The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1896
Page 8
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MUruW* - •• J^K^ /••',',•• • s«j^*v,'; *%{£•"»*» • - ,' • >, . , ' . *, •'- "V4 • ... ;. j., ;, ;^fc-, "4^$? ' <&. •in.prices.that haw $?©r stmek &. ,„ will be'-found at Jamsa Patterson^ to suit jyi;.; IQo o&tg, and 14a com,. PThe- Best Flour |K-<V £&>?. fc : tl'< $»;••• '$*•• ^<(' r «?Iii*'« handled it for t/fro years, and etery person who has used it can testify to the above, Fancy patent, ;95, former price $1.10 First patent, ,85, former price 1.00 Family flour, .65, former price .80 Why will you wear out your stomach eating home flour when you can get the best .thatis made in Minnesota for the same price. Buckwheat flour $3 per hundred. Tomatoes, . 3 cans for 25c, the best Corn, ... 3 cans for 25c, the best No. 1 apples per bbl. .... $2.60 former price $3.75. Two pounds tea for 25c; 2 gal. syrup, 50c a pail; 32 bars oi soap for 90c. Everything I have got in the same proportion, and you don't have to buy $30 worth to get-these prices. I Have Got the Goods and they have got to be sold. Everything is warranted as represented. I thank everybody for their kindness in the past two years, and I am here for the interest of my patrons, and when I get a bargain on goods you get it, and the goods I offer 1 bought so that I can sell on your cheap prices. I am for business, respectfully, Cowles' Block. James Patterson. |31F"P. S. Don't forget that I can supply you with the best oil, if the Standard does only sell one kind at Algona. iFattersoiL FINANCIAL. Kossuth County State Bank UAP1TAL 850.00C .,, Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. ', • Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and /-'^domestic exchange bought and sold. Collec ,--'ttonsmadepromptly,'and, a general banking ' business transacted. Passage tickets to Or •' from the old countries sold at lowest rates, I. H. INGHAM. , President .'CJ. B. JONES, '.;.Vice President ;,': LEWIS H. SMITH.... Cashier f' ' pireotors—Wm, H. irigham, John G. Smith, ; v ' J. B. Jones, T. Ohrisohilles, Lewis H. Smith, J. •' 'W. Wadgworth, Bamet Devine, the First 'National Bank OB 1 .' OAPJTA^..., (50,000 &$,' Special attention given to collections. A. CALL,....,.,,.. President >, '^ClnWTCHlNS Vice President WilRHrJCi FERGVSON ,-,., .tywnler ;. Civbhier l-fpireptors-'P. ». Hutohins, S, A. Ferguson, '-—-"•- porwejler, W. F, Carter, Ambrose A. • r wm, K. Ferguson. ratgB to parties rowUshlng first-class security THE CITY CIRCUIT. School opened Monday. •Rev. Southwell will preach to the young people next Sunday evening. . compnny'8 ball was a big success, the total proceeds being $186.50. John Hagor at Sexton was badly injured last week by falling on a sharp piece of fence wire'concealed in a pile of rubbish.. Thos. Ka'tn has been at New Ulra, Minn,, and he says that ,20 rniles out he found plenty of deer. This is a pointer to our hunters., ., ' Miss Alta Powers takes the place of Miss Gertrude Clarke in the public school. She is said to be a very competent teacher, E, R. Cook is now a resident of Algona and occupies the Miller property, near the fair ground. He moved down from Burt last week, A concert at the Congregational church comes Jan. J6, given by the Mo' Kenzie concert company, It is said to be a good company, The dedication of the Lotts Creek school was held Sunday, the Whittemore band and the Lotts Creek band being present. In spite pf bad weather 9> big attendance is reported, The annual meeting of the Library association comes on Friday evening of this week at 7;80, It is for the election of officers and directors for' the new year, and everybody is invited, $. W, Qopdner was in Res Moines last week to have his eye operated,on by Dr, Shore, He \\w had a, protuberance growing for some time and the doctor cut it oat, The eye is very sore, Aw Puegnet }s. b,&qk from Armstrong, He olosed out the stock P f pining he ik there, or nearly BQ, the'' . a goad tvftfle tf the new towo, but U i •••.. ' - - W? i«il?,ttfisiK6s5» ifeSl* ji^STE ,'S,' < '," .!> .... WHS ttottftr } afid the «-hole tbin^ is so tfiAtdbe eafi alUioSt afford i/ft mn §&BcietlitBf the matteF Wlitt his ' Bfiato'tfitM oofistrudtlofi fot- thfitokeof hftvihgitlisedorl hiM. It uses 6 Btorrtfe battery which. Is charged to run fof 121 ampere liout-s, As W6 get further into the hew, year It becomes ensief to Write it "18&8." The "6" is a much easier figure to tnake lhatt was Ihe Old "&,", aflyWay, wh'f6h Was an ugly affair at best, and tievef itiade twice alike, and we are glad to get fid of it. Walter Stebbitis is again in charge of the big Corliss engine at the Wilson flouring mill. He quit eohie Weeks ago to take charge of the Johns hotel at the Milwaukee depot, but his services were id demand at the mill and he assumes his old position, Every man in Kossuth county is interested in the annual meeting, next Saturday, of the county ngrlculturnl sbcletyi The success of the fair depends upon taking hold of this matter at the annual meeting, and it is hoped there will be a big attendance. A. B. Chambers is about ready to Open his new cigar factory in the old " package" building, on State street. He sflys he will make good grades of 6 and 10 cent'clgars, and hopes to receive a share of the trade. This, paper welcomes till sorts of manufacturing enterprises. , . • Tho illustrations in the last Midland of the bayou districts of the south were from pictures taken, Archie Hutchison says, within a mile of the rice plantation of Ambrose A, Call, where he with his family has been located during the past year or more. He says they furnish a good idea of that section, Dr, Sayers was over in Sioux county, near Ireton, last week, and applied the tuberculin test to a herd of cows belonging to a farmer. He found five diseased animals and they wero killed. The farmer said he was glad to have the test made, notwithstanding the loss of his cows, which were all short-horns. Aug. Kraiise, while driving home Sunday from the Lotts Creek Lutheran school dedication, had a bad runaway. His buggy WHS overturned and his oldest daughter had a wrist dislocated and was picked up insensible. The third daughter ha.d a broken arm. August was bruised some but not seriously hurt. J. W. Tenuanthas put a hot water heating apparatus Into his hotel, with which he. Is successfully heating 19 rooms. It Is made by the Walther Heating company of Aurora, Neb., and is something new in its line. Mr. Tennant thinks it will prove entirely satisfactory. The recent cold snap has given it a good test. Matt. Holtzbauer says someone is in the habit of "swiping" lump chimneys at the court house. He says this thing happens with such frequency that he is becoming alarmed lest the court house may yet be lugged off and he will be out of a job. He hopes there will be a let-up before that happens, as he is in the midst of a hard winter and jobs are scarce. The Odd Fellow encampment installed officers as follows last Friday evening: E. H. Clarke, C. P.: C. T. Chubb, S. W.; Frank Parish, J. W.; Geo. Slrnkins, treasurer: E. Blackford, secretary. The new officers of the subordinate lodge are: Geo. Sirakins, N. G,; C. T. Chubb, V. G.; J. W. Moore, secretary, Cheever Hudson. P. S.; T. H. Conner, treasurer. R. F. Hedrick lost the end of two fingers and mashed his thumb on Monday. He was trying to turn the baggage truck and one end was hit by the engine going by. It ran the truck with a ton of baggage up against the depot and the handle took off the tip end of two fingers and bruised his thumb. The unfortunate part of the affair is that he carries no accident insurance, A New Year dinner which possessed special significance was that at the house of Mr. and Mrs, S. Benjamin, it being the anniversary of their fiftieth wedding day, The aged couple are yet hale and hearty, and they found undoubted pleasure in seeing seated about the festal board not only their children, but their grand-children and one great grand-child, May they live to see many more anniversaries, ' The Opera House Grocery moves Jan, 20 to the store building on State street recently Vacated by S, D. Patterson & Son. Before this happens, however, a new floor will be put in and the building painted inside and out. M, Z, Grove & Son have done a' good grocery business in the opera house block, where they began three years ago, but their expanding business has made more room a positive necessity, The past week has demonstrated that we can have winter weather even with' out snow, Thermometers never agree, but we make history straight in recording 14 degrees below ssero for last Fri* clay ujornjng, which serves all practical purposes, This weans business for the coal dealer, whose facial expression seems to expand to correspond with the lowering temperature, L,ethim smile while he can! we will catch biro out of a job next July, The First National bank got a telegram Monday from the 'New York World asking it if it would take three per cent, governmentbonds. The same telegram was sent to every patibnal ban.fe;}n the United states; Qphi'er Ferguson replied, that ,j*e bank would, be gift* to get such bonds » the Jaw. fio«l4 be changed to allow Circulation for. the lull f»oe of th.e boriSs, The. WprW is working up pu>Uo interest in a lew pate pf intent -TtoUBUftl, mofijing of, $^ Ale'on a ' Depojit ^-{iop ttPWifttl9ft,'fa|' b^fl|| Mb f«atMl thf W U&tt rtrikto* A faftdty inflftfted noHfie wtmftd few ingly p-ainful; to* feWpef dotibi Wort restofe- tbfe sight will wWt ub6fi i business patrons as soon sspoMbl/andisloseiJb the iMt ana* W's business bf the old yew. .LM< » lime has prevented Its being done be- ftife. We shall alse send statetoebtB to all subscribers; who can fiot be seen personally, who area year or inofe in arrears, and we shall e* (reel them to take a business view of the (natter and liquidate. No subscription should be permitted to run fof more than one year. The union Keeling* of the Epworth league, Baptist Union, and CbHstlau endeavor yourtg people was held SUh- day evening at the Methodist church. An excellent program was given, Miss Vatl Epps reading a paper on The Old Year and Its Results, Frank Tell er on The New Year and Its Possibilities. VV. 0. Danson gave an address on Young People's Work, and Mr. Brownell gave a bible reading on young people. Excellent music added to the interest of the occasion. All the papers are very highly spoken of. Arrangements are being made for a calico ball to be given on Jan. 13, by the relief committee and young ladles of Algona. As a matter of fact it is the regular annual charity ball of the relief committee, and the proceeds will bo devoted to the assistance of the needy. It may not rival the great charity ball of Chicago last week, but it will be an enjoyable affair all the same. The court house hall will be used for the dance, refreshments will be served below, and the Sterzbach- Gady orchestra will furnish the music. Evangelist Rice will begin Monday evening a series of four lectures at the courthouse which will treat chiefly of the customs and manners of the Orient. He is provided with costumes, household, field, and camp implements with which he is able to make his lectures truly entertaining. His visit to the Orient was made In the company of a scientific exploration party, and the information thus gnined was. such as could hardly have been secured by any other method. The admission fee is fixed at 25 cents, or $1 for the entire course. Sheriff Samson went to Blue Earth yesterday to testify in the case of Sam. Greene, whom he arrested in November last in Algona, charged with horse stealing. As the story goes Greene borrowed a livery team at Wells, Minn., and through some oversight forgot to return it. He made numerous efforts to dispose of the outfit, and finally left it at a neighboring town. Sheriff Samson had a description of him and found him just getting into a farmer's wagon here to go into the country to work. We shall learn later how well Sam. is able to explain the mistake. The fire company held its annual meeting Monday evening, at which the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Chief, Geo. E. Hamilton; first foreman, Will Hart; second foreman, Geo. Campbell; president, A. F. Dailey; secretary, A. H. Allen; treasurer, E. W. Hackman. The company is now well organized with the following membership: A. F. Dailey, Geo. Campbell, J. C. Anderson, Guy Grove, E. W. Hackman, L. Horan, Chas. Johnson, Frank Wilson, A. H. Allen, E. L. Wilbur, F. E. Foster, Geo. E. Hamilton, H. Williams, Frank Burt. G. R. Nebergall, H. Norton, W. Richardson, W. Hart, Bert Lewis, A; L. Calkins. The new year witnessed a business change by which F. W. Waterhouse takes the half interest of L. F. Hudson in the Algona cigar factory, the new firm being Schu & Waterhouse. Pending a possible change the factory has not been running on full time during the past three weeks, but the former force will soon again be put on, and the factory is certain to do a lively business. Mr. Waterhouse will assume charge of the outside work, the same as he did when he owned the factory before, while Mr. Schu takes care of the home end of the trade and will superintend the work in the factory. The firm of Sohu & Hudson has done a satisfactory business during the past nine months. Mr, Hudson has not determined upon his future course, t Rev. Davidson left last Friday evening to assume his new charge at Delavan, Wis. Mrs. Davidson will go in the course of a few days. We need not assure the Delavan people that they will find in Rev. Davidson a scholarly and forceful minister whose attainments are far above the average, and' whose capacity for good in the church is only limited by his physical strength. He is now so far restored from his long illness as to be able to resume his full ministerial duties, and we expect to hear that the Delavan people are well pleased with their new acquisition, A- reception was given Mr, and Mrs, Davidson last Thursday evening at the spacious borne of Lewis H. Smith, the large attendance at which testified to the esteem in which they are held in this community, A letter from Bert, Edmonds gives the Information that he has sold his business at Des Moines and has gone to Seymour, Ind., where he accepts a sit' nation as general manager for a large firm which win engage in the manu' facture of bicycles, His Jpng experience at Des, Moines will be found invaluable to the firm with which be b« & twbed Wmwlf, ana we eMl bear goga reports of bis ma*, ?& tows how to ma.kea bicycle ^ that se/mj & were in e W ob, of; ground -uo, fia S ma P 90 Pays Rent, Heftt» tight, Tuitiofl, Bdbk Refit, y in d e CoimfeUl departmeflt o dji Ito Koniwl ScHooi,.AlgoM, Idwa for a course of six months, Remember yotrAre not donfined to the Commercial course alone, but have^ the pmiW of selecting studies in any of the courses in the Normal Department, We Educate For Usefulness.. The Commercial Department of the Northern Iowa Normal School gives to young people a thorough up-to- date busine'ss education; Our social, moral, and educa- • tional advantages are superior to nine-tenths of the commercial schools. ; Special Advantages. This is an established institution. It is no experiment. There are six complete and practical courses of study. Normal students may take up work in the commercial department without additional expense. Business students may take normal branches without. extra tuition. All classes are in charge of experienced and competent teachers. The building contains a library of 1,100 volumes, to which all pupils have access, besides the privileges of the reading at the city library. No deposite required for text books. You pay rent only. Special instruction given to those who need it. When to Come. Students may enter at any time, but NOW is the best time. If you have not yet received one of our catalogues, we will be pleased to send you one at your request. We shall be glad to answer any inquiries in regard to the school. Let us hear from you, or betteryet, COME AT ONCE. A. J. LILLY, Principal. NSURANGE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Business,Office over Algona State Bank. Farmers' of'Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford. Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Rocliford of Rockford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. Legal Blanks Real Estate Mortgages, Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Leases, Gash or Share Rent, Real Estate Contracts, Bill of Sale, Chattel Mortgages, Satisfaction of Mortgage, Grass Leases, Notes, A full stock of these are kept constantly on hand and for sale by the dozen, hundred, or in larger quantities, at I The Upper Des Moines STEAM PRINTING HOUSE, ALGONA, Doxsee & Foster, Abstracts of Title, DReal Estate, Loans, and. Insiiran ALGONA, IOWA. Office in Geo, 0. Call Building, P. L. Manufacturer and dealer in Harness, Saddles, Whips, IROiBIES, * Kansas? IK^, *»»"suss « DR. JOSEPH HAAS' REMEDY FOR HOG CHOLERA, SHERIFFS SALE, Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of special execution, to me directed by the clerk Of the district court of Kossuth - county, fowa. SEW** A e °T$ s ' ***&& iwas, tenements £,?•' °™Ai A| Weaver, Florence B. weaver Silas T. Daum, and p, 1 w. Place, TefeBdaW Jn favor of H. fl. Allen, plaintifr, I wTll offer at public sale, to the highest and best bidder, for cash, at the door of \be court house, in the town of Algona, county of Kossutb, tfowa, on the irt day of Febyuary, 1899, between the hours, of 9 o'clock, m, and 4 o'clock rL m v "" situated in Kpssutb county, to-wjt! &e nortft ^^^g^WS^ ff|BSjBSS|S&&^^ IW^W' 8 * ^ ^T 8 ° w^f; ^^w^^t^^^oijftaQMT, STEAM «» GASOLINE PATRIOT CQU8TQFTHE STATE

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