» ship ta RosBUth county, Larrabee has big holdings there and Ellsworth owfis west'of hito Ifl Emmet county. > Theron Palmeter of Clear Lake sends the Register a statement of liquor sales itt the drug stores of Cef r0 Gordd cottn* ty. The prohibitory law has been enforced the same as in tCossuth. In 1892 there were sold 63'gatlotls of beer nnd 2,622 gallons of other liquors. In 1895 there were sold 3,39? gallons of beer and 6,121 gallons of other liquors. That Is fin increase of 345 per cent, from 1892 to 1895, for " medicinal" purposes. Why 'the JfeW Year Is llockRtxplds Review: The Algotm UPPER DES MOINES is the very best country newspaper we ever set eyes on. Whenever we pick up THE UPPER DBS MOINES it is a question as to about half of it what part we can keep from quoting. The paper is in truth a very model Tn its Held. A Matter of Opinion. A gentleman was greatly surprised and pleased the other day at the reply a lady gave to the question: "Do you plant Vick's seodsV" Her answer WHS: '"I always plant Vtck's seeds in the front yard, but we get cheap seeds for the back yard, which I know is a mistake." It pays to plant good seeds, nnd we advise our friends who are thinking of doing anything in this line to send 10 cents for Vick's Floral Guide for 1896. This amount may be deducted from the first order. James Vick's Sons, Rochester, N. Y., are the pioneers in this line. . Home Seekers' Excursions. Special home seekers' exjurslon tickets will be sold by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, Jan. 14 and 28, Feb. 11 and March 10. One lowest first class regular fare for the .round trip, plus $2.-42tS A GREAT BLOWHOLE. The There is Always A Best In everything— why not in Groceries ? Try our Teas and Coffees, and you will say the same, None surpass and few equal our Diamond M ° cna May Bud Tea. Wish you a happy New Year. Langdon & Hudson. TELEPHONE NO. IS. A Steel Range ploy o Pailey, onl pjcpert "cJrJlJeW- J<Wft, Address A, F m, I*. A, mmn, Drugs and Medicines, Grand Jwry, Judge Quapton dismissed the jury at Jr'poahpntas last week. Two men wepe drawn from P»e township and that doesn't gp, He alsp dismissed all the indictments. The RecpriJ says; Judge Qvjarton reports that he has been bplding court ftlmoet continually, dwr* log the past two months, but he still ,r Book Formation on the Australian/Coast. Ona of the most pleasant oa well as famotw* tourist resorts in New South Wales is situated on the coast some 70 miles south of Sydney. The center of this district is Kiama, a picturesque and thriving town surrounded 'Jfty rich agricultural country, and which has been built upon an old igneous flow of basalt. that has solidified and crystallized into huge columns of what is popularly called ''bluestone." This formation is seen to perfection on the west coast of Scotland and north of Ireland at St. Fingal's cave and other places, and those who are acquainted with the rugged appearance of the coast in these places can form a good idea of the appearance of the New South Wales coast at this point. Kiama, unlike other tourist resorts, can be thoroughly enjoyed in either fair or stormy weather, and those who visit the town when a good gale is blowing have an opportunity of witnessing a sight the like of which does not exist elsewhere on our globe. The famous "Blowhole" here situated, in the middle of a rooky headland running out into the sea, forms a truly won- droussight. With each successive breaker the ocean spray is sent shooting up into the air sometimes as high as from 800 to 400 feet, descending in a drenching shower and accompanied by a rumbling noise as of distant thunder, which can be heard for many miles,around. This "Blowhole" is a singular natural phenomenon, and consists of a per- .pendioular hole, nearly circular, with a diameter of about ten yards across, and has the appearance of being the crater of an extinct volcano. This is connected with the ocean by a cave about 100 yards in length, the seaward opening of which is in all respects similar to St. Fingal's cave on the west coast of Scotland) the same perpendicular basaltic columns forming the side walls of each. Into this cave towering waves rush during stormy weather, and as the cave extends some distance farther intp the rook than the "Blowhole," on the entrance of each wave this cavity becomes full of Compressed air, which, when the tension becomes top great, blows the water with stupendous force up to the perpendiou? lar opening. —-Photpgraphio Journal, Sentenced to Siberia. A nobleman once entered into a conspiracy against the Russian emperor and was sentenced to Siberia. Bis eyes were bandaged, and he was put into; a garb carriage, and for seven days and nights, they traveled on and pn ( onlj stopping to take fpod. At Jastbe felt nwt have reached Siberia, and to the' utmost anguish he perceived that the carriage had-stopped, and the bandage was taken off hie eyes, andmbg was in his own home i Re had, been driven round ftftd rawd St, Petersburg the whole time, but; |he fright 9ure4biw> 'jtawnal is an improved cooking apparatus made to lessen and. simplify the work of the kitchen. The oven being'made of steel plate it heats quickly and is practically inde-' structible, The outside casing being made of steel arid ' lined with asbestos paper, the heat is retained in the- stove and baking is done with less fuel than in, an ordin- , ary cast stove. A Good Steel Range will last.a lifetime. There is as much difference between steel ranges as there is between cast stoves. You can buy a good one or you can pay a trifle less and get a poor one. THERE ARE BUCK'S STEEL RANGES and others. " Buck's" stand for everything that is absolutely first class in stoves and ranges. A Buck's range in your kitchen is like gold dollars in your pocket. You know there is nothing better. Come to our store and.; see with your own eyes. G. M. DOXSEB, HCard-ware. P. L. SLAGKLE, Manufacturer and dealer In Harness, Saddles, Whips, ZEROISES, and ull Harness goods. Also a full line of Trunks, Grips, and Telescopes. Repairing neatly and promptly done, I sell DR, JOSEPH HAAS' REMEDY FOR HOG CHOLERA, Positively the best remedy for cliolera In liogs or chickens. Come and see me, at new stand, adjoining Ohrtstensen'p livery barn. Doxsee & Foster, azid. Office in Geo, 0, Call Building. ANO PROFESSIONAL. •x*^^^rf^^^^%^XX^X-*^X*^*-V^S^«*X^. CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW... Office over First National bank, Algona, la. ^ E. Ht. CLARKE; ATTORNEY AT .LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block, DANSQN & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS, LANJ>. Oftce }n Gardner Cowles' new building. & ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Offlce in, Hoxle-FerKWBpn bl^iok,' GEQ. R, CLQUO, [Successor to W, B, Quarton,} Attorney, and Goitnartlor at Office over Kossutu Qounty State PwnuV onhanfl of d, quors, tor medic; . Tbe Ijpgsit Rri vate tslepbaa§ iu ; iko '

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